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5. Kriva river Kriva river is the biggest and longest in the region of Kriva Palanka. The spring of Kriva river is located under the summit Carev Vrv.

Kriva river

6. Duracka river Duracka river springs under the summits Kalin Kamen and Bel Kamen and flows into the river Kriva Palanka in the center of the city Kriva Palanka;

Duracka river 7. Kalin Kamen The locality Kalin Kamen can be found at 1.870 meters above the sea level. Several ski stages are identified at this locality, but at the moment there is chairlift or ski lift. Kalin Kamen has an amusement park and a hunters cabin with a total capacity of 300 beds. In its surroundings there are nice places for rest and recreation and a small sports field, and from 2009 each year a revial rally for four wheel drive cars is organized. 47

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation