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introduces new skills and provides trainning and education possibilities. At the same time the production of organic products that would be offered in the frame of the center will allow the creation of products that have a bigger valuse, with which the development of new ways of agricultural production in the rural areas will be provided. Craftsmanship also has its part in increasing the tourist offer through the development of souveneers, hand made products, charactieristic local products, with which existence is provided for this type of production.

Economic development Gross domestic product With the complete realization of the projects the two localities (the first phase of Carev Vrv) the gross dometic product will increase for about 3,2%, while with the completion of all phases of the development of the locality Carev Vrv the GDP increase would be about 4,95%. The increasing of the GDP that will come from the accompanying industries as well as the construction of the necessary infrastructure is not taken into consideration. An investment of over 60 miollion euros, with 850 direct employments created, has a big influence on the economic development of the Eastern region. Tourism has a great potential for sustainable develpoment of small and medium enterprises.

Social dimension The development of a ski destination will have a positive influence on the social development of the region. Generally the influence can be divided into two categories: increasing life standard and increasing social cohesion and stability. Investments in one municipality that is exceptianlly dependent on only one industrial capacity, as well as investments in economically undeveloped region, would bring new employemts and with that new income in a certain area, positively influence the change of the various social and cohesional trends in the local or regional community (lower rate of unemployment, increasing of the gross domestic product, increasing of the income of families and others). Certain rural populated places and also areas in the Eastern mountain region are 271

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation