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demographic structure of the populaltion. In a great number of cases, the development of tourism would be an initial factor for increasing the number of the population, influx of young people and young families. In the developed tourist regions, tourism is not only a positive influence on the migrations, but is also a cause for seasonal migration of the work force from other regions. The creatioin itself of new jobs in great measure influences the decreasement of the proces of immigration, as in the rural places so from the urban centers in the region. The number of directly newly created work places that is estimated on 950 means a secured existence for the same number of families. The structure of employees at the existing ski centers shows that the biggest number of employees are local population, or they live in the close by popullated places except those employees for which specific skills and knowledge is required. Beseides direct employemt, indirect employment also

influences on the

decreasement of the negative demographic appearances. The development of a ski center with all its content will have a big influence on agriculture in the Eastern region, especially having in mind that the Eastern region is mostly an agricultural region. With the construction of the planned projects and the functioning of all accommodation and service industry capacities a safe market for the locally made agricultural products will be ensured. The influence of tourist on the structure of the population is different. Tourism is not a factor that radicalizes the societal constitutions and cannot significantly influence the biological structure of the population, but generally tourism increases employment of women, with which it influences the bilogocal structure of the population.

Rural development The development of alternative types of tourism and especially the development of the mountain torusim contributes intesivation of rural development, through the creation of businesses and new jobs. Agriculture, or production of food products that are necessary for functioning of the accommodation and service indutry capacities encourages rural development through keeping the exitsting jobs in agriculture, enables possibilities for learning and transfer of knowledge, 270

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation