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snowboarding and sledging, infrastructure for attractivities on snow and attractivities in the summer, various accommodation capacities, object for service establishments on the stages themselves, panoramas, competitions, sport, free climbing, winter walks, mountain biking and so on.

Experiencing the untouched nature Conserved biodiversity, thematic treks, bird watching, photo safari, horseback riding, nature orientation, nature schools and so on.

Experiencing tranquility, peace and relaxation Appropriate accommodation capacities, spa and wellness center, providing peacefull and quiet atmosphere and so on.

The analysis of the experiences of similar mountain destinations is necessary from the aspect of creative tranferal of positive experiences on these destinations as well as defining the position of the locality Carev Vrv as a tourist destination in relation to the existing practice. From the aspect of the development model of mountain tourist destinations in Europe and AmericaCanada, it should be noted that the European model is characterized by development of a destination in accordance with the historical culture of using the range of the Alps in touristic purposes, while the American-canadian model is characterized with the so-called industry-tourist usage of the mountain space. Still, part of the mountain destinations in Europe and especially in France are developed on the basis of the culture of industrial usage of the mountain space. All tourist products on the global tourist market have their own value, which is substituted for money by the client. Each product has its own place in the market and its own development trend. Today almost all products that are offered by the mountain destinations in Macedonia are narrowed down to only a modest offer for classic vacations with a very small scope of recreational contents. Differently from Macedonia, in the neighborhood in the developed mountain destination this type of classic offer evolved into a product with more contents







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Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation