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Vision A wanted but a vision that can be realized of one tourist destination is the show of the picture that we want to see in the future, but one we can achieve. It is necessary for the vision to be real, or to have basis on which it can be realized. Also it is necessary for the vision to be accepted by all stakeholders but also from the population and wider public on a local and on a regional level, as well as to be acceptable for the national and local government and possible investors. On the basis on the total analyses of the different elements that are key for the development of one ski destination, a vision for the development of the locality Carev Vrv as a winter tourist destination is defined. The vision represents an objectivized picture of the development of this destination in the future, which is rational and a systemic basis for undertaking the next steps and activities for the realization of this project. The following vision for 2025 is defined:

With the realization of the vision for development of the ski destination Carev Vrv, the sustainable development of Makedonska Kamenica will be achieved and the whole region and the quality of life of the local population will improve. The success will be achieved in accordance with the principles of sustainable development, taking into consideration the ecological standards, with which Carev Vrv will become the leasing example of a mountain destination.


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation