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Tourist trends The change of tourist trends which is characteristic of the tourist market in the last years, as well as the trend of development of innovative tourist resources, above all because of the growing global demand for destinations that are characterized with protected nature and protected environment is a chance for sustainable development of an innovative ski center. Besides the considerable market differentiation and the growth of investments in the development of tourist centers on locations that until yesterday were unknown, are proof that the demand of this type of tourist destinations grows. If towards this we also include the continual growth of the existing mountain centers, as well as the tourist-hotel operations that are more oriented towards creating a big number of synergies of the development of new offers, it can be concluded that this type of tourism will will take a much bigger part of the tourist market.

Support for the development of tourism The development of a ski center, or the realization of the idea for development of the ski center Carev Vrv is possible only through qualitative and real planning of the tourist development of this destination, on a way that will increase the competition of tourism in the eastern mountain region and will crash the inherited stereotypes for the quality, capabilities and competition of tourism in this region. The realization of a vision that from a modern aspect is quite brave is impossible without big changes in the immediate local surrounding. The needed changes cannot happen without an appropriate support from the authorities and other developers. Of course, support from the aspect of development of a surrounding infrastructure is necessary, which is necessary for development of the project. This project must rely on public financing of the external infrastructure and above all construction of the appropriate road infrastructure, as well as the construction of the basic infrastructure (water supply, canalization, hard waste, electric current and others).


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation