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from village Tripatanci to under village Ziganci, the surrounding rice fields and low parts of the mountain Osogovo. The locality is significant for its fauna of birds (the only mixed colony of nightly, gray and little white heron) and the king eagles. It comprises a large part of the ZOL Dolina of the river Zletovica. The Ovce Pole area comprises the most significant halomorphic (salty) soils in Macedonia on which the specific halophyte vegetation is developed and has a big botanical value. This is under pressure because of its conversion into arable land. Kukuljeto can be found southwestern from the village Nov Istevnik (in the Delcevo region), and it has a botanical and geomorphologic value. Most significant is the presence of erosive forms – geomorphologic forms - land pyramids, located on two erosive slopes in a black pine forest. Part of the locality is ordered for tourism visits. The denudative relief forms - earth pyramids are build in pliocene sediments, on mostly pliocene sands. Their basic

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immediately protect the sediment underneath them from intensive erosion. The region of Dolna Bregalnica is submitted for a monument of nature and has a big importance for protection of biodiversity, geomorphologic and paleontological value. The region has an exceptional geomorphologic significance because of the presence of the fossil trough and the meanders of Bregalnica. The fauna of birds and lizards has an exceptional value. Besides that, interestting types of plants and amphibians can also be found here. This area is especially significant for protection of birds. It has been identified as en Emerald Region (the Gorge of Bregalnica). This region equals with other important regions, such as: Ovce Pole, important ornithological region (Topolka-Babuba-Bregalnica) and the important vegetation region Krivolak (Orlovo Hill - Salty Valley - Serta). The Malesevski Mountains are a significant area for specie management, on which territory many different significant areas with big natural dendrological, geomorphologic or plant values can be found, such as: Berovo Lake, Temniot Andak, Murite, Judovi Livadi, Macevo, Crnik.


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation