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Inventorization of the locality Carev Vrv

The field characteristics of the locality Carev Vrv are analyzed on the basis on the previously defined criteria appropriate for the basic elements what are analiyzed during the defining of the development of one ski center. The following characteristics of the locality are analyzed: topography, field inclination, field orientation (slope aspects) and climate. From the aspect of topography, the minimal height which is adopted as good for locating the ski stages is defined on 1300 meters, in accordance with the recommendation of the World Skiing Federation and in accordance with the prognosis for influence of the climate changes of the climate in the region. The criteria for inclination of the field are the following: Field

Field appropriateness

Avalanche risk

inclination 0-8%

field which is ideal for locating the accommodation and service capacities, as

well as




contents (skating rink, playgrounds and others), as well as a field appropriate for locating a ski settlement and the accompanying infrastructure 8 - 25%

ideal for beginning skiers and snowboarders but also for


locating a certain infrastructure 25 - 45%







inappropriate for construction of infrastructure 45 - 70%

ideal for advanced and expert skiers/snowboarders


Too narrow for any kind of activity, but apropriate for

No/very little in extreme cases Middle risk High risk

freestyle extreme skiing or snowboarding

: Criteria for orientation of the field: 141

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation