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4. Bulgaria Bulgaria has almost the same number of citizens as Serbia but has a slightly higher GDP per citizens. The purchasing power of the population is increasing, even thought that is relatively small. Bulgaria is a known international tourist destination with over 6 million international visitors. The demand is lead by the offer which comes from three main renowned ski centers (Bansko, Borovec, Pamporovo) and more than 10 smaller ski centers. The offer is oriented towards regional but also towards UE markets, especially towards Great Britain, the Netherlands and others. More of the bigger ski centers are developed through the model of proliferation of real estate, which managed to raise its limit and today is in dead end (especially Bansko). The market in Bulgaria is with a great potential and if we take into consideration the big number of Bulgarian tourists in the summer centers of Macedonia in the future we cound count on some participation of the Bulgarian market which would owe on the already established position of Macedonia in the Bulgarian market.



GDP per citizen (â‚Ź)

% of skiing days/ population

Market participat ion

Skiing days

Average expenditure in â‚Ź per ski days

Income potential of the project in â‚Ź









5. Greece Greece is one of the countries that is ranked in the first 20 countries for tourismin the world in relation to the number of tourist visits. Although in the last years it is in a heavy financial crisis, still the purchasing power of the population is quite bigger in comparison to the other countries in the region. There are 18 ski centers in Greece of which more of them surpass the regional standards of quality. Although this market has a big potential it still needs to look and the limiting factors which are the weak traffic connectivity to Makedonska Kamenica, as well as the economic instability in Greece. Part of the potentials for this market can be used but for that providing an appropriate tourist offer per price and quality is needed; a product with a good international quality and good value of the offered money needs to be provided.


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation