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primarily from the Bulgarian centers has greately lessened the number of visitors. Regional competition can be narrowed down on two leading ski resorts (Bansko and Kopaonik) and one somewhat developed (Borovec). The other ski resorts are relatively small and are in the phase of development. The intensive investments in Bansko and Kopaonik brought the expected results. These resorts are also being offered to the Western European markets and for a part of them Bansko and Borovec did well in relation to the demand for this type of toruism. As a result of the inherited “mediterranean� relations towards traveling, regional demand for summer mountain tourism is relatively weak, which causes problems for the usage of the capacities of the hotels. For a bigger number of the regional centers, the real estate offer is characterized with an uncontrolled development which is not in accordance with the basic urbanization of the physical plan*. The Bulgarian vacation resorts are pioneers in the region in implementing the models of real estate management (sales and return, timeshare, condotel, etc.), mainly aimed for the western markets and with low prices, thanks to the urban destruction caused by uncontrolled development. The regional markets are slow in accepting the models of real estate management, but it is expected for this situation to change in the following 5 to 10 years having in mind the foreseen end of the economic crisis and the existence of serious plans for development in the region (Stara Planina, Kopaonik, Jahorina, Brezovica, etc.), who already have implemented or are expected to implement such models.

Market potential The market segment on which a new ski center can be focused is usually oriented towards regional markets, and only a small segment can be guided towards international markets. In Table no. 53 data is given for the ski market in individual countries on who the tourist offer for the ski center Carev Vrv should be guided. The data that are presented are undertaken from the 2013 International Report on Snow &


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation