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The Olympic center Jahorina has more than 20 kilometers of apline skiing stages and snowboarding stages located on 1200 to 1800 meters above the sea level. In the close vicinity of the center (4 km) is the center for nordic skiing Dvoriste in which there are orderly stages for nordic skiing and an appropriate infrastructure for holding competitions and a shooting range for biathlon.

Conclusions On the local level, or on the level of the Republic of Macedonia a significant winter resort does not exist. The existing ski centers are relatively small and offer a limited number of services. During the summer months the ski centers are seldomly visited and during the winter months there is a relatively good visitation only in the duration of the winter break for the students and during the weekends in February and the first half of March. Because of not having artificial snow systems or because of not using the existing ones all centers depend on the snowfall. The structure of the stages at all centers is not good is the stages are usually for beginners with the expection of a few. There is no appropriate management of the centers. The local centers are primarily oriented towards the local market and are oriented towards one day or weekend visitors. Still, the big competition,


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Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation