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Natural resources For the Eastern mountain region it can be said that there is an abundance of various natural resources that can have an important role in the stimulation of development. Relatively big surface areas of agricultural land, forests and mineral riches represent a good basis for further development of the region. In table no. 3 data for the available natural resources of the region is given. Table no. 3 Natural resources of the Eastern mountain region Agriculture surface (in hectarees)

Total arable area (in ha)

Forest area (in he)

timber/total timber (mil. m3)

More relevant water resources Bregalnica river, Orizarska river, Berovsko lake,





Accumulatio ns Kalimanci, Knezevo and Gradce,

More relevant mineral resources

Led-zinc mines, asbestos, kaolin clay, opal brecha lignite

Warm thermic waters – Istibanja and Kezovica Source: “Regions in the Republic of Macedonia 2013”, State Statistical Office, Forestry 2012 and Physical plan of the Republic of Macedonia

In the Eastern mountain region several more significant water resources can be located, and the hydrograph is comprised by the river network, artificial accumulations and natural sources, among which are the mineral and thermal waters. The river Bregalnica can be singled out as the most significant water resource in the region. On this river the accumulation “Kalimanci” is located which has a capacity of 120 million m3 of water, which is 48% of the total average annual flow of the river Bregalnica. In the basin of the river Bregalnica other smaller accumulations are located: Berovo







accumulation in village Pisica and other smaller ones. Of particular significance is the accumulation Zletovica – dam Knezevo with total capacity of 23.500.000 m3 water which is used in Vinica (Istibanja) and Stip (Kezovica). In the flat alluvial part of the region there are underground waters which the population uses for individual purposes. 11

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Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation