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mountaineering, bycicling and mountain bike, hunting and fishing, tennis, basketball, handball, a football field, and lake kayaking. Because of not having adequate coverage of artificial snow system the ski center Zare Lazarevski is totally dependent on the weather. The results from operating are quite different from year to year and that depends on the amount of snowfall. Because of the big competition by the Bulgarian ski centers, as well as the ski center Kopaonik, the number of visitors decreases in the duration of the last few years. The non-board serveices are limited. The ski center is primarily focused on the local tourist market, with a number of visitors comming from Albania, Kosovo and Serbia. The center is rarely offered on the markets in the other countries. There is no centralized management in Mavrovo as a tourist destination. Total number of beds in relation to the total Indicators

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2. Popova Sapka Popova Sapka is one of the oldest and largest ski centers in Macedonia, dating from as far as 1947. The ski center Popova Sapka can be located 18 km from Tetovo, 53 km from Skopje and 65 km from the international airport “Alexander the Great�. Popova Sapka is a tourist destination that can be located on Sar mountain. In its surrounding there are certain natural values and resources like the 27 glacial lakes of which 19 are continual like White lake, Black lake, Bogovina lake and others. The winter mountain center Popova Sapka is one of the two most significant mountain centers in Macedonia. Popova Sapka as a ski center had the best results in former Yugoslavia. In that period it was one of the more popular winter centers.


Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation  

Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation