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Table no. 2 Basic characteristics of the Eastern mountain region Number of population - 2006

Density of population person/km2

Number of municipal ities

Municipal ities with headquar ters in a village

Number of settlem ents


Surface area in km2

2002 Participation (in %) of urban in total population

Republic of Macedonia

25 713

2 040 228








180 938






Relief The relief structure in the Eastern mountain region is quite dynamic and in it the flat parts are represented like part of Ovce Pole, Ezovo Pole, the ravines beside the river Bregalnica, the ravine Pijanec, Malesevska ravine, Ninicko-Kocanska ravine, Berovsko-Pehcevsto field, then slope parts comprised by torrential alluviums, cones, covered with diluvial, corrugated soils which comprise large surface areas and are dominant in the agricultural production, as well as the mountain parts like the mountains Osogovo, Plackovica, Certa, Konecka, Malesevski Mountains, Ograzden, Vlaina Mountains, Obozna and Golak.

Climate The climate region of the Eastern mountain region is arid; the area in the larger part is arid-dry. For this type of climate characteristic are the long and dry summers with the frequent appearance of high temperatures that can achieve +410C and soft and wet winters with rare appearance of extremely low temperatures, which can descend to –220C. This is a consequence of the conflict of influences of the mediterranean and continental climates. The average annual precipitation is about 506mm in the area of Kocansko Pole, and up to 672 mm in Malesevo. The precipitation is unevenly spread out in duration and amount. The maximum precipitation is in the months of April and May, whereas the minumum is in the summer months of July and August. The average daily mean in the flat part is 12.90C, whereas in the Malesevija it is 8.70C. The snow appears from December until March. Fog rarely appears in this region, except in the part of Malesevo, where on average there are 3 to 5 foggy days annually. The climate conditions in this region are favorable for the development of agriculture, particularly for production of rice.


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Fizibility studija carev vrv english translation