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EQ WE’LL SEE. As a kid, this was the evasive answer I always got from my parents when the real answer was “no.” To wit: “Mom, can we order pizza tonight?” “We’ll see.”

I share this bit of nostalgia to bring up the importance of vision, something many of us take for granted and something that plays a central part in this edition’s featured projects. Coincidentally, they both involve 3D printing, a technology of myriad applications, making the decision of what to feature harder — especially when there are so many amazing projects using a vast array of technology out there in EAST. We’ll cover more of them, too, in time. At Don Roberts Elementary School in Little Rock students are reaching out to the Arkansas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ASB), offering a 3D-printed yearbook and giving each student their own 3D-printed portrait to take home. As one of the project’s young participants poignantly points out, most of us take for granted that we see ourselves in the bathroom mirror each morning. Through these printed digital scans, ASB students can have that daily experience of “seeing” themselves through touch. They can also “see” their classmates in the same way. At Don Tyson School of Innovation in Springdale a student has offered vision of another kind. His project is to create a 3D-printed device that will convey a camera down into the city storm drains to study the debris and contaminants collected there, which ultimately flow out and pollute local lakes where people swim and fish. His project puts eyes where they simply cannot go, because there’s really no substitute for visualizing such a problem. These are projects of profound vision, expressions of empathy and innovation that demonstrate what can happen when young people are given highly technical tools and challenged to make the world they see around them a better place to be. They — and other students in EAST — are doing just that every single day. It’s enough to make one wonder if there’s any limit to this kind of creativity. To echo my parents’ assessment, we’ll see.


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Winter 2017 EQ  

The quarterly magazine of the EAST Initiative.

Winter 2017 EQ  

The quarterly magazine of the EAST Initiative.