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Project will provide visually impaired students with 3D-printed yearbook By Spencer Watson

said Ruby. “You’re filling in this space, like coloring in a coloring book, and it’s really fun. If you’re going too fast, it says slow down, or if the person is moving, you can go back to where you were without starting over.” Patience, however, is key. The whole group said sitting completely still for the scanning process was a difficulty they didn’t expect. The plan, though, will be to scan each of the four seniors in this year’s graduating class at ASB. The Roberts group will 3D print two copies of each student. One copy will go into a display at the school with each student’s name printed in braille; the other will go to the student, their own senior portrait. Together, the Roberts students said they hope the project will bring ASB students closer together.

“We decided to make a 3D print of them so they can feel each other easier and know their best friends even better,” said Anish. Now that they’ve got the process down, the timeline for the project, naturally, is getting all the scanning and printing done before the end of this school year. The ASB class is only four students, but scanning and printing take time. It’s stressful, said the students, but it will be worth it. “I think the seniors are going to be so happy,” said Ruby. “And for me, I’m going to feel super relieved. You know that feeling you get when you’re done with everything, like, when you’ve finished your homework or something? I bet I’ll have that feeling. “But I’ll be happy to see their faces.” n WINTER 2017 | EAST QUARTERLY


Winter 2017 EQ  

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