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Alicia Humbard

Lani Jennings-Hall

Program Coordinator

Marketing & Events Coordinator

“I would LOVE to be a part of Tech Support Group (TSG). (I’m really dreaming here since I’m pretty sure that I wouldn’t be much help with help tickets.) To be immersed in all the cool tech stuff — how fun! Maybe I’d pick up a few things. ”

“I wouldn’t mind being able to shop and spend money for a day in purchasing! You never know what you will be looking for: anything from a chair for the front office, to yummy snacks, to the coolest new technology!”

Cody Jones

Jerry Prince

Staff Accountant

Senior Director of Program Services

“I would like to try being the founder of EAST. It would be fun to be the most popular person at Conference, and being retired would be a nice bonus.”

“Air Traffic Control: The View from Above. If I had access to data, resources — oh, and a crystal ball — I would love to have the capacity to look ahead and plot the next small steps for EASTkind followed by the larger steps and even larger steps.”

Melanie Ridlon

Spencer Watson

Senior Director of Operations

Communications Manager

“A dream job for me would be the EAST photographer! I have a strong love for good photography, and a perk would be to capture EAST at special events! Plus, I would have more opportunities to strengthen my presentation skills while sharing photography concepts with students through technical training and EAST facilitators at events.”

“I think it would be fun (and challenging) to be a sort of stafflevel meta-facilitator, finding and recruiting students with highly specialized skills from different schools and districts and forming teams to tackle major projects that require the resources of the entire EAST Initiative. The JustEAST League! Anyone?”







Spring 2017 EQ  

The quarterly magazine of the EAST Initiative.

Spring 2017 EQ  

The quarterly magazine of the EAST Initiative.