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Adam Crider Programmer

Marisa Damm

Lead Technical Support

“I would like to be a dev-ops engineer. They handle all the network operations and are a bridge between programmers and infrastructure.”

“One day EAST will be nationwide and will need a network of trainers. I’d take a post in our Florida offices, training on the beaches and soaking up the sun.”

Aaron David

Diana Denning

Technical Support Group Member


“I would like to develop a partnership with SpaceX and coordinate delivery of installs at new schools via space. Doug agrees this is needed for EAST. ”

“I would love to serve as an EAST facilitator in one of our schools for a day. To see these young minds discover and learn would be incredibly fulfilling and a wonderful reminder of our purpose here at EAST. ”

Jessica Dunham

Doug Gusewelle

Events Manager

Technical Resource Specialist

“It would be fun to be a Tech Support Group (TSG) member, but only if I could also have their wit and tech-savviness, of course. They get to play with the coolest toys, and to all the students they are the rock stars of EAST!”

“I would thoroughly enjoy a full-time, mobile tech support position. The ability to go to a location, troubleshoot and solve a problem would be amazing. It can be difficult to troubleshoot an issue over the phone with no visual clues. Being onsite in front of computers makes providing support much simpler.”

Rinda Hall

Phaedra Hawkins

Program Coordinator

Student Training Coordinator

“I sincerely hope we grow to the point this dream becomes a reality: I’d love to be part of the team establishing EAST Initiative offices in other states! Education is different here and can be nationwide!”

“I would temporarily try the internet services/web design position. Our web team does an amazing job creating websites, enhancing existing websites/pages and designing new programs. I would like to job shadow them to see the awesome work they do.”

Eric Holt

James Hopper

Internet Services Manager “I’d like to be the automation guy, looking for ways to make everyone else’s job easier by using computers to do the boring stuff. This would also, coincidentally, make me Lord of the Machines (official title).”



Development Coordinator “President of EAST Consulting: Did you know that nonprofit organizations can “own” businesses? Profits can provide funding for the nonprofit’s programs. The possibilities for this type of business are limitless. We could start a restaurant, app development company, etc. Regardless, the end results are the same: more money, more EAST.”

Spring 2017 EQ  

The quarterly magazine of the EAST Initiative.

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