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We asked the staff “What other job would you like to do at EAST, either temporarily or permanently, real or imagined?”

Matt Dozier

President / Chief Executive Officer

Mary Forst

Chief Financial Officer

“My dream is to help EAST grow to the point where I can spend my golden years managing the EAST Foundation and give away some of the funds that we spend so much time raising right now. I think it would be nice to be philanthropic.”

“I really like to doodle, so I think the designer job would be my pick. Sadly, I am not trained for the position, and I definitely lack the creativity to be effective. But the idea of getting to do something with my doodles is exciting.”

Tami Baker

Amy Bell

Program Coordinator

Program Coordinator

“I would like to be a career coach for our programs that don’t have a career program at their school.”

“I love to work with the Adobe products and graphic design. I would not describe myself as creative, but I have found an outlet with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. I love learning the programs and creating design. In my imagined job, I would have loads of time and opportunity to learn and develop those skills.”

Sam Byrd

Lori Canada

Technical Support Group Member

Program Coordinator

“I would like to be the music editor. Every week, we would bring in a different staff member to sing a song that is tailor-made to them. Doug could sing a hip-hop, Matt could sing Broadway, Marisa could sing country, and Spencer could sing k-pop. I think we’ll have a hit by the end of the year (and music to use in communications projects).”

“I would love to be the resident labeler and office decorator. I like to make things pretty and organized. A label maker for Valentine’s Day was the best gift ever! I’d also love a place to cut vinyl and make things “pretty.” Need a “To Do” section for your whiteboard? Just call on me to make that happen for ya.”

Reuben Canada

Toni Cook

Director of Information Technology “I’d like to take a trial run at an accounting role. I like math, rules and structure. Accounting seems to fit well into that.”

Purchasing Coordinator “I think I would create a new position, a researcher. This position would research and publish data on the EAST model and other topics that would be beneficial to our organization. Research is stimulating, challenging and thought-provoking. I think it would be incredibly enjoyable to work as a researcher for EAST.”



Spring 2017 EQ  

The quarterly magazine of the EAST Initiative.

Spring 2017 EQ  

The quarterly magazine of the EAST Initiative.