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NOTES REMINDER: Registrations should be received in person by June 1. After this date, a $5 late fee per child will apply. Also, some programs will be closed to registrations in order to purchase supplies and make reservations!

SUMMER PROGRAM Easton Recreation Department

Due to the border crossing regulations, the Easton Recreation Department is strongly encouraging children to get a passport card. You can apply for the card at Presque Isle or Mars Hill Post Office; the approximate cost is $60. Children may still cross the border (without a passport on a school bus) with a certified birth certificate (one that is stamped by the town clerk and on official paper) and a permission slip. You must get your child’s birth certificate at the Town Office/City Hall in the town where your child was born. Effective June 1, 2009, all adults MUST have a passport or passport card in order to cross the border. All children and adults will have to show proof before boarding the bus for trips that cross the Canadian border. Thank you for your cooperation with this matter! Please remind your children to treat all employees and volunteers with respect at all times.



Basketball Clinic 11

Hershey Track & Field/Swim Lessons 12

Swimming/White Water Rafting 13

Playgroup/Garden Group 14

Summer Day Camp 15

Special Events 16

Senior Happenings 17

Softball, Major & Minor Schedules 18-20

June, July & August Calendars 21-23

Notes 24

PO Box 127 Easton, ME 04740

Rec. Office Phone: 207-488-6601 Rec Cell Phone: 207-551-7737 E-mail: Website:

Page 2 26 Sr. Nutrition 11 Soccer 3&4 3-4

More Clinics



19 Sr. Nutrition 11 Soccer 3&4 3-4




12 Waterslides 9-3

Wacky Wednesday Field Trips



5 Art Camp 1-3

Baseball Leagues

27 Soccer 1&2 3-4

Soccer 1&2 3-4





13 school resumes NMCRA 9:30 Soccer 1&2 3-4

7 Playland Adventures 7:15-5


6 Archery 1 9 Archery 2 10:30 Art Camp 1-3


Soccer 3&4 3-4


Soccer 3&4 3-4


15 Sr. Mystery Trip TBA Soccer 3&4 3-4

8 Archery 1 9 Archery 2 10:30 Art Camp 1-3

1 County Fun Day 8:30-3:30




16 Sr. Game Day 11

9 Archery 1 9 Archery 2 10:30 Art Camp1-3

2 Swim Lessons 8:30 Playgroup 10:30 Travel to rafting




3 White Water Rafting




Summer Tee-shirts





Registration Information

August 2013



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13 12 Swim Lessons 8;30


Monday, May 20 ~ 8:30-10:45 AM Wednesday, May 22 ~ 12-3 PM Tuesday, May 28 ~ 3-5:30 PM Thursday, May 30 ~ 1-4:15 PM *Easton Recreation water bottle for the first 50 to register.*

26 Swim Lessons 8:30 Playgroup 10:30 Theatre 1:30-4:30 Performance 4

30 Day Camp 9 (sleep) Science 1-3

31 Birch Point 9:30-3:30 T-ball 6

29 Day Camp 9 (chip) Garden 12-12:45 Swim 12:45-3:15 Science 1-3

Major Champ/Bball

Theatre 1:30-4:30

Day Camp 9 (Trolley)

Garden/Swim 12:45

28 Softball BBQ Softball Finals


21 Softball

Registration Information

Minor @ Wash/Bball

25 Day Camp 9 (Xmas) Swim 12:45-3:15 Theatre 1:30-4:30

16 Day Camp 9 (WOW) Horse 1 & 2:15 Softball 15 Day Camp 9 (Golf) Garden 12-12:45 Swim 12:45-3:15 Horse 1 & 2:15 14 Softball

23 Day Camp 9 (Water) Theatre 1:30-4:30 Basketball 5&6 Softball

Golf 12:10-2:45 Softball

24Paradise Mountain 9-3 Basketball 5&6 T-ball 6

Horse 1 & 2:15

Playgroup 10:30-11:45

20 19 Swim Lessons 8:30

18 Day Camp 9 (Halloween) Golf 12:10-2:45 Swim 12:45-3:15 Horse/Minor v FF


8 Day Camp 9 (Berries) Garden/Golf 12:10 Swim 12:45-3:15 Major @ FF 7 Softball

17 Coke/Airport/ Printworks & Icecream 9:35-3 T-ball 6

Sr. Game Day 11 Golf 12:10-2:45

Playgroup 10:30-11:45

11 Day Camp 9 (Easter) Golf 12:10-2:45 Swim 12:45-3:15 Minor @ MH 10 Turners Camp 9:15-4 Major v Limestone T-ball 6

2 Hershey -States Minor @ FF Softball

Day Camp 9 (science)

No Recreation Activities

6 Parade 10 AM Games @ School 11 Fireworks 9:30 5 Swim lessons 8:30 Playgroup 10:30 4 Holiday

(Deadline June 1, 2013)

1 Day Camp 9 (Magic) Garden 12-12:45 Swim 12:45-3:15 Major v. MH

3Waterslides/Mini -Golf 10-4 Major @ FF T-ball 6

INFORMATION Summer Registration Dates

June 30 Softball

Thu Wed Tue Sun


July 2013




 

If the above times do not work for your schedule, please schedule an appointment with Hillary before June 1st. Payments must be made for all programs at the time of registration. Some programs have a maximum number of participants. A child will not be considered enrolled in a program until payment is made in full, unless other arrangements have been made. A current release form must be on file for participation in any summer programs. A $5 late fee will be charged per child after June 1st. All programs are based on grade completed during the 2012/2013 school year! No exceptions for safety reasons.

Program Times It is essential parents know the time a program begins & ends so arrangements are made to have the child picked up on schedule. Due to our small staff and the many programs offered, there is often little or no time between activities. Please do your very best to have your child dropped off & picked up on time! Children should not be dropped off early; it leaves the town at risk of liability and your child could be unsafe. Thanks for your cooperation.

Discipline If your child misbehaves or is not listening to our staff or parent

volunteers while participating in any program, the following actions will be taken: 1st Warning - Verbal warning & acting director will be notified. 2nd Warning - Child will be removed from activity for the remainder of the day. 3rd Warning - Parent will be notified & the child may not participate in the next scheduled day of that program. If a child is suspended from a program more than once, they may not participate for the remainder of the season.

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27 Pizza Pizzazz 9:30 Dutch Soccer 2:15 Minor v Washburn 26 Pizza Pizzazz 9:30 Dutch Soccer 2:15 Major @ Washburn 25 Pizza Pizzazz 9:30 Dutch Soccer 2:15 Softball 24 Pizza Pizzazz 9:30 Dutch Soccer 2:15 Major @ Limestone 23 Softball

Kayak Camp 12:15-4 Minor v MH

Majors v FF

Kayak Camp 12:15-4 Boys Night 4:30-6:30

Girls Night 4-7 Major v FF


19 Wilderness 9-12 18 Hershey Meet 10 Kayak Camp 12:15-4

17 Wilderness 9-12

16 Softball

Plant Garden 3 Major v. Washburn

20 Wilderness 9-12

21 Sr. Game Day 11

28 Pizza Pizzazz 9:30 Sr. Meal 11:15 Dutch Soccer 2:15


18 8th grade graduation

14 last day of school

13 Molly the Trolley 10:15 Hershey PI 3-4:30 12 Father’s Day Craft 3-4:15 Major @ MH 11 Hershey Prac. 3-4 Softball 10

9 Softball

Sr. Progressive 10:45

HS Graduation

8 7 Hillary Training 6 Hillary Training 3 Sr. BBQ 11:30

4 Hershey Prac. 3-4 Softball

5 Junior Activities Field Trip 9:30

Fri Mon





Youth Small 6-8 Youth Medium 10-12 Youth Large 14-16 Adult Small Adult Medium Adult Large Adult X-large


Sizing Chart


The cost is $10.

June 2013

It has become a tradition to purchase tee-shirts as a summer memento but they also serve as a safety precaution. When in a large group, it is very helpful to have all the children (staff, parents, volunteers, etc.) dressed in the same color to easily keep track of everyone. It is strongly recommended you purchase a tee-shirt (or two) if your child will be attending field trips and outings throughout the summer. These will be available in both youth & adult sizes. This year’s tee-shirt will be aquatic blue with a multi-colored logo (as seen on right). Shirts are in-stock and can be purchased at the Town Office after May 1st. There are also be a few tank tops in adults sizes available. Quantities & sizes are limited; first come, first serve.



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BASEBALL LEAGUES This program is co-ed and open to ages 10-12 (as of May 1). Games will be played on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Practices will begin on May 29 and games will start the week of June 10. A complete game schedule can be found on page 19. We must have a minimum of 12 children signed-up in order to run this program.


This program is co-ed & open to ages 7 through 9 (as of May 1). Games will be played on mostly Thursday evenings. Practices will begin May 30 and games will start mid June. Game/practice dates are listed on page 20. We must have a minimum of 10 children to run this program.

This program is designed for boys and girls ages 4-6 to learn the game of baseball. The coach will pitch to his/ her team or the tee can be used. This league is overseen by parents, so get out there and play with your kids! The group will meet every Wednesday @ 6 PM from July 3 to July 30. There are no games at this age level - just an opportunity to learn & have fun! Page 20





When: Wednesday, July 3 Depart: 10 AM Return: 4 PM Cost: $12 for waterslides & mini golf


Details: Children should have swim suit, towel & sunscreen! A picnic lunch will be provided. Concessions & souvenirs will be available. Open to grades one and up; MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM TO ATTEND THIS TRIP! ***Repeat trip on 8/11 from 9-3***

When: Wednesday, July 10 Depart: 9:15 AM Return: 4 PM Cost: FREE; please send snacks or drinks to share.


Details: Children should have swim suit, towel, water shoes & sunscreen! A BBQ lunch will be provided. Floatation devices encouraged for all. Open to grades 1 & up; MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM TO ATTEND THIS TRIP!

When: Wednesday, July 17 Depart: 9:35 AM Return: 3 PM Cost: FREE; please send $ for icecream


Page 6

Details: This will be a fun, busy day with a several stops on the PI Industrial Park. We’ll visit Print Works, the airport (hopefully get to board the plane) & the Coke plant. Picnic lunch provided. Page 19


FIELD TRIPS When: Wednesday, July 24 Depart: 9 AM Return: 3 PM Cost: $5 exact (US money) Details: Children should have swim suit, towel, water shoes & sunscreen! A picnic will be provided. Concessions & souvenirs will be available! Floatation devices encouraged. Open to grades 1 & up; MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM TO ATTEND THIS TRIP!


When: Wednesday, July 31 Depart: 9:30 AM Return: 3:30 PM Cost: $5 Details: Children should have swim suit, towel, water shoes & sunscreen! Hot dog roast for lunch. Bowling, game room, arcade & concessions on site. Floatation devices encouraged. Open to grades 1 & up; MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM TO ATTEND!



When: Wednesday, August 7 Depart: 7:15 AM Return: 5 PM Cost: $12 includes most activities

Page 18

Details: There are 11 inflatables inside & 4 waterslides/activities in the outdoor “splash zone” as well as an arcade, mechanical bull, bungee trampoline & concessions (require extra $). Must wear socks & have a bathing suit/towel. Release form required. Open to grades 1 & up; younger kids welcome with an adult.


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Barbeque Picnic with Washburn seniors group. Hillary will solicit for salads & desserts.

Mystery Progressive Lunch We’ll be eating our way around Easton. Come see what surprises we have in store!

When: Monday, June 3; 11:30 Where: Manor Rec. Room Cost: No fee

When: Monday, June 10; 10:45 Where: Starting @ Manor Cost: No fee

Dates: June 17, 19 & 20 Time: 12:15-4ish PM Cost: $30 Where: The Hall (starting point) Who: Grades 5 and up Max Participants: 12 Note: Water shoes & sunscreen required!

Molley the Trolley & Lunch We will enjoy a historical ride through Presque Isle followed by lunch.

Game Days

When: Thursday, June 13 Depart: Manor @ 10:15 Cost: $5 plus lunch

When: 11:00 (6/21, 7/12, 8/16) Where: Manor Rec. Room Cost: No fee

Dates: June 24-28 Time: 9:30-12 AM Cost: $20 Where: The Hall Who: Grades 1 and up Max Participants: 12

Lunch by “Kids in the Kitchen”

The children have been at cooking camp this week & will try their new skills on you.

Nutrition Classes Chris Finnemore with the Cooperative Ext will be back with a brunch series. 10 AM

When: Friday, June 28; 11:15 Where: The Hall Cost: No fee

When: July 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 Where: Manor Rec. Room Cost: $3/per class

Community Tea The Girl Scouts of Easton will be hosting a tea party as part of field days. Bring your tea cup.

Mystery Field Trip A mystery trip so to speak; look for more details as time gets closer :)

When: TBA Where: The Hall Cost: No fee

When: August 15; time TBA Depart: Manor Cost: Lunch $

Dates: June 17, 19 & 20 Time: 9-12 AM Cost: $15 Where: 490 Ladner Road (Ferris’s) Who: Grades 2 and up Note: Participants should come prepared



PIZZA PIZZAZZ Dates: June 24-28 Time: 2:15-4:15 PM Cost: $60 Where: EHS Boys’ Soccer Field Who: Ages four and up Notes: Bring ball & water bottle!



You know the drill - bring a bag lunch, game & competitive spirit!

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SPECIAL EVENTS Father’s Day Craft A chance to make a special gift for the important guy in your life. Please send a note for your child’s teacher. When: Wednesday, June 12 - 3-4:15 PM

CAMPS CONTINUED Dates: July 8, 9, 11 & 12 Time: 12:10-2:45 PM Cost: $20 Where: MHCC (transportation provided) Who: Grades 2 and up Min Participants: 6 Notes: Equipment provided!

Where: The Hall

GOLF Girls Night Ladies, this is always one of your favorites! A night dedicated to being girls. Supper will be served & then it’s on to hair, nails & make-up. Moms are encouraged to come & bring the camera!

When: Monday, June 17 - 4-7 PM Where: Hall Cost: $3 (pre-registration preferred)

Boys Only The girls get a night to guys, here is your chance. We will meet for “pick-up” games & a BBQ. Bring your dads and come play! When: Tuesday, June 18 - 4:30-6:30 PM Where: The Hall Cost: $3 (pre-registration preferred)

Dates: July 15, 16, 18 & 19 Time: 1-2 PM Beginners; 2:15–3:30 PM Advanced Cost: $25 Where: Rocking S Ranch Who: Grades 2 and up Min Participants: 6 Notes: Pants & boots/sneakers required!

HORSE Dates: July 22, 23, 25 & 26 Time: 1:30-4:30 PM Cost: $40 Who: Grades 1 and up

Where: The Hall Min Participants: 10

Do you like to sing & act? Join our production of "Once Upon A Lily Pad". This fun, heart-warming musical has a great message; that each of us is special if we just let our own light shine! Performance for family & friends given on last day at 4PM.


County Fun Day We’ll end the summer with rec. departments from around the County for fun, food, & water activities at Birch Point in St. David. BBQ lunch provided.

When: Thursday, August 1 Depart: 8:30 AM Return: 3:30 PM Notes: Bring swim suit, sunscreen, floatation device & towel.

Dates: August 6, 8 & 9 Time: 9-10:30 AM (3-5) & 10:30-12 (6-8) Cost: $35 Where: EES Gym Who: Grades 3 and up Min Participants: 12 Notes: Equipment provided!


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MORE CLINICS Dates: July 29 & 30 Time: 1-3 PM Cost: $20 Where: The Hall Who: Grades 1 & up Min Participants: 6


Topics in these two exciting classes we'll start by focusing on rockets. We'll learn to build rockets with a design we haven't used before in a Sneakin' in Science class, as well as, some other high flying gadgets. What would summer science be without bubbles? We'll make huge bubbles again this year and even put kids inside a bubble! Plus more!

Dates: Aug. 5, 6, 8 & 9 Time: 1-3 PM Cost: $10 Where: The Hall Who: Grades 1 & up


Page 10

This is sure to be a fun, color-filled week! We will be using the color wheel and spectrums, making prints with recycled objects, creating mosaics & a 3-dimensional sculpture.

DAY CAMP Three mornings a week (from 9 AM-noon) we offer a 1/2 day summer camp. Two mornings a week will be theme days, and on Mondays we’ll be taking “mini” trips to see a point of interest close to home. Breakfast and lunch will be served each day. This is open to those who have completed grade one through the eighth grade. Those who are older and wish to attend are encouraged to volunteer. There is no fee for this program, but there may be fees for “mini-trip” days, so please see schedule below. On “mini-trip” days we may leave as early 9AM, so please be on time! We meet at the Hall. On most Mondays & Thursdays in July programs have been strategically placed so children may stay the majority of the day. On Monday, if your child attends camp in the AM, he/she may stay to garden and then go swimming. On Thursday, he/she may “hangout” and go swimming in the afternoon. Please sign up during summer registration. Schedule/Themes: Monday, July 1 - Magic Show & Clinic Tuesday, July 2 - no camp; State Hershey Meet Thursday, July 4 - no camp; holiday Monday, July 8 - Strawberry Picking ($3) Tuesday, July 9 - Science Experiments Thursday, July 11 - Easter Celebration Monday, July 15 - Golf (free) Tuesday, July 16 - WOW Art Mobile ($) Thursday, July 18 - Trick or Treat (costumes required) Monday, July 22 - Molly the Trolley ($5) Tuesday, July 23 - Water Day (come prepared to get wet) Thursday, July 25 - Merry Christmas

(please bring items for goody bag)

Monday, July 29 - Covered Bridge Potato Chip Factory ($3 kids) Tuesday, July 30 - Sleepover/Tye-dye (bring a white shirt)

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When: July 5 - August 2 (Fridays; 10:30-11:45 AM) Where: Hall

Dates: July 22-25 Time: 5-6 PM Cost: $35 Where: EES/EHS Who: Grades 1 & up Min/Max Participants: 15/25

This is a time for our youngest children to interact with kids their own age. Activities will take place both inside and outside, so please dress your child appropriately. This program is open to children ages 3 through just completing Kindergarten. Our regular Junior Activities Program (ages 2 and up) will resume August 21.


“Kids in the Garden” This group will be involved in all steps of the gardening process including preparing the soil, planting, weeding & harvesting. Open to those completing grade one & up. This group will meet on the following days: Monday, June 10-3-4:15 Monday, July 1-12-12:45 Monday, July 8 -12-12:45 Monday, July 15-12-12:45 Monday, July 22–12-12:45 Monday, July 29-12-12:45

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Every athlete will learn the proper technique to shoot, handle the ball and overall knowledge of playing basketball. Be dressed appropriately (inside sneakers) so that you are ready to play. At least one game will be played per day!!! Awards given each day :)

Dates: July 22-25 Time: 6-8PM Cost: $35 Where: EES/EHS Who: Grades 6-11 Min/Max Participants: 15/25

Offered by Chris Finnemore from the University of Maine Cooperative Extension.


Focus will be on shooting, ball handling, post moves. Every athlete can be a great shooter; as long as proper technique is learned & practiced. Full court games every day!

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Practice on PI Track: June 13– 3-4:30PM Regional Meet @ Caribou: June 18 - 10 AM *Be there by 9:30.* State Meet @ Bangor: July 2 - 11 AM

Hershey Track & Field Hershey is held in all 50 states and promotes physical fitness, participation, friendship & sportsmanship. Practices will be held on May 28, June 4 & 11 from 3-4 PM at the Elementary School. (You must attend practices to participate in the regional meet). Open to ages 8 - 13 as of December 31, 2013.

SWIMMING & RAFTING Swimming This year we will be swimming at Fort Fairfield & Presque Isle pools. Be sure your child has a towel, waterproof sunscreen & a swim suit. ALL personal belongings should be labeled. Exceptional behavior will be expected on these outings. If your child has to be spoken to by our staff or a life guard, that will be their warning; the next time, they are out of the pool for the remainder of the day. A CHILD MUST BE ABLE TO SWIM OR BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT!

Time: 12:45-3:15 PM Swim Dates:

    

Monday, July 1 Monday, July 8; Thursday, July 11 Monday, July 15; Thursday July 18 Monday, July 22; Thursday July 25 Thursday, July 29

Swimming Lessons Swim lessons will be held at the Presque Isle Indoor Pool and are open to those ages four & older. Students will be split by abilities. The breakdowns will be as follows:

   

Ages 4&5 (25 min) Learn to Swim 1 Learn to Swim 2-3 Levels 4-6

All lessons will be 45-50 minutes unless specified.

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When: Fridays 9 AM Depart at 8:30 AM Return: 10:20 AM July 5 - August 2 Cost: $17.50 ($13.75 for additional child)

Date: Fri. Aug. 2 - Sat. Aug. 3 or Sun. Aug. 4 Who: Ages 12 & up Cost: $100 (includes lodging, raft & meal); $135 (2 overnights, raft & meal) Website:

Transportation on your own to Millinocket Lake(2-2.5 hours) where we will have the Coverside Guest Houses to ourselves for the night (complete with ALL amenities). On Saturday AM we’ll prepare our own breakfast and lunch will be along the river. This year we will have the option to do 1/2 or full river trip for the same price! Must have minimum of16 participants!

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