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Album Debut: Days of Reaction

Ta k e A V i n e To u r

interview w/ Ramones’ tour manager Monte A. Melnick by: Dustin Schoof

w / B l o n d i e ’s p r o d u c e r Barb Morrison @ Midnight Studios

Rejection Never Sounded So Good


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City Street Oil on Canvas, 24” x 36”


Where the edge of NJ meets the northern fringe of downtown Easton, you wind up the College Ave / Cattell Street switchback that carries you past Lafayette College. Here where you can find views of downtown and into Western NJ just a touch further northeast, you are in the midst of a scrumptious sampler of historic architectural styles. Romantic tudors, stone castle-like mansions, brick and stucco-covered framed homes, elaborate clapboard and decorative shingle Victorians dot the hill. Turn of the century Industry magnates would ‘outdo the Joneses’ as they funnelled their wealth into their magnificent show-homes.



College Hill:

a Creative Fairy Tale persists by: Ellen Shaughnessy

College Hill Sloping down from the 700-foot high Chestnut Ridge, and overlooking downtown Easton is the elegant neighborhood of College Hill.



College Hill

a n

a r c h i t e c t u r a l ly

h i s t o ri c


L afayette Arch The Lafayette Arch, at the base of College Hill, is constructed of stones from the Traill Green Observatory, which was once part of the Lafayette College Campus. The observatory itself was built in 1864, by faculty member, trustee, and prominent local physician, Dr.Traill Green. In 1914, the observatory was moved, then in 1929 torn down to make room for Colton Chapel. The arch was a gift of the Class of 1929, both commemorating the bygone observatory, and creating a welcoming gateway to the college campus.


College Hill

Famous local architects such as William March Michler and New York’s Stanford White (200 High St – now Lafayette College McKelvy House) were commissioned to design show homes – many strove to exude more power and style than the last. Over the course of mid 19th centur y and into the early 20th centur y manufacturing kings such as Arnold Frederick Gerstell (Alpha Cement), William R. Haytock (silk mills), and Howard Rinek (cordage company - ropes and belts), plus well-heeled professionals such as Easton Hospital Chief Surgeon Dr John H.

Updegrove chose this scenic site for their regal homes. Oakhurst – which is now Lafayette College’s McKelvy house featured elaborate Italian gardens when it was the home of John and Marguerite Eyerman. At the site of the former Rinek estate on the eastern edge of College Hill (near its cliff ), a stone powerhouse station still stands (now a garden shed) that was rumored to have been designed by Mr. Rinek’s buddy Thomas Edison. The Rineks had elaborate English gardens and some remnants of the stone terraces are still evidenced on the property.



Lafayette College purchased land in 1832 on what it

The College Hill Residential Historic District is

then called Mount Lafayette and moved the campus

notable for its association with the prominent late

to that site a few years later. The campus spills into

19th and early 20th century industrial and merchant

the shady tree lined streets surrounding the college,

class, professional and working middle class families

and over time the neighborhood became known as

of Easton during the city’s period of major industrial

College Hill.

economic growth. The well maintained homes of College Hill are spectacular examples of the periods

With an abundance of historical dwellings ranging

and form one of the most extensive collections of

from the 1830’s -1940’s the College Hill neighborhood

mid to later 19th and early 20th century styles of

is rich in architectural character.

architecture in the region.

In 1992 College hill was listed on The National

An in-depth exploration of this charming of this area

Register of Historic Places, which is the official list of

is worth investigating and highly recommended.

the nation’s historic places worthy of preservation. A model of egalitarian residential planning, the neighborhood






mansions and simpler homes beside one another. Real estate in this coveted neighborhood is not beyond reach and is of superior value to some of the places one might consider relocating to from larger areas surrounding NYC and Philly.

You can book a stay at The Lafayette Inn (ca. 1895), a Bed & Breakfast that is a restored Georgian mansion. The Lafayette Inn is located within the Historic District at: 525 W. Monroe Street, Easton, Pennsylvania


College Hill Photograph by Maria Cristina Montiel Š 2014



Nevin Park

So what’s ‘new’ in College Hill? The fountain! Nevin Park, which cascades from the heart of College Hill down to 611 and the edge of the Delaware River once housed a lovely iron fountain. During the Depression it could not be properly maintained and ultimately was melted down for war munitions. Left with an unseemly ‘beehive’ rockpile structure in its wake, this was motivation enough for the College Hill Neighborhood Association to raise the $115,000 required to reinstate an iron fountain replica that was installed just this year. The city of Easton donated an additional $44,000 and now the 3500 pound iron replica of the original fountain again flows. It is local dedication and drive like this, that continue to move the College Hill neighborhood and for that matter – the entire city of Easton Pennsylvania, forward.

For more info about this area: Easton Public Library’s Henry Forster Marx room: - my blog Ellen Shaughnessy is the broker of Free Bridge Realty, in Easton PA


eastOn’s scenic overlook Photographs by Maria Cristina Montiel © 2014

View from St. Anthony’s Nose (Cliff ) -north of Easton, PA, looking north up the Delaware River toward Martins Creek. Marble Mountain is straight across the river in New Jersey.


George Gollub Park : Saint Anthony’s Nose

The beautifully wooded Gollub Park is home to a rock outcrop with an amazing panorama. Located on Paxinosa Road, atop College Hill and at the southeastern end of Forks Township, George Gollub Park is a nature preserve trail offering spectacular views of the Delaware River. Both hiking and walking can be accomplished on this woodsy trail, which provides the nature enthusiast with a wonderful experience of sight and sound. An easy walk through the scenic neighborhood of College Hill will get you to the entrance of the park. Then a short hike on the well-maintained trail takes you to the overlook, where you can stop to enjoy the vista overlooking the narrows of Easton and Phillipsburg NJ. Towering over Route 611, this high point is known as Saint Anthony’s Nose.


Easton, Pen ns equidistant ylvania is almost fro to the sout m Philadelphia h, a C i t y t o t h e n d N e w Yo r k alongside N east. Nestled ew c o n n e c t i o n J e r s e y, a n e a s y b picturesque y way of many p e r f e c t s p o b r i d g e s . I t ’s t h e t t stop a whil o pass through, e, Par t of East or settle down. o h i s t o r i c a n d n ’s a p p e a l i s i t s artistic cha r twin rivers converge h m. The ere - The Delaware a nd The Leh i g h Va l l e y



Photograph by Maria Cristina Montiel © 2014









Whether out



t o o u r n e i g h b o ri n g


E a s t o n , PA fr o m Eastonian commuting c i t i e s , T r a n s - B ri d g e B u s

yo u a r e v i s i t i n g



free Wi-Fi

o ff e r s


va ri e t y


t r a n s p o r tat i o n


D a i ly s e r v i c e t o N e w Y o rk C i t y , A t l a n t i c C i t y a n d N e wa rk a n d J F K A ir p o r t s . Photograph by Maria Cristina Montiel © 2014

Experience eastOn’s Hottest Fashion Scene

Com e an at P d chec k ou hyll t 60 is i n D o w n ’s M O D tow n Ea fashio n, ston .

60’s MOD Fashion by Phyllis Model: Aja Livezey Orange and White Dress Model: Ashley Marie Nichols Silver MOD < Downtown Easton



G S C H LO U N I V E K : phs by hotogra

4 H © 201


Fashion 60’s MOD yllis < b y Ph Shook

ica Model: Jess th Dress Hounds Too Easton Downtown

ion 60’s MOD Fash vided by Wardrobe pro ue

tage Boutiq PHYLLIS Vin es Street 12 S. Sitgreav 2 Easton, PA 1804

(610) 252-75



Behind the Scenes


eastOnpop magazine’s Launch Party!

60’s MOD Fashion Wardrobe provided by PHYLLIS Vintage Boutique 12 S. Sitgreaves Street Easton, PA 18042

(610) 252-7500

60â&#x20AC;&#x2122;s MOD Fashion by Phyllis Aja Livezey orange/white dress Tara Warner blue/black long dress Amanda Fritze red/black dress Lisa Devlin brown top, blue plaid pants Jessica Shook hounds tooth dress Kristen Gylling silvery jump suit Ashley Marie Nichols silver/black dress Alicia Morris red/purple long dress Katelyn Roof green/blue dress

g n Schlou i v e K : y Photo b




21 60’s MOD Fashion Wardrobe provided by PHYLLIS Vintage Boutique 12 S. Sitgreaves Street Easton, PA 18042

(610) 252-7500

Ph oto gra ph y: sb KE VIN SC HL OU GH ©2 01 4

610-559-8590 eastOn

E N LY SUDD NTHA A SAM 140 Northampton Street

eastOn I C RA




15 South 2nd Street

610-882-9848 bethlehem

I CA N AMER INES L HAIR 74 West Broad Street

610-625-9100 bethlehem




12 West 4th Street


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48 S Sitgreaves Street


EASTON YOGA A Center for Healthy Living 524

Nor thampton


610. 923.7522 w w



“My painting s are about real life in New York City.

The city has this incredible energy and intensity, and my work is about getting as close to that experience as I can.”

t r A Tribeca, Oil on Canvas, 24” x 36”

S s ’ ist


t n e c

o n a r

t h lig

r a i G

t o p

See his work @ G A L L E RY H E N O C H – NYC w w w. g a l l e r y h e n o c h . c o m

Contemporary Realist painter Vincent Giarrano’s paintings explore the dynamic between people and the unique New York City environment.

“I lived in NYC as I starte d ’t painting then. As so on sn wa I t bu s, ar ye l ra ve for se a major city was to me. It was the al vit w ho me hit go ing back, it w it had helped painting it, I realize d ho d rte sta I ce On n. tio reconnec ly, it’s life. I knew im me diate t ou ab me ht ug ta it w me mature and ho .” what I needed to paint


y “ The cit ly s s e l is end I . g inspir in l op e m eet pe l walks f ro m al and it’s of life, e s ting so inter ho to see w nd a e they ar hat w ut figure o o ab ut to paint them.”




Vin ce n




t nva a n O C

C 16 e h s,


, ” ch x 20 u o ”

Vincent paints women candidly in quiet, interior moments when it feels like no one is looking.

Vincent Giarrano © 2014

It’s these personal moments in the daily lives of women as they make their way through vibrant New York City that fascinates the artist.


Jennifer Fein in Her Studio Oil on Canvas, 24” x 36”

About ten years ago, Vincent transitioned back to fine ar t and found that this was what he really wanted to do. He loves painting subjects that relate to real life experiences, wanting his paintings to reflect true moments of life. Capturing the quality of light in a scene is a l s o a n i m p o r t a n t element for him,


especially the way in which it can enhance the mood he is portraying in the painting. He tends to work in series, choosing a subject that interests him and exploring it thoroughly to develop its full potential, something that his collectors react to very favorably. Recently, Giarrano had paintings in the national portrait museums of Washington DC and London and at The Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana. Vincent Giarrano has several prestigious awards to his credit, and has had numerous solo and group shows. He shows his work with galleries across the US, UK and Paris.

w w w. g i a r ra n o. co m

Shop Girl Oil on Canvas, 12” x 9”

Vincent Giarrano © 2014

Vincent Giarrano started drawing at an early age, teaching himself by studying other artists. Following his degree in Fine Art from State University, New York, 1982 and his Masters in Fine Art from Syracuse University, 1985, he chose to pursue a career in illustration working, amongst others, for the large publishers DC Comics and Marvel Comics.


“One of my favorite subjects for

painting is the fashion indus tr y. I see clothing as an incred ibly classic subject, yet it’s also extremely contemporary.

This is a recurring

theme in my work; o ur histor y, but also where we

are now.”

The Designer Oil Painting, 28” x 42”

Vincent Giarrano © 2014

ed der . It’s i s on s c ealism time i k g R ry itin wo r en My mpora r y exc t’s be rth . I te ve ebi Con lly a ealism jor r so a r r e ua act w for g a m elve o rs ar o n o t i n n tw o ec io erg as t t co ll eciat t d l n e r u r a th y a n app ng th in is n a i a d me . M g to n i s t r fi r yea rnin and to o u d. , u l t l e t r ski levan o duce of re pr k, ng r i o e b w


is o rk t w “My bo u e a o als ing th n, tio lor exp cond i e an y th hum eciall tween esp n be nd tio rela ople a ible, pe ed ncr de i s t hi -ma t.” man nmen iro e nv

Graffiti Oil on Linen, 30” x 24”

Vincent Giarrano © 2014



Connexions Gallery 213 Northampton St. Easton PA 18042 (610) 250-7627 The Alternative Gallery 707 N 4th St. Allentown, PA 18102 (610) 462-3282

Banana Factory 25 W. Third St. Bethlehem PA 18015 (610) 332-1305

Lehigh University Art Galleries 420 E Packer Ave. Bethlehem, PA 18015 (610) 758-3615

Allentown Art Museum 31 N 5th St. Allentown PA 18101 (610) 432-4333


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“The only way to find out how much you are going to love Elm Treason is to take the plunge and soak up the rays and essence of this great band.” - Carmen Allgood, Producer WorldWideWavez Radio Showz “Elm Treason reminds me of why people listen to music in the first place – good songwriting, good melodies – songs that are easy to remember and stick with you”. – J.J. Fabini, Vice President of Programming Summit City Radio Group “Their harmonies are impressive. Their music has enough rock and roll to appease most any rock fan but I also hear a little bit of a hippy, dancey vibe. It’s groovy and rockin’. Good stuff.” – Jason Lee Afternoon Drive DJ, WXKE


“One of the first things likely to pass through your mind when you listen to the album is: why didn’t they release some of these songs earlier? ... The instrumental work throughout the album, no matter which song is being played, is top notch. “Honey Feet” is one of the finest examples of the band’s “vintage vibe” motto, not to mention one of their best tracks... Their music is continuously changing from one song to the next, but a rock ‘n’ roll, groovy sound can always be easily located at the foundation of their work.” - Alec Cunningham, BLANK, Knoxville, TN


“In only their debut album, Elm Treason provides a strong effort, reminiscent of earlier rock days. The songs are diverse yet tied together by that ‘vibe.’ “ - Alexa Spieler, Review You


ELM TREASON is the musical union of Andy Roman and Bobby Steel. They hail from Staten Island, New York First, a word about their music: Truly, their vibe is quite eclectic – from bluesy rock to trippy grooves, from acoustic pop to pseudo-Brit rock; from 6/8 to 4/4; from neo-progressive to pentatonic scale heaven. It really is quite difficult to classify their music as sounding like “this group” or having the same feel as “that group.” Indeed, they have a lot of different “feels.”



Looking for a relaxing trip?

Pho to graphs by : K E V I N S CH LOUGH Š 2014


Franklin Hill Vineyards

i s a n i d e a l d e s t i n a t i o n t o ki c k - o ff y o u r t o u r o f t h e

Lehigh Valley.

The oldest of the Lehigh Valley wineries, Franklin Hill Vineyards is a member of The Lehigh Valley Wine Trail, an organization of nine wineries. The organization showcases the local wine-growing region, promotes agri-tourism and has created a premier wine destination. Des ignated an Am eric an Vitic u ltu ral Area (AVA) in 2008,

Th e Le h i g h Va l l ey is Pe n nsylvania’s fastest grow ing w ine region .

This picturesque region provides an ideal grape growing environment. And the area’s proximity to Philadelphia and New York City make the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail an easy escape for wine lovers. Nestled in the rolling hills of Eastern Pennsylvania, Franklin Hill Vineyards and their winery offer picturesque views, tours, special events, and wine tasting. You can purchase your favorite wine in their shops and take a bit of the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail home with you after your trip.


Pho to grap h s by : K E V I N S CH LOU G H © 2014

The Chambourcin grape is the official wine grape of the Lehigh Valley region. Franklin Hill Vineyards produces a variety of red and white wine blends that create a unique tasting experience. Favorites are the Dry Oak-Aged Chambourcin, White Jade, and also the Fainting Goat, which has a black cherry flavor. The winery and vineyard is located in Bangor, Pennsylvania and is open to visitors almost e very day. You can call them at:

6 1 0 - 5 8 8 - 8 7 08

Check out their website for up-to-date information about all the latest happenings at the winery and their retail stores. Fr anklin Hill Vine yards is loc ated 7833 Franklin Hill Road, Bangor, PA 18013





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1855 Sullivan Trail Easton, PA 610-438-8811

O n i sh perfect sushi rolls


237 Northampton St. Easton, PA 610-250-0198

every bite succulent deliciously art


596 Elder Avenue Phillipsburg, NJ 908-387-8383



R AMON ES Painti ng by : Chris P. Jones © 2014




with the

An interview with Monte by:


A. Melnick

Dustin Schoof


Throughout the remarkable twenty-two-year career of

the Ramones the seminal punk rock band, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall

of Famers, Recording Academy Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winners and inductees into The Library of Congress’

National Recording Registry, Monte A. Melnick saw it all. He

was the band’s tour manager from their 1974 CBGB debut to their final show in 1996. Now, in this NEW UPDATED EDITION he tells his story. Full of insider perspectives

and exclusive interviews and packed with over 250 personal

this is a must-have for all fans of the Ramones.

color photos and images;

As the former manager of The Ramones, Monte Melnick is the remaining link to the band who defined New York City punk rock. Thomas Erdelyi, better known as Tommy Ramone and Melnick’s friend since junior high school and the group’s original drummer, died in July. But Melnick’s voice does waver when he starts to reminisce about the four men who revolutionized punk rock. “Now that Tommy passed away, I’m the only one left from the beginning to end,” Melnick says. Melnick’s book, “On the Road with The




Melnick, already an established musician, says he “hated” The Ramones the first time he heard the band - then a three-piece, with Jeffrey Hyman on drums, Douglas Colvin on bass and vocals and John Cummings handling guitar. Tommy, originally set to be their manager, went from musical coach to permanent drummer after the trio’s search for a permanent stickman failed to yield results. “I came from a group of threepart harmonies,” Melnick says.

Ramones,” has been updated to give readers a glimpse into what it was like behind the music. He calls the process of combining through decade’s worth of photos, memories and more than 2,000 concerts “very cathartic.” “I have so many experiences, I’m very lucky.,” Melnick says So many experiences that deciding which ones to share and which ones to hold back became the most difficult challenge for Melnick. His stories are supplemented by more than 250 images tracing the band’s trajectory from young upstarts in Forest Hills, New York, to punk revolutionaries.. “Even if you don’t know how to read, you can just enjoy the pictures,” Melnick says, laughing.

with the

“They were very raw back then … Dee Dee had trouble singing and playing. It took them a couple of years to develop into the whole thing.” Soon the quartet developed their namesakes and Joey, Dee Dee, Johnny and Tommy Ramone were born, with Joey moving from behind the kit to front of the stage. Melnick says the band’s jeans-Tshirt-black leather jacket look was not their original motif; their style closer to the glam threads of the New


Photo Courte sy of: Monte A. Melnik © 2014

York Dolls. “They were wearing satin pants and this and that and decided they can’t compete with the Dolls and groups like that, so they decided to start wearing what they were wearing in the streets,” he says. Their early releases, “Ramones,” “Leave Home,” “Rocket to Russia” and “Road to Ruin,” and “End of the Century,” would become the blueprints for which countless other punk rock bands would follow. Johnny’s three-chord, machine gun riffs were augmented by


Joey’s lower register and ‘60s popinspired melodies. Together, it was the musical equivalent of the big bang - though, over time, personal differences would erode their offstage friendship. “They realized that the music and going on stage and recording albums the music was more important than hating each other and punching each other,” Melnick says. Before “I Wanna Be Sedated,” “Blitzkrieg Bop” and other classics would become the learning tools for generations of guitarists; The Ramones struggled to gain the attention of FM rock radio. Not until after The Ramones retired in 1996 that national fame and recognition would find them. “They kept on looking for hit producers. They thought ‘Let’s try something different, let’s try to get played on the radio more’,” says Melnick. One venue that did accept The Ramones early on was the former CBGB club in Manhattan. The club would becoming a breeding ground for the late 1970s punk, and eventually New Wave, movements with The Ramones emerging early as a popular attraction, along with Talking Heads and Blondie. Melnick says the environment of CBGB fostered creativity. “They worked really hard … In the beginning there were a lot of people who didn’t like it,” Melnick says. “We were lucky CBGB was there. Most clubs wanted Top 40 bands to play … (Owner) Hilly Kristal wanted bands to go in there and play and do what you wanted and experiment. They were very lucky to have a club like that in New York.”


“In the beginning, everyone watched The Ramones and The Ramones watched other bands.” But it was not just other punks who packed the small East Village club who were enthralled and enamored by The Ramones. The band’s influence would spread over the ensuing years, inspiring punk rock movements and bands around the world. “They had to work a few years to develop in that state. It was nice to get into the studio and bang (an album) out pretty quick,” Melnick says. “They had no money. They went in, bing-bamboom

over, of all things, a shared love of baseball, into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pop-punk band Green Day, graduates of The Ramones school of songwriting, tore through fiery renditions of “Teenage Lobotomy” and “Blitzkrieg Bop.” Joey Ramone or Dee Dee Ramone were not there to witness the historic moment. (Joey died in 2001; Dee Dee the following year.) “Bands like Green Day are an evolution of The Ramones,” Melnick says. “Most of the bands when they form, they want (success) … Of course (The Ramones) wanted that.”

One could argue The Ramones are bigger now than when they were still touring and cranking about new music. It is nearly impossible to walk the streets of New York City without spotting a Ramones T-shirt. Their music has been used in commercials and in video games. In 2011, The Ramones were awarded a 4 201 ik © n l Grammy Lifetime e M te A. n o Achievement Award. of : M tesy r u o and... o C Their self-titled 1976 debut Phot recorded really fast album finally achieved gold status and felt happy they were doing this year - more than three decades something which they thought ‘This after it was released. is good’.” Melnick says it wasn’t until the band’s final years that its members started to realize just how much of an impact they had made. “They were playing Lollapalooza and the guys in Metallica were coming over and treating The Ramones like big stars,” Melnick says. Validation came on when The Ramones were inducted by Pearl Jam singer Eddier Vedder, who had become close friends with Johnny

A Ramones biopic in the works, with Martin Scorsese reportedly at the helm.

“I have a joke that The Ramones are so big now, if they were this big when I was working for them, I would’ve gotten a big raise,” Melnick says, laughing. Melnick says his biggest regret is that its original members did not live long enough to finally see the pop cultural fruits of their labor.


Ramones Photograph by Bob Gruen © 1975

ll uldn’t see a . o c y e h t e “It’s a sham ening,” Melnick says app kids that stuff h happened is all the g in at “I think wh stening to them grow to who were li ds got into positions i V up, these k g, to put them in T … in do someth put them in a movie e ls, hav commercia y mind. They should m It boggles n them Cadillacs.” give


eastOnpo w/ Barb M p behind the scen es orrison @ Midnight Stud


eastOnpop was invited into Midnight Studios Morrison, who is to meet Blondie’s Producer Barb Valley’s own currently colaborating with Lehigh dre w Ch erv ak aw ard win ning Sound Engineer, An , Ne w Jer sey . at Mi dn ight Stu dio s in Ph illipsburg on the left, while Barb is singing in the sound booth mixing board. on the right is Andrew on the the tching out an That ver y evening, they started ske incredibly short an original compostion, which within ple concept, into sim a m amount of time, evolved fro g on the radio! something that could be heard playinse two creative It was such a pleasure to witness theto capture a taste e musical talents in action and be abl tOnpop fans! eas r ou h of the magic to share wit

ia Photograph by Mar

Cristina Montiel ©




Rick Delgado has been playing music for over 25 years. Since starting on piano at age three, Rickâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only goals were to seek out as many instruments as he could and learn them, love them, and settle down with them in his dream home with a white picket fence. His favorite instrument to play is the drums and although he performs live on an acoustic guitar his love for drumming shows within his intense rhythmic live looping skills. Shane Reimer has been playing guitar since the 6th grade. He originally started on the drums but realized that all four of his limbs didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work together in unison. He decided to stick with two limbs and a guitar instead and he quickly fell in love with the six stringed beast. Shane performed live in multiple bands throughout his college career at Shippensburg University and even spent a short time playing bass in one of the bands.

You can check Rick and Shane out online @ And listen to some music @

After college he continued his music career and went to New York City to study audio engineering, which greatly helped his production skills. With his well-rounded influences in music Shane learned many tips and tricks of the trade for production and he also excelled in his lead guitar capabilities. One night in the summer of 2012 Rick Delgado and Shane Reimer crossed paths and met each other through a mutual friend. What had started as a friendly jam session quickly turned into something much more involved thus beginning the era of â&#x20AC;&#x153;Public Displays of Rejectionâ&#x20AC;?. What began as a trio including acoustic and electric guitar as well as a bassist they conceived the name PDR. Soon after they formed a full band but after an unsuccessful experience with multiple drummers and their bassist deciding to taking a different route in life the two original members, Rick and Shane, were back at square one. With a world filling up with over-popular DJs and what at the time seemed like a lack of support for live music their acceptance of rejection was futile. They each felt rejection was a natural causeway to acceptance of ones self and felt it was a necessary evil to appreciate the good things in life thus giving meaning to the name Public Displays of Rejection. With many gigs under their belt and many more to come they have only begun to scratch the surface of what Public Displays of Rejection can accomplish and to them...Rejection has never felt nor sounded so good.


C h r i s Vi l a r d i S


u l p t o r

My interest in spatial relations and stylized form is what most obviously defines my work. There is fluidity between objects that i exploit and exagerrate in order to convey the beauty that exists in even the most innocuous of subjects.



Sin City’s

3 BEST Bartenders

Easton became a primary commercial location during the canals and railroads era of the 1800’s. The Delaware, Morris and Lehigh canals were vital for transportation of goods. The railroads replaced the canals for transportation and five railroads served Easton. During Prohibition, Easton was dubbed,

Sin City as it became known for nightlife and had plenty of liquor and a large number of brothels. Easton, P.A.

Easton, P.A.


River Grille

235 Ferry Street 610-559-7211

Northampton Street 610.365.8890



“Fire & Ice”

Tequila Blanco, Cayenne, Cointreau, Fresh Lime, Pomegranate Juice


“Sparkling Gimlet” House-Infused Cucumber Gin, Lime, Champagne

Easton, P.A.

Maxim’s 22 322 Northampton Street 610.252.2622


“Bourbon barrel aged Manhattan” Dads Hat Rye Whiskey, Liquors, Rocks, Cherry.

Food e h f A T p rt o h Corke g

Bet ma T a s rou for res kin hle enc trong s a ve d nd yea hough glass. g h ry fl e e g Onc ext rs, Per m, from oor . L ood i e n o m e i r t a c u i ’s fact t ane o t 51 ves a i tibu hroug nt i se of d look , th ts loo 5 M ted on r h k i e s s ark le a t pau one ano r woo dark a in Str the se a , full o he ext estau t m h e eet i ran nd ght r te ds a erio f lig in m t sign nd loo t r h n r w h m asc t, d d sl doo ink ill s k le atu t u h e ig li a rs p o C spit f re i atro on ma orked t com htly ti ne e th con t befo e n ’ rk i r og r ed ns fi Insid ark ts o s been s to m ted aph e ente n e th d ind nerin y. A ext t i e the . yea n ope erio hems s an g the resta restaura r e r r a l a v m t loo art n u i nni es i area ain isti k. ver on na s. Lu rant cou t invoke d W c i n s sa pas exp ld xu i hen thre s th ary. res ng are e dis rious bo easily ha sultr y st y o s rou a, y u go ion yle . ve fe tinct oth is pe gh o , , B s u i l d t e t be oth rfect ’ll n ining ating c a a l v s o e w u o rno ne ide a line and ly locate rooms is w tice C re to nd d . A lo both s us, but i wall d to o o eep, rke rth nste ides ng g the and d ’s a air o coverin t o o d r h f i r g e i g a s sm if lef ht a gs, a eou n int f exp v i s n t a n s it. d re e r in le d ac ensi bar ar o ss ca ve cess lines rior half tly orga f n o pabl the riz soph resta the left wall wit ized int eh istica ed with o h f u r ont trad seve ands, rant simp tion side ition . Th r ly st and e al ta al dinin w s u h s p n e i l a g b n e t c s l i e se ng li e , ou Writte an o the g a n by: p s t h t fi t i e t n a t ing, n sty g in ge ted Jose with le ki ph D the . Kin t r c tripl es hen slow em for a taurant i n t gi n eq fl ually ves off a oor n impr essiv Phot em ogra enu. phs by M a

ria C


na M


el ©



THE FOOD Though we planned to order off the menu and had spent some time making choices, Joe the chef/owner stopped by and asked if we’d allow him to bring out a selection of dishes. Instinctively believing that to be the better choice, we obliged. What followed was a visual and taste orgy of expertly prepared and inventively presented foods.

● ● ● ● ●

shrimp cocktail (4 intertwined large perfectly cooked shrimp on a bed of raw cucumber slices flanked by dollops of house made cocktail sauce) shucked oysters grilled and seasoned bone marrow (long cut, mushroom gremolata, oyster mushrooms, toast)

seared sea scallops (beet risotto, sweet carrot sauce, curried root vegetable) medium rare rib-eye steak (carrots, green beans, potatoe wedges)

T H E S TA F F Throughout our visit I was struck by how attentive and professional the entire restaurant staff were. Never overly close, someone was always a quick glance away. It seemed we had to barely make eye contact and someone was at our side asking how they could be of service.

An Interview with Giuseppe (Joe) Grisafi, Chef/Owner of Corked Wine Bar & Steak House THE QUESTIONS

by: Joseph Kinslow

JDK As you know I recently dined at Corked and was struck by so many positive experiences, several before I even opened the door from the street. Your place is jaw-droppingly gorgeous. I’d immediately assumed you’d worked with an experienced interior designer and architect, but I understand that’s not so. Tell our viewers what role you played in the restaurants exterior and interior design choices. Who’s responsible for the stunning look and feel of the restaurant and bar? GIUSEPPE I spent every day here during construction. I was the designer, general contractor & now I’m the chef/owner. I had the vision no one else could see. I knew what I was trying to go for and pieced it together over a course of a year. Morning, day & night I would sit in the space by myself thinking “how is this place going to look?”… “Will everything match & flow right?”



JDK You’re scheduled for the electric chair. What’s your last meal?

JDK What’s in a name? Why Corked? GIUSEPPE “Corked “ means spoiled wine. We choose it because CORKED is a place to come and spoil yourself. Eat, sip on wine, have a one of our 24 draft beers, forget about life and have a great time. We’re proud to say our wine bar features “Napa Technologies” wine machines, which keep all our reds at the proper temperature so they are never “corked”. JDK Corked has an very impressive wine menu. Are you a wine lover? GIUSEPPE Honestly I’m not a big drinker. I’ll enjoy a nice glass of Cabernet with a great piece of meat on occasion. I leave the wine list up to our beverage director. LOL! JDK Bethlehem is located essentially in the middle of the Lehigh Valley, what does Corked offer day trippers from NYC or Philadelphia that differs from your competitors? What makes your restaurant unique? GIUSEPPE “CORKED” is a Wine Bar & Steak House. We are the ultimate culinary destination. Everything on our menu is prepared daily by our chefs. We offer over 32 wines by glass all available in a 1oz, 2.5oz or 5oz pour. We offer wines by glass that many restaurants do not. Our temperature controlled wine machines allow us to do so, keeping all the wines at proper temp. Not only do we have a great menu & wine selection we also feature 24 draft beers. So in a nutshell, we are the ultimate destination for all winos, beer connoisseurs & foodies. JDK Does your educational background correlate to your decision to envision, design, and operate a restaurant?

GIUSEPPE I’ve grown up in this business. I was given an apron when I was 12 & taught by my dad, an experienced restaurateur (he bought, fixed & sold several restaurants. I’ve been in this industry from a very young age.

GIUSEPPE Blackened Pan Seared Rib Eye Steak on bone, lobster tail.

JDK How long has Corked been open?

GIUSEPPE Not at all… Sometimes people will joke and say “hope its up to your standards”

GIUSEPPE CORKED opened October 20th 2013 so essentially one year. JDK In today’s economy what’s the most difficult challenge to ensure a restaurant is profitable? GIUSEPPE The art of “budget” -Controlling food & labor costs are the two most crucial parts of restaurant ownership. There’s a lot that goes into running a 240 seat restaurant. Payroll is high & the cost of superior ingredients has never been higher, JDK What inspired you to become a chef/ restaurant owner? GIUSEPPE I love the pressure. Running a successful restaurant is a challenge everyday; keeping everything fresh, lively, and exciting day in & day out. I also love pleasing people. It puts a smile on any chefs’ face when someone raves about their experience. JDK Do you have formal culinary training? If so, where? GIUSEPPE Self taught. JDK Where did you find all the gorgeous restaurant staff? GIUSEPPE Hiring is a process. We look for knowledge before looks, it just so happened to work out I found both.

JDK When you’re at home or someone else cooks for you, do people feel pressured to cook something fancy?

JDK What’s a typical dinner at home (assume you have company or family at the table)? GIUSEPPE Steak, fish, pasta, salad, vegetables & some sort of dessert. JDK If cooking just for yourself, what’s your go to dish? GIUSEPPE Pan seared steak or braised short ribs if they’re around. JDK You know I sampled so many dishes on my visit that I didn’t quite make it to the dessert menu. What indulgences does Corked’s dessert menu showcase and are all desserts made fresh? GIUSEPPE Just as our main menu is seasonal, our dessert menu also changes. We tend to follow the season. Come back in & you can try some of our pastry chef ’s desserts, they are all made in house. JDK I can’t stop thinking about all the incredibly “high design” that is Corked. From the choice of flooring to banquettes, wall coverings, tiles, fabrics, ambient lighting, everywhere one looks, I was shocked to learn you didn’t employ an interior designer or architectural firm to create the look and feel. You know, the truth is, a person is blessed to be able to excel at one creative outlet and do it well. Chef, perhaps, owner, I understand, but chef, owner, designer, and general contractor, it’s all a bit mind boggling...

To t wha you do ute that? attrib PPE

E ing outsidyeself to ring GIU“S m nk the I figu e: thhi allengingnt & justk you foris projecat WAY. r i s e D ox”, c differe . Than ter th ere’s ft as tion the bmething differentall, and af WILL, th e lee ’s h t e o a t s i b o ’s t t h e r c e pt o b e ? Iot r i g i n do how to can do e there t s u j e ut its y ering out lement. Ing. Wher g r ap h n t d e s i g n c arm o bo K e n i p D e o y h J r c m t i o a fo t h a t co do any d t e s e b k a t r o o r b u t h ow e can u s t bu s h a re ? o abou t h e iC d m y r b e , I’m ga r o o d D e s y r e E r h e u n e t K T R r ythin trig i ew sh. e ex . Ca on CoO eve y vibe p e r iinn s i d e t h t e l l o u rOvly m p i c -ai l d e s i g n s u e e s v h c no; I l t u n i I ’ m s t e p s n yo u e ve n f o t l o c t E he fina is casi ergeti , Ci P P o n e W h a t c a, u n i q u e , t h ro u g h E t Par beat, en s. GIUrS uttinsge in the n p a re ar.y s t ro n g up touche e o a f u nted e o b H ve s wn a k a as Veegd his Steiamilar. I wwith my o L who’d d n e o t s t i v d s s e i e o a E ated dining I v say. I l lors ar I creat n i ! s L e ic di am the co what . LO y foond sophist n o d that’s t me.GordonyR a S o . g m e l a u Yo fan of his st ant an JDKThere areg a fresh n hugeouches & restaur n? offerito NYC. o Easto t n he t i n r t o n ti se stauraand devomiles clo e r a n 0 opendedicatioerience 1 E ow. you o l l i w exp SEPrP y ur n tn e r U h h I o g f i G W d you e u l c r no rewa I have t! JDKle that ou u r don’t e s a e l P

Written by: Jo seph D. Kin slow


gr aph


s by M



ina M








Growing up in my grandfatherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s art gallery and my grandmotherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s adjacent vintage store in Easton, Pennsylvania, I quickly grasped craftsmanship and quality at a young age. In a last minute decision, I chose design school over medical school, choosing instead to devote my life to making the world a more beautiful place.


61 Over the past three years, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve dedicated myself to merging the creative and analytical parts of my mind to create an unusual and original aesthetic. My style is best described as a mixture of modernity, sensuality and power. I draw inspiration from the rich and worldly cultures around me everyday in New York City, but not without bringing in themes from my past.


Ready to Wear & Intimate Apparel

With a firm belief that the human body is one of the greatest natural canvases, my designs seek to compliment and enhance the female form through a mixture of Ready To Wear and Intimate Apparel.





Creative developed by




tin S y Dus


By the end of the year, 11 of the films released in 2014 were based on existing comic book properties and characters. And there are more on the way.


As the rivalry between the industry’s big two, DC (owned by Warner Bros.) and Marvel (owned by Walt Disney Co.), spills out of the printed page and into competing for prime weekend real estate, fans looking on from the sidelines are left wondering: os over saturation good for business? Warner Bros. recently announced they have films based on DC characters planned through 2019. But only one, “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” has been confirmed and is currently in production (though audiences will not see it until 2016). Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson continues to tease a “Shazam” film coming down the pipeline, but the magic word has not been spoken by DC or Warner Bros. Then there is the long-gestating “Justice League” flick, which “Batman v. Superman” will set up. Meanwhile, Marvel Studios has been growing and expanding the scope of their cinematic universe. The risks they have taken have paid off, with “Guardians of the Galaxy” - a big-budget gamble adaptation of a relatively under-the-radar rotating roster of intergalactic heroes without the built-in recognition of Iron Man, the Hulk or Captain America - surpassing “Transformers” as the summer’s biggest box office hit. Earlier in the year, the Russo brothers’ “Captain America:

The Winter Soldier” mixed socio-political commentary with white-knuckle action pulled in close to $260 million domestically. And the juggernaut that has become Marvel Studios is not slowing down, at least not anytime soon. “Ant-Man” and “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will arrive in 2015. “Dr. Strange” is also in the works. So is a third outing for Captain America (slated for a 2016 release) and an announced sequel to “Guardians of the Galaxy.” There are also rumblings of a Captain Marvel and Black

Panther receiving their respective solo films. But is the high stakes competition too much? Comic book fans are a vocal lot. But we also want to pay for quality. After all, wasn’t “Elektra” punishment enough? Comic books can stretch the limits of imagination. But a dollar stretches only so far. Christopher Nolan’s darker, rebooted Batman trilogy proved that putting an actor in a recognizable costume and in front of a camera is not enough. The thought of seeing Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman standing side by side on screen is enough to give fans the sort of giddy excitement on a nearly orgasmic level. But the amount of variables working against Zack Snyder’s ensemble film has many fans cautiously optimistic about the direction “Dawn of Justice” is headed. If the rate at which comic books are adapted and spit back out as glossy, studio tentpole behemoths and collectible drink cups, eventually, something will have to give. Interconnectivity and continuity among studio franchises are appareling, but potentially hazardous, bedfellows. But it can be done. Just as leave the rubber nipples out of it.


m If you would like your business to be a part of an eastOnpop artAdŠ contact us:

n O x e

Mes a Mo d e rn Me x i ca n 42 S 3 rd St. Easto n , PA (610) 829-2101

La Pe rl a Tapatia 1126 N o r th a mp ton St. Ea sto n , PA (610) 252-1289


Don Juan Mex Grill 518 M arc h St. Easton, PA (610) 438-5661


te storan t . i R a n S bin Cheru r t h a m p t o No 1 0 0 1 a s t o n , PA E 36 58-23 2 ) 0 1 (6

n O t s a e f

de Lor Italian enzoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s R 3 4 1 7 S estaurant ullivan Tr a i l Easton , PA (610) 4 38-602 6

Luna Sette y St. r r e F 219 n , PA E a s t o 8888 253(610)


Photographs by Jack Paulus Š 2014

harlotte in the Cit

Photographs by Jack Paulus Š 2014



s by


ph togra


Š ulus a P ck



Photographs by Jack Paulus Š 2014




D onnell idge ar lotte ‘O h C l: ok lyn Br e d ro B Mo t, ic r t Street Dis bor, Wall r a H k r o ew Y


u ul





r og



yJ sb




Creative developed by



Photographs by Adam Atkinson Š 2014 After exploring the pubs, shops and rich history of downtown Easton, husband and wife team Ben Forsee and Sarah Hinsch, fell in love with the charm and walkability of downtown Easton. They moved to Easton last fall and began their search for the right place to open their business. Sarah- a Certified Health and Wellness Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, first visited the Easton Farmers Market in the summer 2013 and then made several visits to surrounding farms thereafter. She realized Easton was the perfect place to call home both for her family and business. Sarah and Ben opened Greenmouth Juice Bar + CafÊ in May of 2014 at 526 Northampton St., in a charming historic building beside neighbor Easton Yoga.

On the menu you can find cold-pressed juices, smoothies, fresh-squeezed lemonades, La Colombe coffee, Numi teas, espresso drinks, as well as baked goods and hearty salads of kale and quinoa.

Where did the name Greenmouth come from? Sarah says-

Greenmouth began from a dream to help people transform their lives through conscious nutrition by making wholesome organic foods accessible to those on the go. The mission of Greenmouth is to help educate and spread the word of

incorporating juicing with our own organic recipes to help you find a healthier way of living. Owner, Sarah has studied nutrition for over 10 years and healed herself through food.

in. We trust our instincts, following our stomachs and our hearts. 80% of the time we’re eating organic whole foods, most of which are grown locally and cooked at home. The other 20% you’ll

“I needed to ensure we had farmers able and willing to partner with me who shared my vision. I knew that I wanted to open a café, but I needed to be part of the revolution of buying

catch us around town wholeheartedly enjoying a beer at the local pub or at the local bakery indulging in a tasty treat.

locally, which most restaurants simply cannot do because the logistics are too complicated. As complicated as buying from many different purveyors/farmers is, we are determined to be a café that brings local food to our customers as often as we can.

She adopted and practices the words of Hippocrates – “Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food”

Whether you make juicing and eating organic whole foods a lifestyle or just supplement with whole food and juice, we think you’ll notice a difference in how you feel and look as well.”

Sarah Hinsch speaks of her lifestyle and nutrition philosophy:

Greenmouth Juice Bar + Café

-“At Greenmouth, we believe life is about balance. We whole-heartedly believe in the 80/20 rule of eating/living and enjoying this beautiful world we live


“We introduced green juice to our 8 month old daughter and every morning she would have a “green mouth” – hence our inspiration.”

You can find out more about

supports local farmers. In fact, owner

Greenmouth Juice Bar + Café

Sarah started connecting with many


of them before she even moved to PA.


3 2 5 N o r t h a m p t o n S t r e e t Easton, Pennsylvania 18042

610. 330. 99 4 2

December thru April Sat: 10am - 2pm


This holiday season - Experience the magic of the Christmas City- Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Over the past two decades, Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem has delighted almost one million guests from near and far with its mix of unique gift ideas, old-world charm and holiday cheer. This year the festival will celebrate 20 years of holiday magic with a six-week run that features more than 125 vendors each week, more than ever before. Recognized by Travel and Leisure Magazine as one of the top holiday markets in the world, Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem features aisles of handmade works by the nation’s finest artisans, live holiday music, delicious food and more. Be sure to stop by the glassblowing booth where beautiful ornaments are usually being made.

Christkindlmarkt Bethlehem presented by ArtsQuest 645 E. First Street PNC Plaza Bethlehem PA

M A D E I N A M E R I C A W I T H LO V E ®

351 TOWN CENTER FORKS/EASTON, PA 18040 610.515.8006                                                                                                                    




tv here, this time in a straight up horror/drama. 4 year after the dead came back to life as blood-thirsty zombies, the government slowly When the weather gets colder, it’s the best time to curl up on the couch with a integrates them back into society as they start v i e w i n g l i s t a n d a w a r m b l a n k e t ; s o I t h o u g h t i t w o u l d b e b e s t t o becoming human again, only unable to eat s u p p ly y o u a l l w i t h a n a r r ay o f h o r r o r f i l m s t o k e e p y o u b u s y , b u t


dec ided to c at ego r ize t hem by sub- genr e, so t hat if yo u’ r e not into seeing heads being lopped off and shoved up arses or c r eat ur es










so m e ac idic gel, yo u w ill be able to f ind so m et hing t hat yo u

N o n e o f t h o s e t h i n g s h av e I know, but I’ll be damned





h a p p e n e d i n a h o r r o r m o v i e a s fa r a s if they don’t sound like terrific ideas.

There might be a few mini-series thr own in here too for good measure. Kevin Shields is an Irish film critic & regular contributor for MoviePilot & r adio presenter for Phoenix Film, a weekly film review and chat show from Dublin. You can follow his review page on Facebook at & My MoviePilot contributions at First I’m going to go with the always popular:

Zombies: 5. Dead Set (TV) (2008) Dir. Yann Demange

Delightfully cynical comedian, Charlie Brooker came back with a bang after his unpopular and underrated mini-series, Nathan Barley with this extremely clever satirical comedy/horror series. Dead Set follows a group of people living in the confines of the Big Brother house, while a zombie outbreak occurs outside. They must try and escape the house and survive the hordes of flesh eating monsters as well as the military and other survivors. It’s always good fun to see zombified versions of celebrities being torn to shreds.

4. Return of The Living Dead (1985) Dir. Dan O’Bannon. Ever wonder where the phrase “Braaaains”


came from in the zombie dictionary? Well here’s the answer, it was this film! Dan O’Bannon, who unfortunately passed in ‘09, directed only three movies and this was his biggest success. He did write plenty of excellent shit though. This takes place in a medical supplies centre where two bumbling employees accidentally release a chemical into the air, causing the dead to come

back to life. Several friends and punks get trapped between the med centre and a local mortuary as the fight off the undead. Despite being a comedy, this probably has the scariest zombies out there. They are completely unkillable, very intelligent and can even talk! Pretty much all zombie-pop culture references come from this film!

3. In The Flesh (TV) (2013 - Present) Dir. Various. Another piece of absolutely spectacular British

regular food and surviving on government issued food. They are accepted by some and hated by others and tensions are soon on the rise as the army try eliminate the remaining zombies. Treated like a message against racial inequality, this not only packs a brilliant emotional punch, but offers something entirely new to the genre and is extremely effective.

2. The Battery (2012) Dir. Jeremy Gardner. Jeremy Gardner directs, writes and stars in what I consider to be the best zombie film in years.

81 Two baseball players are partnered together in a zombie ridden world and they fight their way through the back roads of New England to a potential safe camp. That is if they don’t kill each other first! This is one of the most realistic zombie films out there, focusing more so on the drama and survival situations rather than constant running around shooting and killing every zombie they see, I think that gets boring fairly fast. These days, especially in the rapidly declining zombie series, The Walking Dead. This has a 40 minute scene set in one location and it’s some of the most riveting shit I’ve ever seen in a zombie film. A must see this season.

Because there’s murdering’s a-plenty in this next sub-genre.

Serial Killer: 5. A Horrible Way To Die (2010) Dir. Adam Wingard.

1. Braindead (Dead Alive) (1992) Dir. Peter Jackson.

genuinely tense and realistically disturbing, this underseen and underrated gem is an absolute cracker of a choice for an evening of fright.

4. Tony (2009) - Dir. Gerard Johnson. Another modern hidden gem here. It plays more like an intense drama than horror but it is seriously grim. Tony is a quiet, lonely, mild mannered man who loves to collect violent 80’s action films and wanders the streets in search of love. But finding love proves difficult as he is a brutal serial killer, preying on junkies, gay men and possibly children? The realism in this film just adds to the darkness, it’s never over the top, just deranged and almost fly on the wall-esque. It works brilliantly and will leave your skin feeling dirty.

3. Maniac (2012) - Dir. Franck Khalfoun.

Of course, no zombie list is complete without the inclusion of the goriest one ever made, New Zealand comedy horror, Braindead. Would you believe this was made by Peter Jackson? Not many younger folk know that, purely from growing up in the last 13 years with just his Lord of The Rings & Hobbit blockbuster films. He started off making extremely gory, trashy horror flicks and I’d pay good money and probably one of my bollocks just to see him return to this style of film making! I digress... After a young man’s mother is bitten at the zoo by a Sumatran rat-monkey, she inherits a deadly virus that turns the whole town into flesh eating monsters. Leaving it up to him, the love of his life and the surviving community to slaughter them all with hedge clippers, toilets, blenders, garden tools and most famously, a lawnmower, in order to rid the town of this evil! It doesn’t get more gory or fun than this! If zombies aren’t your thing then fear not!

Before Adam Wingard blew everyone away with his jet-black slasher comedy, You’re Next, he made a load of rarely seen indie-horrors, one of them stood out as one of the finest horrors in a long time, of course that was A Horrible Way To Die. A young woman dealing with the trauma of finding out her ex-boyfriend was a deranged serial killer finds solace in a new man she met in group therapy, while her ex-boyfriend evades police custody and is murdering his way back to town to find her. Brilliantly made,

I can imagine some horror fanatics are shitting themselves at this point because I’m choosing the Maniac remake over the original 1980 version, and the reason for that is very simple; It’s much better. I love the original but the remake got a lot more personal into the killer’s life and was just a better made film over all! It follows an abused and mentally damaged man named Frank who stalks women at night and scalps them for his collection of hair pieces that he puts on mannequins to substitute his mother. A real charming man... This is told from a first person perspective and is littered with terrific references to the original. One of the rare occasions where a remake is fantastic and even more rare when it’s better than the original! I’m delighted that Elijah Wood has

taken the independent route of his career and not fallen into the hands of Hollywood. He’s been chucking out some of the darkest and most impressive roles of his career, that I doubt would have been possible had he been stuck doing Hollywood blockbusters. It’s refreshing to see one get free!

Bruckner, Dan Bush & Jacob Gentry. Told in three parts from three perspectives and somewhat reminiscent of Charlie Brooker’s, Black Mirror, The Signal follows a group of people who are trying to survive against psychotic and mentally deranged lunatics who have been affected by a mysterious signal that has taken over televisions, phones and radios. Each story is interconnected by a different transmission that goes out. The over all feeling is an intense horror-thriller but each chapter becomes it’s own genre; The first is a typical, gory zombie horror, the second is a very odd, dead-pan, dark comedy and the third is a post-apocalyptic love story; each directed by different people. While this is at heart the one story over, it’s the dramatic differences in each tale that give it it’s anthology feel.

2. Angst (1983) - Dir. Gerald Kargl. This German masterpiece was light-years ahead of it’s time, demonstrating the first and from what I can remember, the only use of a revolving snorri-cam. A man who murdered an elderly woman is released from prison, seemingly a changed man, until his blood lust can’t be contained. He frantically breaks into a house in the middle of the woods in a desperate attempt to find somebody to kill, setting off a horrifically violent series of killer who decides to recruit his roommate Otis to go help him heartlessly butcher innocent people whenever they can. But when Otis’ sister moves in with them, it brings out Henry’s softer side as he begins to develop feelings for her, causing tension between himself and Otis as well as making it difficult to get away with his murders. Michael Rooker’s outstanding performance, the brutal violence and the eerie score all compliment each other in this horror masterpiece. A must see for any occasion. This next sub-genre will be beneficial for the indecisive crowd out there!

4. The ABCs of Death (2012) - Dir. Various

Anthologies: 5. The Signal (2007) - Dir. David blackly comic events. Pretty much invisible, this film gets very little attention and is difficult enough to find without hunting for a copy online. It’s also under the name Schizophrenia and I believe only on Blu ray in France, so it’ll require an import, but it’s definitely worth it!

1. Henry: Portrait of A Serial Killer (1986) - Dir. John McNaughton. Probably the most shocking and memorable serial killer film ever made, banned for many years by the producers themselves and finally released in 1991, this caused outrage all over America and paved the way for brutal, no holds barred & consequence free serial killer films. Loosely based on the real serial killer, Henry Lee Lucas, it follows Henry, a lone serial


One of the best horror anthologies out there, but unfortunately executed badly. While over all this film is fucking garbage, there is some great shorts among some atrocious ones. The idea is that 26 horror directors were all given one of the 26 letters of the alphabet and with that letter they had to make a short film about death. They were given 100% creative freedom otherwise, meaning they could be humuorous, gory, animated or dramatic, it didn’t matter once it adhered to the main rules - Involve the assigned letter and include death. Because so many of these are shit, I’ve decided to just highlight the ones I

83 should be about! Also keep your eyes peeled for a sequel coming next year! No horror movie binge is complete without bringing in the absolute classics. This could almost serve as my top 5 favourite horrors but it’s a difficult list to complete, so these will just serve as a prime example of some of the best I’ve seen.

think are great and should definitely be seen - A, D, I, J, L, O, P, Q, R, T, U, X & Y. - I know half might seem like a lot to like considering I said the over all film was garbage, but trust me, if you see the other ones you will understand, they’re so bad they weigh the whole film down! Just get your hands on these ones and you’re sure to have a good viewing!

3. Body Bags (TV) (1993) Dir. Tobe Hooper & John Carpenter

LEGENDARY director of The Raid and The Raid 2, Gareth Evans. While the main story arch (Connected with the arch of the first film) was weak and the opening short film was a disappointment, the three to follow were absolutely excellent. All cleverly made, utilizing the incredible GoPro cameras in each short, bringing out the best in first person zombies, Satanic cults and old school aliens. As much as I loved the zombie and aliens ones, it’s Evan’s Satanic cult short that absolutely blows my mind; and I’d be definitely eager to see him return to it.

Two masters of horror, Tobe Hooper and the immeasurable John Carpenter banded together to make a trilogy of horror shorts which originally aired on TV before finding it’s home on video, where it grew in popularity. John Carpenter plays The Coroner who works in a morgue. Each body that lies on the table tells a different horror story of how they ended up there. The first revolves around a serial killer, the second about a hair transplant gone terribly wrong and the third is about a baseball player. Each story brings elements of horror, sci-fi, thriller and comedy. I can imagine this might have inspired the terrific horror series, Masters of Horror, which both Tobe Hooper and John Carpenter have horror stories on.

2. V/H/S/2 (2013) - Various. After what I can only describe as a disappointment, V/H/S. V/H/S/2 blew most of the problems with the first film out of the shitter! Creating a properly consistent collection of shorts, one of which and my personal favourite, was directed by the absolutely

1. Trick ‘r Treat (2007) Dir. Michael Dougherty. Possibly the best anthology film to come out in years and one I absolutely implore people to watch this again next Halloween night! (After trick or treating and before drinking yourself into oblivion). This is one of the few films that really captures the Halloween spirit. There’s so many genre’s and types of horror films that are of course great, but not exactly relevant on that day. This is a real Halloween film, the best since Idle Hands I think! Which is of course, tremendous fun! Several stories intertwine on Halloween night, to the point of literally crossing over by simply just having moments occur in the background from other stories, to actually having the characters interact. A school teacher who moonlights as a deranged serial killer, a bunch of kids who decide to pull a mean prank, a college cheerleader who may have found her perfect man and a woman who hates Halloween being forced to put up with her husband who absolutely loves it. A terrific blend of spooky fun. Exactly what Halloween

Classics: 5. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) Dir. Tobe Hooper. Five friends take a mini-van to the country side to visit their grandparent’s house, only to be stalked and hunted by a lunatic wielding a

chainsaw and wearing a mask made of human flesh and his family of cannibalistic grave robbers. Banned in the UK & Ireland until 1999, this masterpiece originally wanted to get a PG rating in the US... they thought but not showing the violence on screen, having no nudity or strong would be able to make that happen. Well they were absolutely fucking wrong! The fact most of the violence is left up to your imagination just makes it all the more horrifying, the events that take place. Very loosely based on the real life serial killer, Ed Gein, who would often rob graves and make items out of human body parts. Still to this day one of the most effective and terrifying horror films ever made. Unfortunately the lead star, Marilyn Burns passed away back in early August. One of the finest horror scream queens out there.

4. Dawn of The Dead (1978) Dir. George A. Romero.

no wonder this received X ratings left and right! Somewhat tame by today’s standards but light years ahead of it in quality. This is definitive zombie masterpiece.

shape-shifting alien that assumes the identity of whoever it kills, turning the crew against each other and fighting for their lives. This violent sci-fi horror is still miles ahead of other films released today, especially with special effects. Rather than cheap out and go for embarrassingly bad CGI like it’s atrocious prequel, decided to do, this put time and effort into creating someone of the most incredible practical effects ever used in horror. If ever I get into the typical Practical FX vs CGI argument, I ALWAYS use this as my prime example as to why it’s always going to be better. I enjoy CGI in moderation, but when you see someone running away from a massive cartoon, it’s in no way scary. But in this, they’re actually being chased by real models and you feel they’re in some way in danger. Brilliantly written, directed and acted to perfection, this sci-fi horror masterpiece plays out like a western, much like nearly every Carpenter script, when ya think about it! Un-missable.

3. The Evil Dead (1981) Dir. Sam Raimi.

Ten years after the horrifying events that took place in Night of The Living Dead, George A. Romero revisited the world of the undead in this groundbreaking sequel. The zombie epidemic is spreading rapidly through Philadelphia, two SWAT team members, a new reporter and his TV executive girlfriend escape the hordes and seek refuge in a large shopping mall. Without a doubt the most popular zombie film ever made, an absolute stepping stone for the genre that inspired basically every zombie film you know and love! It was so popular, that Lucio Fulci’s Zombie Flesh Eaters, was called Zombi 2 in some territories, the seem like a sequel to this film and draw a bigger audience. It’s a beautiful reminder of just how violent the 70’s was. Laden with gore from start to finish, it’s


The original cabin in the woods movie which has now turned into one of the most popular horror franchises of all time and even managed to do a brilliantly flawed remake! Five friends travel to an isolated cabin in the woods, where they find a mysterious book of the dead. After they listen to a recording found there, they accidentally unleash a demonic possession that takes over the cabin, the woods and each other. Chopped and butchered over the years, still holding an NC-17 rating in the US and banned in numerous countries for some time, this low budget, independent work of art truly earns it’s place among the best of all time. Possibly one of the biggest influences for filmmakers, including myself, with it’s absolutely revolutionary tactics for creating the most horrific of scenes and bringing out the most creative filming techniques that are still used to this day, as well as being horrendously gory and terrifying. I don’t know any horror fan that doesn’t have this in their collection... unless they haven’t seen it which is just shocking!

2. The Thing (1982) Dir. John Carpenter. While many consider Halloween to be John Carpenter’s masterpiece, this to me is his greatest achievement. A group of scientists working in the Antarctic are infiltrated by a

1. The Shining (1980) Dir. Stanley Kubrick.

And finally we have my all time favourite horror. Is it an obvious choice? Yes. Do I care? Not a fucking little bit! Say what you want about Stanley Kubrick, but there’s no denying the fact he was legitimately a genius. He’s made some of the most mind blowing and profound films of all time and of course, the most atmospheric and visually striking horror film ever made. A family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter to act as caretakers until spring, but an evil spiritual presence begins to drive the father


into madness and influence him into

committing acts of violence while his psychic son has horrific visions of the past and future. This film improves with every watch and opens up to so much interpretation that a documentary about the theories people have come up with for the film has been made about it. Despite never reading the book, I’m aware this defers quite a bit from the source material. Apparently, Stephen King himself once said that this film was one of the worst adaptations of one of his books that he

had ever seen, but was one of the best horror films he had ever seen. Some would consider that a compliment, others an insult; I just considered it to be perfectly accurate! Acting, music, tone, atmosphere, cinematography, colour and effects are all absolutely 10/10. An utterly chilling and perfectly frightening film for a cold and spooky night. I could literally go on for hours about all of the essential horror movies to watch this season but there’s simply not enough hours in the day!

There are plenty here I unfortunately had to leave out, John Carpenter’s Halloween goes without saying really. David Cronenberg’s body horror masterpieces Videodrome and The Fly as well as his supernatural classic, The Dead Zone. Renny Harlin’s forgotten supernatural prison horror, Prison. Toby Wilkins’ “The Thing” inspired body horror, Splinter. Ben Wheatley’s pagan hitman horror masterpiece, Kill List. Adrian Lyne’s monumentally brilliant psychological horror, Jacob’s Ladder. The

new wave of French extreme cinema films, Switchblade Romance, Inside & Martyrs. And finally, the best found footage film since [.REC], Elliot Goldner’s hidden gem, The Borderlands. Every single film mentioned above, I give the highest recommendation! I hope you enjoyed this list and plan to dig out these excellent films on a chilly evening.



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87 Creative developed by for

MAKE SPIRITS BRIGHT WITH THE FRUITY PEBBLES WREATH -1/4 cup (1/2 stick) butter or margarine -1 pkg. (10-1/2 oz.) miniature marshmallows -1 foot-long chewy fruit snack

1. PLACE 4-inch bowl upside-down in center of large sheet of parchment paper. Spray outside of bowl lightly with cooking spray. 2. MICROWAVE butter in large microwavable bowl on HIGH 45 sec. to 1 min. or until melted. Add marshmallows, toss to coat. MICROWAVE 1-1/2 min. or until marshmallows are completely melted and mixture is well blended. 3. ADD half of cereal, mix well. Repeat. With greased hands, press cereal mixture firmly around bowl to form 12-inch-wide wreath. Remove bowl, reshape wreath slightly, pinching top and sides of wreath to create an uneven appearance. 4. MAKE bow with fruit roll, place on top of wreath. Decorate as desired. Cool completely. Makes 16 servings.


eastOnpop presents the fourth installment of Fantastic Life by KEVIN MUTCH Š 2014

Page 10

To read the past installments on the previous issues of eastOnpop magazine please go to:


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Fantastic Life by KEVIN MUTCH © 2014

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Touch of Thai 123 N 2nd St. Easton, PA 610.250.0716

The Riegelsville Inn 10-12 Delaware Rd. Riegelsville, PA 610.749.0100

Leaf Cigar Bar & Lounge 90 Mort Drive Easton, PA 610.559.1336


Angeloâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Restaurant 14 N 4th St. Easton, PA 18042 610.252.6956

Clove Fine Indian Cuisine 201 Str ykers Rd. Phillipsburg NJ (908) 454-3396


If you would like your business to be a part of an eastOnpop artAdŠ contact us:

GWAR, formed in Richmond, Virginia in 1984, is a fantasy, costumed thrash metal band often labeled as SHOCK ROCK.

GWAR @ Higher Ground Music Hall,


South Burlington, Vermont, USA




Through the Lens Photography By:

Alexander M www.i m a l e x m .com 340 West 42nd St - Suite 2445 New York , New York 10108

( 2 1 2 )

3 3 5 - 0 7 7 6

Alexander Michael is a photojournalist and retoucher.

Alex M is a Parsons graduate and is currently a music photographer for the New York Post.

GWAR is collective effort known as Slave Pit Inc. and is comprised of a cast of musicians, artists and filmmakers.


GWAR @ Higher Ground Music Hall,

South Burlington, Vermont, USA


Photos by Alexander Michael are from the March 21 st 2012 show in VT, taken before lead singer Dave Brockie died in March of this year.

GWAR i s

still going strong.

The frequently rotating line-up of band members was spawned from an elaborate, self-created mythology. Cloaked in grotesque costumes with a fantastic stage show that almost defies belief, GWAR is an experience like no other. They released their 13th album in 2013 and mark their 30 th anniversary this year. David Murray “Dave” Brockie born in 1963, was from Canada and best known as Oderus Urungus, the lead vocalist of GWAR, where

he star ted off playing guitar and l ate r b e c a m e t h e f ro nt m a n . H e a l s o per formed as a bassist and lead singer in bands such as Death Piggy, X-Cops, and the Dave Brockie Experience (DBX ), and starred in the comedy/horror TV sitcom Holliston as Oderus Urungus. B r o c k i e d i e d i n M a r c h , leaving GWAR without any of its founding members in the band. Cory Smoots t h e i r g u i t a r i s t , who portrayed the character Flattus Maximus, a l s o p a s s e d a w a y i Ra n November ndy Ta of 2011.

ylor © 2014

According to band legend, Oderus Urungus was 43 billion years old, and was assembled on a planet called Scumdogia. In August, he was given a traditional Viking send-off involving his notorious costume being set on fire. When GWAR’s longtime leader passed away earlier this year the band could have called it quits. Instead, they gave him a Norse funeral, complete with Oseberg-style ship and flaming arrows. Then they put on their annual GWAR B-Q for over 5,000 people and continued in their human-slaying, thrash-rocking ways. See the video at:


What is a GWAR show like?

Known for their stage antics, phantasmagorical costumes and prosthetics, prepare for an outrageous and theatrical show of epic proportions. One does not wear nice clothes to a GWAR show; any person that does wear nice clothes to a GWAR show is probably in for a surprise.

Going to a GWAR concer t is not just attending a show by one of the heaviest of metal bands; it is also being a par t of the larger than life fantasy.


The main casts of characters, as well as numerous guest stars from GWAR lore, are to be expected and no one is safe. Heads, and other body parts are sure to roll and the crowd soon finds itself caught up in the story and covered in the (fake) blood and other fluids that are constantly being spewed around the venue. I t ’ s n o o r d i n a r y e x p e r i e n c e . Part heavy metal concert and part science fiction/horror movie, GWAR fuses its music, mythos and satire to create a unique narrative for each concert that will excite the audience. Dedication to por traying the mythology that has developed around the band has turned its followers into some of the most hard- core fans out there.

GWAR, with two new intergalactic warriors is currently on their ETERNAL TOUR. Blóthar; a fat, filthy, frozen space Viking, will take over as GWAR’s lead vocalist.


100 t y’s uran e l a h As Rest St. e r th a t u N 1 1 PA n g , Si 2 2 9 s t o n 1971 E a 2530) (61

ro ist B r s ny ’ e B a n S t . n i n i G to & W h a m p PA rt , N o s t o n 676 2 a 1 .1 E 438 . 0 61

re sto k oo sy e B akea St. h T s e S p d a m , PA A m 3 3 6 h l e h e 1100 B e t ) 867 0 (61

t an r u a est d St. R PA ge roa Ed W B em , 0 7 4 h l e h 010 B e t ) 814 0 (61


t i ir

n sO

“The Beautifully Grotesque” ~Sylvia O.

Illustration by Sylvia Ortiz © 2014

101 Illustration by Sylvia Ortiz © 2014

“There is no boundary between the beautiful and the grotesque; They exist as one entity” ~Sylvia O. New York City native Sylvia Ortiz has been active in the alternative art scene since 2002. Her artwork is a life long thesis entitled The Beautifully Grotesque.

is quite provocative. She often uses vibrant colors, staining them with splotches of black and fine line work. Her designs have a dark and edgy allure.

Sylvia employs the human form as an object rather than the subject, and the result

In 2010, Sylvia began her battle with Breast Cancer. This is ironic because Sylvia’s


signature floating -“Boobles”, (iconic symbols of femininity, strength, sustenance and vitality) have always permeated her work. Sylvia O. now resides in Baltimore, MD where she continues her exploration of The Beautifully Grotesque.





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League Unlike other foxes that roamed the woods of southern Ionia, Ahri had always felt a strange connection to the magical world around her; a connection that was somehow incomplete. Deep inside, she felt the skin she had been born into was an ill fit for her and dreamt of one day becoming human. Her goal seemed forever out of reach, until she happened upon the wake of a human battle. It was a grisly scene, the land obscured by the forms of wounded and dying soldiers.

She felt drawn to one: a robed man encircled by a waning field of magic, his


of Legends life quickly slipping away. She approached him and something deep inside of her triggered, reaching out to the man in a way she couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t understand.

His life essence poured into her, carried on invisible strands of magic. The sensation was intoxicating and overwhelming.

As her reverie faded, she was delighted to discover that she had changed. Her sleek white fur had receded and her body was long and lithe the shape of the humans who lay scattered about her. However, though she appeared human, she knew that in truth the transformation was incomplete.

The Japan expo

is a convention held in Paris, France at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte. The Japan Expo is devoted to Japanese popular culture and is the largest of its kind in Europe. Cosplayers meet, take the stage and compete there.

A cunning creature, she adapted herself to the customs of human society and used her profound gift of beauty to attract unsuspecting men. She could consume their life essences when they were under the spell of her seductive charms. Feeding on their desires brought her closer to her dream, but as she took more lives, a strange sense of regret began to well within her. She had reservations about actions which never troubled her as a fox. She realized that she could not overcome the pangs of her evolving morality. In search of a solution, Ahri found the Institute of War, home of the most gifted mages on Runeterra. They offered her a chance to attain her humanity without further harm through service in the League of Legends. a y i s u r y. . . c r e x “M a n l u h u m a n d l i t y. ’’ i sib n o p res i r -Ah

BeeZet as Ahri BeeZet is a Vietnamese Cosplay Artist/Model. She is currently living in Teplice, Czech Republic. BeeZet plans to move to Germany next year to study the language and pursue her artistic dreams.

Photos by: SpirosK photography © 2014




OZMA ( aut onomy) Jewelr y Savory Vintage Assets & Fearlessly Constructed Jewelry Ozma (autonomy) is a story in a world of its own- fabricated by tales of courage, fear, & morality. It is not just a label, but a bundle of creations that tie into one another. Each item has a story to tell & all materials are committed to being sustainable, recycled, ethically & locally sourced. Ozma (autonomy) was conceived in 2012 as a response to the film â&#x20AC;&#x153;Return to Ozâ&#x20AC;?; Founded by Samantha J, who was born & raised in the Pennsylvania Dutch region. Samantha began exploring her creativity first through photography then followed by the intricate fascinations of jewelry design, together her love for both mediums support one & other. Ozma brings you odd realities through images, transmuted adornments- fearlessly reminding us of a place where dreams & bitter truths can coexist, peacefully. Available in Brooklyn, NYC & PA


9 W 4th St, Bethlehem, PA 18015 (610) 758-8400



Available at:


Anyone can travel if they really want to!


Whenever I tell people about my travels to Colombia, I inevitably get the same question... “Is it safe?” I try not to roll my eyes and respond, “In a word, Yes.” Colombia has the fastest growing and most stable economy in South America. The government has been investing heavily in infrastructure, and the kidnappings and drug cartels of the 80’s and 90’s are ancient history. When visiting Colombia you can feel the energy and excitement. People are happy, education is accessible and opportunity abounds. In the cities there is electricity in the air. That’s not to say that everything is perfect, but it certainly seems to be headed I the right direction.

Colombia by: Laureston Porter

Colombia, only a five hour flight from NYC, is a beautiful country in the northwest corner of South America with soaring mountains, pristine coastlines on the Pacific and Caribbean, and some of the lushest countryside you’ll ever see. No disrespect to Ireland, but I’ve never seen so many shades of green!


My most recent trip there included a few days in Colombia’s coffee country, known as the Zona Cafetera. The three principle cities that form the “coffee triangle” are Manizales, Pereira and Armenia. I made my home base in Manizales, the San Francisco of Colombia, at 7,050 feet above sea level. The nickname comes from the mountainous terrain and steep streets. The main drag runs along the ridge of the Cordillera Central, one of the ranges that constitute the Andes Mountains. The cross streets fall precipitously away on either side, making for amazing vistas and white knuckle taxi rides. A much more relaxing way to get around is the cable car system. For only 1,500 pesos (about 75 cents) you can glide over the city from ridge to ridge in a cozy enclosed cable car and take in the sweeping views of the surrounding countryside and the city below. A five minute ride on El Cable can save a 40 minute drive through the city’s twisty-turny jumble of insanely steep streets. It’s truly an amazing piece of modern efficiency that almost seems out of place in a city where you can still see cows grazing in people’s yards.

While Manizales was a fine place to hang my hat for a couple days and get my bearings, the true allure of this region is all about getting out into the countryside. There is so much to see and do. Crazy single track mountain biking, killer hikes through the cloud forest, horseback riding, hot springs and mud baths, zip lining and some of the best bird watching on the planet. I know bird watching doesn’t sound so exciting, but in one afternoon I saw toucans, parakeets, six varieties of hummingbird and a pair of eagles without even trying. You have to admit, that’s pretty cool. On another day we went on a 5 hour hike through an almost surreal landscape of 200 foot tall palm trees reaching up into the clouds. Absolutely stunning.


And then there’s the coffee. Colombia is the third or fourth largest producer of coffee in the world, and arguably grows some of the best tasting stuff on the planet. It’s all Arabica, more flavorful and less bitter that the Robusta bean grown elsewhere. I won’t bore you with the finer points of the coffee culture...You’ll have to come down here and see it for yourself. There is no shortage of first class haciendas and coffee farm tours. In these parts most of it is still grown the old fashioned way on small family farms pitched on steep mountain hillsides and picked by hand. The image of Juan Valdez and his trusty mule loaded down with sacks of coffee is part of everyday life here. In town, men with dusty boots, cowboy hats and machetes strapped to their sides are the norm. It’s a place where tradition is important and people help their neighbors. So is Colombia safe? I can only speak from my experience.

People smile, say hello and are quick to lend a hand. I never felt the least bit uneasy. Even the cab drivers in the larger cities are friendly... Never once did they try to rip me off, and I look unquestionably like a gringo with a capital G. But far more than being safe, it’s fun. Tourism is in its infancy here. Now is the time to go and have an authentic experience before the mainstream discovers it. And if you love coffee and the outdoors, it’s the perfect destination. Porterra Travel specializes in small group tours to Europe and the Americas. The next trip to Colombia is 9 days from January 24 to February 1 and visits Bogotá and Villa de Leyva. $1399 includes air, hotels and transportation. For more information and other Colombian options visit www.PorterraTravel. com or email Larry at



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by: Ma ria


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, PA re 180 42 515









tarOtscOpes Aries (March 20 – April 19) With all of the self-work you have been doing recently, it’s no wonder you are beginning to see the fruits of your labor, Aries! It is wise to continue on this path of clarity and allow yourself the freedom to remove yourself from that which no longer resonates with your entire being. As these karmic patterns are released, you will begin to see

Gemini (May 20 – June 21) The horizon is glistening upon beams of abundance for you, Gemini. There are many forms in which abundance may take shape and in this instance you may feel as though all of the pieces of life’s puzzle are coming together for you – for the better. Thus, it is a good time to make long term plans based

things in a different light; attract new opportunities and positive energy – all that your heart has been yearning for is coming your way.

on the changes that are taking place within and around you. Remember to create a shield of protection around yourself as the sun rises and sets each day.

Taurus (April 19 – May 20) Cancer (June 21 – July 22) Some time for self-reflection is needed, It is time to release that which you have Taurus. There is an old saying, “...too been holding onto, or quite possibly many irons in the fire…” – so choose that which has been holding you back one idea to work with and develop – healing this aspect of yourself will before making any other decisions assist you in moving forward, Cancer. There is an opportunity for selfemployment, which will flourish with success. As

relative to the seeds that have been planted. It would be beneficial your actions to incorporate into your daily life or become aligned with routine the practice of grounding and your intention, remember centering yourself. This practice will to allow your intuition to assist you on many levels and may also guide your path. Take a few be one of the first steps leading you in moments each day to spend some time the direction of creating the space for outside in reflection; this will help to remore structure and discipline that is establish your connection with nature called for at this time. as well as your higher self.


Leo (July 22 – August 22) There has been a lot of movement of energy within the heart’s center – reconfirming that change is happening and comes from within. It is time to take a deep breath and gather the strength that is needed for this transformation that is occurring, Leo. Focus your attention on the many blessings that surround you and remember to have gratitude for all that has brought you to where you are today. By remaining in the present you are prepared to welcome the inflow of abundance that is heading in your direction! Virgo (August 22 – September 22)

Your quest for spiritual knowledge has brought a better understanding of yourself and others – this has enabled you to see things with a different perspective. There are times in our lives when we feel there is a need to move away from negativity and surround

ourselves with positive energy, now is one of those times for you, Virgo. To commemorate this new beginning, travel to a place

where you feel resonates with your new level of awareness and understanding. Allow joy and laughter to become a part of this journey.

Libra (Sept 22 – October 23) You may receive some challenging information, Libra, but remember the challenges we may face are ways to help us learn, grow and come into our own. You are at a place now in life where you are able to help those around you to heal including yourself.

It would be beneficial to be aware of your reactions to others at this time. Also, sometimes others are not able to receive the truth so directly in situations – so, remember, “it’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Scorpio (October 23 – November 22) Although everything may have seemed to be at a standstill, the inner-workings of time and space are now moving in a forward motion. You have the focus and direction to assimilate this new energy that you are currently

experiencing. As many things will begin come right away but, by actively searching, to shift for you, Scorpio, remember to you are sending your intention out into the Universe to receive. not take yourself or life to seriously and have fun along with fulfilling your Aquarius (January 20 – February 19) responsibilities! There is something that will be brought to your attention at this time that Sagittarius you had previously been unaware (November 22 – December 21) of. Trust in the intuitive feelings you You’ve come to a crossroad and a decision needs to be made, Sagittarius. are experiencing – as this will assist in bringing the truth to light in this Ask for assistance in choosing a situation. The energy surrounding you direction while listening to your heart and following your intuition. seems to be a bit scattered, Aquarius; thus, by bringing your focus back to There are lessons in all that we experience in life. So, remember to take center and letting go of distractions, with you the knowledge and wisdom you will become more grounded and be gained, but leave the rest behind – as able to move forward with both a sound mind and open heart. this practice will assist you on your life’s path as well as others. Reserve some Pisces (February 19- March 20) time to focus on yourself, utilize your creative energy and observe your true Since when have you been one to not follow your heart, Pisces? self rise to the surface! Well, it may be a good idea to take a step back and Many paths lie before you, Capricorn, so reevaluate your intentions spend some time in meditation to seek as well as the intentions of others. It’s the answers to the questions you have. Remember, it is important to ask the ‘right’ best to not allow others to coerce you into making a decision, as you already questions. You may receive answers in know in your heart what the right the form of a thought, impression, vision, choice is. Incorporate into your daily or dream – or even possibly through an routine taking the time for self-care, encounter with someone on your muchas this will assist you on your life’s needed vacation! The answers may not path and may even strike a chord with those around you – watch as they begin to follow your lead! Capricorn

(December 21 – January 20)


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