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Modular lightings – Enhance beauty with Security Modular Lighting is the innovator and cutting edge leader in the high- end architectural lighting segment. It represents itself as an industrial delight and perfectly elegant designs. It is designed according to the market demand and modern designs. Modular Lighting is classy, fashionable and focused on the future. Modular lighting instruments are based on latest technology, energy efficient, elegant and above all more economical than conventional lighting. It is becoming market leader for its design, technology and elegant looks.

Price : 189,04EUR

Griffon Modular Lighting Instruments Griffon TI 1x20W QR-CBC 51 GU 5.3 230V Alu IP20

Price : 205,88EUR

Bolster Modular Lighting Instruments Bolster Lighting Instruments 1x50W QR-LP 111 G53 12V Mat Black IP20

Price : 110,19EUR

Giro Modular Lighting Instruments Giro 1x50W AR111 G53 12V TEX Brushed Alu

Price : 124,38EUR

LED Modular Lighting Instruments - LED Module Warm White 7W Matt White

Price : 213,99EUR

Ninety Modular Lighting Instruments Ninety Warm White LED 1x12W PAR 30 E27 230V Alu-Black

Price : 375,72EUR

Nozzle Modular Lighting Instruments - Nozzle Foot 1x70W HIPAR 111 Gx8.5 230V White Structured IP20

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Lightings to enhance beauty with Security