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e their time These residents all giv ing our and energy to improv oversee the neighbourhoods. They d Lawrence Hill running of Easton an ement and Neighbourhood Manag s for the work help decide the prioritie are looking for of the staff team. We es to join us more volunteer truste and St Judes. from Newtown, Easton chat with us If you’d like to have a please contact about getting involved us on 377 3640.

Who are we? rd Meet our resident Boa in terested “I am in services for g n improvin nants in Barto te Council d the Board so ine Hill. I jo ld influence u that I co across the s decision s been a good ha area. It a lot of change h year wit structure the t o re rI ave had r the next yea h e w s e a v work. O s working to u way we e e hoods k e to s ighbour would li e n r u o ur e make s ng better.” tti keep ge

on Hill t r a B s k Tony Hic ay 2009 M d e t c e l E

“I have always been keen on having a clean and tidy environment for people to live and work in and I have been a Neighbourhood Champion for many years. I joined the Board to have wider input and I hope residents will get to know that there is someone who cares about our local environment.”

Jo Curtis - Redfield Elected March 2011

“I’ve work ed area for th in the re and feel p e years assionate ly about sup porting residents to improve s help erv really look ices. I’m ing forward to bringing my profes s the Board . I’d like to ional skills to assist communit yb develop th ased organisations eir to and enviro ideas on sustainab nmental is ility su particularl y intereste es, which I’m d in.”

Terry Black - Elected Ma rch 2011 Sovereign S outh and W est “It really ha s been a pleasure to chair the Board. Ove r the last year I think we have made huge strides both in takin g forward the work of the past ten years and in developing our approa ch to puttin local people g in charge o f their own neighbourh oods.”

Dominic Mu rphy - The D ings Elected May 2005 “I have been involved in the community for ten years. I enjoy telling people what’s happening locally. I have been really pleased with the Forums and it’s great to see so many people attending and speaking to officers. I’d like to see this grow over the next year.”

Mike Pickering - Easton Elected March 2011

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- The Dings Sally Caseley Elected 2002

f o Chair o “I am als d Action oa Church R ined the jo Group. I re make su e to d r a o B wer ps’ views rly this grou la m particu e a I . d r a he s I feel romote th keen to p in Church Road a a in our es business est shopping are rd to b a this is the rhood. I look forw p our neighbou the Board to kee ant with pleas working rant and ib v a e tr local cen lace to shop.” p

dfield e R s i t r u Richard C ch 2011 r a M d e t c Ele

“I joined the Board because I wanted to be actively involved in the community in which I live and you can’t do that unless you have a voice to sing.”

J Austin - Barton Hill Elected May 2009

“I joined the Bo was concern ard as I ed about the state of parks for my daughte r. joining I hav Since e become interested in improving the safety a nd cleanliness of the comm unity. One challen ge was lettin shops on A g the vonvale Ro ad. I’d like to see resid ents who w ork hard get the reco gnition they deserve.”

Joyce Clarke - Redfield Elected May 2009 “I like working with people from all different backgrounds. I think the Board is a good way to keep track of what is happening and I want to bring my experience from living around the world to this area. I am particularly interested in improving career opportunities for young people.”

Manzoor Unar - Easton Elected March 2011 ain “One of my m g kin o lo concerns is Park. I after Netham ally have been re work on proud of our ad over Stapleton Ro onths. I the past 12 m rum feel that the fo t to lo has done a uld ’ issues. I wo ts n e id s re s s addre Road s on Church like us to focu t.” nex

edfield Alex Milne - R 007 Elected May 2

Case Study 2 • • • • • CALL TO ACTION Traders and residents were worried about recent violent incidents on Stapleton Road. There was concern about the cause of this and the impact on people using the street. Traders in particular were upset about the negative coverage the street was getting in the press. • • • • • • OUR RESPONSE

Community at Heart

Annual Report 2010 - 2011

We carried out regular street surveys and walkabouts to talk to people. We supported the BBC to promote the positive side of the street. We worked closely with traders, residents, police and the Council to set up the Stapleton Road Working Group. The group meets regularly to come up with solutions and put these into action. This work is ongoing.

What have we been up to?

Surveying residents Stapleton Road

Case Study 3 • • • • • • CALL TO ACTION Residents of Fox Road and Walton Street got together to raise concerns about drug dealing, fly tipping and the impact of sex workers and nonresident parking in their neighbourhood.     • • • • • OUR RESPONSE We worked with residents and Safer Bristol to put up community signs, litter pick, repaint the playground, improve lighting, protect parking spaces with chains and bollards and clear shrubs that were used for sex work. Residents also decided to set up ‘Fox Watch’ Neighbourhood Watch group.

Community actio Fox Road


Thank you to our Board members. We appreciate all your hard work: Alan Dando - Resigned May 2010 Richard Leeming - Resigned July 2010 Mohammed Elsharif - Resigned July 2010 Ayannah Griffith - Resigned July 2010 Sue O’Donnell - Resigned March 2011

• • • • FINANCE REPORT This is the first year of operation without New Deal for Communities funding. In 2008, Community at Heart was required by Government to show how the work would be sustained beyond the life of New Deal. A legacy fund of £786,000 (not NDC money) was accrued for this purpose. It will contribute to the delivery of neighbourhood management over the next five years together with income from our assets. Community at Heart has a number of ‘fixed assets’; The Old Bank (Church Road), Wellspring Healthy Living Centre (land & buildings), four shop units on Avonvale Road and the ‘Safe Ouse’ youth space in The Dings. This year the Board agreed to transfer the freehold of the Wellspring to the Wellspring Healthy Living Centre Ltd after they successfully applied for charitable status. The Community at Heart Board and the Wellspring Board believe this will help Wellspring to continue delivering services to the community in the long term. We expect to be able to transfer the asset in 2011/2012. Buildings can generate an income but they can also be a drain on resources. Ensuring the assets work for the organisation is a major challenge and will continue to be a high priority for the Board. We received a number of small grants from Bristol City Council, Safer Bristol and Sovereign Housing Association which help to deliver the day to day work which makes a real difference to local people. Penny Germon, Neighbourhood Manager

• • • • • • CHAIR’S REPORT “This year has been very significant for all of us in Lawrence Hill and Easton – our first year as a neighbourhood management team and also the first real test of how two large inner city wards could work together and build a sustainable future. Perhaps the most impressive thing for me has been the positive way everyone has approached the challenges facing them; from how we will work together and make decisions across the two wards to the tough problems faced by residents and businesses around Stapleton Road. All this against a backdrop of uncertainty surrounding the future of the economy as a whole and defining exactly what is meant by Government jargon such as ‘localism’ and ‘community empowerment’. All in all I think we have made a really good start to our lives as a neighbourhood management partnership, there’s still a lot more to do and for that reason I believe we must work hard at getting more people involved in all aspects of our work.” Dominic Murphy, Chair of Community at Heart

Other key events this year: 

  

  

We continued to offer free support to local people at our drop-in Neighbourhood Shop on Church Road. The Shop saw an average of 250 clients a month. We moved offices and relocated to The Old Bank, 108 Church Road. We became the proud owner of four retail units in Barton Hill. One of these was leased to Costcutter. We worked with Bristol City Council and residents in Ashley to set up the Ashley, Easton and Lawrence Hill Neighbourhood Partnership. We produced four editions of Up Our Street which is delivered to 13,000 households. We supported two Future Jobs Fund trainees. And much, much more.....!

Client Support Worke r Mubarig Bodleh Client Support Worke r Mandy Wachon Office & Finance Ma nager Tracy Parsons Admin Assistant Anne Marie Elliot Neighbourhood Facil itator François Jensen Communications Of ficer Stacy Yelland / Sorre l Parsons Neighbourhood Mana ger Penny Germon


Case Study 1 • • • • • • CALL TO ACTION Residents living around Cotton Mill Lane wanted to protect an area of green space that had been ear marked for development. • • • • • • OUR RESPONSE

Community garden opens Cotton Mill Lane

Together with Sovereign South and West, we arranged for the Council to lease the land to residents. The green space has now been turned into a garden which is being looked after by the local community.

Annual Report 2010-2011  
Annual Report 2010-2011  

Community at Heart Annual Report