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ew fitness fads pop over night, but sometimes the only way to truly shift those extra pounds is with a good old-fashioned boot camp.

ing there’s no chance of you getting bored as you might do whilst always using the same machines or doing the same routine in the gym.

Though boot camps are now popping up across the region, the concept has been used by servicemen for years. It’s an intense workout that leaves you breathless, but with toned abs and chiseled legs as the result, who cares about a little hard work?

“In addition to this, physical activity in the great outdoors has various significant benefits, such as burning up to 30 per cent more calories than doing the same workout indoors, as well as enjoying the beautiful scenery. At a BMF class, you can burn up to 600 calories in an hour, whilst it can also help to reduce anxiety and depression, enhance your mood and improve self-worth and body image.”

Garry Kerr, head of operations and training at British Military Fitness (BMF) said: “Boot camps have become increasingly popular as they are a great way to keep fit especially if people are disengaged with the gym and are seeking a new challenge. Working out in groups is highly motivational in comparison to working out alone - at the gym, you have to motivate yourself to turn up and then motivate yourself to train hard.” BMF run boot camp sessions across the country including Cambridge, Norwich, St Albans and Bedford. Though a boot camp may sound scary, reputable boot camps will be able to offer training for all levels of fitness. Garry added: “Despite people thinking boot camps may be scary and geared towards people who are already of a high fitness level, they are suitable for anyone. Every session is completely different, mean22|

Celebrity fans With a mega amount of calories being torched an hour and motivational support, it’s clear to see why boot camps are fast becoming the number one choice for weight loss. With celebrity fans such as Tamsin Outhwaite and Made in Chelsea stars Spencer Matthews and Binky Felstead, No.1 Boot Camp in Norfolk is leading the way when it comes to fighting the flab. No 1 Boot Camp runs from Saturday to Saturday all year round at its base near Kings Lynn in Norfolk. It is for any level or fitness from someone who hasn’t done any exercise in years to the most dedicated gym-bunny. One of the camps recent success stories is that of

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