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APRIL 2012

Danny Crates Essex paralympic champion tells his story

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As he publishes his autobiography, former Paralympic world champion and world record holder Danny Crates talks to John Boston about his remarkable life in the fast lane

The Danny Crates Story


anny Crates has a story to tell. In his 39 years, the former Paralympic gold medalist, World champion, European champion, Paralympic World Cup winner and world record holder has seen more experiences than most people manage in a lifetime. In 1994, Danny was facing a promising rugby career when he lost his right arm in a horrific accident while travelling in Australia at just 21 years old. It was the start of a journey that was to lead him through some of life’s toughest challenges, to ultimately prove that no hurdle is too impossible to overcome. And now we can all read his remarkable story; with the publication last month of his autobiography, Danny Boy. Danny was born in Orsett, Essex and grew up a Corringham and Stanford-le-Hope boy. “My whole life until the age of 34 is based there,” he says. “So that’s where all my history is.” Ever true to his roots, Danny held his book launch at Thurrock Rugby Club, a place that still holds a special place in his heart –

Danny’s car after the accident


it was here that he first got a taste of sporting success. “Rugby was always my sport. I did athletics for a while when I was a youngster, but by the time I was fifteen I’d switched my allegiance to rugby. It was where my ambition was. I played for Thurrock and I played for Essex and Eastern Counties at U18 and U21 level.” In fact, he had just started his first team career at Thurrock when the opportunity came to go to Australia, where he would spend the best year of his life. But just before his time there came to end, his life was turned upside down.

c I got out of the car carrying my arm... it was all very surreal d “I was at the end of my year in Australia and was just doing my final piece of work, which involved driving from Brisbane to Airlie Beach to drop some leaflets on the way. It was job I was relishing, because I was going back to Airlie Beach, which is where I’d spent five months of my year in Australia – probably the best five months of my life – so it was a chance for me to say goodbye to my friends. “We had the crash – I still to this day don’t know what happened, but it wasn’t a major accident, there was a lot of damage to the car, but it was just two cars that clipped each other as they went past, and that was about 8km south of Airlee Beach in a place called Sarina.”

A young Danny with his mum and brother Paul

For a short time, Danny lay unconscious. When he awoke, he looked down and saw a severed arm in his lap. “We (his passenger in the car, Barry) realised there was an arm there and that it was mine, and I got out of the car carrying my arm, and you’re in shock at that stage. It was all very surreal and I have very vivid memories from that but not necessarily about losing my arm, but about things that happened around it. I can remember a fireman running me up an embankment upside down, but I can’t remember my arm hanging off. “When I came round I hadn’t a clue what had happened, literally. My first concern was that it was somebody else’s arm and when I realized it was mine, it was almost a calming affect on me because I knew nobody else had been hurt. “A lady who was local to where the accident happened – she lived in the only house on that stretch of road and, luckily, heard the crash – came to my aid and basically sat on me until the ambulance arrived. The whole time this was going on, the guy in the other car we collided with was up the road casually changing his tyre ready to drive off – he didn’t once came over to see how I was.”




Danny remembers little else; just the doctor at the hospital explaining that they would do everything possible to save the arm and asking for permission to amputate if necessary. Danny was four hours in surgery having his arm amputated. He had just ten stitches and spent only ten days in hospital. His parents had flown out to Australia and they all remained there for a further four weeks while Danny regained enough strength for the flight to Blighty. It’s hard to image what must have been going through his head as he made the 10,000 mile journey back to London. “The rugby career was the first thing in my head,” he explains. “I actually spoke the lady who came to my aid at the scene of the crash about rugby and my chances of playing again, and she tried to reassure me that I would, knowing that I probably wouldn’t. “While I was in hospital I felt safe. Once I got out I realized I had to face the world again and that’s when [the extent of the injury] started to dawn on me – and especially on the journey home it was realisation time that I had to face up to what happened and try to deal with it.” What was he to do? Danny had trained as a mechanical engineer, but his chances of returning to that were unlikely. Instead, he did nothing for six months. And then he started training with the rugby team and played his first game just one year after the accident, becoming the only Danny with Olympic athlete Donna Fraser


known arm amputee playing club rugby in the country. “That was a big step for me,” says Danny, “and probably the most important one – being able to do something that I had done before, and more importantly, a sport I had done before. Of course, before I had dreams of being a professional player, but now that was never going to happen, and now it was just a case of doing something I loved again.”

c I had dreams of being a professional player, but now that was never going to happen d The game had been televised and Danny received worldwide media attention. He also caught the eye of Peter Arnott. Peter looked after the amputee section of the Paralympic athletics team and was affectionately known as the ‘ambulance chaser’ because his job was to go out and find amputees. Peter contacted Danny and tried to convince him to take up athletics again, with a view to competing at Sydney 2000, which was a few years way. “At the time I wasn’t interested,” Danny explains. “I wanted to play rugby; I had done athletics, I knew it took a lot of dedication, but I liked playing rugby and having a beer afterwards. Once every six months Peter would call me to ask if I’d changed my mind but I kept telling him I wasn’t interested.”

But Peter was relentless in his pursuit and eventually Danny agreed to join one of his squad weekends in January 1998, with a promise that afterwards Peter would leave him alone after he had once again told him he wasn’t interested. So Danny went up to Sheffield to join the squad and very quickly realized there was a reason why he used to run. Danny didn’t touch a rugby ball again for twelve years. “It wasn’t like he had promised me a place in the Paralympics team, it wasn’t that easy, but what he was able to do was say, ‘look, there’s a Paralympics in two years time, it’s an opportunity of a lifetime’,” says Danny. “The competitive side in me came out very quickly and I did my first international in 1998 at the World Championships, where I came eighth in the final. And that was the start of my athletics career. It was never planned to be twelve years long!” By 1999, it was becoming apparent that Danny had the ability to make the team for Sydney and get into the finals, so he joined a coach by the name of Ayo Falola, who was coaching 400m runner Donna Fraser at the time. He became her training partner and the three of them worked together for the next ten years. Danny went to Sydney but things didn’t go as planned; he finished third in the 200 metres. “The bronze for me in the 200 metres was a failure, I was devastated by it. That night in Sydney I didn’t run to the best of my ability. I made a couple of mistakes in the race, so for me in Sydney, I didn’t win a bronze, I actually lost a gold. That was very tough and it took me a long time to recover from it. But I was never really a 200m runner.” From then on, Danny concentrated on becoming the best 800m runner he could be, and in 2004 when to the Paralympic Games in Athens, where he won a gold medal and set a new world record. “The gold in Athens in 2004 is my


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Interview To read more of our interview with Danny Crates, go to

proudest moment. Not because of winning the gold – of course, that’s a major part of it – but predominantly because all my mates were out there. I had 35 friends and family there and being able to share that win and that moment with them was pretty special. To come off that track and see them all there going absolutely mad made it all worthwhile. And the party at the end of it was pretty good!” After the triumph at Athens, Danny set his sights firmly on the 2006 World Championships. After winning there, he could claim to have taken gold at every major meeting in Paralympic athletics. As he likes to put it, this was “the icing on his career cake.” As Danny’s career continued to flourish, he was looking forward to defending his title in Beijing 2008. He was given the honour of carrying the GB flag at the opening ceremony, but before his race, he was struck down with a recurrence of an injury he had been fighting for the best part of the five months leading up to the games. “The day I arrived at the training camp in China, I went out for a jog and started struggling again and actually found myself unable to run. I had the honour of carrying the flag at the opening ceremony, but at that stage I had mixed emotions because I knew I was still in trouble. “The next day we made a decision, with the race one week away, to anesthetise my ankle to block out any pain and try to train, but my calf gave away again and that was when I ruled out Beijing. After five months of battling to get back, I found myself unable to run. It was probably the lowest point of my athletics career.” After Beijing, Danny spent months in rehab trying to get fit again. He had lost his funding and sponsorship deals, but was determined to prove that his athletics career wasn’t over. “I was 34 and a lot of people were writing me off as an athlete and saying that the injuries came because I was too old, and I wanted to prove that I wasn’t,” says Danny.

c To come off that track and see them all there going absolutely mad made it all worthwhile d It was going well in training, then one month before the race that was to prove that he could compete with the best – the Paralympic World Cup in Manchester in May 2009 – he pulled a hamstring. He had just four weeks to recover, not nearly long enough. “I probably should have pulled out of the World Cup, but I didn’t, and they got me fit again. So, I lined up on the track, had a good warm up, felt ok. I was in third place, just coming round the bend with 200 metres to go, moved into second, just about to attack the leader, when my hamstring gave way again. For the first time ever in my career I crashed the track and didn’t finish the race. And that was the first race my son, Henry, and my first born, had been at, and it was devastating for me to sit at the side of the track and watch the race unfold in front of me. And that was when I decided I’d had enough and I couldn’t take it anymore.” Danny reluctantly decided to retire; but only after he had one more race – the Crystal Palace Grand Prix. “It was a very nervous time for me because we didn’t know if the hamstring would hold out. It was my big race, in front of 19,000 people, and I got to say goodbye the way I wanted, the way I’d always dreamt it, in front of a home crowd.”

It was a fitting way to end a career that had surprised many except those who knew him well. Since retiring, Danny has established himself as one of Britain’s top platform motivational speakers, where his natural charm and humour shine through. He will also be part of the Channel 4 presenting team for this years Paralympic games in London. How does he feel about that? “Mixed emotions really, because I’d like to be running,” he says. “But there’s a lot of exciting athletes and it’s definitely on target to be much, much better than Beijing.” Never one to rest on his laurels, Danny likes to set himself a new challenge every year, cycling from John O’Groats to Land’s End last year, and running the London Marathon this month. “Everyone’s got goals and ambitions and sometimes we don’t necessarily know they are goals and ambitions, we sometimes perceive them to be daydreams, and a lot of people don’t believe they can achieve them and my goal is to say go for it, take a chance. We’ve all got friends that will tell you until they’re blue in the face what they could have been, but I’d always rather be a person that said I tried to be. And whether I made it or not is irrelevant, but the fact that tried, means I found EL out.” 

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That’s the David Wilson Difference. Trying to sell your current house? Or perhaps you are still saving for your deposit? David Wilson in Bedfordshire could help you upgrade to a brand new home, get on to the property ladder or downsize. Plus for a limited period only, we will offer you a superb selection of quality extras. So whether you want luxury flooring, stamp duty paid, or bespoke interiors visit our luxury homes today and discover the David Wilson Difference.

Scan this QR code with a smartphone for full development details on our mobile site.

Discover the Difference at or call 0844 811 44 77 *Offer available on selected plots only. Terms and conditions apply. See website for details, subject to contract and status. Images typical of David Wilson homes. Prices correct at time of going to press. 24|


Stunning apartments on the regenarated Ipswich Waterfront from Savills New Homes

Have you seen Ipswich lately? “For more than 10 years I have been

proud to be one of Ipswich’s adopted sons and so I know at first hand what this exciting county town has to offer. It has an unrivalled quality of life which can be enjoyed by all who live here. But for anyone who hasn’t visited lately, now would be a good time to drop in and see just how the town has been transformed”, comments Alex Leader of Savills New Homes. Well placed to enjoy Suffolk’s many attractions from countryside to coast, as well as a wide range of urban entertainment and leisure activities, the inhabitants of Ipswich have access to an enviable lifestyle. Opportunities for shopping, relaxing, wining and dining abound. All this and highly commutable too - it is possible to get to London’s Liverpool Street station in only 75 minutes by rail. “Buying a new home in Ipswich can also offer more property for less budget compared with other parts of the East of England”, continues Alex. “Prices for apartments are considerably lower in Ipswich than Cambridge or Norwich for example,

yet you can still get the same quality of life, space and benefits of living in a cosmopolitan city in this wonderful county town.” The jewel in the crown is without doubt the regenerated Waterfront Quarter which has now become an important symbol for 21st century Ipswich as a place to live, work, invest and enjoy. And live there people do; in an array of new homes that share the scene with numerous bars, cafés and restaurants. Down by the waterside, a wide variety of househunters from all around the country have been attracted to The Mill: first time buyers, professional couples, those looking to downsize, and investors buying to let, attracted by the rate of return. “The Mill is a truly dynamic

place to both live and work, but it is not exclusively young or off-putting for families and older people,” he adds. “Sales have been particularly encouraging since the start of 2012 and we have seen a good level of activity of people interested in the scheme.” The Mill is a collection of studio, one and two bedroom apartments, offering a variety of waterfront and courtyard views. Prices range from £75,000 for a studio apartment to £250,000 to for a large duplex apartment overlooking the waterfront. Alex concludes: “The Mill offers an excellent opportunity to purchase a new apartment on the waterfront, within this established and vibrant community. The specification has been well received and we have a variety of completed apartments ready to buy and move into immediately.” Visit the Savills sales centre and meet Lynne Stringer. Open Thursday – Monday, 10am till 17.30 for further information please call 01473 225290.|25



• Guaranteed Finance and letting scheme • Parks in Lincolnshire, North Norfolk & Suffolk • 12 month holiday occupancy (selected parks) • Static caravan part exchange schemes

Call  Email       Visit  or find us on 26|

 Scan to find out more ...

Bring the Family together with your own Dream Lodge

nced • u o n n A t s u J • in 3 New Pgalrokcsat ions 3 st unnin

SPRING OFFER SAVE £15,000 LIMITED AVAILABILITY - Don’t delay, call now

There for you whenever you want-


Just arrive, turn the key and start relaxing... that’s what our Dream Lodge owners do, whenever they want. Our fully managed, gated Lodge developments offer a unique experience with luxurious accommodation in areas of natural beauty in the English countryside. Our UK Locations are situated in areas that make an ideal retreat for all the family, invite the children or grand children and enjoy the host of attractions right on your doorstep or simply enjoy socialising on your private decking, perhaps even indulging yourself with a dip in the Hot tub. Come and find out why The Dream Lodge Group is the natural choice if you are looking for a second home or UK base that can be used throughout the year.



– RANGE OF 2012 LODGES FROM ONLY £99,000 – PARKS OPEN 12 MONTHS – FLEXIBLE FINANCE OPTIONS – BUY TO LET – 8% ROI * For more information, to order a brochure or to book a park visit please call:

0845 123 6333 Please quote reference: EAST04/12



*All offers are subject to availability. All offers are subject to our booking terms and conditions in the current Dream Lodge Group holiday brochure and on the Dream Lodge Group website.

Untitled-2 27

22/3/12 11:02:35

Opening summer

‌ y o Enj

at e r t e r e d i untrys o c n w o your shire d r o stone’s f t a r t e s H ju , y y nquilit ctions in leaf a r t t a e r u e and tra s Peac reat lei g m o r f utes from . throw n i m 0 3 and only London by train central

Lee Valley Caravan Park, Dobbs Weir 08456 770 609 28|

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A collection of studio, one and two bedroom apartments at this vibrant location next to the water’s edge. The location offers something for everyone – just minutes from your doorstep. WWW.LIFEATTHEMILL.CO.UK THE MILL, IPSWICH, SUFFOLK

CALL SAVILLS ON 01473 225290|29

# $% &# ' $ ( "#") *'+++










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         $ %% !  #  &  '  ( ) !  ' # *#

(((            !!" #$ %#!    &   

!  " $ % " %

Traditional values. Contemporary thinking. Box Sash Windows, Windows and doors, Conservatories, Kitchens, Stairs, Specialist work Traditional purpose made joinery by craftsmen in Suffolk Unit 30 Yew Tree Courtyard, Earl Soham, Woodbridge, Suffolk, IP13 7SG Tel: 01728 685500 |











 ! "" # $ 



This is the time to Spring into action, to tidy and declutter. There are lots of great and good looking ways to store your treasures, trash and trivia so here are a few that have caught my attention and may prove useful in your home. Fenella Fairrie.

Spring storage solutions

Dresser to Impress A classic timeless piece, guaranteed to enhance your Kitchen or Dining Room and provide a combination of practical and esthetic purpose. The muted tones will work well in classic or more contemporary surroundings. Suffolk based Melvin Isaac Piper has been making fine cabinetry and joinery for over forty years. A bespoke service offering quality and exquisite finish. This dresser is a prime example of a classic English traditional piece finished with a contemporary touch. See the website: for a sneak preview of what other beautiful pieces can be made.

Stash your Trash Make rubbish, or the sorting and storing of it, cool with the Seletti Recycle Bins Set of 3. You would be pleased to have this slick design item to use everyday. Made up of 3 separate bins for plastic, paper and glass and made from sturdy hard-wearing plastic, this earthy coloured practical gem will work with most Kitchen schemes. The magnetic strip keeps the lid sealed and the contents covered and the rope handle makes moving around easy. Check out the Heals website for more info:|31

interiors Bench Treasure Chest A bench chest with snug fitting wicker baskets is an ideal solution for stylish added storage. Perfect in the kitchen, living room, a playroom, hallway or bedroom. An attractive and versatile storage solution that can be used to hide away all manor of things, fill the baskets and hide them away. Similar design are manufactured by lots of companies but I particularly like this Southwold bench available from The Holding Company

Tins Cake tins are nothing new but they are a vital item for any busy Kitchen. To store your sweet and savoury treats, to hide away goodies from prying eyes, to preserve and protect. Aside from edible treats you can squirrel away bits and bobs, sewing things, garden seeds, pens and pencils to name but a few. So when I saw this slate coloured 3 Tier Cake Tin set that was not exclusively foodie, it grabbed my attention. Cool cake tins to use as you choose! Available from Saffron Walden based Angela Reed at £39.00 a set, see

File Away Whether an addition to your home office or an addition to your home a filing cabinet especially a funky coloured one such as this, will proove invaluable when trying to keep order. While undoubtedly a practical piece a fun colour will lighten the tone and blend with everyday living. With 9 drawers you can have a section for everything, file away all your paperwork and prevent the piles from growing. How efficient! Visit John Lewis in Cambridge or Norwich, for this and other effective filing cabinet options.

Basket Case A well made shopping basket will last you well and can be used for all sorts of tasks around the home, not to mention fruit and vegetable harvesting, picnics, storing kindling and even a country cottage style makeshift magazine rack. Suffolk based Jonathan Gordon makes beautiful baskets in all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes. See Jonathan’s website for this Large Rectangular shopping basket at £26.00 amongst others.

Fenella Fairrie is an Interior Decorator living and working in Manningtree on the Essex/Suffolk border. Tel: 07768 051 829 Email: 32||33

Suffolk Carpet Weavers Visit our new showrooms at Top Street, Martelsham, IP12 4RB LARGEST RANGE of Qualitys and Colours in 80/20 Twist Piles in East Anglia. LARGEST RANGE of Bleach cleanable stain resistant carpets at affordable prices. Also the ONLY RANGE of Green Carpets made from recycled plastic bottles and comes with Lifetime stain and soil warranty 25 year Quality warranty. Plus LARGE SELECTION of hand made 100% wool rug in stock.


Probably the biggest selection of rugs in East Anglia....

Easter Sale Now On! ....And like all magic carpets they’ll come to you in a click. We have 3 floors of beautiful rugs, carpets and kilims in all sizes, shapes and colours. And they are all available for home viewing, at a time to suit you. We can even pre-choose a selection for you-please telephone for details.

Of course with our new website you can now browse and buy in the comfort of your own home, we are now just a click away.…



Open Mon - Sat 9am to 5pm 4 Bedford Street, Norwich (Behind Jarrolds Dpt. Store) Tel: 01603 633520 34|

Traditional & Contemporary Handmade Rugs and Carpets • Extensive showroom with stunning traditional and contemporary rugs, runners and room size carpets • Expert advice on colour, style, wearing quality and care • Home consultations • Specialists in room size carpets

Restoration Workshops on site Restoration, conservation and cleaning of hand-made Oriental and European carpets and rugs, specialising in both modern and antique rugs.

The Persian Carpet Studio Open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5.30pm • Customer Parking

01787 882214

The Old White Hart, Long Melford, Sudbury, Suffolk CO10 9HX


75 DALES ROAD, IPSWICH IP14JR Tel: 01473 462086 1 QUAY STREET, WOODBRIDGE IP12 1BX Tel: 01394 385155




Totally floored Homeowners in search of just the right flooring have never before had more options. It’s a pretty safe bet that no matter what your budget, DIY expertise, or decor preference, you’ll find a flooring solution that perfectly suits your needs and tastes. In fact, you’ll probably find multiple suitable flooring options from which to choose. Time-tested hard floor surfacing, such as wood and tile, continue to be attractive and popular options for long-lasting floors with an enticing assortment of beautiful surfaces. Whether you prefer the warmth and glow of oak, or the show-stopping colors and veining of marble, these tried-and-true floors provide excellent solutions for just about any room or area in your house. To go along with the traditional choices, technology has expanded flooring possibilities in recent years, most significantly in the forms of resilient flooring and laminate Mooring. Resilient Moors have a solt, giving surface, and long established options such as linoleum and vinyl are now complemented by a diversity of new offerings. Linoleum flooring is an older product that has much in common with resilient sheet Mooring, but is made with natural products. In its original form it requires

some experience and skill to install, but newer, DIY-friendly versions, often sold in strips or panels, are easier to install and still oiler the pleasing characteristics of the original. I animate Mooring is a popular manufactured product that provides some cushion underfoot and an appearance that mimics other Moor types, such as wood or slate. These new types of flooring arc complemented In new innovations in installation technology. You can choose from click together, glue-together or stick down floors as alternatives to more traditional and timeconsuming methods. Ultimately, the ideal floor covering for any room in your home is simply the one that has the right look and fed for the spot, while fitting into your budget. The only real limitation you face, given the amazing abundance of choices, is that you don t have more floors to cover in your house.

Carpet pile Fibres are only half the story when it comes to evaluating carpet. The other half is the pile. Carpet is made by looping yarn through a backing. The loops can be cut, left intact, or a combination of both can be use to create textures. Density is another factor in the quality of the carpet. The more fibres packed into a given area, the greater the resistance to dirt and wear and tear. When choosing roll carpet, always check the label, which will tell you the fibre type and number of twists; pile density; available wdths of the roll; stain, soil and other treatments; and the lenght of the warranty.



Velvetcut pile

Saxonycut pile|37

Home Design No matter what type of floor you install, choose your

colors, patterns, and textures carefully. You may have to live with your choices for years or even decades. Flooring is one of the most visible elements of interior design, which makes it one of the most important. Flooring can serve as a bold, eye-catching design statement, or an understated background. Whatever approach you take, always consider the design of the adjoining rooms when choosing flooring. Because floors flow from one room to the next, floor coverings offer a convenient medium for creating continuity throughout your home. This does not mean you should use the same floor covering in even room. Simply repeating a color, pattern, or texture can be enough to provide continuity. The examples on these pages help illustrate how your choice of color, pattern, and texture can affect the look and feel of a room.

Texture of flooring contributes to the style of a room. More rugged surfaces, such as slate or loop-pile carpet, give a room a warm, earhty tone. Smooth and glossy surfaces, such as polished marble tile or hardwood flooring, impart an airy sense of elegance.

Pattern of flooring affects the feeling and tone of a room. In general, subtle patterns lend a more relaxed feel to a room and can make it appear larger. Bold, recurring patterns create excitement and focal points for a room. Choose your flooring pattern carefully to ensure it doesn’t clash with other patterns in the room. Extracted from Black&Decker’s The Complete Guide to Flooring, published by Creative Publishing International, Price £16.99 ISBN: 9781589235212 Available from Amazon, Waterstones and from Book Depository.


Colour of flooring influences the visual impact of a room. Bold, bright colours draw attention, while muted colours create a neutral background that doesn’t compete for attention. Colours also affect the perceived size of a room. Dark colours are formal in tone, but can make a room look smaller. Light colours are more contemporary, and can make the room seem larger.

Create design continuity by using the same flooring in adjacent rooms. Borders can help define separate spaces, as seen here in the dining area.


s Divorce and separation s Family Mediation s Financial settlements s Children issues - residence and contact s Care proceedings s Collaborative Law

EXPERT ADVICE AND A COMPETITIVE PRICE Spur End, Wilford Bridge, Melton, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 1RB

Tel: 01394 610528

PAT’S FLOORINGS We are a family business and offer a complete worry free package


Subscribe to eastlife magazine and be sure of your copy every month. One year is just ÂŁ24.95. Cheques for ÂŁ24.95 should be made payable to eastlife and sent with your name and full postal address to Subscriptions, Eastlife, Unit 4, Avenue Business Park, Elsworth, Cambridge CB23 4EY.


cb4law solicitors 01223 316666 10 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1JY

F.M.C. BUILDERS Brampton With over 30 years’ experience in the region, F.M.C. BUILDERS combine local knowledge with expert advice to deliver the best possible service. With specialist skills in: • Extensions • Unity home repair systems • Electric and gas • Roofing • Timber • Driveways • Kitchens • Bathrooms • uPVC windows and conservatories All your building needs can be catered for. No job too big or small. All proposals are welcome and undertaken. For a free, impartial discussion and quotation, please do not hesitate to contact F.M.C. BUILDERS at anytime. We are proud to offer free portfolio and past customer reviews upon request.

F.M.C. BUILDERS 60 Mandeville Road, Brampton, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE28 4SB Tel: 07703 649490 Email:

We are bigger and better than ever and even more passionate about plants!

THEWorldPERFECT DAY class events and attractions in an action packed weekend


untiluntil March 31st2011 2012 8th May


Eastern Daily Press


April 28th & 29th 2012

Norfolk Showground Norwich


Dogs on leads welcome Game & County st Ea in ir Fa Anglia



Gates Open at 8.00am

Gate Prices on Show Day

Advance Discount Tickets* *

Family (2 adults & 3 children).............. £38 Adults............................................................. £14 Children (5-16 yrs)..................................... £5 Under 5’s................................................. FREE Parking...................................................... FREE

Family (2 adults & 3 children).............. £28 Adults............................................................. £10 Children (5-16 yrs)..................................... £4 Under 5’s................................................. FREE Parking...................................................... FREE

Ticket Hotline



*Closing date for advance tickets 22/04/12 *A small booking fee applies

*Calls cost 10p per minute from a BT landline plus standard network charges.

or Book on-line|41



Pots and seats Cambridgeshire based garden designer Sylvia Newman explains how pots and seats can enhance your garden


t’s amazing how a strategically placed bench or pot can change the way you view your garden from the house and create a sense of calm and satisfaction whenever you look out of the window. What you’re really considering when looking to place a particular item in the garden is intentionally directing your eye to focus on something, rather than simply letting it wander at will, taking in lots of different and often insignificant parts of the garden. Painted benches are being used far more now in gardens and can be ordered in almost any colour. Of course, you could revitalise that old timber bench you already have but which is no longer so inviting to sit on. Give the bench a gentle power wash and rub down any rough edges. I’ve used masonry paint on timber quite successfully and before choosing a random colour, see which colours are already in the garden or house and pick something to either complement or contrast with this colour. Make sure you place your new garden object where you can either see, or glimpse it from the house and be sure to have it nestled in some greenery or in front of a wall. Either way, for that comfortable seated feeling to work, the approach to the bench needs to be from the front or the sides.

the right time to get some seasonal colour going. You know where all of those pots with dead plants have been hidden so, retrieve them all and give them a spring clean. Use as many different styles and sizes as you can. The trick is to plant many numbers of single varieties rather than single numbers of many varieties so consider using each pot for a single species. You could use one of the pots to house a piece of topiary to give some structure. Choose up to three colours that work well together if you want to create a calming cameo, or mix all the colours up for cheery chaos. Cram in as many of these seasonal plants as possible for a much stronger display. Garden Centres continue to carry a large range of spring colours and are expanding their choice of plants each year. Most pot compositions will look more stunning if you choose taller varieties and bulbs such as Alliums, Narcissus and many varieties of the taller tulips are easy to find. Again, find a spot you can view

from the house and group them together to create one single eye catching display. If placing on a soft surface in the border stabilise pots by standing on pieces of paving and cover with a handful of soil or mulch. As the blooms begin to fade you can replenish with new varieties as they appear in the garden centres. ª Continued on page 46

Plant those Pots

It’s fair to say that by far the most popular item on a brief for a new garden is low maintenance and that means at most, a couple of pots for seasonal planting is all that’s required once the space has taken on its new look. And this means it’s exactly|43

Indian Log Burners

Genuine Indian Log Burners from Jaipur via Norfolk. Bringing your guests the warmest of welcomes to any outdoor occasions - Alfresco dining, parties or quiet evenings under the stars. Romantic, rustic, aroma and heat in an attractive bronzed Indian steel lightweight brazier. Prices from ÂŁ200 Ideal Wedding Gift Tel: 07803 200332 44|

Untitled-22 44

22/3/12 17:04:14

Spring is in the Air!







Harling Road, East Harling, Norfolk NR16 2QW

Tel : 01953 718184|1

Gardening ª



April’s pick of the plants Exochorda x macrantha ‘The Bride’ (Rosaceae) sometimes known as Pearlbush, is a medium-sized, rounded deciduous shrub with arching branches bearing white flowers from late spring and oblong, pale green leaves in summer. Grows in moist, well-drained soil.

Pulsatilla vulgaris (Ranunculaceae) or Pasque flower, is a perennial growing to 20cm high. It forms a clump of finely dissected basal leaves which are silky when young. Purple flowers 5–9cm wide are followed by silky fruiting heads. Usually flowering around Easter, hence the name. Grow in very well-drained soil in full sun: suitable for rock garden, scree or alpine bed. Resents disturbance and can be hard to establish but worth the effort. Amelanchier lamarckii (Rosaceae) or Snowy mespilus is a deciduous shrub with an open habit. Often referred to as multi-stem to distinguish it from a single stem tree. It has showy white flowers in early spring, red to purple berry fruit which is soon eaten by the birds. A good all round shrub to have in any garden. Does well in most aspects but the best autumn colour is achieved when grown in full sun.


Chelsea Plus If you don’t already have your tickets for The Chelsea Flower Show this year, you may still be in with a chance. This year, an added bonus is the inaugural Chelsea Fringe, a brand new initiative of flowers, gardens and gardening across London. Opening over the weekend of 19/20 May, go to for more information.

WINTER DAMAGE? Don’t be too alarmed by plants apparently killed by the deep cold we experienced just a few weeks ago in February. Many parts of Cambridgeshire saw temperatures as low as -14 degrees, which seem to have set new records. However, as the previous two seasons have shown, many a shrub or tree thought to have been killed by the winter weather eventually pushed through up some new growth. So my advice is, don’t dig out anything until you are quite sure that there won’t be any new green shoots coming again. You have to be patient, though, waiting sometimes until early summer to see signs of renewal.

Kitchen Garden

I may be showing my age but one of my great inspirations when I started to grow veg was Geoffrey Smith. I still refer to his good advice and if you happen to come across his set of booklets published to accompany his TV series, you might find these to be a handy reference for simple no-nonsense gardening advice. Traditionally, April is the time to harden off veg plants such as lettuce, onions and cauliflowers grown in frames. Of course, these days, you can pick up all manner of small vegetable plants from the garden centres, thus saving you the trouble! If you’re still being traditional, however, and you’ve sown your own seeds in the greenhouse, seedlings showing the first true leaf stage will now need to be pricked out. Later in April in the greenhouse you can sow runner beans, melons, courgettes, marrows and cucumbers and pot tomatoes sown last month. Outdoors you can sow peas, broad beans, cabbage, cauliflowers, Brussel sprouts, onions, salads, spinach, parsnips, and chicory. Plant potatoes in well prepared soil. Overgrown herbs such as mint and chives may be lifted, divided and replanted. Keep the push hoe at work between rows of germinating seeds to reduce weeding later.

VEGETABLES IN SEASON Late Brussels sprouts, broccoli, spring greens, chicory, kale. Early salads from frames. Onions and carrots from store. Sylvia Newman Garden Design Ltd The Old Granary, Westwick, Cambridge. 01223 232131

Half Moon Sofa Set £950.00

Texas 3 Piece Lounge Set £299.00

6 Seater Oval LA Set £850.00


Hosting a garden gathering this summer? Vogue Home and Garden sell a wide range of affordable, modern and traditional solid oak furniture and are the rattan garden furniture specialists.

A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace to the soul

The Apple + Scatter Cushions £999.00

home and garden

34 Chesterton Road, Cambridge 01223 350 347 / 01223 304 721


Cambridge IVF Creating your Future Whether you’re a patient wanting information about treatment and services available at Cambridge IVF or a tutor looking for study topics for your students – Cambridge IVF is happy to help. For patients, we have a wealth of patient information regarding various treatments / services available at the unit. This information is available directly from the unit or via our website. We also hold regular open evenings which give you the opportunity to meet the staff and tour the unit. You’ll receive further information about how Cambridge IVF can help you and what techniques / equipment help Cambridge IVF to be different from other units. The open evening also includes an 'ask the expert' question and answer session as a group or on an individual


basis, during which you will be able to pose your questions to our fertility specialists. The whole evening is designed to help you find out more about us before committing to treatment, as well as support you in deciding what treatment is best for you. There is no charge for attending, but pre-booking is essential. Please contact us directly to book a place or use the ‘contact us’ facility on the website. Open evening dates and times are available on our website. ‘Educating the future’ Cambridge IVF held its first 'Educating the Future' event at the beginning of 2012 when John Ruskin Sixth Form College visited the unit. Tutors and students came to the unit for the afternoon where their programme included a tour of the unit

and presentations by senior members of the team charting the history and pathway of assisted conception. Jesna Joy Varghese, a tutor from John Ruskin Sixth Form College said: “Thank you for organising this memorable event for our students, I confirm it was a great success and I would like to thank you personally for all the extra effort that you put forward for this project.” We look forward to working with John Ruskin Sixth Form College again and expanding ‘Educating the Future’ to more colleges and universities. If you are interested in this programme, please contact the unit for further information regarding the services available. Cambridge IVF Tel. 01223 349010


A vison of health Laser eye surgery is a popular solution for many common eye problems - if you can afford it. Experts explain what happens during surgery, what it can do and what the risks are. Laser eye surgery has been helping people see clearly without glasses or contact lenses for more than 20 years. Working to correct focusing errors such as long-sightedness, short-sightedness and astigmatism (an irregular curvature of the cornea), the quick and painless procedure, which can take as little as three minutes, has been used by a host of celebrities, from TV presenters like Jackie Brambles to Hollywood stars such as Nicole Kidman and Brad Pitt. EYE UP THE PROCEDURE Not available on the National Health Service, the numerous private companies that offer laser eye surgery charge anything from £395 to around £2,500 per eye. Several laser eye treatments, which work by changing the shape of the cornea at the front of the eye to resolve focusing errors, are available, but by far the most common is Lasik. During a standard procedure, local anaesthetic drops numb the eye, before either an automated surgical fine blade or a very precise laser, creates a thin flap on the surface of the eye. Microscopic portions of tissue from the cornea are then removed with an excimer laser, reshaping the surface. Patients shouldn't feel pain during surgery, but may experience a pressing sensation on the eye. Both eyes can be treated at the same time and complications, such as infection or retinal detachment, are rare. After the operation, patients will often have dry eyes and may have to

put drops in for a few months. Vision is better immediately after surgery and will improve as the eye heals. Results vary depending on the procedure and the amount of correction needed, but some patients will achieve perfect vision. SEEN TO BE SAFE While those who perform laser eye surgery must be doctors, they don't have to be eye specialists and clinics don't have to be registered, explains Professor Harminder Dua, president of the Royal College of Ophthalmologists. The college recently introduced an assessment in laser refractive eye surgery (leading to a certificate of competence to practice) that patients can request of doctors. "It's all about risk management. If you go somewhere on the high street,

the majority will do a good job because it's an equipment driven procedure. But if it goes wrong, they might not be in a position to handle things," he explains. It's also important to make sure the person doing the surgery is available to see you before and after the operation, he stresses. Laser eye surgery is not suitable for everyone. For example, those who have very thin corneas, a very high prescription or those who suffer from dry eyes, might not be right for the procedure. Dua suggests very short-sighted patients (with a prescription of more than 10) will often be better suited to a custom-made lens implant. And those who suffer from age-related presbyopia - a decline in the ability to focus on close objects - are also unlikely to be suitable.|49


LOOKING TO THE FUTURE Professor Dan Reinstein of the London Vision Clinic says a pioneering new laser eye surgery called Carl Zeiss ReLEx can treat refractive errors including severe short-sightedness and presbyopia. Instead of a flap being cut in the cornea, the procedure is a type of keyhole laser surgery, where a very precise laser creates micro-pulses beneath the surface of the cornea, allowing a lens-shaped piece of tissue to be gently removed through a 3mm

micro-tunnel made by the laser. Dua says femtosecond laser treatments such as this promise to be one of the “significant options” available in the future, but warns there may still be people who would be better off with Lasik. Reinstein says: "Not only is there less surgical manipulation of the eye, making it less invasive than traditional laser eye surgery, greatly enhancing the patient experience, but it also makes vision correction available to people who would have previously been told they were unsuitable candidates. “It’s a major development, really Star Trek stuff. The most common thing that patients say to me afterwards is they wish they'd had it done sooner.” SHADY TIPS FOR EYES Wear sunglasses to help look after your eyes and keep them at optimum health...


• Don’t shy away from huge sunglasses, as shades should cover your whole eye, protecting them from harmful UV rays. • When you squint due to the sun, that means your eyes are in trouble. Remember to wear your shades to reduce glare from those rays. • Don't take off your sunglasses while outdoors in summer, as long-term exposure to harmful UV rays can lead to cancer of the cornea, cataracts and even blindness. • Check your sunglasses label, as certified and safe sunglasses should have BSEN or CE written on them, and be marked ‘UV 400’. Ask your local opticians if you're not sure. • For glasses wearers, there's no need to wander around in the dark on hot days. Opticians do a wide range of prescription lens sunglasses. • For more information on laser eye surgery, visit the Royal College of Ophthalmologists' website at





NORWICH 2 Europa Way, NR1 2EN t. 01603 613671 IPSWICH 29 Woodbridge Road East IP4 5QN t. 01473 273964 CHELMSFORD 87 Moulsham St. CM2 0JF t. 01245 348178 COLCHESTER 40a Crouch St. CO3 3HH t. 01206 560656

Glasses you can afford|1


Is your asthma under control? allergic reactions to house dust mites, mould, pollen or pets, to irritation from pollution, cigarette smoke, cold air, exercise or colds and similar viruses. Once you know your personal The key is to keep your symptoms under control. triggers, you can try to avoid them as much The UK has one of the highest rates of asthma in as possible.” No one fully understands what causes asthma the world. In fact, more than five million people are diagnosed with the condition – and it’s not in the first place but certain risk factors are well established. “You’re more likely to have asthma just kids. While asthma starts in childhood, it if you have another allergic condition such as improves during teenage years only to return hay fever or eczema, or if any of these allergic years later. However, it can start at any age – a 2010 survey by Asthma UK suggested that up conditions run in your family. Also, some people develop occupational asthma, triggered by to four in 10 people with asthma were first exposure to chemicals used at work such as diagnosed after the age of 16. hairdressing products, wood dust or cleaning Dr Robert Buttery, Consultant Physician in fluids. In such situations, very careful evaluation General and Respiratory Medicine at Nuffield Health Cambridge Hospital, explains: “Asthma is may be necessary to identify cause and effect” he adds. a condition in which there is inflammation of Wheezing, tightness in your chest and the airways – the small tubes that carry air in shortness of breath are the classic symptoms and out of the lungs – sending them into spasm. This restricts air flow, making breathing but another lesser known symptom is a persistent dry cough that tends to get worse at difficult. Everyone has different triggers that bring on their symptoms. These may range from night or early morning. Every day in the UK, three people die from asthma but 90 % of these deaths are avoidable.

“See your GP if you get any these symptoms for the first time. They should ask you questions about when they occur and ask you to do some tests to assess your lung function. This may involve breathing into a device called a spirometer,” advises Dr Buttery. In the meantime, if you have asthma, make sure you see your doctor or asthma nurse to create a personal action plan, which should be reviewed at least every year. “You should know your triggers and establishing a strategy to deal with them – for example, if symptoms are brought on by stress, you may be taught relaxation techniques, or if they’re brought on by exercise, you may be advised to use inhaler medication beforehand. You should also be taught to spot signs that your condition is getting worse, what treatments to use, and how to deal with a full-blown asthma attack,” says Dr Buttery. Asthma shouldn’t stop you enjoying an active life if it’s managed possible. After all, David Beckham, marathon runner Paula Radcliffe and Olympic swimmer Rebecca Adlington all have asthma.

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Sun Smart & Sun Awareness Week Mr Tariq Ahmad, Consultant Plastic Surgeon What should you do? Originating from Australia in the eighties, Slip Slop Slap campaign is still good advice but has recently been extended latterly to encourage use of sunglasses and shade, that is to say: "Slip, Slop, Slap, Seek, Slide" or slip on a shirt, slop on some sunscreen, slap on a hat, Are there benefits from the sun? Sunlight. It makes seek shade, slide on some sunglasses. Avoid the sun at you feel good; it can also ward off winter blues midday when the its (Seasonal Affective radiation is at its peak and Disorder or SAD). remember that you can still It promotes vitamin D get sunburn on a cooler or production which protects cloudy day, from reflected us from weaker bones sunlight if you are in snow, (osteoporosis). Sensible sun sand or water and through protection does not place thin fabric. Use a sunblock people at risk of Vitamin with an SPF of 15 or D deficiency. preferably 30 or more. Children need extra So what are the dangers? consideration as their skin The sun produces light and is more delicate; get them heat which we can see and into the habit of taking feel. It also produces sunscreen, hats and ultraviolet (UV) radiation appropriate clothing when which we cannot see or feel going out to play on a sunny on our skin; UV-A is related day. Generally reapply to sunburn and can sunblock every couple of contribute to skin cancer; hours (no cream is truly UV-B can penetrate skin waterproof) or sooner if in more deeply and contributes water or sweating a lot. more towards skin aging. A suntan is perceived as giving Remember: check your skin us a healthy ‘glow’ but is regularly for any unusual or actually a result of the sun new moles and spots. Seek damaging the skin. Beware medical advice if you find of sunbeds: solariums can moles changing in shape, emit UV radiation that is edge, contour, colour or size upto 6 times stronger than and particularly if you notice the midday sun. itching pain or bleeding. Like most people, I love the feeling of taking a stroll in the warmth of a gorgeous, bright sunny day. But we know that excess sun exposure is related to skin damage and a year on year increase in skin cancer so it is not always easy to know what to do.

What kind of skin do you have? From fair to dark, there are 6 (Fitzpatrick) skin types. People with fair skin, red/ginger hair or lots of moles and freckles; you may burn more easily in the sun than darker skin types.

Conclusion Enjoy the sun safely, as recounted above, but take the advice of this Plastic Surgeon: your skin will keep looking its best, for longer by simply avoiding sundamage and use of an effective sunblock.|53


Eye catching This Spring/Summer Season keep an eye out for new glasses trends says Duncan Hockney of The Specs Factory Famous stars throughout

the ages have made eyewear fashionable. From rock revolutionary Buddy Holly in the 1950s, to Elton John’s eccentric glasses in the 1970s, to the simplistic sartorial style of Jennifer Anniston’s eyewear today, glasses have always been a talking point within the fashion industry. Because of this, eyewear designers are constantly looking back over past trends in history to reinvent into new and exciting ranges and collections. Geek-Chic Glasses A big trend this spring/summer is the arty eccentric glasses also known as geek-chic. These glasses work best on longer, more oval shaped faces and have seen a surge in popularity due to the geek-chic trend that is currently making everything that was once ‘nerdy’ and ‘un-cool’ popular again. With frames the bigger the better. These glasses work best in either a heavy black or tortoiseshell frame. This type of eyewear has been spotted on everyone from Alexa Chung to Johnny Depp and can take you from the working day through to the early hours but are best worn to arty affairs such as film screenings and gallery and museum openings. 54|

Wayfarers Wayfarers, were originally marketed as sunglasses for pilots, but started to appear very quickly on Hollywood stars as eyewear. From the very beginning the style won great popularity. Wayfarers were selling consistently well but became overwhelmingly successful after appearing on Audrey Hepburn in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. Today the Wayfarer style in both glasses and sunglasses can be seen on the faces of stars such as Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan.

This style of eyewear is not only undeniably chic but also projects a professional and intellectual air. Angular frames in black or white with chunky side arms give a fashion forward with a cutting-edge feel. This style of eyewear gained infamy in 2008 when Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, was seen wearing a pair during the presidential election campaigning in America, and was heralded by the press as a style icon.

Oversized Sunglasses Oversized glasses are the new oversized handbag. Rimless Glasses Only the bold and super-hip For the older eyewear customer, rimless glasses can should try their hand at big glasses and sunglasses. be extremely flattering to the face. This is because they However once wearing them bigger really is better. Those open up the face by being with rounder or very thin more subtle than rimmed faces should eer on the side eyewear and make the eyes of caution as this style may look bigger and more not be particularly flattering. expressive. Seen on such stars as Michael Caine, the The trick to finding glasses rimless glasses manage to that suit you is to find a create a youthful look on the trend that works with the wearer’s face whilst shape of your face. If you maintaining a classic don’t know the shape of elegance. More often than your face a quick and easy not this style of eyeglass can solution to find out is to tie be found with transitions your hair up off your face, lenses adding an air of stand in front of a mirror practicality to them. and using a lipstick trace around the shape of your Angular Glasses face. Once this is done look These are characterised by back at the shape you have rectangular forms and 90 drawn and decide which degree angles and were face shape it matches best. inspired by razor-sharp edges and smooth lines.

There’s no need to put up with varicose veins or unsightly thread veins, especially when the latest treatments are so quick and simple. Mr. Gaunt is experienced in treating varicose veins with the Endovenous Laser technique and has performed over 3000 of these procedures in the private sector and is delighted to be one of the first surgeons to offer ClariVein treatment. Varicose veins are often considered a cosmetic condition but if neglected can result in complications Minimally invasive local anaesthetic procedures can be used to treat varicose veins. Thread veins and spider veins can be treated effectively in the clinic but proper assessment is necessary prior to treatment to exclude any underlying conditions. Consultant vascular surgeon Michael Gaunt specialises in endovascular and minimally invasive techniques for the treatment of varicose veins. Mr. Gaunt was the first UK surgeon to use the latest radial fibre technique Mr. Gaunt has a new clinic at the Spire Norwich and busy NHS & private practices in Bury St. Edmunds and Cambridge.

Ask anything, pay nothing – FREE 15 minute appointment with Mr. Michael Gaunt Vascular Surgeon If you would like to find out more about your treatment options for Varicose Veins or Thread Veins, please call 01223 305858 Or visit for more information and please quote EAST0412|55


Leading The Way In Health & Fitness sPhysiotherapy sOsteopathy s0ODIATRYHOMEVISITSAVAILABLE sAcupuncture sMassage sShiatsu s!LLPRIVATEHEALTHINSURANCES accepted


Other sports and health related beneямБts include #IRCUITTRAINING 0ERSONALTRAINING (OMENUTRITIONPROGRAMMES

"ACKCAREADVICE 'YMVIBRATINGPLATE Ring today for an appointment:

01908 615045 99 Wolverton Road, Newport Pagnell MK16 8HX Email:


Food & Drink

FOOD TRIP The top eating places in Herts & Beds as rated on VesuviO “Just a superb restaurant!”

Fabulous Italian restaurant within the Sharnbrook Hotel, although independently owned and run buy the Ciampo family. Popular à la carte menu, live Italian singer every Friday night, and a Sunday à la carte which hosts their famous £7.95 All Day Sunday Roast as well as authentic Italian options to choose from. Park Lane, Sharnbrook 01234 783142 Just 32 “Just 32 Just Perfect”

Well-established restaurant where Head Chef Eric Huvelin creates Modern British Cuisine, with influences from Europe and Asia, with a menu that changes monthly. The style of food is very much in the ‘bistro’ vein with an added cosmopolitan twist. Sun Street, Hitchin 01462 455666 The Whistling Duck “The Best Restaurant in Hertfordshire”

Set in quiet countryside,

The Whistling Duck “The Best Restaurant in Hertfordshire”

Set in quiet countryside, this is one of the freshest restaurants in Hertfordshire. The cosy yet sophisticated décor of warm reds, leathers and oak promises a comfortable environment with an A La Carte menu for lunch and evening meals plus a lounge bar menu. During warmer months, food and drinks can be served on the outside decking area which overlooks the river Lea and fields beyond. Lower Hatfield Road, Hertford 01992 514726 this is one of the freshest restaurants in Hertfordshire. The cosy yet sophisticated décor of warm reds, leathers and oak promises a comfortable environment with an A La Carte menu

for lunch and evening meals plus a lounge bar menu. During warmer months, food and drinks can be served on the outside decking area which overlooks the river Lea and fields beyond. Lower Hatfield Road, Hertford 01992 514726 Auberge du Lac “Perfection personified”

Under the expert guidance of Executive Chef Phil Thompson, Auberge du Lac, Brocket Hall's former Hunting Lodge, has gained a national reputation as one of the most interesting out-of-London restaurants in the country. Its famed cuisine and renowned wine cellar have made it a ‘destination restaurant' amongst discerning diners. Welwyn 01707 368888 Galloway’s Restaurant “Its not about profit, its about service and passion” Family-run restaurant in a Grade II Listed Building dating back to the 17th Century which has been

The Black Horse at Ireland “Our favourite for special occasions”

Gorgeous traditional inn with accommodation, set in attractive and pleasant gardens and with a reputation of offering excellent fresh food. Choose from a range of hot and cold meals in the pub or restaurant. Ireland, Shefford 01462 811398

carefully restored to its former glory. A la carte menu changes regularly with an emphasis on home cooked food using only the finest quality fresh produce. Market Place, Woburn 01525 290496 BEST OF THE REST The Plough at Bolnhurst Exciting English food with a Italian and French influence. Bolnhurst 01234 376274 Thai Rack Glass House Chilled ambiance and great decor. Kneesworth Street, Royston 01763 250488 Sukawatee Excellent Thai and Malaysian cuisine. Hermitage Road, Hitchin 01462 423733 Abbey Spice Refreshing Indian fine dining. Stanhope Road, St Albans 01727 859069 Prickly Pear Exciting new style American and Mexican restaurant. Hockerill Street, Bishop's Stortford 01279 651368 Saigon Pho Popular restaurant serving authentic Asian/Chinese cuisine. Market Square, Sandy. Mama Rosa's Traditional home-made Italian cuisine. North Street, Leighton Buzzard 01525 375149

The selection of restaurants reflects the top ratings on at the time of going to press.|57

Food & Drink

FOOD TRIP The top eating places in Cambs as rated on The Hoops Tandoori "The best Tandoori food I have sampled by far!”

Set in a delightful rural location, enjoy authentic, freshly prepared, home-style curries made with herbs and spices from around the world. The menu draws upon Bangladesh and India's exotic and varied cuisine. Takeaway service available. High Street, Great Eversden 01223 264008 Embe “Best food I've tasted in ages!”

Popular restaurant and bar with a menu influenced by Afro-Caribbean flavours jerk chicken, jambalaya, curried mutton, calypso chicken and much more. Burghley Road, Peterborough 01733 873003 Clarkes “Beautiful, beautiful food. A fantastic restaurant”

Predominantly inspired by the local farms and game, Clarkes cuisine, presented by Chef Lee Clarke, is confidently sophisticated yet surprisingly affordable,

Lalbagh “The best of the best, others should emulate”

Restaurant and takeaway fully re-decorated to provide the ‘most finest and unique atmosphere of any Indian restaurant in the UK’. An extensive array of authentic meals, which are freshly prepared using only the best and finest ingredients. Consistently at the top of the ratings. Alms Hill, Bourn 01954 719131 with creativity finely balanced against tradition – menus are a clever mixture of the classic and exciting. North Street, Peterborough 01733 892681 The Banyan Tree “A must for authentic cuisine”

Indian restaurant located the stunning former Royal

Hotel. Lovingly refurbished and set over three floors, the menu boasts their exclusive Indian Cuisine with the addition of a short menu and Indian Tapas in the relaxed bar. Westage, Peterborough 01733 342800 Peacocks Tearoom “Posh and lovely experience!”

Family-run, traditional English tearoom providing home cooking, a friendly welcome, a relaxing atmosphere and an amazing range of teas from every continent. Lovely garden and setting. Waterside, Ely 01353 661100 Cotto “Quality comes as standard"

Using only the freshest, highest quality produce, ingredients are sourced locally as often as possible. Daily trips to Cambridge market and use of smallholdings in the Cambs and East Anglia area result in a menu that is seasonal with an emphasis on freshness and flavour. East Road, Cambridge 01223 302010

The Anchor Inn “Brilliant meal in an unexpected location."

17th century inn in perfect Fenland location, with a restaurant highly rated by most major guides, serving modern British Cuisine with an emphasis on seasonal and traditional ingredients. Sutton Gault, Sutton, nr Ely 01353 778537

Midsummer House “The best meal of my life”

Located on the historic grounds of Midsummer Common, beside the River Cam, this is the only 2 Star Michelin Restaurant in East Anglia. This Victorian Villa encapsulates Daniel Clifford’s vision for culinary perfection and is home to some seriously stylish food. Midsummer Common, Cambridge 01223 369299 BEST OF THE REST The Oak Bistro Simple, classic dishes set in relaxed, comfortable and modern surroundings. Lensfield Road, Cambridge 01223 323361 The Willow Tree Gastropub in pretty village with in elegant restaurant. High Street, Bourne 01954 719775 Cinta Chinese, Malaysian and Thai cuisine. Post Street, Godmanchester 01480 450 354 Sophie T's Vintage Teashop It's like stepping back to the 1940s at this adorable tearoom. Yaxley, Peterborough. Guiliano's Traditional Italian food at its best. East Street, Crowland 01733 211055 The Fenland Restaurant A mix of traditional Greek and british cuisine. Leverington Road, Wisbech 01945 587745

The selection of restaurants reflects the top ratings on at the time of going to press.


A Contemporary Indian Restaurant serving an extensive array of authentic meals, which are freshly prepared using only the best and finest ingredients. Our food can be consumed at our modern restaurant or in the comfort of your home via our Takeaway service.

open 7 days a week 12 to 2.00pm 5.30 to 10.30 pm. 49 Alms Hill, Bourn, Cambridge CB23 2SH 01954 719131/01954 719364

The Anchor Inn has evolved over the last 350 years and now offers every modern facility, but with a timeless charm and character that ensures you still experience a feeling of true antiquity. Scrubbed pine tables on gently undulating floors, antique prints and roaring log fires in the winter all enhance the cosy, intimate atmosphere of this family run English Inn. Recognition has been won from all of the major food guides including Good Food Guide, Good Pub Guide, Michelin Guide, Which Guide to Country Pubs (Rosette for food), AA 4 Stars and Rosette and Which Hotel Guide.

The Anchor Inn at Sutton Gault

Sutton Gault, Sutton near Ely, Cambridgeshire, CB6 2BD

(0)1353 778537

The new season is fast approaching

Mondays - Saturdays: 12 noon - 2 pm and 5.30 pm - 11 pm Sundays: 12 noon - 2.30 pm and 5.30 pm - 10 pm (incl. Bank Holidays)

01223 264008 or 01223 264443


Toft Road, Bourn, Cambridge CB23 2TT. Tel: 01954 718057 email|59

the ship restaurant and

An intimate and relaxing restaurant with a welcoming, yet contemporary atmosphere.


Harrisons Restaurant

Conveniently located close to the quay side the ship restaurant will exceed your expectations, locally caught fish, seasonal vegetables, and the finest locally sourced meat are prepared to the highest standards. Our Aberdeen Angus steaks are from east anglian herds, matured on the bone for 28 days. Fresh food is the key, accompanied by a well thought out and hand picked wine list, a friendly and welcoming service awaits you and artwork by local artists is in abundance for your viewing and purchasing pleasures.

We hope to see you soon!

Local, fresh produce simply cooked by our award winning chef and served by a friendly, profession team Open for lunch and dinner Tuesday to Sunday and also afternoon teas on Friday

The Ship Restaurant and Gallery Kings Quay Street t Harwich t CO12 3HB | Tel: 01255 553727

Antiques and Luxury Gifts for the Home and Garden and now featuring


Holistic Beauty & Massage Therapies Beautifully Balanced. Stockists and consultants for Neal’s Yard Organic Skincare LADIES THAT LUNCH PAMPER PACKAGES Debden Antiques, Debden, Saffron Walden CB11 3JY Telephone 01799 543007


Best small restaurant in Essex

01702 201217 • 32 Main Road Hockley ss5 4qs

Food & Drink

FOOD TRIP The top eating places in Essex as rated on high on Tripadvisor. Classic dishes with specialities that include fish, shellfish, sardines, homemade piri-piri, Portuguese Cataplanas, Espetadas and much more. Leigh Road, leigh-on-Sea 01702 478768

Harrisons “Excellence in Essex”.

Ethan Rodgers’s philosophy as a Chef has always been to use the finest possible ingredients, cooked simply, to allow them to speak for themselves, which is exactly what he is doing at Harrisons. From the breads and appetiser, right through to your dessert, every dish thats leaves the kitchen shows his full heart and dedication to food. Main Road, Hockley 01702 201217 Number Nine “Colchester Gets A Touch of Class”

Fine Dining in Colchester. Set within a beautifully restored listed townhouse, the restaurant – like the food – fuses classic elegance with original, contemporary style. Meticulously sourced, superbly prepared dishes are perfectly complemented by an extensive wine list and impeccable hospitality. North Hill, Colchester 01206 769999

The Green Man “Do believe the hype!”

The Ship “Fantastic, Why go anywhere else?!”.

Intimate and relaxing restaurant with a welcoming, yet contemporary atmosphere, close to the Quayside. Locally caught fish, seasonal vegetables, and the finest locally sourced meat are prepared to the highest standards. Traditional Sunday lunches are very popular. Kings Quay Street , Harwich 01255 553727

This is so much more than just a country pub. Run by two dynamic and passionate chefs, Mark Clemmey and Adam Walker, this beautifully traditional pub has a homely feel combined with everything you'd expect from a first class restaurant. Edney Common, Chelmsford 01245 248076 O Picado “I want to keep going back for more”

Good value, authentic Portuguese food in this traditional, atmospheric restaurant, including dishes Agostinho's like Carne vinho e alhos “A very special place” and Caldeirada, a Established since 1990, this traditional fish stew. London fabulous Portuguese Road, Westcliff-on-Sea restaurant ranks consistently 01702 300540 The Grove “Lovely views and Fantastic Food”

Wonderful restaurant in a great location. The open kitchen adds to the buzzy and happy atmosphere and it's a real treat in the summer where you can enjoy the food and the views from the outdoor dining area. Contemporary international/Mediterranean cuisine. Marine Parade, Leigh-on-Sea 01702 471383

The Magic Mushroom “That Special Meal, for that Special Occasion”

Top chef Darren Bennet produces a contemporary menu with a traditional influence, with ingredients, sourced locally and organic where possible. Barleylands Road, Billericay 01268 28996 BEST OF THE REST La Piazza Italian restaurant and Pizzeria with a lively atmosphere. Rayne Road, Braintree 01376 342593 The Cuckoo Rustic but stylish gastropub with a great food an a small bar. Radley Green 01245 248946 Coho Stylish family run restaurant by the river. Old Road, Old Harlow 01279 639999 The Green Room Fabulous bistro at the North Hill Hotel. North Hill, Colchester 01206 574001 The Lion Inn Chic bistropub and hotel. Boreham, Chelmsford 01245 394900 Naka Thai Authentic and impressive Thai restaurant. East Hill, Colchester 01206 864086 Boathouse Restaurant Hire a boat in summer then dine at this super restaurant. Mill Lane, Dedham 01206 323153

The selection of restaurants reflects the top ratings on at the time of going to press.|61

Food & Drink

FOOD TRIP The top eating places in Suffolk as rated on Aqua Eight

White Lion Hotel

Sibton White Horse Inn

“Stylish restaurant with a relaxed vibe and great food”

“Delicious family roast dinner on the sea front”

“It just gets better - the food is top class”

Ultra-stylish restaurant and bar serving an innovative fusion of cuisine from across East Asia. Enjoy signature dishes such as black cod with miso or fried soft shelled crab with red chilli and curry leaf. Lion Street, Ipswich 01473 218994

The White Lion’s new Bar and Brasserie has been inspired by a modern desire to return to simple, ‘back to basics’ food, offering freshly prepared dishes, contemporary, informal surroundings and impeccable service. From fresh fish bought from Dean's Shed, situated on the beach opposite the White Lion, to smoked kippers sourced from Pinney's of Orford, the dishes here are a delight. Market Cross, Aldeburgh 01728 452720

Award-winning restaurant serving the best of British food using the finest and freshest local ingredients in seasonal changing menus. Halesworth Road, Sibton 01728 660337

The Great House “A great place for a special meal. Truly French, very professional staff and delicious food”

An authentic boutique hotel with an established, award-winning restaurant that serves seriously good cuisine that has been consistently rated among the best in the country. Market Place, Lavenham 01787 247431 The Dark Horse Restaurant “A place with an atmosphere that's hard to beat”

Restaurant in a former stable and coaching house that used to serve

Sutherland House “The place to go in Southwold”

Southwold’s only fish restaurant with a great warmth. Fresh locally caught fish served daily, sits alongside home-made black pudding dosages and mash and a range of other Modern British dishes. Also with excellent self-catering accommodation. High Street, Southwold 01502 724544 Stowlangtoft Hall. The restaurant offers a fantastic seasonal menu, as well as providing a gourmet food shop. Kiln Lane, Stowlangtoft, Bury St Edmunds 01359 232223

The Ufford Crown “Wonderful food, warm welcome, lovely people”

A friendly, family run village pub and restaurant. Lunch and evening a la carte menus change daily and always offer a range of fresh fish, meat and vegetarian options sourced from our local suppliers. High Street, Ufford 01394 461030

The Bell Inn “Wonderful welcome, amazingly tasty & generously portioned food”

Award winning village pub with a thatched roof and low beams. The traditional bar has a log fire and serves Adnams beers. Excellent freshly cooked, locally sourced food - and exceptional value too. The Green, Middleton 01728 648286

BEST OF THE REST The Waterfront Cafe Fine food and wine overlooking the River Deben. Tide Mill Way, Woodbridge 01394 610333 Coasters Frequently changing menus using the very best locally sourced ingredients. Queens Street, Southwold 01502 724734 Trongs Chinese restaurant with a good local reputation. St Nicholas Street, Ipswich 01473 256833 The Red Lion East Anglia's first and only exclusively vegetarian pub. Greenstreet Green, Great Bricett 01473 657799 Beccles Wine Vaults Restaurant over three floors, including the fab cellar. Blybergate, Beccles 01502 713381 Satis House Award winning restaurant in historic country house hotel. Yoxford 01728 668418

The selection of restaurants reflects the top ratings on at the time of going to press.


Food & Drink

Wines for Easter celebrating life, love and renewal Whatever your spiritual beliefs, Easter is

a time of feasting, family and joy. Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday, and ancient festivals have long greeted the arrival of Spring, and the surge of new life. The traditional Easter Sunday meal of roast lamb is a shared heritage across Europe, but anyone who has been lucky enough to spend Easter in Italy will know that this is a country which marks Easter in style. I think that’s one reason I love to pair roast leg of Easter lamb with Italian reds. Another is that the rich, ripe, bitter-sweet fruit of good Italian reds is a perfect match for the intense flavour and melting texture of new Spring lamb. I say ‘good’ Italian reds with reason: until quite recently, the quality of much of the Italian wine sold in the UK was ordinary at best. The accessibility and generous, unstuffy character of Italian food culture

is a wonderful thing, but it has meant that Italian wine and food was seen as cheap and cheerful, rather than fine and special. Things are changing. The imports and sales into the UK of really good, typical Italian wines have soared over the last 5 years, driven by our love for Italy, and growing appreciation of her food. The supple, spicy wines of Southern Italy are a joy with lamb and, partly because they are not household names, offer great value for money. Nero d’Avola is a hearty but generous style of red grape variety. Cambridge Wine Merchants sell a very reasonably priced example from Sicilian producer La Delfina, at £5.57 a bottle. Further north, in the western region of Tuscany, the local variety is Sangiovese. This is the grape behind Chianti, and makes a fragrant, scented supple companion to lamb. You need to spend

Sarah Abbott

The wine list a little more to get a Chianti worthy of the name, however. Chianti Leonardo is a nice example, and costs from £8.99 at various retailers. For the ultimate Easter wine luxury, I would go for Amarone della Valpolicella, a blend of Corvina, Molinara and Rondinella grape varieties, made in the eastern province of Veneto. This rich, warm, caressingly powerful red is made from partially dried grapes, and costs from £20 a bottle. It is one of Italy’s greatest wines. Buona Pasqua! Sarah Abbott is a Master of Wine, and runs wine courses, dinners and corporate events in the region.|63

Food & Drink

The hottest ticket in Cambridge Alimentum is Cambridge’s ultra stylish, multi-award winning fine dining restaurant. Chef Patron Mark Poynton answers our questions and gives us one of his fabulous recipes

Who did the cooking while you were growing up?

My Mother who wasn’t the best to tell the truth. What is your first food memory?

Sunday roast at my grandma’s house, always a treat. How and when did your interest in cooking start?

Biggest disaster was burning the whole of my right hand a few years ago spending one night in hospital and taking four weeks off work because it was so bad! Greatest achievement would be being named in the top 100 restaurant awards in the national restaurant awards in 2011 (and hopefully staying there this year). What is your signature dish and how would you describe your style of cooking?

The style of cooking is modern European and my signature dish would be Roast Halibut, butternut squash puree, pumpkin seed trompette mushrooms and fish jus.

I was 14 and worked at a little café by the river Dee in Chester making bacon sandwiches and all day brekkies etc.

What’s your top tip for new cooks?

Where did you train?

Who are your food heroes?

I was properly trained at The Queen hotel in Chester by a great chef called Ian McDowall.

Daniel Clifford (my boss of 7 years), Brett Graham from the Ledbury in London, and Ian McDowall my first ever real head chef.

Kitchen nightmare?

Having no salt to season anything! Food hell?

Anything with honey I cant stand the stuff. What would you choose for your last meal on earth?

Roast Chicken, Dauphiniose potatoes, cauliflower cheese and truffle sauce, washed down with a good white burgundy. Must-have pantry staples?

Salt, Vegetable oil, and sugar. Favourite kitchen tool?

Primo BBQ, indoor BBQ we use at the restaurant Your biggest kitchen disaster and your greatest achievement? 64|

Never stop questioning what your doing and why, because it is the only way you will improve.

Which local suppliers do you work with?

Glebe Farm in Huntingdon for beer and organic flour, Water gull Orchards for apple juice, Nurtured in Norfolk for micro herbs, and Dingley Dell in Suffolk for all things pork. What can we enjoy from your kitchen?

You can enjoy modern food with relaxed service, and great wines and if you are lucky enough a view into the kitchen to see us at work. Alimentum, 152-154 Hills Road, Cambridge 01223 413000

Haddock soup Recipe

1 x fillet of un-dyed smoked haddock 500ml semi skimmed milk 200ml fish stock 1/2 an onion (finely diced) 1 clove of garlic (crushed) 150g potato (peeled and cut into 2cm dice) Grain mustard Cress 4 small eggs Method Place the haddock in the cold milk bring to the boil and take off the heat. Soften the onion and garlic over a medium heat in a little vegetable oil for about 5 minutes, then add the potato and cook for a further minute. Add the fish stock and bring to a rolling boil and simmer for 4 minutes. Take the fish out of the milk and pour the milk into the boiling soup, boiling for 1 more minute, then blend until smooth and season with a little salt, black pepper and lemon juice to taste. Fry the 4 eggs in a little butter until the white is cooked but the yolk is still runny! Place the cooked eggs in 4 serving bowls, then flake the haddock around the egg and sprinkle with the cress and grain mustard. Bring the soup back to the boil and pour around the egg yolk then serve. Bon appetit!

Food & Drink

Bonkers for Brazil! Easter weekend sees Las Iguanas throw open the doors to some Latin chic on Quayside, Cambridge. Find a cool mash-up of mouthwatering ingredients and South American culture in this funky restaurant with its light and airy feel, vibrant décor and big smiles all round. Tuck in to zingy superfood salads or hearty Brazilian curries. Sink your teeth in to a Blazing Bird; juicy spiced chicken served half or whole, or add some sizzle with the legendary fajitas. In the bar you’ll find tropical punches bottled up ready to share and a return to old school classic cocktails including the signature Caipirinhas made with Las Iguanas’ own Cachaça distilled near Rio. The tasty early bird offer has lunch dishes from just a fiver or enjoy some tapas and a cocktail or two at happy hour. And as the sun goes down over the Cam it’s the perfect place to celebrate. The a la carte menu is available all day and kids are very welcome with their own set meal or smaller portions. There’s plenty of veggie choice and gluten free options too. Las Iguanas, Quayside, Cambridge CB5 8AB 01223 460540 Find out more at

How to make a Classic Caipirinha cocktail 35ml Las Iguanas Magnifica cachaça A fresh lime 3tsp caster sugar Crushed ice Top and tail the lime and cut in to eight chunks. In a strong tumbler, crush the lime with the sugar using a muddler or round ended rolling pin to extract all the flavor and juice. Half fill the glass with crushed ice, add the cachaça and gently fold together. Top with more crushed ice and serve. Sunshine in a glass.|65


T a b l E D ’ H au T E MENu

Lunch - 3 Courses Lunch Courses Weds - Fri 12PM - 2:30PM


Dinner - 3 Courses Dinner Courses Tues - Thurs 6PM - 8:30PM


To book a table please call 01692 404900 1 Bacton Road • North Walsham • Norfolk • NR28 0RA • All locally sourced food 1| Untitled-6 1

22/3/12 12:16:29


Budgeting for the BIG day Devise a ‘wish list’ of everything you would have if you could afford it, then break this down into the elements that are most important to you. If you really want a ‘wow’ wedding in beautiful surrounding then venue and decorations will take the biggest part of your budget, if you are more concerned with guests remembering the party then music is the most important aspect. The areas that often make the biggest impact are: quality of food, flowers, photography (after the wedding) and a brilliant band. • Cut down on the guest list for the reception and invite

other guests you want to see to a party afterwards • Perhaps you’ve a stylish alternative to the Saturday wedding? Many venues offer discounts for weekday or Sunday weddings. Consider an elaborate Sunday lunch or a Friday night or a midweek event such as an evening cocktail party. Getting married later in the day saves on having to feed your guests twice. • Consider cheaper alternatives to the formal sit-down dinner, a buffet or ‘food stations’ will cut down on both the cost of food and of serving staff. Offer Cava instead of Champagne for the toasts and serve your

wedding cake as the dessert with fresh berries and cream. • Make the most of any talented friends and family, enlist their help with table decorations, the cake, flower arrangements and invites. • Look for simple elegance and ways in which less can be more. Flower arrangements with a few striking stems, for

example, can be just as glamorous as a very full and elaborate display. • If your chosen venue allows naked flame then the option of candles and nightlights is a very inexpensive way to create a stunning looking room and romantic atmosphere. The wedding showcase at Wrest Park is on Sunday 1st April 2012, from 11am until 4pm. Both the Mansion House State Rooms and The Orangery will be available to view with suppliers including photographers, caterers, cake makers, bridesmaids outfits, menswear, wedding dresses and many more. Silsoe, Beds.|67


Personal Choice • Carina • Jaego • Condici • Ann Balon • Gina Bacconi • Libra • Presen • Gold Cabotine • Sonia Pena • Ian Stuart • Mireia • Cameron Blake • Veni Infantino • Ispirato

John Street, Royston SG8 9BE

Telephone: 01763 244 073 e-mail:

Summer Collections at

The Frock Exchange

Specialist footwear for men and ladies. Boots, shoes and slippers.

Evening • Prom • Cocktail Bridesmaids • Occasion Wear

Smiths Footwear

Fabulous new dresses to buy and hire. Collections include: Mori Lee, Dynasty, Goya, Crystal Breeze and many other’s.



Ev 35 -37 Bridge Street, Downham Market

01366 388883

7 High Street, Fenstanton, Cambs PE28 9LQ Telephone number 01480 461187 68| Smiths April.indd 1 Untitled-86 68

22/03/2012 10:12 23/3/12 14:51:28

Perfect everyday silk shirt dress from Fenn Wright Manson, that can be dressed up with heels for evening wear. £179, O&C Butcher, Aldeburgh, 01728 452229

Fashion River island. Rhianna jacket, £55.

Hobbs Unlimited. Unlimited animal print shirt, £99

Republic. Crafted skinny python print jeans, £35.

See yourself in prints

bonprix. Tribal sandals.

Print trends this season have an ethnic edge. Tribal, animal and Aztec influences are awash over everything from suit jackets to bangles. Organic browns, deep reds and earth tones are the most popular colours, although brights have their place too. Washed-out palettes tone down all-over prints on jeans and tailored trousers. Placement prints in bold colours command slouchy t-shirts in neutral base colours. Textured fabrics such as chiffon and crepe manipulate the reflection of light in different forms on surface pattern, and prints come in a range of scales to suit all body shapes.

I Love My T's TinTin Arrows v-neck cotton t-shirt, £49, Anna, Bury St Edmunds, Burnham Market, Saffren Walden, Holt

‘Mia’ One Shoulder Silk Print Dress by Project D, £222.50, Ginger, Timber Hill, Norwich 01603 763158 Vintage-inspired Bettie Page Huntress Leopard Shoes, £70.95, Norwich-based

Hobbs Unlimited. Python maxi dress, £299, surf sandals, £175

Snake sequin mini dress by GraciEve, the new label from The Only Way is Essex sisters, Sam and Billie Faiers, £49 from House of Fraser or Minnie’s Boutique, Brentwood.

MaxMara Studio Jungle print jersey dress, £363, Baska, Magdalene Street, Cambridge 01223 353800 www.|69

prom_Layout 1 28/03/2012 23:33 Page 1

Fashion & Beauty

Prom night With the big night of the year fast approaching, here’s some top tips to help you look good and feel good for the Prom Don't stress over finding the perfect look for the prom. Just remember to start early, make a plan and follow these simple tips for looking your best on prom night. Highlight your best points Know the favorite parts of your body while looking for a dress and find styles that flaunt your looks. Some ideas: Cocktail-length (around knee length) dresses show off legs. A capped-sleeve dress or sophisticated wrap will cover up less-than-fab arms. A fitted column dress will feature an hourglass shape. A large ball gown skirt will camouflage a derrière (large or small). Keep color in mind Some colors, like black, work for all skin tones, but if you’re going for color, make sure you choose the right shade. When buying a dress, make sure you pay a lot of attention to the shades of your dress: pale pinks and peaches may wash out ivory skin, but deeper pinks or apricot can be the perfect hue for light complexions. Less is more Always remember that you can look fab without revealing much or going head-to-toe sequins.

Dresses by Prom Frocks UK

FIVE Prom Night Makeup Tips 1 Look Natural: Since it is your special date, you need to look very natural. To get an even skin tone, apply a suitable foundation to hide the acne, blemishes etc. 2 Perfect Prom Makeup: Before you apply a makeup, decide what you want to highlight, is it the eyes or the lips. a. If you plan on lips then apply a bold and dark pink lip color keeping the eye makeup simple. b. And if you want to highlight eyes, apply a good liner with mascara and false eye lashes making sure that your lips is just glossy. 3 Perfect Makeover: If you would want to look like your favorite celebrity in a movie, then try browsing her picture on net. Simply copy her look and her outfit, it may be look as though you are been given a makeover by a celebrity makeup artist. 4 Prom Needs: your trendy handbag should carry 5 important things gloss, liner, a compact powder, mirror and perfume. 5 Do not forget to apply foundation evenly on neck, arms and ears as your overall look should appear with a single skin tone.

Sandra teamed up with her friend Kim to set up Regardez-Vous at the Rufus Centre in Flitwick, Bedfordshire in September 2011 – a perfect location for them as it is a popular venue for wedding receptions and celebration parties. Regardez-Vous offer an appointment only service which means that customers have exclusive use of their bridal rooms and the undivided attention of Sandra and Kim. Along with wedding dresses from top designers like Amanda Wyatt and White Rose, Regardez-Vous also stock bridesmaid and prom dresses and a selection of beautiful accessories including veil, tiaras and jewellery. Regardez-Vous 01525 838212 70|






Regardez -Vous Bridal, Bridesmaid, Prom Gowns & Accessories Prom Dresses now in store Open Mon—Thurs evenings and all day Sat & Sun

Sumptuous Ball Gowns and Dream Prom Dresses ‘dare to be a diva’ Occasional Wear There’s a perfect dress for every girl A local HIRE service and ‘Worn Once’ dresses are also available at bargain prices! We source from suppliers such as Precious Formals (USA) Manon Fashions (Europe) • Prom Frocks (UK) • Xcite Xtreme • Sparkle Prom and many more As featured in the style gallery of PROM Magazine 2012 Appointments only please contact Audra on 01553 691244 / 07765 357564 • Facebook Audacious

Please phone for an appointment

The Rufus Centre, Steppingley Road Flitwick, Beds, MK45 1AH 01525 838212|71

Untitled-22 71

22/3/12 17:13:07



 +    D")%   F

 +    D  !))    






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F60.>$0<=98,6 0,=0:<4.0=9110<=,::6C>9;?,641C48280A4><9H8@034.60=9</0<0//064@0<0/ !#! #!"48.6?/0/064@0<C>90,60<8?7-0<:6,>0=9@0<8708>4<=>024=><,>49800!"798>3=2<,/?,>0/ 034.60B.4=0?>C60.>$<08>,6==39A8,::6C>9>3019669A48279/06=<0=:0.>4@06C*4><9H8#4284)%   4><9H8$4284!"    <0;?4<0,8,/@,8.0<08>,691D#!! D#" %19669A0/-C#$

48,8.4,60<@4.0=?,/<,8>9?=0<48.0==,C0/3466?<<0C!! @0<!(=986C2?,<,8>007,C-0<0;?4<0/E  97:64708>,< C0< @4.482,8/ ==4=>,8.0,.5,20*=0< @4.4820B:4<0=,>#&798>3=9<#%

=>9.5,@,46,-464>C48,8.09110<=,::6C>9 986C

" 074==498=257+4230=>*4><9H8#!% &   :9<>6?=)$# !%!%%$&'$""!%% 9A0=>* 4><9H8#04)      >C60)%2$#&%'#"((##&'(%)%

 +          ***!('%$'(!#'%)&%)"#(  *%'(|1


Citreon cool Sue Cooke test drives Citreon’s ultra cool Ultra Presitge IF you are planning a trip to the world’s top tourist destination this Easter, then you will need to carry a warning triangle and a fluorescent safety vest in your car to use in an emergency. Driving in France also requires UK motorists to display a GB plate and have their headlights adjusted to the right. And from 1 July this year, you will need to carry a breathalyser kit. But remember that the legal limit in France is lower than in the UK at 50mg per 100ml of blood. In the UK the limit is 80mg. The simplest rule is not to drink and drive at all and you certainly wouldn’t want to risk losing your licence if you are the owner of one of the most gorgeous looking cars manufactured by a French company. Stuff magazine has listed the Citroen DS3 as one of the fifteen coolest things in the world today and the Ultra Prestige just made it cooler. Inspired by the world of fashion the polar white model features a sports spoiler, dark-tinted side and rear windows and 17” charcoal-grey alloy wheels. A striking graphic covers the model’s black roof with the DS insignia and shifts from matt to gloss as the light changes. It attracts a lot of attention and would provide for interesting conversations as you while away half an hour on the Euro Tunnel. The luxurious interior has front bucket leather seats which sport a ‘crescendo’ colour effect and have comfortable side supports but as with all sports cars, the suspension is firm.

The dashboard strip is covered in ‘Alpine’ white leather, embossed with the DS signature and the small height and reach adjustable steering wheel has a racing style flat bottom and chrome inserts. Automatic digital air conditioning includes a scented air freshener and there is a Bluetooth® enabled hi-fi s ystem and a host of other state of the art equipment. From the exterior, the DS3 looks as compact as its supermini name implies but it is actually quite spacious inside. The rear seat bench will take three and there is plenty of leg space. It is also very practical and easy to drive. Gears shift through the six speed gearbox smoothly and an indicator signals the optimum moment for the driver to change gear to encourage fuel efficient driving. There is a petrol or diesel engine available in the range. I road tested the petrol which is alert and powerful. A go kart like feel results in responsive handling, minimal body roll and impressive poise in corners. The Citroen DS3 Ultra Prestige is definitely the equivalent of French epicure. Facts at a Glance Model Citroen DS3 Ultra Prestige Price £20,700otr Engine 1.6i 155hp Performance 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 130mph CO2 emissions 139g/km Combined fuel consumption 47.1mpg

In a nationwide survey, Citroën Letchworth has just scored top marks for customer satisfaction - beating more than 200 other Citroen dealers throughout the UK. This accolade follows seven consecutive months in which Citroën Letchworth customers have voted the service provided by the Icknield Way dealership as being rated 10/10. Citroën Letchworth is on a roll – opened only in September 2008 – this dealership has rapidly gained an exceptional reputation for its outstanding sales and service performance. A delighted David Arrowsmith, Citroën Letchworth’s Dealer Principal, comments, “Our winning customer satisfaction rating is a tribute to the fantastic group of staff that we have here at Citroën Letchworth. To achieve these consistently high customer ratings requires a real team effort. Our success is due to the way we make our customers feel special, from the moment they speak to us on the telephone or set foot on the forecourt or in the showroom. It is about the friendliness and competence of our entire team, their knowledge of the models, the cleanliness of the showroom and display areas and the service provided by our technicians.” 01462 674777|73



    .92.95556.30,%0#%$%1#.3*9#+)#*92(%9/0)#%9+!$$%09#(..1%96.309#!092(%-9 #+)#*92(0.3'(92.91%%9)219&%!230%19!-$98-!-#%9$%2!)+19!+.-'95)2(9.2(%09,.$%+19 .309$0%!,9%0#%$%1%-79)195%++95)2()-9"3$'%2


#$!)*"*&#(*%* &!$ .02(%0-9!69306929$,3-$199 9 * * 555,%0#%$%1"%-7.&"30612%$,3-$1#.3* #$!)*"* # 9!0-5%++9.!$9!,"0)$'%9 9 9** 555,%0#%$%1"%-7.&#!,"0)$'%#.3* #$!)*"*!$*(!! %4%0)$'%9!69)-'196--99 9 * * 555,%0#%$%1"%-7.&*)-'1+6--#.3* #$!)*"*"#' !0*%0920%%29.05)#(99 9 * * 555,%0#%$%1"%-7.&-.05)#(#.3* #$!)*"*%#"#"& +3"9!696'-%29!0*9!,/2.-9%2%0".0.3'(9 9 9 * *  555,%0#%$%1"%-7.&/%2%0".0.3'(#.3*|1 , -#)%"!"'-( -#"&(!$'#"-,(%&-"-!$- '%&-$%-!-#%-'-%&"+-%"-(%"-      -*'%-(%"- 



WHY TRUST YOUR VOLVO TO ANYBODY ELSE? From the new Volvo range, to Approved used vehicles right through to service and repairs, visit Marshall Volvo and expect nothing less than a first class service as standard. Marshall Volvo of Welwyn Garden City 57 Great North Road, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire AL8 7TL 0844 245 7031|75

5V(TCPEKU´ %QNNGIG Independent Boarding and Day School for girls aged 3-18 years.

Small enough to make a


Open Day

Saturday 12th May 2012 10.00am - 12.30pm


Perfect Start in Life From Nursery to Sixth Form (3-18 years), outstanding success is achieved through a broad and challenging curriculum. In a happy, friendly environment, girls visibly grow in conďŹ dence and ability, emerging as fully rounded, educated young women.

Come and see for yourself.

OPEN DAY 4 May 2012 9.30am - 12pm

Please Call 01604 765765

Bold Imaginative Reflective Three words to define your daughterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s future. Add three more:

Open Day Wednesday 9th May, 10am


Telephone: 01234 361918 |


Living and learning Continuing education

Take a look at the options for further education Further education isn't just another word for university. It’s about being in charge of your choices and getting to where you want to be in the future - whatever stage you're at, whatever age you are. Although A levels and other academic qualifications are frequently a route into further education, they’re not the only way. Work-related qualifications and work experience can also provide a good starting point. With more than 50,000 courses available, in a variety of academic and work-related subjects, there’s bound to be one to suit you. Attending university or college lets you experience a rich cultural and social scene and meet a variety of people, while studying something you love. Employers value graduates’ skills and completing higher education does lead to better pay, often in a job that fits your career plans. Adult learners and those having to juggle work or family commitments with their study may want to take advantage of the increasing number of distance courses available online; information can be found on the Hobsons distance learning website. Study of course, doesn’t just mean applying yourself to an honours degree. You could study a Foundation Degree, a Higher National Certificate (HNC) or Higher National Diploma (HND), or a Diploma of Higher Education. Or you could take one or more modules and ‘earn’ credits

towards a higher education qualification to be gained in the future. You may also want to consider work based learning. With work based learning you can learn how to do a job, gain the skills an employer needs and have the chance to gain qualifications which are nationally recognised by employers. The only question is which is the best option for you? Thankfully the website of the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) provides a useful starting point, giving information on A-levels and other qualifications such as the General National Vocational Qualification (GNVQ), City and Guilds and BTEC. It also provides practical advice concerning areas like financial assistance, gap-year options and routes into higher education. Back in the offline world, the local careers service is also a useful port of call. A face-to-face meeting can be the source of valuable advice and give access to resources such as careers directories and university prospectuses. The Cambridge-based Careers Research and Advisory Centre (CRAC), an independent

organisation dedicated to supporting people make informed decisions about their careers is a good example. Financial advice for students of all ages on how to fund study can be found at Directgov, where there is also information for adult learners on grants, bursaries and loans. Learn Direct offer information on funding for all types of courses from further education courses, higher education, postgraduate courses, government-funded training and studying on benefits. Careers Research and Advisory Centre: Connexions: Direct Gov Department for Education and Skills: Hobsons Distance Learning www.distancelearning. Learning and Skills Council: Learn Direct|77



Free Family Fun Day at Otley in May Otley College is getting ready to stage their free family fun day on 5 May 2012. The Big Day Out is Otley’s version of a mini county show that opens at 10am and closes at 4pm. Entrance is free and so is the programme and parking. Last year over 5000 visitors came along. This years theme is entitled ‘Stand Out and Be a Star at Otley’ at an occasion that will be raising money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance and The Prince’s Trust. Areas on site will include a marquee of crafts and plants, a food and drink village, cake stalls, a farmers market and loads more entertainment for all the family. There will be lots of sporty things happening including climbing walls and football. The main events ring will have activities throughout the day – and the food stalls will satisfy every palate.

All departments will be on hand to chat to students, parents and guardians about the variety of courses that they have at Otley. Annest Hopkins is one of the organisers of the event. She said, “As well as being a great day out for all the family, our Big Day Out gives visitors the chance to see all the fantastic facilities that we have, talk to staff about career options and find out what makes studying at Otley such a unique and positive experience.” “We hope people will feel inspired to support one of the biggest events in the Suffolk calendar,” she added.

For more information about the Big Day Out, please call Annest Hopkins on 01473 784276 or email|79

in the frame

If you are interested in advertising in this section, please contact Charlie Roadley-Battin on 07595 894578


ORIGINAL PAINTINGS LIMITED EDITION PRINTS Saturday 5th - Sunday 13th May, 10:30 - 5:30 daily Bees Hall, The Avenue South, Sheringham, Norfolk, NR26 8DH Tel:01263 823 863 brian@ar


Steeple End, Halesworth, IP19 8LL Open May-Sep. 11.0 – 5.0; 2.0-5.0 Sun Tel: 01986 873064 during opening times Email: May 5 – 23: TEXTURE and TIME Jo Budd, Brian Excell, Julie O’Leary May 26 – June 13: PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW

Suffolk Open Studios Showcase Exhibition 2012 26 May - 4 June A must see exhibition of sculpture, painting, glasswork, jewellery and other art forms by some of Suffolk’s leading artists. Blackthorpe Barn, Rougham, Bury St Edmunds, IP30 9HZ (off the A14 at Junction 45). Open 11am and 5pm Café. Disabled access.

A unique and eye-catching Exhibition to launch the 2012 season in the Dragonfly Gallery Wayland House Watton 14th – 21st April Weekdays 10-4 Sat 10-1 Contact Susan: 01953 880205 80|


Art of the Real is a stunning collection of work from four award-winning contemporary watercolour artists, on show at Thompson’s Gallery in Aldeburgh, Suffolk this month. For the first time, Angus McEwan RWS ARWS, David Poxon RI, Denis Ryan RWS and Sandra Walker RI have come together to form a group which is bound together not only by a common approach to the use of watercolour, but by an appreciation of the minutiae of the world around them. Each artist responds in a quiet and sensitive way to the often-overlooked corners of everyday life. They exhibit enviable technical skills, where realism is exploited to reveal an intrinsic beauty in decay. 7 - 22 April, 01728 453743

Wicken based artist Terry Beard will be showing new work at The Makers’ Gallery, Cambridge from April 13th-22nd. Terry, who moved to Wicken with her husband seventeen years ago and converted a pig rearing shed to studio and workshop space, uses various media to create a sense of depth and form through the use of colour and colour relationships in her work, some of which is inspired by a childhood spent in Africa. Hope Street Yard, Cambridge 01223 414870

Around the THE ARTS

REGION Cambridge Wordfest, the East of England’s leading literary festival, celebrates its 10th birthday this year with yet another fantastic line up of big name authors and debut writers. The sparkling line-up includes Julian Clary, one of our best loved comic entertainers; former Conservative MP, Michael Portillo; best-selling crime writer and creator of Inspector Rebus, Ian Rankin; world class novelists, Alan Hollinghurst, Margaret Drabble, and William Boyd; Charley Boorman, adventurer and motorbike enthusiast; and John McCarthy, kidnapped and held for more than five years in the Lebanon Hostage Crisis, discussing his views on modern-day Palestine. 13-15 April 01223 515335| 81


Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London ©David Batchelor, 2003

The Saatchi Gallery returns to Ipswich Art School with another exhibition of contemporary visual art from this internationally renowned collection. Works on show this year use a wide range of media and techniques. Experience their physical qualities such scale and size, dimension and materiality and explore ideas around fantasy and imaginative fiction in which animate and inanimate objects take on altered and heightened lives of their own. Among the artists represented this year are David Batchelor, Steve Bishop,Spartacus Chetwynd,Matthew Darbyshire, Tessa Farmer and Brian Griffiths. The exhibition will be at Ipswich High School, Upper High Street, Ipswich, until 26 August.

Around the THE ARTS

REGION The Curwen Print Study Centre is opening its doors to the public on Saturday 5th & Sunday 6th May between 11am and 5pm. You will have the opportunity to view the studio and facilities and even have a go at some Fine Art Printmaking. There will be Artist Printmakers in attendance showing their own work which will be available to buy. All are regular tutors at the centre and they will be happy to discuss opportunities and courses with those interested. The Study Centre offers courses for artists of all ages (8 upwards) and all abilities from complete beginners to Masterclass level. The choice of techniques is wide and courses vary in duration and time to suit everyone. The cafe at Chilford Hall will be open for Tea & Coffee and the wine shop will be open to purchase wine produced in Chilford vineyard. For more information call 01223 892380


Unseen Forces an exhibition of large organic forms and kinetic sculpture by David Watkinson opens at RHS Garden Hyde Hall, near Chelmsford, on Saturday 28 April. Taking inspiration from the natural world the exhibits depict seed heads, leaves and fruit among other forms and are made from a variety of materials such as steel, aluminium and cold-cast bronze. All eight exhibits will be large-scale works ranging from 1 – 4 metres tall. Leeds-based artist David said: “It’s very exciting to be staging my first solo sculpture exhibition in such a beautiful setting – it’s a wonderful opportunity for me to gather together a body of work that has been years in the making. The exhibition continues until 31 October.


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++('/)'// '(/)'// )(/!(// ((/// (  /(// (/#// ' /!+/(  // !( /( /3/ (/!//  /(/3/+//  ,'/ (+ / / +//  +//

/(/ // -$/(+///

Open Studio 5th & 6th May   %" 

4 0/5 /3/7/& /4124//     !"    !    


''/ /6/1:;81/2<8944////      /

O VA D A Professional Dry Cleaners Alterations and Repairs Dry cleaning & clothing repairs to the highest standards Delivery & collection service available Appointment service for alterations if required Many years experience in providing a ďŹ rst class service

John Constable Carl Andre Steven Claydon

Your Clothes Are Worth It "ROADWAYs0ETERBOROUGHs0%31s4EL

Equivalents Culpable Earth 4 February â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7 May Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday 10am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 5pm Thursday and Friday 10am â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 7pm Closed Mondays (except Bank Holidays)

Lewis Gardens High Street, Colchester Essex CO1 1JH

Admission free

John Constable, R.A. (1776-1837) Rainstorm over the Sea c. 1824-1828 oil on paper laid on canvas 235 x 326 mm Š Royal Academy of Arts, London

Photograph: John Hammond|83


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Sightseeing flights over London, Cambridge and Newmarket. Biggles-style lessons in a Tiger Moth. Classic Wingsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Gift Vouchers make superb and unusual presents. Choose from a range of nostalgic flights in the Dragon Rapide or an exciting Trial Flying Lesson in one of our Tiger Moths. To book flights or buy gift vouchers, contact us on 01255 473832 or book on-line at 84|

Tuesday 17 - Saturday 28 April Tickets: ÂŁ6.50 - ÂŁ42.50 Box Office: (01603) 63 00 00 Book online:


Siren to swinger Gemma Bissix is preparing for something completely different by starring in the adult comedy Funny Peculiar opposite a host of TV favourites. John Bultitude caught up with her to find out more. There is no doubt about it. Gemma

Bissix may not thank you for thinking it but she cornered the market in the nasty blonde bombshells in soap… called Clare. Whether it was Nigel’s daughter in EastEnders or the conniving businesswoman Clare Devine in Hollyoaks, Gemma incensed millions of soap fans with her game playing, manipulation and general evil. But she is leaving that all behind to star in Funny Peculiar, a revival of Mike Stott’s classic comedy. It follows the story of small-town grocer Trevor Tinsley, played by Craig Gazey aka Coronation Street’s Graeme Proctor. Despite having a devoted wife and a new baby, he is tempted to stray with his neighbour’s wife which provokes a series of comic situations among the members of his strait-laced community. The show’s cast-list reads like a Who’s Who of prime time TV favourites with others starring in the show including Vicky Entwistle who played the super-brassy Janice Battersby in Coronation Street, Hear’say band member turned Emmerdale siren Suzanne Shaw, and Steven Blakely aka PC Geoff Younger in TV favourite Heartbeat. And it seems that Gemma loves playing the part of Shirley Smith in the show, a character with some very definite character traits. She explained: “Shirley is great. I guess she is a little bit like Barbara Windsor in the Carry On films. Bluntly, my character is a bit of a swinger. She is a bit of a hippyish type who is into free love.” And Gemma has particularly bonded

adult. I did a few different jobs and ran a pub. I was always going to auditions and trying for parts but nothing really came up.” That was until the role of Clare in Channel Four soap Hollyoaks. This was a role which saw her redefine evil even resorting to attempted murder in some memorably gripping scenes. Gemma said: “It was a fantastic experience and she was a fantastic character. If I had done the things she had done in real life, I would have ended up on Death Row.” She particularly menaced the popular character Max and OB, played by Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries, leading to some gripping scenes with Vicky Entwistle. Gemma said: which boosted the Hollyoaks ratings. “Vicky is absolutely fantastic on stage. While it may have been In fact, she has become a bit of an full-on nastiness and inspiration for me. I have been venom on screen, it watching how she works and I hope I was a different story can pick things up from her.” behind the scenes, as Gemma started acting at a very Gemma recalls. “I got young age picking up the part of on so well with the Clare Bates, in EastEnders at the age actors I worked of nine. Looking back, she believes with,” she said. that being high-profile at a young age And that bonding was actually a good thing. Gemma with the cast has explained: “In some ways, I didn’t definitely carried really know any different. I started at drama school and I was still doing my forward into GCSE’s. I suppose I really just got on Funny Peculiar. “We all get on with it really. I did learn an awful lot and gained an awful lot from being in very well and we do go out quite a EastEnders though.” After leaving the show, she ended up bit together. We do taking a break from the public eye and like going out for drinks and meals.” taking on a wide range of different So it definitely jobs both inside – and outside – the acting profession. Gemma recalled: “I seems that laughs did do some odd work – an episode of offstage lead to laughs onstage for a show Doctors and things like that – but it was really hard between the ages of 18 promising lots and 21 as I was growing up into an of Spring smiles. To see the full interview with Gemma go to

Funny Peculiar, Norwich Theatre Royal, 30 April–5 May 01603 630000.|85


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Segway and Well, sort of – jump on board a Explore the forest standing still. you can We think it could be the most fun s. ari saf st fore our of one on head off . have on two wheels. You’ll see


9679 Book at or call 0845 094 Segway riders must be over 10 years and over 7 stone. Supervision ratios apply *Offer valid Sun to Fri at Go Ape Forest Segway Thetford only throughout 2012. Excludes Saturdays. Subject to availability.|83



Easter fun There’s no shortage of great Easter events around the region this month. Here’s our pick of some children will just love… 1 – 15 April There’s plenty going at IWM Duxford this Easter, with lots of fun activities in the American Air Museum. Kids can build rockets and race them horizontally, or make and fly paper planes. Or they can make and paint an Airfix model free of charge, or play with the fun science toys and join in other creative craft activities. Noon-4pm. Duxford, Cambs. 01223 835000 At Colchester Zoo’s Easter Wonderland you can boogie with the Easter bunny, meet the chicks, enjoy the Easter themed live animal show in the Wild About Animals Theatre, make spring crafts in the Discovery Centre or just enjoy visiting some of the adorable spring babies. 01206 331292 At Pensthorpe there’s a fun self guided Easter trail around the reserve, along with fun games for the whole family to enjoy. Pensthorpe, Fakenham 01328 851465 Join English Heritage for fun Easter trails around Audley End in Essex and Framlingham Castle, Suffolk. 11am-4pm. 2 April The Family Easter-Mation workshop at Signals Media Arts is aimed at families who want to learn a new skill together. Using a range of Easter-themed art materials, you’ll work together to create characters and sets, then learn to animate them in your own short film. Colchester. 01206 560255 2 – 5 April Ostara to Easter at Colchester Castle Museum is a fun session with a storyteller where children can hear how people have celebrated Easter over the last 2000 years and where Easter traditions came from. Sessions at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm. 01206 282939 2 – 12 April Follow the Easter trail at Barleylands, cook some hot crossed buns in the Barleylands Kitchen and play in our play barns and adventure playgrounds!10am-5pm. Meanwhile, mums and dads can take a look around he craft village. Barleylands. Billericay, Essex 01268 290213

1 – 15 April The RHS Garden at Hyde Hall in Essex has a children’s Easter Egg Trail between 10am and 5pm. On 4-5 & 11-12 April, children can also enjoy a welly walk and inside activities such as kite making and journey chains. Rettenden, Chelmsford 01245 402 006 2 – 15 April Join in the bonkers Bow Tie & Bonnet Bouncing at BeWILDerwood this Easter where you can make your own Easter bow tie or bonnet, then put it on and try keep your balance with a giant egg and spoon along the silliest assault course ever. Or try the Steady Spoon Dash challenge where you battle against wobbliness with an egg and spoon in hand, all whilst balancing along a tricky and challenging assault course. Hoveton, Norfolk 01603 783900 4 April There’s lots of fun for all the family with art and craft activities, games, music workshop, competitions, juggling, balloons, face-painting, croquet on the vicarage lawn at St Mary's the Virgin church in Heacham, King's Lynn. 9.30am-12.30pm. 01485 571348 Pop along to Great Yarmouth's Market Place and take part in Easter bonnet making, facepainting and crafts with Jankie D's Community Workshops and join

the Easter Egg hunt. 10.30am-2pm. 01493 745828 Join the High Woods Country Park ranger for Easter themed games including an egg hunt and obstacle course. 10.30am12.30pm. Colchester, Essex 01206 853588 Make an Easter Character Glove Puppet at Norwich Puppet Theatre. 11am. 01603 629921 The Horsefair Shopping Centre in Wisbech, Cambs, is holding an Easter Fun Day from 10am-2pm, with an Egg Hunt and Mr Rainbow’s Magical Easter Show.

& Water Garden. South Walsham, Norfolk 01603 270449 6 – 7 April The Alice in Wonderland Easter Market at Knebworth is a big family event with up to 150 traders selling gifts, toys, food & drink . There will be Alice in Wonderland stage performers and characters for children to meet throughout the day. There will be the Mad Hatter's Tea Rooms and lots of other free activities, shows and exhibitions. 11am-5pm. Knebworth House, Herts

6 April A day of Easter Crafts for children at Snape Maltings in Suffolk. Snape, nr Aldeburgh 01728 688303 Easter Egg Trail, face painting and Easter crafts at Fairhaven Woodland

6 - 12 April Now in its 15th year Circus Hilarious – featuring father and son Clive Webb and Danny Adams, with Cousin Timoni and Mad Mick’s Clownforce – is packed with fun, magic, excitement and unmissable slapstick not just for the children but for Mum and Dad too. Hippodrome Circus, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk 01493 844172|87

Easter 8 – 9 April At The Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey children can enjoy taking part in circus workshops with the Cambridge Community Circus. Two hour long workshops will be available on both days when you can have a go at hula hooping, spinning plates, juggling balls, diabolos, flowersticks and clubs to name but a few. There’s also an Easter Egg Treasure trail in the magical setting of Denny Abbey along with craft activities. Weave a special willow Easter hanging decoration, help paint and complete our messy Easter mural on grass, make your own Easter bonnet and then take part in the ever popular Easter bonnet parade. Waterbeach, Cambs. 01223 860988 outdoor arena spectacular. 10am-5pm. Waltham Abbey, Essex 01992 707370 Easter Egg Trail and plenty of other fun activities. Abbey Gardens, Woburn Abbey 01525 290333 6 – 9 April Competitions for the kids all weekend. Egg hunt, face painting, biscuit decorating, kids crafts, bouncy castle and more at Blake House Craft Centre, nr Braintree, Essex. 01376 344123 RSPB Minsmere in Suffolk has a weekend of family fun including a quiz trail and egg hunt. Try out the exciting new Wild Zone activities. 10am-4pm. 01728 648780 The Easter Tudor Re-Creation at Kentwell in Suffolk is one of the region’s most popular events. Find Tudors at work in the Bakehouse, the Great Hall and also in the service areas of the Hall and Moat House and, often, in the Forge, Foundry, Pottery, Cottage and Woolshed as well as the Military, outside Cooks and Pedlars on the Front Sward. Plus there’s an Easter Egg Quiz and Egg Hunt. Long Melford 01787 310207 Discover the Broads with Broads Tours on an Easter special river trip. Children can take part in the on board nature quiz, egg hunt and free to enter colouring or drawing competitions.11.30am & 2pm. 01603 782207 The Royal Gunpowder Mill’s Explosive Easter event will have an array of children’s activities and amazing explosive arena events. Fri & Sat will provide special Easter activities designed for younger children, with a traditional Egg Hunt, crafts, and more. On Easter Sunday and Monday get set for enthralling experiments and even louder explosions as film and TV specialists unveil movie pyrotechnic secrets with electrifying aplomb in their

Play games and try the "Egg-stacle" course in the walled garden at Holkham Hall. 10am-5pm. Holkham, Norfolk 01328 713111

For an Easter Egg Trail with a difference, join the guided canoe trail with The Canoe Man in Wroxham, Norfolk. 0845 4969177 The Pier at Clacton-on-Sea, Essex has a fun day for all the family with entertainment and giveaways, then when it gets dark, enjoy a fabulous Easter Fireworks Display. 10am-10pm. 01255 421115

Jousting with the Knights of Arkely Watch the breathtaking mounted skill at arms from an era of chivalry. Laugh with the jesting rat catcher, enjoy ‘Have a go’ archery with the Norfolk Longbowman, and watch the remarkable birds of prey flying display. You can also enjoy a drink in the Castle Inn and browse through the craft

8 – 9 April Take a trip down memory lane with the age of steam and keep the children happy too with a lovely 10¼” gauge steam train ride of 1.5 miles around Lord Braybrooke’s Estate woodland. Children’s faces will light up when they see the Teddy Bears through the woods. The Audley End Miniature Railway is open through the whole of the Easter School holiday with a very special Easter Bunny visiting on the 8th-9th when each child will receive an Easter treat. Audley End, Saffron Walden, Essex 01799 542134 The Easter Eggspress is back at Bure Valley Railway. Enjoy a train ride on Norfolk's longest Narrow Gauge Steam Railway from either Aylsham or Wroxham. 9am-5pm. 01263 733858 6 - 12 April Egg hunt, with lots of Easter fun for the family. Dunstable Downs, Chiltern Gateway Centre, Beds 10.30am-4.30pm. 7 April The Crowne Plaza Colchester resort (Five Lakes) is holding a fantastic family fun day from Noon-5.30m. 01621 868888 8 April Children will love hunting for eggs in the maze at Somerleyton Estate in Suffolk. 10am-3pm 01502 734901

8 – 9 April Easter Trail at The Forest Centre, Marston Vale Millennium Country Park, Marston Moretaine, Beds, 11am-4pm. 01234 767037 Interact with Tudor family characters who will let you in on the secrets of Cressing Temple in the late 1500s, and share their pastimes. Cressing, nr Witham, Essex 0845 603 7624 There’s fun for all the family at Layer Marney Tower near Colchester, with Toddler Easter Egg Hunts, Egg and Spoon Races, Easter Trail and Bottle Feeding the Lambs. 11am-5pm. 01206 330784 The premiere jousting company in Europe 'The Knights of Royal England' offer all manner of medieval entertainment at the bi-annual Medieval Jousting event at

7 – 9 April Living History group Centingas will be populating West Stow Anglo Saxon Village as 7th C Anglo-Saxons. Living history, weaving, dyeing, meal preparation, wood, leather and metalworking, Watch them prepare authentic meals, make arrows and settle disputes by combat. 10am-5pm. West Stow, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk 01284 728718 88|

Knebworth House in Hertfordshire. Show times are 12.30pm and 2.30pm. 01438 812661

and food market. Hedingham Castle, Castle Hedingham, Essex 01787 460261 9 April The Barton House Railway re-creates a traditional railway atmosphere where the whole family can enjoy the nostalgia of the golden age of steam with two ride-on railways, a fully working signalling system and authentic tickets, along with an extensive museum of railway artefacts. Easter Egg Tombola. 2.30-5.30pm. Wroxham, Norfolk 01603 722858 12 April The Spring Fling at the Norfolk Showground is a fun filled day for children 4-14 yrs old. Here they can learn more about Food, Farming and the Countryside and there will be over 100 interactive stands as well as the ever popular tractor and trailer rides to the Countryside Area to see animals and displays. Costessey, Norwich 9am-3.30pm. 01603 731971

For even more great Easter events, visit our website


Created in 2002, but designed in 1912 theatrical style, the award winning 68 seat cinema has a rising â&#x20AC;&#x153;Tiny Wurlitzerâ&#x20AC;? cinema organ, a circle, a kiosk, usherettes and a commisionaire - all in the cause of creating â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Picturesâ&#x20AC;?. It is run by the Southwold Film Society, which you can join for ÂŁ10 a year (or ÂŁ3 for the season). Tickets are ÂŁ6 stalls, ÂŁ7 Circle. To join, book or find out more call:


EASTER FAYRE 6th - 9th April 10am - 5pm kend!

Family Fun & Competitions All Wee

GUTNPSF t&HH)VOUt'BDF1BJOUJOHt,JET$SB Blake House Craft Centre, Blake End, Nr Braintree, Essex, CM77 6RA

 !$! ('(!%)  !& "  & $#! !%"'  #$ (!%     (!%"!' $!!|89


Ufford Park The Suffok hotel, golf and spa celebrates it’s 20th anniversary this month. We spoke to Colin Aldous, the resort’s founder and Chairman. What was your background before Ufford Park? A husband and wife partnership, Award Winning local House Builders and Residents of Woodbridge called ‘Aldous Homes’ What led you to Ufford Park and its creation? I came here to learn to play golf with my son Jolyon, and fell in love with the piece of land, a truly wonderful mother nature’s creation, in the Deben Valley. What were your goals and aspirations for the site? I could see my construction talents and investment funds fully utilised in completing the already started hotel, golf and leisure complex. How did it grow and develop over the years? Having used all our own money and some, plus support from another local entrepreneur and top


Colin Aldous with his family who own and run Ufford Park, From l to r: Jolyon Aldous, Shirley Aldous, Colin Aldous, Tarnia Robertson and Stuart Robertson

golfer, Jon Marks, we managed to complete and open a 25 bedroom hotel, golf course and leisure club on 9th April 1992. We have continued to develop the site as Suffolk’s premier Hotel, Golf and Spa Complex, always working towards our ambition to create a sustainable business, which would become a real legacy and not a liability to our family. You can be immensely proud of what has been achieved at Ufford Park. What for you personally, has made you most proud? I am personally most proud of knowing this small parcel of Suffolk is actually mine, especially whilst enjoying a round of golf, which I am now equally passionate. Nothing gives me more pride than to see my first two grandsons both sharing this passion. Also I must say a very big thank you to all our Members of Staff, Club Members & Visitors with whom we share this facility and really appreciate their continuing support through all the ups & downs of Ufford Park's first 20 years. Finally, without whose support none of this could have been possible, my wife Shirley and our children Tarnia and Jolyon, who have steadfastly

supported my personal crusade. How is life in retirement for you? Not quite there yet!! I do not intend to completely retire but just to do the things I most enjoy doing, not always having a list of jobs that have to be done or really need to be done by myself, whilst seeking to establish Ufford Park as the ideal place to shop, practice, relax and stay for every residential golfer and spa user or businessman visiting the county of Suffolk. Do you have any involvement with Ufford Park now and what would you like the future to hold for it? Yes, full time by most people’s standards, Shirley and I work at least 40 hours a week and take very few holidays. Hopefully my future holds, seeing the full transition of this business, which is not only sustainable and enjoyable but hopefully successful enough to provide a satisfying and rewarding selection of careers, which will secure Ufford Park’s future for many generations to come. Ufford Park Hotel, Golf & Spa, Melton, Woodbridge 01394 383555

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Discover something unique... s Home-made Lunches & Cream Teas s Large Selection of Gifts and Cards s Stylish Home & Garden Accessories s Corn Dollies & Silk Flowers s Traditional Toys & Games s Garden Nursery s Pre-loved Clothing sPottery Painting & Decopatch

Bridge Farm Barns

Opening times Mon-Sat 9.30am-5pm Sunday 10 am-5pm

Monks Eleigh, Nr Lavenham, Suffolk IP7 7AY T: 01449 740456

W&M SMITH * Smithers Oasis® * Glassware of all shapes and sizes * Large selection of silk, latex, parchment and dried flowers * Bridal accessories * Ribbons * Baskets and much much more NO ACCESS FOR CHILDREN All major credit cards accepted Come along and wander at your leisure in the Pightle Barn, Blacksmiths Lane, Middlewood Green, Stowmarket, IP14 5EU Monday & Thursday 10.00 am - 7.00 pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 10.00 am - 5.00 pm Open 10.00 am - 4.00 pm selected Saturday & Sunday (ring to check)

Tel: 01449 711014 Fax: 01449 711815 Email: Web:

Explore the beauty of the River Orwell with

Orwell River Cruises

Farthings Dry Cleaners OF.EWMARKET Est. 1990, built on reputation and delivering the highest standards of service. The River Orwell has been officially voted the 2nd most beautiful river in the country behind only the River Dart. Orwell Lady provides a unique opportunity to experience the beauty, the sights and the extensive history of our magnificent river and harbour, together with close up views of the huge ships at Port of Felixstowe, beginning and ending her trips at Ipswich Waterfront.

>Þ̈“iÊ«ÕLˆVÊVÀՈÃiÃÊUÊ/…i“iʘˆ}…ÌÊiÛi˜ˆ˜}ÊVÀՈÃià ՏÊ ˜}ˆÃ…ÊvÌiÀ˜œœ˜Ê/i>ÊVÀՈÃiÃÊUÊ*ÀˆÛ>ÌiÊ …>ÀÌiÀ


Orwell River Cruises Ltd Public Cruises tel: 01473 258070 All other enquiries: 07734 875887 E: 92|


17 Whiting St, Bury st Edmunds

Tel:01638 560610 / 01284701060

Suffolk THEATRE & SHOWS 2 Apr The Little Big Club The line up of characters in this all new show includes Barney, Bob the Builder, Angelina Ballerina, Pingu, Thomas the Tank Engine and Fireman Sam. Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, 01502 533200 2 - 7 Apr Private Resistance Eastern Angles present Private Resistance, the ultimate ‘what-if’ scenario. How would the British have coped with a German invasion? Set in 1940 it’s a thrilling tale of the so-called Auxiliary Units, Churchill’s secret guerrilla army primed to go underground to fight behind the lines - a story of the bonds created and destroyed by wartime. This fascinating play is researched and written by Eastern Angles’ Artistic Director, Ivan Cutting and directed by Naomi Jones. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 2 - 7 Apr Chicago The hit 20s musical starring Ali Bastian as Roxie Hart, plus Stefan Booth, Tupele Dorgu and Bernie Nolan. Regent Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 433100 3 Apr The Ugly Duckling Children’s theatre. Haverhill Arts Centre, Haverhill, 01440 714140 3 - 7 Apr Waiting For Godot Ian Brown directs an all black cast in this new production of Beckett’s funny and poetic masterpiece. New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 295900 4 Apr Ipswich Comedy Club Top stand-up. Degero, Ipswich, 0845 459 5656 4 Apr Fitzrovia Radio Hour Recreating the unquie spirit of 1940’s radio plays, and brilliantly evoking a dinner-jacketed age of casual imperialism and stiff upper lips, The Fitzrovia Radio Hour’s brand new show tours fresh from three critically acclaimed London residencies. Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 769505 4 Apr Private Resistance See 2-7 Apr. Creeting St Mary Village Hall, Creeting St Mary, 01449 720740 4 Apr Chris & Pui Roadshow CBeebies’ favourite double-act. Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 01394 282126 4 Apr Dayglo Puppet Fantasia A new ultra-violet puppet spectacular. Leiston Film Theatre, Leiston, 01728 830549 5 Apr I’m an Aristocrat, Get me out of Here! Inspired by the Scarlet Pimpernel, three fearless and daring actors play over 20 roles in 75 minutes of fast-paced fun and thrilling action. Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 769505 5 Apr Katya Virshilas Star of BBC TV’s “Strictly Come Dancing” Katya Virshilas takes to the stage for an evening of exhibition dance routines, featuring the Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Jive and many more. As well as this there will also be the chance for you to put your questions to Katya and find out what really goes on behind the scenes of the hit

BBC TV show. Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 01394 282126 6 Apr Sticks and Stones SoapBox presents the very best musicians, poets and comedians from East Anglia on this innovative regional tour. The Cut, Halesworth, 0845 6732123 7 Apr The Ugly Duckling Children’s show. Quay Theatre, Sudbury, 01787 374745 7 Apr The Jerry Lee Lewis Story tarring the sensational Peter Gill, this brand new, exhilarating show tells the story of the first wild man of rock. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 8 Apr Fat Cat Comedy Club Top stand-up. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 9 - 12 Apr Blazing Paddles Variety show featuring Mississippi Showboat gamblers, showgirls, a cornucopia of vocal delights, comedy characters and sketches. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 10 - 11 Apr Tiddler And Other Terrific Tales Children’s theatre. New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 295900 10 - 13 Apr The Crowstarver Packed with action, wonderful animal puppets and beautiful live music, The Crowstarver is a thrilling and heart-warming production that will delight and move audiences of all ages, from 8 upwards. Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 769505 10 - 14 Apr Murder on the Nile The Agatha Christie Theatre Company presents a stylish new production of the queen of crime’s classic thriller. Starring Kate O’Mara, Susie Amy, Chloe Newsome, and 60’s pop idol, Mark Wynter. Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, 01502 533200 12 Apr Spitfire Solo Blending theatre, music and film in this multi-layered and textured production, Nicholas Collett plays a multitude of characters and recreates the Battle of Britain - onstage! New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 295900 12 Apr A Snail in Your Ear Children’s show. Haverhill Arts Centre, Haverhill, 01440 714140 12 Apr Comedy Night Stand-up. Jimmy’s Farm, Ipswich, 01473 604206 12 - 21 Apr Private Resistance See 2-7 Apr. Sir John Mills Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 211498 13 Apr Comedy Night 2 Stand-up. New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 295900 13 Apr Nicholas Nickleby Enter the world of Charles Dickens in the company of his great great-grandson, Gerald Dickens, as this remarkable actor performs Dickens’ masterpiece, Nicholas Nickleby, playing every character himself. Quay Theatre, Sudbury, 01787 374745 13 Apr The Barber of Seville English Touring Opera perform Rossini’s masterpiece. Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 01728 687110 13 Apr Jo Caulfield One of the most popular and successful female Stand Up

comedians in the country. Star of Radio 4’s critically acclaimed ‘It’s That Jo Caulfield Again’ and recently seen on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 13 - 14 Apr The Dice + The Book Circle 67 present a pair of one-act plays, by local authors, about what can happen to people trapped by circumstance. The Cut, Halesworth, 0845 6732123 13 - 23 Apr Paul Merton A return to the stage for the popular comedian. Regent Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 433100 14 Apr Variety Show. Local company Red Barn Theatre return to perform their annual Spring Variety Show. Quay Theatre, Sudbury, 01787 374745 14 Apr Eugene Onedin English Touring Opera’s production of Tchaikovsky’s romantic classic. Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 01728 687110 14 Apr In the Belly of the Horse English Touring Opera present a fully interactive new opera for children aged 6-12 and their families. Jubilee Hall, Aldeburgh, 01728 687110 14 Apr Weird Creatures - An Evening With Naturalist Nick Baker ick Baker is presenter of Channel Five’s Weird Creatures, previous presenter of BBC One’s The Really Wild Show and CBBC’s Spring Watch. Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 01394 282126 14 Apr The Wells Brothers A wryly humorous evening of Vaudevillian music and magic. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 14 Apr The Wells Brothers A wryly humorous evening of Vaudevillian music and magic. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 14 Apr All the Single Ladies Starring and Leslie Ash, Brooke Kinsella MBE and Tara Flynn, this brand new play from comedienne Abigail Burdess, explores the love lives of three women in the festive glow of New Year. Regent Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 433100 17 - 21 Apr Vernon God Little Tanya Ronder’s adaptation of DBC Pierre’s bestselling novel is a dark, funny and inventive satire packed with a host of colourful characters. New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 295900 18 - 21 Apr Salad Days A light-hearted, comedy musical set in London in the 1950s, presented by Sudbury Musical Society. Quay Theatre, Sudbury, 01787 374745

19 - 21 Apr The Barber of Seville This hilarious musical theatre version of the comic classic is guaranteed to appeal to fun-loving audiences of all ages. Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 769505 19 - 21 Apr Waiting for Godot Hilarious, tragic and beautiful, Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot has been stunning audiences the world over for nearly sixty years. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 19 Apr - 12 May Bedroom Farce Mining the same rich comic vein as A Chorus Of Disapproval and Noises Off, Ayckbourn’s classic farce shows how four couples into three bedrooms simply won’t go. New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 295900 20 Apr Des O’Connor World-class star and ultimate entertainer. Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, 01502 533200 20 Apr Jo Caulfield See 13 Apr. Haverhill Arts Centre, Haverhill, 01440 714140 20 - 21 Apr Spring is Here Entertainment from a wide range of musical theatre by local performers from Suffolk and Essex. Seckford Theatre, Woodbridge, 01473 295900

Susie Amy Murder on the Nile Marina Theatre 10 - 14 April|193

Suffolk You can find even more events on our website and include your own too! 22 Apr Silent Echo Thriller tracking the relationships of four couples at a picnic. Regal Theatre, Stowmarket, 01449 612825 24 Apr Private Resistance See 2-7 Apr. Crowfield Village Hall, Crowfield, 01473 890789 24 - 28 Apr Follies Sondheim’s musical presented by Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society. Theatre Royal, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 769505 25 Apr Remember When Nostalgic matinee show. Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, 01502 533200 25 Apr Private Resistance See 2-7 Apr. Assington Village Hall, Assington, 01787 227379 26 - 27 Apr Silent Echo Thriller tracking the relationships of four couples at a picnic. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 27 Apr Private Resistance See 2-7 Apr. Wetheringsett Village Hall, Wetheringsett, 01449 766670 27 - 28 Apr Hansel & Gretel Presented by Marwyn School Of Dancing (Ipswich). Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 01394 282126 28 Apr Kid Carpet & The Noisy Animals Show for children aged 3+. New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 295900 28 Apr Private Resistance See 2-7 Apr. Stansfield Village Hall, Stansfield, 01284 789546

MUSIC 1 Apr Snake Davis One of the UK’s leading jazz saxophonists. JazzNights at The Cherry Tree, Belchamp St Paul, 01787 237263 1 Apr Buddy Greco One of the world’s most prominent musicians, Buddy will be accompanied by Lezlie Anders & The Buddy Greco Trio. Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, 01502 533200 1 Apr Worldservice Project Award winning punk jazz innovators. The Cut, Halesworth, 0845 6732123 1 Apr Ska’s Greatest Hits Tour...3 Tone Featuring three of the UK’s top exponents of SKA in one brilliant night The Beat & The Selecter featuring Pauline Black. Ipswich Corn Exchange, Ipswich, 01473 433100 3 Apr Gretchen Peters Hailed by many as one of Nashville’s best contemporary songwriters, Gretchen Peters’ intelligent and introspective songs have been covered by pop, country, blues and folk artists all over the world. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 4 Apr Suffolk Youth Orchestra & Suffolk Youth Wind Band 150 of Suffolk’s finest young musicians, selected


Suffolk annually by audition from schools and college across the county, present an evening of symphonic orchestral and wind band music. Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 01728 687110 6 Apr Britten–Pears Orchestra and Soloists Beethoven’s 9th performed with Aldeburgh Voices and London Vocies. Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 01728 687110 6 Apr Bon Giovi Bon Jovi tribute. The Malthouse, Ipswich, 07500 859576 7 Apr Elisabeth Leonskaja Concert pianist performing Beethovan piano sonatas. Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 01728 687110 7 Apr Miss Diamond DJ with Whisky Jax For the first time ever a Minsitry of Sound DJ from their DJ Academy in Switzerland will be mixing up the night with an Indie Pop/Electronica Band. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 7 Apr The Motives ft Matt Taylor Top blues. The Devil’s Kitchen Collective at Greene King Social Club, Bury St Edmunds, 07917 860 384 8 Apr The Cherry Tree Jazz Festival An all-day jazz festival with an afternoon session from 2pm to 6pm featuring Art Themen & Nick Page and an evening session from 7pm to 10.30pm with Anita Wardell & Colin Watling all hosted by Larraine Odell & the Jazznights Trio. JazzNights at The Cherry Tree, Belchamp St Paul, 01787 237263 8 Apr Britten–Pears Orchestra and Soloists Beethoven’s 9th performed with Aldeburgh Voices and London Vocies. Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 01728 687110 8 Apr Duo Teresa Carreno Award-winning Venezuelan chamber music ensemble. Wingfield Barns, Wingfield, 01379 384505 13 Apr European Union Chamber Orchestra Handel, Mozart, Delius, Haydn. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 13 Apr Noasis Oasis tribute. The Malthouse, Ipswich, 07500 859576 14 Apr The Charleston Chasers Swing music from the 1920s 30s. New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 295900 14 Apr Trianon Music Group Performance of Mendelssohn’s celebrated oratorio ‘Elijah’. Ipswich Corn Exchange, Ipswich, 01473 433100 15 Apr Laura Zakian Jazz vocalist. JazzNights at The Cherry Tree, Belchamp St Paul, 01787 237263 15 Apr Dominic Kirwan One of Ireland’s finest ever entertainers. Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, 01502 533200 15 Apr Locrian Ensemble Some of the finest string soloists from London give their enormously popular performance in sumptuous period costumes. Haverhill Arts Centre, Haverhill, 01440 714140 15 Apr Zoe Schwarz Blues jazz. Ipswich Jazz Club at the California Club, Ipswich, 01473 231552

15 Apr Springtime Musical Extravaganza As seen on Channel 4’s “Extraordinary People”, Derek Paravicini is a blind autistic pianist with a huge repertoire that he recalls totally from memory. In aid of the West Suffolk Voluntary Association for the Blind. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 16 Apr Nathan Carter Country music. Regal Theatre, Stowmarket, 01449 612825 18 Apr Brass Monkey Legendary English folk supergroup. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 19 Apr Let There Be Drums This high energy percussion extravaganza features three bands with drummers from hit groups. Bobby Harrison the original drummer with Procol Harum and his band, Journey 2 Freedom. Paul Fenton who toured as drummer with Marc Bolan & T. Rex, he is the only person who has links with the original group and continues to work under the name T. Rex and John Coghlan, an original drummer with Status Quo with his band, John Coghlan’s Quo. Marina Theatre, Lowestoft, 01502 533200 19 Apr Jackie Oates Originally a member of The Mercury-nominated The Unthanks she has since carved out an astonishing solo career. She has become a name within folk music circles and won two BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards. Haverhill Arts Centre, Haverhill, 01440 714140 20 Apr Mawkin Folk rebels, Mawkin, are forging a bold new sound that strengthens their instrumental roots and embraces a new, exuberant exploration into the traditional folk canon. The Cut, Halesworth, 0845 6732123 20 Apr Neil Catchpole Known as the ‘Warbling Woodman’, Neil will tell tales and sing, based on his knowledge of Suffolk. Town Hall, Clare, 01787 277249 20 Apr Elkie Brooks Quite simply one of the most successful and popular singers the UK has ever produced. Now in the 5th decade of her career, she is still proving to be one of the most powerful and versatile vocal talents of our generation. Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 01394 282126 20 Apr Mentallica Rock tribute. The Malthouse, Ipswich, 07500 859576 21 Apr A Candle Sian Croose, Helen Chadwick and Barbara Gelhorn with Halesworth Community choir and Diss choir ‘Crossing the Border’ led by Bridget Cousins and Janet Koralambe. The Cut, Halesworth, 0845 6732123 21 Apr RBL Queen’s Birthday Concert With Ipswich Hospital Band. Stradbroke Business & Enterprise College, Stradbroke, 01986 798414 22 Apr Wilko Johnson Guitarist and founding member of Dr. Feelgood. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 22 Apr Concert for Peace Jonathan Hugh, cello, Richard Deyn, guitar, Sandra Jones, saxophone and Rami – Overtone

Singing, Khoomi Mongolian Throat Singing, Didgeridoo, Jaw Harp, Native American Flutes, and Symphonic Gong. Woodbridge Community Hall, Station Road, Woodbridge, 01394 277589 22 Apr Ipswich Choral Society Mozart Magic - Requiem & Piano Concerto; performed with Suffolk Youth Orchestra. Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 01728 687110 24 Apr Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes One of the world’s finest guitar-players, needs no introduction to Country Music & Rock fans. He has worked with some of the world’s top artists, from Emmylou Harris to the Everly Brothers, Dolly Parton to Eric Clapton. Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe, 01394 282126 25 Apr Jethro Tull’s Ian Anderson an Anderson commemorates 40th Anniversary of Jethro Tull’s groundbreaking album ‘Thick As A Brick’ with UK tour. Regent Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 433100 27 Apr Michael Law Solo show by the singer-pianist, best known as musical director of the world famous Piccadilly Dance Orchestra. Quay Theatre, Sudbury, 01787 374745 27 Apr Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Rossini, Greig, Tchaikovsky. Regent Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 433100 28 Apr The Floyd Effect Pink Floyd tribute. Quay Theatre, Sudbury, 01787 374745 28 Apr RSPB Spring Concert The City of London Sinfonia with Craig Ogden and other soloists will be performing works by Bach, Vivaldi, Boccherini, Telemann and Rossini. Snape Maltings Concert Hall, Snape, 01728 687110 28 Apr The Classic Dixieland Quartet Trad jazz. Tickets on the door, 7.30pm. St Michael’s Church, Rendham, 01728 663485 28 Apr The Illegal Eagles Tribute. Regent Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 433100 29 Apr Lewis Wright At around the age of 13 and having recorded his first CD, Lewis was one of the first guest artists to appear at Jazznights over 10 years ago. Now with the band Empirical and having performed with Clark Tracey, Stan Sulzmann, Mark Lockheart, etc., he is now established as a major force on the vibraphone. JazzNights at The Cherry Tree, Belchamp St Paul, 01787 237263 29 Apr Alexander O’Neal + Shakatak + Aswad A night of classic soul and reggae. Regent Theatre, Ipswich, 01473 433100 29 Apr Hermitage Ensemble A concert of Russian sacred music and folk songs sung a`cappella. Holy Trinity Church, Bungay, 01986 896416 30 Apr The Oli Brown Band Top blues. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000

ART & EXHIBITIONS 13 Mar - 21 Apr Work by Charles Hewlings “There is nothing between

Run Cottage Woodbridge

Run Cottage

Close to the market town of Touring Park Woodbridge, we are a small family run 20 caravan touring park, located on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast on the outskirts of the village of Hollesley. Set in 2.5 acres of parkland with a large pond and views over open farmland, we offer peace and tranquillity – a place to escape the hustle and bustle of today’s busy lifestyle. Ideally situated for walking, cycling, bird watching and visiting local attractions, with an abundance of wildlife on site, from sparrows to barn owls, rabbits to deer, by the stream you may even catch sight of the elusive kingfisher.

01394 411309


Suffolk You can find even more events on our website and include your own too! us…just air!” protests Gene Kelly to Jean Hagen in the film Singing in the Rain. How wrong he was! Scientists know well the latent energy in the emptiest space imaginable. Although other stories are folded into it, the underlying theme of these sculptures is space and the wonder of it. The Cut, Halesworth, 0845 6732123 24 Mar - 21 Apr Lucy & Jorge Orta: 70x7 The Meal. Act XXXIII Taking the form of a long and beautiful dinner table of 70 places, this site-specific installation, a wonderfully symbolic and unique work of art, is an interactive portrait of our community. Focusing on particular regional characteristics of food production, industry and scientific research, Lucy has crafted a unique piece of work that illustrates the important relationship between these different aspects of East Anglian culture. Elements of the table setting have been hand crafted by makers in Suffolk. Smiths Row, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 762081 30 Mar - 30 Apr Stephen Collett Artist whose main influences are the French impressionists, Cezanne in particular, but going further back, Turner was and still is Collett’s main influence. He is fascinated by his techniques and practices,being centuries before his time. The Gallery Highaymans, Risby, 01284 810283 31 Mar - 23 June Noel Myles: East Anglia and the Stour Valley This display of work by the Sudbury artist explores his lively and unconventional approach to landscape photography. Gainsborough’s House, Sudbury, 01787 372958 3 Mar - 26 May Lighten Up This exhibition brings together a range of artists who are focusing on the positive and creating uplifting scenes and sculptures. 2D Artists Penny German, Liz James, Ruth McCabe and Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy join with ceramicists Kate Reynolds and Pat Todd and Fused

Suffolk Glass Artist Verena Daniels to provide a wide range of splendid pieces. Reunion Gallery, Felixstowe, 01394 273366 31 Mar - 7 May Emma Green Emma’s inspiration for her luminous layered oil paintings comes from the Suffolk coastal and the rural areas which surround her home. Snape Maltings, Snape, 01728 688303 2 - 16 Apr Atrium 2012 the first annual exhibition from members of Atrium Studios, Ipswich. Atrium Studios is an innovative new creative arts hub. This exhibition brings together 17 members who work in a range of media and will showcase artists, designers and makers from the local area. UCS Waterfront Building, Ipswich. 2 - 28 Apr David Quantrill Lowestoft based artist who paints east anglian land and seascapes with bold colour, texture and technique in this his fifth solo show here. The John Russell Gallery, Ipswich, 01473 212051 7 - 22 Apr Art of the Real A stunning collection of work from four award-winning contemporary watercolour artists:Angus McEwan RWS ARWS, David Poxon RI, Denis Ryan RWS and Sandra Walker RI. Thompson’s Gallery, Aldeburgh, 01728 453743 1 Apr Ellen - Her Triumphant Women Two-handed play exploring the remarkable life of the Victorian actress, Ellen Terry. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726

SPECIAL EVENTS 1 Apr Benacre Spring Fayre Crafts and gifts. 10am-4pm. Woodfarm Barn, Benacre. 5 - 8 Apr 8th Hundon Plough Beer Festival 22+ real ales from across the UK. Live music: Fri 6th 8.30pm Goldstar (rock/pop), Sat 7th 8.30pm The Smokin’ Hogs (blues/rock); Sun 8th 8pm The Indie Killers (Rock). The Plough Inn, Hundon, 01440 786789 6 - 9 Apr The Suffolk Spring Garden Show Annual shoe packed with fantastic gardening show bargains as well as a farmers style food & drink court, crafts and garden designers who can give you advice and tips ensuring your garden looks fabulous this spring. 9.30am-5pm.

Suffolk Showground at Trinity Park, Ipswich, 01702 549623 6 - 9 Apr Easter Re-Creation of Tudor Life Fabulous weekend of Tudors living and at work, Easter egg hunts, activites and much more. 10am-5pm. Kentwell Hall, Long Melford, 01787 310207 7 Apr Craft Fair 10am-4pm. Mid Suffolk Showground at Stonham Barns, Stonham Aspel, 01449 711111 7 Apr March Hare Collective An eclectic bunch of Suffolk artists, designer makers and crafters can be found in the foyer of the Apex, with a wonderful array of handmade, fair-trade and vintage ware. 10am-5pm. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 7 Apr Woodbridge Vintage & Modern Market Retro and modern homewares, clothing, jewellery, furniture and other stuff made with love. Shire Hall & Market Square, Woodbridge, 07968 314836 7 - 9 Apr Easter at West Stow Living History group Centingas come to populate the Village as 7th C Anglo-Saxons. Living history, weaving, dyeing, meal preparation, wood, leather and metalworking, Watch them prepare authentic meals, make arrows and settle disputes by combat. West Stow Country Park & Anglo Saxon Village, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 728718 8 - 9 Apr All About Dogs A weekend packed with fun, competitions, entertainment, shopping and activities for dogs. Suffolk Showground at Trinity Park, Ipswich, 01702 549623 9 Apr Ipswich Horse Society Spring Show Show Jumping/Dressage/Showing and Horse Agility. 9am-5pm. Suffolk Showground at Trinity Park, Ipswich, 01449 613923 10 Apr LDN Wrestling All-action wrestling. Haverhill Arts Centre, Haverhill, 01440 714140 14 - 15 Apr History Alive with The 95th Rifles Join the 95th Rifles military re-enactment group for a weekend of soldiering, musketry and drill. 10am-5pm. Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, 07749 695523 14 - 15 Apr Suffolk Food & Drink Festival Food and drink producers from

The site of Felixstowe's Sunday market at Manning's Amusements Park is now home to some brand new weekend events! The first craft fair held on the 25th of Feb was a great success, with the sun shining and many happy visitors. The fair is now held on the last Saturday of every month, starting at 10am with a great variety of local craft and artisan goods for sale. Stalls are fully booked out but please get in touch if you have a suitable business or goods and are interested in having a pitch for an upcoming fair. The first farmer's market is being held on Saturday the 14th of April. This will be a new event for the area, showcasing a variety of Suffolk's fantastic produce. There are still a few pitches available for anyone that would like to market and promote their locally produced goods. Farmer's markets will be held on the second Saturday of every month, also opening at 10am, so pop along and have a wander around. 96|

across the region, plus cookery theatre, geese herding, falconry displays, dog show, live music and a charity fund-raising welly wanging competition. Framlingham College, Framlingham, 01728 666021 15 Apr Ixworth Antiques and Collectors Fair 9am-3.30pm. Ixworth Village Hall, Ixworth, 07535 503864 15 Apr Suffolk Vintage Fashion & Textile Fair 10am-4pm. Culford School, Culford, 01284 729655 15 Apr The Truly Marvellous Wedding Fair Showcasing over 30 local, inspiring and slightly alternative suppliers! 11am-4pm. Kenton Hall, Kenton, 01728 862062 20 Apr Fashion Fusion Annual event in aid of St Nicholas’ Hospice Care. Fashion show, plus beauty and retail therapy. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 21 Apr Art and Crafts at Landguard Enjoy displays of art and crafts in the casemates of Landguard Fort. Meet local artists and craftspeople. Demonstrations and sales. Landguard Fort, Felixstowe, 07749 695523 21 Apr Suffolk Marmalade Festival Family fun, displays, stalls, bbq, competitions. 10am-4pm. All Saints Church, Thorndon. 21 Apr Craft & Gift Fair 10am-4.30pm. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 21 - 22 Apr Country Living Show 2012 Lifestyle show with around 50 stands offering a wide choice of local and exotic products. From clothes to jewellery to aqccessories to garden products and of course food! 10am-4pm. Wherstead Park, Wherstead. 21 - 22 Apr Woodbridge Mind Body & Spirit Fair 10am–5pm. Woodbridge Community Hall, Station Road, Woodbridge 21 - 22 Apr Antique and Collectors Fair 10am-5pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun. Suffolk Showground at Trinity Park, Ipswich, 01702 410171 25 - 28 Apr 21st East Anglian Beer Festival A wide selection of over 80 quality ales and ciders all produced by independent breweries and cideries from East Anglia. Noon-11pm. The Apex, Bury St Edmunds, 01284 758000 28 Apr African Culture Evening A vibrant evening of African music, performance, dance and food to celebrate the diversity of African cultures and the diaspora. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 28 Apr African Culture Evening A vibrant evening of African music, performance, dance and food to celebrate the diversity of African cultures and the diaspora. Seagull Theatre, Pakefield, 01502 589726 29 Apr Clare Antiques Fair From 9.30am. Clare Town Hall, Clare, 01787 278105




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Paint/Wood Treatment Kitchenware Clothing Gardening Tools/Ironmonery Electrical appliances Lawn Mowers

60 High Street, Hadleigh, Suffolk IP7 5EE Machinery: 01473 824183 Household: 01473 822333

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Shop open 8am - 5pm Monday to Saturday Or shop online|1


Hadleigh Take a walk around this ancient market town MAP OS Explorer 196 (GR 024424). DISTANCE 2½ miles.

During the 15th and early 16th centuries, Hadleigh grew rich from the manufacture of wool cloth. Some of its wealth can be seen in many of the fine medieval buildings that survive today. Just around the corner from the Ram, you’ll find the brick Deanery Tower, built in 1495; Standing alongside it is St Mary’s church, with its soaring spire and across the way stands the impressive Grade I listed Guildhall, which has been put to several uses during its 600 years, including a cloth hall, a workhouse and, nowadays, it’s the town council. This stroll climbs to high ground, where a grand view of the town is possible, and finishes along a delightful stretch of riverside and woodland.


The Ram You’ll find the Ram tucked away in a street by the market place, just off the High Street. At one time the pub must have been handy for the former cattle and livestock markets held in the town. Nowadays it is well patronised by locals and long-standing customers who come into the town for shopping. Expect to find excellent, good value food here – little wonder there are few tables vacant, especially at peak times. Most meals are taken in the bar area, and, during the warmer weather, you can eat outside on picnic tables in a raised courtyard. Set meals include the likes of crispy battered cod, seafood platter, fisherman’s pie, cooked chicken breast, shepherd’s pie, sausage and mash and meat lasagne. There is also a selection of vegetarian meals on offer. For something lighter, the Ram does sandwiches and filled jacket potatoes. Drinks include Greene King IPA and Abbot plus other real ales. The pub is open all day, every day. It’s a good idea to phone in advance to reserve a table. Telephone: 01473 822171.

THE WALK 1 From outside the Ram, bear left in front of the pay and display

car park and follow the road round to Duke Street. Turn right here and go over Toppesfield Bridge in front. With the Toppesfield Bridge car park on the right, carry on straight ahead on a concreted path. Pass the entrance to Holbecks Park beside a cattle grid and now carry on along a farm track. ®|99

Suffolk 2 Pass an isolated house

and buildings on the right and stay on the track, which soon starts to climb quite sharply. Follow the track to the top end and turn right by a green circular walk sign. Continue ahead on a very broad grassy path. If you wish to visit the lovely area around Kersey Vale, to the west, this path links with others to take you there. From gaps in the hedgerow you may catch a view of the grey spire of Hadleigh church and part of the town nestling in the valley below. 3 Keep forward to shortly

turn right by a sign marked ‘Constitutional Hill. Continue on a field edge path with a hedge on the left, which takes you back

towards the town. At the boundary enter the adjoining field, with an undulating path in front. At the bottom, fork right to descend over some rough grassland. Skirt an area of woodland on the left and ignore a crossway of paths. Stay on the path if you wish to return to the car park. 4 Otherwise, turn left

where the path curves right and continue ahead to shortly reach an entrance to a caravan club on the left. Turn right here to join the Hadleigh Riverside Walk. Stay beside the river on a well-defined path as it winds its way through woodland. When you reach Toppesfield Bridge retrace your steps to your point of departure.

This walk is just one of 30 featured in Pub Strolls in Suffolk by Cyril Francis. Published by Countryside Books. Order online at Price £7.95 ISBN: 978 1 85306 845 4 Or order a copy via

The Deanery Tower Deanery Tower is a fine example of Tudor brickwork. The 52 foot Tower was finished in 1495. It was intended to be the entrance gateway to a new palace for Hadleigh’s rector Archdeacon Pykenham, but the palace was never built.

The fint and freestone Parish Church of St Mary is one of the largest in the country and although substantially rebuilt during the 15th century , the tower dates from the 13th century. On the eastern side of the lead-covered spire is the oldest bell in Suffolk that still marks the hours.

Hadleigh’s High Street is approximately a mile in length, runs parrallel with the river, and is the main throroughfare of the town. The High Street today contains most of the town’s shops, many of which are independents. Of the 137 properties that line the street, 90% are Listed Buildings but all are worthy of attention. The street begins with the Portland stone War Memorial that stands at its southern end. 100||101

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The Old Pumphouse, built around 1750, still retains its old fashioned charm and character. The house has had a rich and interesting past due to its history as a farm, boarding school and rectory. Situated ten miles north of the fascinating city of Norwich with its famous norman cathedral, The Old Pump House is the perfect base from which to explore the wealth of local attractions. The Old Pumphouse Holman Road, Aylsham Norfolk, NR11 6BY 01263 733789

Kayes SCHOOLWEAR, CLOTHING & GIFTS Uniform supplier for: Aylsham High School North Walsham High School Bure Valley School


delicatessen and speciality    


15 Frazers Yard, Norwich Road, Aylsham, NR11 6FB Telephone 01263 732955        

Back Pain? Stiff neck? I use hands on techniques to treat back, neck and other joint injuries both chronic and acute, and can provide relief from the symptoms of arthritis, stress, long term tension and stiffness.

Oliver Bell, Osteopath Now at 8 Penfold Street, Aylsham, NR11 6ET

01263 731 246

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Nearby, visit the historic 18th century house and parkland at Wolterton Hall and Mannington Gardens’ country walks and beautiful gardens. There’s a packed programme of events throughout the year, including rose and plant sales, hall tours, music, drama, exhibitions, history and nature walks. Tel. 01263 584175/768444

A place not to be missed has to be the spectacular National Trust property, Blickling Hall. Just over a mile away from Aylsham, this National Trust Jacobean house and gardens is a very special place, loved by both locals and visitors. Every August Bank Holiday Monday it becomes the home of the Aylsham Show, an agricultural show with some incredible family attractions. The Aylsham Festival is held 13 - 17 June and will feature a number of concerts, family shows, activities and entertainment in the Market Place, and a new cycle route from Aylsham to Blickling Hall and onwards developed with the National Trust. Keys Auction Rooms have an international reputation as one of the UK’s leading provincial auction houses. Sales range from the weekly General Auctions, which usually include up to 2000 lots, every Monday (Tuesdays in Bank Holiday weeks) to regular sales of antiques, fine art, books and collectables.

Set in the heart of beautiful rolling countryside, Aylsham is a charming market town that is truly unique. The town has rich historical roots, with its fascinating parish church and Georgian market place that still acts as a central hub for local people today, particularly on market days. Every Monday and Friday, the Georgian market place is home to the market where you will find all sorts on sale from plants to household goods. The town also holds an annual Christmas Fair in the market place in November. For food lovers, be sure to visit on the first Saturday of the month for the local farmers markets to purchase some of the freshest and most delicious foods Norfolk has to offer. The town predates Norman times and its layout is of national historic importance with its narrow alleys or ‘lokes’ and over 200 listed buildings.

A great way to leave behind the hustle, bustle of everyday living is to take a trip aboard The Broadland Boat Train at the Bure Valley Railway. Starting from Aylsham, experience the magic of steam through nine miles of Norfolk countryside, following the picturesque Bure Valley, before arriving at the Broads town of Wroxham. Then take to the water and discover the beautiful Norfolk Broads with a leisurely hour and a half cruise with guided commentary. Facilities at the Bure Valley Railway include a café, a model, toy and souvenir shop and a railway workshop at Aylsham with a souvenir shop at Wroxham. The Whistlestop Café seats up to 80 people and can provide everything from a cup of tea to a full meal. For more information call 01263 733858 or go to|103

East Anglia’s favourite Narrow Gauge Steam Railway

Carousel Chocolates

An amazing display of Luxury Chocolates and Norfolk Truffles – The ideal gift for any occasion.

Select your own individual chocolates from our cabinet which are then beautifully presented in a gift box of your choice. Chocolate by post service also available for that Friend or Relative far away .... Fantastic Range of Award Winning Fudge – try before you buy! Gourmet Popcorn ~ Norfolk Preserves & Chutneys ~ Loose Confectionery ~ Cake Decorations

Family Fares - Children Under 5 free - Whistlestop Café Model, Toy and Souvenir Shop - Railway Workshop

Trains Running from both Aylsham and Wroxham Why not take the Broadland Boat Train and combine a journey by steam with a cruise on the beautiful Norfolk Broads

Norwich Road, Aylsham, Norfolk NR11 6BW

Tel 01263 733858

ke s


KEYS AYLSHAM SALEROOMS FINE ANTIQUES WITH CLOCKS & WATCHES 22nd & 23rd MAY 2012 Entries of good quality Antiques including Clocks, Watches and Scientific Instruments are now being accepted for our fine Antique Sale For initial free Valuation or further details please contact: William King (Clocks, Watches & Silver) Paul Goodley (Furniture & Ceramics) 01263 733195 Item pictured - W & S Jones, Holborn, London Early 19th Century Bow Front Stick Barometer Estimate: £4,000 - £4,500 PALMERS LANE, AYLSHAM, NORFOLK NR11 6JA

23 Red Lion Street, Aylsham, NR11 6ER ~ 01263 735737 ~

Wistanley Cats

Prices start from as little as £4.00 and go up to £90.00

1-3 Grammer School Rd, North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 9JH

Wolterton & Mannington Estate 2012 Countryside Walks and Trails Open every day from 9am. Car parks £2.00.


GARDENS OPEN Sundays May to September 12pm - 5pm Wed, Thurs & Fri June to August 11am - 5pm

Special opening April 1st Gardens open for National Gardens Scheme 12pm - 5pm


HALL OPEN Fridays 2pm-5pm (Last entry 4pm) from April 20th to October 26th 2012 exhibition Wolterton over ten reigns

May 20th Organic Garden Day from 10.30 Hall open 12-4

Mannington Hall, Norwich NR11 7BB 01263 584175/768444

Music, drama, opera, talks, art exhibitions, costume and history fairs


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23/3/12 09:40:47


Second to nun We caught up with soap and stage star Michael Starke to find out about the stage version of the big-screen blockbuster, Sister Act. TRY TO FIND any differences between Michael Starke and the chirpy Merseyside window-cleaner Sinbad he played in Brookside and you may struggle. He may not walk about with a ladder and a chamois or get embroiled in any dodgy schemes, but the unmistakable warmth and charm of his on-screen character Sinbad is also part of Michael Starke’s real-life personality. An enthusiastic and down-to-earth performer, he loves being back on the road playing the role of Monsignior O’Hara in Sister Act, which is co-produced by the original star of the movie Whoopi Goldberg. And the show marks a bit of a cycle for the popular singer and actor. He said: “When I was at St Anne’s infant school, the headmistress was a nun called Sister Veronica, and she told my mum, ‘If he’s not a comedian when he grows up I’ll eat my hat.” Michael began his

Michael Starke with Denise Black

professional career on stage at Liverpool Playhouse in the 1984 production of Cavern of Dreams. The theatre became his performing second home taking on a wide range of work there including Hamlet and She Stoops To Conquer. But it was the role of the chirpy charming window cleaner Sinbad in Channel Four’s long running soap opera Brookside which made his name - a part he played on screen for fifteen years. Even though it is around eight years since the show finished, he is still associated with the role. Michael said: “I still get people calling me Sinbad now and again. Recently I was walking past a guy who just stopped and pointed and said ‘Window cleaner! Telly!’.” In between stage work, Michael did make a return to television playing Jerry Morton in Coronation Street and Ken Hopkirk in ITV’s Sunday night favourite The Royal. But he admits the lure of the theatre is what stimulates him creatively. He said: “I love musical theatre. It was the reason why I wanted to get into the business any way.” Now he is taking on a very different role of the Monsignor in the sassy, feelgood show, Sister Act. He is a part of the community at the convent where disco diva Deloris Van Cartier is placed in protective custody after witnessing a murder. Changing her identity to that of a nun, she ends up transforming their choir into a top musical act forming a bond with them. And Michael says his role is great as his character changes during the course of the show. He explained: “The Mother Superior and the Monsignor start off very staid.

They are the stabilising roles as the convent is under threat. They take that threat very seriously and have obviously both been there for years. They really care about the place. “So, at the start we see that very ecclesiastical side to them, and then their fun side is revealed.” He also has nothing but praise for the cast headed by former Coronation Street siren and acclaimed actress Denise Black, who plays the Mother Superior, and accomplished stage performer Cynthia Erivo, who plays Deloris. Michael said: “From the moment you hear Cynthia Erivo singing her first song right at the start, you’re off your seat because this kid is going to be a superstar. “She is absolutely amazing and her voice is unbelievable. Her first song just hits you and gets people going. We know from the reaction to that first song that we are going to have another great show. From then on every song is pertinent to its point in the show and some of them are very, very funny as well as being powerful.” Add in a hugely talented ensemble, and Michael is promising a show to remember. “It’s just an amazing cast,” says Starke. “There’s 31 performers without a weak link anywhere.” And he says the audience will certainly leave the theatre with a smile on their face. Michael said: “It is about unity and about coming together and accepting people for who they are, regardless of their religion. “It is a very spiritual show. You will go in and come out uplifted. It is a feel good production.” Sister Act, Norwich Theatre Royal, 17–28 April. 01603 630000|105


Norfolk THEATRE & SHOWS 1 Apr The Wizard of Oz Family musical. Brittania Pier Theatre, Great Yarmouth, 01493 842209 1 - 14 Apr Sally Morgan TV’s psychic medium. Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000 2 Apr Jack Dee Catch Jack as he road-tests his new material for a 2012 tour. After a six year absence from Stand-Up, he’s back, agonizing over the slightest of annoyances and misdemeanors. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 2 - 7 Apr Calendar Girls The original Calendar Girl herself - Lynda Bellingham returns to the show with Camilla Dallerup, Jan Harvey, Sue Holderness, Deena Paytne, Lisa Riley, June Watson and Ruth Madoc, with Kevin Sacre and Joe McGann. Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000 3 Apr A Vampire Story Presented by mad red Theatre School. Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, 01603 620917 3 - 4 Apr Fascinating Aida One of Britain’s best comedy-cabaret trios. Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, 01603 598598 4 - 5 Apr Snow Play An enchanting experience for small children and their families, which took Edinburgh by storm. Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, 01603 598598 5 Apr Private Resistance Eastern Angles present Private Resistance, the ultimate ‘what-if’ scenario. How would the British have coped with a German invasion? Set in 1940 it’s a thrilling tale of the so-called Auxiliary Units, Churchill’s secret guerrilla army primed to go underground to fight behind the lines - a story of the bonds created and destroyed by wartime. This fascinating play is researched and written by Eastern Angles’ Artistic Director, Ivan Cutting and directed by Naomi Jones. Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, 01603 620917 5 Apr Forest of Fables Aesop tales performed with puppets for ages 4+. Norwich Puppet Theatre, Norwich, 01603 629921 5 Apr Great Expectations Presented by Baroque Theatre Company. Diss Corn Hall, Diss, 01379 652241 5 - 7 Apr Spring Awakening Award-winning musical. The Garage, Norwich, 01603 630000 5 - 7 Apr The Decorator Presented by The Gorleston Theatre Company. Gorleston Pavilion Theatre, Gorleston, 01493 662832 5 - 14 Apr Company Along the Mile A dark comedy about love presented by

the Sewell Barn Players. Sewell Barn Theatre, Norwich, 01603 697248 6 - 9 Apr Great Expectations Baroque Theatre Company presents the Dickens classic. The Granary Theatre, Wells-next-the-Sea, 01328 710193 6 - 12 Apr Circus Hilarious Easter Special Clive Webb and Danny Adams create madness and mayhem with side-splitting humour and slapstick comedy guaranteed to make the whole family roar with laughter. The Hippodrome, Great Yarmouth, 01493 844172 7 Apr Bette and Joan A feisty and irreverent look at two of Hollywood’s greatest icons and their equally famous feud. Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, 01603 598598 7 Apr Swan Lake Presented by Vienna Festival Ballet. Pavilion Theatre , Cromer, 01263 512495 7 Apr Little Bo Peep Puppet show for ages 2+. Norwich Puppet Theatre, Norwich, 01603 629921 8 Apr Forever in Blue Jeans Energetic music show featuring hti songs from the 50s through to the 70s. Brittania Pier Theatre, Great Yarmouth, 01493 842209 8 Apr Dara O’Briain Irish funnyman Dara O Briain is one of the most recognisable faces of British TV, hosting Mock The Week, The Apprentice – You’re Fired, Stargazing Live and starring in Three Men in a Boat. Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000 10 Apr The Barber of Seville English Touring Opera present Rossini;s masterpiece. Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000 10 - 14 Apr Goldilocks Puppet show for ages 2-5. Norwich Puppet Theatre, Norwich, 01603 629921 10 - 14 Apr The Pirates of Penzance A Sheringham Little Theatre Community Production of the Gilbert & Sullivan favourite. Sheringham Little Theatre, Sheringham, 01263 822347 11 Apr Eugene Onegin English Touring Opera’s production of Tchaikovsky’s romantic classic. Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000 11 Apr Your Days Are Numbered Taking comedy in a new and thought provoking direction, this new intelligent show features the expert “stand-up mathematician”, Matt Parker, and writer/comedian, Timandra Harkness. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 11 - 14 Apr Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street The classic Sondheim musical thriller

peformed by the Norfolk Youth Music Theatre organisation. Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, 01603 598598 11 - 14 Apr Godspell Rock musical. King’s Lynn Arts Centre, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 12 - 14 Apr Cirque du Ciel’s ShangHi A marvellous 2 hour extravaganza combines acrobatics, modern dance, original music, martial arts and many other Chinese elements in an amazing adventure. Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000 13 Apr Ian Keable Magician. The Granary Theatre, Wells-next-the-Sea, 01328 710193 14 Apr The Three Billy Pigs Children’s show. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 14 Apr Buddy Holly - A Legend Reborn Tribute show starring Marc Robinson. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 15 Apr An Evening with Naturalist Nick Baker Join Nick as he tells his favourite stories about discovering, meeting and filming some of his favourite Weird Creatures. Pavilion Theatre , Cromer, 01263 512495 17 - 28 Apr Sister Act Based on the movie of the same name, this fabulous, family-friendly, feel-good show is packed with songs inspired by Motown, funk, soul and disco and stars Michael Starke and Denise Black . Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000 18 Apr Derek Acorah TV’s spirit medium. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 18 - 19 Apr Richard Herring Stand-up comedy. Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, 01603 598598 19 Apr David Copperfield Presented by Mad Dogs & Englishmen. The Granary Theatre, Wells-next-the-Sea, 01328 710193 19 - 21 Apr Dusmagrik Music Hall Traditional music hall. Gorleston Pavilion Theatre, Gorleston, 01493 662832 19 - 28 Apr Present Laughter Noel Coward’s popular light comedy. Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, 01603 620917 20 - 21 Apr Good Clean Fun Adrian Wright and Adrian Turner present a journey into the theatrical past. Sheringham Little Theatre, Sheringham, 01263 822347 21 Apr Terry Alderton As seen on Comedy Roadshow and Comedy Central, Terry Alderton is simply amazing. Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, 01603 598598 21 Apr Paul Merton A return to stand-up for the popular comedian and TV

presenter. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 21 Apr Olly Day and the Jonathon Wyatt Big Band Music and comedy show. Pavilion Theatre , Cromer, 1263 512495 26 Apr Private Resistance See 5 Apr. Hindolveston Village Hall, Hindolveston, 01263 860583 26 Apr Comedy Club Top stand-up King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 26 Apr Red Card Comedy Club Top stand-up. Norfolk Lounge at Norwich City Football Club, Norwich, 0844 826 1902 27 Apr Andrew Maxwell Stand-up comedy. Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, 01603 598598 27 Apr Caruso & The Monkey House Trial When legendary Tenor Enrico Caruso is accused of pinching women’s bottoms at the Central Park Zoo in New York, it’s not his reputation but his whole career that’s at stake. Starring opera favourite Ignacio Jarquin. King’s Lynn Arts Centre, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 27 Apr Phil Beer Phil is one half of folk supergroup Show Of Hands. Norwich Puppet Theatre, Norwich, 01603 629921 27 Apr David Copperfield Presented by Mad Dogs & Englishmen. Diss Corn Hall, Diss, 01379 652241 27 - 28 Apr Contractions Compelling new play performed by Westacre Theatre Company. Westacre Theatre, Westacre, 01760 755800 28 Apr Josh Widdicombe & Charlie Baker Two brilliant comedians, constantly on TV, in a side-splitting double bill. Norwich Playhouse, Norwich, 01603 598598 28 Apr No Strings Boogaloo Hocus Pocus Theatre’s Burlesque Club Night takes on a spectacular circus twist. An excellent excuse for dressing up, dancing to great music and catching glamorous and skilled stage shows in between. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 28 Apr That’ll be The Day Rock ‘n’ roll music show. Pavilion Theatre , Cromer, 01263 512495 28 Apr Patrick Monahan Stand-up comedy. The Granary Theatre, Wells-next-the-Sea, 01328 710193 29 Apr Wild Boyz Thong and dance show for the ladies! King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 29 Apr That’ll be The Day Rock ‘n’ roll music show. Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000|107

Last chance to see Titian, Diana and Actaeon, 1556â&#x20AC;&#x201C;9 Š National Galleries of Scotland/The National Gallery

this magniďŹ cent Venetian masterpiece on show at Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery Ends Sunday 15 April Titian Special: Adult ÂŁ2, Conc./Young People (4 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 16) ÂŁ1 Tel. 01603 493625/495897

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Come and discover something special Antique and painted furniture Country kitchenware Quilts, cushions, rugs and baskets

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Bullock Fair Close, Harleston IP20 9AT Tel 01379 853067 108|


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Norfolk 30 Apr - 5 May Funny Peculiar TV favourites including Craig Gazey, winner of National Television Best Newcomer award and British Soaps Best Comedy Performer award for his portrayal of Coronation Street’s popular innocent Graeme Proctor, Emmerdale’s Suzanne Shaw, Champion of ITV’s Dancing on Ice, West End star of Chicago and Joseph and Pop sensation, Gemma Bissix, two-time British Soap award winner for her role in Hollyoaks, Vicky Entwistle, best known as the feisty Janice Battersby in Coronation Street and Heartbeat’s Steven Blakeley come together in this award-winning comedy classic. Norwich Theatre Royal, Norwich, 01603 630000

MUSIC 1 Apr Liz Green Mancunian bluesy folk singer who sounds like a cross between Diane Cluck and Joanna Newsom. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 1 Apr The Albion Band A new generation of English folk talent. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 2 Apr Snuff UK punk outfit hearkening back to the glorious days of mod. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 3 Apr McFly McFly have an impressive discography boasting in excess of 17 Top 10 singles and 4 top 10 albums. UEA LCR at University of East Anglia, Norwich, 01603 508050 4 Apr Sons Of Noel and Adrian Violins, guitars, charangos, cellos, flutes, accordians, drums, whistles, cornets and a banjo creating quite a large dark folk sound. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 4 Apr Clare Teal Winner of numerous awards, voted Jazz Vocalist of the Year three times running. Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, 01603 620917 4 Apr Emeli Sande Hotly sought after singer songwriter Emeli Sandé is the soulful voice behind the number one single ’Read All About It’ with Professor Green. Smart, sussed, talented, utterly transfixing on stage and unforgettable in her words and melodies, she is the epitome of the brilliant modern artist. UEA LCR at University of East Anglia, Norwich, 01603 508050 4 Apr Flux Pavilion Joshua Steele, AKA Flux Pavilion, is a dubstep producer and DJ. The Waterfront, Norwich, 01603 508050 5 Apr Albert Lee & Hogan’s Heroes Albert Lee’s impeccable country music and rock pedigree stretches back over more than 40 years. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 5 Apr Southbank Sinfonia Mendelssohn, Beethoven, Schubert. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864

6 Apr Rachmaninov Vespers King’s Lynn Festival Chorus will be performing the work in the original language. St Nicholas’ Chapel, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 6 Apr The Magic of the Beatles Tribute. Pavilion Theatre , Cromer, 01263 512495 7 Apr Horses Brawl Hailed as one of thee brightest young bands around, exuberant instrumental trio Horse Brawl create intense and original music mixing medieval and traditional folk with unconventional techniques on modern and ancient instruments. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 7 Apr Elizabeth Watts The soprano, accompanied by Julius Drake on piano, performs in the Marble Hall. Holkham Hall, Holkham, 01328 713111 10 Apr Michael Chapman Chapman’s gritty brand of guitar based songs span folk, ragtime, jazz and blues with a world-weary voice singing words of bitter experience. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 12 Apr Mystery Jets Boundary pushing indie-pop sensations. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 12 Apr From the Jam Tribute. The Waterfront, Norwich, 01603 508050 13 Apr Drugstore Delightfully off-kilter ditties from Isabel Monteiro and Co. They have been described as the best indie band in Britain. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 14 Apr The Jay Singers An evening of American choral music. St Andrew’s Church, Hingham, 01603 666332 14 Apr Centre Stage Swing Band Swing band music. St Catherine’s Church, Ludham, 01692 678060 14 Apr The Tribute to ABBA Forever It does exactly what it says on the tin. Pavilion Theatre , Cromer, 01263 512495 14 Apr The Golden Years Featuring Mervin & The Star Beats, The Peppermint Men, Johnny Lofty Band (Tribute), Gary Freeman & The New Contours and Mr Buss. UEA LCR at University of East Anglia, Norwich, 01603 508050 15 Apr Glenn Miller Orchestra Big band led by Ray McVay. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 15 Apr We Are The In Crowd Punk-pop-rock quintet. The Waterfront, Norwich, 01603 508050 15 Apr The Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band Top brass band. St Andrews & Blackfriars Halls, Norwich, 01603 508050 16 Apr Chamber Acoustic jazz. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 17 Apr One Night Only Rock/indie/electronic band from Yorkshire. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 18 Apr Futures This London 4-piece create a stunning mix of alternative rock

with pop sensibilities. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 19 Apr The Toy Hearts A six-piece family, traditional and contempoary Bluegrass band from Birmingham. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 20 Apr ELO Experience Rock tribute. Pavilion Theatre , Cromer, 01263 512495 26 Apr The Oli Brown Band Blues. Diss Corn Hall, Diss, 01379 652241 21 Apr Sylosis Extreme metal band. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 21 Apr Norwich Pops Orchestra Harry, England and St George! Performed in the Cathedral Nave. Norwich Cathedral, Norwich, 01603 218450 21 Apr The Waveney Choir Spring concert. Diss Corn Hall, Diss, 01379 652241 22 Apr Tribes Indie band. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 22 Apr The Johnny Cash Roadshow Country tribute by Clive John and The Spirit Band. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 22 Apr Chris Cooper Jazz Trio Jazz. The Globe Inn, Wells-next-the-Sea, 01328 710206 22 Apr Delilah She is the industry’s best-kept secret, Delilah’s unique look and urban sound are the true essence of the multi cultural environment that she grew up in. With a catalogue of raw material under her belt and a soulful sound with a hint of dubstep, Delilah is definitely one to watch in 2012. The Waterfront, Norwich, 01603 508050 23 Apr The Miserable Rich Brighton band. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 23 Apr The Lemonheads The Lemonheads will be performing their classic 1992 album ‘It’s A Shame About Ray’ in full. The Waterfront, Norwich, 01603 508050 24 Apr Marcus Bonfanti Trio Blues guitarist. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 24 Apr Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart Husband and wife acoustic guitar duo from tennessee. Olives, Norwich, 01603 230500 25 Apr Blowzabella Music influenced by British and European traditional dance. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 25 Apr John Renbourn & Robin Williamson Founder member of the legendary Pentangle, John Renbourn & founder member of the Incredible String Band, Robin Williamson. King’s Lynn Arts Centre, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864

25 Apr Deaf Havana Fast rising post-hardcore band from King’s Lynn. The Waterfront, Norwich, 01603 508050 26 Apr Lazy Habits Jazzy Hip Hop crew. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 26 Apr Feeder Formed in 1992, Feeder’s heavy guitars and sugarsweet melodies have made a lasting impression on the UK’s rock scene. The Waterfront, Norwich, 01603 508050 26 Apr The Oli Brown Band Blues. Diss Corn Hall, Diss, 01379 652241 27 Apr Little Comets Feel good, jarring beat pop-rock four-piece from Newcastle. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 27 Apr Front Porch Blues/folk. Sheringham Little Theatre, Sheringham, 01263 822347 29 Apr The Bootleg Shadows Tribute. Sheringham Little Theatre, Sheringham, 01263 822347 30 Apr Deolinda Superstars in their native Portugal, Deolinda breathe new life into the country’s signature fado style. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 30 Apr Paradise Lost Gothic metal. The Waterfront, Norwich, 01603 508050

ART & EXHIBITIONS 1 - 10 Apr NUCA Live at The Forum Exhibition of work by students and tutors from Norwich University College of the Arts. The Forum, Norwich, 01603 727950 1 - 11 Apr H. J. Jackson Printmaker H J Jackson is regarded as one of the top in his craft of lino-printmaking. Bircham Gallery, Holt, 01263 713312

Emeli Sandé UE LCR 4 April|109

Norfolk You can find even more events on our website and include your own too! 1 - 12 Apr World War Two: Local Secrets and Stories Find out about everyday life in Norfolk during World War Two as told by local people. From tanks passing through Thetford and bombing in Lynn, to the arrival of the evacuees and American convoys – all these events are vividly recalled by the people who witnessed them. Ancient House, Thetford, 01842 752599 1 - 15 Apr Titian’s Diana and Actaeon Titian’s 16th century masterpiece on tour from the National Gallery, London. Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery, Norwich, 01603 493625 1 Apr - 15 Apr Robin Welch: the Potter and The Painter Based in Stradbroke since 1966, Robin Welch has established an international reputation for his work, which combines his skills as a sculptor, painter and potter. Wymondham Arts Centre, Wymondham, 01603 666011 1 - 21 Apr Printed in Norfolk An interactive exhibition and display of the body of printed work produced by Coracle Press at Crome & Akers in Kings Lynn. The exhibition includes books and ephemera by artists such as by Kurt Schwitters, Thomas Joshua Cooper, Gustav Metzger, Paul Etienne Lincoln, Stuart Mills and Yoko Terauchi amongst many others. Norwich University College of the Arts, Norwich, 01603 610561 1 Apr - 5 May Norwich Blitz During World War II, on the night of the 27th/28th April 1942, there was an extensive blitz on Norwich streets in which many people were killed or injured and which permanently changed the architecture of the city. To mark the 70th anniversary of this raid, Norwich Arts Centre and Norfolk Libraries present an exhibition of over sixty historical photographs showing the extent of damage. Alongside these photographs is a body of work by photographer Nick Stone, titled ‘Blitz Ghosts’, which digitally combines historical and modern street scenes, placing images of bomb damage in their current landscapes. Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich, 01603 660352 1 Apr - 19 May 43rd Eastern Open 2012 The prestigious Eastern Open Art Competition embraces its 43rd year, once again attracting entries from across 7 counties of the eastern region. Don’t miss this chance to view an exceptional selection of top artistic talent from the East. King’s Lynn Arts Centre, King’s Lynn, 01553 764864 1 Apr - 24 Jun JAPAN: Kingdom of Characters This vibrant exhibition celebrates the growing interest in Japanese subcultures such as manga and anime. It offers the chance to encounter


characters from television, computer games and comics. Many have become much loved household names around the world. Providing an overview of manga and anime through the second half of the 20th century, the exhibition provides a unique insight into this cultural phenomenon. It will also give fans the chance to come face-to-face with some of their favourite characters, including human-sized Ultraman, Pikachu and a Hello Kitty ‘skipping’ through the gallery. As well as 3D characters, the exhibition includes graphic illustrations and even a room-set of a teenager’s Hello Kitty bedroom. Anime screenings and graphic illustrations are included in the exhibition and create a context for the visiting characters. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, 01603 593199 1 Apr - 1 Jul There Is Here: Photographs by Avi Gupta See panel. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, 01603 593199 1 Apr - 16 Jul Journeys through the light Exhibition of cutting edge contemporary art including paintings, sculpture, craft, videos, and interventions made by East Anglian artists on the theme of light and image making as found in medieval stained glass. Hungate Medieval Art at St Peter Hungate Church, Norwich, Ludham Bridge, 01692 630485 1 Apr - 2 Dec The First Moderns: Art Nouveau, from Nature to Abstraction The First Moderns is the first in a series of displays of spectacular displays of works from the Sainsbury Centre’s permanent collections that will explore the importance of design, particularly in the European context in the 19th and 20th centuries. Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich, 01603 593199 14 - 21 Apr Celebration of Dragonflies Exhibition of all things dragonflies. Dragonfly Gallery at Wayland House, Watton, 01953 880205 17 Apr - 21 May Fish and Ships Coastal Artworks Original pen and ink drawings, acrylic abtracts, coastal map and fab lobsters, whales, crabs and fish made from peices of old boats, by North Norfolk artist Andrew Ruffhead. Wiveton Hall Café, Wiveton. 23 - 26 Apr Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios Taster Exhibition Enjoy work from a huge selection of artists, from every corner of the county, brought under one huge roof roof to celebrate the vibrancy of visual arts in Norfolk. The Forum, Norwich, 01603 727950

SPECIAL EVENTS Every Wednesday The Cloisters Fair: Antiques. Collectables. Vintage Established 1972, the oldest in Norwich. Set in the beautiful C14th Cloisters and loved by dealers and the public there is always a wide ranging fresh stock of

antiques, collectables and vintage. 8am-3pm. St Andrews & Blackfriars Halls, Norwich, 01603 630763 1 Apr American & Classic Car Display Expect to see classic Hot Rod’s, Harley Davidson bikes and trikes along with many other all American classics. Anchor Plaza, Great Yarmouth, 01493 440539 1 Apr Heritage Archive Day The day will be for any one to bring along old photograph’s, papers  or any thing related to the 4 villages of Eccles Hargham Quidenham & Wilby. 11am-5pm. Garnier Village Hall, Eccles, 01953 455877 5 - 7 Apr The SPC Holdings Burnham Market Horse Trials There’s something for everyone, including plenty of trade stands where you can grab a bargain. Sussex Farm, Burnham Market, 6 - 7 Apr Norfolk Antique & Collectors Fair Whether you are a professional dealer, an avid collector looking to complete a cherished collection, or an enthusiast searching for the ‘once in a lifetime’ treasure, the fair offers a diverse range of antiques and collectables. Norfolk Showground, Norwich, 01702 549623 6 - 8 Apr North Norfolk Fine Art & Antiques Fair 11am-5pm. Sussex Barn, Burnham Market, 01379 586134 6 - 9 Apr Easter Eggspress Enjoy a train ride on Norfolk’s longest Narrow Gauge Steam Railway from either Aylsham or Wroxham. Free Easter Egg for every child when accompanied by a fare-paying adult. Bure Valley Railway, Aylsham, 01263 738882 7 Apr Craft Market 9.30am-2pm. Queen’s Hall, Watton, 01953 885559 7 Apr Flea Market Inside and outside stalls of vintage, antique, collectibles, shabby chic & unique items. 9am-1pm. Swan Hotel, Harleston, 01379 855486 8 - 9 Apr Napolenoic Re-enactment and Living History Event marking the Opening of Houghton Hall for the 2012 Summer Season. Houghton Hall, Houghton, 01485 528569 9 Apr Spring Fair Music, crafts and fun for all the family. Gressenhall Farm & Workhouse, Gressenhall, 01362 869251 12 Apr Spring Fling fun filled day for children 4-14 yrs old. With over 100 interactove stands, learn more about Food, Farming and the Countryside. 9am-3.30pm. Norfolk Showground, Norwich, 01603 731971 13 Apr An Evening with Julian Clary The comedian, bestselling author and well loved personality will be discussing and signing copies of his latest novel Briefs Encountered. 6.30pm. The Pantry at Jarrolds, Norwich, 14 Apr Titanic Centenary Exhibition On April 14 2012 it will be 100 years since the sinking of the Titanic. This exhibition includes memorabilia, pictures,

models and a sales table. Relatives of the Norwich survivors, Ted and Ethel Pease, will join the Norfolk Titanic Association as it focuses on their story. 9am-6pm. The Forum, Norwich, 01603 727950 14 Apr Scott May’s Daredevil Stunt Show Europe‘s largest, independent, touring stunt show. This is a fast moving, action packed show with Monster Truck destruction, Europe’s only monster ride-truck, car-crushing action, motorcycle, buggy jumps, car crashes, and much, much more. 7-9pm. Norfolk Showground, Norwich, 01603 731971 14 Apr North Norfolk Coast Earth Day There will be a whole range of eco friendly organisations for an Earth Day exhibition about the environment, including environmental technology installers, advisors, pressure groups and other related organisations. Deepdale Backpackers & Camping and Deepdale Farm, Burnham Deepdale, 01485 210256 14 - 15 Apr The Royal Aero Club Air Race For the first time, Old Buckenham is hosting a round of the RAC’s prestigious series. Old Buckenham Airfield, Old Buckenham, 14 - 15 Apr 1940s Weekend Steam trains and museum plus much more. Whitwell and Reepham Railway, Reepham, 01603 871694 15 Apr American & Classic Car Display Expect to see classic Hot Rod’s, Harley Davidson bikes and trikes along with many other all American classics. Anchor Plaza, Great Yarmouth, 01493 440539 20 Apr John Challis The actor, best known as Boycie in Only Fools and Horses, will be signing copies of his new book. 11am. Waterstones, King’s Lynn, 0843 290 8425 21 Apr St George’s Day Celebrations Lots of fun and activities in the town centre. Town Centre, Downham Market, 01366 387770 21 Apr The Norwich Original Fleamarket he Norwich Original Fleamarket has been held at St. Andrew’s Halls for 37 years and is now bigger and better than ever. 60 dealers from all over East Anglia will offer a huge selection of antiques, collectables, vintage and retro. 9am-4pm. St Andrew’s Hall, Norwich, 01603 630763 21 - 22 Apr The Reepham Festival of Arts and Crafts 10am-5pm Sat, 10am-4pm Sun. The Brewery House, Reepham, 01603 871600 27 - 28 Apr Mind, Body and Spirit Fair 9am-5pm. The Forum, Norwich, 01603 727950 28 Apr Little Vintage Lover Fair A Quality Vintage Clothing & Collectors Fair. 10am-4pm. Dragon Hall, Norwich, 07866 533631 28 Apr The Original King’s Lynn Fleamarket 9am-4pm. King’s Lynn Corn Exchange, King’s Lynn,

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Studio of Painter and Tutor


Inc! Basketery" Stained Glass" Jewellery" Handmade Buttons" Pottery & Textiles A warm welcome with co#ee or tea" in a light contemporary space!

2012 Workshop Studio ofofPainter Painter andTutor Tutor Studio PainterProgramme and Studio of and Tutor Includes: Linda LindaH! H! Matthews! Matthews!

Linda H! Matthews! Weekend watercolours GALLERY of NORFOLK GALLERY of NORFOLK Drawing Skills with Pencil Ink & GALLERY of NORFOLK ARTISANS: Charcoal ARTISANS: ARTISANS: Inc! Basketery" Stained Glass" Beginners Watercolours Inc! Basketery" Stained Glass" Glass" Jewellery" Handmade Inc! Basketery" Stained Intro. to Atelier Acrylics Jewellery" Handmade Buttons" Pottery Textiles Jewellery" Handmade Cycling & Sketching in&the Norfolk A warm welcome Buttons" Pottery & Textiles Buttons" Pottery Textiles Broads with co#ee or& tea" A warm welcome A Landscapes warm welcome in a with light contemporary space! Broadland on Foot co#ee or tea" with co#ee or tea" Oils for Beginners in a light contemporary space! space! in a light contemporary 2012 Workshop Programme Painting Holiday in S. France 2012 Workshop Programme Includes: Includes: Drawing & Painting with Pastels Weekend watercolours, Drawing SkillsProgramme with Pencil Ink & Charcoal, 2012 Workshop Weekend watercolours 2012 Workshop Programme Weekly Tutored evening classes Beginners Watercolours, Intro. to Atelier Acrylics, Cyclingat & Drawing SkillsBroads, withBroadland Pencil Landscapes Ink & on Foot, Includes: Sketching in theBridge. Norfolk Ludham Includes: OilsCharcoal for Beginners, Painting Holiday in S. France, Drawing & Weekend watercolours or Beginners a with bespoke workshop for you Weekend watercolours Painting Pastels, Weekly Tutored evening classes at Ludham Watercolours Drawing Skills with Pencil Ink & at your venue. Bridge or a bespoke workshop for you at your venue. Drawing Pencil Ink & Intro. toSkills Atelierwith Acrylics Charcoal Cycling & Sketching in the Norfolk Charcoal Beginners Watercolours call for details or see: Broads Beginners Watercolours Intro. to Atelier Acrylicson Foot Broadland Landscapes Intro. to Atelier Acrylics Oils for&Beginners Cycling Sketching in the Norfolk Cycling & Sketching the Norfolk Painting Holiday in S.inFrance Broads Broads Drawing & Painting with Pastels OPEN YEAR ROUND Broadland Landscapes on Foot Weekly Tutored evening on classes Broadland Landscapes Footat Oils for Beginners Tues$Friday & Sat! Morning Ludham Bridge. Oils for Beginners Painting Holiday in S. France or a bespoke workshop for you Ludham Bridge" Norfolk Painting Holiday in S. France at your venue. Drawing & Painting with Pastels NR%& 'NX Drawing & Painting with Pastels Weeklytel: Tutored evening classes at ()*&% *+(,-' Weekly classes at call for Tutored details or evening see: Ludham Bridge. Ludham Bridge. or bespoke workshop for you or a bespoke at your venue.workshop for you 112| at your venue. OPEN YEAR ROUND Tues$Friday Sat! Morning call for details or & see: Untitled-119 112 call for details or see:

market gates The home of great shopping...

A wide range of great shops and places to eat, drink and relax, right in the heart of the historical town of Great Yarmouth. Date

Shopping Centre

Car Park

Good Fri - 6 April 12

9.00 am – 5.30 pm

8.00 am – 7.00 pm

Sat - 7 April 12

9.00 am – 5.30 pm

8.00 am – 7.00 pm

Easter Sun - 8 April 12


Easter Mon - 9 April 12

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

9.00 am – 6.00 pm

May Bank Mon - 7 May 12

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Spring Bank Mon - 4 Jun 12

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Queens Diamond Jubilee – Tue - 5 Jun 12

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Summer Bank Holiday – Mon - 27 Aug 12

10.00 am – 4.00 pm

9.00 am – 6.00 pm

Shopping Centre opening times Mon – Sat 9.00am – 5.30pm Sun 10.00am – 4.00pm Car Park opening times Mon – Sat 8.00am – 7.00pm Sun 9.00am – 5.00pm

Solid Oak Sleigh Bedstead available in 3 sizes prices from £489* matching pieces available *Mattress and covers not included

Quote EAST LIFE for 5% discount

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday 9am - 5pm excluding Thursdays Thursday 9am - 4pm Free delivery to most UK mainland areas

13-14 Market Place, Great Yarmouth Norfolk NR30 1LY 01493 842971

23/3/12 16:15:11


Great Yarmouth Great Yarmouth is one of the UK’s top seaside resorts with stunning beaches, a revitalised seafront, exceptional maritime heritage and a surprising range of period architecture, all surrounded by beautiful countryside interwoven with the famous Norfolk Broads.

SIX PLACES YOU MUST VISIT IN GREAT YARMOUTH Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens See the renowned collection of Asian Mammals, birds and reptiles in the pleasantly landscaped grounds and gardens of Thrigby Hall. Britannia Pier Amusements, rides and a theatre that has a summer line-up of top entertainers, including Jimmy Carr, Cannon & Ball, and Joe Pasquale. Merrivale Model Village One of Yarmouth's best loved family attractions, set in over an acre of award-winning landscaped gardens. Watch the Merrivale Railway go by and wonder at the models. Marine Parade. Yesterday’s World A thrilling journey of discovery dating from Queen Victoria to the 1960's in life sized street scenes and displays with over 150,000 genuine artefacts. Amazonia Reptilarium Fascinating reptile rescue centre where you can get up close with snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, iguanas, geckos, insects and spiders. See Goliath the alligator, or take the challenge of the tarantula tunnel. Great Yarmouth Sea Life Centre Be wowed by the many strange, beautiful and fascinating creatures of the deep. Prepare for astonishing close views of everything from humble starfish to tropical sharks.

Great Yarmouth has a very long tradition as a beach resort going right back to the late 18th century. The basic ingredients that have made it such a popular seaside destination are still going strong today. In particular, the Great Yarmouth coastline enjoys some of the driest weather in the country, as well as many of its finest beaches, stretching from Winterton-on-Sea in the north to Hopton-on-Sea in the south. Wide, sandy beaches, rarely affected by high tide or low tide are a real bonus, especially for families looking for beach-based bucket and spade holidays. Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth’s main seafront area, looks out over golden sands and has two Victorian piers, classic seaside cafés, pubs and restaurants, attractive gardens and an abundance of amusement arcades, fairground rides and other attractions. Visitors can stroll along the esplanade next to the beach, or on wide pavements on either side of Marine Parade. A special slow lane carries the land train and landaus which drive

visitors from one end of the seafront to the other. Discover the town’s maritime heritage among the Rows, streets and medieval walls of the old town with its six museums. There’s the award-winning Time & Tide Museum of Great Yarmouth Life, the Nelson Museum, packed with Nelson memorabilia, the National Trust’s Elizabethan House, formerly a wealthy merchant’s residence, the flint-knapped Tolhouse, the oldest gaol in the country, English Heritage’s two Row Houses and the Lydia Eva, the last steam drifter. Also enjoy the stunning 13th century Greyfriars’ Cloisters and the Great Yarmouth Smoke Houses and Potteries, home to local artist Ernie Childs. The Greater Yarmouth area has accommodation to suit every budget. For a guide to VisitEngland and AA quality graded accommodation, contact Great Yarmouth Tourist Information Centre, tel. 01493 846346, or book online at

The Pleasure Beach with its 20 high-octane rides sits at the top of Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile dominating the seafront skyline with its famous Skydrop. Spread over nine acres, the leisure park offers huge family fun – full-throttle white knuckle rides and water attractions to catch your breath and fun rides to keep the children happy for hours. The roller coaster has been the star attraction since 1933 and is still a crowd puller today.|113

Norfolk South of Great Yarmouth, Gorleston-on-Sea has its own bay and riverside, with a stunning sandy beach stretching into the distance below glorious cliff gardens and a grand promenade. Summer Sundays in Gorleston are a chilled-out affair, with bands playing in the bandstand surrounded by deckchairs, as visitors and passers-by watch the Sunday yacht race. Gorleston has a large paddling pool and yacht pond, green cliffs, beautiful lawns, bowling greens, tennis courts and a trim-trail on the cliff top where views of the beach, harbour, pier and wind turbines can be seen. Behind the promenade, beachside cafes and shops offer a wide selection of goods from multi-coloured buckets and spades to trendy sunshades and beach wear. The town’s Pavilion Theatre has seaside shows throughout the summer season and is a popular dining and dancing venue. Don't miss it’s Showtime Summer Spectacular variety show which runs through to September. Other attractions and amusements include a bingo hall, pitch and putt golf course, amusement parks, restaurants, pubs and cafés. The Gorleston Cliff Top Festival makes its 15th annual return to the town’s seafront on 28-29 July. Known as the ‘mile-long summer attraction’, you can expect a huge variety of entertainment, stalls, Fun Fair, music, sports and much much more! Enjoy the firework finale on the Sunday evening.

Great Yarmouth hosts some great events. Here are some of this year’s highlights… Volleyball England Beach Tour: Great Yarmouth Classic, Saturday 26 and Sunday 27 May, Central Beach 9am-5pm. Diamond Jubilee Fete and Food Festival, St George’s Park, Saturday 2 June, 10.30am-4pm and Sunday 3 June, 11am-3.30pm. Diamond Jubilee Beacon Lighting and Firework Display, Monday 4 June, Anchor Plaza, Marine Parade, 8pm-10.30pm. Olympic Torch Relay, Filby and Great Yarmouth, Thursday 5 July from 7.30am. Summer Fireworks & Entertainment with the Heart FM Roadshow, every Wednesday from 25 July to 29 August, Central Beach and the Sea Life centre Gardens, 8pm-10.15pm. Summer Spectacular Circus & Water Show, The Hippodrom Circus, 18 July - 16 Sept. 67th Festival of Bowls, featuring more than 2,000 competitors, Sunday 26 August to Friday 21 September, Britannia Bowling Greens, 9am-4pm daily. Great Yarmouth Maritime Festival, Saturday 1 September, 10am-5pm and Sunday 2 September, 10am-4pm, South Quay. Out There Festival, international street arts and entertainment, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 September, St George’s Park. 10K East Coast Run, Sunday 21 October, 10am-1pm, starts in St George’s Park.


THE MERRIVALE TEAROOMS We offer a range of meals, snacks and a vast selection of fancy cakes to tempt you, including a large selection of dairy and gluten free foods. All food is freshly made on the premises. s$OGSWELCOME s5NDERCOVERCOURTYARD s/UTSIDECATERINGFACILITIES

Awarded ‘Tearoom of the Year 2011’ and Gold Medal for our courtyard fl ower arrangemen ts.

Don’t forget our large selection of different flavoured fudges – all made on the premises!

Merrival Model Village, Marine Parade, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk NR30 3JG. Tel: 07979 028750|115

market cross café bar the market place, swaffham

A continental cafe feel in a beautiful 17th century building oozing charm & appeal. Enjoy freshly prepared light lunches or a tasty evening meal; and at the weekend, unwind with the ‘perfectly posh breakfast’ or perhaps, the sumptuous sunday roast. Simply relax in the calm ambience of this friendly cafe bar with excellent ground coffee or equally, a good wine or beer. Open 7 days a week & evenings thursday, friday & saturday or take a perfect lunch away.

TELEPHONE 01760 336671


Subscribe to eastlife magazine and be sure of your copy every month. One year is just £24.95. Cheques for £24.95 should be made payable to eastlife and sent with your name and full postal address to Subscriptions, Eastlife, Unit 4, Avenue Business Park, Elsworth, Cambridge CB23 4EY. 116|


Swaffham Anyone familar with the ITV television series Kingdom starring Stephen Fry, will know that Swaffham is a delightful town, with its beautiful Georgian buildings and magnificent church, and the stunning countryside of The Brecks just on the doorstep. The town has a wonderful buzz, particularly on Saturdays when the weekly market is in full swing.

A trip to the Ecotech Centre is well worthwhile - the centre for sustainability has exhibition area, organic garden, heritage orchard, gift shop and the Orchard Café, and you can view the UK's first multi- megawatt wind turbine.

Swaffham is the childhood home of the Egyptologist, Howard Carter, most famous for discovering the tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt in 1922. Carter was born in London in 1874 but was brought to Swaffham when he was a young boy, probably due to ill health. His father, who was also a great artist, visited many large country houses in the local area in order to paint pictures of the owner's animals. One such house was Didlington Hall (home to Lord Amherst of Hackney, a noted collector of Egyptian Artifacts). It was here that Howard Carter developed his love of the history of Egypt. You can discover more about the world's most famous Archaeologist by visiting the Carter Connection Gallery at Swaffham Museum

Gardens - 6 acres of garden including four ponds, waterways, trout stream, kingfisher hide and more. The Iceni village at Cockley Cley is a reconstruction of an ancient village, with a museum. The first stop for any visitor to Swaffham has to be the market. Every Saturday the town is transformed with over 70 trade stalls selling anything and everything! Meet the locals, chat to the friendly market traders and see if you can grab a bargain. A number of lovely shops surround the market including a wonderful bookshop filled with new and second hand classics plus a café. For food lovers, Swaffham also has an excellent butchers selling fresh, locally reared produce.

Nearby Oxburgh Hall is a romantic, moated manor house. It was built by the Bedingfeld family in the 15th century and they have lived there ever since. Inside, the family's Catholic history is revealed, complete with a secret priest's hole which you can crawl inside. See the astonishing needlework by Mary, Queen of Scots, and the private chapel, built with reclaimed materials. Outside, you can enjoy panoramic views from the gatehouse roof and follow the woodcarving trails in the gardens and woodlands.

W.E. Johns, the author of the ‘Biggles’ books, took up a job as a sanitary inspector in the town in 1912.

Swaffham is a great base for exploring The Brecks. Close by you can soak up the tranquility in the Gooderstone Water The Rotary Club of Swaffham Visual Arts Festival is held in the autumn and launches on 28 Sept. Events this year include a film night, presentations on architecture and art history, a photgraphic masterclass, and Seeing is Believing!, an exhibition and sale of works of art to be held in the Assembly Rooms.|117


Swaffham Claire Dunne owns and runs the Ceres bookshop and tearoom. Here she tells us her favourite things about the Norfolk town where she lives and works Where would you go for a walk?

I came here in 2004 when I bought Ceres Bookshop and my husband bought EPH services, an electrical plumbing and heating business. We lived in France for 3 years before that.

SS Peter and Paul which has an amazing hammer beamed roof with countless angels. The Corn Hall is also a very attractive building. Where would you go for a romantic meal for two?

Where’s the best place to go on a rainy day?

What do you like most about the town?

Strattons Hotel for its locally sourced foods and quirky surroundings.

How long have you lived in Swaffham?

The people are very friendly and being surrounded by open countryside appeals to me as I was brought up in rural Ireland. What’s Swaffham best known for?

It is known as the home of Howard Carter who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamun and people may not realise that the Ecotech Centre has the only wind turbine in the world regularly open to the public Is there anything new that we should know about?

Courtesy Curtains now provides a bespoke wedding service including outfits, invitations, favours and a venue dressing service. What are your favourite buildings?

The town boasts more than 100 listed buildings but my favourite is the Church of 118|

For a meal with friends?

Nico’s Italian restaurant for good food and a warm friendly atmosphere. A good place for a working lunch or a coffee break?

My tearoom of course! If not, the Market Cross cafe/bar, Which shops are your favourites?

Starlings for flowers, Ruffles and Doves for clothes. Where would you shop for a present that’s a bit different?

I always find something in Pedlars Gold even when I am not sure what I am looking for. Which food shops can you recommend?

CoCoes deli for their salads and tapas platters.

Thetford Forest has 20 circular walks. Closer to home a stroll in Castle Acre is delightful.

Swaffham museum with its elegant rooms, rich collections and 21st century displays and it also has a gift shop and tourist information. What should visitors see?

Oxburgh Hall is a National Trust property, and for garden lovers Narborough Hall and Gooderstone Water gardens are well worth a visit. Where would you go to buy plants for your garden?

West Acre Gardens sells unusual plants and has extensive display gardens. There is always a good variety available at the market in Swaffham on Saturdays. What are your favourite places in East Anglia?

I like walking at Wells-next-the-Sea. For a weekend break Cambridge has so much to offer and I never tire of visiting the Fitzwilliam museum.

Please tell us a little bit about your shop and work… “I own and run Ceres bookshop and Tearoom ably assisted by Donna Smith who bakes all the wonderful cakes. As an independent I can buy the stock I know my customers want and not just what is in the bestseller list. As I have next day deliveries so orders arrive quickly and this is much appreciated by my loyal customers. Working with second-hand books is particularly interesting as I never know what I will find in the boxes that customers bring in, although I have yet to find a very rare first edition! I love helping customers choose a gift for a special occasion or tracking down an out of print title. The tearoom is a quiet spot to read and enjoy our homemade cakes, in the summertime tea can be served in the garden under a shady umbrella. Our aim is to provide a relaxed and pleasant shopping experience.” Ceres Bookshop & Tearoom, London Street, Swaffham 01760 722504 www.ceresbookshop


Age Concern Swaffham & District Registered Charity: 1082730

BEFRIENDING SCHEME Have you a parent, grandparent or friend who lives alone who might like to be visited on a regular basis by one of our Befriending Team? Our Befrienders visit older people in their homes for an hour or two each week just as a listening ear and company, with the aim of reducing feelings of isolation and loneliness. If you know someone who would beneďŹ t, please contact Jan: Tel: 07412 775574 Email:

Full size conservatories in our large indoor showroom Visit our showroom at 3/4 Station Way Brandon Suffolk IP27 0BH 01842 - 813233 OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK INCLUDING MOST BANK HOLIDAYS After hours contact John Pitt 01760 721947

Write: Jan Taylor, Befriending Co-ordinator, Age Concern Swaffham & District, Town Hall, 4 London St., Swaffham, Norfolk PE37 7DQ We are still recruiting Befrienders, so if you would like to join the team, please contact Jan, as above. N.B: All our befrienders have references taken up and CRB (police) checks completed before being placed in anyoneâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s home. We cover Swaffham and 18 villages in a six mile radius. Expenses are payable.

The Rotary Club of Swaffham present... Festival Patron: Antony Gormley OBE



Fri 28th September â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Festival Launch & Film Night Thurs 4th October â&#x20AC;&#x201C; The Architecture of Yesterday & Tomorrow Thurs 11th October - An Evening with Art & National Trust Wed 17th October â&#x20AC;&#x201C; A Photographic Masterclass

Art Exhibition and Sale of Works of Art

â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Seeing is believing â&#x20AC;Ś.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; Friday 26th October Preview Evening Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October For more information, tickets etc.

Contact: 01366 328190 or 01760 721115 Registered Charity No 1061027



go to Cambridge St Neots Bedford Milton Keynes & Oxford up to

every 30 mins daily air conditioning leather seats power sockets free wi-ďŹ Oxford | Bicester | Milton Keynes | Bedford | St Neots | Cambridge

w w w. s t a g e c o a c h x 5 . c o m

Explore historic Cambridge by bus Departures throughout the year                 City Sightseeing                    

Stops include: Q Q Q

For more information

Silver Street - The Backs American Military Cemetery Coton Orchard




(Garden Centre)


h g

e e ts


m o c . ing

Specialists in:

Residential Property Management

NUTTERS Spring is in the air so if you are nuts about your hair, then look no further than Nutters, based in the heart of Mill Road. We pride ourselves in being able to offer the very best service and give you the style that’s right for you. s(AIRFOR-EN 7OMEN#HILDREN s#UT&INISH "LOW DRY s3TRAIGHTENINGPLUSCOLOURINGBY,g/REAL0ROFESSIONALEXPERTS

Nick and his Nutters team hope to see you soon. !6ICTORIA2OAD #AMBRIDGE#""5 4EL



Real Estate Investment Property Maintenance We are actively looking for investors in property, and whether you are seeking that special country property right here in the Uk or prefer a more exotic location abroad we can accomodate you. We manage a wide range of rental properties ranging from the exclusive profesional market to shared houseing for students. We also cater for independent property re-development including complete re-fit to individual rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Crofton, 98a Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 2BD +44 (0)1223 301355


Mill Road Away from the big shopping centres Cambridge’s winding streets have plenty of independent shops to discover. Mill Road is a cosmopolitan area that offers interesting food shops and restaurants, curios and antiques, secondhand books, cycles and electricals.

196 Meze Bar Small, genuine, award-winning Turkish Meze restaurant. 07800 710294

piece of traditional Latin America to Cambridge with this vibrant, family friendly café. (01223 301400)

The Cycle Repair Shop Cambridge’s cycle experts offer a full and comprehensive service of your bike from around £35. 01223 360 028

Limoncello is widely considered as one of the best Italian delicatessens in the country and was voted Deli of the Year 2011. 01223 507036

Arjuna Wholefoods is a cooperative run store and Cambridge's oldest wholefood shop. 01223 364845 Crofton specialises in letting properties all over the Cambridge areaand is one of the best known property management companies in the area. Any tenants wanting to rent a house, flat, apartment or room in Cambridge should check out their property section at 01223 301355 Café Brazil brings a little

Nutters is a long established salon that offers a wide range of services including hairdressing for men, women and children cut and Finish, blow-dry, straightening plus colouring by L'Oreal Professional experts. They also offer quality nailwork and manicures, and a full range of beauty treatments are available at their Victoria Road branch. 01223 365463

freshly-prepared meat and fish are cooked. The open plan restaurant is further transformed by a great Bedouin tent completely covering the ceiling, adding to the intimacy as well as the character. The fantastic Algerian inspired food speaks for itself. 01223 579500 Spring is an authentic Chinese & Cantonese

Restaurant. Try the hotpot it’s £11 for all you can eat. 01223 352836 The Old Chemist Shop deals in a collection of Victorian antiques, furniture and collectible items. 01223 247324 Useful information about Mill Road can be found at

Al Casbah has one of the most eye-catching windows on Mill Road. Passers by are greeted by a huge grill, with flames leaping up as the

Skin Deep Who knew that just round the corner from Mill Road you could find a celebrity beautician? Deanne Perkins of Skin Deep has not only pampered half of the Hollyoaks and Coronation Street cast and the Boy Band Blue, but was also booked for Katie Price’s Hen do. If you would like your very own celebrity pampering at non-celebrity prices, then call Skin Deep Beauty Salon today on 01223 247580. Skin Deep Beauty Salon, 120 Hartington Grove, Cambridge CB1 7UB.|123


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Graffiti Restaurant at HOTEL FELIX

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(: 0 - :- :+ :- :

â&#x20AC;˘ Two Rosette restaurant â&#x20AC;˘ Sunny terrace overlooking attractive garden â&#x20AC;˘ Two course lunch ÂŁ14.50 â&#x20AC;˘ Seasonal A la Carte menu

: +:-,:-(<: ,:B:B 

     #  :1:-01 : +:- :-01  :* #-,

!-# -:B7:C !# -:B9: , -0 : : : #4,,:   ,,:- : -  +<:  . <:"-': :- :0  -#: : ,-<  : : - :-, : ,-<:2 ( :#: < , : : ,-< % -,,:% :- : :!#<:- :!-+:-' :-:+,,:- 0-: :0 :-  -,:#-,: 0 - @:% . : :"  #:1-,:- :0 '-,:>-0:' ,,-< :77:-:/:6  8: 0: :

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-,, ::! + # :-:2

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Whitehouse Lane, Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0LX Tel: +44 (0)1223 277977


       #  :1:%: :": ' 

!-# -:3B:C !# -:33: , +  #,: : :+  #,:# # : #:-(  -#-,:,1- : : :':0-: :-:- ,-' #: :- :'- : 0:- ::-:  - :1  @:2 :-:#:-: :

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Hop along to Sacrewell Farm this Easter!

.1+ :-(<:.1+ <:"   :!B:3


 : 0:- :- 0  : :'-:1#  #:-:-'- ,-1,:-: -(, - @ @#(



 !)%&   #  :1




-(, - @ @#( A=AA:B7B:3=35

The Big Bunny Egg Hunt 31st march 15th April is just ÂŁ3 per child and ÂŁ1.50 for accompanying adults Hop on the bumpy tractor ride to the Enchanted Wood, hunt for eggs and meet Sacrewellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Easter Bunny to receive a chocolate gift!

Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre is situated just off the A1/A47 near Peterborough. Open daily, 9.30am-5pm. Sacrewell Farm & Country Centre, Thornhaugh, Peterborough PE8 6HJ. For more information call 01780 782254 or visit

Cambridgeshire THEATRE & SHOWS 1 Apr John Humphrys John will take whatever questions he’s asked; the tougher the better! His visit follows the release of his seventh book and two television documentaries investigating Britain’s shools and the welfare state. Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge, 01223 503333 2 Apr The Secret Garden Storytellers Theatre Company’s adaptation of the well loved classic. Priory Centre, St Neots, 01480 388944 2 - 7 Apr Bette and Joan The hilarious backstage story of the making of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? direct from the West End. Anita Dobson and Greta Scacchi brilliantly depict two icons of the 20th century silver screen. Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge, 01223 503333 3 - 8 Apr The Sound of Music Musical presented by The Pied Pipers. ADC Theatre, Cambridge, 01223 300085 4 - 5 Apr Peppa Pig’s Treasure Hunt Children’s favourite. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 6 Apr Jesterlarf Comedy Club Top stand-up. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 8 Apr Goldilocks Children’s show. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 10 - 14 Apr Avenue Q After a hugely succesful run here in Cambridge in 2011, the Tony Award-winning Avenue Q returns for another week of mishief, fun and political incorrectness. Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge, 01223 503333 10 - 14 Apr What Would Helen Mirren Do? This is a funny and moving one woman play for anyone who’s ever had to think again about who they really are. Mumford Theatre at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 0845 196 2320

10 - 14 Apr Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat Musical presented by RATz Amateur Youth Musical. Angles Theatre, Wisbech, 01945 474447 11 Apr Ballet Central Exciting programme of ballet, contemporary, jazz and narrative dance. ADC Theatre, Cambridge, 01223 300085 12 Apr The Billy Fury Story Rock ‘n’ roll tribute. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 12 Apr Stewart Francis Stand-up comedy from the star of ‘Mock The Week’, ‘Michael McIntyre’s Roadshow’ and ‘Live At The Apollo’. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705 13 Apr Fireman Sam Childrens favourite live on stage. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 13 - 28 Apr Yes, Prime Minister Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey are back in this production by the writers of the original series. Following two sell-out West End seasons, Graham Seed and Michael Simkins star as the PM and his Cabinet Secretary. Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge, 01223 503333 14 Apr Doug Stanhope America’s top comic. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 17 Apr Count Arthur Strong’s Command Performance Count Arthur Strong, showbiz legend and raconteur, returns to the stage to remind us just what we’ve been missing since his heyday. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705 17 Apr We’ll Meet Again Nostalgic wartime music show. The Brook, Soham, 01353 721748 17 - 21 Apr Swallows and Amazons All aboard the Swallow! Follow Captain John and his able crew as they set sail to Wildcat Island on an exotice adventure to

You can find even more events on our website and include your own too! encounter savages, capture dastardly pirates and defeat mortal enemies. Cambridge Arts Theatre, Cambridge, 01223 503333 17 - 21 Apr The 44th Cambridge Drama Festival A feast of short plays! Mumford Theatre at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 0845 196 2320 17 - 21 Apr Singin’ In the Rain Musical presented by Westwood Musical Society. Key Theatre, Peterborough, 01733 207239 19 Apr Essence of Ireland Irish music and dance show. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 19 - 21 Apr The Wiz Musical presented by March Youth Theatre. March Town Hall Arts Centre, March. 21 Apr Sarah Millican New shop from the popular comedian. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 21 Apr Salon Rouge Burlesque night. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 22 Apr Tim and Light A beautiful new fairytale for children. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 24 Apr La Boheme This is a sparkling new production directed by Ellen Kent with stunning designs by the renowned Ukrainian designer Nadezhda Shvets. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 24 Apr A Right Royal Knees Up This is a feel good performance packed with sing-a-long memories spanning four weddings and a Coronation. Key Theatre, Peterborough, 01733 207239

12 APRIL STEWART FRANCIS Stewart moved to the UK from his native 'Canadia' three years ago. It wasn't long before he established himself as one the best stand-ups working here right now, and appearing on TV shows such as Mock The Week and Live at the Apollo. The Cresset, Peterborough

24 - 28 Apr Terra Nova Ted Tally’s Terra Nova commemorates the centenary of Captain Scott’s last expedition to the South Pole. ADC Theatre, Cambridge, 01223 300085 25 Apr Madama Butterfly Ellen Kent’s award winning Opera returns, with exquisite sets, handpicked soloists, a highly-praised chorus, and full orchestra. Starring the Korean soprano Elena Dee. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851

2 - 7 APRIL BETTE AND JOAN Former Eastenders star Anita Dobson and renowned actress Greta Scacchi will reprise their performances as screen icons and legendary rivals Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in Anton Burge’s hilarious play. Bette and Jean sees the stars, at the low points of their careers, meet on the set of Whatever happened to Baby Jane?, just as their 30-year feud reaches boiling point. A high risk shocker, the film becomes a surprise hit that propels them back to stardom - but will they ever speak to each other again? Cambridge Arts Theatre|125

p sho irs in st a Maown d Silver Earrings, Bangles, Necklaces & Rings, Contemporary & Tribal Jewellery, Kelims, Rugs, Bags, Textiles, Scarves & Shawls, Throws, Soft Furnishings, Cushions, Boxes, Mirrors, Lanterns, Tibetan Artifacts, including Singing Bowls...

High quality Indian food produced in-house are: inventive as well as creative. Our chefs' repertoire includes, amongst the traditional favourites, specials such as Goan lamb shank, duck masala, Persian and Nepalese dishes. Evening: Sunday - Thursday 5:00 pm - 10:30 pm Friday - Saturday 5:00 pm - 11:00 pm Lunch: Sunday 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm Monday - Saturday 12:00 pm - 2:00 Zara Indian Cuisine 1 Hinton Way, Great Shelford Cambridge CB22 5AX United Kingdom T (01223)-846-668 F (01223)-844-244

5 Kings Parade, Cambridge, CB2 1SJ open daily 10am - 6.30pm (Sun 12pm - 5.00pm) Tel: 01223 324588



flexible, affordable serviced offices

Organise your business meeting at Holiday Inn Express Cambridge and save 20% on the Daily Delegate Rate.

Two business centres offering fully serviced accommodation and conference facilities. Ideal for start-up and growing companies, with units ranging from 150 to 650 sq ft


Simply quote reference ‘Eastlife’ when booking to receive your discounted rate.

26 St Thomas’Place, Ely, Cambs CB7 4EX T: + 44 (0)1353 644000 E:

Call 01223 866 800 or visit Subject to availability. For full terms and conditions please call.




181 Wisbech Road, Littleport, Cambs CB6 1RA T: + 44 (0)1353 865300 E:

Call 01353 644000/865300 or visit:

Cambridgeshire 25 Apr Laurence Clark Stand-up comedy. Key Theatre, Peterborough, 01733 207239 25 Apr Swan Lake Presented by Vienna Festival ballet. Priory Centre, St Neots, 01480 388944 25 - 28 Apr The Wedding Singer Musical comedy. Mumford Theatre at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 0845 196 2320 27 Apr The Comedy Club Top stand-up. Cambridge Belfry Q-Hotel, Cambridge, 01954 714600 27 Apr Comedy Club Top stand-up. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705 27 Apr Jimmy Carr New stand-up show from the popular comedian and TV presenter. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705 27 Apr Lewis Schaffer Stand-up comedy. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 27 Apr The Rat Pack Tribute to Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr. Key Theatre, Peterborough, 01733 207239 27 - 28 Apr Bugsy Malone Musical presented by Whittlesey Youth Theatre. March Town Hall Arts Centre, March. 27 - 28 Apr The Comedy of Errors Shakespeare’s fast paced comedy will be set in the 21st century in this production from RATz. Angles Theatre, Wisbech, 01945 474447 29 - 30 Apr Science Museum Live Experience spectacular science, dangerous demonstrations and extraordinary experiments as London’s world famous Science Museum returns to the stage with a spectacular live show. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851

MUSIC 1 Apr The Australian Pink Floyd Show Tribute. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 1 Apr The Sampson Orchestra of Cambridge Sibelius, Bruch. West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, 01223 357851 1 Apr Gary Blackmore Irish and country music. The Brook, Soham, 01353 721748 3 Apr Gilbert O’Sullivan Gilbert O’Sullivan has accumulated no less than fourteen top-forty hits, including Clair,

You can find even more events on our website and include your own too!

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers The Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers’ show of traditional Japanese drumming is a powerful fusion of hypnotic rhythms, dynamic movement and raw energy produced on. We asked them to tell us more about this fascinating art... How many Taiko groups are there? There are about 10,000 groups in Japan - mostly community groups but with a handful of excellent top-class groups. There are about 100 groups in the USA, and about 30 performing groups in Europe - of which Mugenkyo is the only professional touring group. What are the drums made of? The nagado drums carved from single tree trunks are made from keyaki - a kind of Japanese elm. The very biggest of the o-daiko (big drum) are made from African Bubinga trees. The okedo barrel drums are made from cedar. The skins are made of of cowhide.

What does all the shouting mean? We shout "sup", "sore", "ha", "sya", etc. while we play. These don't actually mean anything. These are random shouts (not cues!) to let out our "ki" energy, and also to shout encouragement to the other players. They are similar to the "kiai" shouts in martial arts. Is Taiko spiritual? Taiko is originally religious and spiritual music, played in temples and shrines in Japan. In Japan, Taiko is still played at all kinds of religious ceremonies, however it is also played in every other imaginable venue and purpose. In Mugenkyo, although Taiko has spiritual meaning to individual members of the group, as a group we are mainly concerned with Taiko as a performing art. What does "Mugenkyo" mean? Mugenkyo can be translated as "limitless reverberation" "sound everlasting"

"endless rhythm". We named the group after our teacher's group "Hibiki Daiko" - Hibiki can also be read as "Kyo". The idea was that the reverberation of Taiko knows no boundaries and spreads throughout the world. How traditional is Mugenkyo? We play traditional instruments and we have a strong foundation in the traditional Taiko discipline. However, we are modern in our approach. We compose our own music and we are developing a uniquely European form of Taiko. Who does Taiko appeal to? It may be a cliché, but Taiko really does appeal to everyone. Taiko cuts across musical boundaries we have performed at festivals for every kind of music - jazz, classical, rock, folk. Taiko really is the "people's music". Marina Theatre, Lowestoft (19 May), Key Theatre, Peterborough (20 May), Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe (24 May)|127


History comes to life at IWM Duxford

The Imperial War Museum at Duxford’s popular tours return for the season, bringing the past to life and telling the personal stories behind the atmospheric historic buildings that can be seen at the museum. New for 2012 is Unseen Duxford – the Southside Tour, which gives an insight into the historic buildings that can be seen every day by visitors as they explore the museum. The tour tells the story behind the bricks and mortar and reveals the original purposes of these fascinating buildings. Here are some of the other tours you can enjoy at IWM Duxford this year: Duxford and the Battle of Britain looks at Duxford’s role as a typical Battle of Britain Fighter Station. It examines the communications systems employed to win the battle in the air, including teleprinter communications and the Operations Room. The Grand Tour reveals the lesser-known stories and facts about IWM Duxford. In a whistle-stop tour of the museum, you’ll


get an introduction to IWM Duxford and its fascinating history, followed by tours of Land Warfare, the American Air Museum, Conservation in Action, the Battle of Britain exhibition and AirSpace. The Land Warfare Tour will take you around the finest collection of tanks, military vehicles and artillery in the country. Unseen Duxford – the North Side Tour provides a unique opportunity to explore unseen parts of IWM Duxford, in the company of a museum guide who will bring the atmosphere of these historic buildings to life with enthralling stories and anecdotes. For details of these and other events and talks at IWM Duxford,call 0)1223 835000 or visit the webite at

Alone Again (Naturally), Get Down and Nothing Rhymed. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705 3 Apr Judy Cook American traditional songs and stories. St Neots Folk Club at The Priory Centre, St Neots, 01234 376278 3 Apr Cast 15 years after the release of their million-selling debut All Change, Britpop faves Cast have reunited with legendary producer John Leckie for a new album and tour. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 4 Apr Joanna Eden Jazz singer / songwriter and pianist. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 5 Apr Boo Hewerdine & Brooks Williams An exciting mix of raw American acoustic slide guitar and English literate pop. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 6 Apr The Selecter feat. Pauline Black & Gaps Hendrickson A night of top 2 Tone ska. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 6 Apr Allen Karl Band Country music. The Brook, Soham, 01353 721748 7 Apr Karine Polwart Award winning Scottish folk singer-songwriter. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 7 Apr Pat Jordan and Band Irish and country music. The Brook, Soham, 01353 721748 9 Apr Orbital Legendary British electronica icons. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 10 Apr McFly BRIT Award-winning punk popsters McFly - who take their name from the ‘Back To The Future’ films - are Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 10 Apr Derek Gifford Folk. St Neots Folk Club at The Priory Centre, St Neots, 01234 376278 11 Apr The Pat McManus Band op guitarist. Key Theatre, Peterborough, 01733 207239 13 Apr That’ll Be The Day Rock ‘n’ roll music show. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705 13 Apr Keiran Halpin Folk. Cambridge Folk Club at The Golden Hind, Cambridge, 01638 603986 13 Apr Derek Ryan Irish and country music. The Brook, Soham, 01353 721748 14 Apr Richard Digance Music and stories. Acoustic Routes at CB2 Basement, Cambridge, 14 Apr Johnny Cash Roadshow Country tribute by Clive John and The Spirit Band. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705

14 Apr Cambridge Graduate Orchestra Beethoven, Mozart, Mendelssohn. West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, 14 Apr Rosalind Ventris Described as a ‘remarkable talent’ Rosalind Ventris (viola) performs regularly as a soloist and chamber musician in the UK Linton Village College, Linton, 01223 893480 15 Apr Bombay Bicycle Club North London favourites. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 15 Apr Country Company Country music. The Brook, Soham, 01353 721748 17 Apr European Union Chamber Orchestra Handel, Haydn, Delius, Mozart. Julian Lloyd Webber, will perform Haydn’s virtuosic Cello Concerto No 1. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 17 Apr The Liz Simcock Trio Folk. St Neots Folk Club at The Priory Centre, St Neots, 01234 376278 18 Apr The Osmonds For over five decades The Osmond Brothers have been entertaining sold-out crowds throughout the world. This show will take fans on a journey through their many unforgettable hits – from classics such as One Bad Apple, Down By The Lazy River, Let Me In and Love Me For A Reason, to Crazy Horses and Long Haired Lover From Liverpool. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705 18 Apr Vin Garbutt Folk singer songwriter. Ely Folk Club at The Lamb Hotel, Ely, 01353 740999 20 Apr The Fureys & Davey Arthur Irish music legends. The Cresset, Peterborough, 01733 265705 20 Apr Strangeworld Progressive folk music. Cambridge Folk Club at The Golden Hind, Cambridge, 01638 603986 20 Apr Mystery Jets Boundary pushing indie-pop sensations. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 20 Apr Let’s Hang On Tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. The Brook, Soham, 01353 721748 21 Apr Hertfordshire Chamber Orchestra Kodaly, Dvorak, Schubert. St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Chatteris, 01354 692009 22 Apr Last Night of the Proms Join the Mayor as RAF Wyton Area Voluntary Band play a host of favourites from the Last Night. Key Theatre, Peterborough, 01733 207239 23 Apr Charlene Soraia London-based singer/songwriter known for her cover of ‘Wherever You Will Go’ by



Adding life to years Later life isn’t known as the ‘golden years’ without cause: at Abbeyfield, we value care and comfort and quality of life


ith nearly twelve thousand centenarians, and more people aged 60 and above than there are under 18 in the UK today, we are living in a world where later life is very different to that of our forebears. In some sense however, important things don’t change; ageing well is still about having good relationships, comfort, support, companionship and fun. Whilst life still throws difficult things our way like ill health and bereavement, if the basic elements are in place, life is good. The Abbeyfield Society is a charity who understand the experience of getting older and who provide facilities and services to help people live well in later life. With over 500 supported living houses and 80 care homes in the UK, our priority is quality of life for older people with as much independence, choice and dignity as possible.

Times have changed since Abbeyfield’s inception in 1956 however, and the aspirations of today’s older people and those of future generations are different. With the emphasis on independence, our new developments encourage older people to retain as much self-sufficiency as possible with background support available for those who need it. Welcoming and spacious, these communities offer homes for life with mixed tenures, where the combination of style


One example of this is Abbeyfield Girton, near Cambridge – an exciting new project offering older people a vibrant community to live in, with great amenities and services, and quality apartments to live in. The development boasts 76 apartments for rent and sale, a well-being centre, on site care provision, restaurant, pool, private cinema, social activities, support staff and a large network of volunteers to who complement the services on offer. Abbeyfield Girton offers more than just the bricks and mortar – their aim is to help residents get the most

‘Abbeyfield’s priority is quality of life with dignity, independence and choice for older people’ and function means that residents can enjoy all the comforts of home, and yet have access to on-site care as their needs change. Throw in some great facilities and services, an experienced team of Abbeyfield staff, and a safe, secure environment, and you have a wonderful place to live.

out of their retirement years. With the first residents set to move in May this year, it really is an exciting place to be. Securing and maintaining wellbeing throughout old age requires understanding, experience and a long term strategy of growth. Abbeyfield are committed to developing their services and facilities so that older people today, and future generations, live a life that caters for mind, body and soul. If you are interested in purchasing or renting an apartment in this wonderful community, please visit www.abbeyfield. com, email communications@abbeyfield. com , ring them on 01727 734128 or telephone the sales cabin at Girton on 07501 257445.|129

Cambridgeshire ART & EXHIBITIONS

3 APRIL GILBERT O’SULLIVAN Gilbert O'Sullivan has accumulated no less than fourteen top-forty hits, including Clair, Alone Again (Naturally), Get Down and Nothing Rhymed, with number one singles on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as four top-five UK albums. His live performances showcase his tremendous musical abilities and all the hits from the early 70's right through to 2011. He is joined on stage by his amazing 11 piece band, including a string quartet, to present a stunning 2 hour performance.The Cresset, Peterborough The Calling, which was used in an advert for Twinings tea. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 24 Apr Cloudstreet Cloudstreet’s Nicole Murray and John Thompson perform New Australian folk music, a combination of Anglo-Celtic and Australian traditional songs and tunes, coupled with trad-styled original songs. St Neots Folk Club at The Priory Centre, St Neots, 01234 376278 24 Apr Graham Coxon Multi-instrumentalist former Blur man. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 25 Apr Endellion String Quartet Mozart, Britten and Mendelssohn. West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, 01223 503333 25 Apr Martin Taylor & Martin Simpson Award winning Jazz guitarist Martin Taylor teams up with acoustic and slide guitar virtuoso Martin Simpson. The Junction, Cambridge, 01223 511511 26 Apr Sitkovestsky Trio and Friends Debussy, Dvorak, Faure. Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 01223 748100 26 Apr Solid Silver 60s 60s concert featuring Peter Noone, Chris Montez, Brian Hyland, Brian Poole and Vanity Fare. Cambridge Corn Exchange,


Cambridge, 01223 357851 26 Apr Phil Beer Phil is one half of folk supergroup Show Of Hands. Cambridge Folk Club at The Golden Hind, Cambridge, 01638 603986 27 Apr The Tony Woods Project Jazz. Cambridge Modern Jazz Club at Hidden Rooms, Cambridge, 01223 362550 27 Apr Thank You For the Music Abba and Bee Gees tribute. Cambridge Corn Exchange, Cambridge, 01223 357851 27 Apr Cambridge Handel Opera A concert of vocal and instrumental music by Handel. West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, 01223 300085 28 Apr Peter Knight’s Gigspanner Emotionally loaded and life enriching takes on British traditional and world music. Acoustic Routes at CB2 Basement, Cambridge. 28 Apr Academy of Ancient Music Musical Revolutions: Dawn of the cantata. West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, 01223 503333 29 Apr Sinfonia of Cambridge Orchestral concert featuring Mozart’s piano concerto ‘Elvira Madigan’. West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, 0845 6801926

1 Mar - 1 Apr England and the Dutch Republic in the age of Vermeer: Coins and medals from the 17th-cenutry See fine examples of 17th-century English and Dutch coins and medals illustrating the great historic figures and naval wars of the period. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 01223 332900 1 Mar - 5 May These Rough Notes: Captain Scott’s last expedition This exhibition brings together the last volume of Scott´s diary, on loan from the British Library, with many of the other journals, letters, notebooks and maps from the expedition - reuniting these materials for the first time in a century. The manuscripts, many of which are on public view for the first time, tell the story of the voyage south, the Antarctic winter, the science, sledging journeys and daily life of the expedition, illustrated by stunning photographs. Scott Polar Museum, Cambridge, 01223 336540 1 Mar - 16 Jun Shelf Lives: Four Centuries of Collectors and their Books With more than 8 million items on its shelves, Cambridge University Library is one of the largest accumulations of books and manuscripts in Europe. But its holdings are not a single, uniform entity: instead they consist of a great variety of different collections. This exhibition presents ten such collectors, whose lives span the 16th to the 20th centuries. As well as placing on display some of the most splendid, distinctive and - in a few cases - unexpected items held in the Library, it allows us to observe the changing motives, fashions and tastes of book-collectors over the course four hundred years. Cambridge University Library, Cambridge, 01223 333055 1 Mar - 1 Apr Henri Gaudier-Brzeska: Vorticist! Henri Gaudier-Brzeska’s career as a sculptor was regrettably short. Born in France in 1891, he was killed in action in 1915, aged just 23. Yet in the three and a half years preceding his departure for the trenches he managed to create a remarkable and innovative body of work. Gaudier moved to London from Paris in early 1911. There he worked alongside prominent figures such as the poet Ezra Pound, the sculptor Jacob Epstein, the painter Wyndham Lewis and the philosopher T.E. Hulme. With them, in 1914, he created Vorticism, Britain’s first avant-garde movement. Through a selection of sculptures and related drawings drawn from the permanent collection, this display explores Gaudier’s

Vorticist work, arguably his most significant contribution to the development of modern sculpture. Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, 01223 748100 1 Mar - 4 Apr Craig Kerrecoe: Peel The Bark From The Tree A solo exhibition of new paintings by the Cambourne-based abstract artist. Frameworks, Cottenham, 01954 250138 2 Mar - 1 Apr Sylvia Paul Sylvia’s exhibition will be a celebration of her love of landscape painting in a range of media. From small pastel sketches done whilst walking the footpaths near her home in Essex, to larger oils worked freely with colour and texture in the studio. Intriguing collages using acrylic and found papers draw on her memory and imagination and explore a more abstract approach to the subject. The Old Fire Engine House, Ely, 01353 662582 17 Mar - 15 Apr Chris Wood An exhibition of the work of glass and installation artist. Babylon Gallery, Ely, 01353 616991 27 Mar - 23 Sep Edgelands Prints by George Shaw and Michael Landy. ‘Edgelands’ has been defined as that uncertain and overlooked zone, neither city nor countryside, lingering on the urban edge. George Shaw’s series, Twelve Short Walks, 2005, is drawn from revisited scenes of his childhood on the Tile Hill council estate in the suburbs of Coventry. Michael Landy’s Nourishment, 2002, features life-sized images of weeds, or ‘treet-flowers’ - the overlooked and neglected vegetation of Edgelands. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 01223 332900 6 Mar - 27 Jan Sculpture Promenade 2012 Artists featured in the Fitzwilliam Museum’s third Sculpture Promenade are Cambridge based sculptor Helaine Blumenfeld, British sculptor Peter Randall-Page and Japanese sculptor Kan Yasuda. All three artists worked in the renowned sculpture centre of Pietrasanta, Italy, with the famous local Carrara marble. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 01223 332900 9 Mar - 30 Apr Quentin Blake: Swimmers New work by Quentin Blake who has chosen to show drawings made for the maternity unit at Angers Hospital France. 9am-6pm. Clare Hall Gallery, Cambridge, 01223 332360 31 Mar - 22 Apr Waterlands: East Anglian landscapes and seascapes. Paintings and prints by Ross Loveday, Jo Tunmer, Lara Cobden, Trevor Woods, Samuel Thomas and Jenny Grevatte;


27 - 29 APRIL NATIONAL MOTORHOME SHOW The UK’s largest motorhome show with thousands of motorhomes and caravans on site over a fun-packed and exciting weekend. The show will be used to launch new models, and there will also be a huge display of new and second-hand British, European and American motorhomes. With over 300 exhibitors including UK dealers showing many different makes of motorhomes and hundreds of well known accessory companies all on one site – this is your one-stop-shop for choice, advice, trade-ins, valuations and competitive deals East of England Showground, Peterborough Metalwork sculpture by Claire Malet. Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery, Cambridge, 01223 324222 1 Apr - 1 May Memories of Childhood A fascinating and interactive exhibition of childhood that will bring back memories for adults, and information for children, on the way we used to live. The Farmland Museum & Denny Abbey, Waterbeach, 01223 860988 3 Apr - 7 Oct Designed to Impress: Highlights from the print collection Focusing on key objects ranging in date from the 15th to the 21st centuries, this exhibition will feature a selection of some of the Fitzwilliam’s most spectacular prints, and give visitors an insight into the extraordinary breadth of the collection. Works by some of the greatest Old Master printmakers, including Rembrandt and Dürer, will hang alongside prints by later artists such as Degas, Whistler and Picasso. Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, 01223 332900 6 - 29 Apr Anthony De Jong Cleyndert + Mark Handley Oils and mixed media. The Old Fire Engine House, Ely, 01353 662582 7 Apr Introduction to Lithography The aim of this 2-day course is to introduce participants to the processes of hand drawn stone lithography. Curwen Print Study Centre at Chilford Hall, Linton, 01223 892380 10 Apr Family Printmaking Days An opportunity for adults and children to participate together in printmaking skills and produce beautiful prints to take home. Curwen Print Study Centre at Chilford Hall, Linton, 01223 892380 13 - 22 Apr Terry Beard New work by the Wicken based artist. Makers’ Gallery, Cambridge, 01223 414870 16 Apr Introduction to Relief Printmaking - Lino Work from the surface and develop relief printmaking skills to create bold and colourful prints through Lino. Curwen Print Study Centre at Chilford Hall, Linton, 01223 892380

17 Apr Further exploration of Relief Printmaking - Lino Further your relief printing skills on this advanced workshop. Curwen Print Study Centre at Chilford Hall, Linton, 01223 892380 18 Apr - 3 May Tom Dale & Jamie George: Tangenticide Tom Dale and Jamie George are two Fine Art PhD students and members of the Fine Art Research Unit. Jamie George’s work plays with both familiarity and estrangement whilst Tom Dale’s research has developed from a concern with sculpture. Ruskin Gallery at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, 0845 271 3333 21 Apr - 6 May Bob & Carol Banks: A Year in the Life of Wicken Fen A body of work, including paintings, prints, and video installation, based on a study over twelve months of the changing appearance of Wicken Fen throughout the seasons. Babylon Gallery, Ely, 01353 616991 27 Apr - 20 May London Calling Exhibition of prints by Paul Catherall, John Duffin, Trevor Woods, Gail Brodholt, Frank Kiely, Clare Halifax, Clare Caulfield, Glynn Thomas & Mychael Barratt. Cambridge Contemporary Art Gallery, Cambridge, 01223 324222 30 Apr Introduction to Monoprinting Investigate and experiment with a variety of monoprinting techniques both with and without a press on this one day workshop. Curwen Print Study Centre at Chilford Hall, Linton, 01223 892380

SPECIAL EVENTS Every Saturday Ely Craft and Collectable Market Ely. 8am-2pm. 01353 662062 2 - 4 Apr Easter Holiday Fun at Ely Cathedral Arts & crafts Easter activities and storytelling within Ely Cathedral. 10am-Noon. Ely Cathedral, 01353 659668

5 Apr Easter Craft at Ely Museum fun Easter Crafts and follow the Easter Trail around the Museum. Suitable for ages 5-11. 11am-12.30pm. Ely Museum, 01353 666655 7 Apr Craft Fair Peterborough Town Hall, Peterborough. 7 - 9 Apr Continental Market A great range of continental food and crafts. All day. Market Place, Ely, 01353 662062 8 Apr Antiques Fair 10am-4pm. Burgess Hall, St Ives. 8 - 9 Apr Easter Bonanza at Denny Abbey Make your own Easter bonnet or bandana and then take part in ever-popular Easter parade, weave some willow, help paint and complete our giant Easter motif on grass. Finish off by taking part in our eggciting Easter egg trail in a beautiful rural setting. Fun for all the family. 10.30am-5pm. The Farmland Museum and Denny Abbey, Waterbeach, 01223 860988 13 - 15 Apr Cambridge Wordfest One of Britain’s friendliest and freshest literary festivals that brings the best in new and established writers to the city. Those appearing for this 10th anniversary event include Julian Clary, Michael Portillo, Grace Dent, Charley Boorman and Ian Rankin. Various Venues, Cambridge, 01223 300085 14 - 15 Apr West Anglia Easter Crafts & Country Show Family Show with all day entertainment including birds of prey, working dogs, children’s entertainment as well as arts, crafts, gifts and food marquees. 10am-5pm. Wood Green Animal Shelter, Godmanchester, 18 Apr Pakistan to Peterborough Try your hand at long practiced crafts, try traditional foods, watch displays of singing and drama and discover the diverse story of the Pakistan community. Peterborough Museum & Art Gallery, Peterborough, 01733 864706 21 Apr Made in Peterborough Craft Fayre 10am-2pm. St John the Baptist Church, Peterborough, 01733 563978

21 - 22 Apr UK Coach Rally Now in its 58th year, this is a must for all coach enthusiasts – there will be something for everyone, from vintage vehicles to show show-stopping designs with super cool new features. East of England Showground, Peterborough, 01753 631170 22 Apr Peterborough Wedding Show Wedding professionals offering inspirational ideas and advice. Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough, 01733 355315 27 - 29 Apr The 22nd National Motorhome Show The UK’s largest motorhome show with thousands of motorhomes and caravans on site over a fun-packed and exciting weekend. The show will be used to launch new models, and there will also be a huge display of new and second-hand British, European and American motorhomes. With over 300 exhibitors including UK dealers showing many different makes of motorhomes and hundreds of well known accessory companies all on one site – this is your one-stop-shop for choice, advice, trade-ins, valuations and competitive deals. East of England Showground, Peterborough, 01778 391000 28 Apr 14th Wisbech Scout Group Craft & Gift Fair 10am-4pm. St Peters Church Hall, Wisbech. 29 Apr Cambridge Art & Crafts Market Original & Unique Designed Work by the Stallholders. 10.30am 4.30pm. Scotsdales’s Garden Centre, Great Shelford. 29 Apr Flower, Food & Craft Market A great selection of seasonal plants and flowers with food and craft stalls. 10am 4pm. Market Place, Ely 01353 662062

You can find even more events on our website and include your own too!|131



EEL DAY Part of Ely Festival Weekend

Saturday 5th May Procession around the eel trail starts at 10.30am from Cross Green (next to the Cathedral) - all welcome Followed by activities in Jubilee Gardens from 11 am until 4 pm including: National Eel Throwing Competition Annual Town Crier Competition Living History Encampment, Arena Events Childrens’ Activities and Storytelling, Folk Music and Real Ales Tent Variety of Refreshments including Hog Roast Side stalls and lots more! For further information please contact Aileen Sharp, Tourism Development Officer East Cambridgeshire District Council 01353 616397.

Cambridge College of Hypnotherapy Fully Accredited Diploma Course consisting of 9 Training weekends. Practical demonstrations, “hands-on” learning plus a full background of theoretical knowledge is provided. What is required from the student is an open and enquiring mind. What is needed is a willingness to learn allied with a genuine liking for the people, with whom you will be working with in partnership, using a positive therapeutic alliance.

Personal therapy is also available Cambridge College of Hypnotherapy 24 Milton Rd. Impington, Cambridge, CB24 9NF 01223 235127



Step back in time to the 17th century with our Costumed Guides. Learn how to spin wool, sample some smoked eel; and hear about life as a Roundhead. Come and meet our Historical Re-enactors and see their display on St Mary’s Green outside Oliver Cromwell’s House. Normal attraction admission fee. For further information contact Ely Tourist Information Centre, Oliver Cromwell’s House, 29 St Mary’s St, Ely. CB7 4HF 01353 662062

Stuart Porter Antiques

We have just opened our latest Antiques and Craft Centre at 15 Broad Street Stamford, with up to 60 Dealers in one building. The response from dealers and public alike is that we are a very warm and welcoming centre and a home from home where you can buy antiques and crafts.

• Valuation Days held every Thursday • Antiques bought and sold • Free valuations • Restoration work undertaken • Gold & Silver bought - best prices & valuations given

Please call to speak to one of our experts

07901 513404 01780 766214 email

w w w. s t u a r t p o r t e r a n t i q u e s . c o m

Photos: Sirous Veazzadh-Naderi


Histon Just south of the Fens, Histon and its neighbouring village Impington lie three miles north of Cambridge. The historic village, with its thatched cottages, churches, pretty brook and green, is the site of Gun's Lane bridleway, which was for centuries the Cambridge to Ely causeway and the main road into the Fens and the

Isle of Ely. There’s no shortage of places to enjoy a summer pint or two, with a number of pubs shared between the villages. Impington is the home of the successful Histon Football Club. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Weekend will bring host of events to the Recreation Ground on 1-4

June, including a celebration of village taent, a Jubilee Ball, a concert by the Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band and a Fun-day Extravanganza on Monday. On Sunday 1 July Histon celebrates its annual Histon Feast, with a packed

market, parade, fun run and feast week events. Histon & Impington’s Olympic celebrations take place on Friday 4 July on the Recreation Ground, with a Country Parade, 1948 Olympic torch relay and sports for all.

Thomson Webb & Corfield is a local law firm with offices in Histon and Cambridge. They are specialists in a wide range of areas of law and provide expert legal advice in a friendly, professional and efficient manner. They explain legal issues to you clearly and without all the legal jargon. 01223 518317|133


Oundle Oundle International Festival is a professional music festival held each July in Oundle and the surrounding area, attracting a growing audience from the local community, and further afield. The programme includes jazz, folk and world music alongside classical repertoire, and related programming in other art forms. This year’s Festival runs from 13th — 22 July. More information is available at

Situated in the beautiful Nene river valley, Oundle is one of the oldest market towns in England and one of the most beautiful in Northamptonshire, making it an ideal base from which to explore the county. Oundle’s market has existed for over a thousand years and there continues to be a weekly market (on Thursdays) and a Farmers Market (first Saturday of the month). The current population is about 5,500 with new developments on the periphery blending in with the medieval and classic architecture of the centre of Town. The town boasts 2 large schools, the well known Oundle School (Independent) and Prince William Comprehensive School, as well as lower, middle schools and a preparatory school. The thriving town centre has a variety of shops of all types, restaurants, a range of pubs with eating and some active tea-shops and wine bars.

A must on any trip to Oundle is to drop into the Dolby Gallery that was established in 2000 by Simon & Gillian Dolby, both artist’s, who met at Cambridge Ruskin School of art in the 70s. The Dolby shows an eclectic selection of contemporary and more traditional art including ceramics, pottery, fused glass, hand made furniture, original paintings, prints and cards. Simon paints in a watercolour with a pallet reminiscent of many 18th century watercolorists. He specialises in architectural subjects in the landscape, from viaducts to fine country houses and takes commissions. Gillian’s style is bright and colourful and amazingly observant and detailed, calling on her earlier career as a children’s book illustrator. An extensive range of originals and limited edition prints of Simon & Gillian’s own work is also available. 134|

World famous Abba tribute act Bjorn Again have been confirmed as the headline act for the Oundle International Festivals Picnic in the Park on Saturday 14 July. There will also be music from world music group Grupo Lokito and a showcase of young local bands. Take along a blanket and a picnic and enjoy the open air concert, where there will also be a hog roast, locally-brewed ales, traditional ice-cream and much more, all finished off with a spectacular fireworks finale.

Also not to be missed is the Oundle Fringe Festival. This year's event will start on 15th July and end with the hugely popular Food Festival on Saturday 21st July. In between there will be musicians, singers, comedians and dancers appearing in venues all over the town. For more information go to

Oundle & Greenman Clock Shop Antiques  


Friendly family business Repairs and restoration undertaken Free street parking available

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;%$<%(((! ='(%$ ' &%%$% 9 '" 9&%%>>>*%"&*(%$ %$% $?$% *%"@:*(%$  %".5 =#A %$% 9,)4

Opening hours Tues, Thurs, Fri and Sat 10am - 4pm Oundle Clock Shop 51a Weststreet Oundle PE8 3EJ 01832 272 099

Greenman Antiques 74 West Street Oundle PE9 4EF 01832 270 970

Our distinctive and well appointed holiday hire boats are available from our base near the historic market town of Oundle. Slow down and enjoy a break in idyllic countryside only an hour from London or Birmingham. From Oundle you can explore the beautiful River Nene as it winds its way gently past villages with spired churches and old watermills through the counties of Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire to the fenland rivers and canals beyond. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Short breaks, weeks or longer and a friendly service from a small family business. Nene Valley Boats, Barnwell Road, Oundle, PE8 5PB. Tel: 01832 272585|135

At least 20% OFF all kitchens for a limited period only

A family business that cares, we will ensure you have the kitchen, bedroom or bathroom of your dreams. Come and see our new additional showroom in Foxton. Why not call us to arrange a free no obligation quote on 01763 245000 or 01223 870440 Showroom open 10am to 5.30pm, Tuesday - Saturday Projects managed from start to finish, expertly fitted by our team here at Trademark

TRADEMARK Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms 12 Melbourn Road, Royston, Herts SG8 7DE. 01763 245000 27 Royston, Road, Foxton CB22 6SE. 01223 870440

Do you need to make a will or revise your existing will? If so, please take advantage of our reduced rate wills offer. Please note that reduced rate wills will be made available every week day from 8.00am until 6.00pm and on Tuesday evenings until 8.00pm, by appointment only.

Come to the professionals with expert knowledge, experience & resources to make a difference. Helping to move you and your business from where you are now, to where you want to be.

Also on the following Saturday mornings, again by appointment only: 14 April and 28 April

Accountants & auditors

Tax advisors

Bookkeeping & payroll

Corporate finance

Reduced rates are: Double Will – £190.00 plus VAT Single Will – £100.00 plus VAT

Financial planning




The Walkers Partnership Solicitors

1-3 Lower King Street, Royston, Herts SG8 5AJ Tel: 01763 241121 136| For further information please contact: David Smyth or Tim Maris

Royston  01763 247321

Letchworth  01462 687333

Cambridge  01223 257850

Registered to carry on audit work and regulated for a range of investment business activities by the institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. Details about our audit registration can be viewed at under reference number C009128098.


Royston There’s good news for shoppers visiting Royston - it's free to park after 3pm. Royston also boasts a Green Flag award for its Priory Gardens and award-winning toilets at Fish Hill.

Royston has much to attract the modern visitor including a range of popular shops and some stunning historical buildings.

One of the town’s main attractions is its unique and fascinating cave which lies beneath the bustling town centre. Visitors climb down to discover an amazing cavern, intricately carved with religious and pagan symbols which may or may not be linked to the Knights Templar. It was rediscovered after a workman stumbled on the opening in 1742 but its origin and purpose remains keenly disputed. Recent interest in the Knights Templar and the success of the Da Vinci Code book and film has made the cave even more popular. If you would like to visit the cave, it is open weekend afternoons from 2.30pm - 5pm and some Wednesdays from Easter until the end of September. For details look on the website or phone 01763 245484.

Royston has a long history and gained its prominence from its position on the crossroads of Ermine Street and the Icknield Way. It is now on the main railway line to Kings Cross and close to the A505 and Cambridge.

Events in Royston this year… 7 April Easter Chocolate Trail in the town centre. 7 May Royston May Fayre in the Priory Memorial Gardens. Includes and Olympic theme with Torch relay through the town. 2-5 June Flower Festival at Royston Methodist church with tributes to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. 3 June Party in the Park Queen’ Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Priory Memorial Gardens. 4 June Royston Beer Festival at Royston Town Football Club, with over 22 beers and ciders, sideshows, live music. 5 August Royston Kite Festival on Therfield Heath. 27 - 30 Sept Royston Arts Festival Therfield Heath, left, is a stunning open space on the edge of Royston, is the last flourish of the Chiltern Hills and is a great place for a walk. On a clear day you can see Ely Cathedral over twenty miles away.

Royston Museum is home to the Royston Tapestry a project begun in 1992 depicting scenes from the town's past. It is an embroidery in the manner of the Bayeux Tapestry and will be 27 metres long when complete. Thirteen scenes have so far been completed. 5 Lower King Street (01763 242587) As depicted in this scene, King James 1 was very fond of Royston and built a palace there to use as a base for hunting. There is even a theory that links the king, the Masons and Royston Cave together.|137


Baldock & Ashwell Baldock is an historic market town with many traditional shops and entertainment facilities.Even though it is the smallest town in North Herts district, it has many architecturally significant buildings with more listed buildings than any of the others in the district. In fact, it is among only five towns in the whole of Hertfordshire listed by the Council for British Archeology as being of national importance. Predominantly a commuter town for London, it enjoys excellent communications via the A1 motorway and the railway from Kings Lynn and Cambridge which meets the main east coast line at Hitchin. The bypassing of the A505, completed in 2006, marked a certain renaissance for the town and it was followed by an award winning 3.2 million town centre enhancement programme completed in 2009 which has created new spaces for public events.

What’s on in Baldock & Ashwell 4 - 6 May Baldock Beer Festival 4 - 20 May Baldock Festival 12 - 13 May Sounds of Baldock music festival at The Engine and The Orange Tree 1 - 4 June Cider Festival at the Old White Horse, Baldock 14 July Baldock Day in the High Street

26 - 29 August Old White Horse Beer Festival 27 - 29 August Ashwell Show country show for all the family 7 - 9 September Balstock music festival 1 - 2 December Christmas Fair in Baldock High Street

Gallery 1066 in Baldock will be exhibiting Rolf Harris’s superb new Signature Collection over the weekend of 19/20 May. The collection comprises of twelve new limited edition prints based on subjects that have caught his attention over the last three quarters of 2011. It’s just one of a number of great events and exhibitions at this stunning fine art gallery. To find out more call 01462 622233 or go to

Ashwell set among lush fields between Baldock and Royston, boasts some of the county’s finest listed buildings including the timber-frame museum, which was saved from demolition in the 1920s. It is open on Sundays and bank holiday afternoons from 2.30pm until 5pm with parties by appointment. Call 01462 742956 for details. St Mary’s Church is famous for its Latin graffiti, scratched in the stonework by a traumatised Medieval monk as the Black Death wiped out most of the village. It chillingly refers to the people who were left. There is also a drawing of the old St Paul’s Cathedral, destroyed by fire in 1666. The springs at Ashwell are the source of the River Cam and provide a quiet haven at the heart of the village, near its charming shops and a choice of superb pubs. BRING THIS VOUCHER TO THE BUSHEL AND STRIKE ASHWELL to receive a 3 course meal from our set menu for only £10.00. Valid for the month of April 2012 Monday to Thursday only. Please mention the offer at the time of booking. For booking please call 01462 742394 138|

Harriet Kelsall Jewellery Design is one of the UK’s leading bespoke jewellery companies specialising in beautiful one-off engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings, all made to each customer’s style and budget. They were one of the first companies in the world to offer Fairtrade gold and have great ethical options on gemstones as well. Based in a tudor barn on a working farm in the countryside near Baldock they have a clutch of national awards and celebrity customers to their name.

Wool-n-Things are an independent family run business who stock an extensive range of products for all your knitting, crochet and cross-stitch needs. The well stocked shop carries products from leading brands, such as DMC, Katia, Sirdar, Woolcraft, King Cole, James C Brett, Stylecraft, Rosarios 4, Tivoli, Debbie Bliss and Noro. They also stock a wide range of patterns, needles, accessories and haberdashery which includes ribbon, sewing needles and buttons and run workshops, including beginners knitting and beginners crochet. Hitchin Street, Baldock 01462 612889|139



-n-thin l o


â&#x20AC;&#x153;I want a ring inspired by the ocean where we metâ&#x20AC;?

Come in and see us for all your knitting, crochet, cross stitch, tapestry, haberdashery needs. Or Relax and enjoy your past time with like minded people at one of our crafty clubs or brush up your skills or learn something new at one of our workshops. Please phone or email for further details

3-5 Hitchin Street Baldock, Herts SG7 6AL

OPENING TIMES Monday - 9.30 - 5.00 Tuesday 9.30 - 5.00 Wednesday 9.30 - 5.00 Thursday 9.30 - 12.30 Friday 9.30 - 5.00 Saturday 9.30 - 5.00

01462 612 889


* %.&,)&-%,% (,' &!-##). - +&,)-)- %% %* %)* %$*+)&#*$ +*- ##$" + &).&,.%

 )#&,##)$##*)%)+&)* )     




50% now available

Herts Beds & Bucks THEATRE & SHOWS 3 Apr Katya Virshilas & Pasha Kovalev Dance show by two of the stars of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488 3 - 8 Apr Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber's sparkling family musical continues to enjoy huge success across the country. Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 871 7652 4 Apr Tony Stockwell TV’s psychic medium. Rhodes Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, 01279 651746 4 - 7 Apr Ghost Song Mythical thriller. Market Theatre, Hitchin, 01462 433553 5 Apr Swan Lake Presented by Vienna Festival Ballet. Watersmeet Theatre, Rickmansworth, 01923 711063 5 Apr Funhouse Comedy Club Top stand-ip. Rhodes Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, 01279 651746 5 Apr The Little Big Club Children’s favourites live on stage. Hertford Theatre, Hertford, 01992 531500 7 Apr Jesterlarf Comedy Club Top stand-up. Ellen Terry Suite at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 6 Apr Jimmy Carr New stand-up show from the popular comedian and TV presenter. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 6 - 7 Apr Great Expectations Hotbuckle explode onto the stage with this new, innovative adaptation of one of Dickens’ greatest novels. The Place, Bedford, 01234 354321 7 Apr Bob the Builder Children’s favourite live on stage. Hawthorne Theatre at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 357117 7 Apr Jon Richardson Stand-up comedy from the new host of Channel 4’s Stand Up For The Week. Hertford Theatre, Hertford, 01992 531500 8 Apr Apring Has Sprung An evening of poetry. The Place, Bedford, 01234 354321 10 Apr Rich Hall Rich Hall’s renowned grouchy, deadpan style has established him as a master of absurdist irony and king of rapid-fire wit. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 10 Apr Snail and the Whale Children’s show presented by Tall Stories. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 10 Apr Nick Baker: Weird Creatures Nick Baker is presenter of Channel Five’s Weird Creatures, previous presenter of BBC One’s The Really Wild Show and CBBC’s Spring Watch. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488

10 - 14 Apr Save the Last Dance For Me See panel. Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 871 7652 11 Apr The Wind in the Willows Kenneth Grahame’s timeless tale. Rhodes Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, 01279 651746 11 Apr Screaming Blue Murder Top stamd-up comedy. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 11 - 15 Apr Disney’s My Son Pinocchio: Gepetto’s Musical Tale May your dreams come true at Easter with this magical retelling of a classic Disney tale. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 12 - 14 Apr Annie Musical. The Court Theatre @ Pendley, Tring, 07543 560478 12 - 14 Apr The Wizard of Oz Panto-style musical show. Hawthorne Theatre at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 357117 13 - 14 Apr The Hideaway New musical set in the 60s, presented by Plinston Players. Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin, 01462 455166 13 - 21 Apr Side by Side by Sondheim Sleek sophisticated songs from the great Stephen Sondheim. Barn Theatre, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 324300 13 - 28 Apr We Are Not Alone Extra Terrestrial farce. Market Theatre, Hitchin, 01462 433553 14 Apr Titanic - The Musical Featuring a cast drawn from the three local societies, full chorus and orchestra. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 14 Apr The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark Children’s show. Hertford Theatre, Hertford, 01992 531500 14 Apr Swan Lake Presented by Vienna Festival Ballet. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488 14 Apr An Evening of Burlesque Britain’s biggest burlesque spectacular direct from London’s West End. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 14 - 15 Apr The Boy Friend Musical comedy presented by Ampthill Musical Theatre Society. Parkside Hall, Ampthill, 01525 405432 14 - 15 Apr Living the Dream Dance and music from the performing arts company. Weston Audoitorium at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, 01707 281127 15 - 25 Apr Celtic Dream With a selection of the finest dancers, vocalists

and musicians from around the Emerald Isle, celtic dream takes audiences along a breath taking journey of music, song and dance. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 17 Apr Katya Virshilas & Pasha Kovalev Stars of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 17 - 21 Apr Showboat in Concert ShowCo Bedford present a tribute to the work of the great lyricist Oscar Hammerstein II. The Place, Bedford, 01234 354321 17 - 21 Apr Northern Ballet’s Beauty and the Beast See the Company sparkle in a kaleidoscope of colour and Haute couture-style costumes, as breathtaking dancing is accompanied by an infectious score including music by Bizet, Debussy, Poulenc and Fauré, played live by the Northern Ballet Sinfonia. Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 871 7652 18 Apr All the Single Ladies Starring and Leslie Ash, Brooke Kinsella MBE and Tara Flynn, this brand new play from comedienne Abigail Burdess, explores the love lives of three women in the festive glow of New Year. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 18 Apr We’ll Meet Again Nostalgic wartime music show. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488 18 Apr Paul Daniels The most successful British TV magician of the 20th century, and international sex symbol! He will be joined by the lovely Debbie McGee and Kev Orkian. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 18 - 21 Apr Outside Edge Richard Harris comedy about relationships… and cricket. The Court Theatre @ Pendley, Tring, 07543 560478 19 Apr Measure for Measure Shakespeare in a contemporary setting, presented by Phoenix Theatre Arts . Rhodes Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, 01279 651746 19 Apr Barnstormer Stand Up Comedy Stand-up comedy. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 19 Apr Verve 12 The postgraduate performance company of the Northern School of Contemporary Dance. Hertford Theatre, Hertford, 01992 531500 19 - 21 Apr The Birthday Party Harold Pinter play. Leighton Buzzard Theatre, Leighton Buzzard, 0300 300 8125 20 Apr Callas Anna Korwin’s sensitive and candid portrayal of the legendry opera singer. Hertford Theatre, Hertford,

10 - 14 APRIL SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME Fab new show from the writers of Dreamboats and Petticoats, that will take you back through the 'music and magic' of the early 1960s. Milton Keynes Theatre.

01992 531500 20 - 21 Apr That’ll Be The Day Rock ‘n’ roll music show. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 22 Apr Rhod Gilbert Stand-up comedy. Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 871 7652 23 - 24 Apr Guilty Pleasures Raunchy comedy with an all Star Cast including: Eastenders Mark Bannerman as Hunky Heartthrob Gordon alongside CJ De Mooi as passionate intellectual Simon. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488 24 Apr Wildboyz Thong and dance show for the ladies. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 24 - 28 Apr Wonderful Town Connie Fisher, star of The Sound of Music and winner of the BBC's How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria, stars in the multi award-winning musical comedy. Wonderful Town recreates the bright lights of 1930s New York City with spectacular sets, dazzling choreography and the rich sound of Leonard Bernstein's magnificent music. Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 871 7652 24 - 28 Apr Spring Awakening A landmark musical, spring awakening is|141

Herts Beds & Bucks You can find even more events on our website and include your own too! an electrifying fusion of morality, sexuality and rock and roll. The Place, Bedford, 01234 354321 25 Apr Bishops Stortford Comedy Club Top stand-up. Scorch Nightclub, CM23 3DH, 0845 459 5656 25 Apr Rock Around the 60s 60s concert with The New Honeycombs and The Foundations. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 25 Apr David Copperfield Dickens story presented by Mad Dogs & Englishmen Theatre Company. Hawthorne Theatre at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 357117 25 - 26 Apr Science Museum Live On Tour Spectacular science, dangerous demonstrations and extraordinary experiments in this fantastic live show. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 25 - 27 Apr Frankenstein Performed by Y6, 7 & 8 pupils from Bedford Prep School and Bedford Girl’s School. Bedford Theatre, Bedford, 01234 269519 25 - 28 Apr Talking Heads Alan Bennett monologues. The Court Theatre @ Pendley, Tring, Tring, 07543 560478 25 - 28 Apr She’s All That! A musical version of the 1999 rom-com. Queen Mother Theatre, Hitchin, 01462 455166 26 Apr Hormonal Housewives Comedy starring Margi Clarke. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 26 Apr Bill Oddie Bill and Stephen Moss will share memories and stories from 15 years of some of the most popular natural history series ever made. Rhodes Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, 01279 651746 26 Apr La Traviata Ellen Kent’s opera spectacular featuring the Internationally Acclaimed Ukrainian National Opera of Kharkiv, with international soloists, a highly praised chorus, and full orchestra. Starring the International sopranos Rosa Lee Thomas and Elena Dee. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 26 - 28 Apr The Gruffalo Family show. Milton Keynes Theatre 0844 871 7652 27 Apr Welwyn Garden City Comedy Club Top stand-up. Gosling Sports Park, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 384329 27 Apr Joe Longthorne Amazing singer and vocal impressionist. Gordon


Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 27 Apr Motown & Philadelphia On Tour Show celebrating the great soul sounds. Stevenage Concert Hall at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 27 Apr Extravaganza on Ice Dazzling show featuring international ice skaters. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488 27 Apr Bedford Comedy Club Top stand-up. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 27 Apr Madama Butterfly Ellen Kent’s opera spectacular featuring the Internationally Acclaimed Ukrainian National Opera of Kharkiv, with international soloists, a highly praised chorus, and full orchestra. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 28 Apr Andy and Mikes Big Box of Bananas High energy, fast-paced children’s comedy. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 28 Apr Chris and Pui Children’s TV favourites. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 28 Apr Bill Oddie See 26 Apr. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839

MUSIC 1 Apr Bedfordshire Orchestral Society Concert for children. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 1 Apr Aly Bain & Phil Cunningham Folk. Hitchin Folk Club at The Sun Hotel, Hitchin, 01462 812391 1 Apr The Bootleg Sixties Bedford tribute band. Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 4 Apr Gretchen Peters Singer songwriter. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 4 Apr Jack Blackman Acoustic roots. Baldock & Letchworth Folk Club at The Orange Tree, Baldock, 01767 683583 5 Apr The Manfreds With original front man Paul Jones. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 6 Apr Hekz Hertfordshire heavy metal band. Esquires, Bedford, 01234 340120 6 Apr Curtis Stigers Platinum-selling singer, songwriter and saxophonist Curtis Stigers has one of the most distinctive voices in music and as an artist has pushed the boundaries of contemporary jazz. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 6 Apr Tinderbox Acoustic duo. The

Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 7 Apr Curtis Stigers See 6 Apr. Stevenage Concert Hall at Stevenage Arts & Leisure Centre, Stevenage, 01438 894839 8 Apr Liz Simcock trio Folk. Hitchin Folk Club at The Sun Hotel, Hitchin, 01462 812391 8 Apr NY Standards Quartet Jazz. Herts Jazz at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 357117 11 Apr Martin Turner’s Wishbone Ash One of the most enduring and best-loved British rock acts. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 12 Apr Feast of Fiddles Six of the UK’s finest fiddle players in a band of 11. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 13 Apr The Bootleg Sixites Bedford tribute band. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 13 Apr Jake & Elwood Blues Brothers tribute. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 13 Apr Big Girls Don’t Cry Tribute to Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons. Grove Theatre, Dunstable, 01582 602080 14 Apr Vienna Mozart Trio Shostakovich, Schubert, Mozart. Leighton Buzzard Theatre, Leighton Buzzard, 0300 300 8125 14 Apr Neil Innes Acclaimed surrealist and songwriter. Esquires, Bedford, 01234 340120 14 Apr The Woburn Sands Band Brass band. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 14 Apr The Sixteen - Choral Pilgrimage 2012: The Earth Resounds World-renowned choir presents the 12th Choral Pilgrimage, The Earth Resounds, featuring arguably the three most celebrated composers of the Franco-Flemish school of the Renaissance St Alban’s Cathedral, St Albans, 01727 890256 14 Apr The Elvis Years Tribute show starring starring Mario Kombou. Rhodes Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, 01279 651746 15 Apr The Acoustic Gathering With Ray Jackson, Jerry Donahue & Doug Morter. Hitchin Folk Club at The Sun Hotel, Hitchin, 01462 812391 15 Apr Brandon Allen/Quentin Collins Quartet Jazz. Herts Jazz at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 357117 15 Apr The Titanic Show Pluck, the classical string trio with a seriously silly side, presents a tribute to the musicians

who played on until the end. Hawthorne Theatre at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 357117 15 Apr Bedford Choral Society Elgar’s The Dream of Gerontius Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 17 Apr Philharmonia Orchestra Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 17 Apr Bingham String Quartet Haydn, Brahms, Reich Benslow Music Trust, Hitchin, 01462 459446 18 Apr Scott Matthews Band Scott’s music is often likened to that of American singer/songwriter Jeff Buckley. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 18 Apr Andy Irvine Folk. Baldock & Letchworth Folk Club at The Orange Tree, Baldock, 01767 683583 19 Apr Stephen Triffitt Top Frank Sinatra tribute. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 18 Apr Gilmore Roberts Lap-tapping guitar, fiery fiddle and harmonies. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 20 Apr Think Floyd Tribute band. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 20 Apr Ben Poole Ben Poole is being talked of as ‘the’ new up-and-coming UK Blues guitarist Esquires, Bedford, 01234 340120 20 Apr The Strawbs Progressive folk-rock band. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488 21 Apr Mawkin Folk rebels. Weston Audoitorium at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, 01707 281127 21 Apr This Joint in Jumpin’ Performance by Amersham A Cappella. Watersmeet Theatre, Rickmansworth, 01923 711063 21 Apr Ultimate Bowie Tribute. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 21 Apr The Real Thing 70s soul band with hits such as You To Me Are Eveything. Hertford Theatre, Hertford, 01992 531500 21 Apr Adam Kay’s Smutty Songs Amateur Transplants frontman Adam Kay sits at a grand piano and sings smutty songs. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488 21 Apr Ska Fest 2 with Bad Manners Also with King Hammond & The Rudeboy Mafia + The Ska Masters + The Pressuretones. Bedford Corn Exchange, Bedford, 01234 269519 21 Apr Larry Miller A must see blues rock act. Esquires, Bedford, 01234 340120

Bedford – Clare Smith ........... 01234 350799 Kettering – Penny Calardo ... 01234 828878 Potters Bar – Pili Lopez.......... 01438 213854|143

Herts Beds & Bucks

6 - 7 APRIL WOBURN ARTBEAT An annual project now in its third year where Woburn Village and Woburn Abbey join together to promote high quality original art by turning the village into an art gallery, along with a prominent sculpture exhibition in the gardens of Woburn Abbey (which runs until 31 August) 21 Apr The Locrian Chamber Choir A concert of English Music. St Andrew’s Church, Biggleswade, 01767 226123 22 Apr Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman Folk. Hitchin Folk Club at The Sun Hotel, Hitchin, 01462 812391 22 Apr Terry Seabrook’s Milestones Jazz. Herts Jazz at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 357117 24 Apr The Fureys & Davey Arthur Irish legends. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 25 Apr Hickman & Cassidy Folk and roots duo. Baldock & Letchworth Folk Club at The Orange Tree, Baldock, 01767 683583 25 Apr The Oli Brown Band Blues. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 26 Apr Artful Uber-talented songwriter and producer Mark Hill covers a broad spectrum of musical genres. Esquires, Bedford, 01234 340120 26 Apr Acker Bilk & His Paramount Jazz Band British jazz legend. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 27 Apr Beatles Tribute Night Tribute. Sharnbrook Hotel, Bedford, 01234 783142 27 Apr The Searchers 60s favourites. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 27 Apr Rockin’ in Rhythm Blues/ pop legend Paul Jones joins Digby Fairweather’s Half Dozen. Rhodes Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, 01279 651746 27 Apr Viva Santana Tribute. Hertford Corn Exchange, Hertford, 01992 442992 28 Apr Alexander O’Neal + Shakatak + Aswad A night of classic soul and reggae. Alban Arena, St Albans, 01727 844488 28 Apr T-Rextasy Top tribute. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800


28 Apr Mawkin See 21 Apr. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 29 Apr Camille O'Sullivan Singer known for her dramatic interpretations of the songs of Brel, Cave, Waits, Bowie and more. The Stables, Wavendon, Milton Keynes 01908 280800 29 Apr Gigspanner Folk. Hitchin Folk Club at The Sun Hotel, Hitchin, 01462 812391 29 Apr Paul Booth Quartet Jazz. Herts Jazz at Campus West, Welwyn Garden City, 01707 357117 29 Apr Village Jazz Jazz. Letchworth Arts Centre, Letchworth, 01462 670788

ART & EXHIBITIONS 1 Apr - 10 Jun Anna Fox: Resort Resort is the result of two years spent photographing life at Butlin’s Southcoast World at Bognor Regis in West Sussex by leading British documentary photographer Anna Fox. Fox has captured the British at leisure, providing a vital and highly charged insight into the contemporary Butlins holiday experience.The series marks the 75th anniversary of Butlins: a British institution and established cultural phenomenon, with a very particular character, history and identity. Having attracted tens of millions of holidaymakers since its creation in 1936, Butlins’ popularity peaked in the 1970s, but today it is making a comeback as a centre for family holidays and themed leisure breaks. Museum of St Albans, St Albans, 01707 281127 1 Apr - 8 Jul Animal Record-Breakers This year, the Olympic Games come to London and we will witness some incredible record-breaking spectacles. But if you

think our human skills are amazing, check out the rest of the animal kingdom. Natural History Museum at Tring, 020 7942 6171 2 - 27 Apr Philippine Art Collective Exciting work using all forms of mixed media from this emerging art group. Letchworth Arts Centre, Letchworth, 01462 670788 3 - 21 Apr Courtyard Arts 2012 Open Open exhibition. Courtyard Arts, Hertford, 01992 509596 3 - 27 Apr Haydn Dickenson Exhibition by the Hertfordshire-born painter. Letchworth Arts Centre, Letchworth, 01462 670788 6 - 7 Apr Woburn ARTbeat See panel. Various Venues, Woburn, 01525 290333 7 - 30 Apr Paula Cherry Paula Cherry is a Hertfordshire born painter and works from her studio in Welwyn Garden City. Rhodes Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, 01279 651746 30 Apr - 10 Jun Anna Fox: Resort Resort is the result of two years spent photographing life at Butlin’s Southcoast World at Bognor Regis in West Sussex by leading British documentary photographer Anna Fox. Fox has captured the British at leisure, providing a vital and highly charged insight into the contemporary Butlins holiday experience. The series marks the 75th anniversary of Butlins: a British institution and established cultural phenomenon, with a very particular character, history and identity. Having attracted tens of millions of holidaymakers since its creation in 1936, Butlins’ popularity peaked in the 1970s, but today it is making a comeback as a centre for family holidays and themed leisure breaks. Museum of St Albans, St Albans, 01727 819340

SPECIAL EVENTS 6 - 7 Apr Alice in Wonderland Easter Market A big family oriented Easter event with up to 150 traders selling gifts, toys, food & drink, plus lots of Alice in Wonderland stage performers, characters, Mad Hatter’s Tea Rooms and other free activities, shows and exhibitions. 11am-5pm. Knebworth House, Knebworth. 6 - 9 Apr Auto Trader Easter Thunderball An action packed weekend of high octane action for all the family including Top Fuel Dragster and Funny Car shoot out, National Drag Racing, Jet Cars, monster trucks, stunts and more. Santa Pod Raceway, Podington, 01234 782828 8 - 9 Apr Medieval Jousting The premiere jousting company in Europe ‘The Knights of Royal England’ offer you all manner of medieval entertainment at this bi-annual event. Knebworth House, Knebworth, 01438 812661 15 Apr The Central Ford RS Owners Club Day Open RWYB with competition to find the fastest road legal ford, concours, traders, Jet Car and more. Santa Pod Raceway, Podington, 01234 782828 19 Apr John Challis The actor, best known as Boycie in Only Fools and Horses, will be signing copies of his new book. Waterstones, Bedford, 0843 290 8141 21 - 22 Apr St George’s Day Festival Step back in time and learn about England’s incredible history at this annual event. From medieval jousting knights and soldiers of the Great War to Victorian side saddle demonstrations and dramatic falconry displays, there is something to enjoy for the entire family. 10am-6pm. Wrest Park, Silsoe. 21 - 22 Apr East of England Food Festival Featuring a huge range of food and drink (and related goodies) there will also be unique arts, craft and gift products plus a full programme of food and cookery demonstrations, wine and beer tasting sessions and a variety of family entertainment. 10am-5pm. Knebworth House, Knebworth. 22 Apr GTI Spring Festival RWYB event for Watercooled VW’s with Show n Shine, clubs, autojumble and more. Santa Pod Raceway, Podington, 01234 782828 22 Apr Mind, Body and Spirit Fair 10am-4pm. Great Barford Village Hall, Great Barford, 01480 819148 27 - 29 Apr Big Bang Camper & Bus Show VW festival in association with Volksworld Camper and Bus magazine. VW drag racing, music, Show n Shine, traders and a chilled out family atmosphere. Santa Pod Raceway, Podington, 01234 782828


St Albans Museums

MUSEUM OF ST ALBANS 9a HatямБeld Road, St Albans AL1 3RR 01727 819340

VERULAMIUM MUSEUM St Michaels, St Albans AL3 4SW 01727 751810|145


ts of Des c e j Paintings i Studio Glass Vintage Jewellery





Choyce Gallery - ./ 0   






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 ! "!#$%&'()**'+,,'     !



Open: Wednesday to Saturday, 10.30am - 4pm

11 New Road, Ware, Herts, SG12 7BS (opp. Kibes Lane Car Park) 01920 412072










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After a lot of hard work and a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, The Great Bed of Ware is coming home to Ware Museum this month, on loan from the Victoria and Albert Museum, where it has been since 1931. Experts now agree that the Great Bed of Ware was built around 1590 in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. The builder is thought to be Jonas Fosbrooke. It was most probably an advertising ‘gimmick’ to draw travellers to the town after a possible drop in numbers of visitors when Catholics were no longer making pilgrimages to the shrine at Walsingham, Norfolk. Although it was thought at one time to have been made for a grand local family, stylistic evidence suggests it was more likely to have been made for

© Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The Great Bed of Ware

use in the apartments in the inns of Ware which were set apart for members of the Gentry. Made of oak with inlaid marquetry panels in its headboard and with carved ornament of grand but "not the highest order", it is described by the Victoria and Albert Museum as "middling grand". Over the course of its long stay in Ware the Bed moved around between five inns, The White Hart, The George, The Crown, The Bull and the Saracen’s Head from which it was sold

in 1870. Henry Teale took it to Rye House, Hoddesdon, as a visitor attraction. The most famous mention is made by Shakespeare's character Toby Belch in Twelfth Night which was first performed in 1601 '...and as many lies as will lie in thy sheet of paper, although the sheet were big enough for the bed of Ware in England...'. Ben Johnson also refers to it in 1609 in his play "Epicoene: or the Silent Woman". The Great Bed of Ware will be on display in Ware Museum from 6th April. there will be a series of events throughout the year, including Tudor re-enactments, craft demonstrations, music and drama. For full details go to or|147

360 days of fun

whatever the weather





M1 J14 H5 H6


J13 H7


360 is off the V4 between the H6 and H7


Roebuck Way Knowlhill MK5 8HL 01908 308360

5IF%FSNBTQBDMJOJDOPXPGGFSTBXJEFSBOHFPG (FMJTIDPMPVSTBOEUSFBUNFOUTUPDBUFSGPSFWFSZ clientâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s choice and look, from a classic manicure or pedicure, a single nail repair or a full set of gelish nails. All our technicians have a wealth of training and experience behind them to offer clients the highest standard of nail care located in the sumptuous surroundings of the nail lounge.

nail lounge 5&-JOGP!OJMBNQBUFMDPN 148|


Milton Keynes Get lost in wonderland at thecentre:mk this Easter Shopping this Easter at thecentre:mk could be tricky you’ll need to be careful as the white rabbit may tempt you to get Lost in Wonderland and spend hours finding your way through the magical maze. For the first time ever Middleton hall will be transformed into a wonderland scene with a four part maze - all you need to do is find your way to the mad hatters tea party. Mystery doors, hedge and timber mazes, giant Wonderland objects and characters, puzzles and prizes, workshops and more make this a wonderful adventure for the whole family. Until 29 April. For more information on opening times, ticket prices, competitions and times of craft and story activities visit Other great Easter events around MK... The Milton Keynes Theatre District is one of the most happening areas of Milton Keynes, with its many bars, cafes and restaurants. Over Easter you can enjoy all the Fun of the Fair on the green, with rides and more. The family fun starts early this year at Bletchley Park with Family Fun Wednesdays on 4 and 11 April, as well as the Park’s annual Easter Eggstravaganza on Bank Holiday Monday, 9 April. Over Easter Gulliver's Land theme park is open until 15 April – from 10.30am to 5pm. On Easter weekend (Saturday and Sunday) there will be an Easter Egg hunt, an Easter Bonnet parade and the Easter Bunny will also be joining in the fun. Join in the Easter Egg Hunt at Milton Keynes Museum, 6 -9 April, with lots of yummy prizes. Xscape Milton Keynes will be hosting free family fun this Easter while you play, eat and shop. You can entertain the kids at the free craft workshop where they can have fun making Easter cards and baskets and decorating eggs. There will also be an Easter Egg coconut shy with great prizes to be won! Plus, the fun carries on into SNO!zone, where Percy Penguin and the team will be running even more free fun activities! All activities will be on daily from 12- 6pm - and even more going on at weekends too. So that’s the kids sorted, now don’t forget to check out the new Spring/Summer 2012 ranges in urban lifestyle retailers including Quiksilver, DC, O’Neill, Billabong, Animal, Vans, Quiksilver, Roxy and many more!

MK’s summer of fun This year, Milton Keynes is celebrating a 'Summer of Culture' as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, the National Cultural Olympiad and the city's own International Festival. A range of different events, many of which are FREE, are taking place across the city from May to Sept. Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Celebrate the Queen's 60 years on the throne with a free garden party in Campbell Park. 2-5 June Olympic Torch Relay The Olympic Torch will pass through the city stopping in Central Milton Keynes and at Bletchley Park. 9 July Milton Keynes Festival Fringe The programme will include a Street Bazaar in Middleton Hall, Giants which will parade up Midsummer Boulevard, a Dance festival, Music on Arriva Buses, Participatory events around Theatre District, Visual Arts, Installations & Performances from Beach Huts and a Cycle Powered Green Cinema. 10-29 July IF: Milton Keynes International Festival 2012 A world-class, multi-arts programme held at various unusual locations. 20-29 July Godiva Awakes As part of the Cultural Olympiad, the spectacular 21st century Godiva will awake and make her way from Coventry to London for the Olympic Games powered by 100 cyclists. She will stop in Milton Keynes overnight and there will celebrations in and around the city when she arrives. 1 August

360 Play – the biggest and best children’s entertainment centre in the region – provides the perfect setting for your child’s imagination to run wild with a host of different fun activities that will keep them happy for literally hours. Climbing and cooking, dressing up or driving the dodgems, painting and playing in a purpose-built pizza parlour or garage are just some of the many activities on offer. And in addition to all this, there’s the three storey play frame where youngsters can burn off excess energy as they clamber through tunnels and over obstacles, climb rope nets, slide down slides or ‘bury’ each other in the ball pool. There’s also a cafe and a range of organised classes. 01908 308360|149

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/XscapeMK @XscapeMK



Cookery Courses Cookery Parties Corporate Events Inspired Gourmet in Milton Keynes: providing inspirational cookery courses, cookery parties and corporate events. Our hand-on Cookery Courses are friendly and professional, ins lling you with confidence, oďŹ&#x20AC;ering you the tui on to develop your skills. GiĹ&#x152; Vouchers can be purchased for a day or evening session â&#x20AC;&#x201C; to be redeemed against any of our cookery courses. Available from our on-line shop. Hold a Corporate Event or Private Party - a unique way to celebrate teambuilding, a birthday, anniversary, hen party or â&#x20AC;&#x153;just becauseâ&#x20AC;?.

Brooklands Farm, Newport Road, Broughton, Milton Keynes MK16 0HU Tel: 01908 235124

The Inspired Gourmet Cookery School (01908) 692 918 150|

SIGHT AND SOUND TO STIMULATE YOUR SENSES BeoVision 12 is a breathtaking, 65-inch television, with an ultra-slim plasma screen and3D capabilities. Although it is impressive in size, a unique optical illusion makes it actually appear thinner than it is. BeoVision 12 literally floats on the wall, quite a feat considering its significant size. Combining elegant design, superior sound and outstanding picture quality, BeoVision 12 delivers a cinematic experience to delight the entire family. Everyday activities like watching television or films or listening to music become entertainment events.

Bang & Olufsen of Chelmsford 16-18 New London Road, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0SP Tel: 01245 266117 Bang & Olufsen of Leigh on Sea 91 Broadway West, Leigh on Sea, Essex, SS9 2BU Tel: 01702 477741


helmsford MUSEUM


Free admiss io for all n the family !


Learn to Knit for children (£3 for 2 hour session)

11 April

Creative Stitching for children sessions

14 April – 8 July

Exhibition ‘Marconi and the Sea’




Phone 01245 605700

helmsford BOROUGH



Chelmsford On 14 March it was announced that Chelmsford has been awarded city status to mark the Queen's diamond jubilee, making it the first and only City in the county of Essex Chelmsford is situated in the centre of Essex and has been Essex’s County town since 1250. It was voted 8th best place to live on Channel 4's Location, Location, Location. A pedestrianised High Street links High Chelmer and The Meadows, the two main undercover shopping areas in Chelmsford, to create one of the best shopping centres in Essex. Add to this the international restaurants, cafes, wine bars and pubs (some with live music), and the appeal of Chelmsford is obvious. Situated in the heart of the town centre is the country's historic 15th century Cathedral, one of England's newest cathedrals and one of the few to be also a parish church. In its history Chelmsford has played host to a number of famous figures; Charles Dickens, the Duke of Wellington, Oliver Goldsmith and Guglielmo Marconi all feature and are commemorated around the town on ‘Blue Plaques'. Hylands House is a beautiful Grade II listed neo-classical villa, set in over 500 acres of Hylands Park. Inside rooms restored to their appearance during the Georgian and early Victorian periods may be viewed. A full programme of events takes place in the House and adjacent Pleasure Gardens. Hylands Park is the perfect backdrop for the renowned ‘V' concerts that have provided the best of contemporary rock and pop music live over one weekend in August each year since 1996. Chelmsford also hosts many other

exciting events during the year including ESSEXstreetdiversions a free festival of international street theatre, The 3foot People Festival days of wonder for pre-school children and the Fling - A festival of assorted amusements for adults. Further attractions include the Essex County Cricket Club, Chelmsford Museum in Oaklands Park, and other parks with riverside walks and special play areas for children. Picturesque villages each with their own charm and history surround Chelmsford. Chignall St James and Chignall Smealey have delightful cottages revealing traditional Essex plasterwork; Pleshey has thatched cottages and a castle mound; Writtle has its traditional village pond and internationally renowned agricultural college. Great Waltham is where Tudor chimneys grace the beautifully restored Guildhall on the edge of the churchyard. For the walker the Essex Way, linking Epping with Harwich, passes through rural Chelmsford. Along the route countryside inns and pubs enable rest and refuelling for the onward journey. Boating enthusiasts will find the Chelmer and Blackwater Navigation provides a unique view of rural Essex from the water. Barges and narrow boats may be hired for trips along the tranquil waterways amidst largely unspoilt countryside. For more details about Chelmsford go to Top to bottom Shire Hall from the High Street; the Marconi building; Hylands House; Moulsham Mill|153


Chelmsford Chelmsford Bang & Olufsen store owner Darren Maynard tells us what he likes best about Britain’s newest City. How long have you worked in Chelmsford?

I’ve worked in Chelmsford since December 2000. I live in Wickford, Essex. What do you like most about the town?

Chelmsford is well laid out and all of the main shops are within a short walk of each other. Great pedestrianised High Street with plenty of places to shop and then eat!

Sunday morning. If not, a good walk around Highlands Park. Where would you go for a meal with friends?

The Blue Strawberry is just outside Chelmsford in Hatfield Peveral. It has a superb menu and the food is always a delight!

Possibly best known as Zenxi is a new restaurant the ‘Birthplace of Radio’, just off of the High thanks to Marconi. Street, very nice Oriental Food with a very Favourite buildings in beautiful ambience. Chelmsford?

Your ideal night out?

What’s the best route for a stroll around town? Through the

High Street, up to the Cathedral, then back down new London Road for a stroll around Central Park.

Out for a good meal with friends to Alec’s in Brentwood. Undoubtedly my favourite restaurant in this area. What’s a good place for a working lunch or a coffee break?

My favourite is Acanteen in New London Road, the food and the service is superb and it’s just a great place to relax with a lite lunch or just a cup of coffee. Favourite shops?

Where’s a good place for a walk?

Danbury Common is a great place to take the dog for a walk on a 154|

Where would you shop for a present that’s a bit different?

Tickety Boo in the Meadows Shopping Centre. Best place for food?

Where would you go for a romantic meal

What is Chelmsford best known for?

We have a beautiful Cathedral ,which many people do not always get to see!

still the best bookshop in the town and it is situated on the main High Street.

Zagger is the best menswear shop in Chelmsford, with a great choice of designer clothes. Waterstones, is

The continental market has some fantastic food when it is the town centre. I normally go there for some olives or speciality bread. What should visitors to Chelmsford do or see?

RHS Hyde Hall in East Hanningfield or if it is really good weather, Promenade Park in Maldon is a great place to go with the children. What are your favourite places in East Anglia?

Audley End is a great day out but if we were looking for somewhere to stay for a weekend break we would go to Norwich. What’s your favourite bit of kit in the B&O shop? The new BeoLit

12 Airplay portable speaker is my favourite new product at the moment. I love music and the fact that I can wirelessly stream from my iPhone to the speaker just does it for me!

“My business is based in the centre of town and we are Bang & Olufsen of Chelmsford. Originally opened in December 2000, we have been providing quality home entertainment solutions for over 11 years. Bang & Olufsen is a Danish Brand that produce some of the best televisions and audio systems on the market. They specialise in products that stand out from the crowd and ensure that the experience is never compromised. All Bang & Olufsen products are designed to be simplistic and intuitive to use and yet flexible enough to keep up with the latest technology. As all of our products are built to last, we need to ensure that our television and audio systems are based on stable yet leading edge platforms. Customer service is also a large part of the Bang & Olufsen experience, when you are looking at purchasing a Bang & Olufsen solution, we will generally come and survey your home and have an informal chat about what it is you want from a home entertainment system. That way, we can design a system that’s just right for you. From a 32” screen to a 103” cinema system, we can customise a system around each individual home.” Bang & Olufsen, New London Road, Chelmsford 01245 266117


énergie fitness for women

énergie fitness for women is one of the most successful products in the énergie Franchise Group product portfolio. énergie fitness for women was launched in April 2006 and is effectively a weightmanagement club providing exercise classes, shown above, together with educational information. There are no changing rooms or showers. The average number of women using the Club at any one time is usually 6 or 7. énergie fitness for women studios are generally opened for around 38 hours per week with reduced hours at the weekend. Usual daily opening hours will be between 10am – 2pm and 4pm – 8pm with the highest usage usually between 6pm and 8pm. We would be looking for the local authority and landlord to agree to either D2 or Sui Generis use. The énergie fitness for women business model has been developed as a result of 9 years dedicated research and refinement in the women’s fitness and weight loss market. 6 Week Results Guaranteed ‘Empower’ Programme The Empower programme provides all members with a fitness and weight loss route map that guides them through the all important early weeks of exercise providing them with advice, support and results at the end of the programme. The 6 week programme offers 6 Free personal training sessions; No contract; No joining fee; Results guaranteed in 6 weeks or your money back! The programme can be offered on its own as a six week membership following which the member will be encouraged to join on an annual basis or will be offered to new members paying on an annual basis as part of the membership joining fee. The guarantee of this programme is so strong, and since launching in 2003 no refunds have been made on the 6 Week Results Guarantee Programme. In addition to the entry level énergie fitness for women model franchisees have the option of adding an additional 30 minute circuit that provides a gentle weight management and mobility solution for the senior market. The Motortone gentle exercise solution can fit into a separate room to that of the 30 minute fitness and weight loss circuit and again requires no changing rooms or shower facilities.|155

INGATESTONE HALL Hall Lane, Ingatestone, Essex, CM4 9NR

Fri 22 June - Sun 15 July

(off the London end of Ingatestone High St.) 16th Century manor house & grounds with a wealth of history.

ICONIC BACH Enthusiastic audiences welcome eminent musicians to four wonderful weekends of magical music in the amazing acoustics of Thaxted Parish Church.

OPEN to the public between Noon and 5pm on Wednesdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays until the end of September (NOT Wednesdays in June).

Brandenburg Sinfonia, Brodowski Quartet, Choir of St John’s College Cambridge, Charles Owen, J J Vinten Band, Ruth Palmer, Alastair Sampson, Charles Court Opera, Laura Wright, Harlow Chorus, Red Priest, Cantate, Yehudi Menuhin School Orchestra

Adults – £6 Pensioners – £5 Children (over 5) – £2.50 GUIDED TOURS are also available for groups at other times by prior arrangement.

SPECIAL EVENT IN APRIL Sunday, 1st – Wedding Fair Suppliers of all manner of wedding services will be there to offer advice abour your special day. 11 am – 4 pm. Admission: £3 For more information about special events from June onwards, see our website:

Tel. 01277 353010 Email:



ManchesterEvening News

Arlene Phillips and Adam Spiegel present


Vincent Simone Flavia Cacace and in

Programme includes: Bach: Mass in B minor, St John Passion, Double Violin Concerto, Toccata & Fugue, Brandenburg Concertos; Mozart & Beethoven String Quartets; works by Mendelssohn, Stravinsky, Corelli, Stainer, Vivaldi, Schumann, Bernstein, plus Opera, Folk Music and Jazz. 01371 831421

The Essex Food Show Crown Plaza Resort, Colchester - Five Lakes

(Colchester Road, Tolleshunt Knights, Nr. Maldon CM9 8HX)

Sat/Sun 12-13 May Great food - Great wines & beers - Great entertainment

Come & visit probably the biggest & best food show in Essex with over 130 stalls, all housed undercover in the superb events arena of this new venue. A huge range of local food & drink producers will be there, together with Indian, French, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Caribbean, Greek & Polish delicacies.

Lots of attractions including:



tThe unique ‘Polly’s Parrots’ road show tLive music with the ‘CrossWinds Brass Quintet’ tThe fantastic ‘A World of Wings’ bird show tWithams BIG sing choir (Sunday) tDonkey rides tFace painting tGreat range of garden furniture t‘Herbal Haven’ pot grown herbs tHog roast tSuperb range of quality catering tAmple easy, free parking

Newue Ven


Mon 23 – Sat 28 April Box Office

01702 351135 "



Saturday 10.30am to 5.00pm Sunday 10.00am to 5.00pm All adults £4.00 Accompanied children under 16 free

All enquiries: Penny Farthing Fairs

01621 773403

Essex THEATRE & SHOWS 1 Apr Unforgettable Nostalgic 50/60s music show. Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505 1 Apr Fastest Theatrical Production - World Record Attempt Youth Theatre Performerz in association with the Princes Theatre attempt to break the world record for the fastest theatrical production. Princes Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea, 01255 686633 1 Apr Jimmy Carr New stand-up show from the popular comedian and TV presenter. Braintree Arts Theatre, Braintree, 01376 556354 2 Apr Sweet William Actor Michael Pennington takes us on a journey through the life and work of William Shakespeare. Mercury Theatre , Colchester, 01206 573948 3 Apr Private Resistance Eastern Angles present Private Resistance, the ultimate ‘what-if’ scenario. How would the British have coped with a German invasion? Set in 1940 it’s a thrilling tale of the so-called Auxiliary Units, Churchill’s secret guerrilla army primed to go underground to fight behind the lines - a story of the bonds created and destroyed by wartime. This fascinating play is researched and written by Eastern Angles’ Artistic Director, Ivan Cutting and directed by Naomi Jones. William de Ferrers School, South Woodham Ferrers, 01245 429445 3 Apr An Evening with Jimmy Greaves Football legend. Mercury Theatre, Colchester, 01206 573948 3 - 8 Apr Rapunzel Family show. Harlow Playhouse, Harlow, 01279 431945 4 Apr Katya Virshilas & Pasha Kovalev Stars of BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. Towngate Theatre, Basildon, 01268 465465 5 Apr Braintree Comedy Club Top stand-up. Celebrations Party Venue, Braintree, 0845 459 5656 5 Apr Fascinating Aida Britain’s best comedy cabaret trio Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505 5 Apr The Chris and Pui Roadshow CBeebies favourite double-act. Towngate Theatre, Basildon, 01268 465465 5 Apr Laugh Out Loud Comedy Night Top stand-up. Bocking Arts Theatre, Braintree, 01279 815464 5 - 7 Apr Fame Inspiring 80s musical. Palace Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 6 Apr The Laughter Zone Top stand-up. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 6 Apr Forever in Blue Jeans Music show. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333

You can find even more events on our website and include your own too!

6 - 7 Apr Ellen – Her Triumphant Women Two-handed play exploring the remarkable life of the Victorian actress, Ellen Terry. Headgate Theatre, Colchester, 01206 366000 7 Apr Witham Comedy Club Top stand-up. Witham Public Hall, Witham, 0845 459 5656 7 Apr Showstopper: The Improvised Musical A brand new musical is created from scratch at each performance of this award-winning production. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 7 Apr An Evening of Burlesque Tantalising yet tasteful, camp and colourful, elegant showgirls combine Parisian charm with Vegas glamour. Princes Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea, 01255 686633 8 Apr David Copperfield Presented by Cut 2, the Queen’s Youth Company. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333 9 Apr Essence of Ireland 5 Star Irish Magic! Princes Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea, 01255 686633 10 Apr Little Big Club Childrens favourites live on stage. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 10 - 11 Apr Private Resistance See 3 Apr. Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood, 01277 200305 11 Apr All the Single Ladies Starring Brooke Kinsella MBE (Eastenders) and Leslie Ash (Men Behaving Badly, Holby City, Merserybeat), this brand new play from comedienne Abigail Burdess, explores the love lives of three women in the festive glow of New Year. Palace Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 11 - 12 Apr Our Day Out Willy Russell’s much loved play. Headgate Theatre, Colchester, 01206 366000 11 - 13 Apr The Wickedness of Oz Presented by Hewitt Performing Arts. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333 12 Apr The Comedy Club Top stand-up. Colchester United Football Club, Colchester, 01206 752443 12 Apr Lee Hurst The man from the BBC’s hit comedy sports quiz ‘They Think It’s All Over’ is back on the road. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 12 Apr Comedy Showcase Top stand-up. Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505 12 Apr Doug Stanhope America’s top comic. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 12 - 14 Apr Much Ado About Nothing - The Musical A fun and family orientated show for Shakespeare and musical lovers alike. Lakeside Theatre, University of Essex, Colchester 01206 573948 12 - 15 Apr Giselle Presented by Harlow Ballet. Harlow Playhouse, Harlow, 01279 431945

13 Apr Your Days Are Numbered Taking comedy in a new and thought provoking direction, this new intelligent show features the expert “stand-up mathematician”, Matt Parker, and writer/comedian, Timandra Harkness. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 13 Apr Sally Morgan TV’s psychic medium. Brentwood Centre, Brentwood, 01277 215151 13 Apr Sally Morgan TV’s psychic medium. Palace Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 13 Apr Paul Merton The comedianand TV favourite returns to the stage. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 13 - 14 Apr Abigail’s Party Mike Leigh’s humorous expose of social aspiration and awkwardness of middle-class suburbia. Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood, 01277 200305 13 - 28 Apr Roots Arnold Wesker’s revolutionary play, set in Norfolk, which bubbles from the depths with humour, imagination and compassion. Mercury Theatre , Colchester, 01206 573948 14 Apr Eyes Front! with Isla St Clair An exciting combination of live performance and film about the effect of music in wartime with singer and TV personality Isla St Clair. Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505 14 Apr Forever Jackson Michael Jackson tribute show. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333 14 Apr High Point The celebrate their 25th anniversary, the British Juggling Convention presents a world-class evening of cabaret and manipulation. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 15 Apr Chelmsford Comedy Club Top stand-up. Bay Horse, Chelmsford, 0845 459 5656 16 - 21 Apr Honk! A witty musical comedy based on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Ugly Duckling. Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505

You can find even more events on our website and include your own too! 18 - 21 Apr Titus Andronicus Shakespeare’s bloodiest play presented by Artisans Drama Society. Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood, 01277 200305 18 - 21 Apr The Cemetary Club Gloriously funny comedy starring Anne Charleston (Madge from Neighbours), film and TV actress Shirley Anne Field, well-loved British star Anita Harris, Peter Brownlow (Chief Inspector Brownlow in The Bill) and established TV and stage actresses Karen Ford and Debbie Norman. Harlow Playhouse, Harlow, 01279 431945 18 - 21 Apr The Sound of Music Musical presented by Southend Operatic and Dramatic Society. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 19 Apr Comedy Club in the Foyer Top stand-up. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333 19 Apr Magners Comedy Funhouse Top stand-up. Braintree Arts Theatre, Braintree, 01376 556354 20 Apr - 12 May The Merchant of Venice Stunning production of one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333 21 Apr George & The Dragon Children’s show. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 21 Apr Jack the Ripper - The Musical Presented by Barintree Musical Society. Bocking Arts Theatre, Braintree, 01279 815464 22 Apr Him & Her : Him A musical battle of the sexes. Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood, 01277 200305 23 - 28 Apr Guys and Dolls Musical. Witham Public Hall, Witham, 0845 4750420 23 - 28 Apr High Society Musical presented by Ingatestone Musical & Operetta Group. Ingatestone Community Club Theatre, Ingatestone, 01277 234581 24 Apr Andy Hamilton Stand-up comedy. Palace Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135

Lee Hurst Colchester Arts Centre 12 April|157

Essex You can find even more events on our website and include your own too! 24 Apr Sally Morgan TV’s psychic medium. Charter Hall at Colchester Leisure World, Colchester, 01206 282020 24 - 28 Apr Midnight Tango Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace have dazzled television audiences for six series of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing with their stunning Tango routines. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 25 Apr Pratap Pawar & Triveni Dance Company A truly authentic Indian Kathak dance experience. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 25 Apr Coffin Up Critically acclaimed mask theatre company The Village Idiots present their latest hit show. Braintree Arts Theatre, Braintree, 01376 556354 25 - 26 Apr An Olympic Effort Wisebirds celebrate the tradition and values of the Olympic Games in their original and inimitable style Felsted School, Felsted, 01371 822619 25 - 28 Apr Bouncers John Godber’s outrageous and hilarious parody of the 1980s disco scene. Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505 25 - 28 Apr Haunted Ron Aldridge’s supernatural thriller starring Peter Amory (Emmerdale) and Paul David-Gough (Coronation Street). Harlow Playhouse, Harlow, 01279 431945

26 Apr An Evening With Ann Widdecombe An evening of parliamentary reminiscences and behind-the-scenes insights from Strictly Come Dancing with the former politician. Palace Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 26 - 28 Apr Bums on Seats A comedy by Michael Snelgrove presented by Maldon Drama Group. Maldon Town Hall, Maldon, 01621 856503 27 Apr Ian Keable Magician. Harlow Playhouse, Harlow, 01279 431945 27 Apr Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Fun all the way as the “Purveyors of Cool” come to town with a sensational show featuring the greatest music of the 20th century. Braintree Arts Theatre, Braintree, 01376 556354 28 Apr CIDco and Singdicate Show Song and dance show. CMPA Live! At Swinburne Hall, Colchester, 01206 712999 28 Apr Jesterlarf Comedy Club Top stand-up. Saffron Walden Town Hall, Saffron Walden, 01223 357851 28 Apr Lewis Schaffer Stand-up comedy. High Barn, Great Bardfield, 01371 811291 28 Apr Celtci Dream Irish music and dance show. Charter Hall at Colchester Leisure World, Colchester, 01206 282020 29 Apr Chelmsford Comedy Club Top stand-up. Bay Horse, Chelmsford, 0845 459 5656 30 Apr - 5 May Doctor in the House The classic British comedy starring one of Britain’s most loved funnymen, Joe Pasquale and star of stage and screen Robert Powell. Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505


Flavia Cacace Midnight Tango Cliffs Pavilion 24 - 28 April


1 Apr Dennis Rollins Velocity Trio Jazz. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 1 Apr Jacquie Hicks Jazz. Cramphorn Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505 1 Apr Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra Brahms, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 1 Apr Jimbo’s All Stars Jazz. Colchester Jazz Club at Stanway Rovers Football Club, Colchester, 01206 540354 1 Apr Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra Brahms, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 1 Apr Jimbo’s All Stars Jazz. Colchester Jazz Club at Stanway Rovers

Football Club, Colchester, 01206 540354 1 - 2 Apr The Drifters Soul legends. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333 3 Apr Architects Top band on the UK underground hardcore scene. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 3 Apr Skyhook Folk. The Hoy at Anchor Folk Club at The Ship Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea, 01702 715111 3 Apr Po’girl Old time roots, jazz and country grooves are skillfully revived through the songs and music of this Canadian band. Bluebell Inn, Hempstead, 01799 599199 3 Apr The Locrian Ensembe Britain’s best-loved classical touring ensemble present ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ attired in lavish period costume and performed in front of a stunning classical set. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333 4 Apr The Manfreds The Manfreds, with original ‘front man’ Paul Jones, celebrate their 50th anniversary, performing many of their hits along with a mix of Jazz and Blues songs. Mercury Theatre , Colchester, 01206 573948 4 Apr McFly BRIT Award-winning punk popsters McFly - who take their name from the ‘Back To The Future’ films - are Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 5 Apr The Locrian Ensembe Britain’s best-loved classical touring ensemble present ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ attired in lavish period costume and performed in front of a stunning classical set. Mercury Theatre, Colchester, 01206 573948 6 Apr Martin Taylor and Alan Barnes Martin Taylor’s immaculate style has seen him recognised as one of the world’s foremost guitarists.Alan Barnes is possibly the most renowned and respected saxophonist in Britain. Fleece Jazz at Stoke By Nayland Hotel, Leavenheath, 01787 211865 6 Apr The Searchers 60s favourites. Towngate Theatre, Basildon, 01268 465465 7 Apr The Rollin’ Clones Tribute. High Barn, Great Bardfield, 01371 811291 8 Apr Kid Tideman’s Allstars Jazz. Colchester Jazz Club at Stanway Rovers Football Club, Colchester, 01206 540354 10 Apr The Askew Sisters Folk. The Hoy at Anchor Folk Club at The Ship Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea, 01702 715111 12 Apr Jim Jones Revue Supercharged back-to-basics fifties rock’n’roll. Chinnery’s, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 467305 13 Apr Ed Jones Quartet Jazz. Fleece Jazz at Stoke By Nayland Hotel, Leavenheath, 01787 211865 14 Apr The Strawbs Progressive folk-rock. Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505

14 Apr Bibelots Energetic indie band. The Square, Harlow, 01279 305000 14 Apr Dominic Kirwan Popular irish singer. Princes Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea, 01255 686633 14 Apr T-Rextasy Tribute. Palace Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 15 Apr Martin Harley Band Americana roots. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 15 Apr European Union Chamber Orchestra Handel, Mozart, Debussy, Haydn. Featuring solo harpist Catrin Finch. Civic Theatre, Chelmsford, 01245 606505 15 Apr Vienna Mozart Trio Mozart, Beethoven, Smetana. Palace Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 15 Apr Red Beans ‘n’ Rice Jazz. Colchester Jazz Club at Stanway Rovers Football Club, Colchester, 01206 540354 16 Apr The Wrigley Sisters Folk duo from the Orkney Islands. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 18 Apr The Fureys and Davey Arthur Legends of Irish music. Thameside Theatre, Grays, 0845 300 5264 19 Apr Night of One Hundred Voices All the choirs from Colchester Institute come together to form a wonderful concert of differing musical genres with over 100 voices. CMPA Live! At Swinburne Hall, Colchester, 01206 712999 19 Apr The New Orleans Z’Hulus Jazz. Electric Palace, Harwich, 07786 744789 19 - 29 Apr Gambit Jazzmen Jazz. Colchester Jazz Club at Stanway Rovers Football Club, Colchester, 01206 540354 20 Apr Janet Seidel Janet Seidel is Australia’s first lady of jazz singing. Fleece Jazz at Stoke By Nayland Hotel, Leavenheath, 01787 211865 20 Apr Alex Berger, Ari Hest & Chrissi Poland Three artists from New York City’s dynamic singer/songwriter community. High Barn, Great Bardfield, 01371 811291 20 Apr Let There Be Drums This high energy percussion extravaganza features three bands with drummers from hit groups. Bobby Harrison the original drummer with Procol Harum and his band, Journey 2 Freedom. Paul Fenton who toured as drummer with Marc Bolan & T. Rex, he is the only person who has links with the original group and continues to work under the name T. Rex and John Coghlan, an original drummer with Status Quo with his band, John Coghlan’s Quo. Charter Hall at Colchester Leisure World, Colchester, 01206 282020 21 Apr Touches of Sweet Harmony Serenade to Music and other works inspired by Shakespeare. Priory Church of St Laurence, Blackmore, 01992 522300


12 APRIL CLAIRE MARTIN Claire Martin is the UK’s No 1 jazz vocalist and has been the driving force behind the UK’s jazz scene for 25 years. Fleece Jazz.

28 Apr The Fortunes + The Ivy League 60s concert. West Cliff Theatre , Clacton-on-Sea, 01255 433344 28 Apr Uttlesforde Orchestra Orchestral concert. St Mary’s Church, Saffron Walden, 01799 524002 29 Apr Tenors Unlimited The Rat Pack of Opera. West Cliff Theatre, Clacton-on-Sea, 01255 433344 29 Apr Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Britten, Vaughan-Williams, Elgar. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 30 Apr Hannah James & Sam Sweeney Folk. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 30 Apr The ELO Experience Tribute. Mercury Theatre , Colchester, 01206 573948 30 Apr Professor Green The nation’s most inventive rapper and distinctive wordsmith. Cliffs Pavilion, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135

ART & EXHIBITIONS 21 Apr Keith James The songs of Leonard Cohen. High Barn, Great Bardfield, 01371 811291 21 Apr The Gift Jam tribute. Chinnery’s, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 467305 22 Apr Speed Limit + John Worton Country music. Brentwood Theatre, Brentwood, 01277 200305 22 Apr Richard Digance Music and stories. Queens Theatre, Hornchurch, 01708 443333 22 Apr Mike Barry’s New Uptown Gang Jazz. Colchester Jazz Club at Stanway Rovers Football Club, Colchester, 01206 540354 23 Apr The Askew Sisters Folk. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 24 Apr Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller Folk. The Hoy at Anchor Folk Club at The Ship Hotel, Leigh-on-Sea, 01702 715111 26 Apr Hazel O’Connor Striding into the spotlight with cult movie Breaking Glass, award-winning singer-songwriter, Hazel O’Connor immediately became an iconic figure . High Barn, Great Bardfield, 01371 811291 27 Apr Nogabe Randriaharimalala Madagascan singer songwriter. Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester, 01206 500900 27 Apr Buster Shuffle East London rock ‘n’ roll ska band. The Square, Harlow, 01279 305000 27 Apr Adam Kay’s Smutty Songs Amateur Transplants frontman Adam Kay sits at a grand piano and sings smutty songs. Palace Theatre, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 351135 28 Apr Claire Martin See panel. Fleece Jazz at Stoke By Nayland Hotel, Leavenheath, 01787 211865

1 - 2 Apr Anti Photography An exhibition of photographic works which explores the importance of a strand of conceptual practice that risks not being seen as photography at all. It explores these concepts over the two sites and is guest curated by Duncan Wooldridge. Beecroft Art Gallery, Westcliff-on-Sea, 01702 347418 1 - 8 Apr Six Impossible Things A new body of kinetic work by Heike Brachlow, inspired by balancing toys, solid glass sculptures move freely and precariously on a single point of contact. The Gallery at Parndon Mill, Harlow, 01279 426042 1 - 14 Apr Modern British & Contemporary Artists Exhibition of original prints. Artsts include Patrick Heron, David Hockney, Sir Peter Blake, Sir Terry Frost, Tracey Emin, Sir Henry Moore, John Piper, and Bridget Riley. Hayletts Gallery, Maldon, 01621 851669 1 - 15 Apr Embroideries from the East Textiles and costumes from India and Asia. Saffron Walden Museum, Saffron Walden, 01799 510333 1 - 20 Apr Harlow Get Set! Harlow’s primary and secondary schools, Harlow College and the academies will be exhibiting art work centred around the London Olympics 2012. Gibberd Gallery at the Civic Centre, Harlow, 01279 446041 1 - 25 Apr Festival of Britain 1951 Cabinet display which shows Warner & Sons wove and printed fabrics for the Festival of Britain in 1951. They were proud to be chosen to design and produce the fabrics for the Regatta restaurant next to the Royal Festival Hall. 60 years on, this temporary display celebrates the company’s role in that vibrant cultural event. Warner Textile Archive at Warners Mill, Braintree, 01376 557741

1 - 29 Apr Starting From Scratch These works by Brian Graham, intuitive artist, are resulting atmospheric and evocative paintings which are the artists’ homage to the courage and determination of our earliest ancestors and to the landscape of the British Isles. Colchester Castle Museum, Colchester, 01206 282939 1 - 30 Apr Southend Arts Council Visual Arts Exhibition Artists affiliated to the Southend Arts Council have the opportunity to exhibit and sell their latest works in watercolour, acrylic, oil and mixed media including various items of craft work and porcelain. Southend Central Library, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 215011 1 Apr - 7 May Steven Claydon: Culpable Earth The first major exhibition of Steven Claydon’s work, for which the artist is developing a new body of work comprising sculpture, video and print. firstsite, Colchester, 01206 577067 1 Apr - 7 May Equivalents Steven Claydon has selected a series of paintings by the Suffolk-born artist John Constable (b. 1776, d. 1837) and an iconic sculpture by the American minimalist Carl Andre (b. 1935) to accompany his exhibition. Cloud studies painted by Constable during the 1820s are shown together with Carl Andre’s 1966 sculpture Equivalent VIII, the last piece in a group of works composed of 120 firebricks. Andre’s infamous series of stacked bricks were titled after a group of early twentieth century cloud studies by the photographer Alfred Stieglitz (Equivalents, 1925 – 34). Shown together with Constable’s paintings of rainstorms and sunsets, Claydon highlights the original significance of Andre’s title, that referred to the eight different arrangements of bricks which shared the same height, mass and volume and were therefore ‘equivalent’ to one another. firstsite, Colchester, 01206 577067 1 Apr - 5 May Jane Lewis + Charlotte Stewart Exhibition of work by two Suffolk painters. North House Gallery, Manningtree, 01206 392717 1 Apr - 17 Jun Unravelling Threads Through artworks from the ESCALA Collection, Unravelling Threads explores issues related to textile production by the indigenous people of the Andean region of South America. firstsite, Colchester, 01206 577067

1 Apr - 24 Jun Long Live Great Bardfield! This exhibition will bring together a fascinating collection of paintings, prints, drawings and photographs in support of the autobiography of Tirzah Garwood, (Mrs Eric Ravilious), published this year. Fry Art Gallery, Saffron Walden, 01799 513779 1 Apr - 30 Sep Revisitations: Saatchi Exhibition This exhibition from the world renowned Saatchi Collection gives unique access to pieces of work from international artists with a connection to East Anglia. Artists include David Batchelor, Steve Bishop, Matthew Darbyshire Tessa Farmer and Bedwyr Williams. Ipswich Art School, Ipswich, 01473 433681 7 Apr - 16 Jun Thames Delta In collaboration with the town’s leading contemporary photographic gallery, Focal Point, the Beecroft presents an exhibition which celebrates the vast array of musical success and talent that has arisen from this small corner of Essex. The exhibition will bring together a wide range of media from contemporary artworks to archive material, including photographs, album sleeves, posters and paintings. Beecroft Art Gallery, Westcliff-on-Sea, 01702 347418 8 Apr - 24 Jun Long Live Great Bardfield! This exhibition will bring together a fascinating collection of

Leslie Ash All the Single Ladies Palace Theatre 11 April|159

Essex paintings, prints, drawings and photographs in support of the autobiography of Tirzah Garwood, (Mrs Eric Ravilious), published this year. Fry Art Gallery, Saffron Walden, 01799 513779 12 Apr - 20 May By The Water’s Edge Paintings of the river Stort, flooded fields and east coast reed beds by Alan Burgess, plus seascapes by Susan Erskine-Jones, glass dishes by Karen Murphy and seaside paintings by Dilys Hallybone. The Gallery at Parndon Mill, Harlow, 01279 426042 28 Apr - 31 Oct David Watkinson: Unseen Forces An exhibition of large organic forms and kinetic sculpture. Taking inspiration from the natural world the exhibits depict seed heads, leaves and fruit among other forms and are made from a variety of materials such as steel, aluminium and cold-cast bronze. RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Rettendon, 01245 400256

SPECIAL EVENTS 1 Apr Easter Craft Fair 11am-4pm. Hanningfield Reservoir Visitor Centre, Downham, 01268 711001 6 - 9 Apr Easter Fayre Egg hunt, face painting, biscuit decorating, kids crafts, bouncy castle and more. Blake House Craft Centre, Braintree, 01376 344123 7 - 9 Apr Colchester Craft & Country Show All day entertainment including birds of prey, working dogs, children’s entertainment as well as arts, crafts, gifts and food marquees. Companion Dog Show on Monday. Castle Park, Colchester, 0800 141 2823 8 Apr Iron Age Roundhouse Meet the Chieftain’s family round the fire to learn how your ancestors lived 2000 years ago. Find out about the battle techniques of the ancient Britons and Romans, see their armour and weapons and learn to use a sling. 1pm. Hadleigh Country Park, Hadleigh, 0845 603 7624 8 Apr Stamp, Coin & Military Collectors Fair 9am-1.30pm. Little Clacton Community Hall, Little Clacton, 8 Apr Steam Gala The gigantic pumping engine ‘Marshall’ will be in steam. Display of traction engines, rides on the miniature steam train. Museum of Power, Langford, 01621 843183 8 - 9 Apr Jousting with the Knights of Arkely with Food & Craft Fayre Watch the breathtaking mounted skill at arms from an era of chivalry. Laugh with the jesting rat catcher. Enjoy ‘Have a go’ archery with the Norfolk Longbowman. Watch the remarkable birds of prey flying display. Enjoy a drink in our Castle Inn and browse through the craft and food market.


Hedingham Castle, Castle Hedingham, 01787 460261 8 - 9 Apr Tudors: Live Interact with family characters and learn about secrets of Cressing Temple. Cressing Temple Barns, Witham, 0845 603 7624 8 - 9 Apr Mangapps Railway Museum Steam Weekend Mangapps Railway Museum, Burnham-on-Crouch, 01621 784898 9 Apr Ace Café Southend Shakedown Annual charity motorcycle ride from Ace Cafe, London to Southend Seafront. Enjoy the spectacle of several thousand motorbikes of every type imaginable on display. From Nortons, Harley-Davidsons and Triumphs to Vespas and Lambrettas. Seafront, Southend-on-Sea, 01702 618747 11 - 14 Apr 10th Annual Dengie Camra Beer Festival 4-11pm Weds, 11am-11pm Thurs-Sat. Maldon Town Hall, Maldon. 14 Apr LDN Wrestling Cage Match Exciting night with the superstars of LDN Wrestling. Riverside Ice & Leisure, Chelmsford, 01621 890153 14 Apr Wedding Fair 10am-3pm. Braintree Town Hall, Braintree, 01376 552525 15 Apr John Challis The actor, best known as Boycie in Only Fools and Horses, will be signing copies of his new book. 2.30-4pm. Waterstones, Chelsmford, 01245 268737 21 Apr Toy Fair 10am- 2:30pm. Brentwood Centre, Brentwood, 01277 215151 21 Apr John Challis The actor, best known as Boycie in Only Fools and Horses, will be signing copies of his new book. 11am. Waterstones, Basildon, 01268 525562 21 - 22 Apr St George’s Day Weekend A host of extra activities for you to enjoy at the zoo. Colchester Zoo, Colchester, 01206 331292 21 - 22 Apr Vintage Vehicle Rally A wide selection of vintage vehicles and stationary engines will be on display. Trains of all ages also feature. 9.30am-4pm. Colne Valley Railway, Castle Hedingham, 01787 461174 22 Apr Essex St Georges Family Festival A fun filled family cavalcade of entertainment and activities for all the family. Flag raising ceremony at 12noon, Real Ale and Cider Festival, Hog Roast and Butchers BBQ, historic figures from English History, 1970’s classic cars, traditional fairground rides, entertainment and music. 10am-4pm. Wat Tyler Country Park, Basildon, 01268 550088

UNTIL 23 JUNE PEELERS PROGRESS Drawn from the extensive police archives collected locally and held by the Epping Forest District Museum, this exhibition provides a flavour of the lives of police men and women. In addition to the stories there are the tools of a policeman’s trade in the days before they arrived at high speed in motor cars. This exhibition tells the changing story of the Policing of the Epping Forest District over the last 160 years, and the impact of law enforcement by the Metropolitan Police, the Essex police and Ministry of Defence Police on the history of our area. The exhibition is about ‘old fashioned’ policing, of horses and bicycles and big blue telephone boxes that are better recognised as time machines today. So take a step back in time with us to take a nostalgic view of law enforcement in the style of Dixon of Dock Green and PC49. As well as a wealth of photographs, uniform and equipment the exhibition also features a reconstruction 1980’s police office. For those not old enough to remember the real thing the exhibition features a child size “Tardis” police box and a reconstruction of the interior from the days before radio and mobile phones. Epping Forest District Museum, Sun Street, Waltham Abbey 01992 716882 29 Apr Maldon Mud Race The Maldon Mud Race is a wacky fun charity race in which competitors compete to be the first to complete a 400 metre dash over the bed of the River Blackwater. Promenade Park, maldon, 01621 856503 29 Apr Vintage Vogue Fashion & Lifestyle Fair The original, often copied and most admired vintage event in East

Anglia and now in its fifth year, Vintage Vogue offers an amazing array of formal and street wear vintage clothing together with accessories, haberdashery and ethemera. Plus culture, vintage trends and lifestyle from the 1920s to the 1970s, not to mention purveyors of classic hair styling and glamour. Brenwtood School Sports Centre, Brentwood, 01277 243344


Lisa Redford The Norwich singer-songwriter is back after a successful spell in New York City You’re back in Norfolk for now; how was your NYC experience?

It was very exciting, I made lots of friends there and had many different experiences. On a music front it was very productive, I recorded new material, played some great gigs and got involved in various creative projects including writing my first film score for a cool film called 'Q to the 6 Train'.

Kings of Convenience, Sufjan Stevens, Ryan Adams, Whitest Boy Alive, Phoenix, Morrissey, The Cure, New Order. How is it being back in Norfolk and what will you be doing while you are here?

Here I can regroup and put energies into writing and drawing from my travels and experiences. I will also be busy promoting my new release doing Has your time there changed the way local and national press and booking you approach your music, or your UK gigs, radio sessions and festivals.

LISA’S NORWICH Favourite restaurants and pubs? I really like cafe bars as they're relaxing places to chat, have a bite, and meet friends. I like Pulse cafe bar, Workshop cafe bar and The Bicycle shop. Ideal night out? Seeing a film at Cinema City or catching some live music. Had a great night at the UEA recently seeing Two Door Cinema Club, there was a brilliant atmosphere.

outlook on the business?

NYC is incredibly inspiring. There's an endless wealth of creative energy going on and amazing talent that it pushes you even more to keep motivated. Are you planning to go back the States?

Yes definitely, I aim to record more material there and also to play in other states such as Nashville.

What can we look forward to with the new EP?

It's a mix of acoustic songs and band songs, still my melodic style but has a folk-pop influence. First track 'Reminders' has a slightly darker feel with some beautiful cello and double bass from Jeff. There's also a really summery pop song and a heartfelt ballad with some haunting piano. A couple of the songs are me reflecting on my time so far in NYC.

Who have you enjoyed working with?

I really enjoyed working with Jeff Hill, the talented producer of my brand new EP. Jeff is also a consummate bass player and has played with the likes of Rufus Wainwright and Teddy Thompson and he really understood where I was coming from musically. I'm so happy with how it sounds. What’s playing on your iPod at the moment?

A mix of old and new favourites; 162|

What plans or goals, musically and personally, do you have for the future?

Immediate plans are to promote the EP as much as I can and I just want to continue to release material, tour and collaborate with musicians that I admire. Personally I would love to travel even more as it is so inspiring for a writer.

Favourite venue? Norwich Arts Centre. Not only have I seen some excellent acoustic and Americana artists but I've played a lot of memorable sold out gigs there. Favourite shops? I like going around the many shops in Chapelfield Mall, especially the Mac store and House of Fraser. Favourite walk? Foxley wood is so tranquil that it's a great place to take a long walk and really recharge. Favourite building or view? The gazebo at Sheringham Park for a wonderful view of the coast. Where would you take friends for a day out? Around the many shops of the city centre, a wander around the cathedral and Elm Hill. Then going for a lovely meal at the Library restaurant.

Hertfordshire's best kept secret... Set in the quiet countryside overlooking the River Lea and situated on the grounds of the Riverside Garden Centre, the Whistling Duck is one of the freshest restaurants in Hertfordshire. The delightfully cosy yet sophisticated dĂŠcor of warm reds, leathers and oak promises a comfortable and relaxing environment and unique dining experience in Hertford. We offer a restaurant A La Carte menu for lunch and evening meals plus a lounge bar menu for those looking for a sandwich or snack in the bar area which is stocked with the usual array of soft drinks, wines, spirits, liqueurs and a healthy selection of real beers and lagers on tap.

Al-fresco dining in Hertford During warmer months, food and drinks can be served on the outside decking area which overlooks the wildlife-abundant river Lea and fields beyond for those who want to experience outside dining at its very best!


Need to get away from the OfďŹ ce? We cater for business lunches and meetings by offering a relaxed, friendly environment with free WIFI connection available. The restaurant and lounge areas provide the perfect surroundings with fresh food, snacks, cold drinks, coffee & tea served to your table.

w w w. t h e w h i s t l i n g d u c k . c o . u k


Closed 10.00am - 4.00pm 6.00pm - 11.30pm 0.00am - 4.00pm 6.00pm - 12.30am 10.00am - 4.00pm 6.00pm - 12.30am 10.00am - 5.00pm Closed for Evening Dining


Whistling Duck restaurant Lower Hatfield Road, Hertford, Herts, SG13 8XX T: 01992 514726|1

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