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Official newsletter of Eastlake High School Key Volume 1, Issue 2

June 5th, 2014

2014 COMMUNITY SERVICE FAIR May marks a critical time for the Eastlake High School Key Club because it is the time of the Community Service Fair. The goal of the fair is to get students excited about service and connect them with organizations that they would want to work with. Around twenty different organizations from around the area set up booths around the

The Seattle Aquarium shares volunteer opportunities with students

school gym and talked to students about what their organization does and what types of things they need volunteers at. The fair was held during homeroom so

every student was able to attend. They event was extremely successful and students had really positive feedback about it. Many pamphlets were handed out and contact information exchanged, which accomplished the goal of connecting students with service opportunities. In addition to this being a very beneficial event for many organizations, this is also an important event for Key Club itself. With the club putting on the whole fair, it gives students a chance to see a little bit more about what Key Club does and what they could be a part of if they were to join it. This was exactly what happened too; over 35 students already signed up to join Eastlake’s Key Club in the 20142015 year. Key Club is excited to welcome the new members and continue to level up in service as this year wraps up and a new one is right around the corner.

Students engage  with  representatives  from  the   organization  that  runs  Nightmare  at  Beaverlake  


The Boys and Girls Club booth at the fair



With the school year coming to an end, it’s time to start planning for the next year. Before that though, there is still service to be done this year. The next big event on Eastlake Key Club’s calendar is volunteering at the Sammamish Ten Fest. Teen Fest is an annual event held at city hall where teens can come play games, listen to music, and just hang out and enjoy being with other teenagers.

This month, Eastlake got the opportunity no not only attend the Divisional Council Meeting with the rest of Division 27, but also with Divisions 22/24, 26, 28, 32, 33, 34, and 35. This meeting, which was held at a Renton park, was a spirited and fun event for Key Clubbers all around the area to join and share their love of service. The day was an opportunity for members to get to

A skater enjoys last year’s Teen Fest

This year Eastlake’s Key Club is teaming up with Skyline High School’s Key Club to run the miniature golf course as Teen Fest. This is an awesome way to serve the community and also to get others teenagers involved with Key Club.

As the plans for Teen Fest come together, Key Club is looking even further down by setting some goals for the next school year. One of the biggest goals is to get involved with the middle school that feeds into Eastlake. The plan is to establish a Builder’s Club at the middle school. Builder’s Club is very similar to Key Club but is designed for a younger group of students. The officers are currently working with the middle school to make plans so that Builder’s Club will be up and running in the fall. This is an important goal for Key Club because it allows Key Club to reach out to a whole new audience of people that are now going to be able to start helping the community. The earlier students get started volunteering the more they can help out the community and the more time they will have to develop a passion for service. In addition, it will hopefully get the middle school students excited and prepared to join Key Club once they get to Eastlake.

Key Clubbers from all around the area gather for a joint DCM

To know each other and share ideas about how to level up in service. The DCM was a successful day and inspired everyone to continue helping out their communities.

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