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Eastlake High School – Division 27 – PNW – Key Club International – Volume 1 – Issue 1

hello Hey Eastlake Key Club,

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How do you feel? I am Ally Crinklaw and I will be your PR and Bulletin Editor for the upcoming year! After returning from our district convention this past March, I don’t think I could be any more excited for the 2013-2014 2014 Key Club yea year. Making new friends, learning so much new information about Key Club International, planning service projects for the year and doing the signature chant along with everyone made for a memorable DCON. Now that I’m back, I’m ecstatic for this next year. Even en though we are a fairly new club, I know that you all are determined to really come together this year and make a change. I can’t wait to work alongside you all.

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With love and service, Ally Crinklaw


Meet Your Officers……….....2 Officers…… Community Service Fair…..3 Fair… Important Information….....4 Information

meet your officers Eastlake Officers 2013 2013-2014! President: Teddy Hung; Senior Vice President: Ryan Lundberg; Senior Treasurer: Olivia Latham; Junior Secretary: Emily Campbell; Junior Bulletin Editor: Ally Crinklaw; Junior


community service fair Right ight now we are preparing for our annual community service fair! This is taking place on May 13 from 11:20 11:20-12:25 in Eastlake’s gymnasium. We have invited about 35 different organizations to attend and share information about what they do and how our students ts can get involved involved. There is a range of people attending from those who work at children’s museums to those who work for the city. Overall, we are very excited for our fair and hope that it will help to further promote community service within our school!


important information To contact any of your officers throughout the year, please refer to these emails. Teddy Hung; President: Ryan Lundberg; Vice President: Olivia Latham; Treasurer: Emily Campbell; Secretary: Ally Crinklaw; Bulletin Editor: Remember that the Sammamish Kiwanis chapter meets every Wednesday at 7 am. They will always welcome any Eastlake Key Clubbers! The meetings are held at the Sammamish Lutheran Church located at 22818 SE 8th Street.


May 2013 Newsletter  
May 2013 Newsletter  

Eastlake High School - Division 27 - PNW - Key Club International - Volume 1