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December 11, 2020 Volume 30 | Issue 2

Editor-In-Chief: Marts Reyes

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CIF Goes Missing in Action


CIERA FLETCHER Staff Writer On November 16, 2020, Governor Newsom and Mark Ghaly of the Department of Public Health announced that all CIF tournaments for the 2020-21 school year are prohibited until further notice. Athletes at Eastlake High School have already had their practices and competitions taken away, which has taken many opportunities away from a large number of students. Cross Country and Track runner Robert Mendivil (12) says “I’ve lost everything, I haven’t been working out, this isn’t going to be good” in regards to losing many scholarship options for college, as well as losing his condition to allow him to perform well in sports due to the lack of means to workout. Mendivil is worried

about his future as well as the future of his other athlete friends who are also missing out on opportunities to get scouted or have just lost the activity that they love. Some students are finding ways to stay in condition despite the challenge, such as Chris Klomp, a junior and two-time state qualifier in Girls Wrestling. Klomp says this long break gives her more time to train for the season, “I join wrestling clubs with running and lifting in between. COVID makes it a lot harder, though, because you’re in it alone.” Chris Klomp has ventured out and found wrestling clubs to improve her skills, however certain athletes without access to clubs stay in condition with running, weights, and athome workouts to compensate for the lack of an official season.

Athletes will be unable to compete, however, at-home workouts and running are always a great way to stay in good condition. Few other conditioning options are available, with gyms and offseason practices now closed. Eastlake High School Principal Dr. Ricardo Cooke gave a message to Eastlake athletes during an interview, “Hang in there. I know the Commissioner of CIF loves athletics as much as all of you and wants you to have those special memories that come with competing and being a part of a team.” “In the meantime, you can still prepare yourself mentally and physically for your sports. Regardless of what sport you play... all sports require fitness, fundamentals, footwork, and focus. These are items that you can do on your own. Run... practice

your form... visualize your success... talk to your coaches and teammates online. In the meantime, I am working with various groups to try to get us a renovated

“Our Commissioner for CIF is working with health and school officials to bring back sports as soon as safely possible.” Dr. Ricardo Cooke weight room and our new athletic field is on the way. There is a lot to look forward to. Be stronger than the pandemic and be patient. When your time comes, you will be ready. Champions are always made in the off-season. Stay Safe and Stay Titan Strong!” Despite the current conditions, there is always a way to improve, and it is important to follow the guidelines so that


Former Eastlake High School football team playing against Mater Dei Catholic High School during the 2019-2020 school year.

students can be able to compete once again.The dedication and perseverance of student-athletes will continue to open opportunities, even if they cannot compete.

Until then, Dr. Cooke’s goal is “to keep everyone safe. We need everyone to cooperate with the expectations so we can exercise good judgment and continue with the conditioning process.” Even if things don’t seem to be looking up as of now, it is important to remain optimistic, as always, stay focused, determined, and dedicated, and good things will come.


2019-2020 Eastlake High School boys basketball team facing off against Bonita Vista High School before the COVID-19 pandemic

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Editor: Chris Peterson

December 11, 2020

Starting 2021 Digitally

Election Results

implement new measures to prevent the spread of Covid among athletes during conditioning, including the prohibition of sharing water bottles and other personal items during practice. This development was followed up by an announcement from the California Interscholastic Federation that competition would not be returning until January 1 at the earliest. Student reactions to


the announcements have been mixed, with opinions ranging from total support to outright disdain for the decision. Elyse Blatchford (9) voiced her support for her decision, stating that “It’s good that we’re being safe.” While students have expressed disapproval over the measure, with some going as far as to create an Instagram account dedicated to reopening the school.

SUHSD Board of Trustees meeting on November 24, 2020.


United States President Joe Biden (D)

On November 30, 2020 the Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) announced its intentions to remain closed for the beginning of the second semester. The district also announced its intentions to continue their program of “...small in-person groups

and supports…” and to implement new reopening standards. This development comes as Covid continues to only further its spread in the San Diego county area, with KPBS reporting that the county reported 1,504 new cases on December 3. San Diego county will also be entering a week long stay at home order, as all other purple tier counties will be. SUHSD also decided to


A slide used during the November 24, 2020 SUHSD Board of Trustees meeting, highlighting COVID-19 guidelines

Follow the Warning Signs KAMALA HARRIS

United States Vice President Kamala Harris (D)


House Representative District 51 Juan Vargas (D)

COLLIE COLLINS Staff Writer On the 26th of October in the Walmart parking lot near Eastlake Parkway, a 16-year-old victim was met with an alarming incident. A stranger was waiting near his white pickup truck and waving to the boy to get his attention in order to start a conversation with him. The boy thought nothing of it and continued talking with the stranger until the conversation shifted into a more unsettling exchange. The man offered the 16-year-old money to

perform a sexual act for him. At that moment, the boy grabbed his phone from his pocket and began to record the man. Eventually, the strange man drove off once finding out the boy was recording him. Suher Haidar (the mother of the 16-yearold) states, “It’s just gross, that’s the only way I can explain it.” After the inGABRIELLE CHONG cident, the 16-year-old drove home and retells his mother of the entire incident. Soon after, Haidar posted her son’s video on social media to raise awareness of the situation, and soon after, others began to comment on the video of the same man attempting to do the same with their sons.

The victim’s mother says, “My son was disgusted, and he did what he had to do,” she adds, “His father and I are so proud of him for standing up for himself and being quick to pull out his phone.” As of now, the unidentified man in the white pickup truck cannot be charged due to lack of evidence, but the Chula Vista Police are making further investigations towards the incident and would like anyone who has any information to come forward. If you or anyone you know has any information about the incident or has had a similar experience, please call the Chula

Vista Police Department (CVPD) at (619)-691-5151 or Crime Stoppers at (888)-580-8477. If you or a friend find yourselves in a similar situation, please reach out and contact the sexual assault hotline at (800)656-4673. To message them, go to https://www.hotline.rainn.org/ online or use (800)-656-HOPE. They are a 24-hour hotline and will answer during any time of day, they are always there to help. For more tips on how to stay and take proper precautionary measures against sexual assault, head over to Student Life to keep you safe GABRIELLE CHONG and well.


CA State Assembly District 80 Lorena Gonzalez (NP)


SD County Supervisor District 1 Nora Vargas (NP)

With the very first ASB virtual assembly since the start of distance learning for Eastlake High School students, the ASB is finding new methods to reconnect with the Student Body and its students. The event was held virtually on the Eastlake High ASB YouTube channel. The virtual assembly begins with three student hosts (Renick Martin (12), Valeria Breton (12), Walker Lannom (12)) walking through the Haunted Halloween trails near Balboa Park. A game of Two Truths and A Lie starts, to introduce the new Freshman and Sophomore class officers as well as seeing the current Junior and Senior officers. The next event had pictures of

children in their costumes on the screen to guess which teacher or staff member was being shown.

ton buried in the dirt path. This transitions into a performance by the highly


The three hosts walk through the Haunted Trails and find a skele-

acclaimed Eastlake Dance Company with their performance of “Disturbia” by Rihanna. After the performance, the three hosts meet a poodle which segued into a Halloween Vogue:

Dog Edition, with pictures submitted by the Eastlake High students and staff. The two hosts find out that Valeria has been kidnapped. The hosts go to find her and figure that the only way to get her back is with the help of teachers in a game of Kahoot: Halloween Trivia. The podium winners in the game were Heather Wood (English teacher) in first place, followed by Trevor Angood (Librarian/ HSS teacher) and Silvia Vassos (Science teacher). At the end of the trivia, the three hosts are back together again. The music shifts and Breton is seen chasing the other two hosts into the dark. In the closing scene, the students are met with a cliffhanger to figure out the unanswered questions from the virtual assembly. That closes the first virtual assembly of distance learning, with many more soon to come.


Editor: Jessica Garcia

MATTHEW BLATCHFORD Politics Columnist What do you do when two Presidential Campaigns declare victory simultaneously? To many Americans, this question seemed like nothing more than an almost humorous hypothetical. But just like all great hypotheticals, this one has come true, leaving many Americans looking for answers when it feels like there are none. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” With this iconic phrase, Charles Dickens began his legendary novel A Tale of Two Cities. Even the greatest Dickens scholar would be hard-pressed to find a more apt situation that would fit in the mold of this ever-enduring line than the 2020 Presidential Election. To many Americans, there is both an uneasy optimism and anxiety about the election results. To supporters of President Trump’s campaign, there is an uneasy optimism about the prospect of a last-minute discovery of mass voter fraud that would tip the electoral scales to favor the president. This hope is best encapsulated on Breitbart, one of the most popular right-wing media outlets in the nation. Head-

Issue 2

A Tale of Two Nations

lines such as “True the Vote Lawsuit: Illegal Ballots Counted in Four Pennsylvania Counties” and “Ken Starr: Pennsylvania Mail-in Ballot Extension a ‘Constitutional Travesty’” tell the story of a group that is still holding out hope for a miracle. The articles published by Breitbart, and by other conservative news companies such as National Review and The New York Post, paint very similar pictures — a picture of a stolen election. Many of these outlets, along with their readers, hold out hope that some kind of independent review will overturn what they view as the fraudulent outcome of this election and provide President Trump with his second term as president. Yet among many Trump voters, there is still anxiety about the election results. To many Trump supporters, an estimated 70% according to a poll by Politico, believe that Joe Biden’s victory is not legitimate. The oft-repeated claim of the election being rigged is not unique to the 2020 Presidential Election, with

President Trump claiming that the 2016 Presidential Election was rigged against him. The only difference this time around is that President Trump lost this election. This pattern exists among Biden voters as well.

Many Biden voters felt a sense of optimism after his win, with many Americans leaving their homes to celebrate. Social media was flooded with celebratory from supporters of the President-Elect’s campaign. But even among those on the “winning” side, there is still persistent anxiety surrounding the election results. A cottage industry of articles, books, and videos surrounding the topic of President Trump refusing to leave office sprung up in the months leading up to the election and persists even after the election, though the focus has shifted to-

wards speculation on the possibility of President Trump refusing to concede. Will He Go?, a book by Professor Lawrence Douglas that discusses the possibility of President Trump refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election, quickly became a best seller on Amazon and was reviewed by numerous publications. Meanwhile, articles with titles such as “Trump won’t concede the 2020 election CHRIS PETERSON to Biden. Here’s why that matters.” could be found on websites such as NBC. Though both camps are reacting to the election similarly, it still feels like the nation is just as divided as it was before the election. These divisions became plain as day during the closing hours of the Million MAGA March, a march organized by President Trump that thousands of his supporters attended. Violence erupted later on in the night, with protesters and counter-protesters having dozens of skirmishes throughout the night. The reactions to this violence only helped to further em-

Government Communication can be found. This information can be found at chulavistaca. gov, with a variety of city gov No government can ernment branches represented function without its citizens’ there. Most notably the contact voices being heard. Sadly, many information for all four city counAmericans are unaware of how to cil members can be found on the website. One can also contact perform this duty, which can lead members of the Sweetto politicians doing everything water Union High School from passDistrict school board at ing unpopular sweetwaterschools.org laws to passing Next, we will budget cuts on address the issue services you may of contacting state deem to be essengovernment offitial. That is why cials. This includes posithis article is betions such as the govering written, to help nor, secretary of state, and you interact with attorney general. All of our government at these individuals’ contact every level in order to COLLIE COLLINS information can be found at make your voice heard. Let us start off at the the ca.gov website. It is also imlevel many of us know the least portant to learn the name of your about, the local government. Chu- state senator, since they will be la Vista, like many nearly other the ones directly voting on many cities in the nation, has a website laws that are instituted in our state. Lastly, there is the most where the contact information for a variety of government officials well known branch of our gov-


PAULINA ZACHARKO College Corner Editor You and I both believe we are right. Everyone considers themselves a rational individual. Dictators? They are their own biggest fans. 2-year olds? They would claim they are scholars if they knew how to pronounce that word. Which is why when you argue a point that you believe in so deeply, the other person is not obligated to care… so keep the following things in mind.

ernment, the federal government. There are a variety of ways to contact everybody from the President to the Secretary of Labor. The contact information for all of these offices can be found on their respective websites and, in the case of the president, oftentimes on their own dedicated web pages. One can also write and call their senators and representatives, who’s contact information is available on the House and Senate’s websites. There also exists the option to start a petition at petitions.whitehouse.gov which, upon gaining 100,000 signatures, will be reviewed by the federal government. It should be apparent by now that there are a variety of ways in which we can contact our government at nearly every level; and though they may not always respond or even hear about our complaints we can rest a little bit lighter knowing that we’ve done our civic duty of political participation.

that there are 3 things you must always count on: people are self-interested, people have beliefs and values, and people have limitations. If you want your best bet at getting your point across, consider those 3 things. Now, if you can’t adequately do so, it’s likely your point needs re-evaluating. Have a response to being called ‘Fake News’ It seems the quickest way to dispel the truth is by calling it untruthful. However, there

phasize this divide. Right-wing media figures spread videos that purported to show counter-protesters instigating violence while right-wing media outlets such as Fox News published articles with headlines such as “BLM protester seen assaulting Trump supporters at ‘Million MAGA March’.” Meanwhile, media figures on the left again published videos that they claimed showed march attendees instigating the violence while media outlets such as The Guardian published articles with headlines such as “Million Maga March: Trump fans rage against dying of the light.” Yes, the predictions of wide scale rioting and violence were unfounded to a degree. However it would also be unreasonable to claim that this election did not deepen the divides already present in american politics, which have existed for decades but seem to have been the focal point of american political discourse these past few years. The year 2020, to many, served as the earthquake that broke the political faultline that America has found itself on. But just like their real-world counterparts, fault lines can still heal, though that does not make them prone to future earthquakes.

Not Just An Ad JESSICA GARCIA Politics Editor Since before the election, televisions and YouTube videos have been flooded with advertisements directing people to “Vote no on 25!” and “Say yes to 17!” in the upcoming local election. These have been targeting local voters who may have not given the subject any thought or may have not even known about the proposition at all. On November 3rd, California cast their votes which resulted in the following propositions being approved: Prop. 14 Proposition 14 allows California to issue $5.5 billion towards stem cell and other medical research. Prop. 17 Proposition 17 allows previously incarcerated people to vote, making it a constitution-

How To Argue

Know that people are universally self-interested Game Theory in international relations is a math based concept that predicts decisions before they are made. It considers that people do not make decisions without other people’s influence. This is because they are not researched on their own, and because they need to appeal to others in order to stay in good standing. Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, a presenter of this theory says


al amendment. In 11 states, felons lose their right to vote most times indefinitely, depending on the severity of their crime. Prop. 22 Proposition 22 has been heavily talked about everywhere from television commercials to home lawn signs. It allows appbased drivers to become their own independent contractors and control their hours. Apps such as Uber and Lyft are known for their on the go clients and employers, so Prop. 22 ensures that drivers are able to maintain the stop-and-go lifestyle. State propositions are not just a 15-second advertisement, but a way to look at the community as a whole and even change it for the better. While this is not a full list of the ones that got approved, these are some of the most life-altering. The more we know about what is happening in our elections, the more confident we can be in the outcome.

is a convenient way to prove fied as a news agency, but an enthat your sources are telling tertainment network. This means the truth. If your source is clas- they are by no means obligated to sified as a ‘news agency’ then consistently tell the truth. Opinthey are required to tell the truth. ion sections of news agencies Here is why; the news may claim stances to things that must get its facts straight, or else have no definite answer, do not it has to print or post retractions. mistake If they do not, they run this for the risk of going to ‘Fake court for endless News’. defamation cases. For an anti-example, ‘Fox COLLIE COLLINS news’ is not classi-



Editor: Nayely Noriega

December 11, 2020

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MARTS REYES Editor-in-Chief The beauty of school is that it provides students with opportunities to create connections and pursue hobbies through extracurriculars. Whether it is fitness and wellness, an advocacy, a community service opportunity, a cultural reconnection, or a creative outlet, the plethora of extracurriculars that are offered in Eastlake High School enables students to meet other students with similar interests and forge friendships. Contrary to how teachers have successfully adapted their curriculum to an online format, several extracurricular groups have had to figure out ways in order to make ends meet for the club and their members to remain active. Titanbot CEO Mari Delgado (12) expressed how the distance learning environment affected the school’s Robotics program, ”Robotics is very hands-on and this environment has really affected the new members’ experience as well as our seniors, [considering] that they will not be able to experience their last regionals before they graduate.” Some clubs had to find alternatives to compensate for the hands-on environment some activities require to operate in, as well as find ways to remain in contact with their members. Delgado shares, “We are not in the usual workshop (IT-1 and IT-2) so we have found ways to still teach students how tools work through various powerpoints and provide them with

various materials for them to refer to. We have also found alternative programs to provide our students that do not have access to the original programs.” Eastlake Key Club President Dante Villalobos (11) shared, “We have transitioned all of our meetings virtually through Zoom while still providing members with community service projects.” “We have experimented with apps such as Charity Miles, where for each mile a member walked, ran, or biked, 25 cents were donated to Key Club’s preferred charity, which can include March of Dimes, Unicef, and the Pediatric Trauma Program.” Despite the lengthy trial-and-error process, there are advantages to which distance learning has benefited these clubs. Delgado stated, “The advantages of this environment is that it is easier to provide the students appropriate material through Google Classroom and … it has been easier to keep track of what students have turned in.” In regards to online fundraising, Villalobos stated, “This year we partnered with

Saint Augustine High School Key Club to host a gaming tournament for the game ‘Valorant’. The purpose of the fundraiser was to help Beirut after the explosion that took place earlier this year. This fundraiser was significantly easier to manage and set up thanks to distance learning.” Another issue club leaders must tackle is the successful recruitment of new members. Cesar Contreras (12), President of the Eastlake High School Neuroscience Club states, “... it is easier to join for the members since it is only pressing a link to access the meeting.” “...We have taken advantage of the virtual club fair, as well as the promotions of the club from Instagram stories via the club account as well as via the members and officers accounts.” Without a doubt, distance learning has brought upon a handful of obstacles for some clubs at our school. Although these obstacles have compromised routine club operations, these also turned into blessings for a more productive school year during a global pandemic.


A portion of Titanbot at a club meeting on December 3, 2020

Go Ahead, Grab Those Scissors. MAYA PARRA Health Editor In a world dominated by “cancel culture”, it has become easy to hate on celebrities or strangers online when it comes to political differences, but what about when it comes to those closest to us? Past that, what are the grounds for doing so? What constitutes enough reason to cut ties with our friends and family? First, we have to acknowledge that there is a big difference between cutting off friends vs. cutting off family members. Especially as teenagers, and magnified through the pandemic, we do not see friends every day, and after high school, it is unclear if we will ever be able to see each other after graduation. Taking this into consideration, it is much easier to break off these relationships, so the reasons for severing these friendships may be a lot lighter than those with a family member. Did they not post about BLM? Sure, cut them off. Sounded a little racist dur-

ing a class discussion on immigration? Go right ahead. With casual friendships, even a small disagreement on values can easily constitute an end of the friendliness. Plus, with casual friends or “in-class” buddies, cutting them off can be as easy as unfollowing their socials or just leaving them on open, so there really is no struggle in deciding whether or not to leave them. However, when it comes to deeper friendships, it may be a bit trickier to decide what is enough basis to terminate the bond. Best friends that are practically family, and family members themselves are a whole different field. Since these relationships are built up over the course of years and are those that will stick with you throughout your whole life, they can be cut some slack. However, this does have its limits. With family, it really just depends on how deep your morals differ and how much those morals affect your life and relationships. For example, if your best friend or mom is pro-life,


you definitely would not feel supported if you ever took the choice to have an abortion. Or if they are pro-Trump while you are a member of the LGBT+, could you really look at them the same knowing they voted for a candidate that worked to regress your rights? These differences go beyond disagreements like which ice cream or movie is better, this is talking about who you think deserves respect and rights. Forget “family is forever” and “blood is thicker than water,” DNA means nothing when it comes to them not respecting your or the better future you are trying to create. Think about this ...could you excuse what they said or did or even forgive them for it? If the answer is no, then severing these relationships may be the best option. Even if it is hard to do, in the end, sticking to your morals is the best thing to do for yourself. Perhaps in the future, if they change their ideas, the relationship can heal, but as for now, stand your ground. Do what you have to do: grab those scissors and cut them off.

New Hope


HANNAH RAMIREZ Chief Financial Officer In a year where the public is most desperate for an end to a pandemic alongside with recent news of nearing successful vaccination trials, excitement and relief for a much-asked solution have mellowed down to even, dread? According to the Pew Institute Research Center, at the beginning of May, 72% of the public agreed that if a vaccine were released, they would take it. This number sharply dropped to 51% in September and continues to drop. These responses have been the same even with disparity among ethnicities and political party identifications. The reason why many are hesitant of this new vaccine lies within generational fears of vaccinations, arising with this virus in specific. The movement against vaccinations is not limited to recent generations, with common distrust in certain ingredients leading to allergies, believing it does not protect against all strains, worries of aggravating illness in individuals and their loved ones. And simply put, distrust in science. Also due to the urgency of this vaccine, many wonder about the true effectiveness and safety of taking the vaccine as a result of rushed clinical trials. Scientists are urging the public to take this vaccine; with only one-fourth of the US population refusing to take this vaccine, it could potentially make the pandemic longer and lead to years of this “new normal”. With a 70-80% immunity of the population, it would be our only real chance at ending COVID-19. Student interest has also been piqued by the possibilities and implications of taking this vaccine. Out of 255 Eastlake High School students, 71.4% responded that if offered right now they would take the vaccine while 28.6% saying they currently would not. This is a definite contrast from adult participants and here are the reasons students gave.

As expected many were vocal about their hopes for a return to normalcy and safe entry to school with this vaccine making it worthwhile. One anonymous sophomore said, “I think it will, especially since my best friend is at high risk. I want to take all the steps possible to keep her safe. Reducing the possibility of getting COVID-19 will save an immeasurable amount of lives.” Myka Denise Banayat (10) also responded, “I’ve read that the vaccine has had a 90% success rate in the late-stage trials and I also trust the scientists who are running the COVID-19 research studies. With a lot of powerful people not taking the virus seriously, I feel I could only trust the essential workers in the medical field in taking care of all the sick patients along with finding effective ways that will help us get out of this pandemic as soon as possible.” Traci Neduje (9) while in approval of taking the vaccine was also concerned about what would follow, ‘’The vaccine may also be used as an excuse for more people to go out without facemasks and proper social distancing. So, while the vaccine will help those who receive it, it can also act as an excuse not to follow the rules and could cause a spike in cases.” Another insightful response was by Margaret Charbonoeu (11) sharing her mom who works in the Navy immunizations input. “She explained the whole process needed for the vaccine to be of any use and there is a lot of room for error. One of the conditions for the vaccine is you have to deliver the vaccine within a certain time frame from when it is open and I think that just going to cause a lot of problems.” May our conscious and educated students at Eastlake High keep taking it upon themselves to stay educated and update during this pandemic and make choices to protect us all.



Eastlake Edge

The Safe Way Op-Ed NAYELY NORIEGA Opinion Editor Hanging out with friends and family is something almost everyone enjoys. It is a moment when you can spend time with your loved ones and share all of the things that have been happening in your life. But 2020 has changed the way we can see our friends and family, and now we have to adapt to these changes. Since the pandemic started, we have all had to change the way our lives functioned. Now we have to wear masks, social distance, and make sure we are staying clean and sanitized to help everyone around us stay healthy. And when it comes to hanging out with friends, these guidelines still apply. First, when seeing your loved ones, you want to make sure that they have been staying safe and clean to pre-

vent them from putting you or your loved ones in danger. Second, you want to continue to wear a mask around them and social distance if possible. It is best to do your best to remain safe around them but still with enjoying their company. Then, try to stay in one space. Try to not go out to public places such as the mall, restaurants, beaches, crowded parks, and other people heavy places. It helps reduce the risk of spreading and even getting the virus if people do not travel as much. Lastly, enjoy the long-awaited company of your loved ones. It might not be the “normal” way that you are used to seeing them, but hey, you get to see them nonetheless. This pandemic has been a challenge for everyone, it has been a change everyone has adapted to. So if you are going to see your loved ones, be safe!

Issue 2


Does ASB Need To Do A Better Job With School Spirit? PAULINA ZACHARKO College Corner Editor In the face of the virus fatigue, our Associated Student Body (ASB) has the opportunity to effectively reinvigorate school spirit. This is all while encouraging the necessary safe behavior that would help us return to campus sooner. In an effort to assumably do so, the ASB has hosted several series of mask-aware spirit weeks, class competitions, and a Virtual Assembly. Although most are not participating in these events, the general consensus is that the ASB is making the most of the circumstances that they have been given to increase Titan pride. The Edge has taken a


Freshmen Amelia Castanares, Jillian Jeter, Chloe Cuizon, Kylie Doll, Hannah Brongiel, and Jasmine Euyoque taking precaution of wearing a mask while hanging out with each other.

convenience survey with a sample of 255 Eastlake High students that in part inquires about ASB and their success with school spirit. Of this sample, 65.1% would say that the ASB is interacting enough with the student body during distance learning. This majority is only somewhat reflected upon in a response section of this survey. However, we acknowledge that people can both be pleased with ASB interaction and also have an idea or critique to strengthen that pleasure. When asked what one would wish the ASB to do differently, many responses were about ASB members and their lack of following the Center for Disease Control and State guidelines to keep gatherings small and masks on. Some others also had stated that they wish for ‘more updates’ regarding our school opening, assuring the Instagram account stays inclusive and appropriate, and wanting quicker response times to direct messages. We hope ASB acknowledges these wishes and acts upon them to maximize their reach to fellow Titans. It is important to note that all activities have been shortcomed by the pandemic and its economic downfalls, but that does not mean


that student organizations should aim for anything less than to accurately represent the student body. Here at The Edge, a topic we frequently discuss is how we can give resources and spotlights to our diverse students in both interests and their backgrounds found in our student body. Additionally, we must remember that even in person and on campus, the ASB, and many other groups have failed to corral the vast majority of the Titan population. We encourage our readers to participate in ASB’s activities, but also to keep a critical lens. We must keep in mind that the job of ASB as a student government is to do the most amount of good for the most amount of people.

Shorter Breaks, More Stress? NAYELY NORIEGA Opinion Editor

School is something be specific that students have learned to rely on, it is one of the most consistent things that we do growing up. It has a certain time we start, when we eat, and when we finish. For the first two sentences, are you trying to imply that there is a routine? I think you can reword it better for that reason It has always been this way, but due to distant learning, this has changed. School has become inconsistent due to an unexpected pandemic, and with the virus that has taken over the world, school has learned to adapt with it. Distant learning has been a rollercoaster for all students, a strictly online platform in which we have to learn through our screens. Eastlake High School’s staff has done an excellent job of adjusting and making sure that students’ education is a priority. They have worked to make life on the other side of the screen easier, and make it as normal as we can get at the moment.

But with these adjustments have come some changes that students were not ready for. Since the pandemic hit the country in March, a very unexpected change, our schedules changed with it. combine these two phrases Students started the 2020-2021 school year in August as opposed to the regular July start date, causing our yearly schedule to also adapt. Holiday breaks that can last anywhere from a week to three weeks have now been shortened greatly. First off, our first break of the year was changed from usual two weeks down to one, and our upcoming Thanksgiving break which is usually a

week long, has been shortened to two days plus the weekend.

Although most students are used to things changing due to these times, students did not expect their time off of school to be this impacted. Kristen Fernandez, a sophomore who is an active member of Eastlake High Schools Mental Health community, was a part of the group who were taken aback by these schedule changes. She said, “I just thought that the pandemic was enough to stress about, but now we don’t even get time to relax anymore” Fernandez feels that the reduced breakes due RENEE ROLDAN to this years scheduing is RENEE ROLDAN stressful and

she continued by saying, “There isn’t enough balance between school and home and it’s hard.” Many other students also feel this way, students miss the consistency within school. During this pandemic, nothing has been certain, students have been stressed with trying to figure out online learning, so now that breaks, something most students look forward to, are not as long and consistent as they used to be, students are upset. Taylor Miller, who is a Senior and Aid to the Dean (A2D), also has some thoughts on how different this school’s schedule is, “I prefer longer breaks but the shorter breaks don’t bother me as much now as they would’ve if we were physically going to school.” As compared to others, Miller find these shorter than usual breaks to be fine as compared to all the other changes we have endured this year. And when asked for any word of encouragment she may have, she said, “... hang in there... Everything we are working for right now will pay off one day so stay strong!”



Editor: Maya Parra

December 11, 2020

The Looming Shadow That Comes Around Winter

NICK ZENDEJAS Staff Writer Winter and depression don’t mix well. In fact, “January alone is known as the most depressing month of the year” (compasswholhealth.com). The internet has a multitude of sites all focused just on simply how to survive January. The third Monday has been dubbed Blue Monday from it’s cloudy and uninviting conditions (and a little bit of pseudoscience)(theguardian. com). This is mostly caused by weather conditions and reduced proper social connections which in turn causes the recurring Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). In a pandemic setting, this would be a serious threat for students. SAD is not as uncommon as many think but it is very serious. It refers to the prevalence of depression in any season. But, traditionally, it is fully developed during winter. Symptoms include losing interest, difference in weight, appetite changes, sleep problems, sluggish or agitated attitude, lack of energy, low self-worth, troubles concentrating, loss of interest in pleasure, and of course suicidal thoughts (National Institute of Mental Health). Minor versions of this are commonly present in

most people. Depression is indicated if symptoms last year long. Usually, SAD festers with the un-preferable weather conditions. For example, Oregon city in Portland is greatly affected. The social culture in the summer is very gleeful. But during

good friends’ inner regressions we must understand the causes thoroughly and how to counter them. The biggest factor besides the lack of sunlight would be social isolation. Especially during the holidays, often people who feel disconnected and lonely will

Timing and studying together is always a good way to connect. Meeting new people even if it’s just online is also found to help. Also, going out on hikes or day trips increases sunlight exposure and relaxes the mind. Consider taking a friend out for a


the 8 months of continuous rainfall, the lack of sunlight gives a melancholic feeling, and less day to day interactions are made. This shared discomfort gathers intensity every month. No matter who it is, everyone is affected somehow. To combat our and

withdraw themselves from others. It’s good to reconnect with friends and strengthen the bonds within the family to combat this (healthline.com). Getting close to people gives an opportunity for sharing the burden or letting out discomforts of withdrawal. Face-

nice walk to enjoy the local trails. Besides that, trips to the mall or for some drinks also helps. Taking rests and outdoor exercise to recharge the brain helps relieve midterm stress and should be treated like eating a good breakfast. Experts state “regular exer-

cise can boost serotonin, endorphins, and other feel-good brain chemicals” (helpguide.org). Although exercising in your room does increase blood flow and mental activity, it does not give the body the necessary sunlight. Doctors from Helpguide.org support that circadian rhythms (personal organic clock), production of melatonin, production of serotonin all are strong possible causes of SAD. All these bodily chemicals and functions depend on sunlight. The final and most valuable remedy would be to develop a hobby that gives the opportunity to contemplate feelings and thoughts. Writing and illustrating are prime examples since anyone who writes a story or draws a character could relate in their own situation to their creations giving a greater understanding of how one feels. Creating music and writing lyrics should also be well contemplated. With that in mind, good friends and close classmates are the true cure to this. Students should look out for one another whenever they can. Depression and loneliness could affect anyone. Tendencies to shut people out should in turn be met with invitations to friendships. It could save someone’s life and help you find some great companions.

Enjoying a Breath of Fresh Air CHRIS PETERSON News Editor During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have been stuck at home behind our computer screens left wondering how to fill the emptiness of our schedules that dug itself down into our core since March. People’s lives and lifestyles were upended suddenly, throwing our plans and daily routines off course. In fact, many people have found it difficult to enjoy their old hobbies, let alone find time to get their

our homes, many of us are missing out on activities that we were once enjoying on a daily basis, whether it be walking to and from class, conditioning at sports practices, or even staying on our feet for more than a few hours at a time. With all of the safety precautions we must take to ensure the safety of both others and ourselves, it is no wonder why many of us are drawn to fulfilling the wants of our most lethargic desires. However, it is important to maintain some sort of activity in our daily regimen given that


Student doing yoga inside her home.

everyday workout amid due to the various health restrictions that our country is currently facing. As a society bound to

exercise is important to not only our physical health, but it also keeps us mentally afloat amongst the chaos of the pandemic.

“Anything is better than nothing.” Mr. Sean Berry, Senior Master taekwondo instructor of Pride Martial Arts, advises when questioned about the amount of activity each person should be getting a day. “The body most definitely needs movement.” Beyond the typical increase of fitness that most expect from working out, there are many benefits to staying active— pandemic related or not. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), exercise reduces the risk of certain health conditions such as some cancers and cardiovascular diseases. While it is also proven to aid in increasing your chances of living longer, working out can significantly reduce stress as well as aid some mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. “Exercise is important for two reasons: in one way, it keeps our body moving and healthy while in the other, it helps reduce our stress.” Continuing his explanation, Mr. Berry adds that, “Working out boosts your endorphins, which leads you to feeling good after you exercise.” Endorphins are a hormone that our body produces that help inhibit pain as well as aid us when dealing with stress. Albeit that we have many restrictions set in place to ensure our community’s safety, there are still ways that we can exercise and take care of both our bodies

and minds. “Just going for a walk outside where you can breathe in the fresh air or finding an activity that is COVID-19 safe is a great

Whether you decide to complete your exercise inside or outside, it is still important to take the proper precautions


Student working out using an exercise video.

way to get a workout and get your mind off of everything else.” If walking or running is not your thing, there are still many COVID-19 safe ways of staying active for you to participate in. Firstly, many gyms have moved their equipment outdoors and have kept patrons safe through proper social distancing and thorough sanitation. However if you do not want to spend money but are looking to stay active, there are many free online video programs from trainers that you could follow from the safety of your home. Many require little to no equipment.

in maintaining thew health of yourself and of others. This involves several aspects from wearing your mask, to stretching and cooling down. As cold weather approaches, this also includes putting on extra layers and maintaining your body heat. Exercise can be extremely helpful, so it is always good to make an effort in either working out in your usual spots like your local taekwondo studio or trying a new fitness routine at home. However, this winter we hope you make sure to prioritize your safety and health, so do not forget to sanitize and bundle up!


Eastlake Edge

Staying Moisturized During the Winter

Why Sleep is Important DERRICK MUNOZ & JAKYRA ROBINSON Peer Mediation Staff Writers Sleep is one of the most vital yet most neglected necessities of a high schooler’s life. Getting a good night’s rest as a high school student can help our performance in and out of school while overall boosting our general wellbeing. Waking up well-rested allows students to have more energy throughout the day and lets them have the motivation to get more tasks done. We are sure that at this point, most high school students have been talked to about their sleeping habits and the benefits of changing them. However, many students who want to get better sleep do not know where to start. Here, we will provide a couple of sleeping tips for you to utilize in your daily schedules. Following a sleep schedule Keeping up with a written schedule will start to create sleeping patterns that can help high schoolers ensure better sleep. Sleeping for 9 to 9 ½ hours for high school students is recommended to feel refreshed in the morning; sleeping for more than 9 ½ hours can lead to students feeling groggy and unsatisfied. Taking naps Taking naps throughout the day helps the body function more fluidly and relaxes the mind. Naps also aid in improving students’ awareness of their surroundings, helps with memory, and can “make up” for sleep loss. The recommended time for a nap is 15-30 minutes. Any more than that could accidentally throw off your sleep schedule and become more harmful than beneficial.

Issue 2

With the workload students have over distance learning, it is hard to get a good amount of sleep every night. It is hard for students everywhere, trying to deal with a global pandemic while managing their school work. And this is just mentioning academics; many students have to deal with different non-academic activities, like extracurriculars, college applications, and having a job. This is not how anyone planned to be spending our school years, accompanying the fact that it is difficult to get used to the new schedule. Along with the workload that comes with the school year, there is also a lot of mental health issues that many students are facing because of the pandemic with how limited contact with other people is. We understand that another factor for students not getting enough sleep could be how family conditions vary. Whether you have responsibilities to take care of a parent or maybe a younger sibling, those tasks can pose a major problem in getting the proper amount of sleep. The emotions people may be feeling because of this pandemic honestly are not talked about as much as they should be. Overall, we want you to know how valuable sleep is for people, especially those around our age and that many of the students have different circumstances that do not allow for that. Mental health has been talked about more and more with our developing society, but sleeping habits is an important aspect that is generally overlooked, so it is always useful to learn more about its importance.

ALEXIS NUNEZ Staff Writer As you know, we are entering our winter season, where the air is getting colder, and our skin is getting drier. It is important to take care of our skin so that we can make it look fabulous and healthy! Many people suffer from dry, cracked, even bleeding skin during the winter season. Our skin has to work harder to keep hydrated during these cold weather days. According to DermCare, the drier the air, the more moisture it sucks from your skin. As a result of this, you are more prone to experience dryness, cracks in the outer layer of the skin, inflammation, and flakiness during the colder months of the year. It also has been proven that heaters indoors do not help your skin at all. In fact, it makes it even worse! Since hot air is also low in moisture, it leaves your skin drier and itchy. The big temperature changes that are often experienced during winter increase damage to the skin. A tip from Precision Dermatology is to try not to use hot


scribed for dry and normal skin. The lotion contains oatmeal and rich emoluments to help nourish dry skin. Now here are some tips from Dermatology & Mohs Surgery Institute. Finding a good moisturizer and using it before and throughout the winter season is crucial. What is a good moisturizer you ask? According to the article, an oil-free moisturizer that contains glycerin is best to help keep skin hydrated. Another tip is to prepare your lips for the cold-weather season as well. To do this, you apply a lip balm daily before and throughout the season. This is to keep your lips hydrated and not become chapped or dry. A recommended moisturizer is the Neutrogena Oil-Free Facial Moisturizer. This can be found in our local stores for nine dollars. A recommended lip balm is the Aquaphor Lip Repair Ointment. This can also be found in local stores for only three dollars. Titans, these are some of the best-recommended skincare products and tips you can get during this drying season. Stay moisturized!


MAYA PARRA Health Editor

Managing activities Planning a routine to keep up with deadlines can minimize the burden of constant school-related stress as well as give us more time for things that make us happy.

water when taking a shower. This is because the hot water strips away your natural oils, which can lead to increased dryness. To treat this, take warm showers instead of hot showers. It is also suggested to take less than 10 minutes of showers because the longer you stand in the water, the more it will impact your skin. Now according to Vogue, some dermatologists say to get rid of any harsh cleaners due to their drying ingredients An option recommended is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. This can be found in any of our local stores like Target and Walmart for ten dollars. This cleanser is great for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It is all clinically proven to hydrate your skin. Not only can we get dry skin on our face, but on our bodies as well! It is important that we keep our skin tight and moisturized. Another recommended product from a dermatologist on Vogue’s website is Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. This product can also be found in Target and Walmart for the average price of nine dollars. This lotion nourishes dry skin for a full 24 hours. This is pre-


Jolly Bodies

When it comes to the holiday seasons, we think of colder weather, family time, and last but definitely not least...food. Thanksgiving is literally a holiday centered on eating, and it definitely is not “healthy” food either, while Christmas brings several sweets such as cookies and hot chocolate that we know we can not resist. With all of these amazing seasonal treats, it makes sense that weight gain over these special times is practically inevitable. However, this should not mean that we should focus all of our time and energy on this fact. The holidays should be about spending time celebrating and appreciating everything we have, not obsessing over calories or numbers on a scale. As teenagers specifically, we usually tend to care about appearances, so weight gain sometimes hits us harder than others. Considering this, it is extremely important to acknowledge that weight gain is completely normal, especially for teenagers who are still growing. Also, given our faster metabolism, even if holiday weight gain occurs, it tends to balance

out as we round the new year and get back to our old routines. Even yet, if the weight stays, it is imperative that we learn how to accept it and not fret over it. Some tend to associate weight gain with stress and a sense of being “imperfect”, but is this fair? Would you tell your friend that they looked bad after they gained weight? Would you even think about it? If the answer is no, then there is no reason to react that way with yourself. We are often harder with ourselves than with others, and this only leads to a negative view of ourselves. We instead should

learn to embrace ourselves, just as we are. All bodies are beautiful, and it is time we preach that not only to others but to ourselves. Because of this, it is not necessary at all to fear the holiday season and the dishes it brings. Food brings people together, and the holidays bring treats that are not seen year-round, so it only makes sense to indulge and fully take in the holiday experience. So eat that extra cookie, and do not even think about checking the calories on the carton of eggnog. Do what you want this holiday season, because after the year we have had, we definitely deserve it.



Editor: Barón Castañares

student life

December 11, 2020

Personal Safety in Chula Vista spray is also very helpful. Carrying around pepper spray enables you to defend yourself. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs may make you more susceptible to danger. When you are intoxicated, you are more vulnerable. You are not able to make safe decisions. Do not drink or take drugs in areas where crime is heavy. Always lock your mail-

ELIYA YOO Staff Writer Over the last few weeks, there has been an increased interest in personal safety. Recent events within the Eastlake area have concerned many teenagers and raised important questions. How can we stay safe against crime? The Eastlake Edge has compiled some general tips on how to protect yourself. The first piece of advice is to always lock your doors. Many people do not lock their cars in their driveways. Do not hide your house keys outside. This makes you more susceptible to robberies. Another thing is to always travel in groups. When people are in groups, crime becomes less likely. Never travel by yourself, or, if you must, walk-in areas that are heavily populated. That way, if you cry for help, you will be heard. Be aware of your surroundings. If you see a suspicious-looking person, try to walk in a different direction. Alexis Burdick, a junior at Eastlake High


When out in public, it is essential that you are observant. Always keep track of keys, stay attentive, and keep your phone accessible.

School who is also a black belt in taekwondo, says, “If you feel like you are being followed then definitely having a form of protection near you is important. Carry things such as keys (or any other sharp objects), pepper spray, etc. It is ideal to have these items carried with you at all times. If you are walking alone, it is essential

to be aware of your surroundings. This means not listening to music at a high volume in order to be able to hear any concerning noises, scanning your pathway, keeping an eye on your belongings, etc.” Always carry a cell phone around, so that you can dial for help when needed. Carrying around pepper

Gift Giving: Not Just A Christmas Miracle DESTINY WILCOX Student Life Columnist As the Christmas season approaches, whether you are stringing up Christmas lights or studying to Mariah Carey, gift-giving is essential now, more than ever. Gifts are not only for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, they are a physical manifestation of your appreciation for people that are close to you. Gifts do not have to be big, shiny, fancily wrapped, or costly. The Eastlake Edge has compiled some tips on how to give great gifts that do not empty your bank account. The most important thing to remember when searching for the perfect gift is that it must come from the heart. Anyone can go to the store and buy a gift. The real value comes when real thought and consideration is put into the selection. If you do decide to give someone a gift card, make sure that it is not for a general store like Walmart or Target. Make the recipient know that you care.

If you know your loved one is passionate about makeup, consider giving them a gift card to Ulta or Sephora. Notice they like art? A gift card to their favorite craft store could show them that you care about their interests. Cards, on the other hand, are best when homemade. Storebought cards can often seem generic and lack the hweart-warming flare a homemade card gives. However, if you take the time to write a special message or include a nice drawing, a storebought card can be transformed into a thoughtful piece of art. Most people discover that they are at a loss for words when it comes to writing a card. The main thing you want to remember is to thank the person and tell them why you value them. Make sure to include anecdotes that show your appreciation for the person. It is not enough to say you appreciate them; you also need to expound on why you do. To personalize your card further, use lots of colors. Calligraphy or unique

fonts like bubble letters can also spice up your card. Lastly, you can draw pictures or glue in photographs to show the thought and effort put into creating their card. If you are not the card giving type, store-bought items are acceptable unless you can make it yourself. Giving a friend a homemade cake or cookie platter is better than resorting to its store-bought counterpart. Storebought items do not have to be expensive. They can range from a simple candle to a holiday hot chocolate gift set. Homemade gift baskets can also be assembled, with items from the Dollar Store. We may not be able to gather together anymore, but gift-giving is a great way to show people you are still thinking of them but also lets them know you are still alive and well. Although gift-giving can be nerve-wracking, by remembering to give from your heart and not your wallet, you will always give your loved one the perfect gift. There is no greater gift than knowing that others care for and think of you.

Titans’ Favorite Festive Tunes Ranking


Burdick says, “Look confident. Studies have shown that predators are less likely to attack someone who does not look vulnerable. A simple change in posture and a strong composure can lower your chances of abduction.” Predators tend to prey on the weak, so looking like you know what you are doing can go a long way. Try not to look lost or confused, and try not

“If you feel like you are being followed, having a form of protection near you is important.” Alexis Burdick (11) box so that your personal information cannot be stolen. This can cause online crime and theft. Always have your outside lights on. This will make crime easier to see, and it will make a robber or murderer easier to catch. If you know your friend is going out somewhere, ask them to use their phone and share their location with you until they come back.

to accept help from strangers. If someone is harassing you, always remember to tell an adult who is in authority. When lost, find someone who can help you. Staying safe from crime can be done through these different methods. Following these guidelines may help drop crime rates in the city of Chula Vista.

The Eastlake Edge’s Student Gift Guide 1) Homemade ornaments 2) Jackbox Party Pack 7 3) Freshly baked cookies in a festive tin 4) Pressed flowers in a frame 5) Handmade bracelets 6) Matching holiday pajamas 7) A nice plant with a decorated pot 8) Hot chocolate kit 9) Candles


student life

Eastlake Edge

Where is the Humanity? BARÓN CASTAÑARES Student Life Editor The past decade has brought about many life-altering innovations. The dominance of mobile phones and rapid delivery services outlines how highly society values convenience. The need for quick and straightforward amenities have allowed large corporations to dominate. As dejecting as it is, we must realize that local businesses can no longer compete. This power shift has led to constant contactless and faceless interactions, leaving many to feel that the “modernization” of the future has stripped away our humanity. In the year 2020, it is incredibly difficult to imagine a world without readily available delivery of any product or service we desire. The shift towards widespread delivery seemed evident for a while, but it is clear that the unprecedented events of this year have greatly accelerated the process. While many industries have suffered immeasurably, corporations such as Amazon, DoorDash, and InstaCart have thrived. According to Forbes, Amazon’s stocks have increased by over 63% in 2020 alone. The structure of such services enables success through global hardships. They were made for pandemics. Hyperbole aside, the impact of delivery-based services has skyrocketed. The Eastlake Edge surveyed Eastlake High School’s student body and found that, out of the 255 students questioned, over 90% of students have utilized contactless services. The dominance of such services is

Issue 2


During Quarantine ISABEL DURAZO Staff Writer


Over the last few months, delivery based services have become essential for most families in San Diego.

indisputable. Almost everybody acknowledges the convenience and value that such amenities entail. The disagreement comes when discussing the societal shift in interaction they have caused. Traditionally, the purchase of any good involved human services at all levels. From customer greetings to assistance, to cashiers and waiters, it was impossible to circumvent the interaction. Consumers have forfeited the ability to meet others face to face—the chance to build connections and understanding. As we reflect in a time of distancing and seclusion, it is clear that those experiences were some of the most human. Given the massive implementation of faceless services, it seems as if this is the future. Many argue that a world of instant gratification is only fitting for a modern society. After all, large corporations have brought about cheaper products and reduced the necessary wait times for such. From the view of anybody who values both money and time, it’s hard to reject such benefits. To understand the downsides of recent innovations, although difficult, time



and money must be overlooked. Through all the modernization that the future has brought, the most compelling shift has been human behavior. As the orchestrators of change on Earth, it is incredibly challenging to comprehend how we have diminished the need for humans. Our kind. Perhaps society has become too advanced for its good. Have we reached a point where the fundamental human values have been demoted? Do recent societal changes reflect a new way of life? However surrealistic the concept may seem, the debate comes down to what contemporary human values encompass. Do we prioritize social interaction, or have we seen a shift towards progressive values such as money and saved time? As a society, it appears that the value of time and money exceeds that of primitive desires. We are approaching pinnacle levels of convenience but have paid with our humanity. The values of the future have been attained, but at what cost?


With COVID-19 comes many obstacles, some might even say that staying productive can be one of the most challenging of them all. Everyone has had to make some sort of changes, whether big or small, to their day to day lives. We have had to make a new “norm” out of remote learning. With our whole lives being crammed into our house, finding ways to stay motivated to do things has been difficult. Before the pandemic broke out, everyone was so adapted and had balanced daily routines. There was a reason to get up every morning, whether it was school, going out with friends on the weekends, or going to sport practices and clubs. Distance learning has made it easier to just roll out of bed and join a class call. When having the option to hide behind the screen and not have your camera on, it can be tempting to stay in pajamas with messy hair and playing on your phone. The Eastlake Edge conducted a survey regarding distance learning and student’s motivation levels. An anonymous student stated, “My motivation level has decreased because school is so draining mentally and emotionally. It is hard to want to finish assignments and the school days feel so long.”

Others have said that without interaction with classmates and teachers it has become even more of a struggle. “I don’t receive the same level of support, and I feel unmotivated to do work in my room all day.” A lot of people have pointed out the fact that in such little space, it’s hard to separate home from your work life. Out of 255 students, 153 other students are feeling the same or similar. But on the contrary, 102 students feel that distance learning has made them more productive. A way you can separate the two aspects of life is by creating a space designated to do your work, away from everything else. Having a designated workspace, not only forces you to become more productive by getting out of your bedroom but also gets you away from all other distractions and puts you in a mindset to get your work done. Another thing you can do is plan out a schedule of what you are going to do for the day, either the night before or first thing when you wake up in the morning. Set aside time to enjoy yourself and do what you love. There are many small changes that you can make that will have a great impact on your productivity. By taking those steps, you will feel like you have fulfilled and made the most of your day.

Eastlake Edge 2020-2021 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Marts Reyes






NEWS EDITOR Chris Peterson






CREATIVE JOURNAL EDITOR Gabrielle Chong STAFF WRITERS Eliya Yoo Collie Collins Alexis Nunez PHOTOGRAPHERS Ciera Fletcher Isabel Durazo Kiana Figueroa CARTOONIST Nick Zendejas

The Eastlake Edge is published six times per year by the newspaper staff of Eastlake High School. The Edge functions as a class, club, and extracurricular activity. For advertising information, please call 619-598-9092. Decisions of the editorial board, which consists of the Editor-in-Chief, section editors, and advisor reflects the views of the staff. The Edge strives to be a voice for the student body and welcomes varieties of freelance journalism as well as letters. The Edge also accepts creative writing and drawing submissions from other students. For questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, contact us at theedge304.gmail.com and our Instagram page (@eastlake.edge).


college corner

Editor: Paulina Zacharko

What is Holistic Admissions? “Like many highly selective universities, we conduct a comprehensive, holistic review of your application to consider academic and personal characteristics. We will review your performance in school, the rigor of your program, writing skills and test scores. We also consider personal qualities, as revealed in community involvement, leadership and achievements.” -University of Southern California

Personal Qualities

PAULINA ZACHARKO College Corner Editor

“Don’t try to be well-rounded, have a peak interest and go deep”

Academic Considerations

College Interview Quick Tips RENEE ROLDAN Managing Editor

With college interview season in full swing, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind as you prepare for your next interview.


“All you can do is your best”

Choose 1-3 causes, and stick to them. Have a deep involvement in these communities and simply let the volunteer experience shape you. The people you meet, if you genuinely show dedication to the activity, might be willing to hire you for projects and write letters of recommendation.

Class Selections

Absolutely adhere to fulfilling graduation and CSU required courses. However, the rest of the selection is yours. You should aim to come across as the student who maximized their interests in every way possible. Into the sciences? Double or even triple up on them one year if your schedule allows. Do your best to mimic the class selection freedom you might have at a college campus.

December 11, 2020


Test scores

Although schools that use holistic admissions are directly telling you that test scores aren’t the only thing that matters, there is a baseline that schools go off of when receiving your application. Get the school you are applying to’s average or above-average scores to maximize your strength in this category (and the same goes for grades).

Many schools specifically ask you to write about leadership experience. This does not mean you need to be the leader of 5 clubs that take up less than 30 minutes of your time weekly, it means you need to have a meaningful connection to a club that trusts you to be responsible enough to lead them.


You can get recognition for long-term involvement, by winning competitions, or by recommendation. Schools normally allow 3-10 to be listed on the application.


1. Show them who you are. 2. Make an “Elevator Pitch.” 3. Make a checklist of achievements and interests you want to cover. 4. Interweave topics into conversation, do not be abrupt. 5. Guarantee to stand out.

Meet Cosmetologist and Hairstylist, Jeannette Ruiz

RENEE ROLDAN Managing Editor

Four year traditional college is not for everyone. That is something we often hear, but what, really does that mean? Traditional college refers to a 4 year general education school where students pursue a degree in a certain major or focus. Though this is the college option we hear the most about, that is not the only option out there. Trade schools and certification programs allow students to pursue a career in a specific trade, forgoing the traditional college experience for a more focused learning experience. In an interview with Eastlake High School alumni, former Eastlake Edge mem-


ber, and current Cosmetologist and Hairstylist Jeannette Ruiz, Ruiz shared her experience going straight from high school into a vocational school, and what led to the decision. After graduating from high school, Ruiz attended Paul Mitchell The School San Diego, to pursue a career in cosmetology. In order to do this, one must complete 1,600 hours of cosmetology school, pass a written and hands-on exam, and obtain a license from the Board of Barbering and Cosmetology. Of her experience in cosmetology school, Ruiz called it, “really awesome.” “You start off with a certain group of people, and it’s all different age groups, super diverse, and really good people, both [the] students and all the learning leaders.” “They did offer FAFSA and a lot of different scholarships, so that was really awesome.” In terms of curriculum, Ruiz was taught how to do hair and makeup, as well as other subjects she says most would not expect from a cosmetology school. “As cosmetologists,

we have to learn a lot of diseases, like nail and skin diseases,” she says. “...they also teach us things about electricity and chemistry and customer service!” Ruiz continued, “... For the first couple of weeks you are doing the basics, which at my school they called it ‘core’. We do that for 6 weeks ...and then we move on to theory and hands-on stuff.” Ruiz found the experience to be similar to both high school and College in certain aspects. “...you do have your own class of people who you are graduating [with] throughout the same time, [but] there isn’t a ceremony. Everyone graduates on their own time, because it is based on hours and also your schoolwork.” She says that while all students are learning the same thing at the same time, people advance differently, as some students pick up certain subjects faster than others. “And as far as how it’s similar to college,” Ruiz says, “...you are working towards your license and you’re focusing on that specific career.” According to Ruiz, the whole experience took a little bit

less than a year to complete, due to her putting in extra work to graduate early. “...normally it’s about a whole year depending on attendance and school work” she says. Ruiz came to the decision to attend a vocational school after she had already graduated high school. She says that throughout her senior year, she did not know what she wanted to do after high school, or if a traditional college was the right path for her. “When I was in high school I really didn’t know what other options I had besides going to a four-year university or community college. I didn’t know there were other options or different types of colleges to go to.” She says that, because her mother attended cosmetology school while raising her and her siblings, she sometimes had to join her mother in class, and was therefore exposed to the idea of cosmetology school at a young age. “...I’ve always been around it, and I grew up with it, but I never considered doing it after high school, until I started to shadow my mom.” Ruiz eventually figured out that a career in cosmetology was the right path for her. “I would


Ruiz working on a client at a hair salon.

see the relationships [my mom] would build because of her career, and I’m such a people person and I love meeting new people, and talking a lot.” she says. “...I also love hair and beauty and all of that, so I felt like it made sense.” For many students like Ruiz, the pressure to attend a traditional college may cause anxieties about the future. But vocational school exists for those who would like to explore a different path, learn a certain trade, or create a future for themselves that they are confident in.

Editor: Kristen Ang

pandemic page

New Mandates in San Diego County


KRISTEN ANG Pandemic Page Editor With the jump from October into November 2020, a steady rise in cases has forced the county of San Diego into a conditional stay-at-home order. Announced by Governor Gavin Newsom on December 3, this adjustment is sure to bring many new and unprecedented changes to the COVID-19 routines many people have already accustomed themselves to. So what exactly is in store for us all? This new arrangement relates to San Diego’s recent transition into the purple tier of California’s tier system. The tier system covers four different levels of COVID-19 severity, with minimal, moderate, substantial, and widespread. In essence, the tier that a county is in will be based on the testing positivity rate and the growth of cases. The purple tier in the system was enacted when the county was facing widespread risk, with more than 7.0 daily positive cases per 100,000. And as nbcsandiego. com shared, during late October, “San Diego County’s COVID-19 case rate rose to 7.4, which is above the 4.0 to 7.0 case rate required for the Red Tier.” After maintaining a rate of 7.4 for two consecutive weeks, San Diego moved up to the purple tier. As a result of both the transition into the purple tier and a stay-at-home order, all non-essential businesses will temporarily close. This includes wineries, museums, zoos, movie theaters, amusement parks, playgrounds,

hair salons, barbershops, and other personal care services. These businesses will cease all operations until further notice. Schools that are already open for in-person learning, medical and dental care, childcare services and critical infrastucture will remain open with safety protocols in order. Other businesses like restaurants, shopping and retail centers, offices, places of worship, and hotels will remain partially open but will implement specific policies, like mask-wearing, to tie into the stay-at-home order. In addition to businesses making changes to prevent the spread of COVID-19, experts also recommend that citizens make their own effort to keep the cases to a minimum. Dr. Natasha Bhuyan, family physician and Regional Medical Director for One Medical, shares how “We also need to do our part and limit those small social gatherings inside our homes” (cbs8.com). Her concern for these gatherings is large in part to their contribution to San Diego County’s dire state. Dr. Bhuyan expands noting, “Right now we are seeing an increase in cases in those small family gatherings and really being in the purple tier it doesn’t address that” (cbs8.com). For now, the most recent implementation, the stayat-home order, will be in place for at least the next three weeks. San Diego’s free Intensive Care Unit (ICU) bed capacity will be the determining factor when assessing whether or not San Diego County will need to carry on with the current regulations.

Issue 2

Joe Biden’s COVID-19 Plans


Following the announcement of Joe Biden as President-elect and Kamala Harris as Vice President-elect, new information was released as to how their administration plans on handling the COVID-19 pandemic. In preparation for office, Biden has formulated his own COVID-19 task force, consisting of 13 distinguished physicians and experts. The task force is projected to be led by Vivek Murthy, former US surgeon general; David Kessler, former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration; and Marcella Nunez-Smith, associate dean at Yale School of Medicine. Together, the team plans on producing a comprehensive set of plans and policies to treat “the virus’s spread, help elim-

inate health disparities and reopen schools and businesses” (The Washington Post). All 13 members will coordinate with other health officials nationwide to produce productive plans. Another part of Biden’s strategy is to combat America’s struggles in presenting current and updated data. A prime concern of his is to have a strong COVID-19 testing rate and be able to trace the results. To meet this goal and prevent further troubles, his team plans on creating a “nationwide pandemic dashboard to display transmission rates of the virus in regions across the country” (ABC7). This correlates with his ideas to equitably distribute vaccines and treatments, fix personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment production and distribution, and work with state governors to possi-



Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the Fox Theatre in Detroit on July 31, 2019

bly implement mask mandates. As the Covid-19 crisis continues to unfold, Joe Biden plans to release more updates and information as to how his team is going to combat the disease. As he stated from his transition headquarters in Delaware, “We did not get into this mess quickly. We’re not going to get out of it quickly. It’s going to take some time. But I’m absolutely convinced in 100 days we can change the course of the disease” (ABC7).

Will There Be Enough Supplies for Everyone? KIANA FIGUEROA Staff Writer Due to the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, people are going back to the markets and stocking up on supplies again. Just recently, San Diego County fell back into the purple tier. The purple tier is the most restrictive tier, which means the county will have to introduce more regulations. Grocery stores and other supply stores may be directly affected by this and may have to introduce more rules. The shortages that are currently happening can be compared to when COVID-19 first hit. Stores had long lines with customers running in, buying in bulk, and even fighting for supplies. Nationwide, there was no sight of neces- KRISTEN ANG sities such as toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and even frozen meat.

It is expected that as peo There is little knowledge of how people are going to adapt ple find out they are going back to this situation and if they have on lockdown, they will start panenough supplies to live off. In the icking and running to the stores past months, grocery store shop- and buying everything. They pers have constantly been met may start buying what they do with empty shelves. This is a di- not even need and start stocking up just in case they run out rect result of the grocery stores of essential goods because struggling to cope with either they do not know when stocking shelves at a conthey could go back out. stant rate or because they Be that as it may, stores are met with infection have recently started makamong their employees. ing sure there are enough The personal KRIS supplies to go around by struggle for some grocery TEN ANG enforcing rules such as limitstores may be a direct result of transportation problems. As CNN ing an item to two per person In Business news stated, “Shipown- preparation for the holiday seaers are struggling to change crews son, some stores have stockpiled and move goods between ports. cleaning and hand sanitizing Airlines have grounded thou- products early. Most stores have sands of planes, slash- also put a limit on how many peoing air freight capaci- ple can enter the store to keep up ty.” Transportation is with social distancing and prevent just as important in hordes around certain supplies. With these extra enthis as it is how food gets to the store and forcements, people are guarwhen this process stops, it is anteed a greater chance at difficult for the stores to quick- grabbing their supplies just in ly restock their merchandise. time for the holiday season.

New COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthroughs KRISTEN ANG Pandemic Page Editor New and ongoing information about a possible COVID-19 vaccine continues to develop as multiple companies race to find a solution to the pandemic that persists. Here are some of the key things to take note of. There are two noteworthy advancements that have been made in the trial for a vaccine. The first comes from the Massachusetts-based biotech company, Moderna. The other success stems from Pfizer, a company partnered with the German brand BioNTech. On November 16, 2020, Moderna released a new update

sharing how their vaccine was 94.5% effective in reducing the chances of contracting COVID-19. This is based on their research data garnered from the third phase of their trials. Just a week before, the company Pfizer had released news on November 9, reporting a 90% efficacy rate in their trial vaccine, which was also based on preliminary data. Despite both of the vaccines stemming from different companies and trials, experts view both of these promising results as a good thing for

the American population, as there would be two vaccines working together to combat COV-

ID-19 instead of one. As Dr. Scott Gottlieb, former Food and Drug Administration

(FDA) Commissioner, put it, “I think what it means is that, once we get these vaccines in sufficient quantities heading into 2021, [...] we could effectively end this pandemic in 2021 with our technology” (CNBC.com). Following the transition into December, both Pfizer and Moderna plan on applying for KRISTEN ANG “emergency authorization” to the FDA to vaccinate an estimated “20 million” (nytimes.com). In California alone, Governor Gavin

Newsom announced that the state will receive around 327,000 Pfizer vaccine doses as early as December 15. This is huge news for people who are at the highest risk, like emergency and healthcare workers and the elderly. As for the rest of the United States population, since the first batch of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are projected to be given out to people who have the highest risks of contracting COVID-19, it may be several months before everyone is able to get vaccinated. However, there are many reasons to remain optimistic as the vaccines already seem to be delivering better efficacy rates than what was expected.


Editor: Gabrielle Chong

creative journal

December 11, 2020

Artist of the Issue: Keilana Aban

GABRIELLE CHONG Creative Journal Editor As artists may know, it takes mental strength and effort when perfecting and putting passion into their work. Of the many art forms that entice the mind along with benefiting physical health, dance is commonly practiced at Eastlake High School. Physical traits in dance often align with athletics, however dancers, as artists can draw attention to an audience, along with speaking high volumes through body movement. The beauty of dance is that you tell a story and express emotions, making it open to many interpretations. For this issue, allow us to introduce Keilana Aban, a junior at Eastlake High School.

Aban began dancing at five years old, she has experience in Tap, Jazz, including her favorite genres of Hula/Tahitian dance, Hip Hop, and Contemporary dance. All these forms focus on footwork, each having unique traits, whether it be balance in Hula, the precision of step in Tap, the leaps and turns in Jazz or glides in Hip Hop. It is remarkable having done so many different forms of dance, memorizing the smallest details and differences, while focusing on expression and form, one can call it admirable. With this practice, Aban continues to dance with the Eastlake Dance Company Apprentice team and the Eastlake All-Female team. “My overall experience dancing in Eastlake, that’ll be one

of my greatest memories. I thought I wasn’t going to be as good of a dancer but joining Eastlake all Female and Dance Company definitely changed that mindset.” As an apprentice, Aban has various skills to learn and gain from technique, training will not only help in dance, but it will also build her own confidence. Keilana shared her reaction to making the apprentice team, stating that she screamed hearing the news — this being one of her best experiences in high school so far. It is not known for sure where Aban will take her dance journey but she did mention that it would be a main hobby, with the goal of being a part of a competitive dance team one day.



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