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March 2012

East Kent Centre At last I heard Margaret cry. Yes the Christmas Dance

In the evening it was the turn of the adults to party and with music provided by our regular Christmas DJs Echoes. At the Christmas Dance we presented our charity cheques. Both our charities for last year were Derek & Sandra Horman surprised and very grateful for the cheques that were presented. Yet again the Youth excelled themselves raising £1900 for the Preston Skreens Respite Home. The Adults didn’t do badly either raising £2000 for the Oliver Curd Trust. As a centre we should be proud of ourselves for what over the years we have given to those less fortunate than ourselves. Keep up the good work as this year we are raising money for the Centres use. Again this year we were able to run 2 Christmas Rallies. The Addington rally run by Brian and Sheila Taylor and their experienced team proved to be a success yet again. While at Bethersden a new team took on the daunting task of Christmas. A varied and different programme was tried, and very successfully too. To both Christmas teams thanks, your efforts are well appreciated by those who attend these rallies. After the Christmas rallies we all converged on Whitfield. Margaret and the rest of our committee, with their partners, worked hard to provide a varied programme, a special thanks to everybody else that helped to make this rally a success. Thank you Margaret for your hard work and effort over the last 2 years as social officer and “Good Luck” to Darren who now takes up this role.


In January we hold our Burns Night Rally. This is a must attend rally in my book, and not because I am part of the team. If you have never attended a Burns rally because of the thought of eating Haggis then try the alternatives of sausage. To see some of our gentlemen in Kilts is a sight to behold. A bit of Scottish dancing and a few drams of whisky make for a great evening. So come on Gents don’t think of standing down, lets have another Burns night Celebration next year. What can I say about Tunstall? Arrived on Friday, in quite a pleasant evening, left on Sunday in 5 inches of snow. I am just glad that everybody got home safely. In between we were fed well and oh how racing night has changed since Roger Bells great evenings. The team of marshals and their assistants worked extremely hard for our enjoyment.








had finally arrived. Her first Christmas Social had taken 2 years to get off the ground. The Youth had a great time with plenty of fun and games. Plenty to eat, and finally, a visit from the man in Red.

Hopefully the bad weather is past us now and we can look forward to some great rallies in the months ahead. Please support our marshals as much as possible. Listen out at flagpole for information about the Birthday Rally we have fantastic entertainment planned. Look forward to seeing you all on a rally field soon.

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ere we are with a new magazine in a New Year. May I wish you all a belated Healthy and Prosperous New Year. I guess I should also apologise for forgetting to wish you all a Happy Christmas in the December Magazine, my only excuse is that it was completed in November and Christmas was far from my mind. I think that Christmas starts far to early in the year these days, so bucking the trend I wish you a very belated Happy Christmas! The December magazine has met with much praise, which is entirely due to the contributors, what a talented bunch of writers we have, not to mention the photographers whose contributions put the gilding onto the words. Please just keep them coming folks!

pages. Well done guys you are a sterling bunch, my grateful thanks to all those who have contributed to this issue. But of course the next magazine will need articles as well … why not make a new years resolution to write for your magazine? I hope you will enjoy reading all about all those rallies and will still find our magazine as interesting.

New Arrival


e are over the moon to introduce our Granddaughter Matilda Elspeth Bronwen Day - born 29th Oct 2011 and weighing in at 7lb 12oz.

I guess it only right that I should pass on my thanks to the Edwards Family “Team Jamaica” who are such a fun and talented bunch. Kay was going to write up Swanley but due to a change in circumstances was unable to do so, so Dad Terry stepped into the breach and what a humorous article he wrote I couldn’t help but laugh all the way through it. Mum Jenny completed the DVD for us and this proved to be a really professional record of the Soapbox Derby, if you haven’t had a copy do order one it’s only £2.50 and well worth the watch (£1.50 goes to centre funds). It’s such a shame that the Edwards family are members of our near neighbours South Essex; they would be welcome members to any centre. I wonder how many of you noticed that Mal was missing from “Mal’s Emporium” door, he was of course busy inside serving his customers. Don’t forget Mal can save you money if you buy your chemicals etc from him. This edition was, I thought, going to be considerably smaller than previous issues as it covers the dead period for rallying with only the Christmas Dance, Christmas and New Year and Burns Rallies to draw from. How wrong I was, people have turned up trumps and somehow we have ended up with twelve

Matilda Day Older members (in time if not in age) will remember her mother Nicola as a Past Youth Section President. We have already been told that we are expected to take her on rallies so see you on the Rally Field sometime next year for a proper face-to-face introduction. All the Best Martin & Judith Hopkins

Editor:- This item should have been in the December Magazine but due to circumstances beyond my control it did not arrive at the editorial desk. Apologies to Martin and Judith Hopkins.

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Burns Night at Sturry


y first rally of the year and what a great weekend. The marshals were on the ball as usual, first welcoming and then sighting the vans.

Norman shaking down his Haggis in the Circausian Circle Dance, going so fast they are all speed blurred

Soup was partaken first

After setting up and having a quick meeting to discuss the marshalling of a future rally on Friday evening I just managed to get into the hall in time to help peel the last few spuds.

On Saturday, after a panic trip home to retrieve my wallet I then spent a quiet day with a trip to the shops only resulting in food being purchased. Then after doing the crossword and having a nap it was into the hall on Saturday for the Burns Supper. What a spread! It was a good job there was dancing afterwards to shake it all down. The marshals excelled themselves and Chris did a really good job coaxing us on to the floor and then calling the dances.

The Haggis is presented to the assembled company

Then the rest of the time was spent catching up with people not seen since last year and having a drink or two with a van warming whisky at the end.

The Gay Gordons

I just managed to stagger back to the van and collapse into bed exhausted but happy to have spent such an enjoyable evening and weekend with good friends.

Norman Sylvester John Forrest speaking unintelligible Scots about the Haggis, Derek had to Translate

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Australian Adventure


any of you will be aware that we recently spent three months in Australia instead of rallying in UK.

The journey took us through some of the wine fields of South Australia to Mount Gambia, which is a long extinct volcano with a blue lake at its centre.

I spotted an advert in the local paper for camper van hire from 1$ a day, so looked at their web page “” and found one from Adelaide to Melbourne for A$5 a day for 3 days (they even gave us A$110 towards fuel), the date fitted in with our family plans so we booked it.

Mount Gambia Lake

Our second day took us onto the Great Ocean Road – which was built by soldiers returning from the First World War and one of the World’s most spectacular drives. Bit bigger than our little Caravan

Now you will be wondering at the prices but they are correct, this firm makes these offers in order to get their Motorhomes back to the correct location. What a good deal we got as the Motorhome needed to go where we wanted to go, so we were effectively delivery drivers and we only had to present our fuel bills to be reimbursed for the fuel we used. So if you are thinking of going to OZ make a note of the web page, you too might get a good deal and get a motorhome delivery and enjoy a few days roaming around for virtually nothing. When we collected it we were surprised by the sheer size of the beast but following a short introductory DVD we soon got used to it. It came fully equipped including bedding and towels. Sue and I can safely say this was one of the highlights of our trip (apart from catching up with grandchildren)

View from the Great Ocean Road

As we said earlier we had the van for 3 days, which was just enough to give us a taste of what this part of Australia has to offer.

Mick and Sue Hancock

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Yvette and Pierre, the young bears really enjoyed their first Pantomime in Folkestone. The Christmas food and company were also first rate.

The Adventues of Duke


i Kids,

Who says caravans are only for summer? Rallying with EKC is fun all the year round.

For the New Year we moved to a venue in Dover to continue our Festive Fun. The Committee worked away at giving a really happy start into the New Year – 2012.

As spring approaches lets look back at some of the winter highlights.

Burns night saw us at Sturry where Kilts and Tarten were worn and members enjoyed “Haggis” presented the Scottish way.

December is a magical month when we decorate our homes and vans and put up Christmas Trees. We all count the days up to Christmas Eve when Father Christmas fills our stockings with gifts when we are asleep.

Many of us really mastered the Scottish country dancing steps with Chris Stockwell showing us just how it should be done. A really enjoyable evening.

The season begun at Hoo where the Christmas Dance was held, older members as well as some of our Mums and Dads decorated the hall and dressed the Christmas tree ready for our children’s party in the afternoon, it was a big success! We really showed the adults how to move on the dance floor, and we made snowmen and snowballs out of loo rolls. We heard the jingle bells of Santa’s reindeers arriving and were all given presents from Santa’s sack! In the evening the grownups put on their “glad rags”, opened cards from fellow ralliers and enjoyed drinks and nibbles and danced the night away. A few days before Christmas I was surprised to receive a parcel from France, it was from Chef Butonne where we attended a September EKC Rally. Inside the package were two beautiful baby bears and a note written in French asking me to look after them, as they needed a good home.

At the next rally at Tunstall, a full English Breakfast was served in the village hall, table games were played in the afternoon with cakes and cups of tea. In the evening another superb meal was served followed by a night at the races. I was woken up early on Sunday morning by a very excited Yvette and Pierre, who were very surprised, as all the vans were covered in a blanket of soft white snow. It had settled on the trees and the ground, a sight the two bears had never seen before and they went out to play snowball games with their new friends. I really enjoyed the programme of winter events and hope to see many of you on the Rally Field soon Luv


I named one Yvette and the other Pierre and they were very excited about joining me at the Christmas Rally “EKC Style” as well as future venues. Christmas at Bethersden was the best ever! The Marshals hard work meant we all had a fantastic time.

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Bingo Afternoon and another ball goes missing


Grandad can we please sit this one out



Granddad if you let me have my bottle I promise not to be sick over your flash suit


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I’m sure you have the wrong shoes on Pat

Now which one will I have on my Table

The Pizzas have arrived

Yeah it’s neat Coke …. So

The apron says it all

Three Grumpy old men or three Wise Men You Choose

Well …. What would you call these prize specimens All pictures courtesy of Ray Fisher

It’s not our fault the Grown-ups have pinched all the seats

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his Christmas saw a very welcome return to Bethersden Village Hall, an old centre favourite, and in fact the venue of our first East Kent Christmas way back in 1996. The hall has had a major facelift since then, with a superb new fully equipped kitchen.



ur 2011/12 New Year rally had us returning to the Christchurch Academy, Whitfield, Nr Dover. What a difference a year makes NO SNOW, NO ICE and best of all NO FOG, we could actually see more than a few feet in front of us (almost a metre) for the youngsters. We arrived early afternoon on Wednesday the 28th, having travelled from the Bethersden Christmas rally, extremely tired and partied out. Our first night no hall or social, so we joined a number of other families at The Kitty Wake Inn, the local carvery, for an early evening meal and a few beers. Thursday morning we decorated the hall and enjoyed hot soup, the evening had us all chatting and enjoying fun and games.

The New Marshals

Our new Christmas Marshals put a new slant on our usual Christmas agenda, which worked extremely well. Father Christmas brought us a very useful present, the food was excellent, all the games were good fun – enjoyed the skiing! Most of all, the company was exceptional.

The Wii was again popular, an interesting game of ten pin bowling and if only Golf was that easy. Friday afternoon bingo followed by a film show with tea, coffee and cakes. Our evening had us off to Ascot for the races. The evening began with an excellent basket meal (OK polystyrene tray) of Scampi & Chips or Chicken Nugget & Chips followed by various sweets. Then the film began, the horses were off, the film stopped, we bet money on the outcome, the film restarted, race ended, we lost money. The film began, the horses were off, the film stopped, we bet more money, the film restarted, we lost more money and so on. A very enjoyable evening was had by all, and by the end of the evening I was actually £4.70 up.

Father Christmas Giving out Presents

We spent our Christmas with a great bunch of people. Many thanks to everyone for pulling together and making it a good time. Darren & Cheryll Charnock

New Years Eve we partied into the early hour with our almost resident DJ the excellent Time Warp FM, many thanks to Les for another fantastic evening.

New Years Day flagpole and raffle at 11.00 and the first draw of the ‘Golden Envelope’. The Jackpot £60.00, Darren Burch was the lucky ticket holder. He then picked one of ten envelopes, inside nine - ‘sorry you haven’t won’ - and in one Page 8 of 12

- ‘winner’. Unluckily for Darren he picked ‘sorry you haven’t won’ but he still won the consolation prize of £20.00. The £60.00 rolls-over for the next draw, See John Allen for your tickets and next draw details.

Crossword Puzzle

Only the bravest of the brave joined the traditional New Years Day communal barbecue, or should that be stupid and his mates as it was absolutely hissing down. We then joined the sensible in the hall to eat lunch. Our wind-down evening had us at the cinema, watching a classic Dave Allen Compilation, very funny indeed. An American supper polished off a very relaxing evening. Monday we said our goodbyes and left for home, one year ended another one just beginning. Our sincere thanks to the whole marshalling team for another memorable rally. Darren & Cheryll

Whats the recipe for today Jim B-B-Que Sauce 2 Tablespoons oil (vegetable) 2 Tablespoons tomatoe puree/ketchup 2 Tablespoons brown sugar 1 Teaspoon worcester sauce 1 pinch of mixed herbs 2 onions 2 fl oz water 2 tablespoons vinegar 1 teaspoon dry mustard salt and pepper

Across 1. Concern (5) 4. Maxim (5) 7. Fruit (3) 8. Responded (7) 9. Chess piece (4) 10. Writer (6) 13. Sagacity (6) (7) 14. Leave out (4) 17. Decorate food (7) 19. Beverage (3) 20. Stitched (5) 21. Travesty (5)

Sudoku Puzzle

Fry the onions in the oil. Add the rest of the ingredients. Bring to the boil then simmer for 20 minutes. The above quantities are fine for 4/6 people but if your guests like lots of sauce then it would be better to double up on these. Goes well with any cooked meat especially burgers and sausages or chicken. By Margaret McDonald Ed: Why not send in your favourite recipe for the next magazine?

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Down 1. Thin biscuit (5) 2. Areas (7) 3. Tall story (4) 4. Counting device (6) 5. Perform (3) 6. Duck (5) 11.Short-tailed burrowing rodent 12. Aped (6) 13. Earnings (5) 15. Search and find (5) 16. Professional cook (4) 18. Uncooked (3)


Febrrrrrrruary 2012


e only booked into Tunstall as a last minute booking, thinking a weekend in the countryside would be nice. And so upon arrival we were met by the cheerful, if not somewhat cold Marshals.

marshals had wielded their spades to good effect and the way out was clear. This was a rally the Marshals can be proud of, we were looked after, pampered, and VERY well fed. Thank you for a great rally. Peter & Glynis

Tunstall II


n excellent Rally very well run, many thanks to the Marshalls and their helpers for a very nice weekend, even if it did have a sting in its tail.

A really Winter Scene that we awoke to

Saturday morning breakfast was superb, they could not have got any more on the plate (although I tried). Great food and entertainment, Sunday morning was a bit over the top, expected snow but not that much. Thanks to Peter Newman who towed us off our pitch with his 4X4.

The morning found us under 6 inches of snow

We were most impressed by the Race Night, very high tech, I will have to hone my horse picking technique, as I did not have a single winner until the last race, by which time panic had set in. Sunday morning, Glyn got up to make the tea, looked out of the window, and announced “Your not going to like this, there’s a foot of snow out there ”

When we arrived at Graveney we had to park up, knock up a neighbour who got his 4X4 out, towed us thru’ the village and up the snow bound country lane to where we keep the Van. A weekend to remember.

Now I know she’s prone to exaggerrate, but this time she was right. But within an hour the

The two pictures above by Tony Brown

Tony & Diana Brown

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1489 Tonbridge South London Invite


e travelled up from Wareham Forest in Dorset having been on a West Hampshire Centre rally for the February half term week, we were pitched next to Dave Vine, Kathy Stairs and Cameron but that’s another story. Although the sun was shining it was cold and I mean cold as low as -12, and it’s been a very long time since we have had temperatures as cold as this. Can you believe it our heater has just started to play up on gas, It keeps turning itself off. We arrived at the School shortly after 6.40pm, apart from the Saturday arrivals almost all the vans had already arrived. We had 2 Non – Centre members, 3 East Surrey, 8 East Kent, 26 South London and 1 van cancelled due to illness. In our rally envelopes, a rally letter, a plaque and our menu choices. Our rally officers James and Linda had personalised each letter with our names, a very nice touch.

We then danced the night away to a very talented duo, who both sang so beautifully. Usually at the end of the evening the ralliers shout more, more, more, but on this occasion they offered before we had the chance. During the interval, the raffle and hamper were drawn. For the hamper, a pack of cards is offered, at £1.00 per card. You pick a card or cards, they are then torn in half, and you keep half the other goes in the drum. The winning card is drawn from the drum. Sunday morning consisted of breakfast, flagpole, and a leisurely stroll before returning home. Our sincere thanks to all our rally officers James & Linda, Mark & Karen and their helpers. Darren & Cheryll


Friday evening we all met over in the hall, a chance to catch up with friends old and new over our favourite tipple or two. As usual, bonus ball and raffle tickets were on sale, the raffle was again beautifully presented. On Saturday, the vast majority ventured into Tonbridge, this town has the most extensive array of charity shops in Kent and probably the whole country, naturally we had to go into each one. Surprise, surprise we meet a different rallier in each one. Well that’s enough of that. Our Saturday evening began with a Champagne/Buck Fizz/Orange juice reception, followed by an excellent 3-course dinner. Egg mayonnaise or pate to start, chilli and rice, lasagne and salad or vegetable and something or other followed by a visit to the sweet trolley or cheese board. Our rally officers and their helpers had indeed been very busy, the hall was tastefully decorated and our meal delicious. For each lady our marshalling team presented a lavish chocolate and single red rose. Page 11 of 12

The following secondhand items have been donated to the shop for sale. (a), A pair of Fiamma Vehicle/Caravan ramps including ramp stops. (b), 2 x Caravan steps made of plastic in a grey colour. (Any Offers will be considered). (c) Pair of Green Wellies Size 11

At Most Rallys

F o r E K C Monogrammed Fleeces and T Shirts and much much more.

Mal’s Shop is at most Rallys for your convenience. Let Mal know in advance if you want something special and he will try and get it for you at the next Rally! Contact details are on the Centre Web Page

These items can be brought to a rally if anyone is interested. If any member requires any shop items for Easter/Banham please contact Mal before hand, as he will only be carrying items pre-ordered. (Due to Weight). Fleeces/polo/tee shirts can be ordered at any rally with delivery within 2 weeks. (See the book at any rally)

Letters to the Editor

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March 2012  

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