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recommended that during the course of development local sources of sand are used to reduce transport and transportation. It is also recommended that aggregate e.g. from concrete bases is recycled locally during development. There is still time for any specialist Group to be involved in the HCC consultation. Another issue raised was waste. An incinerator is not wanted. Despite the alternatives of anaerobic digesters or biomass, importing waste for these alternatives is also not wanted. This is a topic that the Sustainable Environment Specialist Group will be looking at. A question was raised regarding the woodland along the A325. The aim is to maintain this area as public open space. Viking Park first stage feasibility and consultation is due to end this month. It was proposed that meetings would be held with local councillors during Design Sustainability review meetings to present options. We will notify people when the information is publicly available.


Forward Programme Dates for future Standing Conferences will be held at least two weeks before each Delivery Board meeting. The time and venue will be rotated. A paper which identified items that will need to be considered during future Delivery Board meetings was presented and discussed. A schedule of work needs to come back from each Specialist Group. Once this has been finalised, this schedule will need to be incorporated into the forward programme. The Project Officer will maintain a rolling forward programme of items for future meetings.

Any Other Business Whitehill Town Partnership (WTP) – The arrangements made for the Standing Conference were not appreciated by WTP. They felt it was a poorly organised meeting and communication was difficult. Therefore improvements need to be made. Whitehill Town Council (WTC) – Similar comments were raised. In addition, the Town Council was disappointed that the questions raised on the transport study were not answered.

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Delivery Board notes March 2011  

Notes from the meeting of the Whitehill Bordon Delivery Board