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Verbal update from Ministry of Defence On 15th February, a meeting between EHDC and MoD was held. The Deputy Chief Executive of Defence Estates explained the process being undertaken within the MOD to enable an announcement to be made regarding the future. This has taken shape in the form of the Defence Technical Training Change Programme. This work regarding Bordon is ongoing and currently running to programme with results expected in the spring/early summer. It is anticipated that when a decision is made regarding Bordon Garrison it will incorporate the entirety of the site, including Hogmoor Inclosure. Presently the Hogmoor Inclosure is a Site of Importance to Nature Conservation (SINC). In the future it may be suitable as a Suitable Alternative Natural Greenspace (SANG). It was discussed/ recommended that further surveys of the site were carried out for information and to enable well informed decisions to be made. This work will be incorporated into the work of the Sustainable Environment Specialist Group. The Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA) and Green Infrastructure (GI) focus group are already aware of the need for this work.


Outcome of first meetings of the Specialist Groups The Chairman introduced a report on the outputs of the Specialist Groups which is work in progress and is for the Delivery Board to give guidance. It was felt important that the project team’s Theme Lead, Chair and Vice Chair of each group maintain strong liaison. In each Delivery Board meeting, the Chair or Vice Chair can give an update on the work of the group. A common format for showing priorities needs to be developed which shows what work needs to be done giving target dates, why, and what resources are available for that work so that gaps can be identified. The Infrastructure Specialist Group has developed a good example of a format which it was agreed should be used as a template. Environment Specialist Group – Work areas have been identified into first, second and third priorities with two to three projects for each time period with additional cross cutting issues needing liaison across Specialist Groups. Some issues are waiting the outcome of reports due in May. The group will also focus on explicit target dates and resource needs and will incorporate into the minutes of the Delivery Board meeting. Community Specialist Group – May need to set up working groups but there are resource implications. Therefore the group needs a steer from the Delivery Board on what can be taken forwards. There are many cross cutting issues. These include: funding and marketing for leisure, sports strategy and green infrastructure due to motor sports, audit of existing community facilities and shared use of MoD facilities. Health provision also needs more work to see what health facilities may


Delivery Board notes March 2011  

Notes from the meeting of the Whitehill Bordon Delivery Board