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Draft Housing work plan and priorities Work area

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Retrofit strategy Retrofitting existing homes is a key contributor towards national targets of 80% reductions in CO2 emissions by 2050. In order to work towards majority of properties in the town being retrofitted, need to develop a clear plan, actions and timetable for how this will be achieved

Outline proposal for SG agreement: April 2011

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Initially, EHDC inhouse

EHDC inhouse

Draft strategy – June 2011 Final strategy -?

Actions • Summary of lessons from LCCC programme • Ongoing feedback from insulation programme • Set up retrofit champions network (working with residents who have had loans/ insulation installation) and agree monitoring strategy • Proposal for how to engage wider community • Medium to long term retrofit plan for homes and neighbourhoods Neighbourhood quality charter Influencing the quality of current and future housing proposals by developing a shared set of principles developed with the community, EHDC and other key local stakeholders

April 2011

April / May 2011

April / May 2011 Outline proposal for SG agreement: April 2011

Final charter – Dec 2011 Actions • Develop brief and programme of activities including proposal for engaging communities Housing standards Agree the appropriate standards for new housing in line with the aspirations for new development reaching very high eco standards Actions • Meeting local needs

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May 2011

Delivery Board notes March 2011  
Delivery Board notes March 2011  

Notes from the meeting of the Whitehill Bordon Delivery Board