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Theme: Energy - cross cutting issue, linked to other Specialist Groups Work Area: Energy efficiency and tackling fuel poverty Additional retrofitting of energy efficiency measures in existing town to reduce energy demand and lower energy bills.

Explore further incentives and programmes for retrofitting tailored to Specialist Group priorities – Session on achievements so far and future opportunities – Jan SG Meeting

MEDIUM Needed to follow on from current LCCC and retrofitting projects

One Planet Living Strategy Energy Feasibility Strategy Funding Strategy Communication and Engagement Strategy

Including: Installation of energy efficiency measures to address fuel poverty – ongoing

Environmental Sustainability Theme Lead and Housing Retrofit Officer

Funding requirement to be confirmed inline with current LCCC and retrofitting projects. Also needs to be linked to the development of a water efficiency project

Set up monitoring regime to assess the impact of rising fuel costs on existing community – Jan SG Meeting Theme: All aspects of Sustainable Environment – cross cutting with other Specialist Groups Work area: Education programmes and community engagement Suggested initiatives: 1. Green Champions 2. Countryside Watch 3. Pride in our town 4. Arson Awareness and Prevention 5. Responsible Recreation 6. Conservation Volunteering 7. Sustainable Living Campaign 8. Healthy Living 9. Sustainable Transport

Form cross cutting working group (to be discussed between Specialist Group Chairs and Vice Chairs) - tbc

MEDIUM Needed to support ongoing community engagement to promote sustainable living and help protect sensitive areas Linked with neighbourhood level consultation

One Planet Living Strategy Walking and Cycling Strategy Transport Strategy Green Infrastructure Strategy Sports and Recreation Strategy Funding Strategy Communication and Engagement Strategy

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Community Development Worker Communication s Manager Local Authorities Local Community and Environmental Groups/Trusts Make full use of local community facilities and Eco-station Funding required to be discussed with other Specialist Group Chairs and Vice Chairs

Delivery Board notes March 2011  

Notes from the meeting of the Whitehill Bordon Delivery Board