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Additional Delivery Board representation (minute no. 4.1): In the previous Delivery Board meeting, some members of the Board felt strongly that there must be a local County Council representative and a local District Council representative, both from the Whitehill Bordon area, on the Delivery Board. It was agreed that the Chairman would write to the District and County Council Leaders on behalf of the Delivery Board with a request that they consider additional local representation on the Board. This work has now been done. The response received from the County Council Leader is that the County Council is satisfied with present representation and that no further representation on the Board is needed. The District Council responded by saying it would listen to advice from the Board. Following further discussions with local representatives the recommendation from the Chairman is that the Leader should be invited to nominate one further local representation from the District Council onto the Delivery Board, who must be focused on delivery of the project first and foremost. The Chairman will now write a further letter to the District Council requesting for an additional representative from Whitehill Bordon to be nominated onto the Delivery Board. Funding Strategy (minute no. 6): Future dates for new funding options need to be identified. This should be included in the autumn meeting as clarity on funding is only slowly becoming clearer. Year 2 funding (minute no. 10): Further update on the position for Year 2 funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG) was given. The District Council may be able to access further funding for the project, but the District Council must commit in principle to an early demonstration project on the confirmation of the MoD’s release of land. From the District Council’s point of view, the councillors are happy to agree this in principle, but only as part of a role out programme of the Eco-town Masterplan proposal and not in isolation. This early demonstration project will need to be mixed use on land to be released by Ministry of Defence (MoD). The site could be Quebec Barracks, but until confirmation has been received on the funding and on the land availability, no decision will be made. A question was raised about how funding for the Eco-town project officers will be achieved in the years ahead. There is a need to look at funding for the whole project including staffing. This would be incorporated in the Delivery Board project planning workshop scheduled for April.


Public Questions Questions were received from three members of the public. The Chairman read out the questions and answers. The questions and answers are appended to these notes. (Appendix 1.)



Delivery Board notes March 2011  

Notes from the meeting of the Whitehill Bordon Delivery Board