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Theme: Green Infrastructure & Biodiversity Work Area: Recreational pressure and future usage

Establishment of a monitoring programme to enable ongoing assessment of how use of existing green spaces changes with future development

Theme: Green Infrastructure & Biodiversity Work Area: Suitable Alternative Natural Green space (SANG) location and design. Including visitor management on European Protected Sites Part of continuing work to determine the SANG requirements in relation to housing numbers, densities. Important to explore SANG design and functions

Work to be triggered on confirmation of MoD’s departure.

HIGH/ MEDIUM Needed to support the revision of the draft masterplan

Walking and Cycling Strategy


SANG implementation plan to be discussed – October SG Meeting

Habitats Regulations Assessment Sports and Recreation Strategy

Draft monitoring programme to be presented to group – October SG Meeting

Explore design options on Hogmoor Inclosure – April SG Meeting

Green Infrastructure Strategy

Needed to support the revision of the draft masterplan To be supported by the next phase of the Habitats Regulations Assessment

Green Infrastructure Strategy Habitats Regulations Assessment

Funding available as part of work to establish monitoring framework Ongoing funding will be required to support planning process monitoring and surveys – Approx £100k to March 2012 Funding available to complete first phase of this work through the current Green Infrastructure and Habitats Regulations Project Further funding required to complete the implementatio n plan and deliver early demonstration projects Approx £100k to March 2012 NB: LIFE+ funding from Europe could provide support. Currently being explored, deadline July 2011.

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Delivery Board notes March 2011  
Delivery Board notes March 2011  

Notes from the meeting of the Whitehill Bordon Delivery Board