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Public questions – Chris Wain 1.) There have been five meetings of the Specialist Groups in February, all of which have followed the same lines as the original Policy Advisory groups and been open to all members of the Public. The new groups were asked for topics for further investigation, which is exactly what the PAGs have been doing for the past three years with information being passed forward as recommendations. Change for changes sake! The Green Town Delivery Vehicle (GDV) is “to define and focus activities …. avoiding duplication of effort”; (Governance Structure – Role of Delivery Board and Associated Groups – 20 May 2010). So should the GDV not be setting the projects for these groups, on which it needs specialist and particularly local information?

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This item is on the Delivery Board agenda for today’s meeting. Yes, the Delivery Board does need to do this work informed by the local community

Delivery Board notes March 2011  

Notes from the meeting of the Whitehill Bordon Delivery Board