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Appendix 1: Public Questions Public questions – Peter Parkinson 1) The various Specialist Groups have their own particular aims and objectives, which overlap and may conflict with each other. How will these differing aims and priorities be resolved? How for example, will concerns for better traffic flow be reconciled with concerns for air pollution and damage to wildlife sites?

We will sponsor joint meetings of the various Specialist Groups as necessary to try and resolve any differing or conflicting aims and priorities. We may also seek the views of the Standing Conference. If these cannot be resolved then the Delivery Board will be asked to take a view.

2) In view of the demanding objectives of the eco-town proposal, has a mechanism been put in place to monitor particular factors and halt development, if adverse effects are found or targets are not achieved? If not why not? This mechanism might apply to traffic, air pollution, employment, wildlife habitats, water resources, provision of new facilities and so on. I understand this idea has been used elsewhere as a condition for planning consent.

We agree this is very important and have asked our consultants to advise on how best to ensure that monitoring is effective, timely and feeds back into policy changes wherever necessary to adjust policy. It is important that the monitoring is timely and therefore objective.

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Delivery Board notes March 2011  

Notes from the meeting of the Whitehill Bordon Delivery Board