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eco-town status O

facilities, more jobs and an

What Eco-town status means for the town...

improved town centre so the

• The town will share

n 16 July 2009

Residents have been calling on

Whitehill Bordon was

the council to provide better

awarded Eco-town status. A massive amount of

council developed the Green

£60million over two years

Government funding has been

Town Vision.

with the other three Eco-towns for facilities,

earmarked to breathe life into the town.

This is a plan to give the town

eco-homes and new green

the facilities and infrastructure


Whitehill Bordon will now

it so desperately needs while

• Access to £200m for

be considered a ‘regional

also protecting the environment

innovative projects

priority’ which means the town

- Eco-town status is a way of

including low-emission

is considered before others

delivering this.

transport • Access to £70m to support

for health, transport, leisure, business and educational

The council has pledged to

community organisations


go above and beyond the

• A new zero-carbon school

environmental targets laid out The town is now eligible for a range of grants, which it wouldn’t be eligible for without Eco-town status, and this means that some of the key projects can be started this year.

by the Eco-town criteria.

by 2013 • Funding to look into a London rail line • Training for new jobs involving ‘green’ skills • Electric car plug-in points for the town • Chance to share ideas and

The bid for Eco-town status was

activities with other carbon-

led by East Hampshire District

busting communities

Council and the Whitehill

• Government confirms

Bordon Opportunity Executive

that scale of development


is dependent on environmental studies • Government study predicts substantial economic benefit for the town


the opportunity T

his is Whitehill Bordon’s once-in-alifetime opportunity to become a vibrant sustainable settlement which balances the needs of the community with the needs of the environment.


he Ministry of Defence is

Whitehill Bordon owes its

set to relocate training

existence to the presence of the

to St Athan in South Wales


and this has created a real chance for Whitehill Bordon

Initial consultation with residents

to become an exciting place

identified demand for specific

to live and work.

facilities such as shops, sports and entertainment facilities,

Subject to approval of the main

improved transport, better

investment decision the contract

facilities for young people,

is due to be signed in 2010.

environmental improvements and employment opportunities.

The move to Wales means that about 250 hectares

If no action were taken when the

(600 acres) will be released

army leaves the town then the

in the next few years.

impact on the town would be extremely negative. There would be a loss of more than 2,000 jobs and a drop of 40% in school intake. There would also be a loss of business and customers to the town. The local community and the council have been working to overcome this threat and developed the Green Town Vision to protect and enhance


the area - Eco-town status is a way of delivering this.

where is whitehill bordon? T

he town, which currently

south east of England, 46







has a population of

14,000, is located in the





miles from central London. Farnborough



The nearest big city is Portsmouth and it is also close to Guildford. It has grown around the


HAMPSHIRE Winchester

M3 Alton



in the town.


Horndean Southampton

been designated – the South


Whitehill Bordon

Ministry of Defence’s presence

A new national park has just


M27 Portsmouth

A27 Chichester


Downs National Park – and Whitehill Bordon will serve as a gateway to it.


The town is set in rolling countryside and is about a 40 minute drive to the sea. The town has no recognisable town centre and relatively few community facilities.


Whitehill Bordon needs development to provide a better mix of housing, improved facilities and services for a modern sustainable settlement.

the town T

he Whitehill Bordon

The town has a young

Opportunity project

population with a high

is being run by a

proportion of children. Residents

multi-agency partnership.

tend to be less well qualified than in other parts of the district

It includes representatives

and around 13% of residents

from East Hampshire District

rent their homes from a housing

Council, Whitehill Town

association. Lower income

Council, the MoD, Defence

earners and first-time buyers are

Estates, Hampshire County

attracted to the town and there

Council, the South East

is a high rate of out commuting.

England Development Agency (SEEDA), Natural England, the

There is an imbalance in the

Government Office for the South

social and economic mix of the

East (GOSE) and the Homes

existing population with fewer

and Communities Agency.

professional and managerial residents than elsewhere.

Local community groups are also engaged through

The natural environment

Policy Advisory Groups and

surrounding the town is of

the Town Partnership, which

outstanding quality and one

is also making short-term

of the town’s key assets. There

improvements to the area.

are several designated sites for nature conservation in and

Local residents and businesses

around the town. These sites

are involved at every stage

range from local to international

of the process. The group’s

importance and are highly

research and consultation work

valued by the community.

so far has resulted in a series of baseline studies and The Green

As well as a clear need for better

Town Vision.

local facilities residents want to protect the natural environment


- we need to achieve a balance that achieves both objectives.

the mission W

e will develop a

We will promote the best

town where the new

quality public transport to

buildings are built to zero

provide communication links

carbon status.

both within our town and to other destinations in order to

We want to reduce the carbon

encourage alternatives to the

footprint of the community


by 2036. This means that the carbon footprint of the new,

New public transport will be

larger town will not exceed the

cheap, convenient, frequent,

carbon footprint of the existing

stylish, comfortable, fast and



We will develop a town where

We plan to provide modern

individuals are important and

premises for up to 7,000 new

development is designed with

jobs in a mixed economy, not

people and nature in mind.

reliant upon one industry.

We will develop a town centre

Almost every house will be

that is pedestrian-friendly and is

within 10 minutes walk of the

interconnected with residential

town centre.

and commercial areas. It is a requirement of the EcoWe will create quality public

town status that the net CO2

open space. We will set aside

emissions from the whole Eco-

over 170ha of land for new

town development are zero or

public open space. Forty per

below. Existing homes can also

cent of the town will be green

be retrofitted to make them


more energy efficient.

We will encourage investment by businesses and industries that share our vision of a sustainable and environmentally-friendly community.



Dec 2005

Feb 2006

Green Town Vision adopted by EHDC with unanimous cross-party support.

The council took the view that either of the options was an opportunity for the town.

Three-day consultation event held on 6th/7th/8th - bus tour of Ministry Of Defence land for residents and a family funday

Transport meeting with top transport experts (including Sir Peter Hall) in London - they suggest the old rail line is reinstated.

Revised and updated Eco-town bid submitted.

Masterplanners start work.

The town is designated as a Strategic Development Area within the South East Plan

Award-winning masterplanning team (EDAW) is appointed to start shaping the town

Housing Minister (at the time) Caroline Flint visits Whitehill Bordon.

Independent consultants appointed to manage masterplan consultation

Sep 2008

The other one, called MC3, was planning to consolidate training in Bordon and establish a centre for excellence at the training school.

Jul 2008

It was revealed that there were two preferred bidders for the Defence Training Review. Metrix was going to relocate from Bordon to Saint Athan.

The public consultation feedback formed the Green Town Vision.

July 2004 – first public consultation. Residents told East Hampshire District Council (EHDC) how much they valued the environment – as well as needing better facilities.

Bid judged by the Challenge Panel again. Public meeting – about 200 residents attend.

Bid judged by the Challenge Panel - a group of experts appointed by the Government.

Jul 2008

Public gave its backing to the Green Town Vision.


October 2003 – First Whitehill Bordon Bulletin sent out to all residents in the GU35 postcode to inform them about developments.

Consultants working on different options for the growth of the town.

Steering group formed because of the impending Defence Training Review of the MoD land in Whitehill Bordon.

timeline of key events May 2008 Oct 2008 Nov 2008

Apr 2006

Jan 2007

EHDC successful in lobbying for Whitehill Bordon recognition in South East plan.

Whitehill Bordon short listed for Eco-town status.

Government designates Whitehill Bordon as an Eco-town

Masterplan and Core Strategy will be published

MoD to sign final contracts

EHDC to produce Local Development Framework

Potential start date for development on major sites (subject to MoD contracts)

Oct 2009 2010 2011 2014

Oct 2007

Dec 2007

Feb 2008

Apr 2008

EHDC consulted community on issues and options for the Local Development Framework Core Strategy. The consultation demonstrated the need for infrastructure and jobs as well as housing.

Detailed masterplan consultation

July 2009

Team set up to drive the Whitehill Bordon Opportunity and the Eco-town bid forward.

District-wide consultation revealed that 77 per cent of the local population see the MoD’s departure as a real opportunity to develop a new kind of town that both serves the community and protects the environment.

Jul 2007

EHDC makes bid for Eco-town status.

Policy Advisory Groups (Pags) and executive group set up to drive the Green Town Vision forward.

Government brought out the Eco-town prospectus. This was seen as a way to deliver the Green Town Vision.

Around 160 residents attend public meeting about the army departure and the opportunity of the Green Town Vision.

Announcement made that Metrix was the preferred bidder – so EHDC could start working on an option for relocation. Apr 2009


setting an example CARBON  NEUTRALITY


The work will take into account

Carbon neutrality will require

the whole carbon footprint of

changes in the way we build,

every citizen, both existing and

the way we use resources and


the way we travel.

By 2036 the whole town should

We have now completed a

be carbon neutral. This means

transportation assessment that

that the carbon footprint of the

has quantified the challenge of

new, larger town will not exceed

providing the very best public

the carbon footprint of the

transport in the most sustainable

existing town.


We have already started to pilot

We are looking at the re-use

sustainable housing and we

of old railway routes as well as

are already retrofitting existing

the most modern bus and rapid


transport systems.

Eco-town status will enable us to

Our target is to reduce car trips

attract more funding to expand

to 25% by 2036 in the entire

this programme. This means we

town. This is linked to year-

can start retrofitting homes for

on-year targets for improving

the existing community straight

walking, cycling, public


transport and access to facilities. Government figures show that 87% of transport emissions come from private vehicles and only 3% from buses, so it is really important to tackle


climate change on the roads.

During the process of consultation and discussion we have identified four areas of work where we aim to excel. We are planning pilot schemes in each of these areas so that Whitehill Bordon leads the way in tackling climate change. BIODIVERSITY


We have been working with

We have been working with the

Natural England, RSPB and the

Environment Agency to address

local Wildlife Trust to integrate

issues of water neutrality and

our masterplan with a Habitats

sustainable drainage and waste

Regulation Assessment.


In particular we plan to

By using existing boreholes and

safeguard all protected areas

wells and by reducing water

and provide the new town

usage and wastage we plan

with new publicly accessible

a completely water neutral

green space, including an

development. That means that

urban network of natural

the new town will not exceed

landscape and water gardens

current water usage.

as well as better protection and management of the

Retrofitting of existing homes

safeguarded sites. The target is

will include methods of recycling

a net increase in biodiversity.

water and reducing water use so the residents of Whitehill

Eco-town status will allow us to

Bordon will be able to save

designate new nature reserves

money on water rates as well as

to link the protected heathlands

fuel charges.

straight away. It will also provide funding for new walking, cycling

The draft water cycle study is

and leisure paths to be built

available on the website:

before any major development

takes place.


climate change I

f we don’t do anything

We will each need to reduce our

to combat climate

carbon footprint in order to do

change then rising global

our bit for the planet.

temperatures will cause the sea level to rise

A carbon footprint is a measure

and alter local climate

of the impact our activities

conditions, affecting

have on the environment, and

forests, crop yields, and

in particular climate change.

water supplies.

It relates to the amount of greenhouse gases produced

What eco town means for climate change:

in our day-to-day lives through

animals, and many types of

burning fossil fuels for electricity,


heating and transportation.

Deserts may expand and some

We can reduce our carbon

of our countryside may be

footprint by paying attention to

permanently altered.

how we heat our homes, how we travel, where we buy goods

At the G8 Summit in July 2009 the developed nations committed to reducing our CO2 emissions by 80% by 2050.

Innovative technology

Whitehill Bordon is set to be one

European funding

world how this can be achieved.

Reduced carbon footprint


It may also affect human health,

of the first towns to show the

and by recycling.

housing E

co-town status means

householders around £300 per

that energy saving

year and replacing old boilers

houses can be piloted.

with the very latest type can

The expected benefits for

save money as well as reducing

residents will be much

carbon emissions.

lower energy bills, reduced water consumption, better

The Environment Centre is an

insulation and efficient

independent organisation,

heating. All housing will

based in Southampton, which

have double or triple

has just received funding to

glazing. Some homes will

help people in Whitehill Bordon

have features like heat

retrofit their homes.

collecting conservatories and green roofs.

The first 20 people to enquire about ways to make their home

People who want to build

more energy efficient and quote

their own eco-homes using the

‘tank jacket’ will receive a hot

technology of their choice will

water tank insulating jacket.

be encouraged, as will smaller

These jackets can save you

developers and builders. There

around £40 a year. Phone

will also be opportunities to club

0800 8048601 for more

together with friends to develop


co-owned housing (which can be a very economical way of living). Existing homes will also be retrofitted. This process has already started. Local pilot schemes have shown that up to 60% can be saved on energy bills with a few simple alterations. For example cavity and loft insulation could save

What eco town means for housing: Lower fuel bills Funding to build eco-homes and make existing homes more efficient Up to 5,500 new homes Range of housing from affordable to executive Sites where you can build your own house


transport T

he public transport

A rail link is now a real

in the town and

possibility for the town and

surrounding villages

the Government is looking at

will now start to be

the case after Britain’s train

dramatically improved

operators called for Whitehill

because of Eco-town

Bordon’s railway line to be


reinstated as a top priority.

EHDC is working with

Transport operators are being

Hampshire County Council,

asked to improve and redirect

which is the transport authority,

bus services so that Whitehill

and the Department for

Bordon becomes a transport

Transport to ensure that the town


will be properly linked by public transport.

What eco town means for transport:

extended. To kick-start the transport improvements EHDC has

The major route from London

already committed to spend up

to Portsmouth (the A3) is easily

to £1million across the district –

accessible from the town and

with Whitehill Bordon being a

will provide faster access

Massive investment

top priority.

once the Hindhead tunnel is

Reinstating a railway link

The Department for Transport

Safe cycling and walking routes Less need to commute


Cycling routes are already being

Better links to other towns

completed. and Hampshire County Council will be funding projects to improve transport in the area, including immediate funding for the next stage of feasibility work for a rail link to the town.

community W

hitehill Bordon

The surrounding countryside is

currently has good

beautiful and accessible and just

food shopping and a

four miles to the north is Alice

committed local community

Holt Forest – where there are lots

who organise clubs and

of activities on offer.

activities for every age group and interest.

Regeneration will be predominantly on previously

The masterplan will include a

developed land, which will

new town centre which will

transform the existing town and

create a vibrant hub with shops,

create a better community for the

cafes, services and facilities.

people of Whitehill Bordon.

We aim to make the centre a

Continuing public consultation

10 minute walk from anywhere

and input from the five Policy

in the town and to connect it

Advisory Groups will ensure that

via safe routes for cyclists and

facilities match the needs of the


new and existing communities.

First on the list are more sports

What eco town means for the community:

pitches and cycle routes.

More facilities

As the development progresses facilities will be improved.

A new town centre 7,000 new jobs Creating a better place to live Access to ÂŁ70m to support community organisations


education Eco-town status means that the children of Whitehill Bordon will grow up understanding and contributing to a better future


ichele Frost,

“Having an educational facility

headteacher at

in the town for those over the

Bordon Junior School,

age of 16 would be a great

talks about what Eco-


town status means for education.

“And creating 7,000 new jobs means that children who grow

She said: “Eco-town status is

up in Whitehill Bordon have a

great news for Whitehill Bordon.

much greater chance of finding work in the town at a later

“The town is in desperate need


of more facilities, particularly for youngsters, and being awarded

“The next generation will have

this status means that these

a real chance to get themselves

facilities will become a reality.

on the property ladder because of the affordable housing which

What eco town means for education: New primary schools Improved secondary education Skills training


University-level education

“It is fantastic that school

will be provided.

children will be able to cycle or walk safely to school on special

“The children here at Bordon

routes through beautiful green

Junior School are really excited


about the town’s future and can’t stop talking about it.”

environment Whitehill and its exceptional environment


llr Dr Chris Wain,

“One of the priorities must be

the chair of the

to safeguard the ground-nesting

Biodiversity Policy

birds - the heathland is famous

Advisory Group, talks

for these.

about the town’s environment.

“The Green Town Vision acknowledges this outstanding

She said: “The parish of

environment and heritage

Whitehill and its surrounding


area is extraordinarily rich in natural history and much of the

“It aims to put in place

land has protected status.

protection measures by building sustainably to a high level, with

What eco town means for the environment: Setting aside land to link protected heathland, to provide new walking and cycling routes New parks and green space More money to protect the natural environment

“This, together with its historical

a low carbon footprint and

heritage, is much appreciated

reducing nitrogen emissions with

by the town’s residents.

an exemplary public transport service.”

“The area has European designated sites, located to the south, north and west and slightly farther away on the east side. “A connecting green network will prevent fragmentation of these designated sites and other areas, such as roadside verges within the town.


business W

hitehill Bordon already has a small

but vibrant economy.

• Skilled population with excellent facilities for both business and community.

We are already being approached by businesses

Our workforce includes a

that are attracted to the

significant cohort of training


professionals currently employed by Vosper Thorneycroft, Alice

What eco town means for business: 7,000 new jobs Energy and sustainability skills Eco-tourism New technologies High quality broadband access New homes for your workforce


The town has the potential to

Holt Forest Research Station

create a sustainable mixed

(climate change and biomass),

economy including green

Tesco, a pharmaceutical

technologies, products and

manufacturer and a skilled local


construction workforce.

Its key assets will be:

With access to up to 5,500 new houses from affordable to

• A ready stock of development land

executive level the Eco-town will make it easy for new employers to attract new staff. And

• Some excellent redundant

every company that locates in

buildings including

Whitehill Bordon will be able to

workshops, offices,

trade on the reputation of being

classrooms and a number of

located in one of Britain’s first

Edwardian mansions.


• High quality broadband infrastructure

We’ve already had interest from an international company which wants to locate in the town.

• Location in an impressive natural environment with

If you are interested in locating

significant woodland, on the

your business in the town,

edge of the South Downs

please email

National Park.

This is a really exciting project and the town’s got even greater potential than I had imagined.”

praise for the project He met with East Hampshire

“It’s such a brilliant site because

District Council and revealed

it’s surrounded by beautiful

that he would like to support


Whitehill Bordon’s bid to become an Eco-town at the end

“It was great to see the existing

of last year.

facilities like ‘Little Wembley’ and there would be lots of

He has since toured the town on

opportunity to upgrade these

a bicycle.

kinds of things as well as introducing more up-to-date


He said: “This is a really exciting

ones into the town.

esigner Wayne

project and the town’s got even

Hemingway MBE is the

greater potential than I had

“I was pleased to see that


there is a great opportunity

co-founder of the fashion label Red or Dead, and

for sustainable living as some

was on the Government’s

“I’d seen parts of the town

housing could be upgraded and

‘challenge panel’ which

before when I’d driven through

this would also be quite cost

looked at each of the Eco-

but this was my first chance to


town bids.

have a really good look at the main sites and the MoD land.

He is also the chairman

“Some of the existing housing could be made to be more

of Building for Life - an

“And it was great to do the tour

attractive and comfortable to

organisation which promotes

on bike.

live in.

“Whitehill Bordon is a really

“All in all there is a real

great place to live and it will be

opportunity to make the town

The 47-year-old also runs

made even better with Eco-town

a better place to live and work

Hemingway Design with his wife.


and it will be great to be part

excellence in the quality of design of new housing.

The award-winning company

of that.”

specialises in affordable, welldesigned housing.


consultation S


ince the masterplanners

And East Hampshire District

were appointed

Council had a stand at the

Kevin Murray Associates were

in August 2008 East

garrison fireworks display to

appointed as independent

Hampshire District Council

inform residents and answer

consultants to plan, manage

has hosted various


and facilitate the masterplan

consultation events to try


to get as many views and

In April 2009 the consultants

ideas about the town’s

arranged another round of

Kevin Murray said: “The level

development as possible.


of participation and feedback from all the events held so far

In November 2008 a three-day

About 500 residents came to the

has been of an extremely high

event was held for stakeholders,

day-long drop-in session at the

quality and most impressive

businesses and community

Forest Community Centre.

with a rich diversity of issues and concerns raised which

groups. There was an exhibition of

the design team have had to

There were also workshops to

ideas which have been drawn


get individuals thinking about

up by the masterplanners and

ideas and issues that they may

residents filled in detailed

“The depth of knowledge

not have considered before.


and understanding of

A family fun-day at Bordon

This feedback is currently

demonstrated by residents,

Junior School was also

being used to prepare the

from school children, to

organised for this round of

draft masterplan which will be

businesses, to elderly residents

consultation and this focussed

unveiled this autumn.

has truly enriched the process

issues affecting the town,

and will be reflected in the

on the residents. The consultation will continue Bus tours of the Ministry of

and the community will be

Defence land were organised so

involved at every step.

outcome, i.e. the masterplan. “Towns with people that

residents could see the scale of

care so much and have

the site.

such a passion for the place generally have a better future


than those where most people are indifferent.“

word on the street R

odney Freeman, from

Mrs Buse, from Liss Forest, has

Whitehill Bordon,

lived in the area for 22 years.

and Julie Buse, from Liss Forest, each won a £100

The 52-year-old works as a

gift card in the most recent

medical secretary. She walks


her dog in some of Whitehill Bordon’s green spaces.

Rodney Freeman, 69, has lived in Whitehill Bordon for 18

She said: “I think that the plans


for Bordon will be good for the town.

The retired design draftsman said: “I chose to live in

“Some people will always panic

Whitehill Bordon because it was

when houses are built but I think

somewhere which I could afford.

it will be an improvement in the long run.

“It would be fantastic if the town could look prettier but that the

“It will be good as long as the

houses were still affordable.

infrastructure is put in place and the green spaces are protected.”

“I think the council’s plans are very good but a prerequisite must be that the transport issues are sorted out. “Youngsters are the future and a green and pleasant town for them would be fantastic.”


the masterplan – what happens next? T

he masterplanning

After listening to all the

Once all these views are

team are working on

responses from previous

canvassed EHDC, as the

a draft plan for the town.

consultation and after a

planning authority, will take a

This is being driven by the

considerable amount of testing

final informed decision.

community’s views which

of ideas the masterplanners will

were gathered at two major

unveil their proposals this

After that - if the decision is

consultation events as


to accept the masterplan -

well as via questionnaire surveys.

then we can expect planning An important aspect of this final

applications. These will only

stage of the masterplan will

be accepted if they meet the

East Hampshire District Council

be the pronouncement from

stringent standards set by

has also been asked to consider

Natural England and EHDC as

the Eco-town policies, our

the consequences of up to 5,500

to the quantity of housing and

own planning policies and

homes when the MoD leaves the

jobs that can be developed in

the masterplan design.  


the town without harming the


For the first time in Whitehill

The community has given the

Bordon’s history we have

council a clear steer that they

As yet no figure has been

the opportunity to accept

want jobs and facilities, a better

published, but we have

development on our terms and

town centre and improved public

committed to no more than

not in an ad hoc manner.


5,500 homes.

Residents acknowledge

Once the masterplan is

that development is inevitable,

published we will want to consult

and that with the development

as widely as possible.

will come the facilities and infrastructure that the town so

People living in Whitehill Bordon

desperately needs.

and in surrounding villages can be assured that their views are,


But people have told us that they

and will continue to be, heard.

do not want development at any


Charlie Ledward, Vice President of EDAW | AECOM Charlie Ledward is leading the Masterplan team. He said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for Whitehill Bordon to improve the quality of life for its residents and create a great place to live for future generations. “We are delighted that EHDC’s Green Town Vision for the town will now be backed by the Government’s Artist’s impression of how the new town centre could look

Eco-town initiative. “The masterplan for Whitehill

Key features of the Masterplan

Bordon has received close

Central new town centre

environmental standards of

Integrated transport hub

scrutiny by the Government to ensure it is meeting the the Eco-town programme for delivering a well-served and attractive place where people will want to live, work and

Protection of green spaces

spend their leisure time.

New education facilities

town and we are delighted

New business parks

“It is an exciting time for the to be involved in such a prestigious project.”

















Forest Centre

A new town centre is created on the old High Street.

Leisure facilities at Viking Park on the Green Loop.



Hogmoor Inclosure is protected as a public green space for the town linked into the Green Loop.






Whitehill Club land becomes new employment location.






Whitehill Bordon.


Mixed use town centre

Strategic public transport corridor


Indicative local public transport route

proposals, which will take


account of further work

Public green spaces

done by the consultants

North-south wildlife corridors

Commercial street

Community and leisure

Town scale energy centre

Employment uses focused Public transport hub around Woolmer Trading Improvements the main entrances to the town Estate, former REME toand Louisburg Barracks are Existing built up area accessed from a new commercial street. ROAD

Green loop


The final masterplan

A larger country park and visitor facility linked into the town via the Green Loop. It could include playing pitches and a green burial site. The Forest Centre area is used for community and residential uses once the new town centre has opened.


that could be adopted for

The disused rail line is used for part of the strategic public transport corridor.



two of a range of layouts



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The secondary school moves to the Prince Philip Barracks area, and the land is redeveloped for housing.

River Wey

A new education and skills campus is based at Prince Philip Barracks, Bordon Junior School and the MoD sports facilities.


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Most of the former MoD housing estates on Camp Road are redeveloped for higher quality High Street housing.



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Bordon Trading Estate


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The old fire station is developed as a discovery & heritage centre.


BOSC retained for public use. LIPHOOK ROAD

ideas for the future

The town’s employment is focused at a new Eco-business park at Louisburg Barracks. Existing industrial businesses on the High Street are relocated here.

Special Protection Areas & Special Areas of Conservation

as well as all the public comments will be ready for consultation this autumn.

The old fire station is developed as a discovery & heritage centre.


BOSC retained for public use Bordon Trading Estate




Quebec Barracks becomes a new skills centre. Some former MoD housing estates on Camp Road are redeveloped.


‘Green roots’ housing character in the woodland around BOSC











Whitehill Club land is developed for sports & leisure



Printed in Bordon on recycled paper.





Mixed use town centre

Strategic public transport corridor


Indicative local public transport route


Commercial street

Community and leisure

Town scale energy centre

Public green spaces

Public transport hub

Green loop

Improvements to the main entrances to the town

North-south wildlife corridors

Existing built up area

Special Protection Areas & Special Areas of Conservation

A new country park linked into the town via the Green Loop. It could include playing pitches and green burial plots.



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Mill Chase School becomes a hub for 0-19 year education.

The Forest Centre area is used for community and employment once the new town centre is opened. WH ITEH


Hogmoor Inclosure is protected as a public green space for the town linked into the Green Loop.

Forest Centre


Employment uses focused around Woolmer Trading Estate, former REME and Louisburg Barracks are accessed from a new commercial street.








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Address: Penns Place, Petersfield, Hampshire, GU31 4EX




Tel: 01730 266551







The town centre runs from Prince Philip Barracks to Tesco, past Chalet Hill


For more information on the Eco-town

River Wey

Existing MOD sports facilities and Daly Ground are upgraded to create a sports hub

Eco-town booklet  

Whiteill Bordon Eco-town booklet

Eco-town booklet  

Whiteill Bordon Eco-town booklet