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BOSC and adjacent woodland area Proposed Urban Environment

Sports provision


ƒ This area was seen as an important buffer area to adjacent biodiversity sites. The proximity of proposed executive housing to the protected railway corridor was also questioned ƒ The deculverting of Oxney Stream was supported as was the relocation away from the spine road ƒ Youth play should be centrally located, not positioned away from residential areas ƒ Important that proposed housing fronts on to green space and has a positive relationship ƒ The general location of the spine road taking through traffic away from the existing High Street was seen to be a positive change. The design of the spine road to include tree planting/crossing points etc to avoid severance ƒ Centrally located multi-hub sites provide the most appropriate approach to formal sports provision. Similarly, the approach to education provision may be best located in the context of a multi-hub site ƒ If the proposed school is located on the eastern option there is an opportunity to create a central pitch and town park hub in a central position in the new development ƒ BOSC and Whitehill Club to provide important additional provision though their locations were away from the main

Green Infrastructure Strategy

development area Town Park

ƒ Support for a town park as a focal point (if the school option is not pursued) – part of which could contribute to the SANG provision

Session 2 Bordon Inclosure

ƒ Potential for increase recreation ƒ Currently has a dense tree canopy which would benefit from being opened up ƒ Proposed cycle route to avoid boggy areas – suggest relocate to higher ground ƒ Use of board walks to provide access without damaging ecological interest

Alexandra Park Wey Valley

ƒ Expansion of heathland areas supported

Deadwater Valley

ƒ Managed as local nature reserve ƒ Link through to Eveley Wood important

Existing urban environment

ƒ Enhancement of existing urban environment considered integral to strategy

Eveley Wood

ƒ Woodland needs positive management

ƒ Links through Wey Valley important – provision of circular walking routes to support SANG provision

Green Infrastructure Strategy  

Whitehill Bordon Eco-town Green Infrastructure Strategy

Green Infrastructure Strategy  

Whitehill Bordon Eco-town Green Infrastructure Strategy