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Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin Annual Report 2012

Connecting Children and Adults to a World of Possibilities

Our Profile Easter Seals provides care, education and therapies for approximately and their families each year in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, Racine, Kenosha, and Waukesha Counties.

10,000 individuals

We have earned a positive reputation and have built a respected brand from nearly of service to our community. We are seen as a “trusted expert” in disability and community issues. Here’s why:

80 years

50 years of job training experience and relationships

• We have nearly with local employers.

• We have the proven ability to adapt in a rapidly changing environment through two successful mergers and multiple program expansions. • We invest in infrastructure and human capital to achieve our vision by: Bringing together the best, brightest and most passionate staff with professional experiences across the lifespan. • We partner with leading organizations like Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, and ManpowerGroup that allow local employers and companies to engage in our mission through volunteerism, financial support and service development. • We tap into the generosity of our region with over engaged in volunteer activities.

500 volunteers

“My 10 year old twins volunteer for Easter Seals’ Sports Clinics. I am finding this experience is invaluable to my boys. Not only are my boys having fun and meeting new friends, but they are serving as a positive peer support role models. This experience is teaching them to give back to their community, how to be more compassionate and understanding of individuals with special needs and is helping them growing their skills as positive leaders and role models.”

Accomplishments In 2012, we shared a new slogan with the community that included a promise to the children and adults with disabilities that we serve, “connecting you to a world of possibilities.” Our job at Easter Seals is not to define someone’s future, but open doors for their success to realize their hopes and dreams. To create the interventions, support and services that will make that promise a reality. Connecting our services to known outcomes and community impact was one of our main internal goals in 2012. Our staff reviewed research and professional literature to connect our service outcomes to larger community impact. As you page through our annual report, you will see that investing in Easter Seals creates a world of possibilities for the individuals and families we serve, and dividends for the larger community: in the workplace, in school and in future government expenditures. Two new initiatives demonstrate this larger impact. Our first Project SEARCH interns completed their internship at Children’s Hospital in June. Now, 90% of the interns have jobs and have begun their working journey, reducing their dependence on government support. Twelve students entered Project SEARCH last autumn, and as they intern, their eyes are opening to new possibilities in employment. In 2012, we experienced a first in our Autism services graduation! Kai has excelled so well since starting with us in 2010 that he no longer needed autism services, and even more, his school system saw only minimal support needed in the classroom, saving on the costs of special education. Kai, who was adopted from China, has a lifetime of possibilities before him. Connecting someone to a world of possibilities is not the job of one professional or professional team. It requires a dedicated family and support network with your help as a volunteer, donor or corporate partner that creates a special place called, Easter Seals where new possibilities are born every day!

Thank you!

Bob Glowacki CEO, Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin

Roger Schaus Board Chair, Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin

Leading the Way Easter Seals relies on family and friends, our advocates and donors to provide meaningful services and supports. We are passionate about making the world a better place for people living with disabilities and special needs. Volunteer leaders are at the center of who we are, and what we do and who care deeply about improving the lives of people with disabilities and their families.

Board of Directors President Roger Schaus Jr. Generac

Vice President Greg Schoepke

Custom Production Grinding, Inc.

Secretary Treasurer Beth Schimel Frank Windt Novo Nordisk

Schenck Business Solutions

Jeff Blakely CVS Pharmacy

Karen Ordinans Children’s Health Alliance of WI

George Thompson Retired, Briggs & Stratton

John Bosbous Retired, Caterpillar Global Mining

Pete Papageorge Century Services

Dale Van Dam M3 Insurance Solutions, Inc.

Nancy Creuziger ManpowerGroup

James J. T. Pittelkow St. Robert of Newminster

David Wiedholz Sam’s Club

Ina Fischer Parent Representative

Bob Ranus Retired, Roundy’s

Bob Artin Haig Honorary Board Member

David Glazer David Glazer Real Estate

Linda Ryan RE/MAX Realty 100

Melissa Koepple Grant Thornton

Fernando Serpa Johnson Controls

Congratulations to our 2012 Lily Society inductees John Bosbous Valerie Clarke Patty Gregor Jim Ippolite Andre Joiner Melissa Koeppel

Robert Mueller Julie Murphy James Pittelkow Linda Ryan Patty Thomas

The Lily Society award honors an individual or group whose personal service and generosity gave needed assistance to significantly advance the mission and vision of Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin to provide service and support to individuals and families living with a disability.

Left to Right: Patty Gregor, James Pittelkow, John Bosbous, Melissa Koeppel, Valerie Clarke and Linda Ryan

Supporting Our Mission Easter Seals Presidents’ Council honors generous individuals who provide an annual renewable gift of $1,000 or more. Empowerment $10,000 - $24,999

Anonymous Roger and Cynthia Schaus

Dignity  $2,500 - $4,999

John and Patricia Bosbous Dale and Michelle Van Dam

Ability  $1,000 - $2,499

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bennett Nancy Creuziger and Roger Wojtak Robert Dohmen Mark and Suzanne Durham Ingrid Fischer Terrence and Laureen Frett Jackie and David Gay David and Laurie Glazer Robert and Christa Glowacki Raymond and Mary Glowacki Jason Klawonn Melissa and Todd Koeppel Daniel Lange Brian and Sue Lanser Mark and Melissa Levenhagen Kevin Lindsey Barbara Lynch George and Julie Mosher Family Foundation Chris and Anne Noyes Karen and Marty Ordinans

Pete Papageorge Sue Pierman James Pittelkow Mitchell and Renee Quick Robert and Carol Ranus Susan M. Russell Judith A. Runt Linda and Dennis Ryan Michelle and David Schaefer Beth and Chris Schimel Ron Schlender George and Peny Schaefer Greg and Mary Jo Schoepke Erich and Judy Schwenker Mr. Derek Smith Dr. and Mrs. Richard Stewart David and Paula Strelitz George Thompson David Weidholz Frank Windt

Mission Society $500 - $999

Our Mission Society honors generous individuals who provide an annual outright gift of $500 or more.

Mission Society

Robert Fricker Kathleen Goelz Maurita Houren Eric and Jessie Johnson Frank and Marina Krejci Norma Jean Larson Harold Miller Gregory and Susan Milleville

Elizabeth O’Leary Roy Spielmann Kenneth Weber Sonja Williams

Children Services

When identified early in a child’s life, Easter Seals early intervention services increase school readiness, decreasing the need for special education services by 50%, saving thousands of dollars in remediation costs for every child served.

Early Intervention “Before Easter Seals started working with Theo, he had problems paying attention to anything or communicating with anyone. After two years in the Birth-to-Three program, Theo is nearly unrecognizable from that toddler. He is turning into a little person, can communicate his needs, and even control some of his boundless energy. We remain grateful to the Easter Seals staff for making their two years with him count.�

331 children

Last year we served to help them reach their development milestones like taking their first steps or speaking their first words.


of children we served last year no longer had a need for service or a need for special education classes beyond their 3rd birthday.

“Our goal is to provide all the necessary interventions as early as possible in order to ensure the best outcomes. Seeing Ben’s incredible progress thus far gives us so much hope and great inspiration.” When Ben Jimenez was just 18 months old, his parents noticed delays in speech. They spoke to their pediatrician about their concerns, and were told that his delays were due to being raised bilingual. Not completely satisfied with this explanation, Ben’s parents explored their options. Their search led them to Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin’s Birth to Three program. After six months in the B3 program, Ben is making great progress. When he talks, he speaks in full sentences and is understood by others. And, thanks to his knowledgeable team of speech and occupational therapists, Ben’s parents better understand his sensory issues, and fine motor-skill needs.

Ben’s mom explains, “Finding out his diagnosis (PDD-NOS) didn’t come as a big surprise, it was more like a relief. Our goal is to provide all the necessary interventions as early as possible in order to ensure the best outcomes. Seeing Ben’s incredible progress thus far gives us so much hope and great inspiration.” In fact, Ben is doing so well with communicating in his primary language, English, that his parents now have hope that someday he will be able to communicate with his grandparents in Spanish.

Investing in early intervention assures children a future.

Learn more about our national initiative

Autism Services Easter Seals autism services increases a child’s ability to learn and grow alongside typically-developing peers, enabling them to develop into adults who live and work independently in our community, resulting in a savings of more than a $1 million per person in education and adult living costs.

“What I hoped Apollo would gain through therapy, he has already achieved. He still has one and a half years left of therapy, and I cannot wait to see what wonderful things he does. His possibilities are endless. “

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as children are diagnosed with autism.


1 in 88

Last year we served children in all of our autism services and provided over hours of autism therapies. At Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin, our programs, is touched by autism.


1 in every 7 individuals that we served in all of

“We are so proud of the accomplishments our son has made with the help of Easter Seals! He was dismissed from all special education services, except speech therapy, and is functioning at an age appropriate level. His future looks bright and we are truly grateful!” Kai was adopted from an orphanage in China when he was 28 months old, and when his parents brought him home , he did not walk, speak, or interact with others. After seeing a specialist, Kai’s parents, Scott and Chris, were told that their son would be non-verbal and would likely require long-term care. They looked to Easter Seals for help.“Of course, I was devastated by the long term prognosis and relieved when our son was accepted into the autism program at Easter Seals. His therapists were all caring, insightful and astute, and worked fantastically with our kiddo! Our lead therapists and staff were flexible with our changing schedule and coordinated well with teachers at my son’s school.”

Kai began services with our program in September of 2010 and showed amazing progress after only nine months of autism services. Talking was his first, most noticeable change, from being nonverbal to using over 75 words. He began stating his wants and needs, rather than pointing, and soon he expanded to using complete sentences. Because he was able make his needs known more easily, Kai had fewer negative outbursts and more meaningful interactions with family and peers. He began to enjoy interactive activities like reading books and having someone read to him. Kai, once isolated, now participates socially with his friends in school. He is also on target with his academic skills like spelling, counting, reading and writing.

Summer Camp

Easter Seals recreation and respite camp programs reduce risk for children’s health problems such as obesity and heart disease by engaging in physical activities that are adapted to meet their individual needs.

Respite Camp

200 campers

Each year over enjoy a full array of summer activities and community outings. Parents and caregivers benefit from the peace of mind knowing that their child is in a safe, nurturing environment which meets their individual needs while they are at work or taking the opportunity for respite. Over half of the campers who attend our Milwaukee and Waukesha summer camps demonstrate

increased independence

“Tim has autism and loves the routine of camp. He is smiling from the time I drop him off in the morning until his afternoon pickup. Summer camp means the world to him and our family.�

Camp Yellow Ribbon

Military bases are known to provide the largest support network for families enduring a deployment. Many children share deployment experiences, and their local schools often provide programs, including deployment support groups. But most military families in Wisconsin, including most who attend Camp Yellow Ribbon, do not live on a military base. Easter Seals has developed this specialized camp to ensure that we are supporting military children and families no matter where they live.

Camp Yellow Ribbon In 2012,

30 military children, ages 7-15, attended

Camp Yellow Ribbon. We are proud to partner with organizations like Mental Health America of Wisconsin and our Easter Seals Nurturing experts to provide activities like journaling, team and trust building and other projects geared towards sharing their fears and feelings.

Thank you to the following partners who make this camp possible.

Boy Scouts of America

Adult Day Services

It is estimated that due to caregiving responsibilities, the total retirement funds of a typical caregiver is reduced by nearly $305,000. Easter Seals Adult Day Services improve the overall quality of life and financial stability of families and caregivers of adults with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Our adult services allow caregivers to earn a living while their loved one develops new skills and friendships while their special health needs are met.

Adult Day Services

169 adults in our

In 2012 we served four adult day locations.

1 in every 5 individuals in the adult

population provide unpaid care to an older adult or a person with a disability 18 years or older. Our Adult Day Programs provide our participants with access to community resources and person-centered care that allows individuals the the activities and outings they choose to participate.

opportunity to choose

Support Services

Easter Seals Community Support services (Care Management Unit and Guardianship services) reduce costly institutional placements, saving an average of $452 per month for each individual in Wisconsin’s long term care system by coordinating care and tapping into community-based services improving quality of life and health for individuals by allowing them to live in the community of their choice.

Support Services

Janice has been a part of our Easter Seals family since 2009. After a spinal cord injury, she became paraplegic and was forced to move into a nursing home. After being referred to Easter Seals CMU program, our staff was able to help Janice find an apartment, find funding for a specialized wheel chair, and obtain other household items so she could move out of the nursing home and into her own apartment. Since her move, her quality of life and independence have significantly increased.

86% of our participants report that they are as independent as possible and some, like Janice, are now living on their own instead of in a group home.

670 people

Last year we served a total of in all of our Easter Seals Support Services. Many of them were served in our Guardianship program, where we are regarded as a leading provider of these services.


Hiring individuals with disabilities saves our communities dollars and generates economic growth.

Workforce In 2011 in Wisconsin the cost for employment services versus the annual earnings from those individuals was a 2:1 cost ratio.


For every spent on employment services, are reinvested into our communities.



Last year we helped people find a job and provided training to over more with the skills they need to be successful in a job.



Last year we paid over in wages to our Workforce Participants allowing them to reinvest in their community and become more self-suffficient. Proud supporter of our Workforce Training Center

“All I’ve ever wanted for Sara is to be independent. I am so grateful to Easter Seals for having a training program that is helping Sara to be more independent and thrive,”

“Kevin came to us with limited experience, and he’s done a masterful job of learning tasks.”

Project SEARCH

In 2012, Easter Seals launched it’s first Project SEARCH, and 90% of our interns found their first job within a year of their completion of Project SEARCH.

Project SEARCH was developed in 1996 by Nurse J. Erin Riehle, then the Director of the Emergency Department at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. As the flagship program, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital provides technical assistance for replication and overall leadership to Project SEARCH worldwide.

Project SEARCH Marcus is 20 years old. After graduating from High School, he was looking for what to do next. His teacher suggested that he look into Project SEARCH, a new Easter Seals vocational program. Marcus was excited for the great opportunity to develop his work skills. He was one of six participants in the 1st graduating class in 2012. During his rotations, he took great interest in the Children’s Hospital Distribution Center. His job was to deliver supplies and equipment to patient rooms, as well as sterilize equipment. Upon graduating from Project SEARCH, he applied for an opening in that department, and was hired. Marcus really enjoys learning new tasks, and working with his team at the hospital.

Easter Seals is proud to announce that we will be opening our second Project SEARCH Fall of 2013 in partnership with:

“Drew is the type of individual any employer would want on their team. Drew has a positive attitude, professional behavior and excellent memory skills to complete job tasks.”

-Manager- Nutrition Services Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

Financials Easter Seals offers top quality services, and conducts business in an efficient, effective and ethical manner. Sources Of Funds

How Your Dollars Are Spent

Fund Raising

Government Contracts Investment Income Donations


Government Contracts


Other Income Investment Income



Other Income


Supported Employment


Fund Raising


Administration 20.6%

Recreation, Respite & Outreach

Liabilities & Net Assets Accounts Payable Accrued Payroll and Other Total Current Liabilities Long Term Debt


Adult Day Services


Early Intervention

Current Liabilities

Early Intervention

Recreation, Respite & Outreach


Total $10,641,368

$303,552 $339,939 $643,491 $1,647,905

Total Liabilities


Net Assets Unrestricted Temporarily Restricted

$5,427,649 $377,421

Total Net Assets



Guardianship & Support Services



Commercial Sales


Other Programs 0.3%


Commercial Sales Program Fees



Program Fees




Adult Day Services 7%


Other Programs 0.3%


Supported Employment

14.4% 7%


Total $9,984,118

Guardianship & Support Services



Current Assets Cash & Equivalents Accounts Receivable Prepaid Assets & Deposits Total Current Assets Investments Fixed Assets

Net of Accumulated Depreciation

$311,534 $1,334,710 $120,488 $1,766,732 $2,862,639 $3,467,095


Based on Audited Financial Statements

When you donate to Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin, you are investing in life-changing programs. Nearly 90 cents of every dollar goes to direct services, impacting the lives of the people we serve. We are part of a National network that has been first among National Health Council members for the percentage of program dollars allocated to providing direct services to over 1.5 million individuals since 1919.


Baird Foundation Greater Milwaukee Foundation A. Walter and Elsa K. Seiler Fund Trepte Family Fund Industries for the Blind, Inc. Kurth Religious Trust Northwestern Mutual Foundation Stackner Family Foundation Waukesha County Community Foundation Windhover Foundation Wisconsin Energy Foundation


Abbott Laboratories All Star Superband Associated Bank AT & T Corporate Real Estate AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign Badger Alloys Baraboo Growth, LLC Bethesda Church Biz Times Media Blu at the Pfister Hotel Bostik Inc. Brubricks Complete Office Buck N Fin CBS 58 Combined Federal Campaign of Greater Wisconsin CVJS Enterprises LLC CVS Caremark CVS Caremark Dairy Land Buses Inc. Dunkin Donuts EA Graphics Easter Seals Outside Fundraisers Facility Services Group Fred’s Garden & Floral GE United Way Give with Liberty Employee Donations GK Components Golden Rule Chapter No. 194 OES Grayline, Inc. Information Technology Professionals J. F. Ahern Johnson Bank Kapco Inc. - Hometown Heroes Kohl’s Cares for Kids Kohl’s Dpratment Stores, Bayshore Mall M3 Insurance Manpower Inc. Marcus Theatres Michael Best & Friedrich Microsoft Midwest -Community Involvement

Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin thanks the following monetary donors for making gifts from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012. Milwaukee Admirals Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corporation MSI General Nassco National Bakery & Deli New Berlin Lioness Novotny Deli Provisions Precision Gears, Inc. Sam’s Club Seneca Foods Foundation Service Club of Milwaukee Sons of the American Legion South Shore Noon Lake Lions Club St. John’s Lutheran CHurch St. Paul’s Women’s Guild Steppin 4 Autism The Gateway to Milwaukee Towers Watson Trade Press Media Group Truist Distribution United Way Brown County United Way Lake County United Way Mile High United Way of Greater Milwaukee United Way of Jefferson and N. Walworth Counties United Way of Metro Chicago/Crusade of Mercy Walgreens Walmart Waterstone Bank Waukesha Business Improvement District Waukesha Golden K Kiwanis Club Waukesha Rotary Club Waukesha Service Club Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign Wisco Hotels Wisconsin State Council Knights of Columbus #1709 Wisconsin Teamsters JC #39 Women of the Moose #345


Hunkel Trust Patricia L. Hayes Max Branovan Charitable Unitrust Easter Seals is truly grateful for every gift, which helps support our vital work. Every effort has been made for accuracy in recognizing these gifts. Should there be any errors or emission, we apologize and ask that it be brought to our attention.


In Honor of Debbie and Steve Curran Anonymous Just Give In Honor of Dennis Roush Donna Roush In Honor of Beth Schimel Bruce and Shirley Schimel In Memory of Dorothy Bergen Douglas and Susan Brown Debra Kraemer Daniel and Mary Meehan Robert and Helen Petty Trent and Minica Trusley David Wubbolding In Memory of Geraldine Jones Robert and Terry Coviello Jin Kim In Memory of Ann Krauser Jane Lukach In Memory of Craig Linder Gary and Carol Blankehnheim Dennis and Linda Cyra Thomas and Carol Geske Alana Reimer In Memory of Mrs. Leskovsek Waukesha Kiwanis Foundation, Inc. In Memory of Beverly Lucas Jane Lukach In Memory of Anna Phippen Anonymous Donors Thomas and Cynthia Bremeier Kathleen Burchby Robert Chun Judith Cox David and Diane Dray Judith Gence Mark and Mary Hansen-Harrison Michael and Mary Juneau Thomas Kidder Mark and Linda Klann Susan Klawien Margaret Kruse Brian and Sue Lanser Richard Lantz Ronald and Robin Latus John and Catherine McCarthy William and Judith Putchel Alex and Nicole Senger Michael Voss

Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin thanks the following monetary donors for making gifts from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.

In Memory of Norma N. Roemer Joel and Therese Roemer In Memory of Charles Rennicke Jane Lukach In Memory of Steven Wade Snow R & J Medical Supply In Memory of Elizabeth Sperber Jane Lukach In Memory of Debra Usinger Scott and Dorothy Defebaugh In Memory of Manuel Valdes Maria Valdes In Memory of Dennis Zahn Jane Lukach In Memory of Rodney Zivcic Laura Howell

INDIVIDUALS Anonymous Donors Leonard and Paulette Albiniak Jennifer Aldrich Dan Anderson Jerome Anklam Edward Antoniewicz Fredrick and Kay Austermann Chris Badura Tonia Badura Tracy Badura Bridget Bannon Chester and Kathy Barbasiewicz Charles and Mary Bares Lori Bares Nathan Bares David Bartelt Thomas Bartz Ross Baumann Joanne Becker Stephen and Barbara Becker John and Rhonda Beier

Scott Belhumeur and Susan Russ Belhumeur

Willard and Donna Benedict Nicole Berlowski Gerry Berzinsk Joan Bettin Michael and Lucy Bloedorn Jack Boettcher Diane Bonus Dennis and Carole Braun Ralph Braun Patrick and Sarah Brennan

Patricia Brown Roy and Elaine Brueggemann Mary Bubanovich Jennifer Burk Shirley Burmeister Roger and Betty Buss Robert Chun Wayne and Agnes Clark James Clarke Jerry Cler Robert and Paula Cooley Allison Cooney Mary Corcoran Charles and Rosetta Cornelius Robert and Terry Coviello Jay and Gwen Cravens Thomas Crawford Genevieve Cummer Stephen and Debra Curran Scott and Dorothy Defebaugh Penny Dileonardo Karen Dorece Patrick Dunks Allen and Joy Eisenhut Daniel and Patti Ewald John Farina John Fisher Judy Flegel Maryann Fricker Richard and Karin Gale William Gesell Emmely Gideon Burton Goodman Derek Goodman Janet Greuel Kevin Grier Jeanne Gruber Pam Gruber Carissa Guinta Julie Hahn Joyce Hammel Pod Sharon Hanke Karen Harnes Johnathan and Pauline Harurie Christopher and Vicki Hastings James and Janice Hayden Laura Heder Clarence and Carol Hense Rellis and Alice Herzfeld Heather Hildeman Linda Honeyager Mary Howells Janyce Hundt Richard and Louise Jahnke Joyce Johnson Patricia Johnson Richard Johnson

Kathryn Johnston Gerald and Carrie Jones Dorothy Kamm Brian and Pamela Karweik R. and Dorthy Kellums John and Susan Feider Kelly Jin Kim Susan Klawien Elaine Kleinhauns Ralph Kling Thomas Kotecki Gar Kronhelm Steve and Christine Kronsnoble Tyler Krueger Michael Kubly Kelly LaBarr Mary LaBranche Bonnie Laczniak Barb Lambrecht Robert and Vera Landry Robert and Barbara Larson Kathlleen Lilly Chia Lo Beth Andrea Lohmann Mark and Judith Lohmann Jean Lomonaco Roger Luetten Frank and Barbara Markelc Mary McComis Patricia McGinn Amy McGlothlen Robert and Mary McKenny Brian and Donna McMullen Harry and Gerda Meinhold Steven Metzger James and Judith Middleton Sandra Milcarek Steven and Karen Miller Diane Milliken Jeannette Mintz Patrick and Kathy Mitchell Jeffrey and Dorothy Mrazek Betty Mullins William and Joanne Murray Richard Nelson Julia and Thimas Niehaus Robert and Kay Nolan Sheryl Nylund Daniel and Christine O’Donnell John Ogden

John Pausewang and Marylou Pausewang Gelfer

Megan Pieczynski Angeline Pipia Laura Pollack Sarah Pope Deborah Porter Robert and Jeannine Prager

Easter Seals is truly grateful for every gift, which helps support our vital work. Every effort has been made for accuracy in recognizing these gifts. Should there be any errors or emission, we apologize and ask that it be brought to our attention.

Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin thanks the following monetary donors for making gifts from January 1, 2012 through December 31, 2012.

Jyotindra Prasad Bonnie and David Puetzer Daniel and Judy Quigley Erin Raber Henry and Mary Raymonds Mary Reback Donald Reichartz Desiree Rembert Jeanne Riemer Barbie Robinson Joe and Judith Rucki George and Deborah Saidler Michael and Josephine Sajdak Patricia Schaumberg Patrick Schertz Jerrold Schilter Bruce and Shirley Schimel Angela Schmidt Albert Schneider Matt Schneider Harold Schuster Leroy Schwinn Donald and Charlynn Seeger Mary Seidl Joan Semrad John Senn Joan Sharrow Neil and Terri Siegel Sophia Smocke Jeannette Sommerfeld

Richard Sternkopf and Kathy Barry Sternkopf

Nancy Stevens

Karen Sukkert Paul Sukowalty Edward and Carol Sullivan Emma Swan Caryl Switzer Gloria Szymanowski Faye Ellen Thom John and Anne Thomas Eric and Deanna Tillisch Joy Ulleweit Terry Sexton and Rochelle Upright-Sexton Gary and Mary Tenpas Daniel and Mona Vasholz Debra Wanger Dolores Welbes Lisa White Sue Young Tom Ziech Ingeborg Ziegler


Susan Baudo Sharon Bea Shirley Burmeister Vincent Christie III Marc Colletti Nicole Cota Jacqueline Marie Dec Jessica Eve Carolyn and Scott Faland Mary Fortier Carl Fortner

Earl Guyton Alma Guzman Jacob Haskell Jason Herried Daniel Hessil Murial Marx Hoffmann Kellie Jaeger Suzanne Knapp Christopher Kuester Sally Lindner Jacqueline Luthi Jeffery Martz Terri Misorski Sharon Murphy Judy Nass Candice Piwarun Holly Pollex Anne Riegert Mr. and Mrs. William Roedell Wendy and Gregory Rusch Linda Sadowski Jill Schuette James Steffen Cynthia Steffen David Strelitz Carolyn Thomas Julie Turkoske Mona Vasholz Susan von Heimburg Joel Weiner Rolland and Sharon Wilson Marco Wishart

Easter Seals is truly grateful for every gift, which helps support our vital work. Every effort has been made for accuracy in recognizing these gifts. Should there be any errors or emission, we apologize and ask that it be brought to our attention.

Thought Leader Luncheon Sponsors 2012 Presenting Sponsor

Media Sponsor Executive VP Affiliate Services Easter Seals National Pat Jones, Jason Saul and CEO Bob Glowacki

Corporate Sponsors Schaus Family Fund

Walk With Me Walk With Me allows our Honorary Ambassadors and their families to share their inspirational stories of hope and how our life changing services and programs have touched their lives. Over the last 6 years Walk With Me has raised over for vital Easter Seals programs and services.


Walk With Me Sponsors 2012 National Premiere Sponsor

National Founding Sponsor

Regional Sponsor

Regional Sponsor

Local Sponsors Schaus Family Fund

Local Presenting Sponsors

We connect children and adults with disabilities to a world of possibilities by eliminating barriers that separate them from achieving greater independence, access to the community and exercising choice in their lives.

Our Locations Workforce Training Center 505 Northview Road Waukesha, WI 53189 262-547-6821 Kenosha Center Located in the Kenosha YMCA 7101 53rd Street Kenosha, WI 53144 262-764-2643

Waukesha Adult Day Center 201 Wisconsin Avenue Waukesha, WI 53189 262-953-2260

Wauwatosa Center 7111 W. Center Street Milwaukee, WI 53210 414-536-9050

Generations Center Ribbon Cutting 2013 April 17, 2013

Left to Right: Dan Devine, Jennifer Vallier, David Glazer, Kristine Iwinski, Guy Bretl, Bill Luterbach, Greg Schoepke, Bob Glowacki

Easter Seals Generations Center 2222 South 114th Street West Allis, WI 53227

2012 Annual Report  

Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin 2012 Annual Report

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