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Issue 4, 2013

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The Power of Words Written by Michelle Eigemann

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here is a saying, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, that saying couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t know about you but I’d rather try and heal a wound incurred by sticks and stones than those internal wounds that puncture our very souls. The wounds that cut deeper than any knife could ever reach. The wounds that so often leave us with untrue labels and feelings of inadequacy, the wounds left behind by a single word. One of my favorite things to do is people watch. I find all people absolutely fascinating. Recently I was grocery shopping and I had the pleasure of over hearing a conversation between a father and a daughter. He was teaching his young daughter how to tell if the vegetables were ripe by touching and looking at their colors. After he had schooled her in this she dug through the pile of peppers and picked one up and with confidence said “here you go dad I found the perfect one” he looked at it and said “wow! you sure did, great job”. Those words caused her to skip from where she

was standing to the back of the cart where she had been riding. Notice I said skip, she didn’t walk, or run, she was so proud and happy that it caused her to skip. Her dad just put another ounce of self worth in that little girl’s life and all he had to do was say “good job”. If you’re human, (and if you’re reading this, chances are pretty good that you are) then you’ve either been the pitcher or catcher of a powerful word. Maybe you’ve used words to build up your child’s confidence in something he or she thought they could never accomplish, or maybe you gave a stranger a compliment and later that day she was able to see herself in a different light, or maybe it was you that you said something nice about and you were able to finally rid yourself of that label a classmate gave you way back in grade school. It’s easy to forget that our words carry the power to build or destroy another person.

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Spotlight on Success


Written by Brian Edwards

For this issue we shine our Spotlight on Success brightly upon Louis Senia-Grant. Louis is a junior at North Farmington High School where he runs Track and Cross Country. Louis estimates that he runs around 20 miles a week to keep in top shape for competition. “Running helps me get my mind off of things.” said Louis. He is running Varsity Cross Country this year and hopes to make Varsity Track next year. In addition to school and athletics Louis works hard to help others as often as he can. He is a member of the Youth group at St. Fabian Catholic Church in Farmington. Louis puts his faith into action by taking missions trips with his church group. Last year Louis went to West Virginia where he was able to help underprivileged families by scraping and painting houses, repairing porches, and doing other much needed home repairs. This year Louis for others into his everyday life

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will be traveling to New York to meet with other church groups from around the country. Louis brings this care by being the kind of kid that others can talk to when they are down or facing difficult circumstances. Whether his friends need advice, someone to offer a listening ear, or just need someone to make them smile Louis is there for them. As you can see by the wonderful artwork included with this article Louis is also a talented artist. Next year Louis will begin to pursue art as a career when he starts attending Technical School. He will be focusing on Visual Imaging.

Recently a friend told me how a few words that I had spoken had changed how she viewed a situation in her life. What I said was simple, it wasn’t anything amazingly profound it was just the truth and after I said it I never thought about it again. But she has been carrying those words with her for over a year now, when she thanked me I actually didn’t remember what it was I had said. I’m glad that my words were able to help her but what if what I said wasn’t so encouraging? Would she still be carrying those words around? I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be responsible for the collateral damage unkind words can leave behind.

With that being said let me propose that we all take the challenge of speaking only uplifting, kind, encouraging and loving words to others. Let’s use our powerful words and give a coworker a compliment, tell your child “great job”,tell the writer of this article how much you loved it, (wink, wink) tell your spouse how much they mean to you, or tell that person who encouraged you just how much their words impacted your life. You’d be surprised how your kind words can work to not only bless others but ourselves as well.

When asked about his experiences here at Easter Seals Louis summed it up in one word. “Fantastic.” Louis has been receiving services for a few years now and credits his Therapists (Abby Dupree and Khalea Foy) and MRT group for giving him the tools he needs for success. “I still have a few anger issues but I feel like Easter Seals helped me out a lot.” Congratulations Louis Senia-Grant on being our Spotlight on Success!

P.A.C. Corner PAC is a not just another meeting, it is a feeling of normalcy. We are all raising kids with similar challenges. As the primary caregivers we need to network and find outside of the box ideas to deal with daily routines. PAC offers all of those networking opportunities as well as a forum where we can make a real difference. Join us we would like to hear your ideas and find out what works for your family. We are doing some pretty exciting things coming up in the near future. We have a teen anti-bullying event, orientation plans as well as other community presentations. Barb Belkiewicz P.A.C. Chairperson

Family Services newsletter - July/August  
Family Services newsletter - July/August