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Child Parent Psychotherapy How Will it help? Child Parent Psychotherapy is a proven treatment for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers (birth to 5) that can help children and their caregivers cope with the impact of traumatic events and promote the development of healthy relationships and attachment.

If you Know SOmebody Or are interested yourself, Please Call 1-800-75-SealS

What Skills will Families Learn? • Use of play and language to promote healthy exploration • Emotional support • Education and child development • Role modeling • Managing the child’s behavior • Concrete assistance with problems • Safety skills • Effective coping skills • Improved communication • In cases where the caregiver has experienced his or her own trauma, the therapist will assist in processing how trauma has impacted or may impact his or her relationship with the child.

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Easter Seals Michigan - Child Parent Psychotherapy Flyer  
Easter Seals Michigan - Child Parent Psychotherapy Flyer