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For nearly a century, Easter Seals Michigan has empowered extraordinary individuals to live more independent lives. Our story has evolved over time, but our purpose remains the same. We help people with physical, behavioral, or developmental challenges live extraordinary lives. Our programs support individuals and families of all ages - from birth to older adults. In Michigan alone, we serve more than 9,000 people each year, partnering with each individual to improve their quality of life and prosper, undeterred by physical disabilities, behavioral health challenges, and autism spectrum disorders. We continue to adapt, responding to the needs of the community and tailoring services to meet the unique needs of each person and their family. Call us to learn more about how we can help.


be extraordinary Since 1920 Easter Seals Michigan has been providing services and support to individuals with disabilities and their families, so they can live better lives. be extraordinary 800.75.seals

PUBLIC SPEAKER Curtis was living on the streets after being diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. After beginning treatment with Easter Seals Michigan, he returned to the streets to preach about the services he received.

WE HELPED curtis FIND HIS PLACE. let us help you find yours. Immediately after Curtis came to Easter Seals Michigan, we helped him develop a treatment plan which included case management, medication and weekly therapy sessions. Without transportation available, Curtis walked to each appointment because he saw the value in the treatment that he was receiving. He formed quick bonds with the staff. “I’d live here if they let me,” says Curtis. “They are like family.” Since starting services with Easter Seals Michigan, Curtis has been able to get an apartment, a new job and endless opportunities, serving as an Adult Ambassador. “Easter Seals doesn’t just fix you, they give you the tools you need to fix yourself,” adds Curtis. Easter Seals Michigan offers comprehensive Behavioral Health Services that help individuals achieve their personal goals and live fuller, healthier and more productive lives. Call us to learn how we can help.

be extraordinary 800.75.seals

Soccer star Five-year-old Rocky had no interest in playing with other kids, until summer camp helped him learn new skills and make friends. After some quality one-on-one time, he opened up and became much more engaged, exposing his hidden soccer skills by scoring three goals all on his own.

WE HELPED rocky FIND his PLACE. let us help you find yours. At the start of one of Easter Seals Michigan’s summer camps, five-yearold Rocky showed no interest in the other kids or in playing soccer­—he didn’t even want to kick the ball. He would run away from the group and had a difficult time participating. By the end of camp Rocky showed vast improvement. He began to follow directions, and experienced true enjoyment in playing soccer with the other kids. Easter Seals Michigan offers children’s Developmental and Behavioral Health Services, tailored to meet the needs of each individual family. Our therapeutic summer camps help to increase gross motor functions, social skills and teamwork. Call us to learn how we can help.

be extraordinary 800.75.seals

Social networker Danielle felt lost in her efforts to connect with her son, Daniel, who has autism. Before finding Easter Seals Michigan, Daniel had never spoken a single word. After treatment, Daniel was finally able to tell his mother that he loved her. “At school, Daniel knows no strangers,” explains his mom. “He gives everyone high fives, from the principal to the janitors. Everyone knows who Daniel is and he knows everyone.”

WE HELPED DANIEL FIND his PLACE. Let us help you find yours. When Daniel was just a baby his mother began noticing that he didn’t seem to respond to her voice or touch. At 2½ years old, Daniel was diagnosed with autism and began receiving Early Intervention Treatment. With help from Easter Seals Michigan and his parents, his language skills have grown over time. “When Daniel started with Autism Services, he didn’t speak. Not one word,” says Daniel’s mom, Danielle. Those words slowly began coming as Danielle learned how to interact with her son. “I still remember the first time he went to school and he turned and said, ‘Goodbye, Mom.’ He was four.” With the help of Easter Seals Michigan, Daniel’s family has made great strides tapping into his world, and now Daniel shares many of the same interests as his peers. Easter Seals Michigan offers early intervention programs for children up to age five. Call us to learn how we can help.

be extraordinary 800.75.seals

council member Diagnosed with autism and ADHD, 15-year-old Nick was a target for bullying. But thanks to Easter Seals Michigan, Nick has found true friends and a true purpose as a member of the Easter Seals Michigan Teen Advisory Council­—preventing others from being bullied like him.

WE HELPED NICK FIND HIS PLACE. let us help you find yours. Nick had difficulties fitting in at school and was bullied because of his disabilities, triggering both anger and depression that eventually led to hospitalization. Behavioral Health Services with Easter Seals Michigan helped Nick socialize with his peers, and a family support specialist worked with Nick’s school to intervene in the bullying. Nick is now a member of the Teen Advisory Council, where he helped develop a “Stop Bullying” pledge, design pledge t-shirts and organize a rally against bullying. Easter Seals Michigan offers Behavioral Health Services that help children and their families achieve their personal goals, and liver fuller, healthier, and more productive lives. Call us to learn how we can help.

be extraordinary 800.75.seals

BRAVE NARRATOR A victim of sexual abuse and domestic violence, Ruby was failing her classes in school and having thoughts of self-harm. After participating in home therapies with Easter Seals Michigan, she learned coping techniques and was able to take control over her own life and share her story with her mother.

WE HELPED RUBY FIND HER PLACE. let us help you find yours. Ruby was in the 8th grade when she witnessed domestic violence between her parents and became a victim of sexual abuse. Issues at school and thoughts of self-harm brought Ruby to Easter Seals Michigan. Ruby participated in Home-Based Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy. Through treatment, Ruby began to master relaxation and coping skills, and created a trauma narrative about her life, including good memories and her trauma history, which she was able to share with her mother. “I realized I didn’t deserve what happened to me,” Ruby said. “I am a stronger person, and I know that I am special”. Ruby began high school in the fall, and her grades have improved. She continues to heal and has improved relationships with family and peers. Easter Seals Michigan offers counseling and treatment for individuals who have experienced trauma. Call us to learn how we can help.

be extraordinary 800.75.seals

SLEEPING BEAUTY 82 year-old Betty began sleeping in her recliner after falling while getting out of bed. Easter Seals Michigan provided Betty with a bed rail and coached her on proper use. Now she is confident about getting into and out of bed and has been feeling much more refreshed and energized after a good night’s sleep.

WE HELPED BETTY FIND HER PLACE. Let us help you find yours. After taking several falls while getting into bed, Betty began sleeping in her recliner, which caused her hip and back pain, and low quality sleep. She called Easter Seals Michigan and enrolled in the Independent Living program. Easter Seals Michigan went to Betty’s apartment and did an assessment of the home for safety concerns and fall hazards. Several suggestions were made for basic safety, such as removing all throw rugs. The therapist also suggested that she get a bed rail to assist her with her transfers in and out of bed. Betty reports that the bed rail Easter Seals Michigan provided her with was a lifesaver. Since receiving help from Easter Seals Michigan, Betty hasn’t had a single fall and has been sleeping soundly. Easter Seals Michigan offers a myriad of programs supporting older adults. Call us to learn how we can help.

be extraordinary 800.75.seals

CULINARY ARTIST Guillermo sought out Easter Seals Michigan for help with his depression, alcohol use and anxiety with agoraphobia. A comprehensive array of services allowed him to take control of his anxiety and depression. Now completely sober, Guillermo works full-time in a restaurant and continues to build a positive world for himself.

WE HELPED GUILLERMO FIND HIS PLACE. let us help you find yours. Before seeking services with Easter Seals Michigan, Guillermo preferred to be at home alone rather that visiting with friends and family. He was experiencing symptoms of isolation, hopelessness, and helplessness, as if his world was falling apart. Guillermo’s services included individual therapy sessions that helped him to understand his diagnoses of depression and anxiety. He also learned effective coping skills and addressed his alcohol use. He attends medication reviews with his psychiatrist and works with a case manager who has been able to link him to community resources such as English language skills and finance classes, health care and housing. Today, Guillermo is 13 months sober. He states that his life changed from “dark to clear”, and he feels a better connection with family and friends. Easter Seals Michigan offers culturally competent services in Spanish in addition to substance use recovery support for individuals and families across Michigan. Call us to learn how we can help.

be extraordinary 800.75.seals

our doors are open Easter Seals Michigan will work together with you to connect you to the resources you need. While many of our services are in the community we also have nine locations throughout Michigan to better serve your needs.

248-475-6400 (voice) 800-75-SEALS (toll-free) 800-649-3777 or 711 (hearing impaired)

Adult Services

Children & Family Services

Case Management

Autism Services

Individual and Group Therapy

Family Behavioral Health Services

Psychiatric Evaluation

Children’s Development Services

6900 E. Ten Mile Rd. Center Line, MI 48015

Assessment and Referral

Sensory Integration

Medication Management

Speech and Language Therapy

4065 Saladin Dr. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546

Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment

Occupational Therapy

Supported Employment Resources

Early Intervention

2399 E. Walton Blvd. Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Geriatric/Medically Fragile Case Management

Therapeutic Camp Experiences

ACT (Assertive Community Treatment)

Feeding Therapy

24445 Northwestern Highway, Suite 100 Southfield, MI 48075

Nursing Clinic

Substance Use Services

22170 W. Nine Mile Rd. Southfield, MI 48033 1685 Baldwin Rd., Suite A Pontiac, MI 48340

1105 N. Telegraph Waterford, MI 48328 1420 W. University Ave. Flint, MI 48504 Dreams Unlimited Clubhouse 1222 Catalpa Dr. Royal Oak, MI 48067

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Psycho-Education Groups Crisis Intervention Tutoring Programs Housing and Vocational Assistance

Older Adult Services Independent Living Caring for Caregivers Respite Care

Jail Diversion Spanish Language Services Substance Use Services

AgrAbility Services for farmers with injuries,

be extraordinary 800.75.seals

illnesses or aging conditions. The stories in this book are real. To protect their privacy, some of the names and images have been changed. 800.75.seals

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