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see ability in disability see the difference, be the difference

About Easter Seals Easter Seals is dedicated to fully enhancing the quality of life, self-esteem and self-determination of Canadians with disabilities. As Canada’s largest local provider of programs, services, issues-leadership and development for the disability community, Easter Seals is dedicated to helping Canadians with disabilities participate fully in society, living lives to their full potential. Easter Seals provincial organizations offer transformative programs and services at the local level, the best known of which are Easter Seals camp programs. Every year thousands of children challenge themselves while having the time of their lives at 15 Easter Seals camps nationwide.


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In 2014... ... We presented the 60,000th Access 2 card. ... We received the first ever Accessible Tourism Award from the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. ... CENTURY 21 Canada named Brandon Liston as their National Ambassador. ... We launched PaperEgg.ca ... We launched KidstoCamp.ca ... We participated in Giving Tuesday for the first year in its two year history. ... We welcomed a new CEO & a new Board Chair.


A MessageFrom the Chair & President/CEO To members, sponsors and all supporters of Easter Seals Canada, There have been significant changes in governance for Easter Seals Canada this year. Most important, we successfully completed registration for Continuance under the new Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act. In the process of preparing for this the organization undertook a comprehensive review of our governance structures and bylaws. These have now all been duly registered with Industry Canada and Canada Revenue Agency and they are being implemented within Easter Seals. As part of this process the Board has continued to look for ways to make meetings more efficient and ways to use more electronic communications and document management. All of this has improved efficiency and reduced costs. As Chair of Easter Seals Canada, I am particularly proud of the strong continuing support from major sponsors such as Canada Safeway, Century 21, Cineplex, CREIT, Amway, Red Apple Stores, Booster Juice. And a special thank you to the Friends of We Care who over the years have raised millions of dollars to support sending Easter Seals Kids to Camp though their fundraising efforts with the food services industry. I am pleased that working relationships with our Easter Seals partners in the United States, Mexico and Australia have continued to flourish and we look forward to more sharing of experiences and program ideas. The key strength of Easter Seals Canada is the diverse range of services offered by provincial Easter Seals Member organizations in every province of Canada. In each province programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs and unique circumstances of that province ensuring that services are targeted and focused on local needs. As I near the end of my term of office, I wish to thank our strong and committed Board of Directors for their leadership. Special thanks to our dedicated national office staff and to each and every Provincial Member organization for their steadfast support for the work of the national organization. Doug Surtees Chair, Board of Directors


The past few years have been challenging for Easter Seals Canada. After several very successful years of building new sponsorship revenues, the rate of growth has slowed. Like many organizations, we have faced challenges retaining skilled staff to lead our fundraising programs. With the support of the CEO Committee the organization has determined that expanding and enhancing awareness of the Easter Seals brand and fundraising must be the key priorities for the next few years. Accordingly, we developed a new fundraising plan of action and with the assistant of SearchSmart we recruited a more senior fundraising professional to lead this development over the next decade. Easter Seals Canada is pleased to welcome Lisa McKeen as the new VP of Development. Working closely with provincial staff, Lisa has undertaken a total revamp of our brand and marketing materials. She has created vibrant PSA’s and other marketing supports. We have introduced a new umbrella approach to highlighting our services to young children called Make the First Five Count and have been building support for this program both with Provincial members and with key financial supporters. We have also begun work on updating our Ambassador program, looking for ways to engage our youth spokespersons at the national level and with key corporate supporters. Easter Seals Canada has for the past decade operated a very successful Access 2 Entertainment Program in co-operation with Cineplex, most other movie theatres in Canada, and a broad array of arts and entertainment venues. The program enables persons with disabilities, who require an attendant, to attend movies or other entertainment activities without having to pay an extra admission for their attendant or caregiver. Our surveys have confirmed that over 86% of the Access 2 Card holders report that the card has enabled them to get out to more events and be more active in the community. This program is now totally self-supporting. This year we are beginning preparations for the 10th anniversary celebrations and look forward to issuing the 60,000th Access 2 Card. Max Beck President & Chief Executive Officer



Campaign As part of this year’s awareness building campaign we produced several PSAs which were broadcast on Network Television across the country and in hockey arenas during March is Easter Seals Month courtesy of our National Paper Egg sponsor Booster Juice.


Brandon Liston is Easter Seals Canada’s first ever national Ambassador. Fourteen year old Brandon is no stranger to Easter Seals or the Ambassador program. Brandon has been attending Camp Tidnish for [X number] years and has been the Provincial Easter Seals Ambassador for New Brunswick since the age of six!

Twenty-five year old Jason Crone is a Paralympic wheelchair rugby medalist and an Easter Seals recipient.


National Ambassador


Some kids dream of leading the country one day. For Brandon Liston this dream might actually happen. At 15 years old, Brandon is already a seasoned Easter Seals Ambassador, having served in New Brunswick when he was six years old to ten. Now he is making history, officially becoming Easter Seals’ first National Ambassador. Brandon will travel to key events across the country to speak on behalf of Easter Seals kids. His first official duty was as the 60,000th recipient of the Access 2 card on its tenth anniversary, December 3, 2014. This is the second time the native of Fredericton has made history. He is the youngest recipient of the Rotary Club of Fredericton’s Paul Harris Fellowship. The award, which acknowledges ‘service above self’, is the highest honour a Rotary Club can bestow on a person. Brandon is not shy. He’s articulate and passionate, and willing to take on challenges – first public speaking and then rock climbing, sit-skiing and tubing down a challenging hill. He also has a great sense of humour. When asked what he wants to be as an adult, Brandon answers before the


question finishes. “I have two options and I’m not going to stop until I achieved one of the two,” he says. “My number one option is to join the political ranks – as mayor, MP, MLA or maybe even Prime Minister. My other option is to join Easter Seals as CEO so I can keep making smiles for kids with disabilities.” Brandon knows a thing or two about smiles and Easter Seals. For him, the two go hand-in-hand. Brandon has cerebral palsy, which affects his right leg

and arm. He uses a walker primarily to get around, and a wheelchair for longer distances. When he needs to replace a walker he has outgrown, he and his mom, Tammy turn to Easter Seals New Brunswick, which provides long-term loans of personal assistive equipment free of charge. This service is a god-send for parents of children with disabilities. Bringing up a child with a disability can be cost prohibitive if not for the support of Easter Seals and government programs. Easter Seals offers more than invaluable equipment loans for children and families. It ensures that children of all abilities have access to active living opportunities, through sports, social activities and summer camp. Easter Seals’ signature camp program has been putting smiles on the faces of young Canadians with disabilities for decades. Every year thousands of children challenge themselves while having the time of their lives at 15 Easter Seals camps nationwide. Brandon attends Camp Rotary at Grand Lake in New Brunswick. “I really love Camp Rotary, especially because it’s accessible. I could go to other camps but how would I get around? When you are there, everyone knows what you’re going through, and you don’t feel like you have a disability. You are not set apart from everyone, as you are in everyday life.” Brandon’s favourite activity at camp is swimming.

“I love the water. It relaxes my muscles. I can walk without the walker because of the buoyancy. When you get in the water, it’s like being in a whole other dimension.” For Brandon, the Ambassador program has changed his life. “The Ambassador Program has given me so much courage and so much of a start for the future because it really speaks to me,” says Brandon. “When I first started I was really nervous speaking in public. As I grew older and matured more, it got easier. Now look at me.” Brandon now speaks at public events without the use of notes. His message is powerful. “I don’t consider people with disabilities as disabled. ‘Dis’ means you can’t do something. Look at me. I’m able to walk too. I just do it a little differently. I am differently-abled.” For Brandon, ‘can’t’ is a bad word. It’s an important message, and one delivered by Canada’s future Prime Minister, or MP, MLA, CEO, or whoever he chooses to be.





This was a huge year for Easter Seals and CENTURY 21. We launched the Kids to Camp website kidstocamp.ca which was introduced at the Annual General Meeting in Niagara Falls. The online portal allows system members to set up and customize their own donations page to solicit donations from friends, family, colleagues and clients and track their fundraising contrast in comparison to their colleagues and offices across the country.

ada’s National Ambassador, Brandon Liston as the National Ambassador for CENTURY 21 Canada. We are incredibly thankful for the longstanding history of support that Easter Seals Canada has received from CENTURY 21 Canada and we are especially thankful for our top fundraisers from across the country including: BJ Roth Realty, Dome Realty and Fusion.

At the AGM in Niagara Falls, Brian Rushton made another big announcement naming Easter Seals Can-

For over 35 years, CENTURY 21 System members have been supporting children living with

disabilities across Canada. In 2009, CENTURY 21 and Easter Seals Canada introduced the Kids to Camp program, which invites CENTURY 21 system members to help make a difference through a range of fundraising activities including Closing Gifts for Kids, in support of Easter Seals summer camp programs. In 2014, for the first time ever, Century 21 realtors worked together to raise nearly 650,000 dollars for Easter Seals kids, enough to send over 240 kids to camp this summer. Closing Gifts for Kids is a fundraising campaign in association with Century 21,

which encourages its 9,000 system members to donate 21 dollar for every closed transaction they make over the course of the year. Personal and office fundraising pages of Century 21 system members are customizable and allow them to begin donating right away. Tax receipts will be issued at year-end to the system member who made the donations. All funds raised through Closing Gifts for Kids will go towards Century 21 and Easter Seals’ Kids to Camp initiative in order to help send children living with disabilities to summer camp.




Safeway Canada guarantees unforgettable summer memories for hundreds of kids every year through its Annual Campaign. Easter Seals Canada is thrilled to announce that Safeway Canada raised $534,046 during its two week Safeway Spring campaign, April 11-25th. Funds raised support Easter Seals summer camp programs in provinces where Safeway stores are located. “Safeway’s generous support this year during its Spring Campaign is indicative of its commitment to its communities, particularly the disability community” “We are so grateful to Safeway Canada, and its amazing staff and customers,” says Lisa McKeen, Vice President, Development of Easter Seals Canada. “Safeway’s generous support this year during its Spring Campaign is indicative of its commitment to its communities, particularly the disability community. We cannot thank Safeway Canada enough.” During the campaign, Safeway customers were invited to make a do-


nation of $2 at any Safeway store and receive five Air Miles reward miles. Easter Seals staff, volunteers and ambassadors greeted customers at select stores, offering everything from bonnet decorating contests to camp craft challenges, with local media getting in the act! Caring about the community is a Safeway tradition that began with the opening of its first Canadian stores in 1929. Safeway and its 30,000 Canadian employees share a passion for supporting the people and communities that it shares. Thank you Safeway Canada, and customers, for providing unforgettable summer memories for thousands of kids!

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The annual observance of the International Day of Disabled Persons was proclaimed in 1992, by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 47/3. The observance of the Day aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilize support for the dignity, rights and well-being of persons with disabilities. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.


Drop Zone In its tenth year, the Easter Seals Drop Zone launched in Fort St. John’s on August 2nd, followed by 13 other Canadian cities throughout August and September, concluding in Halifax on October 3rd. This year’s Superheroes included members of our national sponsor organizations some famous faces and a couple buzzworthy rappelers! Amongst the participants in Montreal this year were Olympic figure skater Joannie Rochette, retired freestyle skiier Alex Bilodeau and his brother Frederic, retired diver Alexandre Despaties and Paralympic swimmer Benoit Huot.


In Winnipeg Officer Jay Jaskiewicz rappelled with his K9 Service Dog Diesel, and in Halifax Scott Jones and his team of 20 rappellers are raising awareness for the ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ Campaign against homophobia, promoting the message of inclusion, acceptance and conquering fears which he launched after an unprovoked attack left him paralyzed. Since 2005, nearly 6,000 superheroes have joined the exclusive Superhero Club for Easter Seals, raising more than $10 million dollars for Canadians with disabilities. We invite you to be part of a formidable group of heroes and continue this amazing fundraising trend. By doing so you will make a big difference for families living with disabilities.

CREIT Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust (CREIT) is founding sponsor of Easter Seals Drop Zone, helping to pioneer one of the most exciting fundraising events in Canada. Canadians are asked to be a superhero for Easter Seals and rappel off of an office building, many of which are CREIT-owned. CREIT provides buildings as well as recruitment and cash support for Easter Seals Drop Zone, now in its fifth year. Canadians have the opportunity to rappel off the side of a building in one of 10 participating cities, so long as they raise the minimum $1500 in support of kids with disabilities. To date, Easter Seals has raised $3.7 million through the Drop Zone. This would not be possible without CREIT’s vision and stewardship.

AMWAY Amway is committed to helping people live better lives. This commitment extends beyond its products and business opportunity to its partnership with Easter Seals. Amway Canada is proud to partner with its independent business owners and employees to support its charity of choice, Easter Seals Canada, as part of Amway’s global One by One campaign. Amway supports the Easter Seals Drop Zone as National Hero Sponsor. Independent Business Owners (IBOs) and Amway employees join Team Amway every year to take the plunge for Easter Seals in support of Canadians living with disabilites. At this event, participants collect pledges and then rappel down some of the tallest buildings across Canada! It’s a leap of faith we take together to make a difference! Amway Canada is committed to helping the children and adults with disabilities live their dreams!




The 2015 Paper Egg Campaign was a huge success! Thank you to our national sponsors, Red Apple Store, The Bargain! Shop, and Booster Juice and to all the participating provincial sponsors across the country. Every paper egg that was purchased and signed helped fund programs and services that improve the lives of Canadian families living with disabilities. With the support of all participating retailers’ committed staff and generous customers we raised over $555,475 nationally during this year’s campaign which ran from March 9 to April 5, 2015. Paper Egg is the primary fundraising campaign during March is Easter Seals Month, which encourages Canadians to see ability in disability. During the four-week Paper Egg campaign, sponsor retailers invited shoppers to purchase $2 Paper Eggs and write their names on them. Throughout the campaign, retail staff posted the colourful eggs on store walls to demonstrate the community’s support for Easter Seals’ life-changing programs and services such as active living opportunities and the provision of adaptive technologies. This year we launched PaperEgg.ca, an on-


line platform where customers can purchase and send “virtual eggs” and read about the lives that the Paper Egg Campaign has impacted. The campaign’s visual identity was revamped this year with approval from all participating provinces to ensure that children with physical disabilities were featured in campaign collateral. Red Apple Stores Inc. and Booster Juice have returned as national sponsors. Since 2007, Red Apple Stores Inc. has been Paper Egg’s top national fundraising sponsor, raising more than $1.15 million. Booster Juice stores across the country have raised more than $200,000 in just five years. “The heartfelt support for the Easter Seals Paper Egg campaign over the years inspires everyone at Easter Seals – especially the kids and families,” says Dave Starrett, CEO of Easter Seals Canada. “We thank Red Apple Stores Inc., The Bargain! Shop, Booster Juice, regional sponsors and their countless customers for helping us all to see ability in disability.” Since the launch of the program in 2000, the Paper Egg campaign has raised $7.3 million. In 2014, the campaign raised close to $800,000.

Quick Tips To a successful Paper Egg Campaign Paper Egg sales and displays benefit people with disabilities in your province. We cannot thank you enough for making a difference! This sheet is full of quick tips and facts about Easter Seals to share with your team and customers.

• Ask every customer to purchase an egg to support Easter Seals’ programs for kids with disabilities in your province. • Set a personal goal on number of eggs you will sell per day, per week and for the entire campaign. Share this goal with customers.

What are Easter Seals’ programs & services? In excess of 7,200 kids have fun and challenge themselves at 16 Easter Seals fully accessible summer camps nationwide. Other services include active living opportunities and the provision of specialized mobility and access equipment such as mobility aids, assistive technology, adaptive computers, augmentative communication devices and adaptations to homes and vehicles for wheelchair accessibility.

• Help create a fundraising thermometer to track your store’s Paper Egg sales. • Challenge other stores to be top fundraising store in your province. • Ensure that posters and other Paper Egg materials are posted the day before the campaign begins. If buttons are provided, please wear one. • Create a gift basket with gifts donated by local stores or your own. Every time a customer buys an Egg, they receive a ballot for a chance to win a prize. What is Easter Seals? Easter Seals is dedicated to fully enhancing the quality of life, selfesteem and self determination of Canadians with disabilities. Ontario

British Columbia



“We thank Red Apple Stores Inc., The Bargain! Shop, Booster Juice, regional sponsors and their countless customers for helping us all to see ability in disability.” Alberta

Nova Scotia

New Brunswick


What does Easter Seals’ do? More than 150,000 Canadians and their families annually access programs and services provided by Easter Seals organizations across Canada.

Why is it called Easter Seals? The first Canadian ‘Easter Seal’ (or stamp) was introduced in Alberta in 1945 as an awareness and fundraising mail campaign in support of children with disabilities. By 1967, the Easter ‘seal’ was so well recognized, the organizations formally adopted the name ‘Easter Seals’. How much of the $1 donation actually goes to help people with disabilities? 90% of funds raised through the Paper Egg campaign directly benefits people with disabilities in your province. 10% covers campaign materials and distribution.

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities!

Paper Eggs


Campa ign!

GOAL amount


- Dave Starrett, CEO of Easter Seals Canada

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Booster Juice

Booster Juice customers joined together to raise $75,000 to support Easter Seals in the 2015 Paper Egg Campaign. Thank you to Booster Juice and everyone who donated to help improve the lives of Canadians living with disabilities. An extra big thank you to this year’s top store – # 97 from South Trail, Alberta. Congratulations! Since 2010, Booster Juice has helped their customers see ability in disability, serving as national sponsor of the Easter Seals Paper Egg campaign. Booster Juice’s celebration and promotion of healthy active living is a great fit for Easter Seals. Since participating in the campaign, Booster Juice stores across the country have raised more than $200,000 for Easter Seals programs and services, helping to transform the lives of many families living with disabilities! Booster Juice is a juice and smoothie bar dedicated to providing its customers with the premium smoothie experience. Its stores and products are energetic, fun, natural, and downright addictive – perfect for today’s active lifestyles. It’s this winning combination that has helped Booster Juice grow to over 312 stores worldwide in just seven short years.


Red Apple Inc. customers and staff rallied together to raise an incredible $107,944 during the 2015 Paper Egg Campaign in support of Easter Seals. Thank you to Red Apple Inc. and everyone who donated to help improve the lives of Canadians living with disabilities. An extra big thank you to this year’s top store – Hearst, ON from District 40! Well done! Red Apple Stores Inc. has been the Easter Seals Paper Egg’s top fundraising sponsor since 2007, raising more than $1,156,000 during that time. Funds raised have gone back into local communities – from Prince Rupert,

British Columbia to Goose Bay, Newfoundland. In 2013 and 2014, the Fort Frances, Ontario store was awarded the Platinum Egg award for selling the most paper eggs nationally. The store plans to defend its title again in 2015. Twenty-one other stores across the country were recognized for their efforts and presented a Golden or Silver Egg award. Red Apple Stores’ creativity, competition and spirit generated during this campaign is truly amazing.

Red Apple Inc.

Over the years, Red Apple Stores Inc. has supported a variety of charitable initiatives at the international, national and local community level. In 2005, the company developed its first Corporate Social Responsibility strategy focused on providing support to those in need in the communities where associates and customers live and work. Across

the organization, store and home office associates volunteer their time, passion and effort into giving back. Red Apple Stores successes would not have been accomplished without the enthusiastic efforts of its amazing and loyal customers and dedicated associates across Canada. Together they are making a difference!




It has been an exciting year for the Access 2 Program! Now in it’s 10th year the Access 2 program celebrated several milestones. The Access 2 program accepted Ontario’s first ever, Accessible Tourism Award bestowed by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. Easter Seals Canada and the Access 2 program marked the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, by presenting it’s 60,000th card to National Easter Seals Ambassador Brandon Liston. The event took place at the Ontario Science Centre and was attended by Cineplex…. In 2014 -15 we were proud to partner with 32 new venues including Ripley’s Aquarium and Great Wolf Lodge to offer cardholders increased access to culturural, recreational and entertainment ven-


ues acoss the country. Easter Seals is committed to breaking down barriers for people living with disabil¬ities. Before Access 2, people who require an attendant often had to pay twice to access entertainment and recreational events. Since 2004, Easters Seals’ Access 2 Program has worked with Cineplex Entertainment and other cultural attractions across Canada to break down these types of barriers so people with disabilities can enjoy what our cities have to offer. In addition to accepting one fare for a person and their attendant, Access 2 raises awareness and helps businesses provide quality customer service to patrons with disabilities.

Access 2 is honoured to receive the first ever Accessible Tourism Award Easter Seals Canada’s Access 2 Program is the proud recipient of the first ever Accessible Tourism Award, part of the Ontario Tourism Award of Excellence and bestowed by the Tourism Industry Association of Ontario. Recognizing the importance of accessible tourism, the Ontario Government’s EnAbling Change Project developed this accessibility award.

November 13 at the Blue Mountain Resort, near Collingwood Ontario, and was part of the Ontario Tourism Summit. “We are honoured that Access 2 was recognized with the Accessible Tourism Award,” says Brian Chan, National Programs Manager. “We were up against four well deserving finalists. Given that the Access 2 Program is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary, we have extra cause to celebrate!”

According to a survey conducted by Easter Seals and Queen’s University, 86 percent of respondents said that the Access 2 card helped them get out more and be more active than before receiving it. The award ceremony was held on


GIVING TUESDAY is a National Giving Day

Most people know about Black

Friday and Cyber Monday … but how many people know about Giving Tuesday?

deeper level of engagement between charities, businesses and local residents.

GivingTuesday was started in Canada by a group of organizations including GIV3, CanadaHelps.org, and now includes over 3,300 This new Canadian movement for partners. GivingTuesday was giving and volunteering, takes place originally started in the US in 2012 each year after Cyber Monday. The “Opening day of the giving season,” it by the UN Foundation, the NYC 92Y and several other community o is a day where charities, companies and individuals join together to share rganizations. commitments, rally for favourite Easter Seals Canada marked giving causes and think about others. Tuesday for the first time in 2014 during the National Giving Day’s “We have two days that are second year of existence in Canagood for the economy. Now da. We participated in the initiative we have a day that is good for through awareness building and the community too.” fundraising, by promoting the event on social media and building toolkits In 2014 there was a groundswell of for our provincial affiliates to use. GivingTuesday activity, organized by We look forward to another year of local civic groups in cities across the fundraising and awareness building country, including Halifax, Ottawa, in 2015! Guelph, Sarnia, Regina, Calgary and Vancouver. These civic movements created a platform for a





Bigger, smarter, better giving!

YEAR #2!


charities and businesses

Millions of


increase from 2012


...GLOBAL IMPACT! President

Barack Obama

and numerous celebrities helped

Stephen Harper power GivingTuesday General David Johnston momentum Prime



and 68+ countries participated in 2014 26,000 partners

opening day for a season of giving

Commitments for blood and organ donation

Numerous food, clothing, shoe drives and acts of kindness

eg. 49 new organ donors announced in Guelph alone



GuelphGives raised

GivingTuesday partners saw the greatest lift in donations, with an increase of


vs. 2013


in one day!


Canadians joined in


Continued strong results through December, showing that GivingTuesday was the

CanadaHelps charities saw an increase of 169% in donations 2013 vs. 2012 and +369% 2014 vs. 2012

Participation more than doubled to


A Global Celebration of Generosity!

Many Canadians gave back by volunteering



7MKRMƙGERX HSREXMSRW MRGVIEWIW on other platforms including Blackbaud (+36%) and Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (+75%) vs. 2013


MEDIA PHENOMENON Facebook was top referral to Frontstream — conversion doubled from 2013


was tweeted and 34,000 times generated on Dec. 2nd alone 47 MILLION impressions

Halifax, Guelph, Sarnia-Lambton, Regina, Calgary & Vancouver



Mayoral proclamations from Halifax to Vancouver Large corporations and small businesses had matching and other innovative programs to help employees and customers engage in giving


of donations* initiated through social media *on Frontstream


trended number 1 all day


McQueen Residence, Alberta Easter Seals McQueen Residence is a community based group living experience for adults with physical disabilities located in Edmonton. It was the first accessible group home for adults in Canada. This fully-staffed residence provides personal care attendants 24 hours a day. Each resident has a private room and shares a common kitchen, dining and living area. Residents are encouraged to learn life skills necessary for independent living in a community setting. They share in the daily management of the house by serving on various committees. This invaluable experience helps them gain confidence and prepare them for a potentially more independent lifestyle in the future.

Provincial 26

New Leaf Enterprises, Nova Scotia Easter Seals Nova Scotia’s business centre, provides an opportunity for Nova Scotians with disabilities to participate in job skills and workplace training and social enterprise. The staff of New Leaf works with adults with disabilities on developing job skills in a collaborative social setting. Trainees acquire skills and knowledge in a business environment through practical exercises and hands-on experiences through participation in catering and business services.


Trainees learn skills in a commercial food service setting to develop new skills to increase independence, enhance employment opportunities, and improve community inclusion. Trainees participate in food preparation and production in our kitchen, and in food sales at locations Halifax.


Camp Winfield, British Columbia & Yukon Camp Winfield is located in the Okanagan Valley, 21 kms outside of Kelowna in a peaceful wooded setting. This 19 acre site offers an open plateau dotted with 60-foot evergreens. BC Easter Seals Camps, provide safe, fun activities in an environment where the focus is on abilities, not disabilities. All of the camp activities are designed to build confidence, independence and peer interaction in a recreational environment. Campers are encouraged and supported to participate in activities they may never have tried before including: climbing on our climbing wall, tie-dying, water polo, canoeing, wheelchair basketball, water balloon wars, Kangaroo Kourt, and leadership training. This year Camp Winfield underwent a huge surprise renovation at no cost to the camp! Watch the video above to learn more.


Caravan Papillon, Quebec Each summer, Camp Papillon takes to the road. A part of the celebrated camp Papillon will transform into Caravan Papillon, tucking into its luggage a magic which, for close to 80 years, has set it apart from all other specialized camps in North America. It will offer this magic to children living with disabilities who will tour the Saguenay-Lac-StJean and North Shore regions. The kids will sleep in different camps and will partake many memorable activities specific to the region visited. A team of seasoned counsellors having received exhaustive training unique in Quebec will ensure the well-being and comfort of the campers and will move heaven and earth to make their stay unforgettable. A nursing assistant will accompany the campers during their exploration.

Summer Camps


Treasurer’s Report

The consolidated financial statements of Easter Seals Canada are prepared by the management in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. Management, with the aid of proper accounting systems with internal checks and balances, maintains the integrity and objectivity of the financial statements and ensures that reliable financial reports are prepared on a regular basis. The Board of Directors, through its Executive Committee, monitors the functioning of accounting and control systems. The Audit Committee meets with management and external auditors to review the results of the audit examination. The external auditors have conducted an independent audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Their report outlines the scope of the audit and includes an assessment of the financial statements of Easter Seals Canada and its adherence to Canadian generally accepted accounting principles.

Craig Munro Treasurer




Current Assets Long-Term Investments Other Assets Property and Equipment Total

207,955 1,442,477 100,000 9,000 $1,759,432

Liabilities and Net Asset Balances Current Liabilities Deferred Contributions Net Assets Total

199,479 95,187 1,464,766 $1,759.432

Revenue Provincial Member Fees Donations Easter Seals Fundraising Committee Program Funding and Cost Recoveries Investment Income (loss) Bequests and Other Total

414,000 16,155 2,817,088 255,027 122,875 62,803 $3,687,948

Expenses General National Programs Easter Seals Fundraising Committee Disbursements to Provincial Members Bequests to Members Total

557,209 206,258 810,938 2,097,785 15,531 $3,687,721

Surplus of revenue over expenses



Board Members & National Office Staff Members of the Board of Directors Dale Briske, Chair

Brian Armstrong, Chair,

Rhonda Rubin, NB

Doug Surtees, Past Chair

Audit Committee, ON

Geoff Cochrane, NL

Craig Munro, Treasurer, BC Michael Duffy, Chair LRIP

Jim Greenway, Director at

Lorne Moase, Chair, Public Committee


Affairs Committee, PEI

Anne Ewen, AB

Henk Van Leeuwen, Chair, Stan Lautsch, SK CEO’s Committee

Gail Smidt, MB

Doug Bridgman, Director at Large Debbie Couch, Director at

Marc-Antoine Laporte, QC Large

National Office Staff Max Beck, Outgoing CEO

Phil Elmeleh, National Director, Special

Dave Starrett, Incoming CEO

Events and Fundraising Programs

Lisa McKeen, VP, Development

Linette Moreno, Staff Accountant

Brian Chan, Programs Manager, Access 2 Ruth Pereira, Executive Assistant Doug Campbell, Programs Administrator

Cheryl McNamara, Communications

Adrienne Cheng, Programs Coordinator

Maxine Paynter, Web Developer

Sheila Zupanic, Administrative Assistant


Provincial Members Easter Seals Alberta Easter Seals British Columbia/Yukon The British Columbia Lions Society for Children with Disabilities Easter Seals Manitoba Society for Manitobans with Disabilities Foundation Inc. Easter Seals New Brunswick Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador Easter Seals Nova Scotia Easter Seals P.E.I. Rotary Club of Charlottetown Easter Seals Ontario Easter Seals Quebec Quebec Society for Disabled Children Easter Seals Saskatchewan Saskatchewan Abilities Council


Thank You! A big thank you to all of our national partners and sponsors. Without you we would not be able to provide the Canadian disabled community with programs and services that truly change the quality of their lives. You are all heroes.


Contact Us

Easter Seals Canada 40 Holly Street Suite 401Toronto Ontario M4S 3C3 Phone: 1 877 376 6362 Email: helpdesk@easterseals.ca Website: easterseals.ca Twitter: @easterseals Facebook: facebook.com/eastersealscanada

Easter Seals Canada adheres to the Imagine Canada Ethical Fundraising and Financial Accountability Code.


see ability in disability see the difference, be the difference!

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