Easter Seals Canada - 2008/2009 Annual Report

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Annual Report 08/09

Message from the Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Since 1922, Easter Seals has worked directly with people living with disabilities and their families and has become one of Canada’s largest and most trusted service providers, enabling people to make better lives for themselves and the people they care for. With our provincial members, Easter Seals now provides services to 106,000 Canadians with disabilities and their families. Over the years Easter Seals has learned to adapt to change, to be innovative, responsive and resilient. These qualities make Easter Seals uniquely positioned to prosper in difficult times and it will bode well for our efforts to expand our capabilities and service resources over the next decade. 2008 is recognized as the year of the financial meltdown, a year of immense challenge for many not-forprofit groups in Canada. Easter Seals Canada is pleased to report that our efforts to rebuild awareness and to build on our new links with Easter Seals US have paid off and we had our most successful year ever. National Corporate Fundraising and Disbursements to Licensed members were both up by 47% over 2007. For the past couple of years, we have been rebuilding recognition of the Easter Seals organization across Canada and working hard to turn that recognition into increased funding for our member organizations in each province. This strategy is beginning to work at a crucial time for members. This year, Easter Seals developed a formal relationship with Easter Seals, Inc. of the United States for the purpose of sharing knowledge, training opportunities, working together on international activities, and securing new corporate sponsorships. As expected the new relationship has brought some significant benefits. Our first major initiative was to work together to engage Canada Safeway in new major partnership in Western Canada similar to their program in the United States. In the first year, this new initiative raised $743,000 to help send Easter Seals kids to camp. Thank you Canada Safeway. Our Board and provincial members continue to be committed to rolling out a strong program to build awareness of Easter Seals services and to expand on the numbers of individuals and families that we reach. Our most significant effort in this area over the past four years has been the Access 2 program that has issued over 32,000 Access 2 Entertainment cards to persons with disabilities, providing opportunities to get out to major entertainment venues such as movie theatres, museums, galleries, and sporting events. In addition the Easter Seals Travel Card program supports another 4,000 individuals. Easter Seals Canada, our provincial members and donors and supporters all across Canada collectively make a difference in the lives of individuals living with a disability.

Bob Steeves Chair, Easter Seals Canada

Max Beck CEO, Easter Seals Canada

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Our Vision and Mandate With a Canada-wide reach and trusted role in grass roots service delivery, Easter Seals brings independence, access and improved active living to more than 106,000 people. Active Living Our best known services are Easter Seals camping and recreational programs. They take many forms, including sports and fitness activities, socialization and after-school programs, day camp and residential camp. Easter Seals is Canada’s largest provider of camping and recreational services for children and adults with disabilities. Easter Seals operates 22 Camps across Canada and serve over 6,000 campers annually. Activities include but are not limited to multi-day hikes, water polo, canoeing, swimming, sailing, a climbing wall, high ropes, sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball, water balloon wars and leadership training. We provide safe, fun activities with the focus on expanding abilities and building confidence. Assistive Technologies Full access for people with disabilities requires highly specialized equipment and mobility supports – wheelchairs, prosthetics, computers, assistive devices – that are costly and in constant need of upgrading. This places an incredible burden on families. Easter Seals provides much needed support where Provincial Government funding agencies, insurance companies and other family resources leave off. Easter Seals Grants support the provision of: •

Mobility Aids such as Wheelchairs and Walkers

Orthotics & Prosthetics such as Braces and Splints

Communication Devices such as Computers and Assistive Technology for children who cannot speak

Accessibility Aids such as Ramps, Porch Lifts, Van Lifts and Van Tie Downs

Bath/Toilet Aids such as Shower Chair, Bath Chair and Bathroom Grab Bars

Patient Care supports such as Therapeutic Equipment and Prosthetics

Transportation and Accommodation for families who may need to travel out of town for their child’s medical care.

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Our Pride in Our Corporate Partners Easter Seals takes great pride in the partnerships we’ve formed with organizations in both the public and private sectors. In many cases, they are strong working relationships that have turned into true friendships. Last year we announced an exciting partnership with Canada Safeway to support our Send A Kid to Camp this Summer campaign, with over $743,000 raised in four weeks. We’ve found additional support and funding though retail partners including Sobeys West, Lawton Drugs and The Bargain Shop. Other annual fundraising events have been generously supported by Money Mart, Century 21, Amway, Cineplex Entertainment and others.

National Fundraising Events Lindt & Sprüngli and Metro Inc. As two of our newest corporate partners, Lindt & Sprüngli and Metro Inc. have come on board to support Easter Seals through an in-store Easter Chocolate bunny campaign. A percentage of the Easter bunny retail costs from January through to the end of March was donated to support camping and recreational services for children and adults with disabilities. The campaign was piloted in Ontario and Quebec in over 700 Metro Inc. stores. Safeway One of the largest food and drug retailers in North America became an Easter Seals stakeholder during the inaugural Send A Kid to Camp this Summer campaign for four weeks during March and April of 2008. Easter Seals was overwhelmed by the hard work and dedication of Safeway employees situated in 212 stores across western Canada who raised an amazing $743,000. As Safeway expands across the more and more children and adults with disabilities are benefiting from their generosity and willingness to giving back and supporting the communities in which they do business. 4  Easter Seals Annual Report 08/09

Drop Zone – the first event of its kind in North America The Drop Zone has been described as the most unique event within the Easter Seals development portfolio. This campaign offers the opportunity to do something highly extraordinary. Drop Zone participants demonstrate their support for Easter Seals by raising pledges and rappelling down the side of a high-rise downtown building. More than $1.4M was raised in 2008 alone with expectations of reaching the million and half dollar mark during the 2009 campaign. Century 21 – Kids to Camp Launched in September of 2008, Century 21 Kids to Camp Campaign was designed to open up opportunities for the 385 Century 21 offices to utilize an online based fundraising program to support Easter Seals as their charity of choice. In the eight months since the campaign’s inception the number of Century 21 offices raising funds on behalf of Easter Seals has grown by 50% over the previous year. The Paper Egg Campaign National and Regional Partners of the Easter Seals Paper Egg campaign significantly increased fundraising during the 2008 campaign. The Bargain Shop doubled sales from the previous year, raising $145,407. Sobeys West and Sobeys Ontario increased their sales by 17%, raising $246,041, while Lawtons Drugs increased their sales by 25%, raising $64,600 in Atlantic Canada. Sadly, long-time partner SAAN went into receivership after the campaign ended. On a positive note, The Bargain! Shop has bought up more than 70 SAAN stores and retained more than 90 percent of SAAN staff, all of which participated in the 2009 campaign, which began March 23rd. The Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay The Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay raised $3.29M in 2008, a slight increase over the previous year, despite a decline in teams. Relays across the country are stepping up one-to-one contact and online fundraising to increase participation and dollars raised. In 2008, Easter Seals and Money Mart were pleased to announce Money Mart’s new role as Title Sponsor of the Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay. Money Mart stores raised an unprecedented $393,000 for Easter Seals in 2008.

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National Programs National programs are focussed on raising awareness of Easter Seals and disability issues across the country. In particular, in increasing recreational, leisure and active living opportunities while educating the public on the importance of pulling down barriers to full, active participation for all Canadians. They are developed and sustained through partnerships with the private, public and not-for-profit sector. We are evolving from an organization that is driven by human spirit, good intentions and funder reporting requirements to supplementing those ideals with a strategic approach to affecting social change. Our primary focus for the next couple of years will be on the theme areas identified below. Entertainment (Social, Culture & Recreation) Our strongest and most wide reaching program remains the Access 2 Entertainment Card. This is an entertainment and leisure based program that reduces isolation, increases recreational opportunities and maintains a strong collaborative relationship with the disability and business community. Acceptance by persons with disabilities has been outstanding. Over 30,000 people with disabilities signed up for the Access 2 card since its launch in 2004/2005. Access 2 is currently accepted in 95% of movie theatres across Canada. With the support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Government of Canada we expanded the benefits of the card to include access to a wider variety of entertainment, recreational, sporting and cultural venues. The card can now be used at over 20 new attractions across the country. We have also implemented new accessible customer service training tools for all venues and attractions that accept the card. For an updated list of venues that accept the card please visit www.access2.ca Transportation We currently have a modest travel program that offers free attendant passage via inter-provincial bus and trains. We are applying the Access 2 model to this program and developing strategic partnerships to increase travel opportunities on land, rail and air. Active Living We continue to build on the success of our summer recreational camp programs and expanding it to year round activities in selected provinces. With thanks to support from The Ontario Trillium Foundation and the Government of Canada, Easter Seals Canada raised $311,731 in 2008 to reduce the isolation for persons with disabilities and increase awareness of disability issues across Canada. Community Partners




“The Key to Equality”

diversityworX Access





6  Easter Seals Annual Report 08/09

Treasurer’s Report Statement of Income and Expenses 08/09

Easter Seals Canada

Easter Seals had a successful year with 40% growth


in revenues from Fundraising and a similar increase in Disbursements to provincial members, despite a weakening economy. Multi year corporate sponsors have increased their funding and new ones continue to come on board. The Board this year decided to invest funds from reserves into a major Brand Building Initiative. This new initiative and a net loss on investments resulted in an overall deficiency of Income over Expenses. The consolidated financial statements of Easter Seals Canada are prepared by the management

Current Assets Long Term Investments Property and Equipment Total



449,583 989,176 10,051

285,685 1,355,303 12,063

$  1,448,810

$  1,653,051

Liabilities and Net Asset Balances Current Liabilities Deferred Contributions Net Assets Total

151,957 365,981 930,872

188,386 212,230 1,252,435

$  1,448,810

$  1,653,051

in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. Management, with the aid of proper accounting systems with internal checks and balances, maintains the integrity and objectivity of the financial statements and ensures that reliable financial reports are prepared on a regular basis. The Board of Directors, through its Executive Committee, monitors the functioning of accounting and control systems. The Audit Committee meets with management and external auditors to review the results of the audit examination. The external

Statement of Income and Expenses Income Assessments Donations Easter Seals Fundraising Program Funding Investment Income (loss) Bequests and other

399,500 37,993

346,016 30,360

2,989,242 311,731

2,127,484 209,530

(147,897) 126,265

8,475 63,088

$  3,716,834

$  2,784,953

472,025 291,233

471,277 184,459



118,639 105,000



$  4,038,397

$  2,818,621


$  (321,563)

$  (33,668)

auditors have conducted an independent audit in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards. Their report outlines the scope of the audit and includes an assessment of the financial statements of Easter Seals Canada and its adherence to Canadian generally accepted accounting principles. Dale Briske, CA Secretary/Treasurer

Total Expenses General Program Disbursements to Provinces Brand Building Initiative Bequests to Members

8  Easter Seals Annual Report 08/09

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