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Cover Pic: Billy DeGraaf celebrates after Suburbs win the National Title at Newmarket Park 1971



Welcome Good to be back!


A warm welcome to you for todays’ game against our western neighbours from Waitakere. It is a particularly pleasing occasion for Eastern Suburbs AFC because the location of the fixture physically demonstrates our desire to involve our neighbouring clubs we have partnered with in this adventure (back) into the National League. My thanks to Paul Burns and Matt Sheehy and the rest of the Fencibles volunteers for hosting us today, which is the first of two Stirling Sports Premiership games to be played at this ground, the second being in late February. For those who not aware Eastern Suburbs has made a concerted effort to involve Ellerslie, UniMount and Fencibles in our National League set up. The purpose of this is twofold:


To provide a strong and clear pathway for football players in the Eastern Region. The pathway afforded by the National League and National Youth League is a key tool in helping ‘hold’ players in our area and clubs, with the ultimate prize being stronger clubs in our region

2. The secondary objective is to engage

a wider audience and garner support for the Eastern Suburbs NL team. Our club alone does not have the “whole package” with respect to the criteria required to play NL football so have leaned on the other clubs to counter our deficiencies. This has manifested itself in ground sharing for both playing and training, contribution of players for our NYL team, and a combined approach with the communications and game day team as some of the examples. Our hope is that the intellectual knowledge gained from this experience will filter through into all our clubs, in short a win:win for all the partner clubs involved.


This process would have been very difficult had long standing “rivalries” existed amongst our clubs. I’m sure historically there has been some tensions, but the beauty of the kiwi football experience is that although we can look to bruise each other on the playing field, we have an inbuilt brotherhood due to the underdog status football has had for so long in this country. The football community is a small and reasonably tight knit one. We all know people at other clubs we have shared battles, beer, stories and even the odd tragedy, and because of that we enjoy their successes and sympathise with their failures irrespective of how our own team is doing. Todays’ game is no different. For years I have been travelling to Fred Taylor to watch Waitakere, often because they have been the only game in town. I even sat on the Waitakere Board for a couple of years and enjoyed immensely the involvement of the players and admin staff who are all very dedicated “football mad” people. Likewise the respect garnered having watched Auckland City for so many years is immense. Their achievements for football in this country can’t be understated and many of the games I have watched at Kiwitea Street will live long in my memory. So now that we are in the same league as these teams, am I supposed to develop an instant dislike after so many years of enjoyment? Well it is just not going to happen. Of course


Coaches Corner

I will want us to beat them on any given day, and if it is an advantage to us for them to lose against another team, I will want them to lose. But the reality is if a game is being played and the result has no impact on us, then I will want another Auckland team to be successful. That brings me to todays’ game. A warm welcome to Chris Milicich, Jake Butler and the rest of the team. I have known Chris for many years, he also coached Suburbs Winter Premier League team a few years back with his usual vigour and enthusiasm. I’m hopeful Tom Shaw will play today, a young man I have tremendous respect for who captained our Winter Premier League team the past two seasons. I am disappointed that Tom is not playing for us, but the restrictions we put on our coach with respect to the 75%+ NZ citizens in our squad made that difficult. For those here who are watching their first NL game because of its location, I hope you enjoy it enough to continue watching our games and supporting us for the rest of the season. For those who have only ever supported teams playing against Eastern Suburbs, I am hopeful the energy and freshness we bring to the league and Auckland Football is received positively. If you are not necessarily for us, you don’t have to be against us!

It’s a pleasure to welcome Chris Milicich and his Waitakere United team to William Green Domain. We are looking forward to playing one of the most successful Clubs in the League to see how we compare. Chris has assembled a strong squad, led by the Waitakere icon player: Jake Butler, so with the caliber of both teams on the field today we should be in for a fast game with plenty of skills on display today. Obviously our game in Hamilton last weekend was disappointing, but this is a League where the teams are separated by fine margins, and at this stage of the 2016/17 competition the results show this year to be potentially the most competitive to date. It is good to bring National League football to Fencibles home ground: William Green Domain, we hope to see a good crowd and an enthralling game.

Malcom McPherson



STIRLING SPORTS PREMIERSHIP Proud sponsors of the Eastern FootballClub Club EasternAssociates Suburbs Football


As part of Extra Time this season we will be previewing the entire round of Stirling Sports Premiership games for the weekend - no scienitific steps have been taken figure out our game predictions - it’s just guesswork! We would love to have the fans thoughts though, head to twitter and post your predicition using the hashtag #SSPicks and the hashtag for the game (or games) your calling. Round 4 - 13th November Canterbury Utd vs Wellington Phoenix U20 #CUvWP English Park @ 2pm, Saturday The dragons are the only unbeaten side left after their scoreless game away against Auckland City last weekend - which is no mean feet holding last years finalists out for 90. Scoring goals is a wee bit of a problem for the Dragons though with skipper Clapham responsible for 4 of their 5 goals (at least two from the spot) so far this season (and his midfield partner de Jong has the 5th). The Wee Nix have been defending well and sit in 4th place for goals conceded with only 4, but this will be a tough game for the Nix Reserves but if Max Mata plays with his goal a game record so far it could be an interesting battle.TIP: Going for Canterbury to nick it with a late Clapham..... penalty!

Greenlane | North Shore | Pukekohe | Hamilton | Queenstown

Southern Utd vs Auckland City #SUvAC Rugby Park @ 2pm, Sunday From what I have read Southern were good value for their point against Waitakere United last weekend - coach Paul O’Reilly rung the changes across the team, including handing a starting debut to youngster Chris Kessell in midfield. They now head back south for the first game of two in Invercargill - not a place some of the Spaniards in the Auckland City team will be to keen on I wouldn’t think. City with their own point to prove after being held scoreless at home for the second time already this season - but they have shown when they score they do it freely. TIP: Hard to know which City team will turn up, I think it will be to tough for the home team though - ACFC by 2. 9

Tasman Utd vs Hawkes Bay Utd #TUvHB Trafalgar Park @ 2pm, Sunday First home game for Tasman Utd and I would expect a massive crowd at Trafalgar Park, they were good value for their point against the Wee-Nix last weekend in the A-League curtain raiser, this will a different kind of challenge against a handy Hawkes Bay outfit who have impressed every time I have watched them, just not enough points to show for their efforts to date. It will be a shade more difficult for the bay as well without Coach Angell who was sent off for questioning a penalty call against his team somewhat too vigorously in their 4-2 loss to Team Wellington, making this game all the more important. TIP: Sorry HBU fans I feel the occasion of Tasman’s first home game will give them the edge - by 1. Eastern Suburbs vs Waitakere Utd #ESvWU William Green @ 2pm, Sunday The lilywhites have come back down to earth after a great start back in the National League, and they have a tricky Auckland derby game to try and make up for last week. Like Canterbury the lilywhites have a bit of a scoring issue with all of their goals coming from midfield, and one of those (Burfoot) will miss this game. Waitakere on the other hand with 6 goals are up there with the leading scorers, they have shared the goals around as well with only skipper Butler with 2, with 4 other players with one each.TIP: hard to pick this game - might be a draw?

“the originals” Eastern Suburbs AFC was one of the eight original teams which kicked off the inaugural National League back in April 1970. Suburbs is the only club from the 1970 National League to be playing in the 2016-17 Premiership.

Team Wellington vs Hamilton Wanderers #TWvHW Newtown Park @ 4:35pm, Sunday (TV) Jose’s side kick started their season in style as they did a smash and grab job at Bluewater stadium - all the pundits were just saying it was a matter of time before TW hit form, and they sent a warning sign to the rest of the league by putting 4 past the competitive Hawkes Bay side. A bit of a spiteful game with 8 yellow cards issued and a coach sent to the stands. Last years champions will be happy to see new signings Zambrano and Howieson on the scoresheet, while Wanderers who also hit four goals last week against one of the league favourites will fancy a bit of an upset. Wanderers potentially with a bit of a GK issue after losing their keeper late in their last game to a red card, he sits on the sidline next to their other keeper who is injured - a bit of a problem there! TIP: Team Wellington have found their mojo and I think they will go on a bit of a run now. 10




into the Newmarket gully. The Referee ran straight to Ray and gave him a red card. Ray screamed at me: “Stan, he can’t give me a red card…tell him Stan”. I just shook my head and turned away.

John Wrathall – Striker (pictured left)

‘Paul Recall’s’ are articles contributed by Paul Rennell who captained Eastern Suburbs in the inaugural National League season in 1970. The articles provide insights and stories from the 60’s era and 1970 National League. The following are my ‘top line’ recollections of the Eastern Suburbs Rothmans National League 1970 Squad. I regard myself as lucky to have play football with the character and quality of the Suburbs squad, not only team mates…but mates!

“the originals” David Garrett – Manager

Very hard working and a dedicated Suburbs man. As the Club had no money, Dubby (as he is best known) ran weekly tote tickets and raffles to help keep the team afloat.

Tom McNab – Coach

Very professional and ran good training sessions with plenty of fitness and strengthening exercises, one-on-one and plenty of ball work. Tom was not one to trifled with!

Kevin Harlock – Goalkeeper

Hard as nails and controlled the six yard box. God help you if you got in his way! The goal mouth enforcer.

Colin Latimour – Right Back

Colin joined Suburbs from Ponsonby and 12

was a good team member and settled into the squad very quickly. Fast and intelligent footballer.

John Kroon – Centre Back

The ‘Scottish Terrier’ from Dunedin. John turned up at training in 1968 and asked Manager, Dubby, could he come and play with Paul – old mates from Otago and Canterbury days.

John Staines – Centre Back

The Rock. Fast and dynamic defender and great header of the ball. Enjoyed overlapping and going up for corners.

Jim Campbell – Left Back

Joined us from Ponsonby. Good reliable defender. Did not overlap very often as it took half the day to get back!

The Club Legend! Had a great one for sniffing out goals, with lethal shot. He could turn any defender around and leave them stranded. Great team player, the other half of the Laurel and Hardy partnership. John Wrathall: the 1,000 goal Suburbs legend.

Phil Rainer – Midfield

Excellent work rate and with Stan (aka Paul Rennell) formed a dynamic mid-field and supplied plenty of quality ball to the front runner.

Paul Rennell – Captain and Midfield

Good at the toss, social events organiser and good nose for sniffing out watering holes around the country on Sundays! Enjoyed the midfield battle with Phil and usually came out on top. Paul’s flat in St. Johns was the unofficial ‘team club rooms’

Ray Mears – Right Flank

‘Mini” as he was called, dazzled many a crowd with his trickery and mesmeric ball control. One game at Newmarket Park the ball we used in the first half was like a lead weight. As we walked off at half time Ray said to me: “Stan, the ball is like a pudding so I’m gonna kick it down the gully to get rid of it”. I immediately responded: “Don’t…you’ll never know what Wally (referee: Wally Laing) will do…don’t tempt him”. Well it had to happen, with about five minutes to go, Ray lobbed the ball on to his knee and ‘wham’ away it went down 13

Billy de Graaf – Striker

Joined the Club in 1968 as a 17 year old, from Papatoetoe. He cost the Club £150! Worth every penny. ‘Clog’ as he was called proved to be an enormous hit with his flair and showmanship. With his long flowing blonde hair, he worked well with John Wrathall. George York – Left Flank Joined us from Ponsonby with Colin and Jimmy. Another small player who had good speed and ball control. He finished with many a good goal.

Ross Gisby – Fullback

Fast and very reliable defender. Good team mate.

Gerry McCormack – Fullback/Winger ‘The Ghost’. Gerry would drift in and out as the mood suited. Great crosser of the ball with many goals headed home from them.

John Higgs – Goalkeeper

Reliable and good back-up to Kevin Harlock. Great social man.

Sadly Missed The Club asked me to assemble as many as possible of the originals for the first home game. I managed to locate ten players and Manager. These include David Garrett (Manager), Paul Rennell, Kevin Harlock, Junette Wrathall (John’s wife), Ray Mears, John Staines, Gerald McCormack, Jimmy Campbell, George York, Josephine King (Charlie Dempsey’s daughter) and Fred Duber. While working through the list it is very sad to say that unfortunately four of old players have sadly passed away over the years. The four concerned are held in very high esteem and greatly missed:

John Wrathall, Tommy McNabb, John Kroon, Colin Latimour

THE GOAL THAT WON EASTERN SUBURBS THE NATIONAL LEAGUE TITLE The following is an e mail recently written by Mal Bland (one of the great Eastern Suburbs strikers in the 1970’s), it provides Mal’s account of the dramatic goal scored by John Staines in the dying minutes of the game against Mt Wellington on 12 September 1971. John Staines goal is enshrined in Suburbs history 14


as it resulted in 2 – 2 draw against old rivals ‘The Mount’, but most importantly John’s late goal ensured Suburbs won the National League title in 1971. The goal is recorded in the ‘History of Eastern Suburbs 1934 – 2015’, as a 35 meter strike. Mal Bland account is at odds with that strike distance. “As they say, never let the truth get in the way of a good story, I can clearly remember the look on Johns (Staines) face as he was running towards the goal, a sort of “what do I do nowâ€? đ&#x;‘€ look, their (Mt. Wellington) defense didn’t know either until I made the run, the gap opened, then the look changed to: ‘I’m gonna hit this’. ! The main thing is it went in and is part of history. Regarding how far out it was: no more than 23 meters, but it’s all good conversation, give him an extra yard ha!â€? Mal and his wife now live in Brisbane, Australia.

1 Josh Dijsktra

2 Hayden Johns

3 Finn Cochran

9 Sean Lovemore

10 Sam Burfoot

11 Armin Pasagic

18 Tristan Prattley

20 Derek Tieku

24 Calvin Opperman

Malcolm McPherson Head Coach

Martin Bullock Asst. Coach

Michael O’Keeffe Goal Keeping Coach

4 Ross Haviland

5 Luke Adams

6 Mario Ilich

7 Tim Payne

8 Moses Dyer

12 Silvio Rodic

13 Jordan Vale

14 Andrew Blake

15 Osita Chikere

16 Anthony Hobbs

Sunesh Singh Conditioning Coach

2016/17 Eastern Suburbs National League Squad #lilywhites

Robb Lee Physio

25 Zac Speedy

29 Emmanuel Ekpo

36 Fabien Kurimata

Mark Palmer Physio

Gary Connell Analyst

Carl Tinsley Manager

National League


SUBURBS ‘KEEPERS Silvio Rodic: Country: Croatia Age: 29 Date of birth: July 27 1987 Height: 1.97 m CLICK HERE FOR SILVIO’S FULL STORY

Zac Speedy: Country: New Zealand Age: 19 Date of birth: October 29 1996 Height: 1.81 m CLICK HERE FOR ZAC’S FULL STORY

Josh Dijkstra: Country: New Zealand Age: 19 Date of birth: Dec 17 1997 Height: 1.82 m CLICK HERE FOR JOSH’S FULL STORY



Ellerslie AFC bowed out at the quarterfinals of the Napier U19’s National Tournament over labour weekend as they lost to a wonder goal in extra time to fellow Auckland side Glenfield Rovers.The young Ellerslie side who had 14 players who can play at least one more year in this tournament exceeded expectations by qualifying for the quarter-finals in what ended up being a very competitive group. Opening day draws with Upper Hut (0-0) and East Coast Bays (0-0) along with a narrow 1-0 victory over Hamilton Wanderers left us in a perilous position on day 2 with tough games against group leaders Miramar Rangers and tournament favourites Western Springs. Luckily we didn’t pick up any serious injuries during the first day and our ice bath recovery session did it’s job as we looked fresh and keen to get the points we needed on Sunday morning. First up was Miramar who fielded two ex-Ellerslie players in Tom Kirkland and Matt Bouzaid (who both played for Ellerslie the year we made the Semi-Finals). It was in this game when our attack clicked and we raced out to 3-0 lead before conceeding our first goal of the tournament late in the game.That result left us on 8 points and Western Springs to come - a win would put us through to the Quarters for the 3rd year in a row, but either a draw or a loss could elminate us based on Miramar’s result against Hamilton Wanderers. We wanted to take all the permutations out of the equation by winning the game and we started well with a goal to Art Twigg. Springs were a quality side though and fought back hard and won a penalty to level the scores at halftime. A 2nd Springs goal early in the second half had us on the brink of being knocked out, we didn’t give up though as we chased hard to get an equaliser - it was only when news from our scouts come through that 10-man Hamilton Wanderers ha grabbed a late equalising goal against Miramar - the calculators got a quick working over and we deduced that with our superior goal difference we could afford to lose by 1 to Springs if the Wanderers-Miramar game remained a draw. The games in Napier are all meant to start at the same time and finish at the same time but for some reason the game between Wanderers and Miramar finished 5 minutes before we did and Wanderers had held onto the draw - so all we needed to do was not concede again and we were through.


Not quite the attacking exciting football outcome we had been working to so far, but needs must as we chucked another body into midfield for a striker to shore up the game - not all the boys realised that the current result was enough which played out with half the team calling for a goal and the other half calling for possesion to be retained - In the end we did enough and we qualified for the Quarters in second place behind Western Springs who were group winners. We ended up on the same amount of points as Miramar Rangers but with +1 in goal difference! In the Quarters we were one of 7 Auckland teams to qualify with Lower Hutt City the only out of Auckland side to reach this point. A scoreless first half between Ellerslie and Glenfield only built the tension - the game itself was a bit of a clash of styles as Ellerslie’s quick passing game clashed with Glenfields more direct approach. It was a slightly more direct peice of play that got Ellerslie the lead in the second half as Rowan was given the ball early down the right, he did well to round his defender and get into the box - his superb cut back ball was powered home by crowd favourite SHIGEMATSU! as we took a 1-0 lead. Glenfield to their credit didn’t give up and they chased every loose ball and on one of these occasions they pressured us into a mistake at the back which resulted in conceeding a spot kick - as just reward for their hard work their penalty was converted and they held that score until the end of regular time. So into extra time we went, and we were the only quarterfinal to do so, so the crowd dramtically increased to three or four hundred while our lads prepared for 2 x 7 min periods of extra time. The first period of extra time went without troubling the scorers, but very early in the second period Glenfield scored what was the winner with a wonder strike from some distance - the shot hit the inside of both the crossbar and right hand post, giving Sean in goal no chance of saving it. The Ellerslie lads pushed hard for an equaliser as the crowd screamed for penalties but we just couldn’t break down the resilent wall of Black and yellow.We were so proud of the lads efforts, in particualr our defence which was well lead by skipper Dan McLean and Ellerslie AFC player of the tournament Kelvin Kalua. I’m looking forward to next year already!



Eastern Suburbs head of coaching amongst the word elite:

Eastern Suburbs AFC head of coaching, Juan Roman returned from Spain earlier this year where he successfully renewed his UEFA Professional License. This Pro License is acknowledged by FIFA as the worlds highest football coaching qualification, and is held by the world most elite coaches, including: Jose Murhino, Rafa Benitez (manager of Real Madrid), Luis Enrique (manager Barcelona) and Pep Guardiola (manager Bayer Munich). Juan is one of a very few New Zealanders to hold this coveted coaching qualification. Juan uses his coaching knowledge and skills to create programmes for Suburbs 18


junior and youth teams that provide a structured system for players to help each player identify where they want to be as a player and then to help them achieve their goals. Chris Ruffell (ESAFC Chair man) noted “While the National League is enjoying the lime-light today…however our over-arching club focus is about providing the highest quality coaching resources possible for all of our 2,500 club members. We’ve coupled our coaching curriculum & courses with a strong player pathway strategy for all our members, so each of our valued 2.500 members has the opportunity to progress their football ambitions to whatever level of ability and motivation they have. We targeted National League status last year as it would deliver the pinnacle of club football in our player pathway strategy – we identified that as a key ‘prize’ for Suburbs NL status. I look forward to the near future when we see Suburbs lads come through our coaching courses and pathway to pull on the Lilywhites’ shirt in the National League, or gain a coveted professional contract or an All White cap! We invest heavily in our Club’s coaching resources, and will continue to do so as our number 1 priority”


MATCH CENTRE The title defence of reigning champions Team Wellington is finally on track while newcomers Eastern Suburbs have tasted defeat for the first time after the completion of third round action in the Stirling Sports Premiership this afternoon. Pointless after two games, Wellington badly needed to get on the board as they made the short trip north to face Hawke’s Bay United and managed to secure a win to relieve the pressure on new coach Jose Figueira. There were plenty of goals and drama elsewhere as Southern United picked up their first point of the campaign in a 2-2 draw with Waitakere United before Hamilton Wanderers became the first side to get the better of fellow competition debutants Eastern Suburbs. In Hamilton, both teams finished the match with 10 players but Suburbs had to make do with diminished numbers for much longer after the 35th-minute dismissal of Sam Burfoot for a late challenge on Mark Jones.


There were also four goals in Whenuapai but these were shared between the teams, Waitakere captain Jake Butler giving his side an early lead before Danny Ledwith equalised from the spot for Southern on the half hour. Southern then got their noses in front when an Andy Mulligan cross was headed home by the unfortunate David Parkinson for an own goal and a memorable victory looked possible as the fulltime whistle drew near. But Scott Hilliar popped up in the 87th minute to spare Waitakere’s blushes and leave Southern coach Paul O’Reilly still searching for his first win, albeit pleased to have finally gotten off the mark.The day’s late game was far less dramatic as Auckland City and Canterbury United played out a scoreless draw at Kiwitea Street. The best chance of the match arrived in the 75th minute but Canterbury goalkeeper Danny Knight pulled off a great save to deny Ryan De Vries. The only other match of the round was played on Saturday and resulted in a 1-1 draw between the Wellington Phoenix U-20s and Tasman United at Westpac Stadium. In a curtain raiser to the Phoenix’s A-League win over Newcastle Jets, Alex Ridsdale put Tasman ahead just past the half hour before Max Mata headed in an equaliser in the 66th minute.

Stirling Sports Premiership – Round One Wellington Phoenix U-20 1 (Max Mata 66’)Tasman United 1 (Alex Ridsdale 33’) HT: 0-1 Hawke’s Bay United 2 (Saul Halpin 70’, 83’)Team Wellington 4 (Ben Harris 16’, Tom Jackson pen 79’, Nicolas Zambrano 88’, Cameron Howieson 89’) HT: 1-0 Waitakere United 2 (Jake Butler 18’, Scott Hilliar 87’)Southern United 2 (Danny Ledwith pen 30’, own goal 71’) HT: 1-1 Hamilton Wanderers 4 (Godwin Darkwa 14’, Raymond Gunemba 45’, Rossi Nkoy 53’, Jack Salter 54’) Eastern Suburbs 0 HT: 2-0 Auckland City 0 Canterbury United 0 HT: 0-0


Auckland City FC Waitakere United Hamilton Wanderers Eastern Suburbs CantUtd Dragons Wgtn Phoenix U-20 Hawkes Bay United Team Wellington Tasman United Southern United FC


P 4 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

W 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 1 0 0

D 1 1 0 0 2 1 0 0 2 1

L 1 1 1 1 0 1 2 2 1 2

GF 8 6 5 3 5 4 5 5 3 3

GA 1 5 2 5 3 4 6 8 7 6

GD 7 1 3 -2 2 0 -1 -3 -4 -3

P 7 7 6 6 5 4 3 3 2 1

National YOUTH League




Dylan Horgan:

My love for football began at the age of 5. Football was always going to be my choice of sport considering every member of my family played it..... CLICK HERE FOR DYLAN’S FULL STORY

George Andrew:

I come from a town on the east coast of the north island called Gisborne. I was brought up by my dad to be a rugby player but I always preferred football..... CLICK HERE FOR GEORGE’S FULL STORY

Calvin Lee:

I started playing football at a young age after my father passed away to cancer when I was five. He was a professional goalkeeper himself in what is now known as...... CLICK HERE FOR CALVIN’S FULL STORY

Corey walters:

Starting off as a youngster i spent my early playing days at Fencibles United AFC under the wing of goal keeper coach Dave Priestley who developed my initial skill set....

Thanks to all our sponsors for their valuable support



NATIONAL YOUTH LEAGUE Hamilton Wanderers have taken over from fellow debutants Eastern Suburbs at the top of the National Youth League but it’s a tight fit below that with second-placed Auckland City just one point ahead of Waitakere United, Wellington Phoenix and Suburbs, who are all tied for third with just goal difference separating them.

that we have to take some learnings out of today’s performance,” Suburbs coach Hoani Edwards said. “They were set up to hurt us on the counter and we felt they were just a little bit more desperate on defence than we were. We switched off at the wrong times and it seemed like every time they attacked they scored.”

The third round of action took place over the weekend and brought a pair of eyebrow-raising results with Wanderers sticking six strikes past the previously unbeaten Suburbs while Team Wellington also went on the goal rampage, nearly hitting double figure in defeating Hawke’s Bay United 9-0.

There were also plenty of goals down in Nelson, where Tasman United scored twice but couldn’t prevent a 3-2 loss to the Wellington Phoenix. Late goals were a feature there too after the Phoenix took a slender 1-0 lead into the break courtesy of Matt Conroy.

It was Ihaia Delaney who did most of the damage for the capital men, finding the net four times before the half-time whistle in a remarkable display of lethal finishing. Aaron McDonald was also on target as the hosts went into the sheds five goals to the good and the outlook didn’t get much better for the Bay in the second half. Elijah Just helped himself to a brace while Ben Ratahi also got on the scoresheet before Cameron Wardlaw completed the rout in stoppage time. Wanderers didn’t quite reach those heights but will be delighted with their efforts nonetheless after bringing Suburbs back down to earth in some style. Hamilton had the assistance of first-team player Marc Evans – each club is allowed to field two members of its Stirling Sports Premiership squad – and he made a significant impact after captain Liam Hayes had opened the scoring from the spot. Evans struck mid-way through the first half and added his second in the last minute of regulation time at the end of the game. By that stage, the match was well out of Suburbs’ reach as goals from Stafford Dowling, Sean Skeens and Raheem Hunter-Ali had blown the scoreline out. Suburbs managed a late consolation through Frank Clark to make it 6-1 on what was a disappointing weekend for the club with the seniors also giving up their unbeaten record in the Stirling Sports Premiership. “We’re disappointed but we said to the boys 26

The home side found an equaliser soon after the restart through Tinashe Marowa but Conroy took control of proceedings in the final 10 minutes, adding two further goals to earn a hat-trick and give the Phoenix a 3-1 lead that proved unassailable, although Tasman did manage to hit back via Labu Pan in stoppage time. It was the third consecutive one-goal defeat that Tasman have suffered in the competition after losing 6-5 to Canterbury United and 2-1 to Auckland City. “We rued a number of missed chances,” Tasman co-coach Andy Morris said. “We need to learn to be more clinical in front of goal, it’s as simple as that.” Waitakere were the other side able to celebrate an away win after toppling Southern United 2-1, Mitchell Nash and Drew Farnsworth turning things around for the west Aucklanders after Ben Wade had put the hosts in front. There were no goals in Christchurch as Canterbury United and Auckland City fought out a scoreless draw, just as their first-team counterparts did later at Kiwitea Street. Despite dropping points for the first time this season, Auckland coach Andy Peat was relatively happy with the result. “The team is definitely improving week-by-week and executing what we’ve been working on in training,” he said. “Overall, the performance was positive and we’ll keep growing as we head into our next match.”

National Youth League Round Three Team Wellington 9 (Ihaia Delaney 7’, 16’, 36’, 44’, Aaron McDonald 25’, Elijah Just 51’, 85’, Ben Ratahi 61’, Cameron Wardlaw 90 + 1’)Hawke’s Bay United 0 HT: 5-0 Southern United 1 (Ben Wade 25’)Waitakere United 2 (Mitchell Nash 43’, Drew Farnsworth 60’) HT: 1-1 Canterbury United 0Auckland City 0 HT: 0-0 Eastern Suburbs 1 (Frank Clark 93’)Hamilton Wanderers 6 (Liam Hayes pen 14’, Marc Evans 20’, 90’, Stafford Dowling 25’, Sean Skeens 64’, Raheem Hunter-Ali 70’) HT: 0-2 Tasman United 2 (Tinashe Marowa 50’, Labu Pan 90’ + 5’)Wellington Phoenix 3 (Matt Conroy 36’, 85’, 89’) HT: 0-1


Hamilton Wanderers Y Auckland City FC Y Waitakere United Y Wellington Phoenix Y Eastern Suburbs Y Cant Utd Dragons Y Team Wellington Y Southern United FC Y Tasman United Y Hawke’s Bay United Y 27

P 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3

W 3 2 2 2 2 1 1 1 0 0

D 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0

L 0 0 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 3

GF 13 4 11 9 7 7 11 4 8 1

GA 5 2 5 5 8 7 7 6 11 19

GD 8 2 6 4 -1 0 4 -2 -3 -18

P 9 7 6 6 6 4 3 3 0 0

National League


Enzo’s Rant

Malcolm McPherson: Head Coach: “The gaffer” Like many coaches Malcolm started his football life as a player. He enjoyed a professional football....

Another team for Auckland – nay!


You greedy sods! You already have three of them, what makes you think you deserve a fourth team in the Stirling Sports Premiership?

Martin Bullock:

Assistant coach Martin enjoyed playing to a high standard of football in the UK. As a midfielder, Martin made 452 league....

I know what you’re thinking – “Auckland is where it’s all at. If you can’t even get a decent latte between Ellerslie and Petone, how on earth are you going to find any half decent footballers in that vast cultural desert? And that’s before we even start talking about the South Island.”


But hold on to your gluten free bagels Aucklanders, there might be one or two things you need to consider before taking your divine right to more teams as absolute gospel.

Micheal O’Keeffe: Goal Keeping coach Michael comes to Suburbs coaching staff with an outstanding footballing and ‘keeping pedigree....

First of all, do the maths. When you have under a third of the population, shouldn’t you have a third of the teams at the most? Currently at three out of ten, Auckland is roughly on quota. If the league was to ex-



pand again to twelve teams at some stage in the future we would then have a strong case for one more – but the recent competitions review made it clear that another round robin is a much higher priority than more teams. If you base a ten team competition solely on population in this country, there should be roughly one team for every 450,000 people. So Auckland deserves roughly three. Wellington gets no more than one even though they currently have two. The South Island are lucky to have three when they only have the population for two and a bit - and that leaves a lot of the rest of the North Island pretty solidly short changed.

Eastern Suburbs National League draw

As things stand, if for some reason a current team like Southern or Hamilton dropped out – to replace them with a team from South Auckland or the North Shore would rightly cause rioting in the provinces. So the only path for representation for those two currently neglected areas of Auckland looks to be the demise of a current Auckland team. In other words we’ve got to rob Peter if we want to pay Paul. And growing the game in the provinces is important! No, really, it is. Are you really happy that in the last 12 years the trophy has only been out of Auckland once? Doesn’t it get boring for you? It certainly does for me and a lot of other fans too. How many Wynton Rufers of the future from the two thirds of the population with no access to good lattes are off playing some other mass participation sport in their region, like gumboot tossing, because there was no winning football team nearby to inspire them? The hardships endured by kids in South Auckland or the North Shore who don’t 30

have a so-called “pathway” to a National League franchise because mummy or daddy have to drive them to West, Central or East Auckland are nothing compared to the distances kids from Gisborne, New Plymouth or Palmerston North have to cover as things stand. But if you think that argument is just a load of inclusive pinko PC dairy farmer loving nonsense, consider the flip side. Don’t we want to keep the gravy train going? During Auckland’s period of dominance the two big city clubs we’ve had until now have gone to a long succession of Club World Cups and brought home in excess of ten million dollars in prize money. Why would we want to dilute Auckland talent any further in light of that? No! Too many good things come in threes like hat-tricks, wise men, little piggies, and examples in a sentence. Keep it at three I say! And while you’re at it, let the Waikato team win every now and again...

Sat 22 Oct, 2:00pm Away v Wellington Phoenix U-20, David Farrington Park Sun 30 Oct, 2:00pm HOME v Hawkes Bay United, Bill McKinlay Park Sun 6 Nov, 2:00pm AWAY v Hamilton Wanderers, Porritt Stadium Sun 13 Nov, Time: TBA HOME v Waitakere United, William Green Domain Sun 20 Nov, 4:35pm HOME v Southern United, Bill McKinlay Park Sat 26 Nov, 2:00pm AWAY v Team Wellington, David Farrington Park Sun 4 Dec, 4:35pm HOME v Tasman United, Bill McKinlay Park Sun 11 Dec, 2:00pm AWAY v Canterbury United, English Park Sun 18 Dec, 2:00pm HOME v Auckland City, Bill McKinlay Park

Sun 8 Jan, 2:00pm HOME v Wellington Phoenix U-20, Bill McKinlay Park Sun 15 Jan, 2:00pm AWAY v Hawkes Bay United, Bluewater Stadium Sun 22 Jan, 2:00pm HOME v Hamilton Wanderers, Bill McKinlay Park Sun 29 Jan, 4:35pm AWAY v Waitakere United, The Trusts Arena Sun 5 Feb, 2:00pm HOME v Team Wellington, Bill McKinlay Park Sat 11 Feb, 1:00pm AWAY v Southern United, TBC Sun 19 Feb, 2:00pm AWAY v Tasman United, Trafalgar Park Sun 26 Feb, 2:00pm HOME v Canterbury United, William Green Domain Sun 5 Mar, 3:00pm AWAY v Auckland City, Kiwitea Street

National YOUTH League draw Sunday 16 October,1:00pm HOME v Wellington Phoenix, Michaels Avenue Reserve Sunday 30 October, 1:00pm AWAY v Hawkes Bay United, Petane War Memorial Domain Sunday 6 November, 1:00pm HOME v Hamilton Wanderers, Michaels Avenue Reserve Sunday 13 November, 1:00pm AWAY v Waitakere United, Fred Taylor Park Saturday 19 November, 1:00pm AWAY v Southern United, Peter Johnstone Park


Sunday 27 November, 1:00pm HOME v Team Wellington, Michaels Avenue Reserve Saturday 3 December, 12:00pm AWAY v Tasman United,Trafalgar Park Sunday 11 December, 1:00pm HOME v Canterbury United, William Green Domain Sunday 18 December, 1:00pm AWAY v Auckland City, St Peters College, Epsom



1. Joshua Dijkstra 2. Hayden Johns 3. Finn Cochran 4. Ross Haviland 5. Luke Adams 6. Mario Ilich 7. Timothy Payne 8. Moses Dyer 9. Sean Lovemore 10. Sam Burfoot 11. Armin Pasagic 12. Silvio Rodic 13. Jordan Vale 14. Andrew Blake 15. Osita Chikere 16. Anthony Hobbs 18. Tristan Prattley 20. Derek Tieku 24. Calvin Opperman 25. Zac Speedy 29. Emmanuel Ekpo 36. Fabien Kurimata

1.Pirmin Strasser 2.Scott Hilliar 3.Stewart MacKay 4. 5.Julyan Collett 6.Harrison Nash 7.Stefan Thelen 8.Ryan Tinsley 9.Dylan Stansfield 10.Eder Franchini Pasten 11.Ian Hogg 12.Dan Morgan 13.Ryan Cain 14.David Parkinson 15.David Icardo Hernandez 16.Dylan Manickum 17.Jake Butler 18. 19.Tom Shaw 20.Keegan Linderboom 21.Abdulla Al-Kalisy 22.Lewis Caunter 23.Jake Porter 28. Liam Anderson

Eastern Suburbs Team List

ES Team coaches: Malcolm McPherson (Head Coach) Martin Bull (Asst Coach) Michael O’Keeffe (GK Coach)

Team coaches: Chris Milicich (Head Coach) Carl Jorgensen (Asst Coach) Ross Nicholson (GK Coach)

Stirling Sports Premiership: Round 4 - ESAFC v Waitakere United  

Round 4 Programme of the Stirling Sports Premiership Eastern Suburbs v Waitakere UNited

Stirling Sports Premiership: Round 4 - ESAFC v Waitakere United  

Round 4 Programme of the Stirling Sports Premiership Eastern Suburbs v Waitakere UNited