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 “I will exalt you, my God and King, and praise your name forever and ever.” Psalm 145:1 NLT

A Message From Our Senior Pastor

May 2018

Spring is known as a time of renewal, a time for dusting off the things that were covered during the winter months. This is a perfect time to do the same with our walk with Christ. Look at how you can refresh your daily reading of scriptures, your meditation and prayer times, and commitment to the ministry. Shake-off the barriers that kept you from attending Bible Study, volunteering at church events, and encouraging others to do the same. This is a great time to reinvigorate your work with the ministry and build on the achievements in the first quarter of this year. We welcomed 365 prospective and new members, assisted 34 baptism candidates, served more than 850 people at the ESC Care Center (includes the food pantry, housing, and utility assistance), and prayed with more than 250 people. Just imagine the ways you can become a part of this wonderful Kingdom building work. As we continue to bring souls to and show the love of Christ for people of all ages, we have hired two staff members to enhance the Children’s and Teen Ministries. Since Percy Bland, Jr. and Devanta Scruggs’ arrival, attendance, participation, and engagement has increased within the youth ministry. On a weekly basis, staff members are utilizing technology to disseminate information regarding upcoming events, scholarship opportunities, and summaries of Bible Study/Teen Church to our youth and parents. They are also working with youth to create new programs and events to assist with spiritual growth and development. Changes to the youth ministry are on the horizon, and I’m excited to see our youth become active and involved in the ministry. We have much more happening in the coming Summer months, including the conclusion of the feedONE campaign, a celebration of our Arlington Woods community at the 46218 Family Reunion, the continuation of our Youth Sundays, and a Youth Conference developed by and for our teens. I am thrilled for what our future holds and I pray that you stay connected with the ministry! Blessings,

Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. Senior Pastor



SUNSTONE AT ARLINGTON WOODS • Construction for Sunstone at Arlington Woods is currently underway with completion set for late July/early August. • ROCK Fresh Market is also underway. The market will bring healthy, affordable foods for neighbors within the 46218 community. Healthy food education will be integrated into store operations.

HOUSING OPTIONS • Interested in purchasing a ROCK home or completing an application one or two-bedroom apartments at Sunstone at Arlington Woods? Visit to view available homes and/or fill out the apartment application. For more information email, or call (317) 591-5050 ext. 311. 2

LOVE THY NEIGHBORHOOD AWARDS • The ROCK Initiative was awarded the 2018 LISC’s “Vitality” award during the Love Thy Neighborhood Awards on April 26 hosted by LISC Indianapolis and MIBOR REALTOR Association.

THE INDIANAPOLIS STAR • The Indianapolis Star interviewed Eastern Star Church staff about The ROCK Initiative. The two articles were featured online in April, East-side church rebuilding homes and lives in forgotten neighborhood and Hackney: Eastern Star’s Jeffrey Johnson helps spread message of hope. To view the articles, visit our website and click on the RESOURCES tab, then BLOG.


According to the calendar, spring has arrived. Even though spring in Indiana is often elusive, there are still opportunities to get out and move. Kick your physical activity up a notch by working out with the family and incorporating spiritual growth into your family activities. Spiritual growth is the tiny steps you take daily to get closer to Christ. Having a hard time coming up with ideas? Gardening is a great way to illustrate Biblical principles to youth. The Bible is full of farming and agricultural references easily relatable to growing plants and vegetables. Cecil Sinkfield, Director of Activities at Eastern Star Church, advises that you take as many opportunities to share your faith with youth while walking, bike riding, flying a kite, or going on a picnic. While participating in physical activities with family and friends, share your salvation story, why you study the Word daily, your favorite scriptures and why, and what it means to have your identity rooted in Christ. Bro. Sinkfield recommends being open, honest, and simply tell the truth when sharing. Nothing beats the joy of volunteering together with family and friends. Whether it’s helping elderly neighbors with lawn work, planting flowers at a local park, or walking dogs for a local animal shelter, everyone gets immediate gratification when helping others in the community. Many organizations use walks to increase awareness and raise funds. You can support a great cause and spend time with family and friends by participating in a 5K (3.1 miles) walk. Talk about great value! Several other organizations, including local police departments, host bike rodeos teaching young children bicycle safety as well as getting them in motion and active. How does working out shape our identity in Christ? Bro. Sinkfield explained that our identity in Christ comes from the relationship we have with Christ. Working out is not a prerequisite for being closer to God. The Bible is clear that physical training has some value, but that training for godliness has a higher value.

The aim should be to increase our physical well-being, so we have the energy to devote ourselves to spiritual goals and tasks. Spring has sprung, and summer is upon us. No more excuses. It’s time to get physical and have fun with your family and friends while sharing the gospel of Jesus. 3


There are all types of families highlighted in scripture. Regardless of our family dynamics, family drama, or even family dysfunction,

God wants to see us become everything He has created us to be. God has plans and purpose for our family, and we need to make sure to keep Jesus at the center. We can do this by praying, reading scripture, giving to the least or lonely, and attending church as a family. When we show God that we are thriving to keep Christ at the heart of our family, God has a way of blessing us beyond what we could ask, think, or imagine. I am so grateful that our Senior Pastor, Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. wants to focus on our youth, families, and our identity in Christ through this year’s theme, Born Identity (Mark 10:13-16 MSG). Families are the key to ensure that our communities will not just survive but thrive in the future. The chaos, confusion, violence, and mayhem that is so prevalent in our communities stem from the breakdown of the family. Once Jesus becomes the centerpiece of the family, our community will be on track to becoming everything God desires us to be. The family is important to God. Scriptures show us that God can use any family regardless of the family dynamic. Church folk will try to get us to think that God is only concerned with families that have two parents who waited until marriage to have children. Scriptures show us that God has a heart for all kinds of families from two-parent households like Elizabeth and Zachariah who gave birth to John the Baptist, single-parent households like the widow from Zarephath, blended families like Jacob and the women who gave birth to the 12 sons who become the 12 tribes of Israel, or like Mary and Joseph who co-parented and helped raise Jesus.



Would you recognize a blessing If it landed right where you stand Or would you just reject it Cause it didn’t fit your plan Do you order up your blessings Like a drive-thru number two And never ask the Lord What plans he has for you You want a number five but it comes with sacrifice You want the most to quench your thirst But Lord don’t add any ice And even tho you know Gods menu never change You sit and stare at it Like its been rearranged You scan the menu one more time Don’t care who else is in the line They want what comes with all the blessings Ain’t ask the Lord to take off nothing And there you are trying to find a number So you can pay the least And all the folks that were behind Are eating at the feast. …Please go ahead with your order



ESC Children’s and Teen Ministries would like to welcome and introduce two relentless Christ driven ministers of the faith to our family, Percy Bland Jr. and Devanta Scruggs. Percy Bland, Jr., Senior Coordinator, Youth and Teens, was born in New York and moved to Indianapolis with his military family at the age of four. He graduated from Arlington High School and studied Philosophy with a concentration in minority social culture from Indiana State University. Bro. Bland, an ordained and licensed minister, was the youth pastor at New Wineskin Ministries, and was also a coordinator and administrator at Center for Leadership Development. His life occurrences and education shaped and equipped him to come alongside youth, teens, and parents spiritually. As a spoken word artist, Bro. Bland cofounded WiSE Empowerment in 2008 to transform culture by empowering people to learn and live their WiSE life. He believes the importance of understanding that culture is cultivated and must be nurtured. Understanding the way people/youth view the world shapes their values, personal identity, hope, and future outlook. By changing their worldview, you can change their destiny.

Percy Bland, Jr.


Devanta Scruggs, Teen Coordinator, a native of Indiana, graduated from North Central High School, studied Psychology from Alabama State University (ASU), and is currently enrolled at Indiana Wesleyan University. While attending ASU, Bro. Scruggs was the senior campus pastor and started WORD UP ASU, a student-led and funded ministry that rapidly expanded to more than 200 attendees. He is an ordained and licensed minister with 12 years preaching the gospel. Bro. Scruggs wants to empower ESC youth to get involved in ministry, be a change agent, and be a model for other youth outside of the church. Partners in pursuit of action Bro. Bland and Bro. Scruggs, are aiming to put the words “for the youth, by the youth” to fruition. These radicals are on the front line of faith armed with the desire to see ESC Children’s and Teen Ministries become a model for churches across the nations.

Devanta Scruggs


It has been said that to know where you are going, you must be mindful of your past.

For us as Christians, to further develop ourselves as stewards of Christ, we must have a retrospective view of our walk, looking back to when we were lost, not having accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior. In each issue of EXALT, we will highlight an Eastern Star Church (ESC) member’s salvation story. This month centers on Sister Teresa Bradley. Much like most of us, Sis. Bradley accepted Christ at the young age; she was ten. Sis. Bradley and her family attended Bread of Life Church. On making the decision to accept Christ, Sis. Bradley stated that the Holy Spirit spoke to her, and that’s when she knew it was time to make her life-changing commitment. Her memory of that Sunday is so vivid that she remembered what she was wearing and how hot it was in the sanctuary.

By the age of 12 or 13, the family migrated to ESC on Columbia Ave. after Sis. Bradley’s mother heard how charismatic the “new” Pastor Jeffrey A. Johnson, Sr. was. As a young adult, Sis. Bradley got married, and then the couple transitioned to New Horizon shortly after. The marriage subsequently ended, and although it brought heartache, it also brought her closer to God. At this challenging time in her life, she began to know what salvation truly meant - not trying to be perfect, but surrendering to His Will. Sis. Bradley made her way back to ESC, where she is active in ministry and immersed herself in the Word daily. For members looking to bring the unchurched and unsaved to church, Sis. Bradley urges us to tell them to surrender all their fears and accept the invitation. Change does not happen overnight, nor will our behavior before accepting Christ be immediately modified after receiving salvation. We must allow the Lord to work on us and conform to His instructions. We must resist the temptation to do things our way. Sis. Bradley can attest to this.



In recognition of this year’s theme, Born Identity (Mark 10:13-16 MSG), every third Sunday is Youth Sunday. Elements have been added throughout the worship experience to engage children and teens including youth-serving during worship service, appealing youth artists, and videos that highlight individuals and organizations working with youth. Each EXALT issue will spotlight youth serving in ministry. This month’s feature is the Junior Usher Ministry, a service ministry that has 30 members and serves each Youth Sunday. The Junior Usher Ministry involves warmly greeting and seating worshippers as they enter the sanctuary while maintaining order in the sanctuary during worship service and special events.

Aundre Hogue, Usher Board President, states,

“Junior Ushers are trained to be leaders. There is a high priority for our youth ushers to learn what leadership looks like so they will reciprocate back those skills.” To get your youth involved in the Junior Usher Ministry, visit our website and click MINISTRIES tab, then SERVICE.

When it comes to serving, both Kevin B. and Ezra B. know their gift allows other youth to see them serve in the church and helps further the mission of the ministry, evangelism and discipleship (Matthew 28:18-20). WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT VOLUNTEERING AT EASTERN STAR CHURCH? Kevin: I like meeting new people and learning new things about being a child of God. Ezra: I like getting more involved in church. WHY SHOULD OTHER YOUTH JOIN THIS MINISTRY? Ezra: You get to meet new faces and make new friends.

Ezra B.

Kevin: It has been a great experience for the past two years. The ministry does fun things, and we learn more about the church. WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT FOR A JUNIOR USHER? Kevin: We meet once a month or on an as-needed basis. It is not time-consuming. Training consists of meetings to learn usher signs and signals and study materials. Ezra: I have an open schedule, so volunteering in the ministry does not conflict with my schedule.

Kevin B.



We are the doorkeepers of faith and we are here to serve Because you are a child of God This service is well deserved We will smile and meet you at the door and show you to your seat and on the second Sunday of the month We will serve wine and bread to eat It will be the smallest meal you eat But the fullest you will feel Because the ushers of Eastern Star Church just served an everlasting meal Now if you come by And the doors are closed It’s not that we’re not there Carefully read the sign on the door It says we are in prayer So bow your head Right where you stand And you will know for sure That once we say Amen The Ushers will open the door We know this job pays minimum wage While we are here on earth But once we get to Heaven We will be paid its full worth We have sent some ushers on To gather at Heavens door Where cares and worries are gone And we will meet once more We are the doorkeepers of faith Our hearts are filled with praise And we truly, truly thank you For worshiping with us today... 9

Why verify membership? It is essential for everyone to verify their membership so that the Church staff can identify those who have made a commitment to Eastern Star Church and be able to equip the member better for the work of the ministry.

Am I a member of Eastern Star Church? You are a member of Eastern Star Church if you: • Have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and; • Have completed New Member’s Orientation. Even if you attend church regularly, give consistently, and responded to the invitation to discipleship, you are not a member until you complete New Member’s Orientation. The orientation gives information about the Body of Christ and how believers are to operate in the Body of Christ. It also reviews pertinent information about Eastern Star Church, such as history, current operations, and the many ministries a member can join to use their spiritual gifts.

How to verify membership? Visit our website and click on the FOR MEMBERS tab. Under ‘Member Forms,’ click on ‘Member Information Update’ and you’ll be directed to a page to make changes to your address, phone number, email, etc. Membership Verification forms are also available at the Ushers Stations at each campus.


MEMBER BIRTHDAYS Tony Abel Christine Achille James Adala Christopher Alexander Sr Brianna Allen Jerairre Allen Tomeika Anderson Kevin Anderson Jr Tamera Anthony Carlene Archie Dawn Arnold Michael Arnold Patricia Austin Rodney Babb Jewel Bailey Tony Baker DeAndra Ballard Sherrell Ballard Daphne Barker-Miller Elizabeth Barkley Paula Barnes JaJuana Batts Brittney Bell Chanelle Benjamin Kellie Billups Jadon Bingham Janae Bingham Meshon Bowens Roberta Boyd Darie Bradley Damon Branson Elaine Brents Beverly Brewster Tenecia Broaden Margaret Broadus Doris Brooks Tammala Brooks Keneshia Brown Kevin Brown Robert Brown Jr Pamela Bryant Bridgetta Bullock Anthony Burgess Ashley Caldwell Lovella Cannon Teresa Clark Vincent Clark Tammy Coe Donna Coleman Erin Coleman Edith Coley LaJessia Cook Clifford Cooper Tequila Cornelious Carla Cox Evan Cox Kamaren Cross Richard Crowe Sr Vincent Culbreath Kevin Daniels Velmon Davidson

Erica Davie Alexus Davis Cherise Davis Mary Davis Tyrone Davis Jr Aareon Davis-Dawson Marsha Dawson Joy Day Anylah DePriest Janai Downs Beatrice Driver Dominic Duncan Eric Edwards Linden Edwards Miata Eggerly Aremanda Fann Lauryn Felder Asia Fench Margo Filer Detra Fitts Juanita Flowers She-Wonn Fulce Michael Garner Alpha Garrett Elizabeth Garrett Darnesha Gaskew Renea Gates Maurice Gates Walter George Malika Gilbert Nyla Gilbert William Gillum Shantay Glover Markeelie Goff Debra Golden Trisha Goldsmith Mark Grady Debra Graves Katrina Graves Ricky Graves Aubrey Hamilton Sabrina Hamilton Lucretia Harden Claude Harrington Caran Harris Leon Harris IV Kenneth Harvey Kathy Hayes Debra Haynes Aaron Henderson Chantel Henry Stanley Henry Michael High LaTonya Hiser Virginia Hodges Barbara Holder Erica Holmes Evelyn Hooks Kevin Howard Kimberly Hurd William Hurd

Michelle Isaac Ronald Jackson Thomas Jamerson Sr Sydney Jefferson Debra Jimison Brennan Johnson Glenn Johnson Hezekiah Johnson Morgan Johnson Sydney Johnson Yolanda Johnson Richard Jones Destiny Joseph Krystal Keeylen Gregory Kenny Sr Carole Kounga Michele Lacy Gina Lake Vanessa Lampkins Charles Lee Vaudreca Lee Janice Lewis Cheryl Liggins Christopher Ligon Sydney Ligon Tynisa Locke Jalen Love Yvonne Mack-Bullock Delandra Madden Shardae Mahone Anthony Malichi Frances Malone Avelyn Maples Jalen Martindale Lukau Matuka Theresa McClung Celestine McCrackin Kelia McCurry Denise McGee Jowanna McGhee Byron McKenzie Sr Brittany McReynolds Penelope Meredith Iniecia Miller Carmen Mitchell Shaine Mitchell Sterling Mitchell Zakiya Moore Shawn Moore Sr Donald Morson Marie Morton John Murry Renita Nance Gary Nickleson Payton Nowlin Hazel Owens Isiah Palmer-Ferron Priscilla Paris Nicholas Patterson Anthony Pearson Corey Peden Jr

Natalie Perez Charles Phillips JaMarious Phillips Prince Phillips Michael Pinner Shirley Poindexter Cameron Powell Jolanda Rand Mischaela Rapier Lauren Rascoe Lars Rascoe IV Kimberlee Ray Michael Ray Kenecia Ready Angelia Reed-Bogan Adrienne Richard-Holloway Diona Richardson Isaac Richardson Maleah Robertson Catherine Robinson Wanda Robinson Nancy Silvers Rogers James Rogers III Robin Sanders Jasmine Schultz Shannon Sellars Marshall Shackelford Kathrynne Shaw Eric Shepherd II Jason Sherrell Prentice Siegel Ashley Simmons Charlotte Simpson Maya Simpson Samuel Simpson Georgette Sims Avery Smith Dori Smith Erica Smith Gerald Smith Kadrin Smith Rick Smith Susanne Smith Pamela Spearmon Reginald Spiller Irish Stallworth Clarence Strong Jr Intanique Taylor Reggie Taylor Whitney Taylor Gail Terrell Tammie Terrell Walter Thomas Sr Jonathan Thurman Elizabeth Tlatoa Ronald Townsend Terry Turner Jr Herbert Ulmer David Velasquez Darius Walker Delores Walker

APRIL Renell Walker Jo Ann Wallis Clara Walton Robert Ward Damita Wash Tommie Washington Sandra Watt Banks Kathryn Watts Natasha Weems Hunter White Justin White Pamela White Leonard Whorton Sr Charlene Wilder Jovai Williams Kimberly Williams Traci Williams Briana Wilson Patrick Wilson Marvin Wilson III Cassandra Woods Brandy Wright Johnny Wright




Chalise Achille Regina Adair-Blackwell Jerreme Adams Brandee Allen Shirley Allen Mark Anderson Kevin Anderson Sr Donte’ Archie Mason Archie Adrienne Arnold Chandler Badal Raynette Baker Maria Baker-Hogan Kori Banks Valarie Banks Brittany Barnes Christopher Beard Jr Alexander Beck Deirdre’a Bell Wuanita Bell Michelle Bellamy Shante’ Bennett Javien Bigbee Reggie Billups Sheila Black Oliver Blue III Jennifer Botts Carolyn Boyd Catherine Boyd Jera Boyd Sonja Bragg Mia Brewer Catina Brooks Arthella Brown Dennise Brown Shareatha Brown Dania Brown-Matthews Dominique Brown-Matthews Leatha Buckley Janae Buckner Sean Bullock Leondre Burgess Cedric Burnett II Audriana Burris Mario Callender Terrence Cameron Jr Arbery Campbell Sr Natania Carter Alexis Chambers Tia Chambers Rhonda Cherry-White Blair Coats Jalen Conger Carline Cothern Kiya Coulibaly Jerry Cox Troy Crayton Shaviyana Culbreath Shawn Culbreath Benjamin Curtis Jr Eric Dailey Jr Stacy Dandridge

Tamika Davenport Ebony Davis Macayla Davis Michael Davis III Nedra Dixon Aaron Douglas Jr James Duke Willie Duncan Elijah Edwards Kaleb Edwards Murvin Enders George Evans Thomas Fairer Jr Nichol Felder Doris Fields Eloise Finnell-Little Brandon Finney Brianna Finney Tiffany Fletcher Cory Ford Rachelle Franklin Martha Frierson Timothy Frierson Timothy Frierson Jr Zoe Gaines Brittany Gammons Kamirah Garner Saleetra Garnett Tracy Garrett Ashley Gatlin Ayana Gentry Brendon Gibson Tracie Gibson Camille Gillum Alexandria Gipson LaTanya Gipson Edrikie Golden T’naYea Golder Henry Goldsmith Jasen Graves Karin Graves John Greagor Kennedi Green Camryn Grisby David Hampton Katye Hanley Tonya Harice Arthur Harris Isaiah Harris Kya Harris Richard Harris Sr Paula Haskins Kathy Hayes Lauren Hayes Angelique Hill Brittani Hill Delthea Hill Kelly Hill Yolanda Hill Steven Hogan Kennedy Hogue Briana Holland

Brittney Holland Joy Hughes Tamatha Hughes Selina Hutchison Juliet Ingram Chyri Jackson Regina Jackson Rita Jackson T’Erris Jackson Jada James Danyon Johnson Joshua Johnson Lena Johnson Lewis Johnson Mikita Johnson Jeffrey A Johnson Sr Christopher Jones Crystal Jones Jeremiah Jones Kenyon Jones Mina Jones Sophia Jones Terrance Jones II D’Andre Jones-Florence Tyrone Joyce Kevin Kelly Sadie Kinchlow Allison Kirkpatrick Robin Kitt Andrea Knox Kenneth Lacy Sr Imani Lane Jimmy Lane Michael Lee Nikiesha Lillard Leah Lovely David Lynch Diana Malone Annie Martin Jewel Mason Joy Mason Darus Mathews Jerome Matthews Yvonne Matthews Michelle Maye Tahirah McCall Jesse McClung Jr Akili McDuffey Kimberly McElroy-Jones Amanda McGee Natasha Mckenzie Danny McMillian Amayah McNeil Sondra Meadows Oscar Merriweather Alta Mickey Thelma Middleton Donna Mikell Zachary Mingee Lucien Mitchell James Montgomery Jr Kimberly Moore

Michelle Moore Tamara Moore Edvanie Morris Kayla Morris Anthony Murdock Lincoln Murff Patrice Ndongo James Nickens Jr Dewey Norton Erin Oden Patricia Officer AdePeju Oshodi Barrington Owens Desiree Paris Artis Parker Hannah Parson Shante’ Patterson Doris Payton Ronald Perkins Jr Robert Phelps Adele Phillips Lauren Pitts James Plenty Catina Powell Helen Powell Royce Powell Xienia Harris Powell Charles Pryor Patrice Pryor-Mays Wayne Radford Keith Rand Holly Retic Maya Rhodes Andrew Richards Brooke Robinson Danielle Robinson Darren Robinson Bernethia Rogers Sherri Rogers Thelma Rogers Valerie Ross Felicia Rowie Christopher Sanders David Saunders Ephiram Saunders Umi Scales Davante’ Scott Shelby Session Renee Shaw TaCarrea Shaw Anthony Simonton Cecil Sinkfield Jazmine Sisney Jeffrey Smith Jordan Smith Khalis Smith Mildred Smith Winter Smith Wyona Smith Lynette Smith-Caillouet Patricia Snelling Keisha Starks

MAY Felicia Steele Drew Stevenson Reginald Stewart Vicki Storey James Strong Jr Jacqueline Summers James Thompson Jerry Thompson De’Ja Tibbs Brandon Tillman Leslie Tindal-Hodge Karen Townsend Lynda Townsend Robert Townsend Brooklyn Tucker Malia Ulmer Leslie Vaughn LaTawnya Vaughns Stacie Walker Winifred Walker Janet Ward Ruby Watford Shaun Watson Donald Weaver Vanessa Wells Danica West-Warner Kamia White Anthony Williams Carla Williams Jalen Williams Octavia Williams Aretha Williams-White Barbara Wilson Chase Wilson Irene Wilson Jazzmyne Wilson Michelle Wilson Cheryl Wilson-Brown Tiffany Wise Courtney Wooden Gina Wright Laura Yahya

MEMBER BIRTHDAYS Pamela Adala Alisa Allen Leslie Allen Kameron Ambrose Nicole Archie Adrian Arnett-Smith Stacy Arnold DaWon Baker Patricia Barker Steven Barnes Mary Barnett Alexis Beck Zechariah Beck-White Mary Beepot Andrea Bennette Nigel Blaine Lillie Board Tamara Boards Jeffery Boards II James Bogan LaShawna Bowens Lisa Brittain Joshua Britton Carlee Brookins Brianna Brooks Dallas Brooks Cobe Brown Jesse Brown Jr Willie Brown Jr Robert Brown Jr Sherwine Burgess Layla Butler Sheraun Byrdsong Bernard Caillouet Shelly Caldwell Kendall Carpenter Kimberly Carter Delaney Casson Mary Caudle Lawrence Chandler Jr Danielle Chatman Natoya Churchill Patricia Clemons Gwendolyn Clinton Britney Coats Timothy Coleman Hazel Collier Ryan Conwell Summer Cornett Darrell Cothern Ronnie Cox Tamiko Crayton Keesha Crespo Darla Crowe Ted Daniels Copatric Dartis Debra Davis Joshua Davis Keenan Davis McKenzie Davis Quanesha Davis

Kristin Dent Jaren Diggins Victoria Dixon Andre Donaldson Andrea Dorsey Donna Dorsey Adam Douglass Sr Bintou Doumbia Dominique Duncan Katelyn Durham Louise Duvall Sheri Ealy Victoria Earbin Donnie Edwards Kristian Edwards Tori Edwards-Robinson Donya Ellis Antwonya Ervin Angela Essex Tiffany Essex Kimberly Fairer Tayler Fitts Wilma Fitzpatrick Tahj Fleming Sheldon Fletcher Nigel Foreman Nigel Foreman Sr Jarren French Kelly French Nyoka Fultz Chloe Garrett Dyonta Gary Raven Gibson Duranda Gilbert Mary Glover Quiara Goggans Diane Golder Zoe Gowens-Evans Jayda Graham Kayla Graham Truda Gregory Cynthia Grisby Anna Grubbs Karen Grubbs Margaret Grubbs Christopher Gunn Gary Hamiter Anthonie Harris Brenda Harris Carole Harris Clyde Harris Cynthia Harris Gloria Harris Pearline Harris Taler Hayes Darlene Haynes Mikisha Helm Lorenzo Henderson Robin Henderson Robert Henry Jr Sylvester Herron

Keshia High Doris Hollowell Austin Holmes Cheryn Holmes Parischelle Holmes Tommy Holmes Jr Tommy Holmes Sr Tahj Hooks Idowu Ikudabo Connie Irvin Mackenzie Isaac Jeri Jackson Letitia Jackson Roberta Jackson Wynesia Jackson Tiwana Jakes Tracy James II Inzyah Jefferson Woodrow Jeffries Brittany Johnson Cerista Johnson Gary Johnson Gwendolyn Johnson Terry Johnson Michael Johnson II DeLonda Jones Donovan Jones Daisa Journey Mirriam Katema Amy Lane Shelley Lane Lauren Lapsley Geretha Lee Matthew Lester Daylin Lewis Azarias Lonberger JaVion Lopez Melodie Love Megan Lowden Zakiya Lumumba Zaya Lumumba Ryan Lynch Gloria Maddox Henry Maddox Jr Darryle Mahone Cherry Malichi Margaret Manning Eddie Manningham Sr Ashton Maples Kiya Marsh Virginia Mason Michael Matthews Tonia Maxey-Williams Marion Maxwell Henry Maye II Rana McChristian Roxie McDaniel Stephanie McIntire Tiffany McKinley Tumaya McKnight Ryann McMillan

Cynthia McWilliams Daajsha Means Megan Merriweather DaRon Miller Charisse Mitchell Kaleb Mitchell Nadine Morgan Ellysa Morris Georgiana Morris Tanya Morrison Joni Morse Darryl Morton Jr Jasen Mosley Jasen Mosley Sr Marvin Murdock I Anthony Murdock II Janea Myles Jayda Myles Veronica Nash Lisa Offutt June Ogoussan Kayla Owens Latoya Owens Ollie Joe Owens Theon Parker Tory Patterson Moriah Perdue Shanena Perdue Kendra Perkins Velma Perkins Ashley Pettigrew Jason Pettigrew Jordan Pickett Michelle Pinner Ethel Polk Brittini Porter Winston Powell Leah Puckett Quintin Puckett Danielle Rasor Dyrell Reeves Jr Emanuel Rhodes Billie Rhymes Ralph Richards Jamillah Roberson Eva Roberts Yommier Robertson Regina Robinson Tasha Rogers Kimberly Rutland Carla Sammy Kerrigan Saunders DaMia Scott Kendra Scott-Jackson Felicia Seals Nia Simmons Crystal Simonton Thomas Simpson Jr Adriane Smith Doris Smith Kennedy Smith

JUNE Mykahel Smith Shawntel Smith Jessica Sparks Jalen Spivey Tracey Stallion Greg Stanley Ronnie Stone Alexander Stowers Naqweia Stowers Robert Stricklen Clarence Strong Sr Terriane Sturdivant Jefty Sultzer Jr Martha Summers Denise Sweatt Dawn Tatum-Young Camille Taylor Darius Taylor Debbie Taylor Marilyn Taylor Monica Thomas Sheila Thomas Mamie Thompson Jantel Thornton Royce Tichenor-Montgomery Alyson Turner Angela Turner John Turner Lauren Turner Dorothy Tyler Paris Vaughn Amber Walker Bradley Walker Candace Walker Tee’Aisa Ward Kenya Watkins-Barnes Pearl Watson Stephen Weathersby Kimberly Webster Antonio White Jamison White Neah White Teresa White Brie Wilkerson Alfonzo Williams Krystal Williams Luwana Williams Trae Williams Aaron Williamson Sharon Wilson Brenda Wood Bryan Woodfork Leon Woods Lakayla Wortham Antoinette Wright Albert Young Jr Cayden Younger Natalie Zolicoffer


CALENDAR Important Dates for All Members Visit our website calendar to view updates and registration details for the following:

Servants in Action Meeting: May 24

Premarital Readiness Meeting: June 13

The Servants in Action Ministry meeting will be held on May 24 from 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. at the Main Campus, Room M119.

To learn more about wedding and vow renewal ceremonies at our church, attend the next Premarital Readiness Meeting on June 13 at the Main Campus at 5 p.m. Registration is required and must be completed by June 12 to participate. Registration is available on our website by clicking on the CALENDAR tab.

Teen Church: May 27 Teen Church will be held on May 27 at 9:15 a.m. at the Fishers Campus, 10:45 a.m. at Cooper Road Campus, and 12:15 p.m. at Main Campus.

Marriage Ministry Boot Camp: June 2 Join the Marriage Ministry at the Main Campus for an Intended for Pleasure Marriage Boot Camp on June 2 from 9 a.m.– 2 p.m. Couples will participate in interactive discussions and breakout sessions focusing on God’s design for marriage, intimacy, and how to develop and maintain a spirit-filled marriage. Registration is free. To register, visit our website and click on the CALENDAR tab.

Youth Sunday: June 17 Join us for Youth Sunday at each campus featuring appealing youth artists, videos that highlight individuals and organizations working with youth, and much more!

New Member’s Orientation: June 23

Men of Purpose and Women of the Word meetings: June 9

New Member’s Orientation will be held on June 23 at the Fishers Campus from 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Registration is required and must be completed by June 20 to participate. New Member’s Orientation is offered to children, teens, and adults. Registration is available on our website by clicking the ABOUT US tab, then MEMBERSHIP AND MEMBERSHIP SERVICES.

Men of Purpose and Women of the Word will meet on June 9 from 9 – 11 a.m. at the Main Campus

Teen Church: June 24

Baptism Date: June 10 (all campuses) Baptismal services will be held on June 10 at all three campuses. Registration is required and must be completed by June 6. Registration is available on our website by clicking the ABOUT US tab, then MEMBERSHIP.

Graduate’s Appreciation Sunday: June 10 (all campuses) If you are a member of Eastern Star Church and graduated in 2018 from high school or college, we would like to recognize you for Graduate’s Appreciation Sunday at Eastern Star Church! Wear your full graduation regalia to the service of your choice on June 10 and be prepared to share your school, degree, and goals with the congregation.


Teen Church will be held on June 24 at 9:15 a.m. at the Fishers Campus, 10:45 a.m. at Cooper Road Campus, and 12:15 p.m. at Main Campus.

ESC Scholarship Application deadline: June 24 Applications must be postmarked by June 24. For scholarship requirements, visit our website and click on the MINISTRIES tab then YOUTH. For more information, call (317) 591-5050 ext. 201.

Vacation Bible School: June 25 – 29 Vacation Bible School will be held at Cooper Road Campus from 6:30 – 8 p.m.

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EXALT May 2018