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Holiday 2011

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Handmade Sustainable Peaceful Fair Trade Asian Style Kaleidoscope Mandala Earrings Page 25

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Burgundy Rose Violet Aqua

Lao Kerchief (pictured left) Simple but multifunctional design. 100% cotton with a soft elastic back. One size only QC111 $19


Diamond Rings Earrings


Sterling Silver W 0.75 “ L 1.5” QJ127 $49


LANNA STRAP Supple, soft leather with an embedded swatch of vintage tribal embroidered cotton and a brass snap. An exotic wristband to complement any outfit. The bright and intricate patterns are all unique but we offer them in two shades - either bright red or subdued violet. (featured on pg. 3 with lavender scarf - see pg. 12 also) CJ101 Uniform Size W 1.5’’ L 7.5” $49

CARVED SOAP FLOWERS Carved by hand from single solid pieces of fragrant soap for decorative purposes only. The flowers are then hand painted in dramatic colors. The flower varieties include orchids, roses, dahlias, hibiscus, and hyacinth. Firmly set in carved mango wood compacts with engraved nickel medallions. Let us choose for you a nice selection of individually gift-boxed flowers in sets of three, six, or twelve. The flowers and colors will vary within the sets. Dia. 3” Set of 3 PS597 $44 Set of 6 PS598 $79 Set of 12 PS599 $139


started as a sourcing company focusing on the products of Thailand. Our customers ranged from corner boutiques to nationally recognized brands. Growing quickly, our larger customers began pressing us to use “cheaper aluminum instead of bronze” or “machine made fabric with automated screen prints instead of individually dyed handmade fabric”. We stubbornly refuse to compromise by offering lower quality or copying real folk art into mass-produced simulacra. We believe it is possible to focus exclusively on the limited quantities of the very best items and still survive. Instead of a huge corporation in disguise, we are an independent project that strives to bring beautiful things to interested fellow travelers. Having known our suppliers for years, we’ve been to their homes, met their families, and eaten their cooking. We certainly need them as much as they need us. We also believe the Fair Trade concept, which improves conditions for workers, should also encompass high quality and balanced prices for the buyers. Our entire collection, unless otherwise stated, is still produced in Thailand.

We don’t cut corners.


We are small and careful.

THE OUTLINE DUO Natural 100% cotton, hand-loomed in a wide weave, presented in striking colors and sewn together in a double layer with a natural cream colored backing. The outline effect of the inner layer accents the draped sweep front and open elbow-length sleeves. You can select an individual color, but what’s the point really, we both know you will end up ordering every one eventually. FC501

Available in Green, Tan, Grey, Lavender, Cream, Burgundy, and Black (all colors are double layered with cream material) Scarf L 66” W 18” $39 Smock (Free Size) $69

Magic Slipper Earrings Sterling Silver Matte W 0.3” L 2.25” QJ125 $99

MATTE DISC EARRINGS 99% pure silver 1.5” Dia. HTE549 $69

Set $99

FREE GIFT Every order for this season will receive a handmade pyramid coin purse to help keep your profile sleek and your treats intact.


NATURAL DYE Shawl Using the same 100% hand woven cotton as the Outline Duo on page 3, we use natural dyes for these single layer shawls that bunch comfortably in use. Through each of the color selections, un-dyed cream threads are mixed to add visual texture. 100% Hand-woven cotton L 63” W26” TC245 $39

Violet Burgundy Salmon


Parchment Cream Cocoa

CHALICE BLOUSE The “Y” neckline with intricate hand-stitched collar detail softly curves into an embroidered center line. With inclined cappedstitched sleeves and thin side-attached ties that meet in back, the distinct fitted profile is completed. 100% cotton Available in Spring or Brown S, M, L and XL FC801 $49

A. Icicle Earrings (pictured left) Sterling Silver L 3” QJ122 $69




99% pure silver W .6” L 3” WJ305 $79

99% pure silver W .6” L 3” WJ303 $59




THE PEOPLE’S UNIFORM Loose weaved soft cotton. The pants have a simple drawstring waist and a straight leg cut. The raised half-collar tops off an open V-neck shirt with straight cuffless sleeves. Comfortable enough to wear all day and sleep in at night. Perfect for meditation, vacation, relaxation, or just sitting quietly on your island while plotting your next move against James Bond. 100% Cotton Available in both men and women’s sizes. Choose Black or White for both men and women Children’s versions available (see page 44) S, M, L, XL and XXL RC210 Top $49 Bottom $49 Set $79

HERBAL MASSAGE PRESS (Pictured below) Cotton batting surrounds this herbal pack of Citron, Turmeric, Ginger, Salt, Camphor, and other native Thai herbs traditionally used as natural skin care. Activate by soaking and heating, then store in refrigerator between uses. Can be used 3 to 4 times. Pair of Herbal Presses PS310


1. Soak the Herbal Massage Press in a bowl of water for 5 minutes. 2. Heat the bowl of water in a microwave until water starts to steam. 3. Let pack cool until it’s comfortable to the touch, then use by pressing firmly to open pores and activate skin.

STONE SOAP The texture and surface tone of our soaps reminded us of several types of igneous stone. So we asked our craftsmen to make us soap that looked just like rocks. A random sampling of our great fragrances in a fun shape. 3” long pieces. Mixed set of 4 scents in a gift basket PS240 $29

FIBER SOAP SET Three natural soaps surrounded by loofah fiber on each cake. A nice introduction to different active blends and fragrances. Next time you will order a set for everyone you know. 3.2” long pieces. Mixed set of 3 scents in a gift basket PS220 $24




A. SAMUI SILVER SET A sterling silver starfish carrying a Nova shell center. The soft warm glow of the Nova spiral softens the hard shine of the flowing sterling silver arms. Black off-set color and very detailed work on the interior filigreed spinework fashion a hardwon victory of design. Handmade intricate detail that actually mimics nature’s smooth simple flow. TJ993 Pendant (w/cord) Dia. 1.5" $89 Earrings Dia. 0.8" $69 Set $119



On one side, a polished white Nova shell spiral for good luck and prosperity, and on the other, the fabled "cat's eye" coloration for protection from harm. Taken from the protective "trap door" operculum that protects snails and other mollusks, the cat's eye matches the natural occuring spiral on the front of the item. Whatever the name, this jewelry covers all your bases. Oval Pendant and circle earrings. Set in sterling silver. TJ450 Pendant (w/cord) Dia. 1" $39 Earrings Dia. 0.5" $39 Set $69



Nova shells in sterling silver H 1.5” W 0.5” L 0.5” TJ151 $49

E. NOVA SPIRAL STUDS Dia. 0.4” TJ152 $39


Nautilus jewelry combines the sharp shining light of sterling silver with the soft, iridescent glow of naturally occurring mother of pearl. Rich, transparent fluid color variations contrast with the consistent strong definition of the silver setting. TJ430 Pendant (w/cord) Dia. 2” $59 Earrings Dia. 1” $49 Set $99


Beautiful items for everyday use, but elegant enough to match any chinaware you may have received at your first wedding. H 2.25” W 1.75” TT611














A 3/4” Nova shell is set within the tines of a Sterling Silver cuff. Cuff flattens out to a comfortable smooth finish as it approaches the opening. Adjustable up to 7.5” TJ803 $99

Pua Shell is another of the very popular Asian organic jewelry materials that are thought to produce good luck and prosperity for the wearer. The flowing liquid markings in the shell surface resemble a glowing iridescent ancient mariner’s map. Set in sterling silver. TJ440 Pendant (w/cord) Dia. 1” $49 Earrings Dia. 0.5” $39 Set $79

Abalone shell squares in sterling silver. W 0.5” HTE786 $29

B. ABALONE SANDALS Abalone Shell and Sterling Silver YJ639 Earrings W 0.3" L 0.8" $29 Pendant W 0.6" L 1.25" $29 Set $49

D. WATER DROPS Blue abalone shells in sterling silver. H 0.5” HTE979 $29

F. VAN ALLEN PENDANT A trio of sterling silver rings surrounds and protects a large nova spiral shell. The included cord nicely slips through the sterling clockwork ring. TJ306 Pendant (w/cord) Dia 1.75" $89 Earrings Dia 1" $79 Set $169


BATIK TUNIC BLOUSE This ¾-length lightweight cotton blouse promotes a trimmer profile with vertically stitched narrow tucks. The slightly raised collar, cap sleeves, side slits, and cross chest lapel with fabric covered ball and loop closures compliment the handmade batik pattern. Available in Bamboo Blue or Bamboo Copper S, M, L and XL LC610 $89

A. Chinoiserie Bracelet B. CHINOISERIE EARRINGS Hand painted porcelain balls and small sterling silver beads. L 7.5” Ball Dia. 0.3” TJ369 $69

Handpainted porcelain balls and 99% pure silver accents. H 1” W 0.5” KJ201 $39



Ticker Tape Parade Earrings Sterling Silver W 0.75” L 1.75” QJ116 $79


Frozen Palm Earrings Sterling Silver W 0.75” L 1.5” QJ115 $69

Deco Waterfall Earrings Sterling Silver W 0.6” L 1.5” QJ118 $69





E. PROFILE PANTS A pair of trousers slit all the way to the hip. But don’t be shy - there is another layer inside to maintain a stylish modesty. The comfortable elastic and drawstring waist lets you choose how low on your hips to wear them. 100% cotton. S, M, L or XL Available in Blue or Cocoa NC105 $99

BLUE AND WHITE SALVAGE Shards of Chinese porcelain were salvaged from shipments lost over a hundred years ago under the river that flows through Bangkok. Unlike the porcelain produced today, these blue designs were hand painted using very finely ground cobalt oxide. Modern production methods have replaced the hand painting as well as the cobalt oxide coloring technique. Each item in this collection will have a unique porcelain design chosen for its appeal and cut to shape. Set by hand in Sterling Silver. LJ980 A. Pendant (w/cord) L 0.75” W 0.9” $69 B. Earrings L 0.6” W 0.5” $59 C. Large Pendant (w/cord) L 1.5” W 1.2” $99


D. SUNSHINE BLOUSE A nuanced casual blouse in a soft and easily maintained blend of 50% cotton, 45% tencel, and 5% wool. Gentle elastic on the waist and sleeves create a dreamy profile. Hand embroidered neckline. Choice of Cream or Taupe S, M, L or XL NC109 $59


F. Tie-dye Silk Scarf 100% Hand-woven silk. The classic tie dye process results in dramatic liquid color-shaping. Colors available, left to right:

Holiday - red and green Lush - brown and green Electric - blue and cherry (featured) Mineral - orange and copper Royal - purple and gold L 52” W13” TC144 $39


ONE SYMBOL EARRINGS 99% pure silver Dia. 0.75” HTE77 $39

Occluded Spiral Earrings 99% pure silver W 1.4” YJ302 $79

SILVER SEED EARRINGS 99% pure silver L 1” YJ422 $39

99% pure silver Dia. 1.25” YJ441 $79 ZONE EARRINGS 99% pure silver 1.6” Dia. HTE518 $119

HANDMADE SILVER JEWELRY On the border of Thailand and Burma, traditional slash and burn farmers have abandoned unsustainable lifestyles and now survive by fashioning 99% pure unadulterated silver jewelry. As even sterling silver (92.5% silver, 7.5% copper) is too rigid to shape by hand, our collection of handmade jewelry is the purest silver jewelry available. Each individual design is produced by distinct family units living in a sustainable way, surviving by making beautiful art within their communities. Over a period of time this jewelry will acquire a shady oxidation that can be easily wiped off or left to accentuate the design. This effect is also how you know for certain that you have a pure silver item.


ANEMONE EARRINGS 99% pure silver Dia. 1.25” YJ711 $79

CALDERA EARRINGS 99% pure silver Dia. 1.25” L 2” YJ431 $99

CALM SEAS 99% pure silver Dia. 0.5” HTE 883 $29 10


GLITTERING PENDANT A tight hand-woven cotton cord split into four strands fixed by bronze discs. One strand of brass beads resonates with a smaller nickel-beaded strand and two strands of tiny tin cubes. The necklace closes with a looped cord and an agate bead. Suspended from one of the strands of cubes is a polished turquoise teardrop with a wound copper cap and central spiral. L 17.5” NJ991 $59

CELESTIAL BRONZE BRACELET A triple strand of bronze beads with a tiny bell clasp. Each strand has a large sun bead and eight decreasing globes off of either side. There would have been nine beads - but in 2006 the scientists declared that Pluto was not a planet. Please direct your dissapointment to the Astronomical Congress. Hand woven black cotton cords and bronze bell loop fastener. L 7.25” TJ291 $39

Dark Earth

PASTORAL WEAVE SMOCK AND SCARF Though Thailand’s climate is mainly tropical, the elevated regions in the northern provinces experience four seasons (Doi Inthanon, Thailand’s highest point, is a reasonably alpine 8,400 feet). These Lanna (Chiang Mai province) smocks provide a stylish response to a chilly day. Hand-woven cotton with a traditional rough, “thatched” weave, the loose large-sleeve practical design fits all sizes. The matching scarf completes a charming ensemble. Available in Dark Earth, Brown, Cream, and Purple Wrap H 30” W 35” Scarf H 60” L 20” Smock and Scarf Set TC119 $89




Three handwound cords, bronze accent beads and rods, turquoise pebble centerpiece. Fits 7” to 7.5” T606 $39

Three strands of brass and nickel beads with a turquoise teardrop dangle. Adjustable up to 8” wrist NJ203 $39




Two strands of brass beads. One strand turquoise. Adjustable up to 8” wrist NJ208 $29



SAKURA BLOUSE Although made in Thailand of handwoven cotton, this gossamer minimalist blouse is so Japanese in aesthetic that it's named after the famous Japanese cherry blossom. In Japan, the sakura is an important symbol of music, literature, and meteorology! Worn loose, tightened with its own drawstrings, or combined with a belt. Available in S, M, L and XL sizes Black or White TC132 $59

POPPY FIELD BAG Convenient-sized daily bag with a mixture of vintage and modern fabric, leather sides, strap, and accents with brass fittings including four studs on a stiff base. Lined with chamois, center zipped with two slide pockets and one zipped pocket. H 8” W 3” L 8” AC160 $199



SAKURA BELT A great companion piece to the Sakura Blouse, or as a contrast to other outfits. The generous, long piece of fabric can be knot or bow tied, in front or in back, and allows a stylish edge to any solid blouse. 100% cotton H 5.5’ W 82” Black or Red TC163 $29

MIKO TUNIC Medium weight 100% cotton with a midsection print panel. High collar, coconut buttons, and an elasticized waist. The loosefitting pattern allows you to add a layer underneath on a cool day without disturbing the profile. Available as pictured only in S, M, L, and XL. KC101 $89



This hand-painted and loose fitting 100% cotton top has a boat neckline, three-quarter length cuffed sleeves, and an incorporated sash that opens at the sides to allow a ribbon tie in back effecting an open blousing but smooth hip line. The sash can be tied even looser to allow the waist to blouse open into a smock effect. FC401 Available as shown only S,M,L,XL $59



Loose flowing and super-comfortable pants fitted at the waist and elasticized in back to accommodate free sizing up to size 14. The trousers drape into full, skirt-like open legs. Made with cotton rayon, these are a longer and fuller variation of the runabout pants on page 30. Available in Standard length (5’7” and under) And Tall (5’8” and above) Available in Burgundy Pattern (facing page left top), Black Pattern (facing page center top), Solid Grey (pictured) and Solid Black (imagined) FC101 $49



A. Spiral Triplet Pendant TJ320 99% pure silver Chain L 16.5” Pendant L 1.5” $99 Matching earrings $59

B. Silver Clover Pendant TJ323

C. Wildflower Stamp Pendant TJ322

A sextet of knotted waxed cotton strands with 99% pure silver beads and centerpiece. Chain 17” Pendant L 0.5” $49 Matching earrings $29

w/ delicate jade beaded chain. 99% pure silver accents. Chain 16.5” Pendant L 0.5” $49 Matching earrings $29


D. Question Mark Pendant TJ321 w/double chain of finely hollowed elongated 99% pure silver beads and centerpiece. Chain 16.5” Pendant L 0.8” $59 Matching earrings $39


Pocket Wrap The perfect over the shoulder wrap for warding off cold draughts on planes, trains, and front porches. Symmetrical front pockets and a crescent back. 100% naturally dyed hand-woven cotton. Beach or Green, Standard or Generous sizes TC705 $79

Leather Sheaf Bracelets Leather cords with 99% pure silver accents Adjustable length Sterling Silver clasps

Telegraph Cord Bangle QJ215 $49

Sacred Seeds Cord Bangle QJ216 $49

Thumbprint Disc Cord Bangle QJ217 $59

Spinning Silver Leaf Cord Bangle QJ218 $59

Leather Blossom Hair Fastener Dia 1.5” Available in Burgundy, Sand or Cocoa QJ411 $29



Brushed Torus Pendant 99% pure silver 1.25” Dia. with (16” to 30” adjustable leather cord) QJ312 $99





A. SINGLE STAMPED LEATHER BAND CJ301 Adjustable $17 B. STITCHED LEATHER BANGLE CJ302 Available in L 7.5” $19

Charming Silver Pendants 99% pure silver 0.5” charms fixed on adjustable (15” to 30”) knotted leather cords More selections available on our website

C. DOUBLE STAMPED LEATHER BAND CJ303 Adjustable $19 D. Button Braid Bracelets Soft Leather with wooden button Length 7.5’’ available in Brown, Tan or Black QJ219 $19 each

SPIRAL GROUP EARRINGS 99% pure silver Dia. 0.75” HTE03 $59

Ziggurat Pendant QJ313 $39

Fishbone Pendant QJ314 $39

Abacus Bracelet Three rows of tiny silver beads tightly knotted within black waxed cotton. Each bead is stamped with a radiant sun 99% pure silver beads. L 7” TJ353 $149

Spiral Trio Pendant QJ315 $39

Flower Box Pendant QJ316 $39



Yao Shoulder bag









Pinstripe quilted hemp canvas with centerpieces of vintage Yao tribal embroidery on both sides. The leather trimmed opening can be tightened with side leather braids and closed with a magnetic middle snap. Two leather trimmed pockets inside. The side swatches will vary in pattern, but not color, they are unique. PT663 H 11’’ W 6.5’’ L 17’’ $249



99% pure silver H 1.25” W 1.1” HTE527 $59

99% Pure Silver H 1.25” W 0.9” HTE525 $59

SILK SCARF AND SHAWL As simple as elegance gets. No need for a special name. Unrivaled texture and color supplied by pure, soft, butterfly wing handmade Thai Silk. Added to any ensemble, it will supply the “there” there. Available in the colors shown above Scarf L 66” W 13” TC141 $39 Shawl L 66” W 32” TC241 $59

FEATHERED ROLLER EARRINGS 99% pure silver Dia. 1.25” YK512 $69


ELECTRON CLOUDS 99% pure silver Dia. 0.5” TJ309 $39


SILVER FOSSIL SHELLS 99% pure silver Dia. 1” HTE793 $59

RED JASMINE FOLDOVER SKIRT This medium thickness cotton skirt with a dynamic red flower pattern is very similar to traditional Siamese fashion. The wide waist is folded over to meet the off-center black strip and fixed in place with an attached sash. The upper hemline is then folded over the sash to complete a dynamic display that looks formal but couldn't possibly be more comfortable. One size fits all TC750 $59

THE GEISHA SMOCK This is a serious blouse. Double layered and closed by a center zip up the back, the soft floral patterned inner lining is encased in a polished cotton shell. The inner fabric is hemmed to the outer shell along the outer arms. It makes us feel like a cross between a Geisha and an astronaut. S, M, L and XL TC670 $149

WISHBONE Shoulder Bag Leather handle and accents over a threaded hemp canvas combined with a vintage Burmese embroidery. Center zipped and lined in red flannel. One zippered and two slide pockets inside. H 14� W 18� AC778 $295



SPONGE CORAL PENDANT Sterling Silver cast in the undulating shape of living coral. The 10mm pearl centerpiece is of the very highest grade. Alternating between high polish and rough finish, the effect appears as if through a scuba mask on a shallow reef. Dia. 1.75" KJ601 $179





A. Coral Ladder Earrings

B. Silver Feather Earrings

Sterling Silver W 0.25’’ L 1.5” QJ119 $69

Sterling Silver with pearls H 2.5” W 0.75” KJ101 $79

C. AMETHYST SOLITAIRE D. Gem Splash Earrings with ruby chips and a 16” triple silk cord Dia 1” QJ101 $129

Sterling Silver with Center Gem Dia 1’’ QJ622 $99

Silver FAN Coral Sterling Silver ZJ619 Pendant (w/cord) L 1.5” W 0.5” $49 Earrings L 1” W 0.5” $49 Set $89 18


Honeycomb Star Earrings Sterling Silver Dia. 1” QJ120 $89



V-neck pullover with a smock flair. Intricate hand embroidery follows the open collar across the shoulders to the seam. 100% cotton. Black only Small (size 10 and under) Large (size 12 to 16) LC620 $79

Double layered and vertically quilted soft handmade cotton. This high collared jerkin has flared sleeves and roomy slit pockets. Similar to many exclusive post-war Japanese designs, only comfortable and practical. Available in S, M, L and XL Black only TC921 $149

TANGLED WEB EARRINGS 99% pure silver Dia. 0.75” YJ722 $49

Cypress Earrings Sterling Silver Dia. 1.25” QJ111 $89

Zero Gravity Earrings Sterling Silver Matte Dia. 1.1” QJ123 $129



A. EMPIRE BLOUSE 100% cotton with tucked bodice and collar. Available in pictured color only. S,M, L and XL GC995 $79



B. KIMONO RING BELT The modern kimono fabric and brass fittings add a dash over a long shirt or through your belt loops. Available in Red (above) or Yellow (right with jeans) W 1.5” L 42” ZQ810 $59



Modern kimono fabric, brass fittings, braided handle, and a solid color base with canvas lining. A single zippered pocket inside. Available in Red w/black or Yellow w/brown (Red is pictured) H 11.5” W 4” L 13” ZQ420 $99


D. BRUSHED SILVER SPHERES 99% pure silver balls 12 mm diameter on each sphere

Necklace (Not Shown) Length 18” SJ101 $495 Bracelet (featured left) Length 8” J301 $195 Ball Simple Earrings (featured below) SJ201 $49 Wishbone Earrings (featured left and below) H 2” SJ401 $59






Black canvas construction with a modern Japanese cotton kimono fabric panel accent. The opposite side from the kimono fabric is black with a folder slide pocket. The handles and a detachable shoulder strap are trimmed in matching kimono fabric. Padded inside. Available in Subdued (featured on left) Violet Technicolor H 11” W 2” L 14” ZQ410 $99

Double Arc Earrings Sterling Silver Matte W 0.4” L 2” QJ134 $79

CHerry blossom Smock Cotton weave shawl cleverly sewn to create a shorter over-the-head poncho-style cover up. Black woven cotton stamped with grey and plumb colored petals and leaves. One size for all. YC701 $49

ENGRAVED WAVE Pendant Pendant version of our popular Lotus Bloom earrings, but large enough to accommodate a hand grooved crescent border and wave design. (w/cord) 99% pure silver Dia. 2.25” HTP15 $99

CHIME EARRINGS 99% pure silver H 2.4” W 0.7” HTE515 $79



99% pure silver L 1.3” TJ681 $59

99% pure silver H 2.3” W 1.1” HTS045 $79





A. Wua Lai Earrings A classic hanging bulb in festive colors. Hand-wrought bronze inlaid with red and turquoise stone, anchored on a pure silver base. Available in Teardrop (left) or Capsule (right) shapes. H .8” W .6” WJ301 $49



Turquoise teardrops and disc echos, brass beads.

Crocheted by hand, these elaborate and detailed collars and matching bracelets incorporate polished cotton cords, tiny brass bells and coordinated semi-precious stones. All fasten with an adjustable bell and loop.




Prehnite orbs with green agate echoes. Brass beads on the top and mini Queen Elizabeth coins on the bottom.

Necklace H 1.5" L 15" TQ201 $169 Bracelet H 1.25" L 7.25" TQ202 $69 Matched Set TQ299 $219


Rose Quartz and alternating bells. E. Pendant (w/cord) (select circle or diamond) Dia. 1.25” $149


F. Earrings (select circle or diamond) Dia. 0.75” $129 Set (select circle or diamond)

$249 G. Oval Pendant (w/cord) Dia. 1.25” $149 G


Our fossil agate jewelry started as Indonesian coral in an offshore reef 20 million years ago. In rare and lucky instances, after being buried by volcanic debris and shifted above the water by earthquakes, the full pattern and character of the original coral was perfectly preserved in a silica matrix. We offer only the very best specimens straight from the jungles of Indonesia. Only a handful are chosen out of thousands that are put aside. While our selection process implements uniformity in polyp shape, size, color, and sharpness, every stone is unique and differences should be expected. Set in sterling silver and available in Goldenrod or Ivory shades. FJ160



in sterling silver Varied but similar pattern, one color only Pendant (w/cord) Dia. 1.5” FJ170 $129

A. Himalayan Collar Squared collar of intricately knotted green and grey waxed cotton to which descending rows of brass beads, jasper stones, prenite orbs and polished turquoise shards are incorporated. Knotted loop closures with spaced beads for adjustable fit. TJ325 Necklace L 18.5” $169 Bracelet 7.5” $69 Set $219

B. FOSSIL BLOOM NECKLACE Modern 100% cotton kimono swatches are sewn over a waxed cotton cord. Beaded with brown jade and pure silver and focused on a 20 million-year-old fossilized coral bloom centerpiece set in sterling silver.KJ810 Necklace 16.5” $99 Bracelet 7.5” $79




C. Vientiane Blouse A generous trimmed and shaped neckline with hanging pleats in breathable 100% cotton give this blouse a relaxed Indochine feel. Side pockets. Available in S, M, L, and XL in White or Green. TC740 $89

D. Six-of-One Necklace A half-dozen hand-laid waxed cotton strands strung with semiprecious stones produce a withering array of texture and color. Available in Red Jasper, Mixed Jade, or Turquoise (model is wearing Turquoise) L 29” WJ302 $29

E. Aqua Bow Belt A new take on the classic Obi belt. Reversible aqua/tan fabric with a reinforced through-hole allows you to loop the belt in on itself and put a tidy bow on it. 88” of length leaves you the room to tie it up in other ways you might finagle. The aqua side is cotton, tan is hemp. L 88” TC164 $39






99% pure silver Dia. 0.75” RJ202 $29

99% pure silver L 0.8” W 0.4” YJ624 $29

99% pure silver L 0.8” W 0.8” YJ628 $59




99% pure silver Dia. 1.2” HTE423 $99

99% pure silver H 0.7" W 0.6" HTE526 $39

99% pure silver W 0.75” TJ303 $39




99% pure silver H 1.9” W 1.75” HTE520 $99

92.5 sterling silver W1.25” L 1.6 ” HTE589 $ 79

99% pure silver Dia. 0.8” HTE323 $59



KIMONO WRAP BLOUSE An elegant but comfortable V-neck kimono wrap blouse made of lightweight cotton. Wear it loose or slightly fitted by adjusting the hidden side tie closure which is replicated in the classic wide hem trim extending around the collar and down the wrap panel. Narrower trim and hint of eyelet compliment the 3/4 length, slightly flared sleeves. Available in S, M, L and XL sizes Black or White TC815 $59

Silver Charm Necklaces Sterling Silver charms with 18” Sterling Silver chains

Kaleidoscope Mandalas (featured on cover) Sterling Silver lightly finished with 14K Satin Gold Mandala design diameter 0. 5” QJ311

Pendant with 18” chain $49 Bracelet L 7.5” $49 Earring L 2” $49 Sliding Bracelets $29 Adjustable Polished Cotton Bangles with:

Infinity Charm Infinity Necklace Pendant Size 0.75” QJ511 $49

Sterling Silver QJ211

Dove Necklace lightly finished in 14k gold Pendant Size 0. 5” QJ513 $49

Protected Pearl Necklace Natural unique pearl in a Sterling Silver cage cage and chain lightly finished in 14k gold Pendant Size 0. 75” QJ516 $79

Ribbon Charm Sterling Silver lightly finished in 14k Rose Gold. QJ212

Faith Necklace Charm and chain lightly finished in 14k gold Pendant Size 0. 5” QJ514 $49

Kaleidoscope Mandala NECKLACE Above right corner of page

Dandelion Charm Sterling Silver lightly finished in 14k Rose Gold. QJ213



Thatched Blouse Softly colored, free-flowing loose-weaved 100% cotton ¾ length pullover. Finished with a thoroughgoing handkerchief hem, a V-neck opening secured by a discrete coconut button, and draped short sleeves. Available in Green and Brown S,M,L,XL FC377 $69






Fine, sinuous hammered brass. Dia. 2.5” TJ573 $19

Made of tightly woven patterned hemp with a swatch of Hill Tribe embroidery on the fold-over flap. Secured by a silver ball and hung by a detachable soft braided leather cord. Under the flap, a zipper closure secures the simple and unadorned cotton-lined pouch. Dash to the store or carry your passport inside to make a quick getaway. Available in Red, Blue, Green, Brown, and Violet H 7’’ W 1’’ L 9’’ BC101 $79

B. Byzantium bracelet Tiny brass girders threaded with alternating sized brass beads. Adjustable elastic threads tunnel through. W 2” VJ210 $59

C. Epicycle Pendant Simple. Arrives with 19" hand-woven cord. Brass Dia. 1.75” TJ778 $29



Brass music abounds. The spirals are 1” in diameter. TJ577 $19








A. Cleopatra Earrings


Brass W 1” L 2.25” QJ133 $24

Hammered brass. Dia. 1” TJ571 $19

C. INFINITY CUFF Hand-fashioned brass. Adjust by bending. TJ575 $39

D. Athens Bracelet Brass Bracelet W 1.2” Adjustable Size QJ611 $49

E. BEADED BRASS BRACELET Threaded beads on a hand-wrapped cord. Closes with a bell and hoop clasp. wrist size 7” to 7.5” TJ579 $29

H. Dual Spiral Brass Adjustable Size QJ811 $39

F. DOUBLE BELL BRACELET Hand-fashioned brass. Adjust by bending. TJ852 $39

G. SINGLE BELL RING The brass ring. Adjust by bending. TJ853 $19

SASH SILK TOTE Lately some Hmong people have been filtering into Thailand with limited allotments of magnificent vintage embroidered sashes. The precise applique and elaborate geometry of these traditional accessories convince us that they were made over many evenings in a time before television. We incorporated the best of these sashes on this four-ply silk tote. These bags wil be discontinued when we run out of these astonishing textiles. Choose between a Golden or Burgundy pattern. H 15” W 18” L 4.5” AC894 $149



Caged Universe Earrings Sterling Silver W 0.5’’ L 2” QJ112


BALI BLOUSE Kimono sleeves and a willowy cut accompany the hand embroidered V-neck collar in this ultra-comfortable blouse. Wear free flowing or with your favorite belt. 50% cotton, 45% tencel, 5% wool. Available in white or taupe S, M, L and XL TC594 $89

Companion Bag

Patrician Simplicity Jewelry

You’ll want to take this unique and luxurious leather shoulder bag with you everywhere to display its sculptured but relaxed profile and the center accent of intricate Hill Tribe needlework. Executed in premium leather, the top quality workmanship includes an incorporated zippered pocket on the reverse side, while the inside has an additional zippered pocket and two slide pouches for phone or wallet. The main bag and all pockets are suede lined. Brass fittings and a hand-braided strap help it rest easy on your shoulder. W 1.5’’, H 14’’, L 15’’ TD939 $349

Simple, yet eye-catching, these single strand necklace and bracelet sets with matching earrings are stone beads punctuated regularly with pure silver beads. Wear them casually with jeans or to the next midnight ball.



Choose Beaded Turquoise or Black Agate Necklace adjustable from 17” – 18” RJ881 $99 Bracelet adjustable from 6.5”- 7.5” RJ882 $69 Earrings W 0.5” L 1.5” RJ883 $49 Full Set $199


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Sizes and Fabric Care The charts below detail the measurements of our standard sizes. The women’s sizes reflect body measurements and the men’s sizes detail the measurements of the apparel. These are normal American sizes, similar to the majority of recognized retailers. We assure you that, although we carry Asian styles, we are not using Asian sizes. Please call us to discuss any sizing questions you might have, we’ll be happy to help.




S 4















































14-14.5 15-15.5

16-16.5 17-17.5 18-18.5


















RUNABOUT PANTS Take a pair of kneelength pants made of light-weight polished cotton, then add some whimsical beads and engraved tin elephant bangles on the bright cummerbund. Open cuffs and an elastic waistband and you have something to wear when jumping around in style. One size fits all L 28" TC620 $39

MONK BAG As they perform their ascetic duties, monks wear simple robes to cast aside all issues of status and comfort related to everyday clothes. These simple robes have no zipper, buttons, or pockets. However, a monk may still have to carry useful items (some medicine, a water bottle, religious books, etc…) so a simple bag is used for incidentals. Our two-color 100 % cotton tote has the same simplicity as the traditional monk accessories, but we added another complete bag as a liner, making it both stronger and fully reversible. The adjustable size monk bag pictured below has a tie strap and open pockets. Choose from the four colors below.


AC222 Standard (above) AC223 Adjustable (right) H 36” W 16” $33

Cotton handbag with central zip. The knots slide to control handle length.

Solid black cotton lining and two inside pockets are complemented by an included padded cosmetics bag with identical pattern. The pattern shown in the above photo comes in three colors (rust, black, and beach) Sold as a set with cosmetics bag. Shoulder bag H 13” W 6” L 15” Cosmetics Bag H 4” W 2” L 6” AC333 $44 30






THE 'ONE' BAG Dear Sir or Madam, We have often wished that our monk bag was just slightly bigger so we could use it for grocery shopping. The shoulder strap makes it easy to carry several of them while empty, but carrying more than two full monk bags is an uncomfortable walk home. Can you make a square bottomed, slightly larger monk bag? Try to make the shoulder strap fold down inside before the groceries go in, then add a sturdy pair of handles so I can carry the bags out to the car. Oh, and so I don’t forget it before I go to the store, make it easy to fold up and toss in my purse or glove compartment. Also, don’t put any pockets or zippers on it to keep the bag reasonably priced so that I can afford enough bags to do all my shopping. Thanks for your time. Signed, a friend. Dear Mom, OK, here it is, but please stop writing in as if you don’t know us. Available color only as shown H 15” W 6” L 12” AC230 $19

THE ONE PURSE Sometimes a monk bag is bigger than you need to maintain optimum sleekness. This double-layered reversible shoulderbag (although the symbol is on one side only) should fit the bill. One inside zippered pocket. H 10” W 13” AC238 $33





DRAGON DRAWSTRING Light blended rayon and cotton preshrunk super casual pants. Open cuff and straight leg let in the breeze and lays smoothly when bunched. There are perhaps a million things you might do in these pants, but the best thing is procrastinating all of the others on the list. One size fits all (inseam 27") Available in Black, White, or Green TC631 $29

PIRATE PANTS Versatile and colorful, you can stash your cell-phone, change, sunscreen, or other booty in the attached one-of-akind embroidered hip pocket. The pocket closes with a lightweight but sturdy magnetic snap. The soft cotton fabric with loose-fitting shape has a generous cut that cinches down with the bow-tied waistband. Fits up to size 14. Available in Purple Floral, Black, or White/Black Calligraphy TC640 $49



HAMMOCK HAVERSACK Over the shoulder expandable cotton sling bag with center line main zipper and two easy access shoulder strap ensconced zipper pockets. The inside of the bag is lined with a complementary color and has two internal zip pockets. 100% cotton and available in Black/Grey, Burgundy/Red, Brown/Mocha and Violet/Lavender (See Monk Bags on page 32 for colors) W 4’’ L 20’’ H 15’’ AC444 $39

KURTA TOP Kurta style 100% cotton collarless shirt with an embroidered neckline panel forming a center opening. Stitched tuck cotton fabric with three quarter length sleeves and high side slit for a slimming, comfortable fit (plus you can reach your pockets through the opening). Forest Green and Light Blue. Available in S, M, L, XL FC301 $129

MONGOLIAN BLAZER A feminine echo of the men's side cut mandarin (p.36). The cowled collar rises out of an embroidered chest panel that drapes to the side to fasten with knotted braces. The inside lapel buttons under the chest to maintain clean lines in the flowing collar. Soft, vertically quilted, double-layered cotton material in the natural dye creates a striking and unconventional impression. Available in S, M, L and XL TC780 $99



Carnaby Shoulder Bag Rounded, full-bodied pinstriped stitched hemp canvas with swatches of vintage tribal fabric. The curved base is echoed in the leather trimmed high collar top. Closing with a center zip the double brass rings on a leather braided cord can be flipped across the top to enhance the curve and keep the opening closed if the zipper isn’t engaged. The clever adjustable leather braid handle allows wearing high on one shoulder or from opposite shoulder to hip. Roomy inner zip pocket and two inner slide pockets. W 4.5’’, H 20’’, L 18’’ PT202 $279

TAHITI TOTE A lightweight, yet tightly woven, polished canvas fabric with a stylized jungle forest pattern. The sturdy black cotton liner adds to the suspension strength while the stiff bottom supports the contents and promotes a consistent profile. The roomy center-zipped compartment has several open slide pockets and a zippered pocket. Two buttondown pockets cap the front and back. What you will really love is the four extra pockets formed by the straps rising from the solid base. The compact and discreet profile appears trim but can easily transport a Frenchman’s breakfast. H 9” W 8” L 15” Available in Solid Black, or Black, Burgundy and Gold patterns (shown right). AC399 $89

SHEER ZEN SHIRT Delicate and flowing, this sheer cotton blouse silhouettes the figure while repeating the dramatic V-neck geometric line in the cut of the hem and the sleeves. A dramatic drape that always feels loose and fresh. Open sleeves with a hand-tie express a versatile style for both casual and formal ensembles and delicately assists those of us who haven’t been keeping up with our pushups. Available in S, M, L, XL Black or Red TC810 $49

ANTOINE FLOWERS A single stylized rose inside an irregular hoop. Sterling Silver with a matte 24K gold finish PJ390 Pendant Dia. 1” $49 Earrings Dia. 0.75” $39 Set $79

ALL-NATURAL KRAMA The Thai version of the traditional Khmer clothing staple. Comes in parallel gingham center cross patterns on a naturally dyed background. Fold differently for a scarf or a shawl. Available in Sage, Pink, and Cream 39” Square TC248 $39



a. Sherwood Shoulder Bag A varied assortment of patterned cotton and vintage tribal embroidery in a chevron profile. The zip closed suede trimmed center is accented by a crossover closure with leather cord and tin ball clasp. Brass fixtures and an detailed linked leather strap. Inside is a generous zippered compartment and two slide pouches. Available in Green as shown, although the vintage designs will vary, as they are all unique. W 20’’ H 16” PT206 $179

b. Shan Bracelets


99% pure silver beads theaded within waxed cotton cord. The sliding closure permits sizing flexibility, with a larger silver bead assuring a secure hold while adjusting. Available in Burgundy, Brown, and Black Adjustable sizing CJ401 $29 each or all three for $79

c. Wild Hair Scrunchy Beads, bells and tufted cotton balls on a tribal fabric elasticized scrunchy. (featured in

both pictures on left) 5” long tassel CD838 $24



D. ENGRAVED ECLIPSE EARRINGS 99% pure silver 2.3” Dia. HTE517 $129

E. San Sai Floral Clutch Hand made bright vintage tribal fabric finished with a leather top and black hemp base. The braided leather strap can be removed to leave a darling clutch. No pockets or compartments inside. Although the color tones will be the same, the patterns will vary. L 12’’ W 3’’ H 5.5” PT208 $99


F. SILVER BAG One of the many small packs that are used in the highlands to carry small necessities in a secure, easy to reach place. Can be hung around the neck when you need to carry the family silver across risky mountain passes. H 6” W 2” L 4” AC712 $12

E 34



a. Hemp Utility Pouches Woven hemp in candy colors with decorative vintage tribal appliqués and borders. Festooned with decorative beads, bells and tassels both on the bag and the top of the shoulder cords. The hidden Velcro keeps your phone or wallet safely within the fold. Available in Black, Blue, Green, Brown, and Red. L 3” H 5” W 1’’ DC808 $39

Razzle Tassels Accessorize your everything with these whimsical multi-colored tribal tassels comprised of fuzzy balls, mango mini-beads, bells and tiny crocheted flowers topped off with a vintage pyramid mini-cushion. CD636 $24

Semi Precious Bracelets Worn alone or stacked, the natural colors and shiny beads are eye-catching with any outfit. These beaded cylinder stone bracelets are highlighted with 99% pure silver charms. Adjustable from 6.5” to 7.5” Available in Green Turquoise, Blue Turquoise, and Orange Coral Mix and match B. CJ602 $29 each stone bracelet without silver charms C. CJ601 $49 each stone bracelet with silver charms



For aficionados of bold and substantial earrings,these pure silver, three-dimensional, accessories are not to be trifled with. There is enough silver in these earrings to buy your way onto the last boat off the island. But you won’t go, because you’ll look so good you will keep the earrings instead. 99% pure silver W 0.6” L 1.6” HTE930 $149


E. Chiang Rai Bag Hand-woven Hilltribe fabric of cotton and hemp for strength with top-grain leather straps and trim. Traditional metal ball closure. Zip top. One medium internal zipped pocket, and two small internal open utility pockets. Hand-stitched flourishes. H 10” W 17” L 4” AC515 $199



F. VINTAGE DIAMOND CARRYALL We discovered a handful of sturdy vintage silk brocade shawls in shades of violet. We immediately thought of a carpetbag to end all carpetbags. Stitched to naturally dyed hemp and accented with leather and brass fittings. Lined with polished cotton and containing one zipped pocket and two utility pouches. Each bag is unique and will vary slightly. We have no hope of ever finding any more of these shawls... H 14” W 7” L 17” AC140 $349







Pinstriped black cotton outside, lined inside. Dense quintuple seamed hems with knotted cotton fasteners. Stonewashed to accentuate the raised pinstripes. Wear it open or closed. Available as shown in men’s sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL TC668 $149

Traditional Thai Style. A slight variation on the center-opening Mandarin collar, this shirt folds over at the breast and secures close to the shoulder. This comfortable shirt is made of handmade cotton and is thick enough to do service as a light jacket when worn as a second layer. Simple, same-color geometric hand stitching borders the collar, cuffs, and the chest panel to accentuate traditional lines in this time-honored style. Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL in Black or Dark Brown. TC102 $149



Handmade BANGLES 99% pure silver with braided cotton cords

All Styles Available in 7.0”, 7.5”, 8” and 8.5” lengths 36 

a. Morse Code Bangle QJ222 $39 b. Five Happiness Bangle QJ220 $59 c. Silver Ingot Bangle QJ221 $79


THE MASTER CUFF These stout leather bracelets are comprised of two riveted layers of top grain leather, with the corded top layer highlighting an ornamental brass coin or jade and tiger eye stones. Each cuff has a double brass snap that adjust between 7.5” and 8.5” CJ201 $29

MANDARIN COLLARED TUNIC Available in Black/Red, Black/Blue and Dark Brown Unisex sizes XS, S, M, L, XL or XXL (Women should select one size lower than customary) TC101 $59

MANDARIN COLLARED TUNIC We love them, we wear them, we get nice things said to us. Combed cotton, two convenient side pockets, and the classic knot fasteners. Sturdy cotton that softens up nicely with extended use. Secret, deep slit side pockets allow this blouse to be casually worn over another top to cut down the chill. The accent colors of the foldover cuffs and inside collar imply a sly glimpse of individuality within a conforming exterior. Perfect for slipping into when it’s time to get your Confucius on.

Angkor Raja Collar and Cuff Thick Braided Cotton and 99% Pure Silver Beads Collar 18” QJ223 $89 Cuff available in 7.5”, 8”, 8.5”, 9” QJ224 $79 Set $149



Sturdy top-grain leather with quality steel hardware for durable flair. These are the ones I wear when it’s time to get the broadsword out. Available in Brown or Black Each 1.2” wide cuff has a double brass snap that adjusts length between 7.5” and 8.5” TL202 $24

Black leather braid threaded into a sterling silver form-fitting cylinder. Capped with a sterling eye and hook closure. You’ll find yourself peeking at it out of the corner of your eye while you’re wearing it. Suitable for men or women Choose a size from 7”, 7.5”, 8” or 8.5” TJ630 $59



GOSSAMER JACKET Buttonless lightweight cotton with stitched vertical tucks. This dusty rose jacket is elegant enough to be paired with a dressy ensemble but simple enough for casual attendance. Collarless with slightly flared 3/4 length sleeves. Available in S, M, L and XL VC521 $89

Kimono FLOWER Jewelry Set Multicolored flowered kimono cotton over braided cord. The flower motif is repeated in 99% pure silver silver accents. TJ351 Bracelet 7.5” $29 Necklace 18” $49 Set $69

Vintage Leather Clutch Rich, soft leather combined with intricately embroidered vintage hand-made tribal fabric is the pinnacle of exotic utility and master craftsmanship. Both wings are zipped pockets, perfect for currency or checkbook, with an additional interior zip pocket and card niche cascade. Colors available Wine (shown), Green, Gold, or Red. (the embroidery patterns will be unique and varied) W 4.5’’ L 8.5’’ BC301 $179

HYACINTH SKIRT Cut with the same delicate material as our Sakura blouses this below the knee skirt adds a touch of class and a breath of exotica. Each of the double layered cotton shapes is flared independently, creating the effect of an inverted flower. Shaped by three rows of cross stitching to maintain shape from waist to hem, with a discreet drawstring to ensure a perfect fit. The simple design makes it appear tailored to any form. Available in S, M, L and XL sizes (approx. 22” length) Black or Burgundy TC816 $59





99% pure silver W 1” L 1.75” YJ511 $69

B. WRAPPED SILVER QUAVERS 99% pure silver Spiral Dia. 0.4” HTE297 $59

CHRYSANTHEMUM SHAWL A cross-weaved lattice of natural hand-woven cotton. The diamond profile sides cover the hips and the pocket on each side is woodcut printed with a classic Japanese chrysanthemum. The raised texture in the fabric is echoed in the varied print. An additional chrysanthemum is on the back of the shawl between the shoulder blades.


HAND-WOVEN COTTON SCARF Wefted patterns, medium weight cotton, airy weave, and a lighthearted banter of fringe. A casual acquaintance that will keep you warm and brilliant for the overcast months of winter. Available as shown (Natalie is wearing Juniper). Please see our website for additional shades not shown. W 23” L 69” TC142 $27





A. Camel Earrings 99% pure silver H 0 .5” W 0.8” WJ311 $39

B. TRAGEDY COMEDY EARRINGS Sterling Silver W 0.5” WJ202 $39

C. LOTUS DISC Earrings


99% pure silver Dia. 0.4” WJ02 $29

99% pure silver H 0.6” W 0.4” WJ316 $39

JAVA LAVA Raw, smoothed nodules of cooled Indonesian volcanic rock encased in a sterling silver setting. The porous matte black lava ovals are highlighted by onyx balls in ascending sequence. FJ210 Pendant (w/cord) W 1” L 2.25” $79 Earrings W 0.5” L 1.2” $69 Set $139



LOTUS BLOOM EARRINGS 99% pure silver . HTE08 Large (pictured) Dia. 1.75” $99 Small Dia. (more circular) 1.25” $69

NIPPON BLAZER The intricately hand-woven 100% single-layered cotton material is enhanced with a subtle batik pattern. The jacket has a lined feel due to the contrast between the soft, smooth external texture generated from the batiking process while the internal original color (batik patterns don't pass through this dense cotton) accentuates the intricate diamond weave of the cotton. A cross-tie waist (the inner lapel ties to the opposite hip, while the outer lapel crosses over and ties on the outer hip) and a solid hemmed border update the traditional autumn kimono for everyday occasions. Available in S, M, L and XL TC770 $129

HYACINTH WEAVE CUFF 99% pure silver in a simple pastoral weave with tiny stamped blossoms. W 0.25” Adjusts by flexing to fit most wrists HTB21 $149



A. Weave HINT EARRINGS 99% pure silver H 0.75” W 0.5” YJ899 $29

B. Weave DROP EARRINGS 99% pure silver H 1.5” W 0.75” YJ611 $59

C. GRADED RING 99% pure silver W 0.75” YJ888 $49 40



KNIT COMBO So simple that we wonder why it wasn’t thought of before. A snug knit cap is incorporated into a handmade cotton scarf. The cap and attached scarf are identical materials and this sassy lid will guarantee that you will never leave your scarf on the subway again. Eat your heart out Davy Crockett. Handloomed cotton with silk lining. Available in Violet (pictured), Deep Earth, and Cream colors TC601 $49

THE PAI HANDBAG Incorporating vintage hilltribe textiles and environmentally friendly hemp fabric, this soft bag is festooned with odd coins and tiny shells. The sturdy leather strap is riveted to the stitched seam and two outside pockets are formed by textile accents. The cotton lining has a zip pocket and checkbook slide. Available in Cocoa, Black, and Cream H 13” W 4” L 13” AC610 $99




Our office is often filled with bells and gongs and once as we were shooting the catalog someone started hanging necklaces and pendants on one of the empty bell stands. Our visitors kept asking to take the stands home to organize their own jewelry. H 17” W 5” L 7” TB901 $79

Geometric slivers of beach shells are stylishly arranged into striking patterns on the surface of another shell. Encased in natural resin and attached to a braided bead cord. Disc Dia. 2.5” Beaded Cord 19” TJ701 $39

This adjustable leather strap is worn by almost everyone we know. Who are we to step in front of a freight train? W 0.5" TJ821 $19






COTTON THAI TIE PANTS Thai tie pants are tenacious holdovers from pre-industrial clothing design. Only available in a single size, the waist dimensions are adjustable both in length and width by the clever D side fold-tie-top fold method of putting them on (instructions included with every pair!). Looking like a long skirt at rest, the pants are A. Bamboo Card Holder loose fitting and super comfortable. Made with A card case made from two tightly woven bamboo baskets. The decoupage top is delicate thick hand-loomed cotton fabric and a tiny gold paper repeatedly varnished until it looks like it was painted on. Use for plastic or paper! elephant pattern on the fold-over waist. TC106 W 3’’, H 1’’, L 4’’ Choice of French (Blue pattern) or English (Pink Pattern) Available in Black, Natural, or Brown CD201 $17 (free size only) $89

B. LOTUS LEAF PERSONAL NOTEPAD D. HEXAGON SAA PAPER GIFT Preserved actual lotus leaf upholstered cover BOXES sets this notebook apart from the everyday. With elastic cover fastener. 100 pages. L 5.4” W 3.8” MP330 $19

C. KINDLING PENCILS Set of 10 different colors L 5” WG101 $9 42

Our ever-popular gift packaging for small items, sold as a set. Handmade Saa (mulberry bark) paper. Fits a gift card perfectly. L 4” H 1” MP320 Choose burgundy or rainbow Set of 6 $19 Set of 12 $35




The elephant is renowned for its intelligence and is known to actively think about its actions. At an elephant preserve in northern Thailand, a number of protected elephants have been trained to use a paintbrush with its trunk to apply patterns to paper or fabric. Let’s just say this again; the patterns on the stonewashed canvas bags were painted by an elephant. Seriously.


A. Elephant Tote 22 oz. stonewashed elephant painted canvas with hemmed borders and a raised elephant mother and child motif. Brass fixtures and a magnet clasp closure with a zippered hanging pocket inside with a phone slide pouch. A portion of the price goes to the elephant preserve! Stonewashed canvas color as pictured only, although the painted patterns will vary. W 7.5” L 16” H 12” DC101 $99 B

B. Elephant Casual Bag 14 oz. Stonewashed elephant painted canvas with hemmed borders and a raised elephant mother and child motif. Magnet clasp closure with a zippered pocket inside. A portion of the price goes to the elephant preserve! Stonewashed canvas color as pictured only, although the painted patterns will vary . W 6” L 8.5” QB202 $39 D




C. Teak Elephant Statue

D. Leather Double fold Wristbands

E. Stone Elephant Bangles

A skillfully detailed hand-carved teak depiction of one of the most beloved creatures of the world. The raised trunk posture is said to be particularly lucky! H 5.5”, L 6”, W 3” TK440 $59

Hand-worked soft leather with stainless steel disc closures and brass beads. L 7”, 7.5”, 8”, or 8.5” Smooth JK706 $29 Braided JK707 $39

Turquoise cylinders with silver beads, charms and clasp TJ652 Leaf TJ651 Elephant Length 7.5” $39

F. Chang Jewelry (Chang is the Thai word for elephant) 99% pure silver with waxed cotton adjustable cords Adjustable size Pendant CJ701 $59 Adjustable size Bracelet CJ702 $39 Earrings 99% pure silver W 0.5” WJ998 $29



BIRDS ON A WIRE Whimsical abstract birds in varied colorful patterns strung with tiny colorful glass beads and punctuated by larger glass balls that sparkle in the sun. Hang a few in the window or create a mobile. Select as many as you need, no two will be the same. (They aren’t actually on a wire, it’s a string, but we were on a roll.) Bird size L 2” H 1.5” glass beaded string length 27” CD101 $17 each Set of five $69

Portable Pets Handmade stuffed cotton fanciful friends you can carry around with you. Low feed costs. Pink Horse L 5’’ W 1.75’’ H 3’’ CD301 $14 Blue Dog L 3.5’’ W 2’’ H 4’’ CD401 $14

A. Miniature People’s Uniform


A replica of our popular adult-sized version on page 5 but with an elastic waist in place of the drawstring. Great for bounding about or sudden naps. Made of the same hand-woven fabric used in the full-size version. 100% cotton See size chart Offered as set only in either Black or White KS303 $39 AGE SIZE WEIGHT HEIGHT 2 S 25-27 lbs. 33”-35” 3 M 28-32 lbs. 35”-37” 4 L 33-36 lbs. 37”-40” 5 XL 37-42 lbs. 41”-43” Children’s Size Chart for Clothes


CHEST 20” 21” 22” 23”

WAIST 20” 20.5” 21” 2.5”

HIPS 21” 22” 23” 24”

B. Girl’s Mandarin Sleeveless Blouse

C. Girl’s Paris Pants

Three-button floral trimmed front rises to the traditional mandarin collar. Light 100% cotton. Available in pink as shown. See size chart KS101 $19

Floral pattern as shown only, elastic waistband and cuffs 100% cotton See size chart KS105 $19

SIZE CHART SHOES AGE US SHOE SIZE Colorful patterned light canvas with rubber 2 9 3 10 waffled soles. Handmade by the family 4 11 living next to our office. Every single day the 5 12 women in our office aggressively hint that

D. Pink Princess Flats

FOOT LENGTH 6” 6 3/8” 6 3/4” 7”

they should offer adult sizes. (sizes to right) E. HILLTRIBE BABY SHOES Available in pink floral pattern shown. (One size) choice of boy or girl (6 -18 CC101 $22 months) H 1.5” W 2.5” L 5” TC811 $22



D D 44


DragonFly Soft Brooch

Marble Pendants Glass with leather cord and silver clasp Available in green, purple, or blue Pendant Dia. 0.75’’ and 18” Cord QJ711 $39

Whimsical multi-colored soft kimono cloth pin secures good luck to any wearer. L 3” W 2” TJ350 $19

Turtle Key Chain L 3” AC591 $17

Koi Key Chain L 3” AC592 $17


Set of all 3 AC599 $39

GLASS GEKKO PENDANT H 2” W 1” elastic cord included WJ101 $29

GLASS SEA TURTLE PENDANT H 1.5” W 1.5” elastic cord included WJ102 $29

GLASS DOLPHIN PENDANT H 1.5” W 1.25” elastic cord included WJ103 $29



A. OZU Cosmetics bag H 5” W 2.5” L 7” AC581 $59




H 4” W 2” L 4.5” AC582 $29

HIGHLANDS NOTIONS BAG A bright but utilitarian handmade bag for a very practical people. Cosmetics or sundries can fit snugly inside to prevent intra-purse mayhem. Available in Red, Purple, Blue, Pastel, and Yellow H 4” W 2” L 6” AC321 $17 H 6.25” W3” L 7.5” AC322 $27



BATIK SILK SCARF Traditional “wax-remove” batik hand process done individually in two-tone patterns. The loose-woven, thicker silk thread is selected from the unprocessed cocoon surface. 100% Hand-woven Silk. Blue, Burgundy, Copper and Black L 67” W 13” TC146 $49

3-D Butterfly Earrings Sterling Silver W 1” L 0.75” QJ117 $79

SILVER SONGBIRDS Sterling Silver QJ121 Earrings L 0.75’’, W 0.3’’$69 Adjustable Ring $69 Set $129

PIXIE WINGS Sterling Silver CJ621 Earrings L 0.75’’ , W 0.5’’$69 Adjustable Ring $69 Set $129 46


3-D BLOSSOM EARRINGS Sterling Silver CJ901 Dia 1’’ $79

A. MANDARIN SLEEVELESS BLOUSE Narrow cut shoulders combined with wide hemmed sleeveless borders create a flattering line further emphasized by side and back darts. Made of soft cotton with wide spaced hand-embroidered flower sprays, frog closures, and a pert mandarin collar. Available in S, M, L, and XL Choose from Ivory, Lavender, or Slate (to right) PC810 $59 Lavender


B. Mae Sai Bag Hand-woven hemp in natural batik accented with vintage swatches. Large zipped pockets on both external sides and an internal zipped pocket with two utility pouches. Adjustable top-grain leather strap and leather borders. Available in Blue, Green or Red H 13” W 11” L 4” AC519 $149

C. PARIS PANTS The cool cotton fabric drapes smoothly and allows more relaxed formality than should be expected. Soft, forgiving elastic is used in layers from waist to hip to add a trim shaping effect. The cuffs are again secured with soft elastic and a single velcro secured pocket adds utility. Wear it with your diamonds to the premiere! Available in Black, Lilac or Brown Standard or Tall sizes HC306 $49

ATTENUATED BANGLES Tapered brass adjusts by bending. Set of three TJ851 $39



SUNDAY “Seven Days Looking”

MONDAY “Pacifying the Relatives”

GOLDEN BUDDHA PENDANTS The statuettes inside the enclosed globes are produced by Thai Buddhist temples using the raw material from donated coins, medallions, and statues melted together. The head monk blesses the newly cast statuettes and the community then supports the temple by purchasing the blessed amulets. The statuettes are encased in airtight acrylic globes closed with a 22 carat (92% pure gold) seal. Traditionally, you would wear the Buddha posture that corresponds to the day of the week on which you were born. The statues themselves (including the Kwan Yin and Ganesh pictured below) are not made of gold, but rather formed by the amalgam of all donated metals on the day the temple casts the statuettes. Gold Sealed Buddha Pendants 0.75" by 0.5" $249

TUESDAY “Realizing Nirvana”

WEDNESDAY "Support of the Community"

A. GANESH PENDANT Sealed in 22 carat gold. Dia. 0.5” TG320 $249

B. KWAN YIN PENDANT Sealed in 22 carat gold. H .75” W .5” L .25” TG321 $249 A




THURSDAY “Deep Meditation”

In Thai Buddhist practice, each day of the week has a corresponding Buddha statue in a specific posture (some days have two). Almost every temple (Wat) has a statue for each day. Generally, Thais will make their merit and offerings to the Buddha image which matches the day of their birth. Each position has a specific history and often represents an image from a Buddhist parable. These miniature Buddha statues are fixed in diorama frames of hand-finished Thai acacia wood. Seven different styles correspond to each of the daily postures. Used as wall art or stand alone displays. H 6” W 6” L 3” WA460 $33


FRIDAY “Benevolent Tranquility”

SATURDAY “Shelter from Evil”

GOLDEN FEATHERED ROLLER EARRINGS 99% pure silver with 24k gold vermeil Dia. 1.25” QV512 $149

GOLDEN BAGATELLE EARRINGS 99% pure silver with 24k gold vermeil Dia. 1.25” QV441 $159

GOLDEN QUARTER MOON EARRINGS 99% pure silver with 24k gold vermeil W 0.6” L 1.6” QV930 $199

GOLDEN Occluded Spiral Earrings 99% pure silver with 24k gold vermeil W 1.4” QV302 $169

GOLDEN LOTUS BLOOM EARRINGS 99% pure silver with 24k gold vermeil. QV08 Large (pictured) Dia. 1.75” $169 Small Dia. (more circular) 1.25” $99

GOLDEN LOTUS NOTE EARRINGS 99% pure silver with 24k gold vermeil W 1” L 1.75” QV511 $149



A. SILKLOOK ZAFU AND ZABUTON Specialized versions of the Silklook Japanese cushions (facing page) used in Zen Buddhist traditions for extended meditation sessions. This pillow combination minimizes discomfort and allows deep concentration. Rayon artsilk fabric stuffed with traditional all-natural kapok. Available in Burgundy, Black and Forest Green. Zafu (Round cushion) Dia. 16” H 6.5” FP812 $29 Zabuton (Base pad) H 2.5” W 31” L 26” FP811 $59 Matching Set (1 Zafu and 1 Zabuton) FP899 $79

B. THE PAI YOGA MAT BAG Handmade hemp fabic cover, lined with cotton and finished with a leather strap, tiny bells and shells. Open by center zip with secured outside pockets fashioned from handmade Burmese hilltribe textile swatches. The leather shoulderstrap is 1.4” wide. Available in Cocoa only Width 7” Length 27” AC619 $129



C. MEDITATION SCULPTURE Abstract rendering with smooth texture and bowed head. Rounded lines and peaceful stillness radiate from this statue that can be placed almost anywhere as a daily reminder of the possibility of serenity. Cast bronze H 10” W 6.5” L 3.5” EB401 $99


D 50


To add a new dimension to our popular Silklook Zafu and Zabuton(see above), we’ve commissioned a heavy-duty washable Zafu and Zabuton cover. Made of wickedly durable 14oz. cotton canvas with sturdy zippers, they can handle intense use and repeated washings. This “Daily”set has a reusable interior cotton-covered cushion filled with traditional kapok, the old-school sustainable stuffing. The cover of the interior cushion is additionally eco-concious in that it’s made from the randomly colored (with the cover on, you will never see the interior pillow) fabric remnants accrued at the collective which produces our other pillows. This set will last until you reach Nirvana. 100% Cotton. Available in Black, Burgundy, and Forest. Daily Zafu (Round cushion) with removable cover Dia. 16” H 6.5” YP821 $39 Daily Zabuton (Base pad) with removable cover H 2.5” W 31” L 26” YP822 $59 Daily Matching Set (1 Zafu and 1 Zabuton with removable covers) YP829 $89

YOGA FANATICS Six yoga poses assumed by a vigorous set of life-affirming bronze statues. The Rubenesque figures are bursting with energy and vitality, reminding us that health and exercise aren’t exclusively reserved for people who match prevailing media images of what the human form should look like. Cast bronze. EB559

These statues all ship in handmade mulberry paper gift boxes. Individual statues (about 5” high) $79 Set of three (your choice) $219 Set of all six $395

Bow Pose

Westward Pose

Boat Pose

Easy Pose

Cobra Pose

Half Shoulderstand Pose











Tan Dune Burgundy Brown Mocha Black


Orange Rust

W 15.5” L 15.5” H 3” FP238 Cotton Linen FP138 Silklook


Red Burgundy Brown Blue Black


japanese Cushions We aren’t quite sure why our staff calls these pillows ‘Japanese cushions’ but we like the convenient size, the quilted double-stitching, and the wide range of color choices offered by two different fabrics. Their discreet size is easy to use for persuading hard chairs to be friendlier as well as thick enough to be comfortable on a bare floor. 100% cotton linen cushions are offered in textured, subdued colors while the easy-to-maintain rayon silklook colors are bright and thrilling. Handmade in Thailand and filled with all-natural kapok.





For a more subdued and understated effect, these high grade cotton fabrics are the right choice. The covers are 100% knotted cotton with the feel and look of raw linen. Alternating colors are echoed again in the pillow side profile.

These are traditional patterns, widespread in Thailand. Color choices range from bright to subdued, with repeating motifs echoed in the contrasting hues of the pillow sides in a sturdy cotton/synthetic blend fabric.

Black Gold

Burgundy Gold

Aqua Grey

Blue Elephant

Green Sage

Black Grey

Mocha Dune

Burgundy Brown Olive Cream Tan Cream



Our silklook fabric is a synthetic poly/rayon fabric engineered to have the shimmer and texture of silk, while adding durability and avoiding extra expense. Silklook fabric can actually hold brighter colors than natural silk. The bright silklook palette is modern and unusual, often used to striking effect in contemporary settings.

Burgundy Burgundy Rust

Blue Grey

Brown Tan

Orange Tangerine

Green Olive

SIZE/FABRIC PRICE GUIDE Triangle 11.5” x 20.5” x 13” King size Triangle 14” x 22.5” x 15.5” Triangle 2 Fold 13” x 20.5” x 49” King size Triangle 1 Fold

14” x 22.5” x 33.5”

King size Triangle 3 Fold 14” x 22.5” x 70”

19” x 20.5” x 18”

17” x 22.5” x 18”

23” x 22.5” x 18”

Hourglass 13.5” x 6.5” x 5” Meditation Pad 20.5” x 20.5” x 3”



Dark Blue Black

Black Red

When we first saw the royal silklook we were astounded by the rich colors, detailed patterns, and refined texture of the poly/ rayon material. For triangle pillow aficionados, most varieties in the markets no longer have the power to call forth unbounded enthusiasm, but Light Blue these pillows get us excited every time we see them.





























































MEDITATION PADS Use on a bench, on the ground, or in your meditation practice; a meditation pad adds color and style in every decor. The twentyinch square size guarantees cushioning for determined lounging.

HOURGLASS SHAPED PILLOWS A handy design that offers head and neck support in almost any posture, they are great gifts and an easy way to experiment with colors before purchasing a large triangle pillow.

THAI TRIANGLE PILLOWS All of our pillows are stuffed with traditional all-natural kapok and double stitched for maximum durabilty. The pillow prices are indexed on the chart to the left, differentiated by fabric and pillow shape. Just match your fabric choice from our four different styles at the top of each column with your choice of pillow shape from each row. Like most descriptions of charts, the action is less complicated than the description. Noodle around with it or call us if we’ve confused the issue completely.


Triangle Pillow

thai triangle fold-out pillow 800.641.0137







A. BRONZE SINGH GUARDIAN PAIR The traditional Asian lion image, the Singh epitomizes strength and courage. Singh statues are often placed at entrances and gates to denote guardian spirits. Our Singh statues have bold vertical forelegs and sharp, ornate details to signify a flowing mane. They are often seen in pairs at temples throughout Southeast Asia. Cast bronze SB446 Sold as a pair only H 24" $1,295 New Size Available H 16.5" $695

B. BRONZE VITARKA BUDDHA HANDS The hand in Vitarka position (or mudra) symbolizes teaching or discussion. The Lotus blossom on the palm of the hand is closely associated with the origin of the Buddha. Hand-cast in bronze. HA029 Available in Silver or Verdigris finishes Medium size (H 14” with base) $69 Large size (H 32” with base) $195

C. THE NOVICE A child performing the wai, a traditional posture of respect in Thailand, calls forth reminiscences of the sacred child within all of us. Cast bronze H 8” W 3.5” L 3.5” EB402 $129

F. CALLING EARTH TO WITNESS Sukhotai Buddha in the famous “Calling Earth to Witness” posture. This pose recalls the Buddha’s connection to the earth in his struggles on the road to enlightenment. Black/Gold finish Cast in Bronze SB075 H 21” W 13” L 8” $695 54


E. AMIDA SITTING LOTUS Our most popular bronze Buddha statue. Soothing circular lines and soft, subtle coloring combine with a confident and composed visage resulting in an source of calm for the home or office. Cast bronze H 10” W 8” L 6” SB082 $179

D. 'HO TAI' GOOD LUCK OR LAUGHING BUDDHA (Cast bronze) The Buddha of health, wealth, and prosperity holds a Ru-Yi pot, or basket of plenty, over his head, symbolizing endless wealth and good fortune. A very popular gift in Asia at the beginning of new endeavors. Green Multi-color finish. SB034 H 10” W 5” L 3” $139 H 16” W 6” L 5” $349 H 19” W 8” L 7” $479





This jolly Lord of the Good Life displays his traditional attributes: an elephant goad, the broken-off tusk, a lasso, and a bowl of (laddu) sweets. Available in the handpainted finish pictured or natural bronze. Cast bronze H 4” W3” L 2” SB052 $49

Our most diminutive Buddha statues. We found this statue in a dusty foundry in the Bangkok Chinatown. Packaged in their own custom gift box. Cast in bronze. Available in aged verdigris finish only U-Thong Style H 4” W 3” L 1.5” PB101 $39

C. WALKING BUDDHA ON OVAL This walking Buddha’s motion is accentuated by a stylized flowing robe. the classic Sukhotai image mimics graceful forms from plant and animal life, eyes half-opened like a lotus bud, a nose hooked like that of a parrot’s beak and a chin like a mango stone. Green/Bronze finish H 14” W 4” L 5” ST056 $169





D. RECLINING BUDDHA A well-known icon worldwide, the famous Reclining Buddha at Wat Po temple in Bangkok is one of the most visited sites in all of Thailand. The long curving lines and swirling hand-inlaid details by wood craftsmen in the villages of Chiang Mai province result in an ethereal, relaxing objet d’art, comfortable in both modern and eclectic decor. Hand carved from “Mai Cham Cha”, Thai acacia wood. RC090

Available in Gold (above), Crimson, Aged Gold, and Mosaic Glass finishes H 5” W 4” L 16” $89 H 10” W 8” L 30” $249 H 12” W 10” L 40” $399

E. DISPELLING FEAR BUDDHA Our favorite Buddha among all of the carvings of the northern Thai villages. The standing Buddha exhibits the results of skilled wood carving and meticulous hand coloring. These statues combine the classic serene Buddha face, emblematic of tranquil calm, and the right hand Abhaya posture which has a subtle, contrasting boldness. A central piece in any decor, it draws the eye with an understated calm strength. ST061

Available in Aged Gold, Purple/ White, and Mosaic Glass finishes H 35” W 10” L 8” $299 H 45” W 12” L 9” $499 H 55” W 15” L 11” $699 H 65” W 17” L 12” $999

Aged Gold

Purple/White 800.641.0137

Mosaic Glass



Lotus Bud Candle Silklook fabric wrapped around an iron frame. Contains a single tea lamp candle. TF766 Available in Cream, Gold or Red. 7.5” tall

$39 ROUND DISPLAY TABLES Carved from acacia and based on the classic Asian opium table design, our round display tables use softer circular shapes. These versatile accents are both useful and attractive, adding unexpected flair in every setting. Try them as plant stands or for a favorite statue. H 7” W 12” L 12” $39 Available in Natural finish only TF266 H 8” W 16” L 16” $69 H 10” W 20” L 20” $99

TELESCOPING BAMBOO DRESSER SET Detail-oriented construction with open tops and cross-stitched fabric lining. Shipped in a nested set, they can be unfurled and stuffed with everything from jeans to dainties in ascending order. Maybe you want to be different, maybe you want to put clothes that you borrowed from each sibling in separate baskets instead of segregating by size. Well, that would be fine with us, but we know who you are and I want my Pea coat back. SIZES FOR DRESSER SET SM H 7.5” W 7.5” L 10.5” MED H 10” W 10” L 13.5” LG H 13” W 12” L 17” XL H 18” W 14” L 20” Sold as set only BF330 $249

Bamboo Gift Baskets BAMBOO MINI-CHEST H 6.5” x W 6” BF341 $19 56 

DRAWSTRING HIDEAWAY H 3.5” x W 5.5” BF340 $19




The mortar and pestle were used by many cultures throughout history to grind food and medicine; the Thai mortar and pestle is carved from solid granite, and is sturdy enough for prolonged and vigorous use. Cut and handfinished in northern Thailand. H 5” W 6” KA101 $49

The Mum insists on super hot coffee, and she has little tolerance for the impertinence of the second law of thermodynamics cooling her beverage before she gets to the end of the cup. This is her solution. Handmade. H 5” W 3.5” YZ01 $29


Dating as far back as 1000 BC, the Dong Son culture of Vietnam was arguably the earliest civilization in Southeast Asia to enter the Bronze Age. In some of the most ancient burial sites of this culture are found examples of cast bronze drums. Over the next three millennia they spread throughout the area and stylistic variations were created by artists from Indonesia to Burma and southern China. In these societies, ownership of rain drums, which were used in religious ceremonies, implied control over the hidden forces believed to influence events. Possessing a drum also signified the rarefied material wealth necessary to afford such large cast bronze artifacts. Our rain drums are made of bronze, authentically reproduced by specialized artisans in Thailand, unlike the similar-shaped aluminumware with a “bronze color finish” now offered by some large retailers. The drum tops (tympanum) possess the ubiquitous center sun pattern and intricately patterned concentric rings. Triple frog embellishments can support a glass top while the sides are accented by raised pastoral and fertility symbols. RDGR BROAD DRUMS

TALL DRUMS H 16” Dia. 16” $799 H 16” Dia. 18” $899 H 16” Dia. 20” $999 H 17” Dia. 22” $1,299 H 19” Dia. 24” $1,499 H 25” Dia. 30” $2,599

H 24” Dia. 16” $899 H 22” Dia. 18” $1,299 H 25” Dia. 20” $1,499 H 25” Dia. 22” $1,599 H 31” Dia. 30” $2,999

A Verde


Polished Bronze



C. RAIN DRUM STOOL Often used as an accent table, this diminutive rain drum has classic geometric patterns throughout.

B. FOO DOG DRUM This unique shape is probably a reproduction of a southern Chinese drum; while it displays the traditional geometric designs it also has a pair of Foo dogs (pictured inset below)grasping rings on opposite sides. Available in Brown and Verdigris finishes H 20” Dia. 13” RD112 $595

Available in Polished Bronze, Verdigris, Green, Brown, and Antique finishes H 18” Dia. 13” RSGR $495



BRONZE BIRD DRUM AND STOOL The earlies dated style exhibits less formalized patterns and more organic, pastoral designs than the frog drum. The Rounded shapes and depictions of fish, turtles, birds, and buffalo (all creatures of river deltas) argue that its primary function was as a fertility symbol. The tympanum (drum face) posesses a centre sun pattern and circles of stylized flying birds. Bird drums are rarer items than frog drums, even as reproductions. Available in Antique finish only. D

D. Stool BDSL E. Drum RD266 H 17” Dia. 12” $495 H 16” Dia. 20” $1,199 H 18” Dia. 24” $1,499








Beautiful two-tone finish. Carved from a single thick mango log, then cut in half and hollowed out. Truth be told, I wish I had this groovy thing in my room when I was growing up. A stylish stool that doubles as handy storage container or library for unfinished crossword puzzles. H 16” Dia. 18” MW501 $395

Hand-carved in sustainable Thai acacia wood, and available in sizes that make either distinctive stools or extraordinary display stands. Carefully sanded and finished to allow the natural grain of the wood to show through, the graceful curves and soft lines make it hard to believe that they are carved and not stretched into shape. Natural finish only, and every carving will be slightly affected by the existing grain of the individual wood. TF066 H 24” W 12” L 12” $179 H 30” W 12” L 12” $219 Set (one of each size) $379

C. OPIUM END TABLE A timeless design, popular throughout Southeast Asia. The rolled edges and curved legs provide a solid base for multi-purpose use. The everyday elegance of an Opium Table makes it simple to fit into any decor. This comparatively wide yet subtle end table is a great introduction to asian style. Makes a practical and complementary accent piece to your Zabuton set in a low-profile decor. Hand made from Thai acacia wood. Available in Natural finish only. H 15.5” W 20” L 20” TF166 $249 C

D. TRIANGLE HANGER Made from reclaimed teak wood and wrapped with bamboo strips, these displays are the most formal of traditional Thai textile displays. H 15” W 0.5” L22 “ TS918 $39


D 58



Similar to our Twisty Stools (above), these candles exhibit sensuous smooth curves and show off the distinct custom burlwood finish of sustainable mango wood. Shipped as a set in a handmade natural paper gift box. H 7”, 5”, 3” W 2” L 2” Set of three TT066 $39

Teak Spirit House These intricate hand-carved teak houses are Thai spirit homes or ‘saan phra phum’. The people of Thailand believe that each plot of land contains local spirits in residence. When people build a new house or business this spirit must be offered a miniature abode to prevent any celestial interference in the household proper. According to folklore, the spirits themselves are neither good nor evil, but finicky and mischievous, demanding respect from humans and capable of disastrous actions if they don’t have a space of their own. Our spirit houses are handmade in northern Thailand from small and off-size teak sections, left over from plantation teak furniture factories and reclaimed construction. Truly sustainable and eco-friendly, our houses are delivered without spirits, which are sold separately.


A. TINY SPIRIT HOUSE H 7” W 5” L 6” SH103 $35 Set of 3 $99

B. NAGA TEMPLE H 27” W 14” L 14” SH101 $395


FLORAL TEAK PANEL One of the many handicraft traditions in Lanna (northern Thailand) is the hand-carving of segmented teak panels that have become design favorites among Thais and world travelers alike. Like many Lanna carvings, the imagery evokes natural iconography with an eye toward the spiritual realm. The branches, leaves, and blossoms embody pastoral regularity while a lotus bud center and the hidden geometry of a mandala wheel shape provide a divine harmonic to complete the form. Hand-carved teak wood with a light clear-coat lacquer finish. All of the teak wood in our panels are sourced from registered suppliers who reclaim teak wood from old barns, homesteads, and other structures no longer in use. Each design may differ slightly as each artist has a unique approach.



D. SQUARE DESIGN TP202 3 segments H 36” W 36” L 1”

$329 D


Single PIECE MANDALA Dia 24” $149 4 SEGMENT MANDALA Dia 48” $395

E. SINGLE SEGMENT RECTANGLE Can be displayed horizontally or vertically. H 14” W 36” L 1.5” TP203 $179




Eastern Serenity PO Box 6460 Santa Fe NM 87502-6460




PANDA PULLOVER Double layered, vertically quilted, hooded pullover in a batik bamboo print. Over-stitched pockets and a slight side slit make you look darling in a cold snap. Available in Lavender, Sky, or Autumn TC945 Pre-Shrunk, Colorfast, Handmade Batik Cotton S,M, L, and XL $129

DRAPED CRESCENT EARRINGS Hand-crafted in a bold, radiant design. This is an unmistakeably substantial earring. 99% pure silver HTE410 Large H 1.3” W 1.5” $99 Small H 1.0” W 1.0” $49 Fair

Trade Natural Materials Sustainable Products