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TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY Customer Appreciation Mega Sale



TAKE AN ADDITIONAL OFF FOR ORDERS OVER $150 AND Free Delivery on orders over $250 800.641.0137



10 Year Anniversary

is an independent project that strives to bring beautiful things to interested fellow travelers. Our collection is produced by individual folk artists, village groups, and micro-businesses owned by single families. We don’t purchase from wholesalers, dealers, or middlemen. We only trade with people we know; and when you order from us, we will get to know you also. As always, free gift wrapping on all jewelry! We don’t cut corners. We are careful.

We mailed our first catalog on July 15, 2007. As we approached this decade milestone, we paused for reflection. It occurred to us to do a limited print run with an amazing sale in order to sincerely thank our customers for your ten years of support. Every single purchase made a difference.

The first part of our celebration is to offer 50% off from the earrings that have made our covers over the years. Then the following pages will tell a little about us, our team and our suppliers. Then the entire back half of the catalog is 50% off!

Spring 2014 CLIPPED BLOOM EARRINGS Sterling Silver W 0.6” L 3” WJ303 was $59 Special $29

Holiday 2014 Frosty Earrings Sterling Silver W 1.1” L 2.5” YSE71 was $59 Special $29

Spring 2015 Cosmic burst Earrings 99% pure silver W 0.5” YSE70 was $49 Special $24

Summer 2015 PEARL WHISPERS EARRINGS Sterling Silver with 3 pearls. H 2.8” YRE53 was $39 Special $19

Summer 2016 stiletto EARRINGS Sterling Silver with feature pearl. H 1.25” YRE54 was $99 Special $49

Summer 2016 Quasar studs Sterling Silver Dia 0.7” YSE215 was $59 Special $29

Summer 2016 SUDA EARRINGS Sterling Silver H 0.75” W 0.9” YSE55 was $29 Special $14

September 2016 ALEXANDER EARRINGS Sterling Silver and gold vermeil H 1.5” W 0.5” YDE37 was $99 Special $49



Holiday 2010 LOTUS NOTE EARRINGS 99% pure silver W 1” L 1.75” YJ511 was $49 Special $24

Spring 2013 OLIVE BRANCH EARRINGS Sterling Silver L 1.5” W 1” NJ510SI was $69 Special $34

Spring 2013 Frozen Buttercup Earrings 99% Pure Silver H 1.25” W 0.5” HS580 was $79 Special $39

Winter 2013 Icicle Earrings Sterling Silver L 3” QJ122 was $59 Special $29

Summer 2015 Simplicity Earrings Sterling Silver Available in Red Coral or Turquoise H 1” W .5” YNE74 was $29 Special $14

Fall 2015 BOLO Earrings Sterling Silver with two tone Black Rhodium/Gold plate finish Rod and ingot connects with chain. Entire Length 4” YDE15

Autumn 2015 CHANG OASIS EARRINGS Elephant home on herrange. Sterling Silver or two-tone Sterling with rhodium plating. W 1.1” YSE24

Holiday 2015 WRAP-UP EARRINGS Sterling Silver H 1” W 1” YSE53 was $49 Special $24

was $39 Special $19

was $99 Special $49

Winter 2016 Gallery earring Garnet stones threaded in a matte gold vermeil finished Sterling Silver frame. H 2.25” W 1.25” YNE35 was $115 Special $57

November 2016 ORBIT EARRINGS Sterling Silver with center feature stone. Choose from carnelian , amethyst, or blue topaz. Dia. 1.4” YSE481

December 2016 Teeter EARRINGS Sterling Silver H 2” W 1.25” YSE181

was $99 Special $49

was $112 Special $56 800.641.0137

February 2017 NOVA HEARTS EARRINGS Set in Sterling Silver. H 0.75” W 0.25” YHE11 was $39 Special $19


the company


After wandering through the byways of corporate America, I took a leave of absence from a job in finance to visit a friend in Thailand in 2002. I’m still on that leave of absence. The opportunity to live in another culture so far removed from the familiar seemed like a once-ina-lifetime shot, so here I am. There are always challenges in trying to capture the physical beauty of our hand-made products and present it as it deserves in both catalog and web form. The ES team is very enterprising and pragmatic in finding home-spun solutions to any sort of problem from IT to photo shoot lighting, etc. Working with Thai teammates who have taught me and continue to teach me the nuances of the Thai and Buddhist culture along with my Thai wife of 10 years who continues to correct me on that and everything else is the education of a lifetime.

After working as a data scientist for conglomerates and banks for 15 years, I moved to Thailand for medical treatment. I was informed of a genetic disorder that would take a year or two of therapy to ameliorate, and when I finished the process, the aspects of my personality that welcomed the scrum of competition had faded. In retrospect the convalescence offered an opportunity to review my life and goals while I was still relatively young, and change direction. I truly wasn’t really interested in “Maximizing Shareholder Value” for shareholders I didn’t know, and that didn’t know me. And that, truth be told, probably were properly maximized with plenty already.

- David -

I also want to express a special thanks to Jim, Carrie, and my much loved Mother for all your help and support throughout the years. - Adam -


We set out to pursue other agendas, based on human values of authenticity, hard work, and to take advantage of modern technology to make it possible with a small crew. The idea was to work with small producers (generally working by hand) and present their creations directly to the public. The vexing and ridiculous intricacies of small business have provided challenges that caused us to face adversity and work in harmony with staff, suppliers, and we hope, customers. We always try to work with small companies in every aspect of our work. We use a local ISP for our internet in Santa Fe, a small but excellent printer in Maine, and we buy our computers and supplies from specialized dealers. Plus, we love love love the US Postal Service, the greatest expression of democracy ever conceived.

the sale Over the ten years we have been offering our collection,

the locations

Our catalog production and product buying team is based in Northern Thailand in Chiang Mai. We ship our products to the customer from Santa Fe, NM. While one town is lush green, and the other majestic desert sky, they are both out of the way extraordinary places. We control every step in the shipping process ourselves. We inspect and pack everything in Thailand, then unpack and re-inspect everything in Santa Fe when it arrives. Then, once again, before the individual items are shipped out to the customer, Scott and Rose make sure everything is perfect.

our best customers say I’m always happy to get the Eastern Serenity catalog, always

looking forward to the fabulous new jewelry and fashion they come up with. I have fun with the girls on the phone and Rose, Scott, and David in the warehouse. I’m always happy with the customer service and if an issue (size or fit) ever arises it’s always fixed with a smile and a laugh. I’ve been a happy customer for years. -Donna from Kankakee IL I have a lot of experience in choosing jewelry and this is favorite jewelry catalog. They have an uncanny ability to find one-of-akind pieces for a really great price with great quality. They have the best selection of original, artistic little works of art in their jewelry and other pieces. The phone and warehouse staff are easy to talk to since they’re such a small company and everybody knows each other. I know Rose the warehouse manager and David on a first name basis. -Nadine from Venice FL

we have never really had a general sale. Most of our items are handmade to limits of material availability and the time it takes for small suppliers to do very specialized work. Occasionally we move items to our 50% sale section when we cannot get more stock and there are not enough units left to justify putting them on display in the catalog. We would now like to offer over 600 items at half off as a thank you for our loyal customers. These items have limited stock and all sales are final. Be sure to check our website for more items involved in this sale, we will have about a hundred more in decor and other categories there. All we ask is two things in return; please give us your emails so we can send special offers, and please give feedback and reviews, we love to see them and everyone reads them!

7 Facts you didn’t know

about Eastern Serenity

1. MICKEY, our dog on our policy page for the last ten years, is there to indicate that we are a small company, because no big company would ever put a dog’s photo in a catalog. Unfortunately Mickey passed away in 2012 during the week we opened our store. Fortunately she had three puppies that are still in our office and soon the photo will change. 2. Our graphic designer once caught dengue fever a week before the press date of a catalog. She finished on time using a laptop in the hospital while getting a transfusion of four pints of blood. 3. We lost an entire container never to be seen again during a military coup when tanks were in the street. 4. Adam and David, the owners, have been best friends since they met in college over 30 years ago. 5. The shipping crews in the logistics companies around Chiang Mai call David “Mai Nak”, which means “not heavy” because thats what he always says no matter what they have to pick up for shipment. 6. Our models have been from Europe, England, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Australia, North America and South America. Many are mixed parentage. 7. The first clothing line was launched after we wore it to a tradeshow and while the decor items on display did okay, everyone really wanted to buy the shirts off our backs.



I started working with them since the company was in Bangkok where my home town is. There were only 4 peoples together in the office with a little golden retriever “Mickey”. Then we moved to Chiang Mai and became I spend my life here for 10 years. I start to grow and learn with this company. And now I prefer to work here and see this little company growing as the small business that supports many of small local families. We all tries things together, some mistake, some good luck. I can see the different world of people who are around me, my colleagues, suppliers, models in all different nations. We come together even though we are all unique and different. We still keep thinking about new idea to satisfy customers and work with suppliers learning every day and trying to improve little by little. Working as buyer, I have to meet many suppliers who create the wonderful piece of products which I rather called them “artist”. I can see how much everyone tries hard to making nice things to support their family and fulfill their happiness. Most of our products are handmade. I am really happy to see the suppliers who we working with growing their business at the same time with us as we all learning and try to improve together. Good selling products and the good reviews always make me smile! Please not forget to give some comment for us to improve or review when you like it. I really enjoy to read all of them. ES is my life starting journey. Here helping me to start having income and feel certain enough to start my own family. Last 10 years when I start working here, I didn’t have even boyfriend. But right now I got married and have 2 boys. So my family is growing up together with this company and my colleagues who I called them real friends. Beside my family I do having them for 10 years also. When my family has the problems, I will leave it behind and come to work. That’s helping me to feel better by have the 2nd family here.For sure, working for 10 years; we have so many problems. But the problems mean fun and challenging. I pay attention on my work with fun and happiness. I don’t know how long I will keep working here. I think it’s up to how long the customers will walk beside us. -Ni-RunI started working with ES in Graphic designer position. Actually, I prefer to be a photographer but at that time they already have a photographer. He is really good and have very good camera. I started to learn from nothing, borrowed my friend’s camera for practicing for a year. Finally, in 2009, I had a chance to take the cover photo for Holiday catalog. Since then, I became a real photographer for ES, so I started to do my dream job and it’s really challenging me to improve my skill every day. -Pui-

“ES is my 2nd home. ES making me having income to support my family, the house, and the car including have the good life. I am happy to have good colleagues. We passed so many things together. Good or bad but we can passed though it together. I really enjoy to working with everyone here and know how to work with the team. -Kan- Es is the place where I learn a lot about new things. Working here is really helping me to improve my working skill, Socialize, language and culture. I get new experience about Marketing, programming, Software and hardware maintenance. Thanks ES for this experience With my colleagues, they must really enjoy having me working here. As I was the youngest one when I started, they do like teasing me with fake ghost and snake. That’s really making me crazy and worried when I have to walk to the bathroom alone. My colleagues always concern and try to help me be a better lady as I am a country girl and have no idea how to dress up. They try to make sure I wear the right clothes that fit my body type. And it’s our office traditional that everyone can pick our own birthday lunch restaurant. So, those are the first time that I start to have Japanese food, Steak or even Korean BBQ. After a year passed by, I start to buy my first house. 6 800.641.0137




the team

Scott and I have been happily married for 22 years. Five years ago we decided to leave the East Coast behind and come to Santa Fe, NM with our two children. We started working at the Eastern Serenity store and it was a wonderful experience to learn about the beautiful handmade pieces and the small producers that make them. Scott and I now manage the warehouse and send all the orders and handle customer inquiries. We really enjoy getting to know our customers on a one on one level and hope to continue in the years to come. -Rose-

-Scott and Rose-

I work at Eastern Serenity on the phones. I’ve been working here for about four years now. If you call in to place an order, I might be the one to pick up the phone! Eastern Serenity was the perfect place for me to work because it helped me pay my way through college. The jewelry is beautiful and the clothing is comfortable. Ask any questions you have about to products over the phone and we can help answer your questions. I can't think of anything else to say other than 'my crazy manager sends funny short youtube video clips to make us laugh. Time to eat again?


-KayleeWorking at Eastern Serenity has really been a great experience. Rose our shipping manager and I really strive to see customers happy. I enjoy seeing all the unique and beautiful clothes and jewelry that we offer. This job has also made me able to take care of my family and enjoy times with my friends. I am really grateful for the opportunity to work here.

Another catalog goes on the wall

I was born and grow up in Chiang Mai. My family sells low cost clothes from China in the main market in Chiang Mai. I help my mom business since I was young. When I started working in ES, I surprised that the products I never interest became very popular in foreigners eyes. The traditional clothes, silver that I feel familiar and grown up with. My attitude about the local products starts to change. Now I can see and really appreciate with handmade products. I get excite every times when we are making the new catalogs. Its mean there is more new things from my local became the wonderful items for my customers -Liny-

Packing free gifts for customers


In addition, Eastern Serenity will offer good things to the customer but more than that, the company also provides many things to me. I can work well under pressure. Many times I can offer ideas as well as their own business even though there is only a small business, but it is warm and it is a great company for me. Eastern Serenity makes me learn to work as a team so this entire make me happy with this work and I always pay attention to the little things, to provide something valuable to the people around me. All of this is the most precious thing that Eastern Serenity gave it to me. 800.641.0137


The intensive and unique production process begins with high quality fabric that is constructed so that the color can be removed in a traditional tie dye wash. The cream colored absence of dye design is then carefully painted with highest quality dyes to match the unique design left by the base color removal. The repainting is subject to the variations in the first step so that the pattern is unique and used to make the spectacular floral effect. As you can see in the photos, each item is carefully made with a fine attention to detail.

LAVA TANK TOP 100% supple stretch cotton-based rayon with a bold hand-dyed pattern. Color shown only Available in S, M, L, and XL WR12 $89 LAVA BLOOM PALAZZOS Hand-dyed, bold color cotton-based rayon Color pictured only Available in S, M, L, and XL WB26 $99 8


HANDMADE UNIQUE Our apparel selections are absolutely handmade in very small production lots. Every item has a level of consideration that is just not possible in an industrial setting. While it may make sense to economize on cheaper methods, materials, and fixtures to produce 5000 pants, it just doesn’t make sense to use cheaper buttons when making only twenty. We use a network of experienced family businesses to produce some wonderful things that you will literally see nowhere else.

*****Review by Cgar103150 Love this whole outfit. Looks just like the picture. I may request an exchange on the tunic though.....true to size chart but I prefer a little looser fit. But with that mentioned, I would recommend this tunic......the material is soft and very comfortable. Seems to be made very well.

*****Review by Miriam I ordered both this tunic and the matching leggings, and they both fit perfectly and look great! They are well-constructed and should last me many years.

*****Review by DAC Another fabulous order from Eastern Serenity that went way beyond my expectations. Such a wonderful fit and can be worn many ways. I just love the things I’ve gotten from Eastern Serenity and look forward to new things.

LAVA WAVE TUNIC Cotton-based rayon Color shown only Available in S, M, L, and XL WH24 $79 LAVA WAVE LEGGINGS Cotton-based rayon Color shown only Available in Standard, Large, and XL WB24 $69



A. LAVA split top Bold designs, hand dyed one by one, on both front and back. Supple stretch cotton based rayon with scoop neckline. Color shown only Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL WC47 $124


B. LAVA PALAZZOS Color geometric wave design on supple stretch cotton-based rayon. Handmade stripes may vary slightly. Color shown only Available in S, M, L, and XL WB43 $79


C. LAVA CAR COAT 100% knit rayon with hand dyed pattern. Loose fit. No pockets. This car coat is not only stylish, but will keep you warm and comfortable on the cool days of autumn. Approximately 34” from shoulder to hem. Color shown only Available in Standard, Large, and XL WF12 $89 D. LAVA LEGGINGS Hand-dyed lotus print on soft stretch rayon. Color shown only Available in Standard, Large, and XL WB42 $69


*****Review by Joly My husband was so impressed with this top he said “it`s the best money I`ve spent on a garment in a long time.” This will be one of my favorite outfits. It`s made well and comfortable too.

*****Review by AprilFool’sBaby




I was completely intrigued by this outfit (split top, pants and leggings). I kept returning again and again to the catalog until finally buying it. It arrived within 2-weeks, well packaged and tidy. The top feels wonderful, fits perfectly and is as flowing and comfortable as a nightgown. The pants and leggings are equally comfortable and the asymmetrical print is wonderful. I look forward to wearing this a lot this upcoming season. Thank you Eastern Serenity!

petal STUDS Sterling Silver and gold vermeil W 0.6” YDE23 $39

*****Review by Becky

Royal Park Rajapruek

Royal Park Rajapruek is situated 10 km southwest of Chiang Mai. Nestled in a lush mountain landscape, this 400 rai of land (about 200,000 sqm.) is a really picturesque setting, a delicate work of art and architecture which enriches the mind of the visitors with its seductive natural beauty along with various plant and flower species. in 2006, the garden was the site for the Royal Flora Expo, on the occasion of His Majesty The King’s 60th anniversary of coronation. Ever since, the garden has been maintained and developed. It has become a resource for agro-tourism as well as being a learning and research center for the public. December and January are the months when Ratchaphruek come into bloom. A visit is a must whilst in Chiang Mai.

These are the most beautiful earrings ever. I have already purchased five pairs, as well as several other styles for gifts. Placing another order. Need one more pair and some other stuff from ES. Thanks ES, you make shopping so easy. GOLD LOTUS EARRINGS Sterling Silver and gold vermeil H 1.25” Dia. 0.6” YDE14 $99

CARVED SOAP FLOWERS Carved by hand from single solid pieces of fragrant soap for decorative purposes only. The flower varieties include orchids, roses, dahlias, hibiscus, and hyacinth. Firmly set in carved mango wood compacts with lacquered and hand-painted flower design covers. Let us choose for you a nice selection of individually gift-boxed flowers in sets of three, six, or twelve. The flowers and colors will vary within the sets. Dia. 3” Set of 3 PS597 $44 ]Set of 6 PS598 $79 Set of 12 PS599 $139

*****Review by Judy L. I’m very happy with my set of flowers. They look just like the picture so it was very pleasing and the detail is amazing. I was actually surprised. They make great gifts. 800.641.0137


LAVA LONG SLEEVE 100% supple stretch cotton-based rayon with unique colorful wave pattern. Color shown only Available in Standard, Large, and XL WH16 $79

Natural light and authentic locations

We shoot all of our photos either in the old city center or within a short ride to a temple or nature preserve. As a small troupe of catalog merchants, we’re grateful for a free, natural environment that few professional studios could match at any price. The ancient, peaceful, and busy community lends a feeling of real spirit that pervades all the efforts to produce our catalog.

*****Review by Susan What I love most is Rose!! I can be such a difficult customerbuying and returning and question after question-Rose was terrific. The customer service is as competent and beautiful and kind as their clothes!! I feel I can order anything-and if it is not right........they will honor the customer until they are satisfied! 12


LAVA PALAZZOS Color geometric wave design on supple stretch cotton-based rayon. Handmade stripes may vary slightly. Color shown only Available in S, M, L, and XL WB43 $79

Chiang Mai porcelin ao dai 100% cotton in dual layers with back zip. Classic blue and white floral print with mandarin collar and frog closures on the shoulder with top-layer side accent slits. Available in S, M, L, and XL WA38 $99 Shown with Del Sol Palazzos (p 24)

The 720 year-old city of Chiang Mai, where we are based, is an essential source of inspiration for us. Not only do the majority of our products come from local artisans in Chiang Mai province, but the ancient city is itself as much a star in our catalog photography as the clothing and models themselves. As an ancient former capital of Thailand, the city retains its original defensive moat and much of the original defensive walls that surrounded the city. The walls and the famous “four gates� of Chiang Mai, Tha Pae, Suan Dok, and Chang Puak, as well as the many temples and ancient narrow streets within the moat and walls are a living, breathing, picturesque natural photo studio.



Wat Chedi Luang Wat Chedi Luang is one of the largest and oldest of Buddhist temples in historic city center of Chiang Mai, which itself has over 300 temples. Dating from the 14th century it consists of many pavilions and outbuildings which contain culturally significant statues, including the Phra Chao Attarot (Eighteen-cubit Buddha) and the famous “city pillar” (Lak Mueang) of Chiang Mai, named Sao Inthakin, which is the founding stone of the city fashioned upon the founding of Chiang Mai by King Mengrai in 1296. The temple has monk chats daily, where people can speak with monks (usually novices) and ask them anything about Buddhism or Thailand. At this very important temple in the old city, as in other temples around Chiang Mai, we are allowed to have photo shoots with our Thai staff. Although these are serene spiritual grounds, as long as a quiet respectful environment is maintained, the monks and other temple attendants are happy to share with us the inviting Buddhist calm and appreciation of peaceful creative endeavor. This is another benefit of being a small, quiet team when we go out on photo shoots.



Wat U-Mong Wat Umong is a secluded forest temple situated at the foot of the mountains of the Doi Suthep National Park. The name “umong� means tunnel, denoting a main feature of the temple. The temple and its tunnels were built in the late 14th century. On a level open space, a large mound was built with a tunnel maze, which had tile paintings on the walls. The legend is that the temple was built like this for a highly regarded monk who was a bit eccentric. It’s said that the tunnel complex helped keep him from wandering off. It is an especially tranquil setting in the tunnels as well as in the wooded areas, even by temple standards. There are many trees, a meditation center and a dramatic field of broken sculpture. Due to its distance from the city and its sylvan setting, there are wandering deer, a natural lake, and a sizeable pond with fish, turtles, and ducks. The overall feel of the temple is that of a serene mountain retreat. This is another of our favorite catalog shooting sites where our small, quiet team is allowed to calmly enjoy and photograph in the serene country setting.



Hana EARRINGS Sterling Silver H 1.25” W 0.4” YSE120 $39

Angelou Earrings 99% pure silver cage with a bird inside H 0.5” W 0.4” HS014 $69

Bell Earrings 99% pure silver H 0.5” W 0.3” HS017 $59

Abacus earrings 99% pure silver with moveable beads! H 0.75” W 0.4” HS022 $69

Handmade Jewelry Northern Thailand is renowned for its silver making culture, from the border hill tribes to the technical masters on Wu Alai road. Sterling Silver is too brittle to work by hand, only pure silver is pliable enough to be shaped and finished without casting. One of our favorite suppliers is a lovely couple that is maintaining the traditional expertise passed down in their family. Hongsara & Angkan developed the love for filigree art from their father, Mr Pongmit. He had been making extremely fine filigree art jewelry since 1971 for the Lanna people in Northern Thailand and has since accumulated 40 years of experience. Royal peacock earrings 99% pure silver inside H 1.75” W 1” HS035 $289


We also work with many suppliers who use cast Sterling Silver, and skilled expertise is used for both design and in absolutely perfect finishing.


HANA PENDANT Sterling Silver H 1.5” W 0.5” YSP16 $49



CHRYSANTHEMUM TOP 100% textured, medium weight cotton. Elegant and breathable, great to wear on any occasion. Elbow length sleeves, circle neck, and side slits. Approximately 23” from shoulder to hem’ Choose Black or Black Flower Print Available in S, M, L, and XL WC36 $69

A. COG EARRINGS Sterling Silver Dia. 1” YSE523 $39 B. BATON NECKLACE Sterling Silver Chain 15” Baton 2” YSN14 $75 C. KNOT STUDS Sterling Silver W 0.25” YSE192 $29 D. STRAND EARRINGS Sterling Silver Dia. 0.5” YSE183 $29


FORWARD ROLL EARRINGS Sterling Silver H 1” W 1” YSE49 $59

E. Icebreaker bracelet Striking Sterling Silver cuff both elegant and modern. Adjustable Size W 1” YSB22 $69 TIARA EARRINGS Sterling Silver H 1.8” W 1” YSE60 $39 ECLIPTIC EARRINGS Oxidized Sterling Silver with gold vermeil thread wrap and accent pearl. H 2.25” Dia. 1.1” YKR24 $69

black butterfly EARRINGS Sterling Silver with black pearls. H 1” YSEQ03 $49

PETALFALL EARRINGS Sterling Silver H 1.75” W 0.4” YSE691 $59



*****Review by CK Sacramento The earrings are as pictured, good quality, and very attractive. I’ve never been disappointed with ES purchases.

*****Review by Kirby

SPARROW THIEF EARRINGS Sterling Silver sparrow making away with a pair of pearls. H 1” YRE51 $39

These little chirps are so darling! Just the right length and size for me! They are beautifully made with a nice balance. Anyone would love them!

SPARROW CHAT NECKLACE Sterling Silver with rhodium finish branch. Chain L 16” Branch L 3.5” YSN11 $129

*****Review by Raye These are dainty earrings, and are so cute! I got compliments on them from the beginning. Every time I wear them, people notice them and comment.

*****Review by Sweetpea Small, Dainty, Lite, Charming Make you smile when you wear them.




A. FELIx RING Sterling Silver W 0.6” Adjustable YSR85 $59


B. CAT NAP JEWELRY Sterling Silver Pendant Dia. 0.6” YSP69 $45 Earrings YSEQ23 $55

LOVEBIRDS JEWELRY Sterling Silver with gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil Pendant Dia. 0.8” YDP17 $49 Earrings Dia. 0.6” YDE90 $59

BORA JACKET Horizontal weave cotton with circle collar and comfortable draped sleeves. Choose Tan or Black Available in Standard, Large, and XL WU17 $65




looking glass EARRINGS Sterling Silver with rose gold vermeil and a feature stone. Choose from: rose quartz (A), moonstone (B), labradorite (C) H 0.8” W 0.5” YNE79 $59

MOnarch Silhouette Earrings Sterling Silver and rose gold interior Dia. 0.6” YDE81 $99 NUGGET STUDS Sterling Silver with gold finish and rough stone nuggets Choose green apatite, red ruby, or amethyst stones Dia. 0.25” YNEQ66 $39




D. GEM BEAD STUDS Sterling Silver gold finish with petite pink tourmaline or turquoise. Dia. 0.1” YNEQ72 $29

E. GEM BEADs NECKLACE Sterling Silver gold finish with petite pink tourmaline or turquoise. Pendant H 0.5” Dual chain L 16.5”-17.5” YNN23 $75


F. MALABAR RING Sterling Silver with gold micron finish Choose green apatite, red ruby, or amethyst stone. W 0.5” Available in sizes 7, 8, 9,10 YNR51 $75


CLOUD PENDANT Larimar stone set in Sterling Silver H 1.25” YNP50 $99

CLOUD ANGLE RING Larimar stone set in Sterling Silver W 0.4” Available in sizes 6-10 YNR43 $99

CLOUD EARRINGS Blue larimar stone in a Sterling Silver setting. H 0.6” YNE882 $99

Jakarta Dress 100% textured cotton with mother of pearl buttons. Long sleeves that button up. Choose Black or White (semi-sheer) Available in S, M, L, and XL WA18 $129 CLOUD LINK EARRINGS Sterling Silver with larimar stone H 0.8” W 0.3” YNE561




BAYON PENDANT Apatite druzy crystal in Sterling Silver Dia. 1.25” YNP30 $165

Passat SLEEVELESS Natural look crinkled weave cotton with scoop neck and hi-lo front hem with longer rear hem. Shoulder to front hem 30”, to rear hem 45” Choose Lavender, Black, or White Available in S, M, L, and XL WR15 $75

LUCID JEWELRY Rough gems set in Sterling Silver Select from three choices: Aquamarine blue stones, Green peridot, or Red and forest tourmaline stones. Bracelet W 0.5” Adjustable L 6.5”- 8.5” YNB10 $395 Earrings H 2.5” W 0.3” YNE471 $195 Solitaire Pendant H 0.75” W 0.5”

YNP96 $125 Dual Stone Ring Available in sizes 6-10 YNR17 $75

DEEP MIST BRACELET Sterling Silver with Herkimer diamond stones. W 0.5” L 6.5”-8” Adjustable YNB79 $395 DEEP MIst PENDANT H 0.75” W 0.5” YNP96 $125

PASSAT PANTS Crinkle texture cotton elastic waist straight leg and a small outside cuff slit. Approximately 29” inseam Choose Lavender, Black, or White Available in S, M, L, and XL WB24 $75



Angel wing top Soft rayon/cotton blend. Hi-low hemline with overlapped layers in back. Available in S, M, L, and XL Choose Black or White WM12 $29


BUND Promenade Casuals Classic geisha with umbrella image on cotton-based rayon fabric with elastic waist and cuffs. Inseam 27” Free size fits up to size 14 WB49 $69 RAINTREE Jewelry Intricate wound brass tree with detailed roots and stone chip leaves. Choose lapis or turquoise. PENDANT Dia. 2” included chain L 27.5” YNP84 $49 Raintree Earrings Choose lapis or turquoise Dia 1.25” YNE21 $29

Rose Violet Aqua Green Lao Kerchief Simple but multi-functional design. 100% cotton with a soft elastic back. One size only Color choices above QC111 $19 A. PROTECTED PLANET BANGLE Three handwound cords, bronze accent beads and rods, with a large turquoise pebble centerpiece. Adjustable up to 8” wrist T606 $49

Mocha Slate

B. Lattice Bracelets Choose Brass or Pewter Available in Large W 3.25” L 6” to 7” Medium W 1.5” L 6” to 7” Small W 0.75” L 7” YBB25

$59, $45 or $29

*****Review by Kiko Immediate reaction from friends: “Where did you get them; I want them, too!”

*****Review by Double Dee How much do I love these pants? I just bought a second pair! They are incredibly comfortable and bring with them compliments too numerous to count. A 22



Group A.

CORDS A. SUPPLE STRANDS CORD Japanese Silk with Sterling Silver clasp. Choose Black/Gold, Silver/Gold, Gold, or Silver L 18” (will not fit small charms) YLN12 $17

Group B.

B. SILKLOOK CORD Synthetic silk with Sterling Silver clasp. Available in Black, Silver/Gold, Gold, or Silver L 18” YYN12 $9 C. WOVEN COTTON CORD Woven wax cotton and 99% pure silver hook. L 18” (will not fit small charms) YYN22 $19



Group F.

D. WOVEN LEATHER CORD Woven leather and Sterling AURORA BAND Silver clasp. NECKLACE L 18” (will not fit small A stylish web of artsilk charms) fabric with sterling YYN21 $19 silver fastening ends to wear alone or E. THICK LEATHER CORD as a pendant Sturdy leather with Sterling support. Twist Silver closure. Black only. into many shapes! L 24” (will not fit small (see below) charms) YYN23 $19 L 24” with variable width. F. simple LEATHER CORD Choose fom Leather with Gold, Silver, or Sterling Silver closure. Smoke colors. Choose Black or Brown YYN66 $27 L 18” YYN11 $9

Rough LEATHER CORDS Sturdy rectangular cut leather with a softened rawhide feel. Sterling Silver hook and loop fastener. Choose Black or Brown Available in 18” $9 or 24” $12 lengths. YFC11

CHAMELEON PENDANT Sterling Silver H 1.25” W 1” YSP14




YUMI BLOUSE 100% woven cotton with high collar, v-neckline, broad cuffs and a distinctive diagonal hem. Choose White or Black Available in Standard, Large, and XL WC22 $69 del sol PALAZZO PANTS Year-round comfort in flowing 100% soft cotton. Elastic waist with front-tie drawstring. Front left utility pocket with hand-stitched geo pattern swatch. Vertical seams for added intrigue. Choose Black or White Available in Standard, Large, and XL WB23 $69

Del sol HALTER Mandarin collar halter strap with front frog button. Sleeveless and backless cut with layered elastic stretch panel in lower back. Hand-stitched spiral geo pattern on right hip. 100% cotton. Choose Black or White Available in S, M, L and XL WP21 $29 24


TARA TUNIC Medium-weight cotton weave with mandarin collar and loop and pewter ball buttons. Choose Blue or Yellow Available in S, M, L, and XL WH26 $95 Pictured with Del Sol Palazzo Pants (facing)

LOTUS PATTERN BLOUSE Swirling lotus leaf patterns in a cotton-based rayon blend fabric. Colors shown only. Available in Petite, Standard, Large, and XL NT114 $39 THE PAI HANDBAG Incorporating vintage hilltribe textiles and earth-friendly hemp fabric, festooned with odd coins and tiny shells. The sturdy leather strap is riveted to the stitched seam and two outside pockets are formed by textile accents. The cotton lining has a zip pocket and checkbook slide. Available in Cocoa or Black H 13” W 4” L 13” AC610 $79

Angkor Harem Pants Cotton/Rayon loose fitting, supercomfortable casual pants with an escalating elastic waistline adding shape and fit. Standard fits up to size 14 Generous fits up to size 20 Available in Burgundy, Navy, Autumn and Lotus. NC290 $49 See our web for other patterns.

GOSSAMER JACKET Buttonless lightweight cotton with stitched vertical tucks. This delicate jacket is elegant enough to be paired with a dressy ensemble but simple enough for casual attendance. Collarless with slightly flared 3/4 length sleeves. Available in S, M, L, or XL Choose Sky Blue, Pink, Neon Orange, Olive, or Black. VC521 $79 KUBLA KAHN SLACKS Loose flowing and super-comfortable pants fitted at the waist and elasticized in back. The trousers drape into full, skirt-like open legs. Made with a mix of cotton and rayon to maximize a smooth touch and ease of care. Available in waist sizes Standard (up to size 10) Large (from 12 to size 16) XL (from 18 to size 20) Choose Burgundy Pattern (middle), Solid Burgundy, Black Pattern (right corner), Solid Black, Lotus Pattern (above on model), or Solid Grey FC101 $59



A. THE GREAT WAVE TEE Highly detailed (front and back) print of the classic “Wave off Kanagawa” Japanese woodblock on cotton crew neck. Available in S, M, L and XL WG11 Short Sleeve $49


Long Sleeve $59 A

B. Bund Long Sleeve Top Supple and comfortable cotton pull over with wildly popular print details and rich colors. Choose Garden Watercolor on black background (shown); or Pale Geisha (see web for pattern). Available in S, M, L, and XL

WH14 $59 VENT LEGGINGS Side-striated cotton based rayon. Available in S, M, and L Choose Burgundy or Black Capris WB56 $39 Long WB57 $49

Han Blouse Tajitsu Top Fluted long sleeve cotton top with ‘double Fluted short sleeve cotton top with ‘double happiness’ emblem on chest and sleeves. happiness’ emblem on chest and sleeves. Tradional mandarin collar and woven Tradional mandarin collar and woven frog clasp frog clasp buttons. Hand buttons. Hand wash due to sash textile swatch. wash due to symbol swatch. Choose Red or Gold Available in S, M, L, and XL Available in S, M, L, and XL Choose from Red or Gold WK56 $49 WK56 $59 26 800.641.0137

WINTER DRAGON Stunning shoulder print of a silver dragon bearing a prosperity pearl, emerging from a mystic fog with a reversed view on the rear shoulder. Intricately detailed frog clasp closures. Premium quality supple cotton fabric with open sleeve. Choose long or short sleeve and gold dragon or silver dragon design. Available in M, L, XL and XXL WH11 $69

AVRIL BLOUSE Woven cotton with lively flowing pattern in traditional batik. Circle collar with rear button and loop neck fastener. Rear vent with button strip. Accent gathers and checked hems along both sides.

AQUARIum BLOUSE Festive print from the undersea perspective. Woven cotton with a v-neck and soft flip collar. Two side pockets, button cuffs, and a button strap to secure a rolled up cuff. Available in Standard, L, XL and XXL Color as pictured only WC16 $189

Color as shown only

SUNRISE LEGGINGS Stretch cotton-based rayon with classic tie-dye layer pattern on both legs, elastic waist, and straight leg. Available in Standard, L, XL Choose Black/Brown or Burgundy/Red WB88 $49

Available in Standard, Large, and XL WC38 $145


A. Reef Lariat Drape at your leisure. Long turquoise stone and brass lariat necklace with irregular pearl bead embellishments. Length gives you options! L 50” YRN13 $49


B. summer NECKLACEs Seven strands of pearls in white pearl or garden blend colors. Adjustable L 35”-37” YRN91 $49

SHELL DROPLET EARRINGS Ocean shell set in Sterling Silver. Choose from mother of pearl, abalone, or red coral. H 1” W 0.6” YHE17 $39




Bohemian Shirt Hand woven 100% cotton shirt with open crew cut neck and textured weave. Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL. Choose Cream, Grey, or Green. MC202 $79 THE PEOPLE’S UNIFORM Loose weave soft cotton. The pants have a simple drawstring waist and a straight leg cut. The raised half-collar tops off an open V-neck shirt with straight cuffless sleeves. Comfortable enough to wear all day and sleep in at night. Perfect for meditation, vacation, relaxation, or just sitting quietly on your island while plotting your next move against James Bond. Choose Black or White (tops and bottoms sold separately) 100% Cotton - Available in both men and women’s sizes. S, M, L, XL, and XXL Men’s Top RC210 $49 Women’s Top RC214 $49 Women’s Bottom RC215 $49 Men’s Bottom RC211 $49 A. Cotton Drifter This is pure loose weaved 100% cotton, complete with coconut shell buttons that fasten down to the chest. Half collar and open sleeves. Light, airy, and stylish with a handy front pocket. Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL. White, Black, Tan or Green SF101 $59 28

Tao JEWELRY Sterling Silver, enamel and mother of pearl Earrings Dia. 0.4” YRE14 $35 Pendant Dia. 0.4” YRP20 $25


THE 3-D TEE 100% cotton with mandala pattern. The extraordinary patterns are emphasized by tiny bright cylinders sewn tightly within the printed design. Now you will always know what to wear to yoga class. Fits snugly so order up a size if you prefer a more roomy profile. Choose from Black, White, or Violet. S, M, L or XL TC861 $39 DRAGON DRAWSTRING Pants Light blended rayon and cotton pre-shrunk super casual pants. Open cuff and straight leg let in the breeze and lays smoothly when bunched. Standard size fits all up to 12 (inseam 27") Generous size fits 14 to 18 (inseam 27”) Available in either: Ideogram Tiger (on model) (Black, White, or Green) Flying Dragon (detail shown) (Black or Green) TC631 $29 TIGER Drawstring Shorts Comfortable non-bleached unpolished 100% cotton with drawstring waist and two side pockets. Approximately 16” inseam Choose Cream or Black Available in Standard and Generous WB38 $39 THE 'ONE' BAG A square bottomed, slightly larger monk bag. The shoulder strap folds down inside and a sturdy pair of handles makes for easy hand carry. Available color only as shown H 15” W 6” L 12” AC230 $19

THROWBACK T-SHIRTS 100% undyed sturdy cotton with fun vintage feel and texture. Choose Elephant or Cat design. Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL Unisex Sizes, women should choose one size below standard women’s sizing WG14 $35



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Scan here to shop our mobile website. MEN’S SIZING CHART

















































14-14.5 15-15.5

16-16.5 17-17.5 18-18.5


















Bell Arc Earrings YBE21BR H 1.5" $19 $9

Bell Arc Earrings YBE21GY H 1.5" $19 $9

Spiral Fan Earrings YBE44GR H 2" $19 $9

Spiral Fan Earrings YBE44YW H 2" $19 $9

Spiral Fan Earrings YBE44RD H 2" $19 $9

Imprima Earrings YBE35OR H 1.1" $29 $14

Mantle Earrings YBE12 H 1" $29 $14

Paisley Earrings YTE27BL H 1.75" $19 $9

Paisley Earrings YTE27TQ H 1.75" $19 $9

Paisley Earrings YTE27RD H 1.75" $19 $9

Seedfall Silver Earring FJ120SL03 H 0.8" $29 $14

Trellis Red Royal Earring YBE84 H 1.25" $29 $14

Quad Drop Earrings YBE07TQ H 1" $29 $14

Tempest Earrings QJ138BZ01 H 1.5" $19 $9

Slingshot Earrings QJ199BZ01 H 1.5" $19 $9

Cresting Waves Earrings TJ571BZ3 H 1" $19 $9

Superior Tao Earrings YBE67 H 1" $19 $9

Golden Hamsa Earrings YBE78 H 1" $29 $14

Weave Shield Earrings YBE79 H1" $19 $9

High Note Earrings TJ577BZ3 H 1.25" $19

Upriver Earrings Festival Earrings YJ624HS2 H 1.25" $29 $14 QJ721PP01 H 1.6" $19 $9

Hanging Lantern Earrings YTE32TQ H 1" $39 $19

Hanging Lantern Earrings YTE32RD H 1" $39 $19

Hanging Lantern Earrings YTE32BL H 1" $39 $19




Piccolo Earrings QJ132BZ01 H 1.75"

On-ramp Earrings YBE75 H 2"

Phoenix Earrings YBE62 H 1.5"


Milky Way Earrings YBE65 H 2"

Frozen Teardrop Earrings YBE73 H 1.5"

Wireloop Weave Earrings NJ814BZ H 1.5"

Bronze Radiant Earrings NJ812BZ H 2"

Crete Earrings YBE17 H 1.75"

Pallas Earrings YBE15 H 2.2"

Parabola Earrings YBE08TQ H 1.5"

Trapeze Turquoise Earrings YBE01TQ H 1.5"

Pico Earrings YBE82 H 1.75"

Turquoise Tangent Hoops YVE08TQ H 2.5"

Dreamcatcher Earrings YVE24 H 1.75"

Zodiac Snake Earrings YBE2006 H 1.25"

Zodiac ROOSTER Earrings YBE2010 H 1.25"

Zodiac TIGER Earrings YBE2003 H 1.25"

Zodiac MOUSE Earrings YBE2001 H 1.25"


$19 $9

$19 $9

$29 $14

$29 $14

$39 $19


$29 $14

$29 $14

$39 $19


$29 $14

$19 $9

$19 $9

$39 $19

$39 $19

$39 $19

$29 $14

$39 $19

$29 $14

$29 $14

$29 $14

$39 $19


Long Board Earrings YTE36LB H 2"

Ubon Earring YUE15PL H 1.75"

Ubon Earring YUE15BR H 1.75"

Tapestry Earrings YNE85WH H 3.5"

Tapestry Earrings YNE85TQ H 3.5"

Iris Wishbone Earring GJ691LP H 2"

Iris Wishbone Earring GJ691BK H 2"

Iris Wishbone Earring GJ691TE H 2"

Epicycle Hoops TJ573BZ6 H 2.5"

Dimple Disc Earrings YBE74 H 3"


Northwind Earrings YBE66 H 2"

Trellis Earrings YBE13 H 2" W



Bedashed Drops Earrings YNE07LP H 2.5"

Bedashed Drops Earrings YNE07PK H 2.5"

Carmine Throne Earrings YTE26 H 2"

Glade Earrings YBE18 H 2.2"

Soft Chandelier Earrings NJ202BR6 H 2.5"

$19 $9

$39 $19

$39 $19

$29 $14

$39 $19

$39 $19

$39 $19

$29 $14

$39 $19

$39 $19

$39 $19

$39 $19

$39 $19

$19 $9

$39 $19

$39 $19


$39 $19

$19 $9

$39 $19

$19 $9



Color Drop Earrings YTE20RD H 0.75" $29 $14

Color Drop Earrings YTE20TQ H 0.75" $29 $14


Om Circle Earrings YTE16 H 1" $39 $19

Om Circle Earrings YTE16RD H 1" $39 $19

Wua Lai Earrings WJ301TQ H 0.8" $39 $19

Cardinal Earrings YNE82 H 1.5" $39 $19

Tortuga Earrings YVE18RD H 0.8" $39 $19

Bombay Stone Earrings YNE67OR H 0.75" $29 $14

Tortuga Earrings YVE18 H 0.8" $39 $19

Antoine Earrings PJ390 H 1.25" $39 $19


BOTH SIDES STUDS YDE28 H 0.8" $39 $19

ROUGE DISH STUDS YSE967 H 0.5" $39 $19

Bombay Stone Earrings YNE67WT H 0.75" $29 $14

Vapors Earrings YSE48 H 0.9" $39 $19

Transit Earrings YSE588 H 1.2" $39 $19

Gordian Loops Earrings YSE47 H 0.75" $39 $19

Prosperity Earrings WJ316 H 0.6" $29 $14

Weavehint Earrings YJ899 H 0.75" $29 $14

Swallow Studs YDE39 H 0.6" $29 $14

Dolphin Earrings WJ04SI01 H 0.5" $39 $19

Camel Earrings WJ311S01 H 0.5" $39 $19

Tortoise Team YJ623SS2 H 0.8" $39 $19

Om Studs YSE531 H 0.5" $39 $19





Halo Studs YSE313 H 0.4"

Tangle Studs YSE381 H 0.4"

Wafer Studs YSE966 H 0.5"

Fox Studs YSE224 H 0.5"


Cosmic Studs YSE521 H 0.6"

$39 $19

Star Gooseberry Close-hoop Earring HS624 H 0.1" $29 $14

Tiny Bloom Earrings HS203 H 0.25"

Dragon Fly Earrings WJ314S01 H 0.5"

Star Gooseberry Sway Earrings HS629 H 0.3"

Broadcast Earrings WJ315S01 H 0.4"

Lotus Disc Earrings WJ02SI01 H 0.4"

Ladybug Earrings WJ01SI01 H 0.4"

Sprout Earring YSE941 H 1"

One Symbol Studs YSE222RD H 0.3"

Blue Paua Shell Studs TJ150BP1 H 0.3"

Water Drops HTE979S1 H 0.5"

Beveled Blue Earrings HTE786S1 H 0.5"

Color Wheel Earrings YTE33 H 0.6"

$44 $22

$39 $19

$39 $19

$25 $12

$29 $14

$19 $9

$29 $14

$29 $14

$29 $14

$29 $14

$39 $19

$29 $14

$39 $19

$29 $14

$29 $14 800.641.0137

$19 $9

$29 $14

$19 $9



Stone Lantern Earrings YNE68TQ H 0.75"


Hera Drop Earrings YNE58BL H 1.5"

Lara Earrings YTE92 H 1.25"

Saracen Earrings NJ601TQ H 2"

Stone Tangent Earrings YNE39BL H 1.5"

Combination Earrings YBE60TQ H 1.25"

Combination Earrings YBE60RD H 1.25"

Nested Buds Earrings YSE67 H 1"

Braided Earrings YKE25 H 1.2"

Delta Earrings YSE152 H 2.5"

Delta Cross Earrings YSE132 H 1.75"

STAIR STUDS yse142 H1.5"

Ice Petal Earrings HS011TS01 H 1"

Lattice Earrings YSE366 H 1"

Deco Waterfall Earrings QJ118SI01 H 1.5"

Ascending Pendula TJ151BP5 H 1.5"

Matte Disc Earrings HTE549S01 H 1.5"

Nautilus Spiral Earrings TJ430NS3 H1.25"

Silver Fossil Shells HTE793S3 H 1.5"

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24


$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24


$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$59 $29

$49 $24

$49 $24

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29


Love Birds Studs YSE25 H 0.5"

Moomoo Studs YDE20 H 0.5"


Silver Ripple Earrings ZJ629SL03 H 0.75"


Bearings Studs YSE116 H 0.5"

Papyrus Stud YSE621 H 0.6"

Jetty Stud YSE931 H 0.6"



Snail Race Earrings YSE271 H 0.5"

Ball Simple Earrings SJ201SL01 H 0.6"

Cherry Drop Earrings YSE68 H 1.25"

Sterling Zodiac Earrings (tiger) YSE74TG H 0.75"

Spiral Clef Earrings YSE69 H 1.25"


Blue And White Salvage Earrings LJ980 H 0.75"

Zen Circle Earrings YWE11 H 0.5"

Indigo Drops Earrings YEE99ID H 0.8"

Nest Egg Earrings GJ651TQ H 1"

$44 $22

$49 $24

$59 $29

$49 $24

$45 $22

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$59 $29


$45 $22

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24



Velocity Cat Earrings YSE315 H 1.5"

Vintage Triangle Earrings YSE113 H 1.4"

Nova Dream Catcher Earrings YHE29 H 1.25"

Dove Hoop Earrings NJ520SI H1.25"

Marley Earrings NJ525SI H 1.25"

Leaf Hoop Earrings YSE58 H 1.5"

Torus Earrings YSE17 H 1.5"

Pirouette Earrings YSE62 H 1.5"

Cocoon Earrings YSE41 H 2"

Rubric Earrings YSE791 H 1.75"

Sonic Earrings YSE64 H 1.5"

Weave Drop Earrings YJ611SL03 H 1"

Mirrored Spiral Chrysalis TJ681S3 H 1.25"

Draped Bow Earrings HTE527S01 H 1.25"

Arc Cascade Earrings YSE66 H 1.25"

Luna Earrings YSE109 H 1.75"

Stone Leaf Earrings YVE41TQ H 1.6"

Stone Leaf Earrings YVE41BL H 1.6

Diadora Earrings YNE49 H 1.5"

Bass Clef Earrings HTE525S01 H 1.25"

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29


$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29


$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29


Brolly Earrings YSE20PK H 1"

Viva Earrings YNE71AQ H 1"

Viva Earrings YNE71GR H 1"

Viva Earrings YNE71BK H 1"


Beau Soleil YJ622SS3 H 1"

Off The HookEarrings YKE444 H 1"


Open Fold Earrings YSE42 H 1"

Mondrian Dangles YSE34SI H 1.1"

Circlet Hook Earrings YSE321 H 1.75"

Blithe Spirit Earrings YSE39 H 2"

Bough Earrings YSE50 H 2"

Petal Flourish Earrings YSE54 H 1.75"

Grape Vine Earrings NJ515SI H 1.1"

Lotus bulb earrings WJ301TQ03 H 0.8"

Honeybee Earrings YTE38 H 1"

Asteroidea Earrings YJ626HS3 H 1"

Nova Synapse Earrings YHE12 H 1"

Nova Triplet Earrings YHE16 H 1.5"

$59 $29

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$59 $29

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$59 $29

$55 $27

$49 $24

$49 $24

$49 $24

$59 $29

$59 $29

$49 $24

$49 $24


$49 $24

$59 $29

$49 $24




Sunfish Studs YDE19 H 0.6" $59 $29

Osprey Earrings YSE104 H 0.7" $59 $29

Treasure Cave Studs YSE203 H 0.75" $79 $39

Hummingbird Studs YSE103 H 0.75" $59 $29

Meditation Pond Earrings YHE28 H 0.6" $59 $29

Bubble Fish Earrings YDE44 H 0.75" $69 $34

Butterfly Pearl Earrings YRE18 H 0.75" $69 $34

Ocean Sky Earrings YSE312 H 1" $79 $39

Folding Fan Earring HS004TS01 H 0.6" $69 $34

Beacon Earrings YSE31 H 1" $59 $29

SUNFLOWER WORLDS HTE323S2 H 0.8" $59 $29

Bohemia Earrings YSE384 H 0.9" $59 $29

Hermitage Earrings YNE80VT H 0.6" $59 $29

Paw Print Earrings YNE32 H 0.75" $59 $29

Circle Stack Earrings YSE108 H 0.75" $79 $39

Star Dome Earrings YJ627HS2 H 0.8" $69 $34



Bacharach Earrings HS021 H 1.5" $79 $39

Sound Wave Earrings YSE28 H 1.5" $79 $39

Gondola Leaf Earrings NJ530SI H 1.5" $79 $39

Spring Bloom Earrings HTE513S01 H 1.3" $89 $44

Dj Earrings YSR78 H 1.25" $79 $39

Buckler Earrings YKE52 H 2" $79 $39

Aztec Earrings YKE53 H 1.5" $79 $39

Radia Earrings YKE32 H 1.5" $79 $39

Winter Pane Earrings QJ137SI01 H 1" $79 $39

Dimpled Bell Earrings YSE91 H 1.4" $79 $39

Occluded Spiral Earrings YJ302S01 H 1.5" $79 $39

Pearl Vine Earrings YSE105 H 1.5" $79 $39

Frieze Earrings YSE372 H 1.25" $89 $44

Fuchsia Earrings YSE612 H 1.5" $79 $39

Lily Hoops YDE22 H 1.4" $89 $44

Thousand Petals Studs YDE35 H 1.5" $79 $39




Neo Earrings YNE23 H 2"

Logos Earrings YNE24 H 2"

Nova Veil Earrings YHE15 H 2.25"

HoneydewEarrings YDE48 H 3"

Balance Earrings YNE76 H 3"

Breeze Earrings YSE851 H 1.75"

Aerial Stud Earrings YSE107 H 2"

Disc Drop Earrings YSE265 H 2"

Dark Strand Earrings YSE268 H 2"

ScytheEarrings YDE65 H 3"

Tympana Earrings YSE841 H 1.75"

Coronet Solitaire Earrings YRE34 H 2"

Hammered Furl Earrings YKE45 H 2.1"

Skinny Fish Earrings YSE161 H 2.5"

Elephant Trunk Earrings YKE38 H 2.75"

Ocean Moon Earrings YSE38 H 1.75"

Bloom Press Earrings TSE82SI H 1.8"

Pemberley Earrings YSE18 H 2"

Infinity Cone Earring HTS045 H 2.3"

Palm Circle Earrings YSE15 H 2.5"

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34


$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34 800.641.0137

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34

$69 $34


Diamond Doors Earrings YSE73 H 1.75"

Drop Coil Earrings YSE08 H 1.75"

Forged Rings Earrings YSE76 H 2"

Caged Universe Earrings QJ112SI01 H 2"

Nova Twist Earrings YHE14 H 2.5"

Akimbo Earrings YSE82 H 2.25"


Bandeau Earrings YSE434 H 3"


Shooting Star Earrings YDE47 H 3"

Blossom Triad Dangle Earrings YSE45 H 2"

Welcome Flower Earrings YKE31 H 2"

Tahiti Earrings YRE62 H 2"

Bali Hai Earring YSE981 H 2"

Hidden Pearl Petals WJ909 H 2.5"

Naraf Earrings YBE43 H 2"

Astral Hoops YBE97TQ H 2"

Juke Stone Earring YNE75AM H 2"

Turquoise Pendulum Earrings YVE52 H 2"

Crystalline Drop Studs YNE241 H 2.5"

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$55 $27

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$39 $19

$49 $24

$59 $29

$49 $24

$59 $29

$59 $29

$49 $24

$59 $29 800.641.0137

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29

$59 $29




Pearl Gala Earrings YNE38BL H1.5" $69 $34

Dew Stones Earrings YTE34 H 1" $69 $34

Pearl Gala Earrings YNE38GR H1.5" $69 $34

Stone Spoke Earrings YNE441 H 1.5" $55 $27

Pebble Path Earrings YSE266 H 1.25" $69 $34

Starry Dynamo Earrings YSE61 H 1.5" $69 $34

giverny Earrings YSE411 H 0.7" $64 $32

Draped Crescent Earrings HTE410HS4 H 1.5" $69 $34

Euclid Earrings NJ402OV3 H 1" $69 $34

Euclid Earrings NJ402SQ3 H 1.25" $69 $34

Euclid Earrings NJ402TR3 H 1.25" $69 $34

Vortex Koi Earrings YKE34 H 1.25" $69 $34

Traffic Earrings YSE44 H 1.25" $69 $34

Ropework Earrings YDE11 H 1.25" $69 $34

Gooseberry Pendula Earrings HS023TS1 H1.5" $69 $34

Dove Lamplight Earrings YSE102 H 1.5" $69 $34



Golden Loops Earrings YSE208 H 1.5" $89 $44

Penta Trio Earrings YSE92 H 1.6" $69 $34

Gondola Studs YNE231 H 3.5" $89 $44

Mandarin Stone Earrings YSE206 H 2.4" $89 $44

Black Ristra Earrings YDE13 H 2.25" $79 $39


Pylon Earrings YSE191 H 2.25" $79 $39

Tectonic Earrings YSE111 H 2" $89 $44

Sunflower Frame Earrings YSE261 H 1" $75 $37

Spirit Wheel Earrings YSEQ01 H 2.2" $85 $42

Dali Earrings NJ580SI H 2.5" $79 $39

Futura Earrings YSE259 H 2" $89 $44

Fan Angle Earrings YSE32 H 1.75" $79 $39

Checker Oval Earrings HTE512S01 H 2" $79 $39

Krakatoa Earrings HTE514S01 H 1" $79 $39

Wavelength Hoop Earrings YSE87SI H 2.7" $89 $44




Drawing Room Earrings YNE43 H 1" $95 $49 High Line Stud Earrings YDE27 H 1.8" $119 $59

Motif Earrings YKE19 H 1.25" $115 $57 46

Deep Sea Earrings YNE86 H 0.75" $99 $49 Link Studs YDE25 H 2"

$95 $47

Closed Fern Earrings HTE516S01 H 1.4" $119 $59


Slipper Stone Earrings YSE601 H 1.75" $95 $47 Lost City Hoops YSE23 H 2" $95 $47

Cirque De La Lune Earrings HTE519S01 H 1.9" $129 $64

Sweet Spot Earrings YDE60 H 2" $115 $57 Cursive Earrings YSE263 H 2.5"

$99 $49

Engraved Eclipse Earrings HTE517S01 H 2.3" $129 $64

HALF PRICE SALE Palan Earrings YNE291 H 0.7"

$95 $47

Sunray Earrings YRE21WH H 0.6" $99 $49

Featherstone Earrings YNE121 H 1"

$135 $67

WINTER GARDEN EARRINGS YNE553 H 0.8" $99 $49 Splay Earrings YDE10 H 1.25" $159 $79

Flourish Earrings YSE275 H 1.5" $99 $49 Avalon Earrings YNE18 H 0.75" $99 $49

Nexus Earrings YSE270 H 0.75" $99 $49 Mahal Earrings YNE311 H 1"

$125 $62

Zero Gravity Earrings QJ123SI01 H 1.1" $99 $49 Blue Moon Earrings YNE19 H 1" $99 $49


Cloud Lantern Earrings YNE12 H 1" $129 $64




"Nova Orbits Earrings YHE13 H 2" $69 $34

Sago Frond Earrings YSE94 H 1.5" $69 $34

Triple Blossom Earrings QJ136SI01 H 0.5" $69 $34

Pixie Wings Earring CJ621 H 1" $69 $34

Aztec Sun Earrings YKE29 H 1" $69 $34

Staircase Earrings YSE90 H 2" $79 $39

Laced Teardrop Earrings QJ135S H 1" $79 $39

Drop Tilt Earrings YSE99 H 1" $69 $34

Butterfly Moon Earrings YSE141 H 1.1" $79 $39

Two-tone Teardrop Earring YSE51 H 2" $69 $34

Crab Earrings YSE273 H 1.5" $49 $24

Fishbone Earrings YSE274 H 1." $59 $29

Black Dove Earrings YSE112 H 2" $69 $34

In Bloom Earrings YSE40 H 1.5" $79 $39

Ticker Tape Parade Earrings QJ116SI01 H 2.5" $69 $34

Lotus Throne Earrings YTE24 H 1.1" $19 $9



Spice Island Earrings YRE20PK H 1" $149 $74

Fountain Earrings YDE70 H 1.8" $155 $77 Green Dream Earrings YNE87 H 1" $235 $117 Ellipse Earrings YDE76GR H 3" $125 $62 Overflow Earrings YSE751 H 3.2" $145 $72

Quarter Moon Earrings HTE930S4 H 2" $149 $74 Grotto Earrings YNE70 H 1.5" $165 $82

Skyward Earrings YNE77 H 1.7" $195 $97




Ox Bow Pendant TB445SI H 1" $39 $19

Yin Yang Pendant TB530BK H 1.1" $29 $14

Buddha Eye Pendant TB540SI H 1.1" $39 $19

Om Filigree Pendant TB440 H 2.75" $49 $24

Codah Pendant YBP11 H 1.25" $49 $24

Silver Ganesh Pendant YSP21 H 1.25" $49 $24

Silver Sukhotai Buddha Pendant YSP22 H 1.1"

Silver Om Pendant YSP23 H 1" $39 $19

Rupa Pendant YSP31 H 1" $59 $29

Chamber Pendant YSP33 H 1.5" $59 $29

Duality Pendant YSP42 H 0.6" $29 $14

Pearl Raintree Pendant YRP11 H 0.75" $34 $17

Sterling Ideogram Pendants (fortune) YSP74F H 0.75" $29 $14

Dorje Pendant YTP12 H 1.75" $19 $9

Tibet Cylinder Pendant YTP14 H 1.75" $39 $19

Erisa Pendant YVP13 H 0.75" $69 $34

Sacred Flower Pendant YTP33 H 1.75" $29 $14

Stone Flower Pendant YTP35 H 1.6" $39 $19

Corona Pendant YVP15 H 0.75" $75 $37

Clementine Pendant YNP16 H 0.8" $145 $72


$49 $24




Sentinel Pendant YNP38 H 1" $85 $42

Giraffe Pendant YSP93 H 0.9" $49 $24

Juno Pendant YNP43 H 1" $69 $34

Smug Cat Pendant YSP92 H 0.9" $49 $24

Sterling Ocean Pendant TJ220SV5 H 2" $79 $39

Nautilus Spiral Pendant TJ430NS5 H 1.5" $49 $24

Nova Vortex Pendant YHP10 H 1.2" $49 $24

Nova Elephant Pendant YHP21 H 0.5" $39 $19

Paua Shell Pendant TJP440PS3 H 1.1"

Nova Sea Turtle Pendant YHP22 H 1" $29 $14

Nova Dolphin Pendant YHP23 H 1" $29 $14

Nova Snail Pendant YHP24 H 0.75" $29 $14

Nova Meditation Pendant YHP40 H 0.9" $39 $19

Silver Epicycle Pendant YKP61SI H 2" $59 $29

Tree Pendant YSP48 H 0.75" $39 $19

Full Moon Pendant YRP13 H 0.7" $125 $62

Sunray Pendant YRP19WH H 0.75" $99 $49

Tahiti Pendant YRP62 H 2" $49 $24

Scroll Pendant YKP18 H 0.8" $69 $34

$225 $112


$39 $19



Cowl Ring YSR50 Size 6-8 $19 $9

Folio Ring YSR49 Size 6-8 $19 $9

Silver Saddle Ring YSR51 Size 6-8 $19 $9

Contact Ring YDR11 Adjust $29 $14

Nova Balance Ring YHR21 Adjust $29 $14

Pearl Bud Ring YRR23 Size6-8 $29 $14

Leaf Charm Ring YSR26 Adjust $39 $19

Mingle Ring YSR14 Size 6-9 $39 $19

Score Ring YKR43 Size 6-8 $39 $19

Sonic Ring YSR48 Size 7-9 $39 $19

Telegraph Ring YKR27 Size 6-8 $39 $19

Nova Turtle Ring YHR22 Adjust $39 $19

PAPYRUS RING YSR12 Size 7-9 $65 $32

Triangle Stamp Ring Petra Ring TB112WM Adjust $39 $19 YSR27 Size 7,7.5,8 $39 $19

Pearl Stack Rings YRR22 Adjust $49 $24

Mist Ring YSR15 Size 6-8 $49 $24

Wisdom Eye Ring YKR41 Size 6-8 $49 $24

Sterling Whirl Ring YSR426 Size 6-8 $49 $24

Diamond Web Ring YKR40 Size6-8 $49 $24

Vine Wrap Ring YSR42 Size 6-9 $49 $24

INTERLOCK Ring YKR46 Size6-9 $39 $19

Oval Wrap Ring YKR18 Adjust $49 $24

Janus Ring YSR52Ss Size 6-9 $49

Janus Ring Vermeil Matte YSR52VS Size 6-9 $49 $24




Plume Ring YKR12 Adjust $49 $24

Janus Ring (L) YSR52Sl Size 6-9 $59 $29

Janus Ring Vermeil Matte (L) YSR52VL Size 6-9 $59 $29

Forged Silver Ring YKR23 Size 6-8 $59 $29

Dunes Ring YSR45 Size7-9 $59 $29

Sterling Sea Turtles YHR11AB Size 6-8 $59 $29

Sterling Sea Turtles YHR11MP Size 6-8 $59 $29

Naga Ring YKR29 Adjust $59 $29

Scroll Ring YKR44 Size 6-8 $59 $29

Scroll Web Ring YDR13 Size 6-8 $59 $29

PARTITION BRAND YSR30 Adjust $45 $22

ATHENA Ring YNR21 Size 6-9 $59 $29

Crevasse Ring YSR32 Adjust $75 $37

Inca Stamp Ring YKR26 Size7-9 $75 $37

Mahout Ring YKR241 Adjust $75 $37

Dynamo Ring YSR63 Adjust $79 $39

Open Leaf Ring YSR33 Adjust $79 $39

Codex Ring YKR42 Size 6-9 $89 $44

Carbonized Ring YSR29 Size 7-9 $89 $44

Flourish Ring YSR274 Size 6-8 $89 $44

PALM TWIST RING YKR99 Adjust $89 $44



Equus Ring YSR65 Size 6-9 $99 $49

Giverny Ring YSR24 Size 7-9 $99 $49





Deca Necklace YUN18BK $59 $29

Galaxy Collar YUN31 $69 $34

Kabu Collar YVN97TQ $59 $29

Glass Lozenge Necklace YUN01GLN $39 $19

Gem Grapevine Necklace YUN12RD $39 $19

Bell Arc Necklace YBN21GY $49 $24

Fall Vine Necklace YBN71BK $49 $24

Fall Vine Necklace YBN71BR $49 $24

Moonset Necklace YHN11WH $49 $24

Moonset Necklace YHN11GY $49 $24

Glittering Pendant NJ991TQ45 $69 $34

Siesta Necklace GJ532RQ $39 $19

Payap Necklace YBN03GY $49 $24

Payap Necklace YBN03OR $49 $24

Payap Necklace YBN03BL $49 $24

Centaur Collar YBN14 $49 $24



Radiant Rounds Necklace YUN17GR $69 $34

Radiant Rounds Necklace YUN17PL $69 $34

Bronze Ebony Wedge Necklace NJ820BZ $69 $34

Coiled Coronet YBN03BTQ $49 $24

Ubon Necklace YUN15BR $69 $34

Ubon Necklace YUN15GR $69 $34

Ubon Necklace YUN15PL $69 $34

Razade Crescent YBN12 $69 $34

Rustica Necklace YQN22 $59 $29

Angkor Raja Necklace QJ223SI02 $89 $44

Festival Necklace YNN53 $59 $29

Boxcar Necklace YNN54TQ $79 $39

Stone Row Necklace YTN22BL $49 $24

Stone Row Necklace YTN22GR $49 $24

Livia Necklace YBN34 $69 $34

Kaduna Necklace YNN01ID $89 $44




Bounty Bracelet CJ505BR $49 $24

Plate Trail Wrist Wrap GJ503M $49 $24

Blue Sky Wrist Wrap TQ530T $99 $49

Outback Wristwrap YBT21BK $39 $19

Outback Wristwrap YBT21GY $39 $19

Snow Wrap YBB34 $89 $44

Lampang Wrist Wrap YUB14PT $59 $29

Lampang Wrist Wrap YUB14vT $59 $29

Festival Wrist Wrap YUB63 $59 $29

Bead Brook Bracelet YUB13PL $29 $14

Stone Vineyard Bracelet YNB57MC $29 $14

Stone Vineyard Bracelet YNB57tq $29 $14

Stone Vineyard Bracelet YNB57vt $29 $14

Notre Bangle YBE34 $49 $24

Abundance Bracelet YBB74BR $39 $19

Abundance Bracelet YBB74nv $39 $19

Abundance Bracelet YBB74rd $39 $19

Simplicity Stone Bracelet YBB74GWH $29 $14

Fall Vine Bracelet YBB71BR $39 $19

Fall Vine Bracelet YBB71Bk $39 $19




Tuscan Bracelet YSB31TQ $149 $74

Tuscan Bracelet YSB31PK $149 $74

Lhasa Bracelets YTB11C $99 $49

Peace Gauntlet YBB31SI $59 $29

Ville Bracelet YNB42TQ $79 $39

Ingot Bracelet YBB32 $39 $19

Gem Grapevine Bracelet YUB12RD $29 $14

Gem Grapevine Bracelet YUB12WH $29 $14

Peace Gauntlet YBB31BZ $59 $29

Stone Radiance Bracelet YNB56 $69 $34

Roly Bracelet YNB40RD $49 $24

Bell Arc Bracelet YBB21GY $39 $19

Double Bell Bracelet TJ852BZ7 $39 $19

Bronze Twisted Spiral Bracelet TJ951BZ18 $39 $19

Infinity Cuff TJ575BZ3 $39 $19

Celestial Bronze Bracelet TJ291BZ18 $39 $19

Glittering Bracelet NJ203TQ20 $49 $24

Rockfall Bracelet NJ208TQ20 $39 $19

Celestial Turquoise Bracelet YVB09TQ $49 $24

Spiral Festival Bangle YVB33 $49 $24




Lanna Strap Bracelet CJ101VI19 $49 $24

The Master Cuff CJ201BZ08 $49 $24

The Master Cuff CJ201TQ08 $49 $24

Single Stamped Leather Band CJ301BR03 $17 $8

Stitched Leather Bangle CJ302BR03 $19 $9

Double Stamped Leather Band CJ303BR03

Stitched Leather Cuff CJ502BR $39 $19

Button Braid Bracelets QJ219TN03 $9 $4

Crossed Leather TL202BR08 $39 $19

Vintage Bangles HJ960 $24 $12

Istanbul Cuff NJ621BL $19 $9

Istanbul Cuff NJ622br $19 $9

Barred Bracelet YFB20BK $29 $14

Barred Bracelet YFB20BR $29 $14

Leather Loop Bracelet YFB21BR $39 $19

Glass Lozenge Bracelet YUB01GLB $19 $9

Mini-mala Bracelets YWB21BK $19 $9

Mini-mala Bracelets YWB21Br $19 $9

Mini-mala Bracelets YWB21mx $19 $9

Ceylon Bangle OL102BG $39 $19

$19 $9




Silversilk Bangles YUB31GR $29 $14

Silversilk Bangles YUB31cr $29 $14

Silversilk Bangles YUB31bk $29 $14

Flair Cord Wrap YYB21BG $79 $39

Flair Cord Wrap YYB21Bk $79 $39

Shan Bracelets CJ401BG03 $39 $19

Shan Bracelets CJ401BR03 $39 $19

Stone Trail Bangles YNB36BK $49 $24

Stone Trail Bangles YNB36gr $49 $24

Stone Trail Bangles YNB36pK $49 $24

ANGKOR RAJA Bracelet QJ224SI22 $79 $39

Gleaming Leather Bracelet TJ630SV18 $59 $29

Cascading Silver Thread Bracelet SJ514SL08 $189 $94

Hyacinth Weave Cuff HTB21S15 $149 $74

Summer Sun Bracelet QJ225PK03 $99 $49

Sterling Silver Nova Cuff TJ803S1 $99 $49

Contact Bracelet YDB11 $49 $24

Weave Cuff YJ636SL05 $199 $99

Emanate Bracelet YKB12 $79 $39





CLOUD TANK TOP Hand-woven cotton. Casual ruffled texture highlighted with gathered cotton rosettes. Available in S, M, L or XL Choose from White and Blue WP31 $59 now $29

BUND PONCHO Scoop neckline and classic diamond poncho cut with fringed hem. Geisha in garden repose on comfortable rayon/spandex Choose from Lavender or White Available in Standard and Large WS31 $59 now $29

SEVEN STEP SMOCK 100% cotton is colored using a seven process sequence of batik and shibori with natural dyes. The loose flowing fit easily accommodates a belt to present a fitted profile. Available in Blue or Brown, pattern will vary sklightly. Standard or Tall Size NC310 $119 now $59

ASHA PONCHO Scoop neckline and classic diamond poncho cut with fringed hem. Choose from Navy/Salmon, Burgundy/Red, and Grey/Pink Available in Standard and Large WS40 $59 now $29

ELEPHANT KURTA Classic kurta cut blouse with button front, mandarin collar, and elephant print bodice. Choose from Black or Burgundy Available in S,M,L, and XL WC20 $129 now $64

TRIBAL HAREM PANTS Classic harem pants. 100% rayon loose comfort with elastic cuff. Choose from Black Zebra and Geo Black patterns Available in Standard or Large sizes. WB31 $49 now $24

TRIBAL PATTERN PANTS 100% cotton with attractive prints on black backgrounds. Relaxed fit, side pockets, the tension of the elastic waist can be fixed with attached front ties. Available in Standard, Large, and XL WB21 $69 now $34

NAGA PANTS Palazzo pants made from a cotton based rayon blend with curved hems. The Naga Tribe woven textile reaches around to an elasticized back for stretch-to-fit comfort. Standard or Large Available in Aqua, Black or Burgundy

FEATHER PRINT PALAZZO Highly detailed Palazzo Pants styled with feather print and grey inlay. Looseflowing cotton rayon fabric. Flares from the waist and drapes elegantly. Available in Grey, Black or Violet. Standard or Large FC106 $79 now $39

FEATHER PRINT JOANNA PANTS Palazzo Pants styled from loose, flowing cotton rayon fabric. Feather print detailing, with elastic back for extra comfort. Choose from in Green, Burgundy or Violet. Choose Standard or Large FC105 $79 now $39



$59 now $29


Purple Geisha Maxi Dress 100% Tie dye rayon Slightly flared sleeves instead of the elastic cuffs on facing page Color as shown only Available in S, M, L, and XL WA23 $99 now $49

BATIK TUNIC BLOUSE This lightweight cotton blouse has vertically stitched pintucks. The slightly raised collar, cap sleeves, side slits and cross chest lapel compliment the handmade batik flower design. Choose from Copper and Blue Bamboo Available in S, M, L or XL LC61 $89 now $44

CARMEN Dress Elastic off the shoulder neckline. Sleeveless bodice layer with overlapping elbow-length ruffle. Cotton-based rayon with two-tone print. Choose from Black / Cream, Navy/ Salmon, or Taupe/Wine Available in S, M, L, and XL WA43 $89 now $44

SAMBA DRESS 100% cotton dress features a layered design and crinkled, vertically quilted texture. The double layer on top descends to a diagonal hem echoed in lower part of the dress. Available in Standard or Large Choose from Burgundy, Green or Black ND101 $129 now $64

GARDEN PARTY WRAPOVER Cool 100% cotton loose weave dress, cap sleeve wrap with attached fold across wrap tie. Choose Violet or Taupe Available in S, M, L or XL ND109 $79 now $39

CHARLESTON DRESS 100% soft rayon Color as shown only Available in S, M, L, and XL WA19 $69 now $34

DHENG BLOUSE 100% cotton with classic border print and subtle light watermark pattern. V-neck with mandarin collar and stitched belt holes with belt included. Choose from Red/Black and Black/White Free size fits up to size 16. WC62 $99 now $49

EMMA BLOUSE Serene simplicity in 100% linen with a hand-stitched pattern on the bodice. Elbow-length sleeves and circle collar. Choose Blue or Lavender Available in Standard, Large, and XL WC46 $99 now $49

XYLOGRAPH BLOUSE 100% cotton with a batik design. Choose Blue Leaf or Pink Elephant Available in Standard or Large WC27 $49 now $24

CHARLOTTE HALTER Striated back cotton based rayon. Choose from Aqua, Burgundy or Grey Available in Standard (to waist) and Long (to hips is shown) WP24 $39 now $19




Dovetail Blouse Breezy-cut cotton in contrasting textured swatches of thatched, herringbone, and other interesting eaves. Generous roll collar and a righthand feature pocket. Free size fits up to size 12 Available in Cream only WC18 $69 now $34

Magma Blouse 100% woven looseweave cotton with circle ridged collar. Elastic hem, vertical seams and a nifty loop on the right breast to hold your eyeglasses. Choose Black, Burgundy, or Olive Free size fits up to size 18 WC25 $79 now $39

SEASIDE CROP TOP Seabirds circling the waves print on soft rayon/cotton with a wide scoop neckline. Mid-length sleeve. Choose from Black or White Available in S, M, L, and XL WM14 $39 now $19

Aventura Blouse Classic mudmee tiedye on supple rayon/spandex blend. Scoop neckline with roomy elbow-length sleeves. Choose from Black/Cream or Aqua/Violet Free size fits up to size 12 WC416 $59 now $29

Thatched Blouse Softly colored, free-flowing loose-weaved 100% cotton ¾ length pullover. Finished with a thoroughgoing handkerchief hem, a Vneck opening secured by a discrete coconut button, and draped short sleeves. Available in Green and Brown S,M,L,XL FC377GR $69 now $34

LORIEN HAREM PANTS Length 35” Inseam 25” Comfortable cotton/rayon blend with a nice bit of stretch. Snug on the lower leg, flared about the hips. Choose from Black, Grey or Green Free size fits up to size 14 NP827 $49 now $24

Crochet Glade Pants 100% cotton ripple-weave fabric with hand-knit pattern waist, drawstring, and ruffled hem. Choose from Red or Navy Blue Available in S, M, L, and XL WB17 $89 now $44

Liquorice Pants 100% heavy duty woven cotton for those cool autumn and winter nights. Elastic waist with multicolor dotted weave detail and handy outer pocket. Choose from Brown/Red, Blue/Earth orBlack/Orange Choose Standard or Large NP105 $79 now $39

Joanna Pants Cunningly shaped pants that fit between the legs and tie on the outside to form a double layer profile. The cotton rayon mix make this super comfortable. Choose Standard or Tall Available in Black, Burgundy, Teal, or Violet FC102 $49 now $24

shoreline JUMPsuit Breezy tie-dyed 100% cotton fun one-piece. Elasticoff-shoulder neckline and elastic midriff gather. One-ply bodice with opaque dual layers below the waist line. Color shown only. Choose S, M, L, or XL WL11 $119 now $59




Sunrise Ganesh Top 100% vintage look cotton top with printed Ganesh symbol and Buddhist script mantra. Choose from Aqua, Green, or Orange Available in Standard and Large NT119OR $69 now $34

Cyclone Blouse Tie-dye soft rayon with cape sleeves and adjustable front-tie drawstring cinching bodice. High-low hemline. Choose from Violet/White or Black/White Free Size WC51 $59 now $29

Staircase Sleeveless 100% fine-weave cotton sleeveless blouse drapes in oversized ruffle style. Choose from Grey, Black or Green Free Size fits up to size 14 NT121 $59 now $29

Magma Blouse Breezy soft rayon in two-tone tie-dye with scoop neck and elbow-length sleeves. Choose Sea or Lava. Available in S, M, L, and XL WC25 $79 now $39

Hacienda Skirt Breezy 100% cotton peasant skirt with multiple tiered floral patterns, tassel bellishments,coconut buttons and an elastic waist. Color as shown only Free size up to size 12 L 38� WD02PW $79 now $39

Design Dirndl Skirt 100% Cotton with graduated elasticized waist. Choose Ikat Black (on model), Bamboo or Green Flower Free size fits up to size 14. NN105 $59 now $29

Sonoma Skirt Flowing soft rayon tie dye skirt with gentle elastic waist. L 39� Free Size Violet WD11VT $69 now $34

Lotus Bloom Skirt 100% cotton with lotus blossom print. Lined interior with elastic waist with drawstring. Choose Wine or Black Available in Standardand Large WD16 $69 now $34


Bullseye Blouse Flowing supple rayon tie-dye with fring hem and long drape sleeves. Free Size WC26BL $79 now $39

Ultra Skirt 100% rayon knit with spectral violet tie-dye pattern. Stretch waist. Color shown only Available in Standard, Large, and XL WD14V $89 now $44



Eastern Serenity PO Box 6460 Santa Fe NM 87502-6460





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