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Your Dream Route 10 Plan Find your niche through new Polytechnic Course offerings in 2009 Out 18 Stepping How to ease the transition from Secondary to tertiary education Shoot: 20 Seniors For The Love of My School

Why they picked their current schools

Route Less Travelled 22 The Alternative educational routes for your career future and Tourism 24 Hospitality Two students from Shatec Institutes share their study experience Up For The Tourism Boom 26 Gearing Prepare for a career in the hospitality and tourism industry with MDIS

Private 28 Going Explore private educational options with Diploma and degree offerings from Kaplan

Art of Management 29 The Master the business aspects while you hone your creative skills with NAFA’s Arts Management programme

Grass is Greener On 30 The The Other Side?

How an overseas study or internship programme can take you places

Talk: Study Dreams 34 Street The schools at the top of their lists

Career Hard, Play Hard! 32 Work How you can work and travel and see the world, all at the same time

Talk: All I Wanna Be 78 Street Teens share their dream careers Boss! 80 Yes, Industry top dogs share career wits and interview tips Office 82 The The different interesting characters you might meet at the workplace

a Kick Out Of It! 88 Getting Professional kicker Abbas Farid talks about how his passion became a career

Cup 90 Tin Henry Epstein tees you off for a career in professional golf

Throttle 92 Full Local professional GP racer Hafiz Koh talks about the challenges in Motorsports


Story: Leona Lewis 48 Cover Diva Dreams

Career Lights, Camera Action!


94 Local TV producer-filmmaker-director Emida Natalaray shares her experience in the filmmaking industry

95 Local music and recording veteran Joe Ng tells all Music Man

96 Crescendo Thai musician ToR+ shares his unique experience as a professional pianist-musician

Famous! 97 UTT-erly MTV VJ Utt gives his take on how to become a successful Veejay

by An Angel 98 Touched Being a social worker can be rewarding

Sword of Honor

84 Army: Green Beret 85 SCDF: Backdraft 86 Everyday Is A Different Day Navy:

100 RSAF: Less Talk, More Hands-on Action Lifestyle Credits 52 Rolling Top movies Rock City! 56 Gaming Top video games to watch out for in 2009 Story 58 Toy It’s time to play

60 Gotcha! Photography tips and event highlights Freak! 62 Fitness Tips on how to work out right 64 Plaqued! Dental tips for a whiter and wider smile Beauty and Fashion

36 Strut that style with these shoes and slings Walk It, Wear It for all seasons

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Flair 66 Hair Four different looks to flaunt that crowning glory 72 Shine Tips to achieve greater skin and that natural shine Me Pretty! 74 Powder It's all "cake"

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b o j Being that new kid on the block is always a harrowing experience. Will my new workspace be the last room at the end of that damp, dark and musty corridor? How will my new colleagues be? Will I have to deal with that chain-smoking boss with his table-rattling, booming voice? Or that clique of gossip girls who will greet me with whispers and giggles amongst themselves whenever I passed them by? How about that never-ending monster pile of paperwork on that small table, or that annoying desktop with the habit of shutting itself off before I’ve managed to save my work? My first day as the new assistant editor in teens was to my relief and pleasant surprise, a much less hair-raising experience. There was none of that reader hate mail or death threat letter waiting for me at my desk. My chief editor was really sweet, and I’d have thought we would have lunched together every day if not for her hectic schedules. My designers had none of that arty, talk-to-the-hand attitude but instead, they were really helpful with filling me on “how it’s like around here”. The sales people did not carry knives behind their backs waiting to plunge one while my back was turned. Instead, their morning office chatter and banter lifted Monday morning spirits and their loud, genuine “good mornings” have always


brought more than a smile. Our IT manager was no elusive shadow and he seemed more like the friendly neighbourhood computer superhero ever ready to bust that niggling virus or perform his “retrieved-your-lost-document” magic trick. My station is a one-stop entertainment centre with the music CDs of your favourite stars, movies and drama DVDs, books, as well as the latest games for every console. I would be the subject of envy for many ladies too, with the latest colours for that popular nail polish, the latest clinicallyproven acne-busters fresh out of the labs or that coveted hair moisturiser that will promise the last of any bad hair days. However, there was also that inbox which was always filled with news of the latest famous celebrities in town for interviews, the pile of reader letters to be responded to, not to mention the office speculation going around about my sexual propensity. (I had to make an official announcement that those were really eyebags due to late nights and not mascara.) Apart from the usual digs about my awful ringtone or my whole personal wardrobe being black, “work” is far from being that four-letter nightmare. I look forward to every new working day, as there is nothing else as breathtaking in this world that beats the look of my favourite Japanese celebrity Ayumi Hamasaki poster staring right back at me as I take in the smells while sipping away on my favourite coffee takeaway to kick-start a brand new morning, and get on my way to the beginning of yet another countdown to the weekends.

Jack Ng, Assistant Editor

take a step closer to your dream career with these new polytechnic course offerings for 2009

Dream Route

Plan Your



education new @ NP

reach for the stars Diploma in

Child Psychology & Early Education (CPEE) Have you always wanted to help children with special needs or always yearned to pen books just for kids? Now you can answer and fulfil that true calling with CPEE – a course which will equip you with a firm foundation in developmental psychology and early education. You’ll be sent on internships with specialist centres such as KKH Child Development Unit, and upon graduation, you may enjoy entry into a customised degree programme, offered by Boston’s Wheelock College, right here on NP’s campus! Graduates can carve out a niche career as an early childhood educator with enhanced skills in early intervention or become a celebrated author of children’s literature.

Diploma in

Advertising & Public Relations (APR) Have you been always fascinated by the glam and glitter of the advertising world? Or imagined yourself playing spin doctor in the exciting world of public relations? Now you can have the best of both worlds at NP, with the first ever diploma of its kind launched in any poly. APR brings together the two fundamental marketing communications disciplines, and with this course, you’ll be well equipped in the practical aspects of brand management, creative conceptualisation, media planning, corporate relations and media relations. And through a unique agency-based learning model, NP will even hook you up with experts from leading advertising and PR agencies! Graduates can explore the mediarelated industries of advertising & promotions, brand management, marketing, marketing communications, media buying & planning, public relations and corporate communications.

Diploma in

Chinese Media & Communication (CMC) Realise your media dream with this oneof-its-kind diploma specially designed for students who wish to join the growing Chinese media industry. CMC provides a strong grounding in Chinese communication skills and media studies. Now you can lay the groundwork for your media career in writing for Chinese media, visual communication and radio production as well as sharpen your translation and interpretation skills! In your final year, you’ll go on a once-in-a-lifetime Overseas Immersion Programme at a Chinese media university! Graduates can join print, broadcast & online journalism, production, translation & interpretation, copywriting, advertising, public relations and marketing communications industries.


education new @ NP

Diploma in

Clean Energy Management (CEM) With global climate change and rising oil prices, there’s an integral need to find innovative methods of energy use and conservation – and you could be that professional to address these concerns! With a main focus on solar technology, this diploma offers hands-on and on-site training at NP’s new Solar Technology Centre as well as local and overseas internships with leading industry players. Change the world as an energy specialist or technologist in the clean energy sector or in the commercial and industrial sectors dealing with energy audit, management and conservation.

Diploma in

International Business (IBZ) Fancy living, working and learning a whole new interesting culture in an exciting, new foreign country for a whole six months? With NP’s new course in IBZ, you can expect an overseas stint every year! You’ll pick up a firm foundation in business, first-hand international experiences, a multi-lingual vocabulary and management skills for an international landscape. Most of all, you’ll emerge a go-getter with a global and entrepreneurial mindset – one who can function effectively in cross-cultural environments.Graduates will specialise in global entrepreneurship, business development, sales & marketing, human resource management, and the operations & logistics departments.


Diploma in

Optometry (OPT) With an aging population and the prevalence of rising myopia cases, the future looks bright for budding optometrists! With OPT, you’ll learn to perform eye diagnosis and recommend the necessary treatment through rigorous real-life practice-oriented training. In addition to unique modules such as Paediatric Vision and Low Vision, you’ll also pick up psychology so that you can better understand and communicate in your line of work. Graduates can expect to fill a specialised niche positions in optometry retail outlets, ophthalmological clinics and eye-care related companies or hospitals.

education new @ SP

find your future

Diploma in

Diploma in

You want to engineer your business success and demonstrate that surgical precision while displaying that impeccable business acumen. You want to be an engineer but you are also keen to learn how to close a business deal. Now you can, with the experts from SP’s engineering and business schools showing you how! In this diploma, you will learn engineering principles and business fundamentals simultaneously. Engineers can be businessmen too. After all, many of our government leaders come from an engineering background!

Now you can have your career cake and eat it! You want to feed your passion for nutrition, health and wellness. You want a good life for all the loved ones around you. With this diploma, you will be equipped with all the essentials for healthy living. SP will prepare you on handling issues that contribute to health and wellness by promoting and enhancing better quality lifestyle through sound nutrition, active physical, mental and social living to reduce disease risk. This dream course is but the icing, the ideal industries that you can explore for the future, now that’s really the cake.

Engineering with Business

Diploma in

Creative Writing for TV & New Media Have you always wanted to script a career in television or new media? Or always wanted to write stories that express to impress with your lyrical genius? This diploma will equip you with skills on how to write creatively for the exciting world of TV and new media. Imagine being the scriptwriter for the most talked about TV programmes or the celebrated editor of the most visited websites! Bet on SP to train you with the “write” stuff!

Nutrition, Health and Wellness


education new @ TP

TAke the next step

about it, then this is the course for you! Graduates can become a renewable energy technologist, energy auditor, electronics or electrical associate engineer or research associate.

Diploma in

Diploma in

Diploma in

The Aerospace industry is booming! Its continuing growth will create a strong demand for skilled avionics professionals for the next few decades. With the close proximity between the campus and Changi Airport and Seletar Aerospace Park, TP the first in Singapore to collaborate with world renowned Lufthansa Technical Training (LTT) to provide Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)-approved aerospace training! In this diploma, you will learn about aircraft electronics (avionics) systems, aircraft navigation and flight control systems, and join LTT’s practical and computer-based training. You will also be prepared for the 12 modules in the CAAS SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) examinations, thereby significantly shortening your path towards attaining a full AML. Upon completion of your LTT component, you will also be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Graduates can expect to become Aircraft maintenance engineers, Avionics System Specialists, Aircraft Electrical System Specialists, Avionics Design & Development Engineers and Avionics System Test Specialists.

Let your dream career take flight with this new diploma, where you will learn all about aircraft design, airframe structure, engine systems, and manufacturing of aircraft systems, and join LTT’s practical and computer-based training. You will also be prepared for the 12 modules in the CAAS SAR-66 Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) examinations, thereby significantly shortening your path towards attaining a full AML. Upon completion of your LTT component, you will also be certified by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Graduates from this diploma can aspire to become aircraft technicians, assistant engineers, engineering specialist, technical sales engineers in aerospace sectors such as Aerospace research and development.

Aerospace Electronics


Aerospace Engineering

Diploma in

Clean Energy How green are you? Are you concerned about global warming and the depletion of fossil fuels? If you think the pursuit of alternative clean and green energy sources has become extremely urgent and vital today and want to do something

Gerontological Management Studies

What do Madonna, Steve Jobs and Sim Wong Hoo have in common? They are trendsetters, innovators and leaders! As the population ages and people living longer, there will be a dramatic growth in the opportunities that cater to the silver industry. A new group of service providers with an in-depth understanding of this market will be needed to support the demands and aspirations of this increasingly significant sector of the population. Graduates can explore into jobs relating to sports and wellness, finance, travel and tourism, human resource

Follow your dreams

Diploma in

Pharmaceutical Science Get novel with new drugs with even more advanced technologies! Be that critical catalyst for the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. You can make that difference by mastering the knowledge and skills to design, analyse, manufacture and market new cancer therapies and infectious diseases. With pharmaceutical sales and marketing, regulatory as well as pharmacy practice industries expected to grow, this industry promises exponential potential for a bright future! Graduates can serve as pharmacy technicians, QA/QC analysts or process technologists in pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing industries. Become a research technologist who discovers and develops new drugs, or an executive for regulatory legislative departments or in the technical sales and marketing departments for pharmaceutical/health products.

Diploma in

Aeronautical and Aerospace Technology See your career take flight in the highflying, dynamic aerospace industry! With this new diploma, you will be given a firm foundation in engineering fundamentals, cutting-edge aeronautical design and research, as well as aerospace technology and processes. Together with opportunities for a fullysponsored overseas internship with leading aerospace companies in Europe, Singapore is aiming to become a regional aviation hub, and with large multinational aerospace companies setting up base here, the skies will be the limit!

Diploma in

Diploma in

Biologics and Process Technology

With Singapore’s vision to develop into a global aviation hub, the Singapore Aerospace industry has been growing strongly over the years and is set to grow even further. Nanyang Polytechnic’s Diploma in Aerospace Systems & Management will prepare graduates for exciting careers in Aerospace system development & integration, and Aviation support services & management. This course is designed to groom a new breed of aerospace professionals with highly valued expertise in aviation management and system development as well as maintenance of Aerospace Avionics systems.

The Diploma in Biologics & Process Technology is the first and only course in Singapore that combines Biological and Chemical Sciences with engineering concepts, with a strong focus on biopharmaceutical technologies. In this diploma, you will learn how to make highvalue medicinal drugs from living cells using the latest biotechnology methods. Biologics or biopharmaceuticals are medicinal products made from living cells like proteins and hormones, used to treat cancers, arthritis and other serious diseases. Across the world, there is a growing trend of pharmaceutical companies focusing on biologics to produce new medicines. Be a part of a leading technology that is fast shaping the future of the life sciences industry!

Aerospace Systems & Management


education new @ NYP

and training, marketing, programme management and business management. They can become wellness consultants, human resource and training executives, investment and financial planning officers or any other people-oriented positions that focus on providing products and services for the mature generation.

education new @ NYP

Diploma in

Fund Management and Administration With Singapore positioning itself to capture the growth of the funds market in Asia, with NYP’s Diploma in Fund Management

Diploma in

Chemical and Green Technology Keen to ride on the next wave of the upand-coming water technology and clean energy industries? Eager to make an effort to save and protect the environment? Then this diploma is for you! Developed to produce competent scientists and engineers to tackle the challenging issues brought on by our changing environment, this course taps on two engineering disciplines – Chemical Engineering and Environment Engineering. You will learn technologies like water treatment, waste management and clean energy sources – to create a better world. This course is packed with activities and projects offering technical expertise, environmental awareness and life skills training that puts you at the forefront in both the chemical and environmental industries.

Diploma in

Digital Visual Effects Do you have a knack for taking good photos? Are you interested in movie and games effects? With a strong demand for highly-skilled visual effects specialists in an industry with an increasing demand for more spectacular visual effects, now you can become that key player in the digital entertainment industry! Visual effects specialists are as much artists as they are technicians. Using sophisticated computer tools and cutting-edge techniques, they create computer-generated imagery so realistic that even when mixed with live action, no one can tell the difference. This course trains the next generation of visual effects specialists – professionals who have a good


balance of artistic sense, technical expertise and problem-solving skills. You will learn the fundamentals of art, basic visual design, computer-generated effects animation, and valuable programming and scripting techniques required to produce breathtaking digital effects for movies and video games

Diploma in

Financial Informatics This course offers you a well-balanced cross-disciplinary curriculum encompassing IT and financial services. It prepares you for employment opportunities in the vibrant and fast-growing banking and finance industry. Through handson projects and case studies, you will learn and understand how banks and financial institutions function, and how the innovative use of IT can be harnessed to create new services that enhance competitiveness in the finance sector. With over 600 local and multinational financial institutions based in Singapore, including American Express, Standard Chartered, Deutsche Bank, ManuLife and OCBC, you will find ample career opportunities upon graduation.

& Administration, you can be part of a new generation of experts, well-equipped to drive developments in the funds industry, and be well-placed to help cement Singapore’s position as the funds hub of Asia. This course was jointly developed by NYP and major financial institutions in the fund management industry which include HSBC, Citibank, State Street Bank and Trust Company and RBC Dexia, all with close support from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. In this course, you will learn how to invest and manage a portfolio of funds such as fund accounting, hedge funds and alternative investments (real estate, commodities, private equity), performing backroom operations in funds management as well as asset valuation models for investment portfolio.

Diploma in

Information Security Information Security is a fascinating field in IT, given today’s globally-linked world and the increasing level of IT security threats. Reports suggest that every five seconds, a website is infected with malicious software. Crimes such as financial scams, computer hacking, virus attacks and identity theft hurt both companies and people. This diploma will equip you with strong IT expertise and specialised knowledge to strategise, research and develop security solutions that safeguard critical information assets

education new @ RP

of enterprises and individuals. Terms like malware, phishing, cryptography, steganography, digital forensics, zero-day attack, system hardening and enterprise security will become part of your language.

realise your future

Diploma in

Nanotechnology and Materials Science Imagine working on objects so small you cannot see with the naked eye. This is what Nanotechnology & Materials Science is all about, studying science and engineering right down to the scale of an atom! This diploma will give you a strong foundation in the sciences, the study of materials, engineering principles, and the fundamentals of nanotechnology applications. You will also learn about the properties and behaviours of materials, and get that chance to handle advanced materials like polymers and ceramics. You will apply this knowledge to improve products in a multitude of industries like the electronics, consumer, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and the renewable clean energy sectors. This exciting diploma has been designed to combine strong science and engineering knowledge with unique experiences.

inspectors and aircraft structural inspectors. As graduates progress in their career, they can move ahead as quality engineers/ auditors or approved signatories in aerospace MROs. Our graduates support the foundation for Singapore’s growing aerospace industry with their supervisory skills in work processes and project handling abilities.

Diploma in

Aerospace Engineering (Quality Systems) The Diploma in Aerospace Engineering (Quality Systems) or DAE at Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) School of Engineering (SEG) aims to train students to be knowledgeable in the fields of maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO), and inspection of aircraft turbine engines and structures. The diploma will equip our students with the skills to work in the aerospace industry as aircraft engine

Diploma in

Business Information Systems The Diploma in Business Information Systems (DBIS) at Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) School of Information and Communications Technology (SIT) has modules in HR Information Systems using PeopleSoft, and Finance and Accounting Information Systems using SAP – a first in Singapore. Our students will understand both key business functions and appreciate the use of leading business software solutions.

Diploma in

Telematics and Media Technology The convergence of media and telematics is creating exciting new applications across diverse industry sectors. In an exciting partnership with Microsoft, NYP’s Centre for Integrated Media and Telematics strives to empower young technologists with the necessary capabilities to develop innovative solutions. In this diploma, you will gain expertise in advanced technologies including artificial intelligence, digital media, next-generation user interfaces, location and navigation, sensors and system management.




Making that transition from Secondary School to a Poly-tertiary environment requires getting used to and can even turn into a nightmare for some. Jack Ng shows how you can handle these academic-culture changes.

“I’m not a ‘people person’ as I’m not exactly Mr. Popularity nor Ms. Congeniality.” This can be a real problem in any campus environment simply because we all need friends, especially for a freshman in the school. It’s always useful to have someone who already knows his way around – he who can tell you where that elusive lecture theatre was or which stall in which canteen sells the best food. Or that tech-whiz buddy who can give all the answers to any technological hiccups you might face – from getting around the set-a-new-password-hell in a jiffy right down to finding the solution to a new virus that threatened to burn your new laptop. For Edmond Lim, a second-year Aerospace Electronics student, realised the need for a change in his personality during the beginning of his tertiary life. “It was kind of lonely during the first few days, but soon I was able to click with my classmates and many others around the school. In secondary school, I was very much the introvert who would never take the initiative to mingle with others. However, once I joined tertiary school, I became more selfconscious and discovered the importance of expressing myself. I became more cheerful and confident after joining the dance club and met lots of fun-loving people there. My classmates also helped me whenever I was feeling down. Now, I have lots of awesome friends around me in school. It’s really nice to make many friends, we can all share our experiences and learn from them.”

“I don’t know how to dress cool, I don’t follow fashion trends. I’m just that nerd who sits right in the front row and raise both hands at every question asked.” Being “hip” and “cool” is always the “inthing”. Especially more so since there are no uniform requirements in Polys. Suddenly, you had to find your own fashion identity under the countless watchful eyes noticing what you wear and how you talk, following your every move and groove. Become the subject of whispers and burstingout laughters as you walk past the “cool bunch”. Utter something “lame” and be labeled under the “gay” category for life before get told off – “Sorry, you don’t belong at the same table as us, we don’t

speak in the same voice as you do, Shatner. The geeks are over at the other end.” For Amelia Natasha, albeit her first year in the Creative Media Design Diploma course, she took to her new environment quickly, “It was awkward initially but as time went by, campus became my second home. It feels really so comfortable chilling out at the studios and hanging out with friends at the student cafes. Nobody can ever feel lonely or left out because everyone is so friendly!” And for Year Three Chemical Engineering student Shahril, he welcomed the change. “I no longer have to fear being caught by disciplinary masters for improper wear of attires because I don’t need to wear uniforms anymore! I can finally dress up more confidently and comfortably in whatever I like!”

“I come from an all-girls or all-boys school. I’ve never mixed with anyone from the opposite sex before.” This will be quite an experience for those who’re used to their girl cliques or hanging out with the boys doing ‘guy stuff’. For the first time in your life, you will be thrown into the deep end of the social sea, where you get to work together in project groups with other members picked by the lecturers. Stepping out of one’s own comfort zone is never easy, as Fairli Poh, a Clean Energy Diploma student, first discovered, “I was from an all-girl school before tertiary education. Initially, I was quite nervous about this change as I did not know what exactly to expect. Gradually, I got used to having male presence around and only later did I realise that my initial thoughts about boys being boisterous was wrong. I realised that when I saw my friends crossing their legs while mine was folded on the chair! Apparently, being in a girl’s school has made me feel a tad too comfortable with myself!”

“I’m worried about the change in learning system. I was never a genius, not to mention I was definitely never a fan of assignments.” This aspect would be what most freshmen sweat over. In the secondary schools, everyone found comfort collectively as a class. But in the Polys, the lecture-tutorial system might seem like a huge change

from the traditional one-subject, oneteacher lessons and would usually take some time to get used to. As Amelia recalled, “The most obvious change was in my timetable. Unlike secondary school where most subjects were cramped within the day, there is flexibility in tertiary institutes. It was rather tough at first because I was still trying to get used to the new environment; getting to know my classmates and learning new things everyday. But I adapt pretty fast. It helps that the lecturers are really helpful and they sure know how to make lessons fun!” Fairli encountered similar academic difficulties at the beginning, “The next big change was the syllabus. I only had knowledge in biology and joining the engineering school was a big change for me. Thankfully, I my lecturers were very helpful who offered to tutor me after lessons and also give us their numbers so that we can easily contact them when we face any problems while studying.” Amelia advised, “Good time management is always important. With the lessons and activities, we certainly need some time for breaks and leisure. So I always plan my weeks ahead. Also, as a design student, I make it a habit to have a mini-sketchbook wherever I go, just in case I have an idea so I can jot it down or doodle in my sketchbook. This certainly helps with my design thinking and stay focus on my assignments.”

“Is this all really worth it at the end?” In any new place or environment, there will always be a transition period where you get to adapt to your new surroundings. There will always be problems as we grow up; it’s all a learning phase and a matter of how we choose to handle them. As Edmond quipped, “Being in Poly is definitely worthwhile! I’d like to think that I’m now a different person, more confident and expressive. I’ve learnt a lot and discovered the real ME.” And for this student, he’s not looking back, and already, he’s planning for the future, “I’m still in my second year, there’s still one more year to go before my graduation ceremony. It will definitely be a memorable day and will be the beginning of chasing another dream. An aerospace degree perhaps?” Gee, I wished I were back in school already. teens19

street talk

Seniors Shoot:

For The Love Good facilities? Conducive study environment? Students from various local educational institutions tell Bryan Goh why their current school was their top pick. “I chose NUS because it is the place where I can get the best education in Singapore, without being too far away from home. At the same time, I want to pursue a social work degree, and hopefully carve out a career in the social work sector later on.” Atiqah, 20 National University of Singapore

“I decided to come to Nanyang Junior College because of the school environment as well as the close proximity from my home.” Lim Yong Le, 17 Nanyang Junior College

“The reason why I chose Nanyang JC would be because of its very new and spacious buildings, as well as its conducive environment for learning. NYJC also takes care of students’ needs. For example, last year, in order to facilitate the students in their project work, the school changed all the computers in the computer lab to better ones. Lastly, NYJC is very accessible, especially with the new Circle Line coming up.” Zhang KeJin, 17 Nanyang Junior College


“The SMU law school strikes a good balance between liberal and vocational education. Students are encouraged to participate actively in discussions and this interactive learning environment spurs critical thinking which will not be possible in a traditional lecture setting.” Wilbur Lim, 21 Singapore Management University

“It’s a great school, and half my high school went there!” Malcolm Yeo, 22 Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

The main reason why I chose to study in RP was that it is the only institution in Singapore that dedicates a school entirely for sports related courses. Ang Jin Long Eugene, 25 Republic Polytechnic

Teens Annual 2009  
Teens Annual 2009  

Teens Annual 2009